Red Sox Review with Patrick Gilroy - Sale is back, but should we still be concerned about him? 9-11-18

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, September 12th
Red Sox Review with Patrick Gilroy - Chris Sale returned off the DL and threw a scoreless inning, but Gilroy is more nervous today after watching his performance, than he was yesterday, with Sale will on the DL. 

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These these Red Sox review on WEEI. What I want out the cash to play you know hard drives there. MacBook Pro linebacker. Red Sox win. Urgently needed driver right. Okay. It's. Well. Dial 617. 7797937. Red Sox review what Patrick Gilroy. It is Red Sox review rate your Sports Radio it's really the Patrick Gilroy but you guys until 2 o'clock in the morning. As always the number to join me here 6177797. And 937. Takes the program it really seven. 937 to pat me on Twitter. Gilroy I'm hoops act. Gilroy on hoops and seeing as we've got a full three hour program tonight later on we will talk about. The patriots week one of the NFL titans and Celtic stuff as well coming up. In the 1 o'clock hours we've got some programming announcements would like to me here. I'm WB yeah I've been until then we'll take your phone calls on the Red Sox because certainly tonight. A step in the right direction but still in my opinion more questions than answers and we talked about this ad nauseam. For the last few weeks a year whether it's Red Sox review whether it's late night whether it's weekend programming whenever you and I had the opportune read it to sit here together in. Talk about the Red Sox it's always come down to. The health of the pitching staff and this is nothing new now. MI encouraged. Where in the last ten days or so we've seen Eduardo Rodriguez come back and give positive contributions we've seen David Price come back and look as good as he's looked all season long sure those are two. Giant steps in the right direction for this baseball team when it comes to the likelihood of a prolonged post season run but the guy. That all comes down to is Chris Sale. And Chris sales somebody who unfortunately is that this. This track record this nagging track record of sort of breaking down as the season goes along and Chris Sale a big night tonight as big is who won dating can be. Yeah he wasn't perfect he seemed to labor up they're little bit but ultimately Chris Sale pitches one inning and normally. When your ace of the staff comes back. You feel optimistic especially when he goes out there any looks somewhat. Like the guy that we remember he did hit 97 on the gun at one point tonight which is always a good side. When it comes to you Chris Sale being that the power pitcher. That use but ultimately tonight just one inning for Chris sailed 26 pitches gives up one hit a couple of strikeouts any hits a batter. But that doesn't tell the complete story watching Chris Sale he seemed to leave her out there. And some of that has to be expected after missing a good little chunk of time here in between starts. But the question that I got you guys tonight at 6177797937. As we bitch a lot about the bullpen and with good reason. We've spent a tremendous amount of time talking about this Red Sox bullpen being the Q the few with a baseball team and ultimately the bullpen could be. The one thing that implode this baseball team and prevents them from having a prolonged October run. But the thing that had been most consistent about from day one is the bullpen is irrelevant if you don't have a healthy Chris Sale and a healthy David Price. Both these guys. Yeah when healthy have got to overcome. Psychological issues that it seemed to prevent them from having impact full games in the post season to begin with. But then to ask them to come back from psychological issues and and physical issues might be asking. A little bit too much David Price once again. Showing us that maybe this is the year where psychologically he is able to carry this team psychologically maybe he will be able to put. His past demons to the side because. He showed me a lot in the way that he came back he showed me a lot coming back from that wrist injury he is this the guy that's got a million built in excuses and he went out there he looked. Every bit as good as a thirty million dollar pitcher should. Chris Sale on the other hand he is the horse of this that he is the leader of this staff and Chris Sale to me. I got more questions than answers. After watching him pitch tonight I would love to say that I feel relieved that would love to say that I feel better I would love to say that are right. Here we are Red Sox back on track Chris Sale he got the start tonight he looked pretty good. Let's go Red Sox but I can't get there yet I would love to be there but I cannot get there this team is just three weeks away from the post season. And Chris Sale was scheduled to go to wings forty pitches he ultimately went one inning I know we did a little bit of work in the bullpen but. Why are we limiting him so much. When's the last time a guys come back from only missing a couple of weeks width with the Red Sox are diagnosed as minor inflammation. To be held back. So dramatically. And so drastically. And to really put the brakes on it this comeback for Chris Sale there's got to be something else going on there's got to be another piece to this story of the Red Sox simply. I'm not talking about because this team again three weeks away from post season baseball. Chris Sale goes one inning in his comeback attempt here. Forty pages was the Max he was gonna get and I ultimately winds up with 26. Is he even on track to get back health wise to being able to give this team 567. Innings in a post season start. Let's do the math. I mean really let's do the math. How many starts as he had left and are those starts enough time to get his body ready to go up there and give this team five to seven. Post season innings all talked about that here with you guys tonight on Red Sox review the number to join me here is 6177797. 