Red Sox Review - Mut celebrates a landmark day in sports gambling 5-14-18

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Tuesday, May 15th
Hour 2: Mut salutes the Supreme Court for giving states the right to legalize sports betting.

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These these Red Sox review on WEEI. On the fly ball deep to right field will be going back it's a little bit. Wow opposite field home run prison davis' well it's a two run game against the wars going mr. Obama. 11 bit. Capping the Red Sox loss against these days spooky. Point two ounces for the Beverly shortstop since there's heavy handed approach that part of a ball game is over. What would day beat the Red Sox six decidedly opener. Obviously he carries dial 6177797937. Red Sox revue with Mike Mike let's keep on WEEI. Our two Red Sox for your Sports Radio WEEI we picked through. But as much you can. A Red Sox game 41 of 162. In the last stuff forty minutes or so wanna get some other stuff involved here as well. And will do with your phone calls at 617779. 7937. Is the phone number if you follow me on Twitter today and mutt and UT WEEI able by now you know. On this is a very good day for me I am not I may gambler by nature. I find betting on sports to be something that is. Treaty with did the wrong approach the wrong view here in this country. And I wanna salute and applaud right now here the Red Sox radio with a Fenway Park with the windows down quite echoing terribly. On your radio on appalled at Supreme Court that voted. I believe it was seven and two I said that before the Red Sox game tonight to keep seeing 72 vote. Seeing people just get 76 C it was seventy right. 6726363. To 072. By voted seven to two Supreme Court voting today. To scrap. The long held ban on sports wagering in this country outside a Las Vegas. And essentially. Leave it up to the states they decided that after all this time. We can finally as adults decide whether or not won a bet legally. On sports and this is again just a a great great great day in this country it's a great deal of your sports fan. It's a great day if you're gamble or it's a great day if you want to potentially see your taxes reduced in or not your taxes raised. I ask Mary go get your first cup itself. That's what it should be today. If you're re a fan of any of those things if you work in my business. Where they'll be new opportunities now for people want to speculate on sports. It's a really good really really really really good date and I was asked by the great Alex Roemer who's the best rider ever on WEEI dot com saying that has included my quote in his story today. EST fire my thoughts about this casinos and the generated most of the listeners here to the audience they always will be doing at the preakness podcast on. Thursday in Belmont bubble blah. It's about time I wanna sit here and celebrate and tell you they can go to great and is great at some level. But it's wildly overdo. And I'd make this argument before on but at night show we did a couple hours in this couple months back. When it felt like at that point some point the winter that Supreme Court is getting close wasn't the new ruling even doubtful today but it felt close couple months ago. We talked about the absurdity when sort of looking at you know the. Scratch tickets across the country you scratch tickets because. These are state and geese that state lottery state run lotteries. That you make money and make profits in the states make profits off of their lotteries whether it's the you know the pick fairies or pick fours are mega Mega Millions or a scratch tickets specifically do you scratch tickets because it in doing the research. I Schwartz in no way you'll what was the most expensive scratching did you get just an example at the accused it and in talking about this. And it turns out in Texas you go walk into a convenience store your rate team. And I freaking fifty dollar scratch ticket. You end you could go and take your paycheck. You could go to a check cashing place. Cash your check for the week. I'm advising you not to do this this is that was so what you should not do but if you want to hear America. You could take all your money. Take your savings walk at a convenience store and is rip off of DR scratch tickets over and over and over again and no one would say boo. That would keep this could be no limit and keep giving you many Asian want to erotic cash. And that is seen as spots it's a lottery no big deal. But if you're that same person. Or you're like me who does not ever buy scratch tickets to wants to get you know twenty bucks down on Red Sox days over. Once told a fourteen teaser together in the NBA wants to vet the file and display a patriots game. You gotta go through a book he gotta go through an online offshore account. And it it's made very difficult and and the stigma attached to. That's meet one idea a few bucks down and game vs scratch tickets is crazy like all no big deal he's got scratch yours. For all he Def sports. He's a gambler. He's a degenerate. And what he dated may more than anything I think. Will start dictate to turn that stigma around it for a long time and our country. People looked at you know you'll mirror what all marijuana so bad