Red Sox Review with Patrick Gilroy - Do Patriots fans have interest in Kaepernick coming to New England?, 9-3-18

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Monday, September 3rd
Hour 1 - Patrick Gilroy gets into the news that Colin Kaepernick is the face of Nike's 30th anniversary "Just Do It" campaign and wonders if Patriots fans would be in favor of him coming to New England. He also discusses Eovaldi's shaky start against the Braves. 

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East is Red Sox review on WEEI. My drive left field based care that don't he's not a way to say it. He's gonna make you there's that god put the captain Mike senses. Now hold our ground there that is. A lot when I get a hot blonde. Going. We know Red Sox win. Against the Braves want to. And the probation. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox rookie would Patrick Gilroy. It is red sauce you're right your Sports Radio WEEI Patrick he'll play with the guys until 7:25. This evening. Taking your phone calls at 6177797937. Text the program at 37937. You found me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops ads. Gilroy. Who took the Red Sox they win it looked a nice game today eight to two your final score as they make their way into Atlanta and come away with a victory. Again it's another one of these games where we can't sit here. And claim that we learned all that much that we might not have known before about this Red Sox team and I think that. Does the frustration. Of a radio host here and I was talking to. You know John Ryder who bigger Red Sox pregame and all your in game updates tonight prior to going on the air today and we're both sitting here saying you know. What can we talk about that's new and fresh when it comes to the Red Sox as they've been so dominant all season long. You know you look for little signs you look for things that. Maybe he can be in pointing in the right direction from when the post season. Makes its way to Boston here in the next 34 weeks but until then you know we'll continual search. For these little things that you say you know what that is a positive solid contribution. That's a sign where maybe we can use that guy and that guy could potentially be the difference and I think that there were two guys today. That we saw some positive contributions from as far as. The pitching staff goes in those two guys believe or not make it a multi I was impressed that he wasn't all that great you with super inefficient. But he was physically dominant while he was out there. And I I still believe that there's something there there are skills that could be home did when it comes to date and a ball the in May be you don't on the man right away I don't know. But I look at that guy and I say that's a guy that's got some serious stuff that he put on the entire package together I'm not sure. But the other guy way is the veteran knuckleballer Steve and right now he only gave you one inning to. But it was a clean fifth inning and you know for his first time pitching all season long he really you know he wasn't rusty he was able to. Essentially throw the ball for strikes end. Forced guys to hit these little ground balls and the infield which is exactly what you wanna see him do end you know listening to the post game stuff listening to Steve Lyons on this in after the game. You know he was impressed with what he saw from Steven Wright and he still thinks that there's the possibility that. You could have their guy contribute not only out of the bullpen but potentially. As a starter or may be a long reliever one of the starts goes sour become the post season how much or even makes the post season roster bubble talk about that would you guys tonight. At 6177797937. Inning game like this is there anything that we can garner anything that we can learn. From the Boston Red Sox is you know you get. Has fast start from eighth and a ball they can't even give you for ratings but in. The three innings and change that he did pitch. He did pitched relatively well again you know I keep using the same words to describe Nathan a bald it's a strange start super super inefficient. But ultimately he was effective while he was out there. On the mound and of course you know we can't just do Red Sox tonight major sort of national news story not just a sports story. Breaking tonight is. Look at Nike and their just do it campaign it's been around forever I'm 38 years old that celebrating its thirtieth anniversary this year. And they choose Colin -- nick as the poster boy and they announced that within the last hour notre note tweets from the White House yet but it sure. Those are coming this is a sort of a a divisive type of selection and they know. And a mall for Yelp personally I've never been one of these ant night Collins happening guys. You know I'm not one of these guys it's gonna sit here and say that guys can't protest during the National Anthem I firmly believe and I've said this time and time again. That pro testing during the National Anthem while I don't personally agree with it and it's not something that I would choose to do. I think it also. It it exemplifies what's best in America in the fact that we can do this without worry of being. Thrown into jail or being executed yet did we don't