Red Sox Review with Patrick Gilroy - Is kneeling during the national anthem effective?, 9-3-18

Boston Baseball
Monday, September 3rd
Hour 2 - Gilroy continues his discussion of whether or not kneeling during the national anthem is effective. He also talks about the Red Sox' win over the Braves and Dustin Pedroia's lost season this year. 

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Excuse Red Sox review on WEEI. My drive left field based chanted no he's not as a way to say it. He's gonna make visits like for the captain Mike senses. Hold my ground there that is. A lot but again if it's. Going. Capping the Red Sox win. Against the Braves won on. Having the globe. I'm playing so. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox rookie would Patrick Gilroy. Our number two Red Sox review right here the Sports Radio WEEI. Number to reach me here 6177797937. Detects the program at 37. 937 you found me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy on hoops and look a quick check of Twitter I mean this college Japanese story again it's right down the middle. You've got people angry people that don't care and again I find it hilarious that. People get so emotional over something like this but there's no real secondary stand here and how to weigh idling mean essentially calling Kapanen got the conversation role and I give him credit for doing that. But then a conversation the importance of the conversations got sort of lost in translation. Along the way here Yoko can't predict that the reason why he began this whole kneeling thing to begin with a couple years ago. With because there were things that he believed it whether it's social injustice or police brutality. Recent equality things of that nature but we're not talking about that we're talking about. The anthem we're talking about the military were talking about the flat and those work the point that he was trying to drive home. So somewhere along the way there had to be somebody with some sense of ability to. Take Colin camper Nick's message and delivery in a more effective manner. And that is yet to happen and here we are it's been two years since gone capita first took the took a knee during the National Anthem was August. 2060. And here we are two plus years later. And the message is still not clear. And Sunni that's the biggest sin in this whole thing so while Nike you know that they Chu is going to happen to be the poster boy. For that their thirtieth anniversary of the just do campaign and I get why they did it and I get why they broke that news today as the new NFL season is upon us this week I understand all of that no no problem there. Yeah Nike's taking a calculated risk again all of that. But as far as the message that tapper nick is trying to drive home the sin of this entire thing and the senate can't predict essentially. Losing his professional football career because essentially that's what he's done I still feel like he can play he's young enough to play. And I feel like when you look at the patriots specifically. And you look at their back up quarterback options pointers a joke they cut the lead that they cut the seventh round pick and now he's gonna join the op practice squad. So you got nobody pine Tom Brady you have nothing. So this is the team would literally nothing to lose when it comes to their back up quarterback position. And they won't even kick the pan on Colin capita and this is the team that wasn't afraid to bring in the circus that was Tim Tebow so forget about that. I mean this the team that's not afraid to bring in the entire circus act. They've done it before and they will do it again if they feel that they can get value out of that player. So the biggest sin in this whole debate it's wasted a whole calling capita thing is yet he gave up his professional playing career essentially because. Nobody's touching him now he's suing the league so these owners that he suing. Art and assigned him to this point. And his message was never delivered clear enough. For the general American public to fully understand. Would the message that he was trying to get across if he gave up his career but his message was clear and eloquently spoken. Then maybe it would have been worth it. But for Colin it's essentially a waste. And that's the biggest sin in this hole collar capita saga that's now into its second going into its third year sodas Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox review room for you guys today at 6177797937. Let's get back out to the phones. Go to John Johnson revered John you're next up here on W yeah. I just want to say I. Almost 90% agree with everything you said. The cholera epidemic on our team right now from a business template would make it could set I don't understand. Why the NFL is condemning him I don't understand this I've been following this since 2016. In. I don't understand why is immediate in his convictions. In his in his is not being listened to. I don't know maybe can help me out on this I'll hang up but I I just don't get the really don't. Problem John and I am trying to deliver the message is as clear and eloquently as I can I think the problem is look. Collar Catholic and other African Americans that feel have a similar mines that Colin cabinet has that there is a huge. Inequality here in America and there is police brutality when it comes to. Blacks vs whites and there is social injustice when it comes to black vs white all of those things are the points they call a cab critic would like to drive home. All of those of the points that Colin peppard was trying to highlight a couple of years ago. Unfortunately when he chose the National Anthem as the time to drop to his knee I don't know he realized that that was gonna become the story. But ultimately that's what become the story and unfortunately for him our president has used it as a way to politicize everything and now president trump has completely delivered in an accurate. It totally inaccurate message. Because if you listen to our president our president is telling anybody that will listen. That it's this respecting the flag is respecting the military you idea idea and that's what common cap and taken any NFL player that decides to take a neat. Is essentially doing. When in reality they're using it as an opportunity for a silent protest to preach about these social. Issues that I'm talking about here police brutality and race and equality things of that nature. But that's not that that message isn't being delivered because there's nobody that's speaking there dared stand there's nobody that's taking. They're dropping to their knee and then taking it to the next level and delivering that their message as eloquently as possible and to me that's the biggest sin here in this entire thing. That right there is the largest it. Because you've got on one hand you've got president trumpet you've got him out there are delivering how he feels about this and what he feels the issues are and you've got the country listening to him. You don't. And on the other hand you still are watching a fuel these guys dropped to a need. You're still seeing now today it's getting highlighted once again and I wouldn't be I wouldn't be shocked to see more more players after this cap predicting would Nike comes out today. And now you got weak one of the NFL. Of course there's got to be more players that drop to a need this week then there would have been 14 hours ago because they feel empowered they feel emboldened. I promise you there's going to be additional players that that dropped to need this week that would've done it before Nike back Colin peppard. And meet in the spokesperson for just do it. And to meet what ever that's Fareed if these guys are gonna do that they got to find a way not to waste the opportunity they got to find a way to eloquently. Put their message out there so people understand it. Because it's not about the anthem and it's not about the flag and it's not about the military and those also it's false narratives are too dumb so we believe at all. Entity that socks because there was an opportunity here as these guys did capture the attention of the general public but instead what's happened here. What's happened here we're we're getting. We're getting programs. From the president and the right that no it isn't about social inequality and it isn't about police brutality. It is about how these guys feel it's about the anthem it's about the flag but it's not. So the biggest in the biggest waste of these players didn't have a way to deliver the full message. We got the visual but we never got the audio. It is Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review reprieve guys today at 617. 