Red Sox Review with Patrick Gilroy - Sox take second game of series behind Martinez homers; What the hell is wrong with David Price? 7-3-2018

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, July 4th
Hour 1. Gilroy breaks down the Red Sox win in game two featuring another JD Martinez home run extending his league lead and Pat wondes whether there is a physical ailment with David Price. 

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These these Red Sox review on WEEI. Great background. Having no Red Sox win. Against the nationals. Likely to remove Don Baylor as attractive little unglued good god okay. Sam I'm gonna. Dial 6177797. 37. Red Sox rookie would Patrick Gilroy on WEEI. It is red hot streak right here Sports Radio WEEI Patrick Gilroy with the guys until. 2 o'clock in the morning to join me here 6177797. And 937. Detects the program at 379375. On Twitter. Add Gilroy on hoops ads Gilroy and I don't will be some NBA some NBA free agency. Coming up a little bit later. In the program all hell sort of breaking loose over the last 2436. Hours. In the NBA I do have some questions for you guys will talk about it coming up 11:12 o'clock tonight because. As somebody that advocates I have no problem with your traditional super teams. Like problem this whole believe thing. Within going to Golden State it just seems like why even bother. Playing the season it's been working me it's been eating at me since the signing was announced last night and it looked. I have a hard time with this one here in the supposed to be time for the Celtics to do their thing. And now seems lithium blisters and injury you know why bother playing the season so we'll talk about that and potential sort of fixes that that may be. Adam silver pin didn't at least think about. Or kick around when it comes time to renegotiate the NBA's collective. Bargaining agreements we'll talk about that a little bit later in the program until then we'll take your phone calls and you Boston Red Sox because they. Once again their offense looked absolutely amazing tonight they've now won seven of their last nine overall. And they're doing it. It in the fashion that we've talked so much about here. Where yet you continue to get great production. From the top of that lower you know tonight. Move you bet goes one for four bit intending to for five. JD Martinez another big night. To provide the venue look towards the bottom and you see you know sandy Leone he had a tough night but he was the only guy to go hitless Eduardo Nunez. He goes one performer that home run wrath yelled Ebbers he goes one for three. And it's those guys. At the bottom of that lineup that makes so much of a difference here for this team Eduardo Nunez getting things really started tonight would that three run home run and win. They've got. Guys that are being very productive towards the bottom of that older it completely changes the game for everybody else in that lineup and that's what you saw tonight. By the way another solid performance. In the Cheney can't get the win but a solid performance from Brian Johnson because this is back to back performance is now where he's given four plus innings. I believe you only gave up two earned runs in his four and two thirds innings of work tonight and that's all you can really ask for. From somebody like a Brian Johnson and he's come in he's done his job and that he's done it well and to do on the road I understand that the nets are. What they were supposed to be I understand they're not world beaters or 500 team. But nevertheless you're on the road it's a packed house for the nationals and the Red Sox find a way to go in their. And once again win the games that they should. Now last time we were all here together it was just ahead of the David Price game in New York. And we have talked so much about the meaning and the impact of that game. Before this Red Sox team not only for the team itself but for the player. So now we've seen this team come back and rebound really well from. That typical loss that typical series really going into New York in and dropping two out of three now that we've seen him come back in and win two consecutive games. Against the nationals. The question really becomes for you guys tonight and it's really something someday and think about here. Going back to what Shaughnessy wrote 67 weeks ago now when he talked about this Red Sox team. And while it's nice that they can beat teams like the nationals like the tigers like the Orioles. You know Dan Shaughnessy. Essentially wanted to it to be the guy that would you know sort of take a cold shower Red Sox fans is essentially what he was say don't get all excited about who wins over the nationals don't get all excited over it wins over the Orioles. Do you need to beat teams like the Yankees and beat them consistently. To give yourself a real opportunity to be considered. A legit contender. The question that then I've got three guys tonight you saw you saw our New York you saw what you saw from it David Price and I don't think I need to rehash. This again but. I will say this since day one and we did opening data gathered here you guys and me and we talked about David Price and I felt that he was going to be the key. Before this team to legitimately have an opportunity to potentially win a World Series. So now that we've seen what we see from David Price he saw the good the bad and the ugly this season it's been sort of a little bit everything. Yo he was outstanding. In the nine games leading up to what we sorry Yankee Stadium he was abysmal. A Yankee Stadium and now this team has rebounded well since then but do you feel any differently. These wins against teams like the nationals added that he is your excitement sort of tempered. Because my it is you know I think back and I say that if this team had gone in and they beat the Yankees two out of three and David Price had given them. The sort of performance that we are hoping for you know seven. Seven strong innings to three earned runs 67 strikeouts that's all we are asking for nobody was asking for David Price to go in there and be Chris Sale. Nobody was asking for David Price to go in there be world beater. We just wanted to go in there