937 as the Red Sox they win tonight seven to two another late game eruption by your Boston Red Sox the offense clearly. Well he is the hero. And it has been a Euro all season long for this baseball team and it makes for a on regular season doesn't it just another fun night tonight. Yeah you see brought Cole go well there are due heroic things in the crowds into everybody's into it but ultimately. It's kind of fools gold because we know what it takes to win in October here and the likelihood of another seventh inning comeback were brought COLT. At caps off a four run seventh seventh with a 20 with a two out three run home run. What's the likelihood of that happening in a post season game I just. I don't see we're gonna see. Four to 23215. To three games we're gonna see low scoring. Teams that are impacted by defense and pitching in the post season. And again I don't mean to be in a negative person here I don't want a rain in the Red Sox rate. But. As much as I would love to put a positive spin on what I saw from Chris sailed an addict can't. I can't do I just I let this game with more questions than answers. I left. The the experience of watching this Red Sox game tonight SATs. You know maybe they would have been better off resting him a little bit longer this is really all he's capable of giving. Is if this is really all this team is comfortable. Do we with Chris Sale right now what the hell's the point. If Chris sales gonna go there to post season game to give you 12 winnings 26 to forty pitches what is the point. And we've only a few weeks left in the regular season year let's just break this thing out step by step by step. This is where he's at in his rehabilitation program. You show me your rehabilitation program that gets you from widening six innings in three weeks. They don't happen all the time so for Chris Sale the next 48 hours are going to be crucial. There's got to be a lot of people looking at Chris Hill shoulder in the next 48 hours. There's going to be a lot of talk about MR rise in the shoulder and whether or not there is inflammation appearing in that shoulder. If there is no inflammation and god bless him maybe he goes out there. It is next start he gives this team 345 innings he makes a significant step. Towards. Pre completing his comeback. And that's ultimately what Red Sox fans wanna see. But if there is some inflammation that he's not able to go than this team is in a real seeking did begin a lot of trouble here because at that point. You would consider. The injury I would hate to. Label it as chronic but something that continues to repeat it happened now twice debt this year later on in the season where it's pitched. At the inflammation had to shut down pitched. Had the inflammation had to shut him down clearly that's put the Red Sox and Alex Cora. We're trying to avoid by limiting. The strain put on the shoulder tonight they are desperately trying to avoid the inflammation showing up tomorrow. But I hate to say for everything that's red sucks team has accomplished this year. I feel like their chances of October success. Are minimal at best without Chris sailed being at least 90% of what he was at his best. This season it is read such review I am Patrick Gilroy we'll talk about it together until 2 o'clock in the morning at 617. 7797. And 937 let's go to the phones let's go to David David's at Florida David you first up here on W yeah. I Patrick he did he not I I agree with you at all. Connect every and you cut I don't think I think I think I mean obviously they're all kind of this it is scary. And I mean that at bat and yet. But what frightens me more vicious chorus. An experience and I mean I think that that the way he's handling. They CEOs just used to cautious. Who. 22. I don't know the other or what's what's this gold that was pretty they're pretty tailback. It does seem random scenes. Kind of reduces it to us very. Those are random I mean what is the strategy right to point B we slot in the and end. See you got that he had vehicle that would be. A close look at what beginners. Well to me to meet David it was an appreciate a phone call to me it's about building up arm strength and proving that he can build up that arm strength without inflammation right and that's the key to the whole thing here. And he's missed a little bit of time now we got to build that arm strength back up and he's got to be able to do it without that shoulder becoming inflamed. In the coming days here and we're gonna like I said we're gonna a lot more about Chris Sale. And the likelihood of him making his next start how much he'll be able to give this team in his next start is he able to go three innings for ratings five innings fifty pitches seventy pitches that's ultimately what they're gonna need they're gonna need a significant jump. In production from Chris Sale it is next suck start for the for him to essentially have an opportunity. To really be ready to be the guide this team is going to depend on him to be. Right if he goes out there and gives this team another