7797937. That go to the phones we go let's go to Tony Tony's in Rhode Island Tony units up here on W yeah. Good evening first I'd like to say I respect everyone's opinion. And I would like to. Put mine forcing eighty. I believe that it's. Last I checked beast football teams and sports teams were part of their games. And should I think that contact critic and other players have the right to express themselves. And protest and to whatever they feel necessary to get across their message at the same time. I feel people like Jerry Jones and whoever else has the right. To tell their employees. Most of whom make six and seven figure salaries. That if you're wearing the uniform this company. We expect you to stand and honor the national. If you can't do that. You could stay in the locker room. But I don't think it is out of that employers. Are right it is an employer's right with because it's not discriminating. That their employees of the company if you're playing in this building and you're wearing the uniform. You wanted to flared. Now he personally I think everybody has a different view of what I hear the National Anthem I am honoring the military altering my father. Who's a World War II POW. And others like it. I understand that people that listen to the anthem don't see it that way. But these guys chose to do this and Colin I would. I I think at this point he's been at a football so well I don't know I think somebody should get shot I agree with you. The back situation god opposite so happens that Tom Brady yeah. But Colin if you're gonna if you're gonna notice this is what we have so Colin made the choice. And usually swaps to do this protest all in. All of international collusion. Maybe yes maybe no I don't know but I feel like private businesses have the right to ask their players when they're in that uniform. So abide by some. Of course you Tony listen I I I actually agree with you and that point there I absolutely do and of course employers have the right to say firing their employees if they disregard their employers. Mandates so that to me when I say this was a giant waste from these players that sort of what I'm talking about here if you get find and you continue to Neil. But you're not getting your message across and now you're you're you're being the sort of portrayed as something that you're not you're taking a fine and your message still isn't being. Put forth an eloquent manner in which the the general American public and fully understand and comprehend why you're doing what you're doing. It's a monumental waste. Right I appreciate the phone calls on genteel you know that that the anthem represents something that it might not represented these guys but I go back to the point that it's not about. The anthem it's about. The portion of the game were essentially you can grab the attention. Of the general public that's why he chose the Tampa. Because at that point everything gets quiet and everybody's paying attention. And that's when you can make make a move essentially and capture the attention of the general public that's why that portion of the game was chosen. That's why doing it then mattered because people don't look at thinking. What's act ideally that's when you can capture people's attention. So wasn't about this respecting the flag of Vietnam it was about capitalizing on an opportunity. To get people's attention. And that was probably the best time of the game in which to do that. Soda Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review room for you guys today at 6177797937. Back up to the phones logo. Good Ryan Ryan's a New Bedford riding you next appear on WEEI. They don't. Moments ago I made a comment at this. Nobody heard it wrong once or on when you're going. And you made a statement that 54% of the people feel that disrespect in the black. Would open New England you're held back. It should be higher. Know what I was saying was what I was saying was that there's a general consensus around the country. That New England is this this huge racist area and Boston is the most racist town in America if you watch ESPN this is an you'd be right so so. I was curious if this if this poll that was done across the country proved out that 54% of people say that dealings at appropriate. What Boston really is this massively racist town that ESPN makes it out to be. As I am curious what Boston's number would be. You have he goes Corley. I agree that it disrespecting the flag I am not. Racially biased so I don't think at a high percentage would equate to people being racecar. And that you know this narrative. Racism and police brutality. It's. It like a bogey. It's not the narrative that's not the narrative Brian a certain elements not noted that they'll let me finish number let me finish the narrative support that it's not about the numbers with a narrative it's about what the the message that these guys were trying to get across when this thing first began it was never about the military was never about the flag was never told the anthem. That's that that's the narrative the narrative is what the president's body to be. I'll speak out of idea Seattle in the president too. To make those opinions format and opinion for and if you do and act like there. But guess what guys that guys have been doing guys have been doing this act for twenty years for thirty years and nobody paid attention to it until the president made it a problem. Please see that go back 25 years and look up Mahmoud Abdul wrote Chris Jackson played the Denver Nuggets in the NBA okay. What did it didn't come out for the anthem it was on sports center for a minute and it was over this has been going on for ever. But we decided to make it a political issue because this country so politically divided. Well I I don't know who made the political statement but when you're wearing socks with pigs on. I think that. Pretty politically motivated so I don't know for every action from the president. Going forward and saying what he had a saint or it was. Up verdict and here. Why can't action that made it political. It goes back and forth but at this point right now I feel like the president's got the opportunity to deflate it and he hasn't done. He's kept this thing role. And now you've got it's gonna get bigger unfortunately you know we hope at some point this is gonna go away. But instead of a going away it's gonna get bigger the president pushes certain buttons and now coming cap predict in Nike worked together. And he is the damn spokesperson. For Nike's just do it thirtieth anniversary campaign so it's got to get bigger it's going to continue to haunt our daily lives here as we look forward to do the new NFL season as we look forward to week one of the NFL instead of us talking about. You know the patriots they don't win ten games eleven games twelve games thirteen games will they reach another Super Bowl instead of us talking about that. A lack of depth at the quarterback position why don't they have enough receivers is that of that being. What's dominating the conversation it's damn Colin tampered it again and again the biggest waste of the whole thing in my opinion is very simple. It's that they went through all this happily went through all this and according to Nike he sacrificed his playing career in the NFL. Mean that's the whole gist of this Nike campaign and according to Nike that's true. Isn't it such as and that he gave up his playing career. And he was never able to properly deliver his message because the message is still unclear to so many people. It's it's not the flag it's not the anthem it never has been the flag he had them in the military it's always been about. Inequality it's always been about perceived police brutality. And it just sucks that these guys were able to properly deliver that message and you ER two plus years into this this drama. And still we're sitting here and