and and be above average and he couldn't even get slightly below average at a David Price you've had you know a AAA. Worthy type performance from David Price so when you've got pats. To sort of look back yet. Sure it's nice that they have come back and won two straight against the nationals book what does it mean. But what does it mean did you take anything. Out of the game like this and is there enough confidence what are you guys have enough confidence that a guy like David Price for him to have the ability to. Actually go into we Yankee Stadium or go into a hostile environments in the playoffs. It and win. A road game winning game that matters be it contributing player to this team in games that matter against the elite teams. Because ultimately it's gonna come down to that there's no replacing David Price. There's no moving into the bullpen might be needed before. The only did that because of injury none of that matters like all that matters now is what you see is what you get when this team. And again a very good performance tonight. But a very good performance against. Like a very average team a team that had much higher expectations. Then 42 and 42 which is where the nationals are. Right now so we'll talk about that would you guys tonight right here on Red Sox review I am Patrick Gilroy there to join me here is 617779. Seven and 937 you text the program 37. 937 you find me on Twitter. At Gilroy on hoops at. Gilroy on hoops and I don't wanna be the guide it sort of has to be you know the Debbie downer here you know the Red Sox overall they have won seven out of their last nine. They have looked very very good for the most part over the last. Three weeks or so. That being said. You know the Yankees now the Red Sox and have a game to have lead over the Yankees and Siegel with the anti stadium and not a tremendous amount of damage was really done. But that doesn't matter to me. All that matters to me is looking at this team as a whole now of the more than 50% of the way through the season and sort of finding a way to plug the holes that you got your. And what is the best way to potentially go in there and plug those holes edit its many if it's me again you can't. Really six David Price because I believe what's going on what David Price is upstairs. I believe it's all mental I believe he needs the world's greatest sports psychologist to help him there isn't. You know a pitching doctor that's gonna fix him because outside of big games outside of big moments the guy's pitching just fine. Right so that's the thing that bothers me about it. You would almost rather David Price have some sort of a physical injury. You would almost rather that carpal tunnel come back or the unique elbow that we've heard so much about come back because at least when it's something like that. It's tangible you can see it's you can fix it. But with what you got right now with him it's not tangible to upstairs it's and it's and it. And to fix that is going to be next to impossible so what does this team do. To get the best out of David Price because I don't feel like I'm the only one here that thinks that he is the key to everything I don't think I'm overstating it. I believe that he is the key to everything for this team to have success in September and October. If they're gonna be had if there's going to be a difference maker on this team is gonna be David Price wondering when ago. It's going to be David Price because David Price is the difference between you having one of the most delete it's not the most elite 12 punch. You know in all of baseball I mean that's not overstating it when you have Chris Sale and is best and David Price it his best. You'd be hard pressed to fight team. That really can match that or beat that I would take that when those two guys are right. Just about above anybody else in Major League Baseball and that's what would give you a unique advantage. Over whoever you may play in the post season. But when you have Chris Salem and a massive drop down will you actually have to consider would you rather have somebody like Eduardo Rodriguez take the ball lurk reports no take the ball in game two because he can't trust David Price. That's not a good thing but that doesn't make you uniquely different that doesn't make you better than that just makes you one of everybody else. And this Red Sox team with the payroll they have they have to be better than everybody else. This Red Sox team they are strung. Because of that payroll they go out there. And get this team to help that we're talking about and the help that we're looking for because. Of that payroll and David Price plea such a huge role. In the this team's payroll problem. The amount of money that he makes is obscene. And that's fine like nobody is expecting him to come back and beat. Tampa Bay David Price ever again Toronto David Price ever again. Those days are probably long gone as long as he's in a Red Sox uniform. That's completely fine with me I just wanna see the guidance go capable of being. A Major League pitcher perform and perform well in big spots on the road against playoff teams I don't feel like that's asking too much of this guy. You know so some guy you've got a situation where you've seen the good the bad and the ugly from the steam. You saw how good this team can be during the seventeen into stretch you saw how ugly could yet. When they hit the road last month and it would 46 and that abysmal road trip. And now you've seen this team bounce back and bounced back nicely over the last few weeks now seven into win their last nine games opened up a game and a half lead over the Yankees. They are. For the most part they're doing everything that they need to do well enough. To not only win but to win it in a league level and that's why. It's such a scene that'll you've got a guy is wildly talented as David Price but you can't count on the pilot on a price has been excessive. Is that excessive short so a shot at he's the guy that says that you know these wins don't matter less there against the elite. In baseball these winds don't matter in less there against the Yankees these winds no matter against the nationals these winds don't matter against the Orioles of