have that fear doesn't even cross our minds if you want a protest something. Even something as sacred as the National Anthem and make no mistake about it they're not protest being the anthem itself they're not protesting the flag itself. They've just chosen that time to do it because it's a time where they get the attention. That their seat right and I think that two years into this we all pretty much understand that. Despite the false narrative that's coming out of other news organizations these guys have said time and time again. But they're not out there saying that they've got a problem with the flag a problem with the military problem with a America that's not the case. They just wanted to yet the attention that they felt that their cause deserved and that was a time where ultimately people stopped and paid. Attentions of me to talk about that as well tonight at 6177797937. You know quick check of Twitter. There's people all over the place here and I'll tell you what last week towards the end last week there was a poll from NBC news and the Wall Street Journal. And it they said 54%. Of the American people's said that kneeling for the National Anthem is inappropriate all 43% of people said it is appropriate they don't care. And I've always thought of Boston as this this this uniquely dynamic market right where we get. There's a bad rap when it comes to Boston people that are from Boston assume that Boston is a racist town. And people like me that were born and bred here we will. Fight you tooth and nail to tell you that it's not a racist. And it is there's this perception that just continues. To but it did beat perpetrated. And a national scale when it comes to the city of Boston being a potentially a racist town a place where. The black people don't feel welcome I just I don't see it but maybe that's coming from the eyes of an ignorant. Irish Catholic guy that grew up here. You know and that's entirely possible. But I wonder he is Nike breaks this story is Nike comes out today and says. That you know what Colin cap pretty key is the face he is the face of our brands as a matter of fact we have paid him. Since we signed him in 2011 we never dump them as a client that news came out today as well. Now he's the poster boy for the just doing campaign going into their thirtieth year thirtieth anniversary celebration. He's gonna be out there with the likes of Serena Williams LeBron James Michael Jordan. It's it's fascinating to me that a guy that hasn't played in as long as it's been since snapper nick is played professional football. He's still gardeners this kind of attention. It's been two years since he first knelt down for the National Anthem it was August 2016. And here we are two years later. And while he's out of a professional football career he's somebody that right now is the most talked about person. In professional sports so thought about that aid I'm fascinated as a as the patriots stand. With the patriots season coming up next week the opening week for the NFL here it's not a coincidence that this news comes out today. And it's not a coincidence that it gets dumped on a day like today where. It's essentially day one of the new NFL season the new NFL week and I wonder people care I wonder if people are getting just sickened tired of this and don't wanna talk about it. And just wanna focus in on the games. Or that it is there still a group of people out there. That legitimately. Won't watch the games I heard that a lot the last couple years that these people say I won't go to games anymore I won't watch games anymore. But the numbers. Although they were down they still say otherwise they still say otherwise because the NFL is still. The most highly rated program. On television today so we'll talk about that tonight as well Red Sox on the table as they beat beat as they beat the Braves. In Atlanta eight to two and of course the collar capita story breaking. In the last hour ball on the table for you guys tonight if you make a wait till 7:25. This evening at 6177797. Many threes I. It's seven. 937. And. It is red sucker you right here the Sports Radio WEEI is the Red Sox they win it again today your final score eight to two. They make their way down to Atlanta they beat the Braves is that a strange kind of start from a can of all these today something where. You know there was a text third that that says that he wants to give credit to Alex Cora because he feels late Cora is now treating the pitching staff the same way that you would have. Matthew in the post season and I like that point. He is that exact words were no more BS and around and and I liked that. Because they that a body clearly you know while he didn't have the pest control that I he certainly had pretty good stuff out there as he gives this team. Three plus innings of a sensibly it gave them no runs but he was hitting 909899. In the gun. Showed some pretty good stuff you know my in my opinion a strange start super inefficient but ultimately pretty damn effective out there. But there was no time to BS around love the way the text to put it you know why why bother you're wasting time here if it. If he doesn't have is control and pull just like we would come October and I feel like. That might be the right path for Courtney. Because