people still don't fully understand the message that can't predict and anybody else that took Indian the last couple years. Was trying to convey soda Sports Radio WEEI let's squeeze one more in before the break let's go to Brian Brian's and Brockton Brian you're next up here on W yeah. I. I was just wondering why did it then daddy laughter playing career. It's peace not in Taloqan and out at that point across and. He's terrified. A camera or microphone. And I don't wanna point out that he really never out of this. Great champion for justice and nearly lost it not in position. Well yes and no that's when he was able to sort of but it magnifies it I get that part of it. But I think it's a city that anybody whether you're starter. Horry coming off the bench it doesn't make a difference your professional athlete making millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars that I was a play away from the Super Bowl. Are at one point eight he was one of the most. I know it when you talk about guys with a lot of outside a lot of potential talent he was one of the top ten quarterbacks in the in football. I six years ago he was that's what he was considered now beef they'll precipitously after that and I get that part of it. But the senate it is whether your starter or you coming off the bench you're professional athlete you're one of the best at what you do on the planet and the guy can't get a job. But it he can't get a job if you've given up. Your ability to be employable in the NFL but you at least effectively got your message across you might yield to make the argument that it was worth it. But he never effectively got his point across he never effectively got his message out there so that that is the definition in my opinion over what cities. Are right you gave up your for your professional career. But you never effectively deliver your message at kinda sucks it is Sports Radio WEEI review guys say it's 61777979. To threesome. Sox. You. Sports Radio W yeah eyes Red Sox review patch to look you guys until 7:25. This evening. Taking your phone calls it 6177797. 937 as the Red Sox they wind eight to two over the Braves we can continue to talk about that we started the program. With that you got some solid positive signs tonight Steven Wright he comes back. Is this team a solid innings. You know you had a up and down start. But Nathan a volley he showed you the best of him and also the worst of him so we can talk about that as well as this cap critics story which is really taken over the program here in the last dollar. Hour and a half that 61777979370. Just tuning in now Colin cap predict. And Nike they come out making calling camper nick. Essentially that the spokesman that the spokesperson for the thirtieth anniversary of the just do what campaign and we know just do it's been around. Virtually in my entire life I'm 38 so since that time I was eight years old. It's been Nike just do Michael Jordan LeBron James Serena Williams to name a few these are some of the best athletes ever to play their games and Colin tapper nick is now in that it be company. What's the difference here he he isn't in elite athlete when it comes to being held up to that sort of standard right he isn't the Michael Jordan. Or the LeBron James of the NFL. This has got everything to do win it. Taking immediate get everything to do with social justice is get everything to do with getting attention which is what Nike is doing here in doing very effectively. Been trending on Twitter since it's come out here. And I'm curious here and it did I get genuine curiosity when it comes to the reaction of America. But of this because you know this is just breaking in the last hour and a half we're gonna hear a lot about this I'm sure the president will we develop this at some point tonight tomorrow morning it is week one of the NFL season so we're gonna hear a lot about this in the coming days we absolutely are we will be able to escape. But Curt Schilling and we know you know ease the ease his right as they come and that's fine I don't care of what is politics but he says today on Twitter. That he feels like this is going to negatively affect Nike's bottom line and I'm curious what you guys have to say about that is is this something where if you're on one side or the other this issue will you legitimately. Not shop for Nike products any longer will you think twice. Before buying that T shirt that pair of sneakers because. They chose Colin cap predict to represent the thirtieth anniversary of the just do it campaign does it matter in your day to day lives. Or are you able just to ignore and say you know what. That pair of sneakers on sale their Nikes that parent isn't there a deed as I'm getting the ones that are on sale because ultimately. That's what I'm gonna do I don't care like this part of sports doesn't bother me at all it doesn't. I'm a runner I prefer Nike sneakers and there is no social stance that they can take that's gonna get the night he's up my feet I just there more comfortable they work from right. But there's a certain segment of people there absolutely is that will not by night he's now. But my contention is to go to the other side. I feel like there's even more people that will be. Loyal to that Brandt and I feel like their business is going to drastically increased because of this not decrease Nike is a very Smart Brand. That's been able to build themselves up in some very tough times over the years the been able to masterfully. Get away from some very negative stories over the years as well whether it's what jobs building the Michael Jordan brand. Sneakers and clothes over in China. And it's been many many many other. Issues that make you bet on the wrong side. But despite all that Nike's masterful. At branding themselves and Nike's been able to go out there and continued to grow as a company even through a couple of recessions in the eighties. And the ninety's and a Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review room for you guys today at 6177797. 937 let's get back out to the phones let's go to Louis Louis is in Boston Louis next up here on the new yeah. Al nailed it on the sentiment that. Our multiples in the program earlier ma'am I mean partially or completely agree with you know. Personally to me it doesn't affect me at all what art I like you're not you know Obama to get the stuff that's on sale because they're back in the debate and shoot them out of professional athletes aren't we cannot. We don't change much for your future QB number one around. Arm to make him talk about the point you made earlier. About ten message and how what would a tragedy is that is. That agent that he sat by his career for Mexico what occurred I think the real tragedy is. We even had electrical current was that it was intentionally. Watcher because Rasheed. Because mostly white people associate trucks quite national front don't want to have that uncomfortable conversation. That. People of color are trying to bring up that. You know they're they're saying hey you police are killing us and suffer no consequences and instead they just want to make it about. Well he's taking your knee that he is respecting our troops routinely refer them that just you know change the issue open to confront. The real omniscient but they're trying to make an it was unintentionally because like about it just a wanna face the realities. Now 88 you write about that and that is part of a senior is part of the waste Ellis and I appreciate the focal that is absolutely part of the problem. Is that capita has expressed exactly what he's trying to conveyed a message that he's trying to convey. But it doesn't get picked up nearly as loudly as when the president says something else that completely contradicts what is being said from Colin cabinet or others that have decided to take Indy and make a stand. It it is an absolute sin in my opinion that this guy who was a capable Malcolm called him late good soaring growth rate NFL quarterback because he was. On the decline he absolutely was as a player when this all went down. All right he wasn't the guy he had been a couple of years before I get that. So you know it's not worth all the BS that comes in college capita to be not the guy that's going to be a top flight quarterback. In