Red Sox Review with Patrick Gilroy - 4-8-18

Boston Baseball
Tuesday, April 10th

Gilroy holds down Red Sox Review after a wild comeback and 8-7 win by the Red Sox. 


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It is 526 and here's what's trending now and WEEI. And WEEI dot com. The Bruins they are in position to take the number 1 seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs with a victory over Florida tonight. When a 52 win over the Ottawa Senators last night coupled. With a Carolina Hurricanes win over the Tampa Bay Lightning the Bruins they control their own destiny. A win would set up a first round match up with the doubles well las would pit them against the Toronto Maple Leafs. But drop a set for 730 from the garden. Carrier ring he underwent successful knee surgery to remove two screws and is the Irving he is expected to be ready for the start of next season the Celtics. They delta the hawks won twelve to 106 from the garden this afternoon Torre and prince with a game high 33 points in the victory. For the hawks. As many guys just heard the Red Sox they pulled off a miraculous victory over the rays after trailing in the bottom of the eighth the Red Sox they rallied for six runs. On seven hits including a multi bets RBIs single and a den attendee go ahead RBIs doubles final score eight to seven. From Fenway is a Red Sox they sweep the series with the rays and extend their winning streak to eight games. The Red Sox have an off day tomorrow and a bad connection on Tuesday verses the Yankees. Pregame start to six point five right here in the Shaw's star market. WEEI Red Sox radio network where the today brought to you by and the northeast men's clinic it is 39 degrees and mostly sunny here in the city. On Patrick Gilroy and that's what's trending now on the beauty guide and WEEI dot com. These these Red Sox were viewed on WEEI. You'll pitch from Alex compliment them with a better it's. Who does a lot of things that it was definitely know they're good for. Which meant that will have to deflect questions like these. The defense has done it. What are great wide right. Let them play. Sox win. Like kids go great. They will movie stars and. It is Red Sox review regular Sports Radio WEEI. As always and to join me your 6177797. And 937 it takes the program at 37937. If I'm on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops ads Gilroy. I'm hoops taking your phone calls after this incredible Red Sox victory today and here your Red Sox. Alex Cora and as Red Sox are up to the best start in baseball and currently the best nine game start. In Red Sox history. And we would like to be able to leave it at that right and we did that everybody would go to bed smiling tonight. Everybody be nice and happy we've got a nice day off tomorrow before the Yankees. Come to town on Tuesday and my god will talk about that a little bit later in the program. But if you talk about things setting up perfectly for the Red Sox I mean really this is exactly. What the Red Sox needed coming into the season the scheduling gods did him a big favor and you know when you look it. The first nine games of the season it's not a coincidence that this team is now eight and one and this team is up to. The best start that they've ever had their hundred some odd year history at 81 currently an eight game winning streak right now. But when you look at the the talent or lack the rule of that this team is faced through differs nine games you have to ask yourself okay Gary and one that's awesome. But. What is it really means and I think that's what were all still trying to figure out your. As we make our way to in through the mid portion of April here it is only nine games however it is very encouraging. You look at the start that not only the team is getting off to hear I said this. I was here on opening day and I tea. I thought it was critical for this team to get off to a good start this year people to change the mood changed the tenor to change the conversation. That's around this team for so long. You know we set here and took a phone call after phone call up the phone call the last three or four years. About people's second guessing the manager and I thought. That when they changed managers and went to four. That it was going to be absolutely critical for the team to get off to a good start. To allow Cora the ability to sort it coming here and not have that focus that was all over John Ferrell and corps he's done a great job the team has done a great job. Beating the teams that are on the schedule. But now you know playtime is essentially over right now you've got this nine games out of the way. You've ease your way into the season Europe to an incredible start. And the Yankees come to town this week and this is exactly what the Red Sox needed it's what this band based needed now fans can be reason to be excited. Fans are starting to pay attention and by Ian. Because this team is off to such a great start and what time right the timing is absolutely perfect because now. 31 now they come back from this incredible victory here six runs in the eighth inning. What happens now. That it all continues to build up and buildup and build up right and it's built up now and crescendo is gonna be this Yankee series with New York coming to town. An off day tomorrow and then sets up with Chris Sale. David Price and reports. It's worked out absolutely perfectly for this Red Sox team the Red Sox win today at that way your final score eight to seven. It's not all good we will continue to give you guys updates on Zander Bogart's he that the game with an ankle injury. After hurting it sliding into the rays dugout he limped off the field. At a time he got to the Red Sox dugout he could no longer. Block essentially Kerry's own weight. He needed help getting down into the dugout getting down in Q the locker room area the trainers area okay so he couldn't bear the weight. On his ankle there's bodies winners ankle that's not a good sign this looks like a significant ankle injury I'm sure we'll know more tomorrow they'll BM arise in testing done. End Sander was off to such an incredible start this year under Bogart's who was leading the way offensively for this team this year there's no doubt he's going to be lost four. At least a few weeks it looks like. This is going to be a significant ankle injury if we get updates from Fenway while we're still on the air tonight we'll bring those updates to you. But the latest with Zander Bogart's right now leaving the game without ankle injury more testing an MRI to come either later tonight or tomorrow. And again if we get any more details tonight on Zander Bogart's will bring them to you here until then we'll take your phone calls to driving home you're driving home from Bentley 6177797. 937. Detects the program at 37937. You found me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On hoops and a mark of a good team right no matter who the opponent use. The market with the team and my opinion is a team that doesn't quit the team that believes in itself and a team that has the ability to come back. From deficit time after time after time. And it only nine games played this season the Red Sox have now come back. Right that they've raced deficits and come back into win. Five games so far this season that is remarkably good team. And it's a mark of a team that believes in itself. And momentum is a powerful thing as we know in sports and for this Red Sox team to continue to build momentum the way that they have. And for this Red Sox team to continue to believe in itself and have the ability to come back and what was special about today's come back. Everything happened with two outs six consecutive hits like that with two outs in the heat in. And really you know it was. Are rather dead date over at Fenway the fans weren't all that into it until that eighth inning. And then despite the fact it was frigid cold and a bunch of fans had left the place got elector pro. The place blew up and everybody was excited everybody was happy because the Red Sox now. When you think about this nine games in any one it was the perfect start. To this season. And now the big boy team comes to town and the Yankees and and not everything is going as well as it could be with New York right now there's a lot of story lines surrounding their big off season acquisition. A giant palace then and today. I believe he was a booed off