ultimately this team can't get too comfortable and get a win and obnoxious number games here and I still feel like. They've yet to be truly tested this season. There have yet to lose four consecutive games they haven't had one of those miserable. Lose ten out of thirteen stretches that most teams have had by this point in the season and the last thing that you want us to get hit in the face yell ultimately here. As you make your way into October and not know how to respond to. So I do like that. Cora may be at this point the season is trying to treat these regular season games. As sort of a playoff preview playoff tested if he's doing that at the techsters right it is observation is right then more power to core because. He doesn't exactly have a tremendous amount of major managerial experience to lean on here right. You know just because. He he won rid. Houston does it mean that he was the manager with Houston just because he won as a player you're in Boston doesn't mean. That that translates necessarily to be our responsibilities that he's got as the manager here. So ultimately he has that big time unproven commodity. And for as good as he's been all season long for what he's done to this team and got this team to play at its maximum potential. We all know I mean that it'll cliche for a reason L postseason baseball is very different than regular season baseball in an absolutely it's. And we said here on Saturday for hours and hours and hours together. Sort of going over the fact that regardless of who this he may have brought in or failed to bring in. As a middle a middle out relief type a guy as they managed to get no middle relief help which is. Ultimately where most fans thought that this team needed reinforcements. My contention for that was so what I mean if you don't have a healthy David Price if you don't have that help the Chris Sale than what the hell's the point. Right what is the point you don't need middle relief if you don't have your top two guys because ultimately. The middle relief isn't gonna have an opportunity to shine if you don't have your big to difference makers there. But it corps is taking this opportunity. The last 23 weeks of the regular season. To ultimately treat these games as practiced playoff games. If that's what the fans are seeing and rob vote Alex Cora. We can talk about that tonight as well it's 617779793. Cent a seven of course via a Japanese stuff that broke in the last hour. Now predict that the pace of Nike's just do it campaign is they're celebrating their thirtieth anniversary of just do it. And look this is not a coincidence that the story comes out today. The news started a new NFL season the new NFL week one is here and Nike is grabbing. These head headlines grabbing the spotlight what's interesting to me is that Nike is also a huge sponsor of the NFL itself. So one hands they've got this guy can't predict that suing the NFL in the collusion case. And on the other hand he is if they they are one of the faces of the NFL one of the major sponsors of the NFL so they're really treading both sides of the fence here. As well I'm just curious as Boris Boston specifically goes though. You'll nationally again nationally this country split we have been split we will continue to be split. You know you go back to the last handful of elections they are all incredibly close that this country is to split down the middle right now. And it's gonna get uglier before it gets better in my opinion. But it's funny because the national poll from NBC news and the Wall Street Journal last week said that 54% of Americans. Feel that kneeling is inappropriate and 43% say so what who cares no big deal. And I got to feel like in Boston in New England that 54%. Should be a bigger number if the if if the old. Sort of cliched at Boston's a racist sound really is true right I don't think it is I want to defend Boston I always have defended Boston. But if in fact we are this this hugely racist around at the national media paints us to be at a 54% got to be closer to 7580. But it will meet and I are running the patriots and Colin capita the football players a free agent and I saw what I saw employer. Throughout this pre season and I know what I know of Hoyer east he's garbage there is absolutely zero side. So why Democrat Collin pampered why not bring calling cap to the football player here. To wait and if there's any team that can stomach all the BS that comes along with cap critic isn't it the patriots and you've got this guy that is one in the NFL clearly he is not. The east a top tier quarterback but he certainly somebody who you could consider serviceable. He certainly better than anybody else not named Tom Brady the patriots have had on their roster so as we embark on two week one of the NFL schedule. I'm curious what you guys have to think about Colin jeopardy being named the face of Nike essentially here and this just do what campaign that is. Live for now three decades and you think about the superstars that have been attached to. They just do a campaign from Michael Jordan to LeBron James to Serena Williams and now Collins hampered its like one of these things just doesn't belong. The other guys were all the best at their sport at any given time. And you look at Michael Jordan is now has