the NFL I get all that but the senate this absolutely is that the message was never eloquently delivered so so many many many many millions of Americans. Better that most Americans. They hear what the president has to say they hear what these social leaders have to say and they assume that this is a protest of the National Anthem a protest of the military a protest of the flag because we've heard those things delivered. Over and over and over again and it's factually incorrect. It's factually incorrect. It's not why they started doing this but that's become the new reality because of you tell a lie enough times it becomes the truth in people's minds and that's what the president is is masterful at doing health he's built this rerun do we now I'm sorry. He has he has other sales guy you guys know that and I'm a pretty successful sales guy and have been for fifteen years and I were starting a company and I needed a great salesperson I hire trumpet he is the best there is it selling a product. But unfortunately. Being American isn't a product. And being a proud American is that a product. It's not about going into a room of people that had no intention of spending their money that day and convincing them to spend their money. There's a big difference and there's real life consequences he. It is Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review. Remove free guide to 6177797937. Let's stick with a phone call go to Tom dons a New Hampshire on your next up you're on W yeah. You also precipice that my call legitimate in my. Number I can't understand what you point is you all over the map wanted to use in a column Kapanen there's not that the spokesperson for this met this in this his campaign. His point makes no sense he's not the right person and on the same vein he's saying that this is important what. What I'm saying what I'm saying is this what I'm saying is this. I feel like what the message that he originally tried to get that to move forward with. About you whether it is S is it that racism in America or police brutality or or inequality in this country those with a the founding points that he started taking Indy four and why he got. Essentially the other players to follow him right that's what that the Mets to that he was trying to deliver but somehow some way you lost in translation. We never got that message the message clearly delivered to us. It was good that could make because that's not what the point of applause using the appointed that was the flag in the military. Maybe they'll ulterior most widely assumed it would be used to my father was and what part of the book policemen and also for many years. And others feel like this this whole thing that has been co opted nonsense like I think that it. I mean right now you've got Nike one of the largest companies in the world they make a profit off this until they do on this and at the end of the day this is just become a marketing campaign. Mean to. To score some points with maybe some some people out there that have more the leftist persuasion. And that's all the doses of the. The president got votes faced up to mean let's let's don't. We know we know. The president got votes on the two vehicles it goes both ways right and everybody wants to stand up on their soapbox and and make themselves out to be the best American in the room and and that's not what the should have bad. And if you listen to the words and read the articles were capped an expert quoted he did. Make it very clear who the point that he was trying to get across here at it but that's never really been picked up it's never an eloquently delivered. What my question to look at certain if you even saying that that he is not the best spokesperson for the campaign. And then you have one of the largest companies says that is promoting him to the face of that brand how that a win for the for the black and that's that's my point to you it's it really is the soft bigotry of low expectations that's what I think this is it really come. I may be at this point on his message will be clearly delivered because he's got the power. Of the branding a book of a company like Nike behind him. Mean that's that's that's observed so you can't you product on the that he couldn't take ten minutes out in the past two years three years. And sit down and say this is my point eight PC. He has how he had us. He has unfortunately the president's lautner the right is louder so every time he would get clear you clearly state what his points war what he was trying to get the get accomplished here with this entire taking anything. He said it more than once I mean I'll cite examples here he absolutely has tried to make that point. My point is maybe he wasn't the right guy to begin with because he was never loud and he was never allowed the last person in the room. So we never really heard it unless you were looking for the message it wasn't thrown in your face unlock. Not looking for what the president has to say about this but he's gonna throw in my face when I checked Twitter later I promise you a 1000% he's going to. Because he's Smart enough to use it as a as a tool. To get votes and continue to divide the country it's what he does very very well let's be let's be very honest about. What president trump is good last year he's good at dividing the country to get votes and they'll use this as an opportunity to do so. But that the stated it again is that. The other side tampered excited at the side of the guys that are taking a knee. Indeed that's one of the most beautiful things about being American. The fact that they can take Indy and they don't have to worry about you know being thrown in jail being killed for doing so. Being assassinated for doing so lets you would have and other countries you can take Indy during the anthem here and it's okay. Because of the people that have fought for this country and that's that flag represents. I'd get all that I absolutely do. But when you go back to the core reasons why this started to begin win. Bad isn't a message that's been delivered the last two years it's not and it's a sand and it's a waste because here we are. This thing started August the 2016. And a US the hundred Americans out in the street Y. What this thing is all about. I promise you 80% of them are gonna tell you it's about the anthem it's about the military and it is about the flag because for whatever reason. The general news it hasn't trickled down to the general population. It and you know the message from the the players. Hasn't trickled down to the general population it just hasn't or people who are looking for you've got to look for that news yet to look for their reasons why. When the other side the president is going to I'll be showed in York based on TV on the radio and on Twitter. It is Sports Radio WB yeah I'd root for you at 6177797937. Let's get one more in before the break. Go to herb herbs and Nashua heard next appear on W yet. I should play in the ballpark and I pledge was in humans and get a couple things first I'm an and you may regret or. Thank you users when I joined that took him out to support the front the constitution of the United States. What he's doing is constitutionally protected Gulfport applauded again. I have no problem what. The good is having it you're telling me that he's not giving it message. Anybody they have brought it to get any message they want out that they use social media are. It's an educated guy why is he not done. I don't know I don't know why the message hasn't been delivered clearly and why the message the the false narrative in my opinion on the other side. Has been delivered very clearly we all know what the president thinks about this we don't we don't appointees trying to make. We all hear the president because he uses social media Matt. Yeah Tom Collins at it doesn't do this everybody else. Just get it but don't. Achille tempered a bit weird spot to her I really do I feel like he's been he started this thing when he started it he had no idea. It was going to cost him his employment in the NFL. So. Although I'm so so ever since then he'd that he's been put a weird spot where one hand I'm sure you wanted to keep you continue his career continued those paychecks. He's got people in one ear telling him what to