Red Sox Review - Ongoing drug problems in the U.S.; Should the Celtics inquire about Dwight Howard? 6-24-18

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Sunday, June 24th
Hour 3: Patrick Gilroy takes calls defending Hanley. Some even suggest our country is largely at fault for ongoing drug problems in the U.S. Dwight Howard is a free agent. Should Ainge give him a call?

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Deal with yet he's not easy to deal with and he's always had a bit of reputation as a hot head right and maybe not the best teammate in the world. But this is just a huge difference between that and what he's being accused of now. And look when you look at the entire situation here right there is still all these facts to be gathered but. What was implied on Friday it is very different from what the globe wrote today and the truth of course gonna be somewhere in the middle and you couldn't expect the globe to come out. And you essentially say you know what. The Red Sox they do. Because that will be saying you know what we do. There one in the same especially in the eyes of the people of the city of Boston. The global the Red Sox are essentially extensions of one another they're owned by the same leadership at the same ownership. And college ranks. Yo you look at the Red Sox their desire to be so PR conscious is actually hurting the team PR wise because it is so. It's so vapid it's OC threw all right it's so transparent it doesn't matter people can see through their act. Act when it comes to their desire to be you know that this PR conscious team and sort of limits. The words that that are spoken about them they don't wanna be painted it as a particular light. I get that that's why the Red Sox would never have come out even if they did know they're not ever would they have come out and say you know we're cutting Hanley unfortunately. There's something there and there are some ties to drugs and we can't have that be part of our organization if that's what you wanted. The Red Sox to say they would never ever ever do such a thing they are selling. Their products to kids and families the last thing they wanna be associated with is heroin and that at all and street drugs like that they want no part of that. And unfortunately. You don't at least been such a big part of what this team's done the last three or four years and no you know he didn't win a World Series with the team but he's on World Series contending type teams and this year this team has got one goal and one goal only and that is to make a World Series he was on back to back teams that you know 193 games. So he was a big part of successful teams here that had larger goals in mind. Right so easy not some minimal player at the end your bench you can let go quietly. Because he was such an impact full player on the field and such a big personality off the field. It's got to be addressed that it's got to be handled in its delicate and it's going to continue to be delicate until all. Excuse Red Sox review. On WEEI. When you know Mike right center field date that caused her ready about that I want to check it not been there it's not my thing yeah. You home. Bit more like. Right tonight. I'm that I think we capping the Red Sox win against the Mariners want to play. Settled down over his thirteen strikeout of the game British sailors once thirteen. He's kept the Mariners on the board. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox revue with Patrick Gilroy. Our number three Red Sox review right here Sports Radio WEEI Patrick Gilroy what you guys until 7 o'clock this evening. Number to join me here 6177797937. It takes a program at 37937. If I me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On who sit and we will talk a little bit of hoops before the program is over got a couple Celtics thoughts but I have to get up might yesterday I have to. Robert Williams. New member of the Boston Celtics. There's been a lot of hype around him we'll talk about the Celtics. Number one draft pick this year and why I think look he's a good player all the tools are there but I think he's missing a little something upstairs we'll talk about that. Hello also talked about the potential addition of Dwight Howard. You know and quickly on Dwight Howard and get it back to the Red Sox and Hanley in the second but I want you guys to think about this because when we talk about why Howard. I need to get your opinions here this read this Celtics team is gonna be very very close to being a championship level team. They're gonna be very close to knocking on the door of the level of the Golden State. And I've always then. Advocating for minimal changes I wanna see that starting lineup that we had in Cleveland last October come back for the Celtics this year. We can look at Eric Baines and I think he brought a lot of the Celtics but you look at his overall numbers and in nineteen minutes tonight. He averaged six points and five rebounds a game tell what it. What if you could improve upon that with a guy that averaged sixteen points a game and thirteen rebounds a game last year and thirty minutes a night. We know he comes with baggage the late Howard does not come without a tremendous. Amount of baggage but it 32 years old. And may be able to see his basketball mortality in front of him for the first time in his career. Is that a guy worth it in the Canton is that a guy that could potentially