the field not not not once but twice I believe. Continues to strike out and was sixteen strike that some stupid number right now outrageous yeah he was booed I mean he's been booed pretty handedly a couple of times here and you know that's New York Boston if you don't perform. And your boat and Judy Martinez has been like okay he's been a hit an inquiry but he's been okay. And you know there's the difference between okay and and not okay remember after opening day the Douglas and hit two home runs I mean and Judy Martinez struggled so it looked like things go the other way but you know this is what happens and I'm sure. Stanton and Judy Martinez they'll they'll even out they able to rates few continue to relief struggle. But it's fun watching it happen to the Yankees because you know we've gone through we hear when you look it. The offseason acquisition of David Price means you better believe the Yankee fans. Enjoyed the hell out of watching David Price struggle watching him have a hard time with the media a hard time with the bands that helps. Build up. The rivalry. Rick did the two major offseason signings that these two clubs that Judy Martinez over here Junco spent over there. That helped build up the rivalry and it feels to me. And to put out to you guys 6177797. 937 appeals to me. With tomorrow being an off day in the Yankees coming to town on Tuesday it feels to me like this early season series with the Yankees actually matters this time it feels to me for the first time. In a few years like there is a little bit of buzz surrounding this this upcoming series. And for there to be buzz about April baseball especially doable the Celtics and Bruins are headed in the playoffs that's a big deal. And for there to be buzz surrounding this Red Sox team after let's face it your the last two seasons yet 93 wins. They win the division but it's been irrelevant because the team has not had that cause. The it factor hasn't been there the ratings have been down down down down down and this year the TV and radio ratings are back up. People are by union and the Red Sox team continues to reward the fans. For buying it and you look at this game today. The perfect microcosm. Of what the season's been like so far the team doesn't give in it's a team that's had excellent performances out of it closer. It's a team that that really. Has done a great job overcoming adversity and relying on one another. You have the ability to to come back and win these games five comeback wins in their first nine games is no accident. Having the best start in baseball and while that's a little bit circumstantial in my opinion. You know the team is certainly up to a great start but you have to thank the baseball gods for giving the Red Sox. Seven games against the lowly rays. And two games against the Marlins it incorrect correct me if I'm wrong here but I believe the rays are now one and eight on the season and the Marlins are three and six. So for combined wins four and fourteen. The combined record of the rays and Marlins that's how your Red Sox have gone up to this incredible start that's not your Red Sox are up to the best start in their franchise. I history right now and I'm not knocking it. It's the perfect soft landing. For Alex core. Is the perfect wave Britain to easily into a season because the last thing that that Correll wanted the last thing that the Red Sox wondered were for the lights to be bright. In the heat to be on Cora if the Red Sox got off to a struggling start this year. That's not the way they wanted to start this season they've really wanted to turn the page avenue attitude have a new direction. Going into this season and I think because they got up to such a great start regardless of the opposition regardless of help for the opposition has been. Its mission accomplished. Right at this point it's mission accomplished. At 81 with the Yankees coming to town everybody across baseball will be paying attention to Fenway Park this week. In early to mid April it's perfect. I can hope the Red Sox go out there and take two out of three from the Yankees and continue to build momentum and they really shoot. Because he could not ask for this and to set up any better for the Red Sox when you look at the way it's setting up right now. Would sale price imports LO. You got to two races out there and pour seller who's been really good. Those guys are your perfect trio if you gonna take two out of three from the Yankees and continue to build. Moment and it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox review its Patrick Gilroy here. In till 7 o'clock this evening the number to join a series 6177797. 937. You. It is Red Sox review. After the Red Sox I come back and beat the raise your final score from Fenway eight to seven's. He driving home from the game hanging out the number to join a series 617. 77979237. He takes the program at 37937. You found me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops. Act Gilroy. I'm hoops and any game where you had that sort of excitement because of that the huge comeback the two out rally in the eight everybody's feeling pretty good. Following game like that right but it wasn't all perfect Atwater Rodriguez he struggled. Zander Bogart's. Left the game early with what looked like a pretty significant ankle injury will look to get some updates from Fenway before you get out of here at 7 o'clock tonight. And you don't see you do have some things that they did it go. All that will for the Red Sox today but all at all. 81 start here with the Yankees come to town it's all you could really ask for. If you were sort of mapping out the first 23 weeks of the season a couple of weeks back. And this is anything beyond people's wildest imaginations the Red Sox team came into the season with out a lot of momentum. This Red Sox team came into the season without a tremendous amount of optimism surrounding them. You know people were cautiously optimistic and now. Eight and one this sort of baseball best start in franchise history will see how much Betty one really means how much Betty one really matters. And how much steady one really rip presents. About how good this team Truby is I think this week with the Yankees come to town tomorrow an off day. A three game set with the Yankees starts on Tuesday. With the Red Sox three best pitchers set to pitch. And that three game series against the Yankees Lestock about a 6177797. 937 out to the phones we go let's go to ten cans and Hartford Daniel offers up here on Red Sox review. And I it was a dead. Eduardo Rodriguez and let it rent yes let the other let the let's see how many times that we can and here it is nonsense. Guy. I wrote ninety minute before you get a sport. Come hot it is content on the current state I'm. I don't anybody you know right now though that the two sides need him right now with Palmer and still will live with Palmer it's not really did they come back quite yet. You know Steven Wright you're dealing with some things ex partners it started at right guard this person I'd which you know as well as I knew that once pom rants comes back and cruised blt one Stephen writes back in the mix you're not gonna see as much of that water Rodriguez I don't think he's a long term problem and what exactly what. I. You don't have any faith at all Dick do you think he could ride out of the bullpen or you just done with a completely. No I think I'm dominant completely because it doesn't matter the ball and he gonna have him walking guys. Not yet how many pit I I I would be able to watch the gamer here in the game how many pages that each row in three and two thirds. Look it up I think it was it was it was about nine EH. Right around there it was rhetoric and it would get it he just. It. The Red Sox luckily have a talented bullpen and they are able to rely and it opens and it was and I appreciate the phone call. And you know this is what you get here when you're dealing with. A guy lake Eduardo Rodriguez because he could very well the vote is next and pitched very well and get people excited again he sees it sees a back of the rotation. And that's what you have around Major League Baseball you can't judge. A team's success and or failure you can't judge a teams. Starting rotation based on how the fourth and it guided you can't do you. Because those guys keep those guys are essentially 500 pitchers that you're doing okay. Because you in your top two