do people or another you're telling him what to do and ultimately he's stuck in the middle here because his own problem I don't feel bad for him there. But I don't think he thought it in his wildest imagination when he first took that knee. I don't think he had any idea that it was gonna cost him his employment in the NFL. And it shouldn't have. Their leaders are educated and he should be and let the rest of everybody that's going that's. Should be at least social media partly get their message out and if he feels that strongly about why hasn't anybody set up. And it kind of upon the help these people other victims of police violence. Well I mean it's plenty of there's plenty of individual funds out there I mean check the gulf on meet Paige is a mean. That there has been individual fund set up in that regard but it you know. Again if this is Howell who am I to judge how the black population feels about police violence Lamotte. I'm not. Half Irish half Italian white guided group in Boston. I have no idea what it feels like to walk the streets of the black guy here you know I would like to think that my city my town is not a racist city not a racist now. I would like to believe that and when I tell you that my two best friends are black and ominous sound is the most racist guy in the world I'd get all of that right but ultimately here. I think that Boston gets a bad rap I don't think that Boston is a racist town I really don't and have grown up here and I'm proud to be beat from the year. And I live in this region or my entire life if it's up to me. Because I love it here so much but who might tell. A black guy how he feels when he walks through our city streets who might who might a look at him when he says he doesn't feel safe or he feels like this the racist out. I have no. Ed nothing to say there because I've never walked a mile and issues I have no idea what it feels like so Colin capita and other African Americans tell me. That they are legitimately afraid of the police if that's true and they're not just making that up who have eyes to condemn how they feel what might give them a hard time because they feel that way. That's been a life experience and they're trying to express it as best they can't but it's like on one hand. You've got the guys that are kneeling. And they've got you know just that they're they've been cut their hands and scream their message. And on the other hand on the other side you've got the president using all forms of media using television radio and social media with the world's biggest megaphone. Sort of condemning everything they're that these guys are saying and talking it down and preaching up these false narratives edit that it's about the flag and it's about the military and it's about. It's not about any of those things but because he says that loud enough. Because he says it ill frequently enough. That's what everybody believes it is Sports Radio WEEI grumpy guys tonight at 617779790%. Of so. It's. What you love to see what he's NFL owners when somebody disrespect Cephalon. To say get that son of a good job of field right now. Are you watching at the same way at least I am thinking you know on to bigger things to worry about than whether weird deals or doesn't yield for National Anthem. Yes it happens every night I certainly disagree with the you know what he says it. And you know but it was just divisive. It is Sports Radio WPI. Technically it's Red Sox review here's the Red Sox they beat the Braves need to do. Today a decent Red Sox performance per day and a volley up and down we saw the best of all the the worst of a bald and pretty I think the one take away from the threats I stand that. I feel pretty good about as we saw Stephen rate for the first time. All season long and although it was only one inning he pitched the he looked like the guy that we remember him as last year. And for a team that's in desperate need of some. Additional reinforcements. They're pitching staff specifically their bullpen. Any time you get positive contributions from guys that haven't contributed this season then that's a good day for your Red Sox and they get away with a victory eight to two. Over the Braves but really what's dominated the program dominated the show. Is this can't predict news that broke in the last I'd say half an hour. Of the Red Sox game today. And it's. Very strategically done well done by Nike to release this news today in day one week one of the new NFL season right. Clearly this thing was released today on purpose. It's going to dominate the airwaves this week not just here in New England but across the country. It is a very to visit that the topic here and it is something that it's really easy to forget. The origins. Of this story from a couple of years ago. Because ever since this thing broke a couple years ago and don't forget you know it it started with Collins happily taking need then. Twelve months later than new season you had Michael Bennet in Marshawn Lynch Dayton Indy. During their pre season games last season. And they did it because well of essentially social inequality and they were white supremacists marching through their cities and the president called them find people. So you know you've got many little issues that have combined to make giant issues here. And these issues go back not just. Through this president and in the last. 5101520. Years this thing goes back hundreds years for as long as there's been people. Looking at white people and black people differently. There's been races and race gaining in this country and it's unfortunate that it's not gonna come to an end. Anytime soon. But we started to show that first caller today that said you know that he feels like in his lifetime he's looked debt Spanish people. And Mexican people black people and he's happy when they do well for themselves. And my answer to that was very simple. When we get a get to the point we look at people in general and we don't classify them we don't categorize them. And when people in general do well for themselves. That's worth. Feeling good about not just hey you know what that the blacks they were downtrodden now they're doing great let's feel good about that. Beat and if yes black people or or Mexican people Spanish people anybody. I think ultimately here we all the same goal everybody wants to be considered people and treated like a human being. Stop classifying categorizing people. But then you've got Nike coming out this ad campaign today and we know how president trump is gonna respond to. And all the does is continue to divide us as a nation some nights eating the profits off this and president trump to get votes off this and everybody trying to get their piece. All of this and that was never the intent. The intent was a silent protest to get their point across and it's turned into just another. Giant marketing scam in America soda Sports Radio. WB yeah I'd root for you guys today at 6177797937. What's the for the calls let's go to Rick Rick's in Dedham richt you next up here on WEI. Hey I don't factor let's say I missed you at night they get that other. Guys. So with so little inside radio it's I'll be back tomorrow night and Thursday night this week I travel for a living a lot. So so weeks right travel I don't do my night shift at and we when I'm not traveling I'm here. Okay cool I was so I'm the unique. Position. Probably more than most dear callers. I'm I have police officers in my family. I have veterans and my family and I personally. I was saying this about spangled banner. And auto probably tens of thousands of people over the years because of my most notable was I did it by Avon now. A Boston rock radio station but as far as Catholic goes. I was behind him but that he brought in but the big Sox. You know it's a dose of bad look that was the bad yet. Everything is but I do respect. It all I IE I respect the players. To take a neat because you know as good as the son of a cop and the uncle Bob. I Entrust me you know cops get killed Alberto a gay and I'm I get worried sometimes can happen anywhere. But I understand you know what it. Card cabinet tried to do. But the rest like you guys have liked to have McCorvey. Who is like you know totally behind this. Any good Gerry Callahan you know talking crap about