the tigers he's the first guy to say that. But going to take it easy on David Price yet Google shank Shaughnessy step in and to be the defender of David Price in a shank is doing his thing against you know but the problem you have now is. You know David Price is gonna go low there everybody knows this. And he's gonna have a couple of really great starts against teams that don't. That the games that don't matter that's what's gonna happen here and he's gonna be arrogant. He's gonna give it to the media in the post game and he's got to carry himself the way that he does the woe is me attitude the always the victim attitude. And he is probably I was trying to think about this last night. Knowing that it was coming in to do the ship tonight and and get on Thursday I was trying to find. Another athlete in the last twenty or thirty years that. Has had this sort of relationship that David Price has with the media and I'm not talking about a guy that's like here for a year or somebody he picked up at the I'd trade deadline as a rental. I'm talking about somebody that's become sort of a part of the fabric. Of the culture of a particular team and that's what David Price is he's been here for a few years now and he's more than likely going to be here for a few more years. Because there's no way in hell he's backing out of that deal and putting all that money back on the table and doing the Red Sox and himself that favor that is not gonna happen. David Price that made it explicitly clear. That he is here for the money so. 217 million dollars he's not giving up part of that 217. Million dollars to be more comfortable so Morales. Easier to maximize. His earning potential. That's fine. But David Price of the guys that I have got zero faith in David Price which puts this team. A really at a disadvantage. Instead of their number one and number two starters giving them. A clear cut advantage as they make their way into the back half of the season and into September and October baseball. They've got a real question that needs to be answered. Like do you trust report sell more into deemed too do you trust Iran more into game two that it David Price because at this point I think they do. And how would David Price handle it if they actually took him and they moved him to the third or fourth starter in a playoff series equity handle that well because right now I I feel like this team. Has learned the hard way that you cannot trust David Price you cannot put him out there game that matters and expect to get any anything close. To what. You should get from a David Price anything close to what this team thought they were getting. When they gave him 217. Million dollar suit is Red Sox review lie and Patrick Gilroy the Red Sox they win tonight. Against the nationals eleven to four they've got a matinee tomorrow they play tomorrow morning. Pretty games right here starts at oh at 1020 without John writers of the quick turnaround. For this team and look. You know they go into the net into Washington and they do what they've done now it's a nice way to rebound from what you saw in New York losing to let history. And again I and the biggest advocate of winning the game execution wind winning games you need to win. Right because that's how you eventually. Have enough wins to overtake the Yankees and actually win the dailies which is going to be the key to everything for this team. The thought of this team any one game playoff is something I want no part of so the Red Sox all in all they have done exactly what they need to do. All of all this team is actually doing stuff that that gives me optimism and as you make your way into the back half of the schedule the back half of the season. Where about two weeks away from the all star break. Right so all at all. With the exception of David Price I am feeling wildly optimistic about this team. Unfortunately David Price plays such a huge role in what this team does. I'm having a hard time getting myself too excited over what I've seen. Because they know what a key figure he's going to beat when the playoffs do. Come around his Sports Radio WEEI I am Patrick Gilroy this is Red Sox review there's room for you at 6177797937. There. Com I don't know the games in Miami that we're tough well we didn't score tomorrow and runs and nine. Finally came through in both games. I'm landless tough one when I'm there. Yes it was a one of those we grind. Then the game today we've we've been good at bats. I was face I mean. And then the brazen this teams are different answers from Ireland and we put into a bats in the bullpen has been solid and house them and we've. We of the regular. A Red Sox they continued to perform very well. In interleague play but that's your manager. Mr. Alex Cora talking about the Red Sox and their success that they had this season in interleague play and eight you know tonight's no difference and I think while there. 114 win. Over the Washington Nationals on the road in DC and an album won two consecutive games an opportunity to sweep the series. Comes your way quick turnaround pre game starts right here on. The showed the star market WEEI Red Sox radio network come join tomorrow attend. 20 AM so really this thing is gonna happen quickly you have an opportunity coming off they Yankee series where. You know you had a golden opportunity to two wins two out of three with the year. Top two starters going one of them gave you an ace type performance the other did not you know David Price continues the the trend that we've seen here. That. Quite frankly since he first got the Boston he is yet to have success. Against the Yankees he really mean in nine starts. As a member of the Red Sox against the Yankees he's got an eight point 40 ERA he's given up 71 hits and eleven home runs it's kinda crazy. But those numbers are absolutely abysmal so that tells me. That it's in his head. And if you're a sports psychologist out there and you think the you can fix. David Price by all means like police because we're gonna be here with David Price for quite some time. And it kills me you know the Red Sox team they continue to win they continue to be this delete baseball team that really should be considered. One of the true favorites to not only compete for but potentially. Win a World Series but as long as you've got that black hole. And all those question marks in David Price surrounding you then how can you really feel confident. Going into a playoff series and knowing that he's gonna get the ball in a critical play off. David soda Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review I am Patrick Gilroy the number to join me here is 617 7797. 