one inning start to winning starts that's capped off at forty pitches is next time out all the what are we doing here. Like what are we doing here what's the point here is he gonna be a bullpen arm like like David Price was last year I don't think's image Chris Els got other things to worry about here. As well and I hate to say it because Chris sales known as a gamer and somebody that will put the team first then you know winning a above everything but. Let's be honest here. Chris sales coming up on a contract year soon and he's got to be at a point in time where he's got one giant payday left it there is even the slightest chance that. He can hurt himself structurally. By going all in for the Red Sox this year. There's no way he's gonna do he's not gonna turn down the opportunity to make a 15200. Million dollars short of that next contracts going to be whether it's from the Red Sox. Or somebody yells so that's the other thing here is no Chris sales gonna be cautious for selfish reasons. As well but I it's where I feel like I would feel more optimistic. About Chris Sale if he didn't pitch tonight. Because by watching him pitch watching him labors through his way through one inning watching him go up there and yet putts that died at 97 in gimme sort of IT's. But knowing that they were at bat cautious where they couldn't allow him out there for even a second innings worth the work. Tells me that he is further away from being the Chris Sale that this team needs him to beat. Then we would like to think he is would only a few weeks to go. In 'til the playoffs it is Sports Radio WEEI I'm Patrick Gilroy this is read such review the number to join me here is 6177797. 937 is the Red Sox they win tonight seven to two over the Toronto Blue Jays and before we go to break real quick I just you know I got to share two stories because. As you guys know you listen to me for some time now Yuri yeah I have covered the Celtics into the league for years. And I go back to 2009. And I go back to 2011. In 2009 Kevin Garnett went down with a knee injury the Celtics were the best team in basketball and Kevin Garnett went down off to a ridiculous start. And that was their practice. Day in and day out and it day in and day out as the season went along. Danny Ainge would give these optimistic glowing reports about Kevin Garnett health Kevin Garnett knee and let there be no doubt. That AG will be back for the playoffs if this game or eight playoff game Kevin Garnett will be out there to give this team 48 minutes of action. That's what the Celtics fans were sold that put the Celtics media was sold ultimately. Kevin Garnett never came back Glen Davis played way too many minutes and the Celtics bowed out early in the playoffs. 2011 the same thing happens Shaquille O'Neal member of the Boston Celtics as a dominant first 1518 games of the regular season at 3940 years old shack. Looking like Shaq completing value from Rajon Rondo giving this team the freedom to not miss Kendrick Perkins Shaquille O'Neal goes down in the second half of the season. Danny and start the update process she acts coming back jacks coming back jacks coming back well if Shaq came back in the playoffs he played five minutes. And never played again he was never. Able to take the floor in an NBA basketball game ever again I'm not saying Chris Sale is there what I'm saying is. We have to be very cautious with the messages delivered from the east teams front offices because at this point in the season. They've got everything to lose and nothing to gain by giving us the God's honest truth. So trust your eyes tell you guys tonight Chris Sale one inning 26 pitches. Didn't look comfortable didn't look like himself look at the calendar three weeks into the playoffs what is this team going to do to get Chris Sale prepared. And ready to be the ace that he needs to be we'll talk about it tonight until 2 o'clock in the morning on Red Sox review. Number to join me here 6177797. And ninety three's. Yeah. See. It wasn't for urged me to drive their right. Yeah. Yeah. It's game yeah. Hear about it. Big moment. They're right in the bullpen then it's into the grandstand great kick went back to what kind of rates they didn't. Let the art but it carried out. Red Sox not awarded to loan or second pitch home run for Ron pulled this season. Brothel right there was another late. Getting eruption late inning heroics for Boston Red Sox today brought COLT comes up in a big opportunity. A two outs any hits a three run home run to help complete the comeback for a Boston Red Sox. Who beat the Toronto Blue Jays tonight your final score 722. But the final score not the story we are talking about the story the story is Chris sailed his one inning the work and what that means to. The Boston Red Sox this is Red Sox review I am Patrick Gilroy right here on Sports Radio WEEI the number to join me here is 617. 