in Europe Bernal turns out there are some medical. Our purposes for marijuana actually given the other options people have. Might not be that bad. Comes on the ground at high you can find a way. Helped herself medically for a million different things he cant state all the way. He's even they might be worth looking into for some people. And so they legalize it mistake but it's maybe not this fast I thought would be but the stigma of all he smokes marijuana goes away. I think top of the line today. The stigma for sports gambling and wagering on sports and being some sort of vice something degenerate people do lose all their money. Instead of being just something recreational. That you can do without going broke or to the poor house or or being a degenerate. Leg that's the first thing today does it IDs that scratchy analogy a lot I ultimatum modernize it okay. I Roy picked for one. Eleven for my anniversary. Morons like that Chris Curtis can walk in your convenience store. Your wonderful Cumberland farms. And if they have water disappeared do is the heart's desire ripped through week daddy curses up piggy bank and pick numbers. And repeat numbers like a moron. But better and a game all bets games a whole. Public the people and the solve the scratch ticket Booth believed that the river for second. The people that work for hedge funds. And they dead on commodities and futures and our date traders and Ers in the stock always and it's like he's in the stock market. Doesn't the stigma of all we bets on sports. Or you know. If he speculates on sports which could become a very popular phrase now US speculating on sports that a sick calling it gambling. My guys my industry calls it speculating on sports. People do that for a living. Much like people trade stocks for a living. And so what I I edged ever got like all you work for hedge fund cool aunt your your your gambling every day. You're gambling on whatever market urine. So I think more than anything. What today you'll start to do is a dispatch of the stigma of of gambling. Like it some sort of bad advice that no one should ever ever ever talk about or do. And it's it should it's you know the it's it's it's as if it doesn't make any sense to me. And is there any sense and it's why I've had it's and in the other part is and other parts of the country like England he grew over there and go anywhere. And it's set up several these bedding. Betting shops. Suck everywhere. And on their state they play pretty high level Osaka last time I checked. I think it's a little more popular a little more Talbott said the MLS. And if they don't have any issues there are many many issues they're not outstanding. But it's it's not been scaling its sport. So the idea that almighty god sports is ruined and yes solve and help with this today that would open the floodgates to what's gonna go broke out stupid. And that's the biggest sport as for whether or not be of the state of Massachusetts is going to be. Front and center on. Legalizing it I'd I'd I'd say yes because. I've I've talked to people that say the state has been preparing for this. I know draft kings which has a big big hub near Boston is ready to go we talked to Jason Robbins the CEO draftees the Super Bowl. And he told us that you know the minute that they're ready to go they admit they legalize it they are ready to go. It's a draft kings wants it. I don't both governor baker wants to govern baker said today's never Bennett sporting event like walked why. Like never never. And get the full context of the quote fight back how should bashing for the show to the sound of governor bakers say he's never bet. On a sporting event does that include. Like an NCAA tournament pool bracket sheet. So include fancy football I need to hear that entire thing. But I don't mess there there there are people in messages very Smart people or prepare for this ready to go this. So my hope is that Massachusetts is front center but again it's Massachusetts. Everything it takes forever here in the state I grew up here with your my entire life except for years and stores Connecticut. Go to college but. I know it's it's not gonna be it's easier said than done. I guess I'll put it that way. So I think it's a great thing for my industry pays great thing if you're a sports fan as me more money now involved in sports the be more interest in sports. For TV ratings local we ad sales radio ad sales revenue all this stuff. Obvious is all really really really really good. I don't know deep debt lobster cheese steak is out of debt from governor baker replied that's stupid things. That governors and mayors do. So I want I'd I am more passion about that the Celtics cast tonight and curious if you got our our people up there is excited as I am. Or is it high role for you forties she is a negative. Like you that this is now the criminal element involved in sports are worried about. Your sports going bad meanwhile it wasn't legal and Tim Donna G and Scott Foster calling each other you're ten times a day. Tim dotting essentially betting on games he always buddy Scott Foster is officiating. So whether it's legal or not there is going to be this type of crap. This is not make the sport crooked this is not going to change sports