937 to the phones will go with go to Mike. Mikes and Hudson New Hampshire Mike your first up here on Red Sox review. Patrick how are you in like an amendment. In my mind is I can't explain I think you're onto something as far as so again right. Regarding beating the Yankees. But what I can explain very clear to me. As a baseball guy at the other night Luis separate regal. Is hitting 9899. On the gun what is that's all. Ed price topping out at 89 miles an hour maybe ninety. It's best all the other night against the Yankees could break it glass. ED kept trying to albums don't that he got ripped five home runs. Very disappointing loss city you'll watch it might be fought Chris Sale. You strike it better as well throw in three digits under mile an hour consistently 98. So I think it would prices. Now I don't know how to explain why he gets away with that a little lot. All against. So all our clubs let it could really just say they're weaker hitting teams but I actually got the other night it was clear he gives you try to. Ninety mile an hour trying to beat 99 miles an hour soccer or. You know Mike it's a good point because it was really apparent in this Yankee start. That he was topping out at 89 occasionally ninety but that's about as low with his velocity and the season velocity actually to start the season. It was pretty good it what you what's it where once one you know wasn't 9697. It was right 93 to ninety court consistently. And his last two or three starts he's he's dropped a good 45 moment miles an hour off the fastball. One last one I wanna make it I'll hang up but listen it's I think you're under selling or sell a little bit I think he does have. Obviously think it guided pound gold we'd love that but he does have pretty good off speed stuff that. And I would be very comfortable and albeit by a second guy. In the play out so open it up it was that. I appreciate the phone call Mike and looked that they would pour Selma under selling for solo I don't think and if it comes up that way you know that's not what I'm trying to do here. But when you've got guys like Chris Sale and David Price both making yeah obscene amounts of money. And you've got reports solo in that number three spot. That's a nice spot for a guy like that now or sell those back having a great year this year. We saw with seeing the good the bad and the ugly from four cell was well from the Cy Young guy. A couple years back to the guy last year that was you know nothing but average age you know a guy that can continue to give up the home run ball that's what you get with a guy lake reports LO. With a ground ball pitcher but this year the commanders there this year he's clearly got his confidence back and parcels are great my opinion. And that's what makes this team so dangerous that's what makes this team so unique. Is that they've got the luxury if if David prices is dealing and dealing well. And able to compete against the elite in Major League Baseball like his paycheck says he should be able to. They've got the luxury of having the Rick pour so low as you're number three starter in. Given this team four plus innings worth of work in keeping his team in the game. Brian Johnson is out pitched David Price as last couple times you look at their paycheck difference it's obscene. You know and that's fine if this thing with David Price work a temporary problem that. There was some sort of a prescription to fix it you know if they're aware who was an operation. That we knew that David Price needed to fix it. That'd be frustrating but it will be less frustrating than this. Because I don't think that David Price that the age where he should be topping out 8990 he it's not like he's forty years old. The guys still in his early thirties 3334 years old and this isn't the point in a power pitcher's career where they generally. Lose it all off the fastball so there's something else going on there this I think the combination of things. But let's not forget that David Price the guys that going into this Yankee start. Where you say top 18990. He did going into the start he was great. For the previous nine starts he would he would seven and one with one no decision. Very cold and some very cold and is the cold hands and cold feet on a hot summer day that's. In not allowing him to top out back in 9495. Nobody's looking for David Price to return to that. You know 989798. Consistent power pitcher that he was 56 years ago nobody is expecting that from David Price. Allergies is something known Bob always had to battle whether it's fresh cut grass her cats here. I'm almost dogs. I did cut my grass today than an acre land I cut my grass. David Price probably couldn't hang out here right now I know I've got grass all over my shoes although my legs right now from cutting. My grass sodas Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review the Red Sox they win today eleven to four over the nationals were talking about it would you guys at 617. 