give the Celtics a dynamic advantage. Over a team like the Golden State Warriors think about that we'll talk about a for the program's over tonight. Because I'm trying to talk myself into and door out of Dwight Howard it's keeping my head running in circles I went through this last year as well when what was available. Of always love the player on the court can't stand the person. Off the court and I'm hoping maybe I'm hoping too much year may be in being unrealistic. But I do think that it 32 years old and a guy coming off a season like he had last year for the Charlotte hornets. He might be a guy that could give the Celtics just the age that they need. To get them over the top in their quest to win. The eighteenth championship we'll talk about that coming up a little bit later in the program until then will return your phone calls on this entire Hanley Ramirez story that is continued to sort of change in take on a life of its own. Over the course the last couple of hours. All weekend long the Boston Globe was being criticized in killed. For staying away from the story. Since it broke on Friday night Michelle McPhee breaking it here on WEEI. Along with him Laird and what's happened since then. Michelle's been everywhere on the radio and with good reason it's a damn good story and she had more details than anybody else was willing to go live with so to speak. But now those details come into question today. Now those details are being contradicted by the story coming out of the Boston Globe and therefore by association. Coming from the Red Sox. So. You can pay what they wrote today. On the website as them being. Very responsible journalists. And waiting until they had their back straight to go to print with something and that's how they're gonna sort of take that take this story. They're gonna. Attorney in that direction rather than. The story being that the globe stayed quiet for 48 hours. The story's going to be that the global worked on this story for 48 hours and now the story you're getting from the globe very quickly is that yes and we had a friend. At least friend had his car and used his name when he was pulled over with the fact now on the car tried to get in self out of trouble by dropping him he's named the top. The cup was unimpressed. The facetime call the we've all heard so much about was in fact real was in fact true. The other part that called that we didn't hear about this weekend was that the facetime call was actually. Hey at least friend. Dialing his number and putting him on the phone with the cop that'd pulled him over the cop asked Hanley for permission. To open the box in the back of the car that contain in the back now. And Hanley gave the cup permission to do so. And at least friend then saying look at it. You know I used Stanley's name here officer try to get out of trouble but really it's all me and he's got nothing to do this. So there are some important details to the story if they are to vote be believed. That the globe reported on today and almost immediately after the globe published this story. And Lee's agent came out to back up the globe story what do you guys think is their truth here or is Hanley more directly involved in the globe is letting on that essentially the Red Sox are letting on. Because again I'm a big believer in perception being an incredibly powerful thing and to meet regardless of where the truth really lies here. At least name is already been drug through the mud and these name is already perceived to be associated with. That at all opiates heroin. It's a bad look for the Red Sox in an especially bad book. Right hand their merits what do you guys think at 6177797937. Backed out of the phones Eagles good Dan Danson Springfield. The next up your Red Sox review. I can't say yeah I mean it's going to be responsible gurus Harkin the captain how come how come our. All the big drug companies are responsible for that they're they're the ones who create these trucks many Guatemalan which frequently got an excess of them. And they poked me in the ocean walk movies in their war. And then they make them deal that's what they do indeed been doing that for years they haven't excessive drugs or you're creating all the time all contents. Does it Soledad Soledad I wanna I wanna talk to OK so a are you telling me that let's take Purdue Pharma. They they introduced oxy OxyContin in the world twenty years ago you'd tell me that that bit you in your television and hold on let me finish let me finish to. You're tell me that there is a Purdue Pharma employee upper Purdue Pharma reps that goes in to say that a pen and drops off multiple cases because they've got an excess is that is that we are suggesting. Well low farther than that and I think they actually do with our government and all that the CIA and they drop each and adopt usually they didn't crack cocaine. Would outlaw what do you mean. What the real rappers name there all the time monsoon and all that so yeah I hear Nelly draft crack cocaine there. In a big. This is interesting Dan but I can't I can't go down this road because again it's it's not factually based. And maybe I'm way off a year maybe maybe I know nothing. You know maybe this is an area that I need to study more and may if I do will have the conversation than damn but I just I take good on this road that. Even if Hanley. He was responsible for this drug ring that ultimately he's not