and our country in makes things better in my mind. And so I want some thoughts on that cut I feel like my Mott at night's flash Red Sox view audience are gamblers like me. And you all for this idea you might still stick with your bookie because the State's gonna taxes a little bit. In the legion try to take get their cut too but I wants a reaction what happened today and if you're gamble or will you gamble legally now if you're not a gambler. We find yourself now betting on games if they make it easier if we walk in SA Cumberland farms. And get a bet down to game a log on a draft kings and get a bet down to game 61777979837. The form of free gift if we find that cut college let me know. The wanna hear what the governor has or has not been on his life. Our Paulson Westfield he joins this year on Red Sox review Sports Radio WEEI its global. Well multiply them joy I made fourteen. They announced what you said that there protect our citizens. Yeah that's. What I've spent let us let. Let us let. That's. It and they're gonna get about 61 million in revenue for the girls are count you taxes governor baker is smiling from year to year. They're ready to get it rolling. And an hour ago they passed legislation initiating all the rules and regulations for the recreational pot shops opened up in July so but what won me plan and get. This is and it's suppose tomorrow. They are now about going that you patent or announcement tomorrow and I. Hobbled off. We talked about it and and the odd lucky sevens triple sevens. Seven turnovers for the rock seven point seven exit the first is. Mark what happens when we what were blocked the latest given what we shot see what happens when we're pushing out of that any. Make incapable shout them out shot not that good that. You have been shutout kept him out I am blown out it's not a coincidence watches hate them and Jalen duke in the lead and win. Our our players we dominate in what I want just watch and enjoy this show. And weighs about what a bad look we'll get to LeBron coming up. It was a bad look at at and and it's weird I thought I maybe nationally as was the same thing and I watched a little bit of the national shows this morning. But this this photographic memory thing they're lauding the bronze four and he cut the crap. The guy got the photographic memory thing wrong. The equity and his team. You disinterested and he won a playoff game then to work and and then shrugged it off as you guys know how I am in game one's of series. It's a feeling out process. Mean holy smokes. This guys chat oh gets LeBron checking out alien Raza Nelson made a bad comparison Andy what dice grow appear tonight our round. What if you make it struck her all between medical marijuana. In legalized gambling. The state this stigma attached a bull yes not that the actual active either one but that the stigma attached to both of those I think is. With entirely too negative in the legalization of all I hope. Change is the stigma to. The lesson that. The negative view of of smoking legal marijuana or betting on games that's on them month compared barrels of. Who now. Others did adding there's a negative stigma on both I think they're both unfair. Right what I think the negative stigma. Like marijuana this coup is a far different subject and legalized in. I agree with you doubled the C you don't attach people like I had it added to people I there was a time and into him for me Andy there was a time work. All that I smokes marijuana he's a burn out. Why I think it's different now in 2018. I'd terms of the weights used adding people look at people gamble on sports all that guys a degenerate. What's it's it's it's nothing different than what a lot of people do not mean being legal so the stigma attached to bolt. And the legalization of bull that's what I was trying to compare. Andy. No I guess. In the fields you had to put too much too much now so much knowledge probably 617779. 7937. As the phone are obviously I'm jacked in palm Pete Carroll style over this. I wanna know if you or as well or you hate it or made a bad analogy like candy said. Are you gonna gamble are you not gonna gamble. Is this good for sports. The sports the folks love 617779. 7937. Reform what your calls that and we'll get to those phone calls in addition to. So LeBron and Celtics thoughts as we get closer to midnight and Patrick Gilroy here on Sports Radio to be media. I think it would add nothing you've said it's Philadelphia there would have been a bigger threat I would've picked Cleveland but not I would give. Philadelphia change. Because I've give Boston knows it I think maybe they'd make it a six game series maybe Cleveland might not have what they just don't have the superstar power. The s's I didn't see a team of good really good players taking out LeBron and today. I come lose. I need to know when Chris Broussard said that there was a rough couple days of Chris Broussard he was on a show this weekend. That is fox sports radio and suggested that carrier ring feels left out. By the Celtics winning and that carrier ring me. Force a trade. Because he's not been a part of the Celtic wrong which seems really really really don't. This action we dumber than that if Chris Broussard said that after game