7797937. You text the program at 379370. Bag on Twitter. Gilroy on hoops at Gilroy. I do in a Texan says you're simply ranting about nothing to get us to call in Brazil did his work it through warmup pitches and more in the bullpen after his one and it went as expected don't try to compare to the Celtics stupid argument well yes and no I'm not comparing the sports I am comparing the likelihood of general managers and people and ownership to lie to the media and defense that is a universal truth among all these teams not just here in Boston but across the board. Through all four of these major professional sports it's the way it works we get lied to do you think edit there's something really wrong with Priscilla shoulder that you're gonna know about it. You think Alex Cora is gonna come out and let the media know that you know there's something that we're concerned about a year with pre sales we make our way into October you crazy. That's their job their job is to never allow something like that to get out this late stage. In the season the way it works so we it's always worked at the way it's always going to work. A point is this just because Alex Cora might come out of date dumb browse you might come out and say. No concern here this were a playoff game Chris Sale go out and give us five innings six innings of work he would be fine. Statements like that are meaningless to me been bored with them before a gun to print with them before -- -- on the radio with them before. And they are meaningless. I have learned the hard way as have most bands here. Across New England throughout the years. That GM speak coach speak managers speak is meaningless they're gonna tell us the story that they think. That we want to hear it is Sports Radio WEI is Red Sox review room for you guys tonight at 6177797. 937 let's get back out the phone's gonna Tom Toms in the car talking next up here on W yeah. Ago four hours it's on it's going on this. So good so I think even at this starting staff and the bullpen to pull together like a forward act ERA this team can match. The team might Winnick. Even if the pitching that that. So I. I like the point the but in the playoffs you know this time more often than not gnashing is it what happens. You know it's usually 21 game three won game 42 game in the playoffs so you're talking about a complete a complete change from what playoff baseball has been. Archie and waiter. I'll give me something recent. Arab cubs. Yeah but the cubs and indeed did they had only just starting pitching as well. Yup and here do you do you think they're good at but. Do you think though Tom that this Red Sox team. Can win a World Series if Chris Sale can't beat the Chris Sale with we that we see them be all season long. No I think you're. And what makes you think that right now. Is hoping that I. No I think I think it is sort of you know they know it is sort of work it and they're justice following installing and here there and but it'll be right. I hope you're right I really do because I wanna see Chris they'll perform policy this team perform Tom but historically speaking Chris sales sucks at this point in the season. Historically speaking he's always had difficulty at this point in the season even when he's healthy. So now he's battling health he's battling injury he's battling the psychological issues that are prevented him from being a stud in October is battling a lot. So to come to me would this blind hope. And as blind optimism god bless you for having it put. I feel less optimistic after watching Chris sales performance today and I felt about Chris L yesterday and I don't let them make a lot of sense but it's true. Because I and I realized that he pitched them in the bullpen after his start was over today I get that it's not the same bullpen sessions. Are not the same just like going five on five and a scrimmage if you're Kevin Garnett and practice is not the same. Because in 2009 KG went heart five on 53 on threes that all the drills and he never came back. So yeah it's similar but it is not the same and to secrecy envelope there tonight knowing that he's only got three weeks into the playoffs start. You would've liked who has at least seen him go out and give this team. The two innings that they hope to see so the next starting go out and give his team for five innings and continue to rampant in himself up. Again nobody's gonna know much of anything about Chris Sale and really what this start meant. Until tomorrow until we hear if there's inflammation in that shoulder or not. If there is no inflammation that all this conversation is for not because that was the singular goal tonight. To get Chris Hill the go while they're loosen that our mile begin to. Get get. Get that arm strength back up to be able to give this team 567. Playoff innings. Without inflammation. And the first step in that progression is to go out and give this team twenty to forty pitches and he did that tonight tomorrow will tell the story. If we hear tomorrow but there's inflammation of the shoulder and then got a shot of back down again and this is a larger problem. If we hear tomorrow that there is no inflammation of the inflammation is limited and manageable and he's expected to make his next hour on Sunday. Then we will though a lot more about where Chris Sale is in his path. Back to being the guy that this Red Sox team needs him to be because make no mistake about it if Chris welcomes back in his 70% of the guy that he was to start the season. That's not good enough. If Priscilla comes back and he's 80% of the guy that he was to start the season and that's not good enough. This team has giant holes in the bullpen and the only way to overcome those holes right now is by having delete starting pitching it's the only path. To overcome and overcompensate. But the holes in the bullpen. And you've got the possibility. You've got the potential or delete starting pitching with Chris Sale would David Price of reports Cella. You do it you've also got the possibility the potential for some pretty damn good pitching out of the bullpen depending on what you do with the guys like Eduardo Rodriguez and if you view the snake and a ball date in. Limited