top three guys the bulk of the winning though was that the guys the U wanna have. Ten games over 500 the o's of the guys that need to go out there and win a lot more than they lose so that's Chris price. That that's Chris Sale David Price. And to a certain extent reports because we saw him do it two years ago. And ultimately win the site to those guys the guys that are capable of doing it those are the guys you need. If you're the Red Sox while there indeed few at eighteen and eight season a twenty and six season though is the type to guys you need to go up there and really perform. Like the way that they are paid as aces. But it is here and judge the Red Sox on the success and or failure of Eduardo Rodriguez. And it's going to be tough year it is because it watery guess is what he has we've seen him here for 34 years now. He's a decent pitcher. He's gonna look much better sometimes though and others he's gonna struggle to get out of the fifth inning most times out he's gonna throw a lot of pitches. And he's not going to be a guy that's ever gonna be capable of carrying the team but if he gave you. A dozen starts and go 500 then I think that I think that you're doing okay. Because ultimately you're not leaning on that guy to be top of the rotation. He he's just not ever going to be that guy and the Red Sox have needed him right now. Now Palmer ants I believe is but weaker two way he's gonna have a rehab start potentially pitch. Maybe a week from now so that'll be good news because emirates was probably. One of the Red Sox not Red Sox most reliable starter last year. And eventually Steven Wright back appear and I think once those two guys get rolling get going you're gonna see a lot less. Old Eduardo Rodriguez it is usually 92 pitches look at that as a red around you know you were there and there I knew was around 909292. In three and two thirds. Three and two thirds that's unbelievable it is Sports Radio WEEI is Red Sox review. The number to join a series 6177797937. Back to the phones ego let's go to Wally while he's in Fall River while you're next appear in Red Sox review. Yeah what's up Patrick tell me bogeys it. Global peace injury isn't as bad as a look amid these open experience take an extended period what do we do. Which new ministers should put rod Cole the second. I think that brought to have triangle and get someone to play again netbook he's going to be 34 weeks. I know I know brought colts a better a better second baseman and shortstop but he's also capable of going in. And just plain short. Right elbow we're not a weighs just keep upping its crest may resume is that as bad as it looks. But I look at this game I switched over to the Yankees right before the pennant and then they'd switch back and I think it data brokers came out of the fire. But you look at the key hit and mandate and that I think it was that was an embargo chronicle rides though what. And religious psychic you shops and then that slide and hopefully just get that and and and we've been thrown out that would have been the end of the rally. Yet it would have but you know it's it's times like that it moves like that where you're right if you got thrown out would be in the end the rally the Red Sox ultimately lose the game. But pushing it a little bit you know sometimes when it works out. It's a powerful thing because you know momentum in this Red Sox team you know losing can be contagious and winning is also very contagious and I think because they've been winning at such a torrid pace Wally. They take the extra chance there because they were coming back with two outs. And that whole rally was that with two outs right in the eight you know to Utah the extra chance there because what are the odds they've got to score six runs with two outs the odds are are so minimal. That when he got to push it a little bit I think it's okay. Put Patrick in the cabin attendant saw that ball was accessible I mean dumbo drop on a warning track. The same Leland that's just read before he came much Jerry Remy spent. He's he's got about 500 feet in the outfield the institute's center. To the way to the plan and that's where he hit it but we caught some breakthrough we took we took advantage of every page obituary column anyway he was throwing. You're absolutely right Wallin was and I appreciate the phone calling you're right about the bad and Andy it right so that's an interesting one there because if the the center fielder had been a little bit more experience playing at Fenway may be he would've caught that that was probably eight vegetable ball you're right about that. But to again to come back and scored six runs in the eighth inning with two outs the whole Riley done with two outs. It takes a tremendous amount of skill and good hitting but it also takes some luck and the Red Sox they pushed it a little bit they got lucky. They gambled a little bit and they won right and that's that's a good thing you can't always depend on that but when momentum is in your favor in you got to push it a little bit. There's nothing wrong when that ultimately. Any team in any game if you're gonna score six runs in the inning especially six runs with two outs in that inning. You need a little battle you need something a break your way you need a ball to sort squeezed through a a place where potentially normally would because he does do. If that happens across Major League Baseball it's not. It's not something that's exclusive to what happened today in Boston with the Red Sox. It is us Sports Radio a WEEI. Let's I hear from Alex Lorena. Was told I don't mind him. Let. They put good at bats. Stay on fastballs. That just with the slider don't Coleman is one of the best closers in the league so. For so we push him to bring him early. In the game and have done. It was good or bad for good abandon. Goes on to watch. Fun to watch it was Alex Cora right there are now he is probably. The happy is guy. In all of baseball right now he knew coming in here because he played here and he played here on some very very good Red Sox teams. He knew what he was getting into he knew that he was going into a goblet. When he came to Boston and again this was the perfect way to start the season for Alex Cora the perfect way for this Red Sox team to sort of turn the page here. And as we make our way into the 6 o'clock hour the question that I asked you guys so there is 6177797. 937 is is all of this real like. Is this something that can truly lay the foundation for a successful season when I say this I mean this nine game start. Eddie won it and is it something you guys are buying because I find myself despite the fact. That the competition. Hasn't been. Mean they're they're far below average and that's that's being gentle that's being kind are when you look at the rays and you look at the Marlins he's Beazer teams that are every pore baseball teams these are teams that have zero expectations. Are not going to the playoffs. That lack talent all that being said. I'm not gonna take anything away from the Red Sox I actually believe that there's a one start. Is up a foundation to be lead for successful season I'm not gonna knock the Red Sox because the teams at their beating happened to suck. That's what I heard a lot this week as a Red Sox continue to rattle off win after win after win I'm going to actually allow myself to think. That this is real. Because I think so much of what's happened here. With the Red Sox in recent years has been mental for us right a lot of its been mental spent a perception and I've said this on the year before and I'll say it again perception. In a lot of cases is more powerful than reality. The reality of the last two years is that the Red Sox have won 93 games and won their division. The perception of that 93 wins has been the Red Sox Arnold a good at it like it makes no sense because the team struggled in the playoffs. But I think this team ultimately here is different this team and a different look different feel a different energy and those intangibles to me especially at a game like baseball. Were in the season is so long those intangibles. I think are necessary those intangibles or things that winning teams winning organizations need. Because ultimately hear you talking about a 162 games it takes more than pure talent alone to come out on top after 162. The guy's gonna like each other there's got to be camaraderie there there's got to be confidence there and ultimately here. Because the scheduling gods were generous to the Red Sox and allow them the luxury of starting this season off. A season with new hopes the season with a new manager a new power bat. Whole new look and feel an attitude about this Red Sox team. Getting up to that great start I think was the most critical piece of what's happening here and we'll see how much it really matters when that when the Yankees come to town this week but in my opinion here. In my opinion I take nothing away from the Red Sox because of the teams that they're playing better back to give them all the credit in the world I don't care how bad the rays are I don't care. About the Marlins are all and it was this the Sox 31 and you got three best pitchers going this week that's a damn good place to be. It is Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review you driving home from the game the number to join us here are 6177797. 