one. That's actually dumb Rainier report that that could not have been said after game one. Is very date on that cut it says from today. So Chris Broussard saw game one the Celtics won by. Two when he thought the points. Embarrass the cavaliers. Forced LeBron in two quick mode. And there's still a bit when the series in five. That if that's true that's dumber that is all error. Finnish carrier everything I will forgive him at some level. If he said that prior to game one. If he said that the day on Wallace fox sports shows. He is a bigger more my thought and I and in attic Chris Broussard the top of that list of morons in sports media. He says today on fox sports were with car covered he said today. How can you watch hey wanna say that today. That you would suggest that after that effort the Cleveland Cavaliers. Organ when the series in five. And the Celtics might extended to six or seven after that game. Holy smokes that is moronic. You wanna still picked Cleveland you can do that. And maybe he made some other points are always in the picnic the cut there but that cut right there is damning for Christmas parties but these living up to. He is. Moniker is one of the dumber guys doing what he does. Between its carrier ring take over the weekend and that right there. He let me the only guy the planned to watch game one of the series and is still saying. I would have picked Philadelphia. To make it a better series in Boston did after the Celtics embarrassed them in game one. And they embarrass them in game one. The cavaliers and at some level LeBron James should be embarrassed he's been there a million times you'll not be this easy I get all that stuff again it. But he was in quit mode late night game. He was disinterested. And he looks like a player that at some point this series. Is going to realize I'm not with Cleveland next year. Why am I really playing this hard. Why am I getting back on defense why am I taking charge like getting that rebound. On going to be in Houston next year or LA or Golden State or Philadelphia for God's sakes. And it looks like it it may be didn't create a new set in in game one last night. But I think it creeps in at some point in the series and that is eventually part of a downfall the Cleveland have it the Celtics in seven so. I guess I'll stick with the capital not to be surprised based on the outing in game one. If it's a shorter series that I give Boston notes. I don't know anybody whether your Celtics hater or not. Who watch game one and would then say with a straight face the next day. I give the Celtics no chance. That is hot take for hot take sake that that is. And our business right now I guess that we give you got pays. That pays bills that is a rough rough assessment of a guy who was at one point one of the Blake marquee names in the NBA. Chris Broussard. Something happened with him I'm not sure what. But he's a lunatic is out of his mind he thinks that I'm after game one to still think that. Is either camp is standing on your take or doubling down stupidity. And that that the second part feels more likely. The Celtics are a lot of things really really well in game one the start was great Tate was great orphan was great. It was a much about Cleveland wasn't Celtics that's some knock on the Celtics but Cleve looked disinterested. They look fault flustered LeBron with settling for jumper after jumper after jumper that you threw it took three free throws. In the entire game. And up probably changing game two and game three game four beyond but as a bad look for game one. And the Celtics are a lot of credit for what they did in that game yesterday 61777979837. Is the phone number. Let's get back to your phone calls Josh in Boston on the Celtics in game two I Josh. My man my outlook or not what's up Josh. Yeah right that a couple key point there are you know what you're gonna buy American but the culprit right now. But anyway. I don't wanna pay big count all the felt sick after Eric Gordon Hayward went down ticket eliminated or journal though it would the process. The walking the recruitment support ticket now go to great creator and arm. We beat down there and we'll be all right this seven they looked flustered. We went up on and be. Them. And I don't understand why Ali reported this one thing that hole or at five point 83 point and everyone is commonwealth. I don't as Warren wouldn't let them let. Me. These young kid. And I'll ask you don't sleep on the young. Josh I think you view if you do that after watching the series so far thanks for the call excellent points. If you won out right now like Chris who storage is down. Or game you're standing on a take you made prior to the series maybe did that NB said the same thing going in a and hail and coward asked him what do you think now try to get the change of opinion and I'm not gonna change my opinion god forbid you do that. Government to be honest and say Boyd threw. I thought the 76ers amend the Celtics were great game one and XYZ and expect he'd got review that in this these business right now. And have some sort of honesty. As for counting it it's funny when Josh is talking about that and about that the counting them out and stayed hot hot at the same thing happened last round. Member