roles because tonight eight and of all they look damn good for about three innings and was that the fourth inning that came out four was one inning too many. Three innings they can have all they. Looked like the guy you need him to be coming out of the bullpen and hitting 9899100. On the gun control with the fastball a nasty changeup. But what happened in that fourth inning where it came out three innings were the work solid that last inning where he went out there. He fell off suddenly he's pitching 9394. On the gun doesn't have that off speed pitch any longer and what happens he got lit up. So they need to know when and how to use these guys effectively. When they are using them out of the bullpen that's another piece to this entire puzzle it is Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review the Red Sox they win tonight seven to do over the blue jays were talking about it with you guys at 617. 779 is 7937. Back out to the phones will go let's go to Mike Mike's in north Providence Mike in except you're on W yeah. Our Patrick you know it air mail the picture at 88 today. Instead of 97 that I'd be worried you know but the reality is though that this past fall. And they're not worried about record they got three weeks that's what starts. Right it just trying to get spun out for the postseason got that all that matters. Right I know they can't afford to have another setback but they're trying to prevent that setback from occurring by beating him as much spot. Yeah Mike his last start out you went five innings had twelve strikeouts 98 and the gun the next day I woke up with a inflammation. So he added that might now hitting hitting 97 hitting 98 and the guy is nice it's better than not hitting it. But that doesn't tell the story here the story will be told tomorrow the day after tomorrow whether it is inflammation that shoulder one dot. While they don't know this they ill they can do is put him out there it's not like they're trying to I they don't know what's gonna have. So they're trying to beat as conservative as possible with regards the bullpen I think that there you know majority equals C tryouts. You know Boeing right left right in the edit factored point Aaron Kelly it's kind of like already showing OK can I put you win in they get one guy out. Are you could you up for this idea and what the guards of all the and they also think right you know you might start he would like what happened with the Indians. And Francona where instead of relying on everybody so much better lie and a few guys. And expect them to be able to go multiple innings and a capable albeit write up legal problem for them to do it. You get about a body might it might have so you know let's say let's say David Price comes out after five and you need to have somebody go waiting to get to two plus innings how do you feel about that guy being Nathan about. I I like it yeah I honestly he impressed me with the fact that he was able to come out the bullpen today and be ot. In a sad and I I think he was trying to like throw harder or could use coming out of the and and you know court as well and into law. It out audit if you lately. Two winning white sort of like you know measure. You know two and instead he would have an odd and he'd probably have plenty left over a comment you know the next game. Yeah I agree would you I'd like to suffer multi tonight listen Mike I appreciate a phone call I was in coverage. Because and I'm not looking at these games is the whether they win or lose gesture they won tonight that's nice it's better than losing but. I'm looking at how these guys are gonna plug playoff holes right this team we know that had drastic holes significant holes in that bullpen it's been talked about all season long. But we also know that some of these starters guys were considered starters. Are gonna make their way into that bullpen and potentially Klug some of those holes whether it's evolving whether it's Rodriguez. Whether it's right and I feel pretty good about those guys potentially plugging some of those bullpen bulls tonight. Nathan ball they they kept him in a little bit too long. But if he's gonna be a guy that's gonna pitch innings six and seven I think I'm pretty comfortable with that especially if they've got somebody else backing him up like a Steven Wright. Assuming it in a bald he comes in and he's not on right away tonight he was on right away. And we'll see if he can duplicate that success is next time out because again it's a role for I believe it was an eight time coming out of the bullpen this year. It's a role that he's gonna have to adapt to bay again coming out of the bullpen. In September when you're nine games up in the AL east with seventeen games ago when you're going for win number 100 tomorrow. It's very different thing coming out of the bullpen in the AL DS eight you know eight in October at Fenway Park. Mean when rocketed no Whitney and of all these capable of under the big lights under the pressure of playoff baseball here until we see him do it but I was encouraged by what I saw today from Nathan a ball. Do I feel like court kept him in a little bit too long yet the evidence is there that he did. But again I look at what he gave this team three plus innings and I say OK in one plus two plus innings of work keeping you view what he gave this team tonight. Then that's exactly what you're looking for from an eight and involved that's what you'd be looking for prom in Eduardo Rodriguez that's what you would be looking for from a Steven Wright so that