responsible for it because. The government supplied the that all anyways I can't wrap my head around that. And maybe you guys can maybe under Saddam he but I I can't go down that road I don't think that the these drug companies are innocent bystanders in this whole thing. I certainly believe that Purdue Pharma 225 years ago knew that. They were pushing. Potentially. Lethal and addictive drugs under the world I absolutely believe that if you go back and it's funny go back and cool the stuffing go back and and look at the first commercials. For sale OxyContin they came out in the mid to late ninety's and look at the pamphlets the wrong line. That the Purdue Pharma company produced and gave to the doctor's offices all around the world. Right what do they say they said one of the the highlights of this breakthrough pain. Treatment drug what does that. It's not addictive. Right that was what they played up on the first iteration of OxyContin when it came out little did people know. That when the drug companies started really selling the fact that it worked addictive. That they all these people were going to wind up becoming. Addictive and it was going to ruin millions and millions and millions and millions and millions of lives. Right it's essentially. Heroin made in labs like that's what it is and I get that are so sedan I'm rebuke to a certain extent I don't think that. The drug companies are innocent bystanders and all this but I do not believe that at the end of the month. You know they looked at the factory in a sale but you know we got. We got 400 pieces that are gonna expire next month so we got to go drop them off and in Matta candidate lol like I don't I don't believe that. A slow take you to that next level. But I will say this yet the drug company certainly played a big part in getting America addicted to opiates. And that the overall opiate problem that we have here in America. Started wins. Companies that late like Purdue Pharma that we're just trying to make money. And push pills are on Americans I get that I am with you there I just can't take it to that next level it is Sports Radio W yeah it is Red Sox review I am Patrick Gilroy. Let's squeeze in one more for the break let's go to Jim Jones and Florida Jim you're next up here on the media. So bad in town yeah I'd the association with. In the being involved on the and now a kind of computing where you guys saying. Car once it was. McCain wins. Don't provisional and off. So that's been that's been us a different point in this story how do you go back there we know that the box inside the car. Was potentially Pam Lee's right is that that that's with a friend was saying that the box belong to Hanley put the car itself. Do we know who own that car because originally it was reported that it was Hanley scar and I didn't see that being contradicted in the most recent report. Sold we'll check that but I will say this Jim. That the box in the car is what really is in play here in originally the friend had told the officer that the box belongs to Hanley. And that's why the officer asked Hanley through the facetime phone call for permission to open that box. And they gave him permission open ought box and said look it's not mine. I don't know it's and it Gulfport officer you can open the box the cop did he found the fat and all and then the friend. Said to the officer look you know what I dropped him these names are trying get myself out of trouble. Hand he's got nothing to do with this. All we know better so that immediately. The scene that's what is did that's what's being reported now again but you know this story that. All of this this guy William Perez is worth millions and he's got this drug dealers. Got beat. And I got here remembers that don't want the peace art I mean have a mind. This guy can just call audible I was getting arrested and beat and we into default. How close are they and why is he involved us getting. That's it you're right it and that's a point that's got to be looked at here late yacht the Red Sox in the globe we're gonna try and the cheap Hanley as far away from that drug dealers possible in all their stories but you're absolutely right. If the guy's got a month speed dial there's got to be some sort of an association there. I think he bought me a while we all all reason why the Red Sox immediately want disassociate themselves. Disassociate themselves with him yet because you know that this guy's good he's got the people in this school. And what about this issue gratitude for the hole some political season opener I don't wanna boot order. Yeah yeah you're right Jim and and look that's what makes it really interesting account to fines up over the car yes so it says that this is not nearly ski boat the guy that pulled over the Suzuki. Okay good so so not him he's cheap either that was another point they came up all weekend long was. You know some people were saying it was at least car and you know so ultimately the story continues to change. The story is flew it right I firmly expect people tomorrow reporters tomorrow to be at the courthouse to get their hands on. The original people worked in the original documentation here in the original reports that were written. In the aftermath of that April arrest just to see how involves and we use and if his name is really all over these reports but again appear to believe. Would the globe and therefore by association with the