7797937. Back up the phones ago let's go to fill fills in Connecticut billion next appear on Red Sox review. I don't have as builds on. Not like that like I'm over the David Price experiment. Don't own a million dollar. A blur and he's not brilliant effect they'll let. On it and chances gold actually does let your. And it. Called out there in the bullpen where you actually helped the team at but it hurt the team. I understand you don't wanna pay. Six and seventh inning reliever. It trigger a million dollars to the pitcher three out it's a bit overweight can help but that's really out of there. Look man I am we view a 1000% there I would love to do that you you know you can't do that there's no way. That Alex Cora can go to a healthy David Price and say I'm gonna put two in the bullpen and he did it doesn't work like that it we should did now. The one caveat to this is bill if we find out that. The reason why prices lost 345 miles an hour off the fastball. Is because the elbow is hurting other shoulder is hurting or something like that if there is something physical wrong with him and he does have to go on like fifteen day DL spit spit then you can justify putting in the bullpen. But it era there's nothing wrong with some late we've seen it before that as the only way to help the team has point all but I. We suck up what we owe him and we just do the best for him help our team that we found out that he cannot help our team has learned number keep our. I look again I'm with you last year they were able to justify it because he was coming off injured he was hurt you know he was coming up an injury riddled seasons so he was on board. We is getting coming out of the bullpen and trying to help his team. This year there's zero chance that he would be okay coming out of the bullpen like zero chance I wished that he would be and I wish to that was a real option but when you. Look at the situation that you're in when David Price you're right we we owe him a fortunate making close to million dollar to start that he all he holds all the power ago. In this relationship. David Price. Owns the leverage and he knows that he he's got the Red Sox bent over. And at this point. They're options are few and far between. You can't really DF beta guy you can't cut the guy he can't trade the guy nobody wants to trade for him say he's. Head case that got physical issues so any well overpaid he's your problem and I've always been. Advocating sort of the best course of action because of the contract that he's got the best course action for this team is to find a way to fix them. But I'm not sure there is a way to fix him at eight yup it's been a couple of years of trying to find a way to fix him. Is it surgery or surgery fix it is there a sports psychologist they could fix him. Is there medication that can fix him because he needed antidepressant does he need an anti anxiety pill. Does he need that to smoke a little something before take an amount big plans to England can't do my job. Does he need some hand warmer it's like what does the man need. To be comfortable enough to go up there and give this team seven average innings. Any game against the Yankees order game against the Astros game against the Dodgers or redeem that matters. Because I promise you guys this in eight and here is that. The one. Issue that I've got. Sort going all lean with the baseball team the one issue that I have and might inability to go all in and say dammit I am all in with the Red Sox team it is World Series or bust. I love the way this team plays I love the way that they entertain me this year they've got a good attitude about the Merrill likable bunch and they win a lot more than they lose. This is all you you ever ask for from your baseball team. This did this is what you want to see. Premier baseball team in the summer and it is such a nice welcome break from the teams that we've seen the last few years you don't eat you look at the you look at what you had the last few few years despite the fact there's been some success would 93 win teams. Under John Farrell we know that they were a likable bunch of guys. We know that because the ratings on the young in the ratings on this and told us so people were not watching. When you look at the merchandise sales people or not by Red Sox merchandise you look at the ticket sales. People were not showing up to Fenway. This year they are. The ratings of any yeah I am bounce back the ratings on nests and a bounce back ticket sales at Fenway are backed it too and your cell level game inning game out. You know this is a very likable bunch that wins a lot more than it loses and there's a bunch of guys you can root for on this team and root for them. With a smile in your face and be proud that you're Red Sox and the problem is. I can't go a 1000% of the way and I can't be like this is my team in its World Series or bust because I know in unless something drastic changes. No matter what Chris Sale does and game one. David Price gonna come out game two would give it back. That's what's gonna happen because history tells me and that's what's gonna happen. And nobody can sort of find a way to fix that David Price can't find a way to fix that John Farrell couldn't find a way to fix that. Alex Cora can't find a way to fix that. Dump rusty hasn't been able to find a way to fix that. So that is my my issue here. No matter how good no matter how dominant this team is no matter how good and how Dominic Chris Sale has been for you and will continue to before you. You're going to be. Ultra reliant on your number three starter in any potential playoff series if they may get that far. Because you're in your first guy Chris sales probably gonna get you win or at least give you an opportunity to win. David Price is absolutely gonna give attack. And and the pressure's gonna fall on either you rod or pour Cella. That's what's gonna happen here. And it's a real shame that they find themselves in this situation but they are absolutely. Bent over by David Price they don't have any leverage. They can't really move him to the bullpen like the caller suggested. He can't really move him to the back of the starting rotation. I would love to be able to do it but he's not gonna take a demotion and take it lightly not a he's not hurt. So what do you do what is the answer what is the solution or you just continue to do with this team is done. And that's win a moron and then they lose and hope for the best when David Price goes out there and and by the way. You're gonna see great David Price this week he's going to be awesome. Like when you look at his next two or three starts I have. The utmost confidence that he is gonna come out and do his job and doing very very well he is going to be awesome. Because that's what he's done in his previous nine starts going into the at Yankee game but problem is look at the schedule coming up a little bit after the break here. But when he faces. The kind of competition that the Yankees will give him. Right when he faces the team of that ilk on national TV again when the pressure's on again and all the focus is back on him. In a game where he really has to go up there if he doesn't win the game he's gotta at least go up there and give. A performance worthy of this contract. I get zero fate that's gonna happen now I go out there against the Orioles who build pitched great update there against the Nat so pitched great. Do it against a team that matters in a situation that matters in a spot that matters and then we've got something sodas. More radio WEI is Red Sox review I am Patrick Gilroy this room for you guys tonight at 617 is 7797. 