was another solid positive contribution when it comes to. Looking out for the holes that this team could potentially plug with the guys that are on the roster right now because there is no external help coming. Outscored got its hands full he's got to plug these holes and get that bullpen up to par at full strength going into October with seventeen games to go. And that's what these final seventeen games are really going to be here this team lock up a playoff spot tonight. There magic number is now believed nine to win the AL east. With seventeen games ago so this is all about figuring out what you have. With the help of Chris dale and I love the optimism everybody that's called in tonight. Is wildly optimistic about Chris Sale and what the Red Sox are doing to get him to come back and beat and beat full strength. But the part that we're leaving out. Is that there's a reason why Chris sales performance historically declines in August September and October. It happens every single year we did or with out this injury. So you've got to overcome the history here is well so you're asking Chris Sale to overcome the immediate injury at hand. That's causing the inflammation in the shoulder you're asking him to overcome the general fatigue. That a pitcher like Chris Sale feels this time of the year. Every year because he goes so damn hard all season long. And then you're asking him to overcome whatever this psychological block is that's prevented him from being a dominant starting pitcher. In October throughout his career so there's many many little steps that he's got to overcome here for him to be the impact. I pulled dominant starting pitcher that the Boston Red Sox need him to be it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is read such review I am Patrick Gilroy room for you at 6177797. And 93 cents. Here's the pitch from him. One and here in the or right center field rookie that's going back Jackie Bradley go back rapidly pulling forward. The Red Sox have clinched the playoff berth with a seventy to win. You know explores first year as a Major League manager. The Red Sox have clinched a playoff berth in game 140. Fine. Mean that's the good news that came out and tonight in the Red Sox again 99 wins on the season with seventeen games to go its outstanding. What they've accomplished this regular season is then. Nothing short of a magical regular season all the way around it's been. So fun to watch guys like TD Martinez break out in really live up to the hype we've seen so many guys come into Boston. And essentially be unable to live up to the heightened JD Martinez is outperformed. That 130 million dollar contract that he got. Now he's struggled we can talk about and we will in the next hour. All in all you know throughout the course of the season he has been absolutely outstanding Chris sales been outstanding for. 80% of the season even David Price we talked about this the other night. You know people have this idea in their head that David prices. Essentially not been worth the money and you could have that you could make that argument but. I can also make the argument the numbers back it up that he has been the the best of Red Sox pitcher for two calendar years now. And the numbers bear that out. So for everything that he hasn't been for all the implosion against the Yankees for all the four night talk for the drama with deck for the drama would Pedroia for all the BS that comes. Which David Price on the mound. He is performed performed very very well in all that it's translated into. Huge ratings boost a hero on WEEI where the games are way up a huge ratings boosts are nests and where the games are way up. Red Sox nationally televised games their ratings are way up and of course at Fenway Park. The tickets are once again it's a sellout no idea. And night out because the fans have returned and return win reckless abandon the Boston Red Sox they had been a fun team to watch all season long. But again offense doesn't usually. Translate into postseason success that's with a pitching staff really comes into play and that's where this team has always had its unique. Edge over everybody yells to his Sports Radio. WEEI I'm Patrick Gilroy this is Red Sox review room for you guys tonight at 61777979837. As we make our way until two. O'clock in the morning here. On WEEI NIC that the Red Sox pitching east at this then. They're unique area where they can really exploit the difference between them everybody else because when you look it. Pre sale it was Cy Young guy David Price Cy Young guy reports sellout Cy Young guys these guys. And it's hard to find another three. You know three headed monster like that. He in yes you're starting pitching especially going into the playoffs when those guys are right there as good as you can possibly ask for. But when they're not eat any issues here because this team ultimately we know. Has struggled with their bullpen the bullpen has been a huge issue it's been a huge talking point all season long. Which in turn applies that much more additional pressure. On guys like resale on guys like David Price on guys like reports cell. And guys like Eduardo Rodriguez on guys like Nathan a balding whoever is getting the start. Those guys have been forced to be spectacular. Because they know that if they've got a a two to one leader a three to two lead and you hand it off to the bullpen in the fifth inning chances are. That lead is not going to be safe. So therein lies the problem with the Boston Red Sox you got to get to that bullpen first. And