transcended. Generation after generation after generation he hasn't played a basketball game professionally since 2003. Yet every single year he's got the number one seed sneakers sold. Every single year his Jersey. Is still one of the top three or four jerseys sold in the NBA. Yet the Iraq there's an entire generation of teenagers that have never seen Michael Jordan play. And the thing about Colin can't predict. He had a few really good years with the 49ers. So skill wise talent wise that's not like jeopardy is here he is there because he is making a social statement. And Nike is trying to capitalize. On the social statement. That calling capita has been making now for two years almost painting him. As the victim and that's one thing that I really can't get behind. I applaud cannot predict for what he's trying to do I really do I applaud Colin capita for trying to get the attention. Of Americans. I do. However don't paint him as a victim because he's not and Nike's holt we hear is believed in something even if means sacrificing everything. How did college athletics sacrifice his football career I don't know. I don't I don't know I don't know Bieber got down on his knees and was as humble as he should be. And begged for a job I haven't seen him competing. In the CFL trying to earn his way back to be NFL. The way that Johnny men's LA is I haven't seen him do that so as he truly sacrificed everything. I don't know if he's really done that plus he made nearly forty million dollars. During his time with the NFL and countless additional millions with Nike so to me that part of this. It's a little bit disingenuous. Because not above that as well 6177797. 937 let's go to the calls let's go to Tom Toms in Connecticut Tom you first appear on W media. Great to have. Looking for some of them. British would have known what to talk about as far as red sex what I was legacy. It is those talk about the make up the division leaders that there reception gonna say it's. Like talk about Houston Oakland scares me. This car will close in the more key brewers look dominance may. I'm like this is somewhat conversation talking about the the opposition. Regarding Colin cabinet. I think generally speaking racial relations. Are as good as they ever. Or in this country right now you're gonna have on. You don't have school. Ways premise you can have black pay a third type groups. That. The exception. And in and really I don't think anybody should paid attention to those groups but I think generally speaking. A race in this country is good I mean I I won't or Hispanics. I will poor poor blacks. And I think people around me doing it where they never used to and so openly. I mean I I I he I'd like JP large English and in bed. And Bogart. In the elk corps is doing is such a great job I I want to achieve what what would have the limb but. On the other hand I don't wanna see. Hispanics playing for just Alex Cora what are you playing for the Red Sox in the fans. Will they listen and I think I appreciate the caller I think I understand wary going with a some. But but I gotta disagree with a one point here when he said that you are now rooting for blacks and rooting for Hispanics. See that to me is the problem because we're still classifying grouping people in. And these certain is sort categories as black as Hispanics to me you gotta root for the people whether they're black white is that there's a big difference. And won't be until America gets the point where everybody's viewed as people and not a color not a religion not a race much category. We're still going to be broken this country's never going to be. And as living up to its maximum ability we're never gonna reach. The heights that we could potentially reach as a country and still were all considered just people. Until I'm no longer considered white and somebody else is no longer considered black and we don't have the blacks and Hispanics and yet it doesn't make a difference anymore this country's a melting pot for a reason it has been a melting pot for forever. And I think that we're sort of getting away from that a little bit and it scares me it quite frankly it does this country was built on being a melting pot. And it didn't make a difference where it came from what your beliefs work this was a safe haven and I don't think. That didn't think that there's a certain group of people out there or groups of people this point that don't feel that America is that safe haven any longer and to me that's a shame. But as well as were still classifying categorizing people as blacks and Hispanics in this and that then to meet that just exemplifies the problem that rate there is the problem. We get to a point in our history and we're not there yet clearly. But we gotta get to a point in our history at some point in the relatively near future where people are just rooting for people. Regardless of their background regardless of their race religion creed or color and I know that it's cliche and politicians they say stuff like this all the time. And it's much harder to actually do this than it is to talk about it again all that. But it's got to start would this current generation of the parents of young ones. So maybe were a generation to generations removed from eventually reaching those heights as