937 with squeeze another one in here before the break was Scott. Scott in Connecticut Scott you next up here on Red Sox review. You reduce global all of my stuff outlook rule where the points two point its schedule. Yes thank you thank you flooding that's played like minor league. And softball teams so the first week. While Alex can kind of figure out how to do these things and Rio are starting pitchers river batters starting pitchers are out so thank you very much for letting us do that on the what I wanna talk about JD are seen her own. KJD eight. Need to see bring your co ops. OK so. Here's what we're gonna UGB I don't know yet distillate fuel tank car start. Not working out. If you can't get second or third base from left heel that steadily. Wear my L let your world could be its second or third but it sure left. You look at Atlantic where you need to do. It's gonna DH for a little while. But you're bat straighten now you know you don't have to worry about the fielding a ball and I'll stop there should get straightened out. With the bat and better that we can possibly discussed coming back to injures them our best players. Listen I appreciate the phone calls come up against that your JD Martinez's somebody here where you know yesterday we saw the positive signs we saw the home run yesterday. There and that was something that they gave me a bit of beside a relief because again it's not about Alex core coming to Boston having. The way the world but it shoulders and expectations on a shoulder is coming into a gobble like this. Well Judy Martinez is coming to a very similar situation here. And because of the strange way to the off season played out. It and it did I mean last offseason was was kinda crazy when you look at the first report about JD Martinez being linked to the Red Sox I think it was back in. November December and it took three or four months to get him here again and signed. Member of the signing was chests before spring training so I mean it took the entire offseason to get him here it was the worst kept secret and all baseball. But you know through. Eight games 31 at bats right now he's in 226. And it's gonna be better than that he's got four RBIs one home run but. You know you look at JD Martinez. At least it's not going as poorly for him as it is for John Ellis that. So you know you've got Junco Stanton. Essentially being booed off the field in New York continuing to struggle. Leading the league in strikeouts and is not even close so if John Ellis there and had got up to. The start that it looked like he was going to get up to because opening day he'd he'd get those two home runs and in Red Sox fans were feeling at that they were absolutely feeling at that. Red Sox lose and he gut yeah yeah this guy up there. Belting two home runs in his debut but since opening day. He is a really struggled mightily and yankees fans are losing their patience with John Palestinian meanwhile Judy Martinez has been OK he hasn't been great. But he hasn't been bad he's been okay. And again because other guys have picked up the slack here and this team has continued to win games that spotlight hasn't shown as brightly as it eventually we'll. Our Judy Martinez if he continues to struggle. The big issue the Red Sox will face talk about in the 6 o'clock hour is the guy and as the leading the way offensively for the Red Sox Zander Bogart's he went down with a injury. And it looks like it's an injury that could keep him out for a while that was not a minor ankle tweak that looked like a major ankle injury. Will give you guys updates as we get them from Fenway. But without Zander who's been one of the most productive guys in all of baseball offensively through the first nine games. Without him in the lineup for the foreseeable future other guys have to step up. And guess what other guys are named JD Martinez he can no longer hide behind his teammates he can no longer have other guys bail them out. He's gonna have to lead the way and show why he's being paved the way that he's being paid it's his turn to step up while Zander goes and gets that ankle healthy it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox review of the Red Sox win at Fenway today eight to seven your final score the Red Sox they welcome the New York Yankees to town tomorrow is an off day. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Chris price. It didn't David Price Chris Sale. And Rick ports LO. It could set up any better. Talk about 6 o'clock hour with you guys next right here Sports Radio. The WB yeah. These these Red Sox will. Review on WEEI. You'll pitch around my column as a rookie best. Yeah celebration. That was definitely Donald they're good for the ultimate punishment that role for the clippers to keep the offensive. Defense that those were great slide right. The play. It's go great. Pop up they will movie stars and. Sentenced. Seven. You EI. It is Red Sox review right here Sports Radio is WEEI. Red Sox win as Stanley your final score eight to seven the number to join us here 617. The 7797937. Detects the program at 37. 937. He found me on Twitter Matt Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. On hoops continuing with your Red Sox phone calls your Red Sox not in the bigger picture question that I asked you guys last hour Alaska begin right now. Because. The Red Sox and Alex Cora. Are up to the best start in baseball right now they are indeed this team record wise in baseball and he best start in Red Sox history. Mask you guys is this real are we buying in emotionally is this real or. You guys take a step back and look at the competition that the Red Sox have faced start the season and by the way thank you thank you thank you. To the scheduling gods that allowed this Red Sox team the luxury. Of this soft sort of landing here it is easier start to the seas and I think it was critically important for this team to get off to a good start. What they've got an opt to those that horrid start an incredible start historically good start. But you look at the rays that are now want an eight and you look at the Marlins. They're three and six that the combined record of four and fourteen so those are the guys that the Red Sox have beaten up on a real team comes to town. This week as the Yankees made their way to Boston. For a three game set the ticks up on Tuesday night with percent on the mound it's exactly everything Red Sox fans could've asked for. You've got a meaningful early season matchup with the Yankees. Chris Sale David Price reports solo set to take the mound and each one of these games here is the perfect starting point for this season. But in talking to fans. Both at the garden and at Fenway in recent days I I get the feeling that people. Really are buying in on this team just like I think they would have overreacted the Red Sox got up to a bad start fans tend to overreact to that. I think that fans are sort of overreacting a little bit to the start. But it's a good kind of overreaction I think it's important for these guys to get off to a good start unfortunately. It wasn't all good ol' Brett Fenway today. Some were recent news coming out of Fenway tonight about Zander Bogart's that ankle injury looks somewhat significant. Looks like eleven MRI and an ankle either later tonight or first thing tomorrow most likely tomorrow because it is an off day in the Red Sox are not traveling. But if we get any news any updates about the ankle will give it to you before I get out of here at 7 o'clock