Red Sox are saying and Lee's involvement was little to none. And they didn't know Hanley was in a part of this and at least friend just tried to drop a celebrity's name essentially to get himself out of trouble I'm not sure if I believe it. But I'm trying to believe it because I I would like to think that a guy that have rooted for and report pretty hard over the last few years don't forget on the dad and on late night. The last month has been advocating you know forehand your marriage and questioning why the Red Sox routed the FA the guy hated the move. I've always believed in Hanley and I was excited that Hanley was I getting himself on the TV twelve method we all saw him at the Bruins at it was the bruins' playoff game this year. Drinking water in the Booth and and not it in the luxury box and not. Adding that the bad for you snacks and you Tom Brady saying nice things about Hanley taking part in the TV twelve program I was hopeful. That Hanley was gonna have a monster year this year and then in April he had a great month. And I thought that he was gonna be a great year for Hanley and ultimately the year took a turn it and it continues to take many strange turns. And it will turn some more over the next. I'd day two days three days and months and potentially years because these stories and these type a drug arrests they go deep. And they go wide radio two directions and this net it's been cast is going to continue to bring more more people and who we're going to talk to get themselves out of trouble so handy really is involved. This won't be the first time and it won't be the last time that we hear his name. Associated when this story in this drug ring it's something to think about here as we move forward it is Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review room for you guys at 617. 7797. And 937. I. I seven. 37. Surprise now. But. Tonight I heard that I heard and read it to them. I just people and I asked him about it. I'm the only thing that. Because student. And other organizations and home on this. You know I they're not on this you know our decision was made basically in a baseball you know baseball related them. And I hope is not true. Red Sox manager right there Alex Cora. After Friday night's game giving his opinion on the Hanley Ramirez situation and look is yours mine only. Difficulty with everything that sort of broken over the weekend in what's broken here in the last couple of hours in the program. Right so. And you've got the globe coming out contradicting everything that we've heard all weekend long. And then you've got him he's agent coming out and contradicting everything and essentially both of them coming together. And painting Hanley Ramirez as a victim in the situation saying that hey at least friend simply dropped his name to avoid. Trouble when the couple them over and if that's true. And I for him he sake and for the Red Sox sake I hope it is ever really knew the Red Sox don't this is no joke like. This isn't sort of a funny story where I can say you know well I'd. I hope the Red Sox are involved that you sought to set to talk about the year all summer long it'll provide content for radio people I don't want that because we're talking about. People's people dying we're talking about people's lives. In the balance here we're talking about some of the worst most addicting drugs known to man or talking about taking. Some of the most addicting drugs that already existed heroin and making them super potent. By adding fentanyl to them in some cases people are getting straight up fentanyl because it's much cheaper these days and drug dealers they're passing that off. As well and people are dying. And they're dying at a historic clip because of it. So yeah you know a lot of times when you've got the screwed up stories and a multiple sides of them. You'll hear the radio host say something like you I hope I hope the story plays out because it'll be good for business. I don't care about this being good for business I really do I hope that the Red Sox have no association. And I hope that Hanley Ramirez comes out having no association however. The part of this that I have trouble wrapping my head around and the caller brought it up in the previous it. Is. This guy to be able to call handling on face time as he was being pulled over. Means a couple of things it means they he's got him Lee's phone number now as a radio guy that that does part time work pale I'm not. Our radio star and I probably never will be our am a guy that's been a journeyman in this career for a long time. OK but most people. Don't have a clue and don't care about Hawaiian but if you went through my cellphone you find some really. Big names because over the years I've been lucky enough to have some very important. Significant sports figures on my program. Okay whether it's at this station or the multitude of other stations that I worked. All right if you're impressed by you know NBA names or specifically Celtic hall of Famer names you'd be blown away. But if I lowered it. Call up one of those guys on facetime right now I have a state Bob Cousy for example of that cousy cellphone and it's home phone in my cell phone right now. His home phone in Florida we are spends winters and a cell phone numbers of our call Bob Cousy right now I promise you one thing. He's not gonna answer the phone he's got no idea who Patrick Gilroy is under subdued that