a country and once we get there. Once we get to the point or no longer categorizing people as black as white as Hispanic. Then maybe we can start talking about really coming together as a country until then. There's got to be things that divide us and this Colin camper neat story this Nike campaign I think has the potential to be another dividing line. And to me that's a real shame Nike is that it doing a pretty. Smart thing here to savvy thing that they're getting a tremendous amount of attention for doing what they've done I'd give them credit for that as a brand that's what they wanna do. They're actually writing very high rate now they've had a couple of really solid winning campaigns with Serena Williams and now this campaign with Colin tampered. But I wonder you know Curt Schilling Curt Schilling just tweeted out he wonders how it's gonna affect their bottom line I mean are their people out there in Boston specifically. Within a you know it years reach of over this microphone that ultimately won't buying Nike apparel any longer because they're openly supporting calling capita. Virtually big so I wonder if that's something that's even re. I don't think it's ultimately I don't think it is a big if you got away or Nike clothes before you gotta Wear Nike clothes tomorrow I think that there's a group of people will say. They'll look at me look at me I'm not gonna buy Nike anymore but he'll be the first ones to ball terabyte T shirt when it's on sale of TJ Maxx. Because everybody's disingenuous. Everybody lies and it's a shame but it's true. It's true everybody is attention seeking in today's America and it really is a sin and I I know far fewer genuine people. But I know people that. Unfortunately. Are just attention seeking and looking for somebody to call their name it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox review the Red Sox they win eight to two. In Atlanta talking about that would you guys at 6177797937. So yeah. So it's. It is 43 POW guy that's Red Sox review. Patrick feel like you would mean until 7:25. This evening taking your phone calls. A 6177797. And 937. Detects the program at 37937. To find me on Twitter. Matt Gilroy on hoops ads in Gilroy on hoops and of course we can continue to. Discuss the Red Sox game is you know they they went to Atlanta and they won today and those of you that have listened to meet regularly do Red Sox review in and late night here in. For the people called me a moron on the tax line right I guess it's unfortunate for you that'll be doing. Late night again tomorrow night Thursday at a back quite a bit this week so want to keep on keep on yes. You know that there's things he with his Red Sox team that I wanna continued to look for here as they make their way into the playoffs. There's certain things that I am looking for contributions from guys Steven Wright was one of the guys we talked about specifically. On Saturday here is he somebody that is going to be able to give this team positive contribution now today it's just one inning but it's one damn good innings. That's a step in the right direction we talked to vote Eduardo Rodriguez quite a bit on Saturday together here. And he gave this this Red Sox team a lift in his first game back so those are two good sides because you need as much good pitching as possible. And this bullpen is one that has been questionable at best. So when you can get guys here that could particularly and potentially give this team a lift in the bullpen. Then by all means these are the positive signs positive contributions that were looking for here. And it got a delegate and a bald eagle at the start today and and look he had good stuff but he was just wild with his stuff. Unfortunately for him was unable to but even give this team for ratings that part of it is unacceptable but I do like the fact that. When he is able to command the fastball he's electric so he's got something there there is an up side there would Nate and appalled at the question is. Can he hole in that talent. And ultimately that's been his Achilles heel throat. The entirety of his career not just the short stick here in Boston he's always been one of these high upside guys but. Is there are pitching coach out there is there somebody there that can hold this guy you and it's so we can deliver on the talent that. We all know he's got I mean he showed in his first two starts out here unfortunately he's a guy that gets wild with the ball so we can talk about that as well. And coming up in the next hour or two wanna get into Dustin Pedroia. And as he's a guy that's had a very forgettable season here with the Red Sox essentially a lost season. With the Red Sox and it and you know the word is he's gonna make its way back up to the big club this week. Sometime between September 5 and September 7. So that you are they got to bring them on to the roster is it just about getting him some at bats the feel good for next year. Or is there the potential that he's gonna come back and could he give this team. Any sort of solid contributions here as Red Sox fans people that are rooted for Pedroia for a decade decade plus a year. Yeah the thought of Pedroia coming up normally would excite people. But there is zero buzz surrounding the return of Dustin Pedroia even if it is