tonight. Until then we'll continue with your phone calls it 6177797. And 937 back out to the phones we go. Let's go to Jim Jim I don't know where you are but that's OK you're next up here on red such review. Don't Dorchester I'll make two quick point in your question one. I definitely think there occur real in my short and sweet meet in its current girl in exchange Kool Aid. Marketed in line in direction until core. Point and it didn't want to bring up with back to the previous caller point can't. Who would complain about you rod yep I agree with you stink. Part of them use doesn't overcome adversity and I can't imagine never going to be as good in order to be treated and you get caught. But the real reason I call ones. To cut and steep right occurred on yeah I mean you mentioned it briefly as well. Oh once Steve Wright comes back once he comes back will be good you are. You just can't alignment and this year out here one break up he does all our news and crappy. But in a date in her element in Concord year app or be so. But that Al what they elect. I appreciate the phone call it it. I didn't know that the dot mentor test it's that something new. The doctor and if you're from Dorchester your dog I had no idea and I feel like there's something I should know not from Dorchester I'm from I'm from like Peabody that's probably why don't get it from the SARS or you know so dark -- test I thought he started type something that maybe collar got busy so I just the role that I didn't know that dot is what you truly meant right now at box if you if you see you shirts that say dot that's a reference to Dorchester figured you'd be hip and I guess I was incur I don't look at my my daughter's here he's on the understand she's Dublin core menu as much coal is Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review. The number to join a series 6177797937. Let's stay with the calls go to Kelly Kelly's and Amber's Jillian next appearance Red Sox review. Hey that particular call yes so to answer your question. Are they for real. Yeah pepper is this real yet definitely. And I think the biggest deal is that had it done either way we're you know that they would like seven Roy Blunt if they will want any. Cora would you know oral pain right now he would be you know it's just it beat soccer on the bounce back up because you know what they know what state meaning. Literally you let you know people who are Christians. Say they just they default let outside I think what's really important is that our manager got not a great start at the two witnesses. Well I mean look at you know compared and contrasted real quick two and a few paying attention what's happily gave tackler. But he he's going through a living hell right now with in Philly I mean he's got that team up to a poor start he's the first time. Big league manager and they are absolutely crushing him in Philadelphia right now and that's exactly what will be going on here with core. Yeah I was about to say it won't be undercut that pop in the that are still in public oh yeah yet but that pretty bad too. You know that as well whatever you thought what does that show you or shall let a partial earlier today and they were you know there's not much to talk about them a lot of let's talk about what you almost a number but at Murdoch we don't expect. You bet there are based in every single game near percent to eight hit streak you know poker with a sick like talked about. Not so I think it into it went into welcome whatever it may elect to let it jump on when it was bad so I'm glad there are not human. Listen Kelly appreciate the phone call I think we're all happy that the Red Sox are off to the sort of start that the rough to this year I mean it it's a torrid pace it can't be expected to keep up this and a team that certainly will go through many many. Peaks and valleys this year that there will be many struggles for this team. But I thought that timing wise it was critically important for this team to get off to a great start this year that they have done. So when you go back if we go back and we listened to a couple of shows that I did throughout spring training and we talked about the start of the Red Sox season. And what I thought was the most important thing. For this Red Sox team this year wasn't so much a great start by JD Martinez wasn't so much yelled getting David Price back. In the program so to speak for me I don't care how they got there all I wanted to see was this team get off to a good start. It didn't have to be one I would taken. Ivan three yelled through eight games in 06 and three through nine games I would have taken that and been thrilled with a 81 is something that I I didn't even think of at that point and we'll do going into the season. That the rate we're going to be bad and the Marlins are gonna be dad I don't think people understood just how anemic the rays we're going to be but that's a team it's gonna struggle to win. In a 6070 games this year they're very bad baseball team this year. And you know that's fine because you gotta play the teams that are in front yeah it's an old cliche but it's true in this Red Sox team so much of what. We do here is based on emotion so much of what we do we believe here is based on things like momentum. And his Red Sox team right now all they've got a world of momentum and you know what they also have. They've got your attention. And that's the part about this that I think is really interest because I was listening earlier today two of a Lonnie and Bradford and relic. And at an interesting conversation. They were talking about. The Red Sox and essentially. The fact that fans. It on in one sense there really buying that he would when you look at the nest and ratings when you look at the eyes ratings. For Red Sox games people are tuning in people are watching much more so than they had in recent years. But it's clear it's evident by watching the games on TV that this team is still struggling to sell tickets and you heard Sam Kennedy about a week ago now say that they're down. He said 6%. Year over year ticket sales from last year. So he's admitting to six it's probably closer to ten you know can get the truth from the front office of any team in any sport and that's okay that's par for the course. So bands. Are tuning in to radio they are tuning in to their Red Sox on TV. But what they're not doing is selling out Fenway just yet and I think that a lot of that has to do with the fact that it's whether. A lot of it has to do with the fact the Red Sox. We're going into the season with a lot of question marks so maybe yell at Christmas time. When you were trying to figure out what you're gonna buy and for gifts maybe the Red Sox worked pop well topped the list this year. Like they had been in years past right at the generational thing as well. But I think that when you look at this Red Sox team and you look at. The future for this team when I see the future I don't mean years on the road I mean this season we look at the future of this year's team. Remains incredibly bright but also completely hinges on how good this Red Sox team is going to be when they are up against legit talent. Right so. It's easy to see here. After the Red Sox star of the season 81 after they come back the way they did today. Essentially scoring six runs with two outs in the eighth that's awesome right. But the but I couldn't be more excited about what the future holds for this team because we get a glimpse of that this week. Ends for this Red Sox team Q. Did an increase get a bump in ratings. On TV get an increase get a bump on ratings on radio and doing that. While competing with the Celtics who won 54 games. While doing that while competing with the Bruins who Webb got a legitimate shot to win a Stanley Cup. To grab your attention. Away from the reds not only from the Celtics and the Bruins is a bigger deal then but I think anything we talked about the first hour here. Because the Bruins and Celtics really had an opportunity to own this town April and may. And then the Celtics had the major injuries of course the carrier ring injury really doing in the season. For the Celtics and I think some Celtics fans that we're going to be focused in a 1000% on the Celtics. May have turned their attention a little bit to the Red Sox and guess what he saw. If you're a Celtics general Boston sports fan in general. Right that was focused in on the Bruins