government quality. But he was from when he is on the football field so it's kind of a weird situation for me because. I'd love the patriots and and I respect the guys that they like taken heat but on the other hand is like other people that. You know when they talk about trump. In dollar and our orbits the flag you know its size trump because you know he really ripped up our military. You know by three million dollars and a rally that he had not too long ago the attorney general on the Yorker or potentially. The IRS is looking toward socialized you know like trump you know wrapping himself in the flag as a joke so party trump supporters out there. That are listening to this if you are a veteran I have no idea why would support this guy because he he has. No interest. He is what they call corporal yeah spurs he's got five deferments. Is the draft dodger and you recall that the says oh well you are trumped trump trump is Udall. But probably not the guy is a piece of got. Right I guys again and this is a listen Rick I really appreciate the kind words on the phone call and I'll be back again. With a late night tomorrow night hopefully talking sports again because I try to stick supports you guys know that about me. I try to be the guy that sticks the sports but when this gets thrown in my face a half an hour before to go on the air. This started as a sports story but turned into something much much larger than that and it's something that we got a talk about here after all ESPN is painted. New England as as the most races region in the world and patent painted Boston is the most recent city in the world and this is eight a race. Eight this is a race based discussion whether we like it or not. I mean you don't you do said that you've got cops in your family and as do lie. My love them and respect them of course they do but you know Colin can't predict in the of the guys that are taken any they're looking at statistics that say yup unarmed. Black men or seven times more likely to get shot by cops and a white guy. That matters to them. Late because there are looked at differently. Then you and I are as white people that that's the fact that's a reason why these guys are doing what they do. They've got they've got numbers and statistics that back up their claims as well. You know you've got the NFL which is 72%. African American the NBA is 90%. African American white owners white a white team owners are argued making billions off the backs of these guys white fans across the country are enjoying. Rooting for their teams and buying their memorabilia and their merchandise. Right and they look at it they say it's unfair you're making these billions of dollars off our backs yet where seven times more likely to get shot. As an unarmed black man than a white guy in the same position. So that's a good reason as any in my opinion for these guys to take a neat. Unfortunately. There are not screaming it from the mountain tops the way they should be and getting the attention of the Americans that the way they should be. And you know I guess that's why they call the silent protest. But unfortunately for them they get all the bad rap they get the bad media coverage because it's a silent protest meanwhile on the other side on the flip side. Unfortunately the president is using it as another way to further divide the country there's no denying that. Because enough of these guys whether it's a forty whether it's cap predict whether it's Marshawn Lynch whether it's Michael Bennett. They've all come out and given the reasons why they do what they do why they choose to take a knee they've given the reasons why. But they're not gonna do it in city after city after city. In the east town hall events in these rally type events. That president trump has done an. He's gonna get the attention he's the president of the United States and when he says that these guys are dis respecting the flag the anthem and a military. Most of America is unfortunately. Gonna take him for his word because he is the president. Of the united states of squeeze in a few more calls before the break here let's go to ten pins and land tenure next up here on W media. Right nice which is nice intelligent rational well yeah it did. Looked orange. And social well. The number of Lakshmi virtual whitewash and our edition at least in his public pollen count panicking customers just at the top kill. Nine east he's protesting you know that one of the stats that that they bring up is that. It is essentially that in unarmed unarmed black man is seven times more likely to be shot by a cop then I don't like act. Right okay that's punchline now one thing I bought a couple of and a automated wanted to capture knowledge are really watch me. Because people all the other wanna get away from Paul did you wanna get away small match and what they have to leave their seats that just as disrespectful or taller Celtic traditional blockage. Ten here's the thing they want the people that have been going to these games there have been. Players protest the silently for years and nobody paid attention to it you'll have predicted taken any age you were sitting there. In 80000 seat stadium you wouldn't have noticed it it was the fact that it got picked up by the media and the president's quite as something that it wasn't supposed to take. Yeah now I'm in when trump opportunity without. Why didn't turn out these guys want nothing to do with Donaldson he has said some that he has said that he has said. Hold on do you miss it. And passionate and now it's really annually and erupted on June refused to show you really. Okay so so to Donald Trump. You know he's somebody that publicly endorsed police brutality Donald Trump Donald Trump is somebody that lets not forget what went dictate daycare was that what would hold on Wendell white supremacist for doing their thing he called him find people you know these these are these are guys. That are trying to be old and not mind paying close were his words work but until you what what Donald Trump's words work and words matter especially the president I'm probably not when. It's not what he said. It's not what he said will hopefully hopefully hopefully we come back with the sound OK but what he's talking about the white Nationalists in Charlottesville he called them fine. People he taunted NFL players polled are. And he wanted other NFL players who refused to stay at the at the called the sons of bitches to remember. Do you remember Ted you remembered. How can I imagine trump Palin did since you've been accomplished name one thing that he did not that you considerations. Into the lowest unemployment rate. The black in history lowest unemployment rate traditional addiction history. What hagee. Here's what he here's what had an unmitigated and on the to give you my answers it was and I appreciate the the call I appreciate what you bring to the table here but listening. Okay he's a guy that's publicly said these things. Called the sons of bitches. He he's called lead white supremacist find people in in my opinion words matter but I always laugh when guys like you went from supporters wanna start citing beat these jobs statistics because. You know not for nothing but when Obama was in his last couple years and things started ticking in the right direction jobs wise are right every single time that these same statistics. From the same people were brought up. We are told that those are correct it's fake news blah blah blah blah blah but now suddenly statistics are to be trusted. Now suddenly they look at me statistics that looks like all those statistics but statistics the last two years of Obama's administration were nothing but lies right. Not to be trusted fake news he can't have it both ways it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox review talking about this calling capita situation and this just a preview of how things are gonna go. This week I'm sure not just here to Boston but across the country and Nike again the whole country's gonna be talking about Nike because Nike drop this at exactly. The right time so we're gonna try to get to as many calls as we can when we come back right here Sports Radio W yeah. On WEEI. My drive left field based ebitda is not a way to say it. He's gonna make it there's that I put that gap in right center. It's hard grounder that is. Feel fine but again it's. Going. Against the Braves want to. The good. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox. Review what Patrick Gilroy. Yeah. Group but you also had people that work. Very fine people on both sides you have people in that group excuse me excuse me I saw the same pictures as you did. You had people in that group that was there to protest the taking down of two of them a very very important statue. And then renaming of apart from Robert. Sports Radio W yeah I it is a Red Sox review. Let's get right back in the McCall's here's these things a loaded up and we're running out of time let's go to Scott Scots in situation Scott Unix out here on WEI. Hey Patrick good show appreciate it's got a call with an amendment. Good Red Sox win today but I'm under the cap predict saying yeah. I think that that you just played a clip where a truck so vilified people on both sides Slick Rick what happens is that people. Actually it did however they won't look at it sure I mean. To me captain nick wearing socks essentially calling all police. Pigs. Yup no good. No good but I I will tell you that this whole conversation started with. My belief that part of the problem here part of the waste of this whole situation Scott is that. You got cap predict unable to get a job you've got this conversation. What now month 25 of from the first time that he took his knee. And to me it's that the senate the whole situation is that these guys are doing what they're doing and their message hasn't been effectively delivered meanwhile on the flip side. The president continues to hammer home. That it's about the military about the flag about this respecting the anthem when in reality that's not the case and part of these guys in their inability to make their case. Publicly at least effectively is the fact that you know president trump in their eyes all they're looking at. Is what he said and that calling those white Nationalists find people if that's what matters to them and that's part of the reason for them doing this they've got a more effectively deliver that message. No no question about it I think the problem is if you try and figure out what cal prediction messages you're gonna get lost because it was never a straight. Solid it is my message short if that is. You know if you're working for WEEI. At your rabble browser you create a lot of issues. You know they're gonna tell you we don't need that aggravation the rest if it was really good he'd be playing somewhere. While I don't I don't know about that we'll see how this goes live this collusion case that's been allowed to move forward. When you look around the NFL you know like it when he's a really good yet fewer top five top ten an NFL quarterback I agree with the but he's still. At least two years ago I I think he was as good as maybe half a dozen to ten starters in the NFL and he did he get a shot. And when you look up and down these these rosters even today two years later he can't tell me that Colin capita doesn't have more upside. As a potential back up to Tom Brady that that boy or does mean we're all scared undermines reporter having to play significant meaningful and apple minutes for the patriots this year. If something were to happen to Tom Brady and I think Colin capita. It's a clear and obvious upgraded to Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox review room for you at 6177797937. Let's stick with the calls go to Chris Chris in Connecticut Chris you're next up here on WEI. Hey Patrick and torture saying in my golf what do you mantras I just sort of talk about recording real quick lesson I thought about this very quickly it's very easy. I slow because too many men and women in our servers have died he gave me the right. There for every according hatch is right to protest because too many women and men have died for that right. I agree to do a 1000% these guys are well within their rights to do what they're doing. And that's the the the beauty of being employed in America Chris. It's a beautiful thing and listen we are cultural sent very fine people of all site not these are not find people. OK don't talk about blocking that the most racist city in America where people are getting run over and chill our protests in other city. Stop it and not what it. After bank man we appreciate your. I appreciate the phone call Chris 6177797. 937 still don't 78 minutes you'd get your thoughts and let's stick with a calls go to Jon Johnston Rhode Island John your necks out here on WEEI. And that made what did you on an amendment. Greg real quick where my biggest problem also is. It's who they knelt down for. You know they started it back where I don't believe that they got their message wrong. On on people you know their view about people who attacked talks to result parts. And I quote while it. Better buy it back up. Yeah it's part of it it any explicit I I do get where you're going with this. But again in their mind it's not all 100% going that way if they needed site Faxon some of these facts are correct you know when you look at. If you're black man in America and your unarmed but you're doing something wrong art that you are breaking the law but Iran armed your seven times more likely to get shot that then you're right and that's a stat that's got to change that's got to come down. It until white people and black people are looked at equally that statistics never gonna change. Right but of a couple weeks and if I walked on the wrong neighborhood in Chicago and take a wrong turn the predictions on not coming out of luck. I can tell you that it took burst McCullough looks down my street black or Hispanic actually per bit than they don't have award for the lights. Yet you you're right about that I I I hit I hit the beach there I go to Chicago every three to four weeks a nine hole where I can go where I can't go. I know where I'm comfortable walking and where I'm not comfortable walking. I know which bars which restaurants to go to and where not to ego that is a city that is very racially divided that is a city with so a serious issue and in its ugly underbelly. And it's part of the problem here and yes as a Democrat I realized that Chicago has been run by Democrats forever and they are part of the problem as well so not one of these elitist left the guys that thinks that my party can do no harm I'm not one of those guys at all I don't wanna be pain like that. But I do feel like president trump. Has not done. These NFL players. A service at all put it that way it feel like he's taken their message and he's minimized because it's not important to him and again it is something. They can get his base all riled up he can generate votes because of it and he has used it. To his advantage and to be that simple to me that something that. Yeah you should find another issue god knows there's enough issues that can divide this country he didn't have the use this issue to benefit himself but his Sports Radio. WEEI review guys at 6177797. 