interviewed him a couple of years ago and put his phone number in my phone. K so Hanley Ramirez he's got somebody out there that's dealing fat at all a massive massive doses of like we're talking about a a big time drug dealer. With Hanley is number this phone that's one thing but it's an entirely different thing for Hanley to then pick up the call. So that means that these guys are close. This wasn't a surprise to Hanley wood his friend called all right so that's the only part of this I'm having trouble wrapping wrapping my head around this guy it was important enough to Hanley. For Hanley to pick up the facetime call. Therefore there's something there and if he's calling him then adds he's pulled over. Is he somebody that Hanley talked to in the clubhouse often is he somebody that would show up to Fenway and you know maybe sit in the family and friends section there's a lot of the story that's yet to be told. And that's yet to be broken. To be there is a circus certain amount of guilt by association here even if Hanley had nothing to do. With the fentanyl distribution with the crack cocaine distribution that. This case is coming down to. There's some guilt by association and Hanley needs to know better and professional athletes need to know better you cannot be associated with these people. I don't care if they're even your childhood friends. You know if you can't do it because you've got too much to lose. And once again an athlete made a poor personal decision in his life to associate himself with questionable people. And now that athlete has already had his name drugs through the mud so whether he's truly guilty and a part of this operation or not. He's already. Sort of attached to. Because of the people that he's chosen to associate himself with and that to me is something that is eight it is just a stupid mistake. And these guys continue to make the stupid mistakes and they're not able to disassociate themselves. With people that they know and their handlers knowing their advisors know that and we probably should be hanging out with people like this whether Hanley is involved in the drug side of the operation or strictly just a friendship. Sort of Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review I am Patrick Gilroy continuing to take your phone calls. On hand there are merits the news that came out this afternoon that that essentially says that Hanley was not involved and his friend just use his name to get out of trouble. And where you guys think the truth lies in this story. Because if you listened over the last 48 hours what you heard something very very different. From what the Boston Globe came out with today. And now Hanley agent came out today so continue to take your reaction to your thoughts at 6177797. 937 back out to the phones ego let's go to Fred Fred you're next up here on Sports Radio WEI. Hi how earlier today at. Actor I am doing wells and how are you. Greg got a lot calmer retired pharmacist I think handling all act. Our federal government is responsible or all these problems between the drug company. The DEA and the Department of Justice. They allow distribution of these drugs on the street and that's qualities. With no control and no finding of these drug distributors like Brunswick and the big companies that dispensed at all over the country. It's not handling all analytical Paul back in as many. Famous people that are associated would be at people like that. And Iverson and they all got involved yet people were cut them off unfortunately he may have picked. Upon when he showed up. He is appalled that our government. Is responsible for these problems mop and weeks not Austin not any one individual in this particular error our federal government. Completely Reese. Our bread and as your question because you live this life so. If the government's responsible for it and so to speak the big genie is out of the ball. How do you put it back you misery in the government can do at this at this point two controlled us. Yet again they confine the major drug. It is massive quantities of money that they won't do what they can also pick up the court this many court cases that are being held by department just. I work would Margaret has signed who has the senator of New Hampshire on opiate problems. And the government is rarely responsible almost at the DA added drug lord in this appointed by trump who was recently. Taken away that allow these drug companies have manufactured these Mac. Quantities proposed that the drug could not predicting there really are and allow broad strip as like urban Brunswick. Like many of the other major distribute a list of of these jobs cardinals would model one distribute them and that's what. Qualities all over the country will no control and no fines to what they're doing wrong. Let's and I appreciate the phone call and the education their from somebody that that lived it in it look I don't wanna get into. The government's role in all this because look I know I understand that the government. Certainly plays a role and whether you're Democrat or Republican. You can find fault in every. Previous organization every previous. Presidents lead the team of people. I'm shored that you can find fault with Bill Clinton and his administration we had George W in his administration with a Obama and his and that would trump. In his. I am sure that every administration has made poor decisions when it comes