just to get a couple of bad bats. Before the end of the year the seat he's got anything going into next year so all that's on the tables and make their way up until 725. This evening until then. We're continuing their phone calls at 6177797937. Because this happen it story broke tonight and you know it's a story where. It's gonna defy divide people across America it has for two years there is zero way that you could portrayed this story. It's a sort of walk a line with the EU can't offensive. And I tried believe me it's nothing that you can do that ultimately here if you do offense it. You part of the problem. Seat for me. Colin Capra take somebody that I think he should be employed somewhere in the NFL he's certainly a good enough quarterback to be employed somewhere in the NFL I think he's got a pretty good chance to win its collusion case. Against the owners in the NFL. Does it mean that I eight. Fully support. What he's doing now I like I feel like there's a better way to go about getting the attention of Americans out there I do. However however I don't blame. Him for what he did it I don't because he wanted to get a point across and you know what since August of 2016 we've been talking about this. And that's ultimately what he wanted to do that he wanted to start that conversation and start that dialogue he's done. But how do you take that conversation. Take that dialog to the next level where it's meaningful and impact full and more than just dialogue more than just conversation and I feel like that's where. This whole it's really hit a rocked. Nobody's been able to elevate the conversation to that next level whether it's Colin cap predict. Or somebody else LeBron James there's got to be that next person that takes this conversation. And elevates it to the next level and until that happens. It's just gonna continue to be another dividing factor here in America but the question that I bet you couple very simple ones is Colin capita the freeagent. Is he somebody that we would welcome onto the New England Patriots we know their backup quarterback situation is abysmal. At best so to patriots fans had interest in. A potential the potential Colin jeopardy joining the patriots and then 98 you know again Curt Schilling tweeting out a little while ago he thinks that. This thing is gonna have a negative impact. On Nike's bottom line I think he's a 1000%. Wrong ultimately here I feel like is zero chance that Nike's gonna miss out on any money. Because of this I feel like they're not gonna lose if anything they're gonna gain. It you're gonna gain money you're the gonna gain more loyal Nike brand followers Nike brand shoppers I feel like there's zero chance that Nike took a calculated risk. That's gonna cost them money. Curious to hear you guys think is there a chance here that Nike's gonna lose money on this. Because they are alienating a huge portion. All of their their base here in America will talk about that as well it's it's 177797. 937 with the back up the calls the football polls in west field all units up here on W yeah. Find that give it back in the day and if you were right actually people who hate on you like shut up you outs and I appreciate all it's an amendment. Yeah we can't look at declaration. I want complementary investigators. Say the study of all these pitching warm. Look at the success it is today and I'm happy cat right coming back with a knuckle off. Yeah you can actually you can look at one day I heard about it they operate them. Yet Christa Vazquez he get a nice stated that there's no doubt about that you'll write because the contrast in the type of the style pitcher that needs and of all the as verses. Stephen Wright you couldn't have two more wildly different styles and any caught the ball effectively. You write about what this work effort I imagine he takes me. Didn't expect it happened just to uncle the cop so he had an appreciation form. I don't think they I think blatant media wrapped it is a great way to parlor game but not didn't like. It's not them. Upgraded that Joseph the number of people who won't play witness who got rob how far away and that woman you know I'm you don't. And we couldn't in good. That he. The biggest thing ever only a drop of I. Feel like there's nothing to lose here right and that's that's bing are doing the Paula mean unfortunately you know you look at what you guys hear you back a quarterback is he gonna be any worse. The one lawyers and and I don't think he is those of amok against the Paula appreciate the phone call. Usually this time the hours sponsored by all it is call final drive but. And this isn't the weekend show is a weekend show essentially on Monday so there is no final drive today about Leonard is it sponsored by cars for kids now be a great time to clean out your garage. And donate their old cart cars for kids see how easy it is call 1877. Cars for kids or on line cards for kids. Dot com it is Red Sox review it is Patrick Gilroy make and I'll wait till 725. But your phone calls 6177797. 93 separate. We'll keep third or make fun of on its side began to walk forward about stupid I'll religion. We've been very open guy but delayed until the whole thing now could you realize people who won't have no you have a massive melt you know made out there.