937. He takes the program at 37. 937 you found me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops at gill Roy. I'm who we come back we'll continue their David Price dot continue. Without Red Sox stop and start thinking. About the National Basketball Association as we take you guys up until 2 o'clock in the morning. And what the hell is this league going to do what is Adam silver going to do because players they continue. The join the Golden State Warriors and I think it is potentially. Ruining the game we'll talk about all that and more coming up next rate your Sports Radio WEI. It is 1005 and here's what's trending now when WEI and WEEI dot com the Red Sox and they took the second of three games vs the Washington Nationals tonight. With a power packed eleven to four victory including home runs by Zander Bogart's. Eduardo Nunez and JD Martinez who hid. His 26. Of the season and also drove in four runs to extend his Major League lead in both categories Brian Johnson he was solid on the mound again for the Red Sox tonight. Going four and two thirds in giving up just two earned runs and helping his own cause with a hits and a run scored the Red Sox in the nationals are back in action tomorrow morning. For a holiday matinee in our nation's capital Eduardo Rodriguez he'll get the start pre game. Starts at 1040 in and joins him they've got the call right here on the Shaw's star market W yeah I'd. Red Sox radio network NBA free agency that is well under way as well. After LeBron James announced he will be taking his talents to the lakers another surprise last night as the markets cousins officially signed with the Golden State Warriors on a one year five point three. The million dollar deal old friend Rajon Rondo he is all inked a one year deal. The join the Los Angeles Lakers as well and reports tonight Isaiah Thomas is currently. Negotiating a contract wins the Orlando Magic NHL free agency in the mix as well. Bruins are signed now. You got a gonna kill me here but the bruins' outside I want hoppy and you are slob hall lock all my god you are so good at that even to a two year deal on the Blue Line defenseman John mores and the five year deal. With the Bruins and hard nosed Winger Chris Wagner. He's also signed a two year deal worth 2.5. Million dollars finally reports tonight that the NFL. Has upheld Julien elements four game suspension for his alleged PEUs we'll talk about that coming up. On late night as well weather today it is 62 degrees with scattered showers overnight. Gorgeous forecast year fourth of July festivities tomorrow. It calls for mostly sunny skies with highs in the mid eighties trending now and whether sponsored by our friends at New England that loss I'd Patrick Gilroy. And that's what's trending now on WEEI WEI dot count the. This is Red Sox review on WEEI. Great ground. Having no Red Sox win. Against the nationals. Quickly table on. And it's. And it's. Home run. Dial 6177797. 37. Red Sox rookie would Patrick Gilroy on WEEI. This reds country the Sports Radio Adobe yet Patrick Gilroy you with the guys speaking up until 10 o'clock in the morning. Number to join me here cities on 77797. And 937. Detects the program at 37. 937 you find me on Twitter at Gilroy on hoops at the Gilroy. On hoops and look to Red Sox they win tonight they've now won two consecutive games. Over the Washington Nationals your final score eleven to four Brian Johnson really giving this team. More that you could ever expect from him his last couple of times out today outstanding once again. Gives the Red Sox four in two thirds innings of work giving up just two runs and really. For your number five guy that's all you can ask for you know without armory it's available right now Steven writes her right now. You need a guy like Brian Johnson to come in and give this team a lift. And I guess that's what makes the whole thing with price so maddening and so disappointing everybody else really has come in and done their jobs and done their job so well like. You look at what you're getting from Chris Sale at his record is certainly. Doesn't indicate that level of success that he's had this season he hasn't had a lot of run support. But he has been phenomenal all season long reports LO. Once again he has a proven that he is a reliable guy you know very what much above average he makes a lot of money he sure does but he's a guy that. Coming off a Cy Young two years ago yeah up and down season last year he's back to looking. Like a consistent guy that a lot of teams would love to throw out there is their number two starter. And then the back and you're still getting quality work for me your rod. And no quality work from Brian Johnson you're throwing you've had quality work from Steven Wright before he got hurt drew Palmer it's it's given this team some quality innings. So everybody else. Really it is done their job and done it well end it's not like David Price hasn't had some success here he has he's been outstanding. When you birdie moved the big games from the equation. When you remove the Yankees from the equation when you remove. Every time the focus is solely on him from the equation he's a pretty damn good starter he worked the contract no. But he'll never be worth the contract. Does that thing with him. You know I'm just as guilty of is is anybody else we need to somehow find a way to get over the contract in separate ourselves from the contract. It in the contract talk. Because. The contracts not going anywhere the contract is not gonna get you written. He he's not going to walk away from the contract at the end of this year and