to. These types of drugs I am positive of that you've got to a worldwide epidemic that is completely. Dominated by the United States America. When you look at the amount of opiate deaths in the US vs other country does not even close so I get all. But we're talking about. What happened here locally we're talking about local I guess when compared to the major drug distributors local small time distribution. And to me you cannot say that in the Ramirez. Eight can't be somewhat responsible here. Because if Hanley were involved would this guy at any level. Are you at any level. And played a role in this at any level that Hanley is at fault no matter who. Dump the original whole massive amount of drugs on the population or who continues to drop the massive amount of drugs on the population somebody. That's much lower down there on the food sitting here and I I suppose that's. Hanley and or his associates. Right so let's say hey at least not a ball and we're just talking about the guy that was pulled over. Right and his role in all of this he's the guy that's gotta go he's a middleman it's gonna go buy the stuff. And they said ago distributed out to other people street level bill dealers that are gonna sell off and make a profit. So he is making a conscious decision to be involved in this. All right so regardless of whether the government flooded the population within or not is irrelevant because. You are making a conscious decision to take part. In the operation. At hand here you can choose not to you can choose to go. Get a legitimate job you can choose to go do something else would your time money effort. You don't have to go. You know be a drug dealer. So I have a hard time blaming the government 100%. I certainly can see I can Trace it back and see how the government played a huge role. In this huge epidemic that we have now I get that. And ultimately they've got to claim some responsibility for all this I get all that but when it comes to street level dealers and it comes to street level levels at middlemen like this. A right you've got to own your responsibility. And if you're trying to make a quick buck and if you're trying to. Burned more than your worth by doing it illegally. Then quite frankly if you get busted you get busted you deserve to. Because you're killing people. And making a profit doing so right it's a bad decision you know better. So ultimately yet the government they may be ultimately responsible for the overall situation that the country's in. But we talk about this specific situation this specific case. I can't blame the government if Hanley Ramirez is involved I can't make that leap I can't do it because it's not relevant to the story at hand here. You wanna have a bigger story but a bigger discussion about the formulation of the opiate problem where began and where it's going and how we're gonna get there we can certainly do that. But only get twenty minutes left in the program so gonna stick to Hanley and stick to his situation. And how what we've heard over the last 48 hours. Is completely different from what the Boston Globe released about an hour ago and hand Lee's agent tweet it out about an hour ago so we come back we'll continue to get your Hanley Ramirez phone calls and I do want to get to this real quick. Dwight Howard is available he's gonna come cheap piece that's sixteen and thirteen guy and the Celtics are close to being a championship team do we want Dwight Howard. As a member of your Boston Celtics next season will also talk about that next at 6177797937. Celtics on the clock right now that it's thin you down so. NBA draft. The Boston Celtics select. Robert well. Final segment right here. Sports Radio WEEI. Show sort of took on a life of its own with that. Hanley information coming out midway through the show didn't really have an opportunity to. To get into what I wanted to get into the Celtics I'm sure we'll address it later on this week on late night when I make my my return here to the station in the coming days but. I guess Avis the guy they drafted as all the tools in the world rumblings that there are all the tools everything you want a big man to have. Does not sure he's got a call upstairs if you wanna. It some insight into who. Robert Williams the third is mentally. Bite him on Twitter and read his is suites over the years I mean they're really something. It's something splash you you'll get a chuckle out of look he's a guy that his first impression he made with a team was being late for its conference call I'm sure that. He was excited it was the best night of his life he went out party too hard whatever but again you won a good first impression he did not make that with the team or with the media. He is a guy that. Physically when you guys see him in summer league coming up in two weeks you're gonna think oh my god the Celtics have got their big man of the future. And there is a lot of comparisons to cling capella. I get a sacred capella is a very very good player he could be a difference maker on the Celtics and if that truly is who the Celtics drafted and they got themselves a steel. But if you're expecting a data coming here right away and pick up the nuances of this team's offense and in defense that you sadly mistaken it's gonna take some time. He's got to be tenth eleventh man on this team at least for the first half of the season probably the majority of the season. Think back to. The