for me it all begins and ends with the help of Chris Sale the question that I got for you guys tonight at 6177797937. Is app. After watching Chris sales performance tonight one inning of work again I understand he went to the ball any god in the rest of his work but we saw him pitch. One inning where he gives up. What 26 pitches one hit a couple of strikeouts he hit a batter seem to labor out they're a little bit. But he did hit 97 miles an hour on the gun. Is this a positive step in the right direction and do the Red Sox ultimately have enough time here with just three weeks ago between now. And playoff baseball. To get Chris Sale fully ramped back up yet that arm strength back where it needs to be. For him to be the dominant ace that I'd be that I believe he needs to be for this Red Sox team that truly compete. For a World Series we'll talk about it 6177797937. Back out to the phones will go. Let's go to JJ's in Fall River Jay your next appear on W yeah. Avatar that agent and what's up. They or eagle eyed optimism. That bought about a while trying to group got on the sides and I got outplayed on both sides. Up real optimistic here are right so by the end it tonight probably Avant nineteen eaten yet at least. So you really don't locked away actually at back into it yet we created something. Why. Eat you don't need to rush things back you know it is art history goes rarely take in the month of August off. They get that rash so rallies fresh rock of I yet the point but I'm. It's gonna see this. It is September 11 today and Chris Sale who has pitched six innings since July 27 I mean did that to me is a problem. Okay now is the other side in the sense not so optimistic the armed with a Isa. I didn't watch it gave my all Latin. Listen and try you know. This sounds okay that's all aussies day yet 97 on the I'm not a drop down a little bit at odds from the the the slide out panel lost a lot city. It was labor and again at such a small sample size from what you like addicts feel like lights. Optimistic about his return. And I like yesterday. Only time he tells watcher. Yeah listen and I appreciate the phone calls it takes a listen to the program and that's what it is right I mean this is certainly a unique. Rehabilitation. Pact that Chris Sale in the Red Sox have at. Really taken themselves upon here and usually guy comes back and I can't remember the last time a starting pitcher of Chris sales caliber was scheduled come back in and pitch an inning or two and that's what they're doing here and they got to get this guy they're being very delicate with him. And it's clear that what happened last time spooked the Red Sox and spooked Chris Sale. Because remember when he went out with the inflammation in the shoulder for the first time when he did the deal for the first time. Back in mid to late July it was a very minor injury that's what they would who is considered it was considered just a maintenance issue you need a little little bit of rest he took. What ten days off becomes Bakken he looks spectacular. Throw five innings twelve strikeouts looked as dominant as ever. But then clearly they got spooked again because then inflammation after ten days off came back and came back immediately and it's not like he went out there and he he pitched a 130 pitches and went eight innings he didn't do that he didn't labor. He didn't tack. Taxes are all that much compared to Chris Sale standards right it it was a pretty minor taxing of that arm. That when he went five innings last month. But for especially compared to what Chris sales capable of giving this team what he's capable of doing and it's still resulted in. Additional inflammation in the shoulder and up inflammation to scare the Red Sox in the shutting him down again. Which is clearly the motivation for limiting the amount of pitches he was scheduled to give tonight they wanna see what he's capable of doing. If there's a magic number of pitches at that shoulder is capable of giving Chris Sale before. The inflammation picks up again I'm sure that's what they're doing here they wanna find out of that numbers 2040608000. Is there a magic number that Chris still can't go over. Where you start teetering into getting their shoulder inflame once again because their outlook and from the come back and give this team one good start. They needed to come back and give this team a good month. He needs to come back and be dominant throughout October. It opens it there's going to be times here where they count on Chris Sale for multiple wins in a playoff series now this isn't Chris Sale. You know you need one game to get in given to Chris sailed and hope for the best. This is for this Red Sox team that has been built. Financially and structurally built to win the World Series. Chris still needs to be Chris Sale for that to happen and this team is gonna run out of tomorrow's very very quickly. You know I feel like they're built for this year and next year contractually after that. It's a crapshoot. After that you can't tell me you know what's gonna happen to guys like Chris Sale of those he still be here David Price they'll be here will JD Martinez still be here will Zander Bogart still be here will move you bet still be here does a lot of question marks a lot of big time contracts. That are gonna come due here in the next 24 to 36 months this team has been built to win and win right now. And it's all gonna come down and help and wellbeing. Of their starting pitching namely Chris Sale we're talking about that here tonight on WEEI nobody joins me here is 6177797. 