exercise his option. To leave the Red Sox and negotiated deal somewhere else that's not going to happen. So somehow someway we've got to just accept the fact that he is clearly the most overpaid player. Not only in the Red Sox but probably in baseball. And find a way to live would that because no matter what this guy does no matter what level of success he has on the field. We're never going to be satisfied because he's never going to be live and be able to live up to that contract. And I think that's why I said going into this Yankee start when I was here. Doing Red Sox review Saturday Sunday whenever it was my whole thing would that was. You know you don't need to go while they're David Price in and pitch a perfect game nobody is expecting that. Nobody is expecting him to go up there and give you eight innings of a young shut out baseball would twelve strikeouts at least I'm not expecting that. My expectations for David Price are very very low right now on talk in 67. Innings worth the work. Like eat you know two or three earned runs 67 strikeouts something like that. And I'm very happy guy. A against a team like the Yankees and you're not getting that from him right now and it is that the big part of the conversation that you know I I have for you guys is. What do we do about it. I like is there a solution. That I'm not able to come up with myself is there a solution that the collective group of Red Sox Nation. Can come up with a find a way to live with the sky for a long time to come. You know it's almost like you're in a bad marriage and you go to the marriage counselor. And the marriage counselor says you know what you're stuck with the each other we can't this you can't get a divorce you got two young kids the finances are too complicated. The bourse is not an option. So you got to find a way to live with each other for the you know that the short term in the long term how do you do it. Help people figured out every day. But how do we do with it as. The the consumer as the customer for the Boston Red Sox how do we find a way to reconcile the fact that you gotta root for this guy. Finally find a way to reconcile the fact that this guy. Is the number two starter you're Boston and how to we find a way to reconcile with the fact that you have to find a way to trust in him. And depend on him and not only do we he has the fans. Have to find a way to. Trusted him and depend on him Alex Cora. Has to find a way to believe in him entrusted him Alex Cora has to have faith in him. That's the part of this that makes it very complicated. It's not like he's a guy. That is out there giving you production on the field but the fans just don't like him. There's plenty of guys like that around sports like plenty of guys like that especially in the NBA where they give you production on the court. But you know they're not really like by the fans because of bad attitude think about Riley DeMarcus Cousins never really benefit favored but he gives you 26 and thirteen overseas might. That's not we getting from David Price. You David Price can't sort of lean back and say yeah I'm a jackass and I say stupid things but look at my production. So my biggest thing with him coming up this Yankee weekend. Is this Red Sox team is immensely talented this Red Sox team is cut eight Johnny payroll in this Red Sox team is worthy. Of fans buying into it. And this Red Sox team is worthy of bands falling in love with them and saying you know what it's World Series or bust. That this ownership has spent the money. I think they hit it out of the ballpark with their young manager I really do I think they hit it out of the ballpark. With the pick up a JD Martinez I think they hit out of the ballpark with the and that the resigning of Mitch Moreland who got hurt tonight tweaked his back a little bit but. In a will talk about that coming up a little bit later in the program. And did you guys an update on what the latest on the tweet back from Mitch Moreland some news coming out. Of DC tonight about his. Essentially his availability for tomorrow it looks like. You'll get an off day tomorrow an opportunity to arrest the back the tweet back but the good news is it doesn't seem to be anything to worry about. You know so that is that's what I'm saying you've got all these nice pieces here all these nice parts is there another. Pitcher in baseball it's more fun to watch an easier to root for a then Chris Sale I don't think they're it's or you know they're few and far between. Is there another power hitter another DH in baseball another guy that's gonna give his team more offensive production. That it Judy Martinez those guys are few and far between. Moved he bets one of the best. Young players in the entire game and he's legit MVP candidate. All these guys up and down are fun to watch on the field easy to root for likeable and it's panel considered up. To be in a World Series conversation. But what a buzz kill David prices and only a buzz kill when it comes to the entertainment value of watching them on the field. But a buzz kill when it comes to a potential. Playoff matchup or you have. Chris elbow out there and give the old one zip lead in the playoffs and you know you're probably gonna give it right back in game two. Because David Price for the life of him has not figured out how to pitch with the spotlight on him for a bit like him he has not figured out how to pitch. With legitimate pressure on him and that's why and it's been said for years and years and years. That PGA Yankee Stadium. As a member of the Red Sox is like a playoff game no matter win the game takes place it's a playoff atmosphere and that's exactly what you had the other night. In Yankee Stadium you had a playoff atmosphere with 46000 people screaming yelling chanting a sold out Yankee Stadium. On Sunday night with a ESPN in the house and that's what you got from David Price so as optimistic as I am a pulp this team as a whole. And as pleased as I AM about this team as a whole. It David Price continues to hold me back. And maybe I'm way off here may be on the jerk maybe I'm wrong I don't know. But if you have a solution either for David Price on how to fix him or how to come to grips with the reality