or the Celtics. And you turned left and you took a look at the Red Sox this week you saw what they were doing he saw their record. You know what they did the Red Sox grabbed your retention and you haven't turned away yet. If the Red Sox it got out to a 500 start or blow 500 start. In Europe Bruins fan or Celtics fan you turn left the check of the Red Sox and they were average below average. They were. Three and six. Four and 44 or five something like that you would turn right back in the other direction and paid attention you'll winter teams until those teams were done for the season. But that's not what's happening here people are checking out the Red Sox they're liking what they're seeing and they are sticking around. And now the Red Sox in April baseball. They're having more people tuned in to April baseball against the race than the Bruins and Celtics had. In the last two weeks big about that they're doubling the ratings. Both the Celtics in the Bruins over the last two weeks pretty incredible considering. The kind of successful seasons that the Bruins and Celtics a pad and the fact the Bruins and Celtics are going into the playoffs next week. And this is April baseball where it's thirty degrees outside. It's pretty incredible and it shows you just how much this city still loves baseball. Yeah we can turn on baseball real quick here. But that a the last two years but when the Red Sox are playing well. You guys always come out and reward the Red Sox by watching by tuning in. By getting over there to Fenway and by paying attention. To what's happening with your Boston Red Sox it is Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review. When we come back there's room for you at 6177797937. Red Sox review on W. 43 DOW. Yeah following the Red Sox eight to seven. Come back victory from Fenway Park this afternoon over the reins. Number to join us here 6177797937. Detects the program re 7937. If I mean on Twitter at Gilroy on group's act. Gilroy on who to Red Sox now eight and one on the season Alex Cora. He's got the Red Sox off to the best start in baseball and the best start in a Red Sox. History we're talking about a U would you guys 617. 7797937. Equally as impressive as the fact that five of these victories have been a Romney come from behind fashion I think that's a market. Obey a very good baseball team in general I always look at that that. It and I consider one of the more important statistics when talking about. The long term success of a team. I I just think it's huge season to season so when I say long term I mean you know what this team is going to be in July August September this year I think that. Getting off to a hot start he is clearly very important but having that sort of police. You can come back from anything despite the fact that there was zero. Momentum going in the Red Sox favor today. They still held on to their belief that they were talented and a bunch the comeback in wit and when you have that belief in things start going your way baseball. Is one of these sports were momentum. Is clearly. A very powerful thing. And once momentum shifted. Yet the Red Sox needed a couple breaks here in the air and they got those breaks by the way and good teams tend to be the lucky teams because they put themselves in a position where luck matters right solely for example. That then into Indy here. As part of the six run eighth inning. That probably should've would've could've been caught if there was a more experienced center fielder out there for the race right that was a vegetable ball. So the Red Sox got lucky the fact it'd hit the wall where it did the Red Sox got lucky. But that luck wouldn't have mattered if that wasn't in a school or somebody write it just would have been one of those moments in the game that you don't even think about later on maybe that's a moment that not only help drive and run that ultimately help the Red Sox team winning game they probably shouldn't one. But it's also a moment where maybe we'll look back at that moment a week or two from now. And will look at that is the the jump off point for Ben and Andy because he is Ben. Abysmal so far this he's he's hitting it about 45. He's been awful and he's one of the guys the Red Sox really need to to deal to depend on for this team's offense Q. Continue to do what it's supposed to do you especially now we'd be what we think is going to be prolonged absence of Sander Bogut. And that is the one thing that really scares me about this game here because. The Red Sox offense has been pretty damn good but it's been led by Zander Bogart's he has been good. He has been consistent. Since game one of the season. And the one not guns Ender in seasons past has been what he goes through these awesome 6810 week stretches where he looks dynamite. And then as dynamite as he looked he falls markets as quickly. And the one thing. Keep things in their motive being that like an MVP caliber type of player a guy that's in that conversation you're in in your route the one thing that's been lacking. Has been what consistency and he's been consistent to start the season so not only is gonna hurt the Red Sox on the field. The losses in a Bogart's but it's also gonna hurt him because I was excited for this guy I thought maybe. This is the year where you put altogether and he maintain that consistency. All season long unfortunately now is gonna have to do some rehab working its gonna be hard from the get back to where he was because where he was was great through the first nine games of the season. It is Sports Radio WEEI is Red Sox review room for you guys tonight at 617. 7797937. Back out to the phones Vigo let's go to dairy and Darren and Belmont Gary Unix appear on Red Sox review. Hi Cara Liu was a Darren. I attitude could comment and the talk about them as such as did not like could be in your profession right now which we what sports teams right now the next. Read five years ago would be very dominant in each 100 games it's been awesome about that that a Red Sox and Celtics the balloon the patriots over what we keep it. There could be always like to championships three over the next five years and Hubert going to be. And if they're elected as well which you do and we got the Red Sox. I think they're doing with it should be doing with a 28 of 43 million dollar payroll hired him based core would have to be a complete idiot to score what he's got right now. In its very optimistic we have two of metastatic pitchers coming back conspiracy. How many and who who has won seventeen games last year in their makeup opened stronger when he comes back with. We put some pieces of oh yeah. An artistic you know they should be that should be aware of it should be. Would put getting into the meat of the schedule. I think the yankees' double a rated their very top heavy beat their it team but what pitching staff. And that we should be optimistically I have a good group of guys achieved record while clicking and which are very successful these. You mentioned that you mentioned the payroll Darren and I love the optimism mention the payroll but it it's ironic that that some of the guys that are doing. That most of the contributing here art that the guys that are taking up the meter that payroll. Right so you know you've gotten that the payroll the money spent where it should be spent. At with Chris Sale you know that that's a guy that deserves a money David Price he's gonna get that kind of money because of his reputation because of his resume Simon of a problem. With the money being spent there. But you look at the production from Judy Martinez thing yet a decent game yesterday but he is certainly not with things on fire since starting the season here. I mean it's always. Didn't follow baseball so long it's cold weather. I firmly believe they're ticketing comes problem she gets warmer it always happens I mean look we can't have the success of this team this year is that their ability to place. And sales in the and everybody else so in behind the next three starters or they can maintain that I wrote it from the believe that the Yankees knocked in two. You know I think stint and a judge last week it is a power it is like they are in the pitching staff worries about is ardea and I now are. And then they'll have to step in the right distinct if second base first base third base. I'll feel bad if not stronger activities projecting soak this up I mean they're