937 let's stick with the calls is gonna Mike Mike's in Springfield Micah next up here on W yeah. Patrick what's up what's it like. Let's tonight. You know home and is still can't golf is so that's pretty good starters. You get a great defensive team had a great offensive team that I believe that token went. I love the optimism but he yelled at that means you're putting that was more pressure. On a guy like David Price in your comfortable doing that Mike. Yeah I'm amazed at all the guy can pitch. You know he and always had playoff starts where it looks so good look he look good last year and equality and yet he's got to do what they can step up the Iraqi do good ending made him like it's not a mother. You can get good starts let you know you need you've bought the offense got Esteban till. He gets more of an issue than a sale. Single day is you know that these guys come out of the game with a lead in the play out can these guys folded and the colder yeah. Maybe they feel could close to all people want hitting. I'd rather see him call. You know what we're not quite there yet with the with the sale emergency situation here and Craig Kimbrel still there is still healthy as an and quite as dominant. Throw the second half of the season that's hardly the issue. For the Boston Red Sox is the clothes right I mean. And again for me it's always about yet this team has got bullpen issues there's no surprise there that's not something that's going to be solved relatively quickly here either. But I don't were real that much of all the bullpen issues because. From you gotta get to the bullpen first for me it's all about the health and wellbeing and dominance of Chris Sale David Price reports LO. You need those three guys to beat themselves to be their dominant selves to give this team a real opportunity to win and then yeah when you get to the bullpen you sort of cross your fingers and hope that you found the proper role. For a Steven Wright for an eight and a ball four and Eduardo Rodriguez you know you hope that those guys have come in. And they fill those holes and build those gaps to make that bullpen that would more effective. That doesn't matter all that much if you can't get there he got to get their first and the only way to get there is the room having dominant starting pitching like Chris Sale being the guy that he was. But the majority of the season and what is saying he's been as dominant. As advertised for 90% of this season and you're ER three weeks ago before the playoffs and I said it before posting it again but today. It's September 11 2018. And Chris Sale he is pitched only six innings since July 27. Think about that permitted here. July 27 the kids work you know a month that five weeks into their summer vacation on July 27 here's a few weeks removed from the fourth of July. Summer seemed like it was going to be endless at that point ninety degrees hundred degrees outside. Go outside tonight it feels like legit fall out there you could tell that there is winter coming as a long time between. July 27 and September 11 it's a long time. And dad your ace to god you're gonna count on the guy that you're gonna put. All that pressure on to beat the men in the playoffs that are coming around in just a few weeks to put all that pressure on Chris Sale. And knowing he's only gone for six innings since July 27 that is a very. Uncomfortable proposition for me. As a Red Sox fan it is Sports Radio WEI grumpy guys tonight at 6177797. 937 hospital while the wall he's in Fall River while you're next appear on WB yeah. What's up no could show you just have to hope for the best I mean they've always handled this guy with kid gloves. Similar price and had a lot of Rodriguez. Coming back and injuries we have electricity got an aid would cost look forward to from his side as India play out. Especially without bullpen. You know aid to discuss tangled ball by then and then you bring. But of course gonna have to sort out but he says it's going to be an audition time. The next three weeks but to play us Soviet defense starts right now like he says and a magical season. Not been as it because it does she did he Justine can do no wrong right now. But though was to play out 'cause it's 00. And now you have inflation took its. Talk a lioness and I think that I think the main thing is like is it realistic target tonight. But maybe Nixon was to have mr. mark maybe next time he goes three in his. But definitely gonna have to get more limits ideas Dodd is without hope that the way it is right now. Yeah well that's the whole thing right there it was and I appreciate the phone call you nailed it though its eat the only way you can make up for having. A bullpen that's less than spectacular like the Red Sox have had all season long the bullpen it's full of more questions. That answers the bullpen that is driven Sports Radio conversation for months now with Dave dumb browse he's inability or unwillingness to go out there and give this bullpen the help that it needs via the trade the only way that this team can really help that situation at this point. Is by having the guys that they depend on. Chris Sale David Price these guys go out there and be the dominant starting pitchers that they could be because it's a trickle down effect if they go out there in their dominance for five to seven innings in a playoff game it makes that bullpen job all that much easier. But when they go out it if if you're not able to count on pre sale David Price to give you 567. Dominate innings then.