debt that the Jalen brown rookie year with the Celtics and how Brad Stevens used him it wasn't until after the all star break that he started getting some consistent run. And it wasn't until the playoffs that he really got some consistent run game in and game out you're gonna start to see I think Robert Williams good at a similar time line. Because he's gonna have to grasp what the Celtics do defensively that's not going to be easy. But the question really is the Celtics have some additional help him. Because Dwight Howard is available the Celtics have once again shown interest in Dwight Howard. This'll be the third time in dangerous tenure here with the Celtics that he is shown interest in Dwight Howard. And Dwight Howard is coming off the season in which he averaged sixteen and happened twelve and a half points a game. Six Internet points twelve app rebounds for the Charlotte hornets was healthy. And played thirty minutes a night and you can get him on the cheap. Is he somebody that interest the Boston Celtics because player wise. He is certainly an upgrade. Over Erin veins and I loved would Arab Baines brought to this team I don't wanna Sierra games ago but to me it's one of the other yet there's no need for two veteran big men on this team. So where do you spend your money. Baines is the freeagent. Dwight Howard's free agent it for up to you knowing the Celtics are close to being in contention for a championship. Which one would you rather have at 6177797937. That go to the phones ego that a rich rich is in the car Richard except you're on W yet. Yes Patrick I IC yeah I heard you talk about Elena we're talking about the way our. And you eat you know the fact that he's in his thirties. Makes it less likely that he's gonna be a different. That he's better now. And you do with alien who with Jake. With all the people. Attitude and leader you know could be potentially problematic. World where they weren't hatched yet now than I did it he's now that's the point it's well what it is it's it's less likely at 3220. And and so directly I mean it's ironic in a that we knew this about reality of. This whole you know at accusation but all kind of attitude and hope they were and what we do it. When we signed a eight China and anywhere okay if you knew which outlaws and equality certainly blood and I made personality. Which side anyway so and and the expectation is they're going to be somebody different. And it didn't have to end and so what we're talking about Ellen let's remember that on our our arena Leonard. Church and a he arriving. I view on one side and I respect all year. In arguing her hurt disagreeing with a wooden club about whether he could later. A little say about that will rituals say about that I'm up against and I appreciate the call will do this again this week but what I'll say about coli letter it is what I've said about. Guys at his level all along and it's if you want a transformational. Superstar a transformative guy guy capable of putting a franchise. On the shoulders and he's in the prime of his career he's available he's available for a reason they're coming with baggage so a guy like why Leonard I think. I would take a chance on depending on the cost. The baggage doesn't scare me so much what has my hesitation would be I don't wanna give up dealer brown adjacent hate them so it means giving up a core piece of this team I don't wanna do. Because I think that this team is good enough to compete for a championship. As they're currently constituted an and there are better up making changes around the eighties however. However if you are asking me. If what he pulled last year in San Antonio with that gives me pause when it comes to potentially trading oracle letter my answer is no because. Again if you're in the market for transformative superstar. In the prime of their careers they're coming with some sort of baggage where the that baggage is on or off the court if they weren't coming with baggage than they were gonna be available to begin. Let's go to rise rise and is in Somerset rice finishes off the Sports Radio W media. Yet I educate my phone call I appreciate it buddy hey I'm great show I just want to do. Simon a little bit in regards would it in my hand and into the south thank I think willing to them we agree. It is. If and when you get Smart I think you're right he's got a little bit ago. If he had watched from an always on call jedi knees he's a Smart guy that I think inside and out monitored in making certain just and to thank you Camilo but in the paint there. I'm I'd take power in a heartbeat and Eckert available I think she's got great experience good and on the shoulders I think you also fit right into the system. Arm you know in required sitting and thinking I gotta expand a little upon which he says about you know you didn't even do a quick at duke they Griff or us so accepting money were your card let you know UGU got the street or is out there walking around and yes not the drugs can get a different job. Yeah they can of course you can not get an almost double the tax matters probably get there man how to get their dissenting starts with an and I am I gonna take this and actually. You can rise that's a conversation that what the hold onto for late night when I'm back this week I want every state to an ESPN Sunday night baseball it is the Phillies. It is the nationals it comes up next right here Sports Radio WEEI.