937 let's go to Polly Polly's in Dedham polian it's up here on the U yeah. They pension will be on my vote throughout the operation will be right back but that's not the way to wild night you did that it's okay. He. I love advice not a nice product at Oregon and retire right now I've got to Abdullah Abdullah. I did not quote the Bible swamp. I'd but I love my country. And I love the flack for which it's aaron's. Okay. And this to see he's he's just disgraceful individual. Cap and equity did he get it on the on the world to others to act on two fronts on the bill it this is a guy. Those mama's boy with daddy issues here's the bottom so you think he's been guided by women almost like a much circuit bad day. I'd be at its product rollout it would depend on that. In pay gates. The values which spared. Lot of people they get don't get that outlawed deal out there. Didn't have better quotes whites and and it's great to collect or at least you said it was wrong. You actually want you know white guys the white man shot and killed by police last year and it was. That's Soledad that's because that don't you write about that but I'm talking when you have you to look at it based on percentages not on number of people poly OK and based on. Each. Some are that I I I can't do this and a Gannett would not gonna do this when a that a column Brothers the world people and until we can realize that part of this conversation can't be taken seriously. Ya just can't beat. And until we can realize that there are the facts that back not calling capita than position you whether. You know that position came from his heart or came from his goal for it doesn't matter and there were plenty of other guys well respected around the NFL that joined him. In that position and it should be minimized by white people and should be minimized by the president of our country. As grumpy guy at 6177797937. Let's continue with the calls let's go to then bends in sub field venue next appear on WEEI. And go to college I heard a conversation good conversation needs to happen. You know I'm I'm I mean I think that Donald Trump's raising this issue has nothing to do with. The soldiers or anybody else to turn to do with Don trump. Raising. Fear in our country. And on the whole issue of college tapper neck. He SN he had he had a point to make. I mean I'm you know. I think that the fact that the conversation I had gone off kilter. Mostly on purpose by some. Mean that they should change cap. Yet there are some. Shooting out there and the percentage and yet because Gabbert at the point to make and it's it's a good point. But I think that I think they need to be different way to messages because now it's people are thinking that that's what it did it's about. It's about honoring our country vs not and and if they're taking it. In a skewed way so at this point conversations gone. Are killed there I heard a lot of folks though China Daria Trent how they need in order to you know that the but the laughable joke that. I'd bet that'll nodding at its actually its second not funny sadly but you know what what North Korea where he you know. But he had nice night. You know and they're calling made the Florida law would but a high interface photo of that got them you know he elevates them dictator a lot. And I Hitler. Two today Nash did to the world stage when every leader in the whole world without a rocket itself. You know Helsinki. And get complete please name one thing that that they heeded those rates that he kidding me. Back when he inherited all those. All the buildings from daddy did marking people as black yup. I don't need you guys guys there's a whole laundry list for those that don't wanna see it is confront your face. Then keep a note in in in the dirt keep it there but on this issue in terms of the kind capita god stuff I think that they need to be a change of tack because there's a lot of. Which is on both sides and if in that country to come together speak about facts which you really need to do need to elect. There is a lot of inner city violence both you know white on white black on black a majority of violence is. Saying culture unthinkable of course it is but a Donald Trump does not the guidance of mediate that conversation. Now trumpeting the guide to. To to definitive coherent sentence. That would have been out of Byrd together as an anathema to get it right. It stayed at a very true that way he is the presence of when he makes a week. And Kirk says one word it is sounding board for policy. Though even Nolan sounded total idiots get to work on. Those that supported scenes at well whatever colosio that's an. I get a bad I'm up against that I'm running out of time here for you rightly and that's the thing every time. Like I start the show with every time trump tweets or or has a microphone in front of his face what he says matters and you get that kind of respect when you're the president you get that kind of audience and national attention when you're the president and he's earned it. So I give them credit for that but every time he speaks any says the wrong thing every time he speaks any reason that these issues that this has nothing to do with. All he's doing is again the east solidifying this false narrative to these people and to me that's unfortunate to Sports Radio. WB yeah let's get a couple more in before get out here let's go to frank Frank's in Falmouth frank you're next up your W yeah. Yeah you on the radio. I accurately hit them in the paper here that I value and they are. Only a little bubble and country pretty quickly you didn't return. They won't talk about it in Auckland and I wanted to await some uncomfortable and it counterproductive to me off. Donald Trump would date. A lot of did you look at least a hundred that I picked and I don't orbit orbit and recover quick. Don't bet the technical partner I'd appreciate. It all the support democracy. Don't they are critical military but you don't like. Oh. Let's break your phone break your phones terrible and I patents are to thank you for your service is go to jail RJR's and Dartmouth JR next appear in W media. Don't I get maybe a couple questions Yellowstone. While I got two boys and I'd always taught them to Guam. Respect they'll lose respect the flag in income because of all the people who died with a lag. In different laws progress so let let's let's just go back and forth I too have a daughter who is eleven a son who is turning eight. And we go to I don't know 1215 Celtics teams a year. And we stand we take off our hat and we we do we need to do to respect it so I I know you're going with this but don't think I'm one of these guys it doesn't respect it. Art actually a question why Indy light duty in the is this issue is his issue is is police brutality racism inequality in this country. Eight so what to do is you don't protest a huge job. You protests. Police. U protest the government's. Use. I want my kids and hit 800 dollar pay his salary. Cuts seem. Disrespect the flag in the income. But here's the thing here's the thing it's been going on forever and you never noticed these guys and doing an alarm clock a lot longer adding cannot predict but here here's what's happened okay. Because this got the attention of the national media and it got the attention of trump. It's really been highlighted because people are paying attention now where people more paying attention before and I will say this you write about the whole you know doing it at your job and I've heard that argument before. But you have to admit that these guys have a unique platform nobody cares about what they're doing let's say at their job at practice the other five days a week but that one day week where it's game day and there are millions and millions and millions and millions of people watching. That's their opportunity to get their message out to millions of people with one simple silent protest. What did not get the message out what you don't want is contrary people. Because it's stupid because it did not doing the right thing like going on 20/20 one to lump and and pro testing the way they should. The president the president is infuriating people because the president is spreading of false narrative. Telling people that these guys are disrespecting the flag the military and the anthem and that is not what they were doing so that's my problem would this whole argument. You're right people are getting infuriated about this about this discussion and about this issue but they don't need to be. Unfortunately the right and the president is pushing a false narrative and they're not gonna stop we've got good term elections coming up believe me you're gonna hear a lot about this and before you know it. We've got the next presidential election coming up you could hear about it then because it's been a political issue. And it's an issue that now to get and earn additional votes and it's going to be used. To help try to unify one side of the aisle while abandoning the other side via. That's the way politics works in this country to country split. And it's a sin and it's a changed. Anyways and the guys talk sports as it did you know that. I'm the guy that that screen that Linehan Monday and said we're supposed to talk sports here it is not my thing kind of uncomfortable doing it but I. I thought it is Sports Radio WU I guys wanna stay tuned we've got NCAA division one football it's coming up next it's Virginia Tech taking on Florida State. Stay tuned for football that comes up next right here Sports Radio W yeah.