of the Celtics won game one. And it was mainly Philly was still favored when the series still it was still fair to win that game wasn't till late in. The the fifth game mark heading into game five where the money swung back the celtics' way Vegas is stubborn. With the Celtics. And the 76ers series date they even if you let the Celtics you wanted to veer 41 series. With the Celtics as underdogs and again for the five games. Things are really really well for you made this a more case or people or just sticking with LeBron James and not ideology that they might be wrong all the Celtics. That Al Horford playing much better they did during the regular season that's a fact. Average Dallas well well well above average in the post season Jason Tait and doesn't look like a rookie Jalen brown looks healthy again. Terror rosy year is really really good Allman still pretty good on the road. And all by the way the coach is. I Arnold is best coach in the NBA I'd feel like you're right now. Not name Popovich and his team not playing anymore. Now the other coaches have will blow LeBron per tire tie Lou. Klay Thompson staff curry and Kevin Durant for Steve Kerr. Harden and Chris Paul for Mike and Tony. And Brad stevens' best player is Al Horford as teams in the final four. And I I do not do the research on this a bad job and MEI I spit it out on. Curtain Callahan Friday never doubled back to look at out. Once the last time an NBA team went to back in baton back to back Easter come back to back conference finals. Sold back to back final four appearances in the NBA without all. A first team all NBA player. Has that happened in the modern era I I will apple double check that that's my homework for moral. Is to see when and if that's happened in the NBA. Odd days in a call on sports gambling and sports ratings. In the United States today if. They have a god that. Yes so first I called it would you guys before you start talk about the Celtics had just a quick access Celtics I think. Big key for them are the highest grade open at this stage and had their rehearsal at the shot they're taking a really efficient with those shots. But. So big gambling I think this could be huge serve and the MLB because they're CNET rating yet because again to take so our. The more people there you know you have much people gambling taking interest in the game only get a boost their ratings and you'll see. I think NBA and NFL it is and it skyrocket with analytics. And so I'm I'm Owen on sports gambling I think it's going to be great thing or just all sports in general. Yea you mention baseball day thanks for the call tonight I think a sport that's gonna be even better served from this is football. You'll football as had all the erosion in their ratings here. The last couple years not significant. But surprising for football. In the NFL we thought was ratings proved we thought it was no recession proof when it came to viewership. We saw the last couple Beers whether it's the product itself whether it is people being turned off by the head injuries weather is the kneeling. But claim what players like Colin Capp brick and others I think in in some places that's been a bigger issue than others. But they've they've they've seen a decline even 88 even its minimal. It's been a factor football. If all of a sudden you know you have to be in Vegas and bet on the game he walked into you know he picked you're betting parlor Boston. And I can walk in and put parlay card to get the for the NFL. And uninvolved there's can be I'm gonna be more interest it. If the daily fancy stuff becomes more legal bet that meat becomes more of is a legal already but that probably any part of this too. That that floodgate opens. As more legalization and more in daily fantasy could see if there are some states already have their own fancy football wanna say Montana. South Dakota one of those two. Called to. Mountain prairie states. Has there own fancy but boy do you walk into. A convenience store yet lottery tickets. Any pick your for your your your your call your drafting line up at their own salary cap and it's I'd done a lot of states and add this but some states do. That's gonna become a thing as well. So add that the list that that will certainly help football's rating she said MLB NBA. I guess those are hard sports Tibetan man the NBA. It it doesn't get tougher. You don't know what you need the injury news is late in the NBA. You're betting game before you don't realize that they're holding guy out during the regular season. But Doug before it always matters. In the fourth quarter. So that that's a tough sport and and baseball he can look at a run line what might do when nearly as Iran. Football who want football to me feel at the one that is going to. That they're already top dog but NBA NFL football college football. Is going to be a big factor in whatever they do in March Madness called they turn that into some sort of money maker and I've I've saw the reports today. In the everyone seems to be the Biggest Loser in all this is the NCAA. Because there there date date may an hour and a position where they they're not going to be quite sure what to do. These are these players already he's players are already. Are upset about not making any money out of a city gambling revenue. Made on big time college football. And the NCAA tournament it what does it mean nation wide and they are going to go ballistic. So that is now looming as well when it comes to NCAA gets what they deserve they're crooks and criminals. A terrible organization 617779. 