protect particular something that a major injuries that will be hurt his team not to. Wells and down I appreciate the phone call and you know it's it's exciting to be here. This time of the year you mentioned it yet I am very lucky and I consider myself very lucky that not only be in this profession a bit pianist profession Europe this station. At empted. Do we. At a time where all the major news sports teams here have a chance to compete right so you know this year clearly won't be the Celtics year due to injury but. Can't tell me that next year they're not gonna be wanted to clear cut favorites to win the championship not just not does make it to a finals or conference finals but they're going to be among. The top three or four teams projected to win a championship the Bruins they are right they're knocking on the the war. As long as Tom Brady and Bill Belichick or hear the patriots will have a chance and this Red Sox team you're right. The payroll is the highest payroll in baseball it's huge it's astronomical. And there's a lot of mistakes on that payroll. But you're right about the that there and when you've got to payroll that high. You should expect to win you should expect to win a lot more games that you lose so maybe I'm getting caught up in the fact that you know. Alex Cora is a new manager I wanted him to get off to a good start he has got off to a good start it's allowed him essentially. Some cushion. Soft landing so to speak where the Red Sox lose two out of three to the Yankees people are gonna like the world on fire here but I'm gonna go crazy. The way they would've had this Red Sox team got off to a bad start this year so he's built up that he's bought a little bit of good we'll hear and I think eventually we all know it's a very long baseball season he's gonna cash in. That goodwill more than once at some point here when the Red Sox eventually go through a tough stretch but until then. He needs to keep on building it up. Because. As we've learned here with previous managers it doesn't take a lot. To get the fan base to turn on a manager in this city it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox review continuing with the phone calls let's go to Scott Scots in new and Scott you're next up here on Sports Radio W yeah. Meeting new and leisure 93. Going into when previously nineties. Okay so what first well in making it Sally Field. They've couched in the last few years they've been a great team needs could have gone over the hump in the playoffs Kurdistan pitching has failed them. This guy you probably and I don't blame you but you probably didn't listen to. When I opened the show I that would this whole thing about perception and reality is that the reality in the last few years is the Red Sox won their division and won in 93 games each year. The perception vs the reality is sometimes more powerful the perception of this team. Was that it wasn't a very good team and that's because they disappointed in the playoffs but that is not reality but what the team has been. Our next point that the plane hit double A team when the manager Kevin Cash does not belong. Managing professional baseball he keep it in a way of trying to make BP can wait today. What is in the building. The move a pitcher but that's not claim puppet baseball that. No either either terrible manager he's a joke of a manager he's keeping the seat warmth because that team has got zero talent on so. Really what's his job is like what what does a manager to do. When you're managing a team with that kind of talent you said double A talent in your aptly it's not even a AAA team that they double late team the Red Sox have played seven times so far this season. I mean it can be you know did we know going to be there. Was just you know. Temporary motions not you just have been based template emotions. Weight title arm which we know late August September hopefully. To me get to keep you're starting pitching a cake. Innings at a minimum to Q and overuse seal he can't open use a product that's the problem last year threatened to help people in the postseason. And then at the river by chance. You're actually right and it comes down to that appreciate the phone calls got your absolutely right about that. No matter what we talk about here no matter you know no matter what we talk about your no matter how. We went to wanna talk about Zander Bogart's or or Katie Martinez or. The continued evolution and progression of the young guys like a Ben attendee liked that those are things that we can. Get through the season talking about day after day after day show after show after show but Scott thread about one thing no matter what those guys do. All deemed somewhat irrelevant. Assuming. Continued dominance and health. From Chris Sale and David Price if you get dominance and help all season long in into the playoffs from those two guys the Red Sox team is gonna be right there regardless of the kind of season that you get from. Judy Martinez. And I hate to put it like that but it's true. It's an old cliche that you Glenn always said. Thousands of times on the air here you know that it's a it's all about pitching. Right as he got a good pitching staff you've got to be okay if a great pitching staff he gonna be great. His Red Sox team has the potential to have a great pitching staff. Now we went into the season with very little faith in David Price. So far through two games against doubly lineups he is looked awesome let's see what he does this week against the Yankees I want to believe in David Price David Price is a huge piece assuming he's healthy and assuming his head is screwed on straight. That's something that we haven't seen here last two years let's see if it's different for David Price this year but if you can get through the season healthy with a healthy David Price. And productive David Price and healthy and productive Chris Sale. And a guy as talented as it drew pom rants at the back into that rotation. And guess what you'll rotation is going to be the star of your team your rotation is going to be ultimately what elevates you and gets you into and through. The playoffs and that's will differentiate this team from last year's 93 when team. Or the season before is 93 win team teams that flamed out in the playoffs hopefully this team have the right kind of pitching. Going into those series were other teams the opposition has to worry about how're we gonna get through Chris Sale and David Price. That's the type a 12 punch that can get you to improve World Series but it assumes health. Edited it assumes production and we know that we're gonna get production. From the sale we know that. But will he be healthy and productive enough at the end of the season will the Red Sox continue to do what they've done. At that since they started this season under the new. Leadership of core. And I love what what they've done with Chris Sale limiting his innings not allowing him to go out there and where his arm out in April like we've done here in seasons past. But it's awfully tempting and as the calendar changes from April to may from may to June from June to July it's gonna get even more tempting. When it added to wanna use these guys and overuse these guys hopefully cork and stick to his guns here. And give this team an opportunity to compete and the easiest and best way to do that is by going into the post season. With health. Leading the way that pitching staff and production leading the way with that pitching staff everything else. Will fall into place it is Sports Radio. And WEEI it is Red Sox review there is still time and still room for you. At 6177797937. Sports radio and WTI and his Red Sox review. Final segment here just a little bit of time your your phone calls at six months haven't. 7797. And 937. He takes the program at 37937. Yes cam I concede. You many text messages that you sent me and we will just do this now okay. So far it looks like I was wrong and I've no problem saying that that was here doing. Post game essentially. After opening day Red Sox lose. And I went after core pretty hard and I did so because. Again you know baseball especially this time a year such a long season this time a year though it it's emotional it's an emotional game and for me. I like to do radio in a different type away than some other people do rate I I wanna bring raw emotion. Through the microphone and sometime this palpable and you guys. That have