7937. The former buddy Tom Lyden from fox locally here in town suggesting on Twitter. That it's probably the pistons. 030 wait they go to back to back I forget now they they did initially. I'm it's had its part the best guess Tom. That those pistons teams that were you know great teens but not one superstar. Charted builds not first team all NBA player. Pretty good guess from Tom. Quick break come back to wrap it up Patrick Gilroy is gonna join you at midnight until 2 AM the only states in a tap in that goes until 2 AM locally here Sports Radio interview media. I seven. He's only seven. I think financially sound and then there's not a moron like thirty year old son track who is it chanting at the bit for this thing to happen. It is indeed champion in my friend John Dennis told me it's chopping and champion. You can save that voted on tomorrow they'll play her talent god knows. Even I'm not there that if the running Paul Wolfowitz Marshall wasn't stupid show. And I'm involved in the problems so whatever. Put it Curtis is full circle per gallon holed about a five they'll be in the open to watch fine and look it up who lit chipping and chomping at the same exact thing. I prefer the John minutes version of champion at the bit John Dennis is an English major. He's got an A minus B plus a look at Hillary is. Gerry Callahan said today and that's on the go with champion at the date for sports gambling to happen at some point soon. Knock on wood here in Massachusetts this is Red Sox you but it like how blues on the board. Are famous for his work in the Kirk and Callahan show. Of course star of multiple U mass podcast people listen to. Over and over and over again one other thing I wanna get weeding get a lot of time this nights of that bad job by media ice spike the football on the gambling part of it. The Howard Bryant story in the times over the weekend. Where he talked about the militarization. Of sporting events in the National Anthem and god bless America NA and two things stood out one how are brought I think I saw on here tonight. So much your p.'s media again when Red Sox officials deported a high ranking Red Sox official. Unnamed Red Sox official. As saying he wasn't sure why the Red Sox still big gob bless America. But he knew what they stopped in the first day they gill like crap for. I cannot borrow I would agree I think they would feel like crap for they do on you know well Sundays and holidays. It's barely a blip. It is not a big deal so I don't know what executives said this but that's the least your worries and in all I stop all rich key stake today. But I'd much more offended by sweet Caroline. In the eight Dana plated again tonight given on a solo home run Davis homers regain a lead you to run lead you're gonna sweet Caroline people are screaming their lungs out. At that stupid song I'm much more offended by that and god bless America in the seventh inning stretch. A Sunday holiday games when they drop the flag over the green monster great I like dad and I I thought about it tonight they'd they. They do the the fourth inning salute to military. I hear Fenway Park and I do in the middle Fort Benning where. At the Celtics call a hero among us and it its it and written this down iPad when it happened tonight to remember and we talk talk about it. But they do this great thing where someone in the military dubbed what's that called the fourth inning hats off our heroes hats off the heroes thank you. Thank you Kyle. They'll fourth thing is great hats off to heroes where they take somebody in the military picked the branch of military. And they put their name and their rank and what they do up on the big screen here they stand up other dugout. And they get a standing ovation. And it's awesome every time. It's awesome every time. And a puzzle state data some sort of negative like that's a recruitment technique. What's the Red Sox honoring somebody who served our country. And put them at a Red Sox game it's a front row and then hey gets saluted by fans who I think for the most part very appreciative. That you you defended our country so we can watch these stupid games every night. That's a negative no I don't see is that so I had a disagree completely the power Bryant's take this weekend and as always here tonight. Our view was he was offended. By the noble fourth inning the Red Sox up on somebody out of the Marines tonight. Here Fenway Park. So why I'm sure we'll do more that's immoral. Red Sox. And a's game two there's wet weather in the forecast which might mean for you would treat on Tuesday Sox talk. At 7 o'clock tomorrow we'll see. Odd how the blues great job producing tonight as always. Don't go anywhere Patrick Gilroy is on until 2 AM. The only station tell locally going till 2 AM you watch your phone calls with 61777979837. Ali get Kirk and Gerri tomorrow at 6 AM and then of course Red Sox baseball. 625 tomorrow with the first pick pleaded at six URWEEIC.