listened to me cover the Celtics for the last twenty years know that my game changes when the playoffs start I cannot help hide my fanned them. It just it it's what I am it's who I am in a market pretend to be somebody else you know nobody in this town likes Mike salt salt eloquent Mike salt story. So I was working for 898 AM ESPN Boston it's a station that no longer. Exist back in 2008 the Celtics are in the playoffs and in the NBA finals. Game six of the NBA finals and I am there at the garden up in the technical called halo the media goes up to a level not. The media is not supposed to be overly emotional we're not supposed to cheer. All that loudly for our teams because were supposed to be impartial right but it is the NBA finals the Celtics are about to win the championship. So of first times in 86. And I cheered. As a met as a a member of the media I stood and I cheered at one point in the game and make salt pulls me aside. Annie's and use my colleague at the time at 890 ESP NA says Patrick you you really shouldn't do that that's frowned upon. Extra you meant like I'm not here pretending to be something that I'm not. The only reason why I got into this career is because I was a fan so yeah Pam it was an emotional. Reaction that I had. Because for me it felt exactly the same as so many times last season. And the season before last row would come on the air here and you Red Sox review would do late night and we would spend two to four hours. Multiple times a week second guessing the manager that that became par for the course that was radio programming 101 here and EI. Was you always had something to fall back on because John Farrell could be blamed for essentially anything and that's what we did we ripped them apart here. And after one game I felt like. I had that same gut feeling driving into work that night here we go. Let's second guess the manager some more nothing's really changed so far it's been a one off and I'm happy that I was wrong camp. The it is Sports Radio WEEI. With a backup of the calls it's gonna Danny Danny and Springfield Danny you're next up here on Sports Radio WEEI. Thank you protect Michael McClinton and I it's great seeing the sparks. Or about 81 I got a question for you don't really former premier since he's been here he put the numbers that everybody got beat up. And I believed pictures and put such as have the option they do yep it's so if he has big numbers orchestra this year which he light. Gorgeous stretcher sentencing were you the last couple years. Well he's absolutely gonna have a big year this year Danny and I would I would bet the house on it because it's a contract your form right and and he's one of these guys last time he had a really big year I think was a contract year is well. It's what he does it's what motivates him so he was he's one of these guys that. You know ironically he wants to play well this year to earn a long term contracts we can take more time off. And the team whoever whoever signs him next season whether it's the Red Sox or somebody else that the way to get production from him is to keep this guy. Overpay him but overpay him on one year deals that way there's nothing guaranteed income year to a never go for it. But ultimately that's the only way to keep him motivated to keep the good Hanley Ramirez around. But that they can just scratching their heads saying you know where were you the last couple years and it's a lot of the players who you're right. I want to restrict which country or cure that you probably got. Yet so of daily I don't I don't write my head though Danny and me to cut you off but I don't I don't scratch my head because it's not a question I guess for me I know we Ares today and he's been up and you know Hanley Ramirez land to half the you know he's not engaged. Yep that's my point yeah Mort staying in L a which go with pop watch him all beat at a yankees set bases loaded nobody out. Juts up there to come backer of the pitcher double plays it straight so to report card and goes over six Q wait until. It's beautiful as an appreciate the faux golf like that at that time it you know he he's just. Doug Ellis has got off to a rocky start and eight in 42 this is my favorites that. In 42 at bats with the Yankees so far he struck out twenty times the other greats that is that for the first time. In a single season. A single wire has struck out. Five times in two games like five times each game first time in a season and it's literally dead Michael we spent days and it's crazy. And you know that this the guy that that's got just. In unbelievably rich contract and I think eventually you know we know what's gonna happen your guys like John Ellis that guys like Tito Martinez they've got too long. Of a track record they're gonna hit home they're gonna be just fine but they're also guys that they are both played in warm or warmer weather climates end it this is. Rican winter baseball right now is what it is it is legit winter out there there is no sign of spring. And it hit home runs in this sort of temperature. You know these guys will be just fine but through the first ten days you couldn't have scripted it much better for the Red Sox. Because you yourself that he won. In you got that the yankees' big huge offseason acquisition. Darren Collison literally getting booed off the field at Yankee Stadium it's the perfect perfect marriage if you are Red Sox battered as Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox review. The squeeze in one more called for united here let's go to gym at gyms and lol Jim you be the last caller we take here in Sports Radio W yeah. Apatow project their quiet time a couple comments on rod Rodriguez and Bennett said he report its first. In a lot he has all physical bill in the world Patrick dubious social pitcher. But he has zero to spot. If he had 1%. Of the competitor fire Pedro Martinez all her Chile are even David Wright shook for sale you'd be successful pitching. Pretty much. Like cheap here a few little almost he looks like you got to cheer you all Robert Reich shot he seemed like a very lazy guy. Eddie you need to start a fire in it competitiveness. Are prosecution a lot. And it quickly your credit candy in our tickets for a lot Karadzic thank. October in the elite eight Osce can you do Wear out yeah I only gates when he side posit for much it's ridiculous. The organization has no small botnet how to shut up and optional workout program it would have been better rocked by Nomar membership that he reached all the fox Carl. And it had a better short haven't commit chip and the great shape. Let's and I appreciate the ball cup you know. Then attendees a guy where there's so much raw talent there I think eventually he's going to be just fine. Andy's gonna have to learn how to take hit I guess with his new frame ultimately what's gonna happen here is he's gonna start hitting but he also gonna lose much that we that he put on. These players lose this weight all the time is that common misconception. Because you see some guys would blow up and get that. During a baseball season but guys like that and Andy he'll lose the weight it's easier for him to lose the weight in season than it is from the put on offseason it's just it's so he's one of these guys that naturally skinny. And he's got to work at putting on it's it's a struggle for. I don't know what that's like because of I have a slice of pizza and put on report cuts. The white vote that. But I am betting that runs that it ran nine miles yesterday. Gonna go home do thirteen tonight. That we to do what's idea. My daughter she's minted two out of three marathons and of that upon. You don't strike me as a runner I don't I don't really impressive I don't look like a runner at all but I am no I mean that's kind of an insult but like I mean it's a NASA I ran the Marine Corps marathon two years ago and a broken foot. Of that OK you are it's like a Psycho Psycho yet but I'm so nice guy hanging out here doing Red Sox are recognized diving underneath all saw it go already this Red Sox review and as Sports Radio WEEI the Red Sox to win. Extending their winning streak to eight games your final score from then waited eight Red Sox eight rays seven Red Sox up tomorrow. The Yankees come to town for three game set starting on Tuesday stay tuned to Sports Radio WEP guys tonight for Sunday night baseball. Until next week guys we'll talk to guys on Friday but I'd.