that this is what we have. Please give it to be or if you have advice for me to sort of be able to get off this path. Because he's killing me he's killing my ability to root for this Red Sox team the way that I want to the way that I really should be I should be much more invested. In this Red Sox team but the black cloud that is David Price in a big game. Continues to weigh too heavily on my mind for me to be able to. I don't buy into this team the way that I should. Buy into this team the way that I bought in to last year's Celtics team very early on in the season that may last year's Celtics runs so enjoyable for me. And I Philly this Red Sox team should be getting the same level of attention and commitment not only for me but from you guys as well. And David Price is ultimately the big black cloud it's not allowing us to buy completely yen. On this Red Sox team and a Sports Radio. WEEI it is Red Sox review I'm Patrick Gilroy a room for you guys tonight at 617. 7797937. Back go to the phones will go let's go to Wally will always in Fall River while Unix up here on WEI. You know what so passive and going to win tonight but like this that is for better or worse I mean we're married to disguise Panetta before you as well 120 million bucks. But no when it comes to the Yankees you'll look back at 2000 or a guy who really he had a very disappointing season Derek Lowe. And then biggest. Game and has seen the reds six games that he said on the Yankee. You know he was coolant to come up the price to. Price will never do that nine million he has you know that night note that. I gonna tell me yet young David Price he could very well give a Derek Lowe like perform it but that's not where you went without. Well no army captain Derek Lowe credit you have a message and he may even have a very good season but eight in the dame so what they'd do it quite so evident in data and then. He was awesome he he was outstanding game seven and it was one of those games where. Nobody expected it to happen because of you know that this season idiot Andy wasn't that good that year Wally but he went out and he gave a great performance. In game seven when nobody really expected it problem is Wally when it comes to David Price you know I have I have zero faith and end. That the senate this whole thing Wally is that the previous nine games he was so good went seven and one and he could probably be very good in the next nine games you do and another seven or one. And it's irrelevant to me because he's not able to go up there and prove it to us when it matters the most. Quality of the show Leo if we're looking at now like you know if we win the division. We don't have to label and allowed concert don't monitor him closely I mean you probably know what to what starts against the Yankees. To then that eleven dynamic in as did anything you know I don't what let them. Situation will be by that I don't think they'll get hammered like he did the other night. I don't know but that would scares me while he is forgetting about the playoffs altogether. You know this team they've got that three game set with the Yankees the close up the season as the if it's going the way it's been going the first few months of the season with these two games essentially you know one game here one game there that's a three game set the could determine. Who gets first place who gets the wild card and more than likely is David Price is gonna have to pitch in that series in more than likely. Those games are going to be hit it very critical when it comes to which team is gonna win the division which team it is gonna play and that play in game. Right by like this that you get the trade deadline come and not real lakers that people we have no flexibility the Yankees got to go and get a pitch yet. And maybe another bat. By like it's it's going to be dog eat dog policies that would be yanked. It is while those that I appreciate the phone Como B a stranger and you won't be it is Sports Radio WEEI. It is Red Sox for you program for you guys tonight a 617 a 7797. 937 to squeeze in another one before the break with go to Norman Norman's in Cranston norm up here on Red Sox review. Norman's daughter to Sports Radio. WEEI it is Reza attribute your red socks they win tonight eleven and support talking about it would you guys it's it's 177797. And 937. Red Sox review Rainier Sports Radio at WEI Patrick Gilroy with the guys until 2 o'clock in the morning now to join me years 617. It's 7797. And 9370 takes the program at 37937. You find me on Twitter Matt Gilroy hoops at Gilroy. On hoops to also be coming up a little while we'll put this thing over a late night coming up in a bit. And we'll talk about how the Golden State Warriors continued to ruin the game of basketball. By the addition now of DeMarcus Cousins. Shocking to me that after he signed with the the warriors in the news breaks that. He knew the Celtics who are interested visitors that he was interested in the Celtics but. Danny Ainge never actually made an offer that is fascinating to me and I wonder if the Danny drop the ball did not know that the offer was coming imminently from. Golden State. Order Danny decide that he ultimately did not want the markets cousins it's funny to me because. He you couldn't have more polar opposite guys playing the same position. And DeMarcus Cousins and in Al Horford and that's what I was thinking about it in about Al baloney like. DeMarcus Cousins according to the way that they'll do the things he he's the ultimate guide the market's gonna gulping give it 46 and thirteen all the stats are gonna be there. But markets cousins. Numbers guy like Al Horford is gonna give you. Fourteen and eight but do everything that Al Horford does ultimately which one's more valuable to a basketball team. Well by the evidence of their career win record in career playoff record and ability to get to the playoffs. One could tell you that the more valuable guy the more valuable piece to winning. Is Al Horford but he doesn't fill up the way that the markets does we'll talk about all that coming up. After the 11 o'clock hours a year on Sports Radio WEEI until then we'll continue with the Red Sox thoughts on Red Sox review your David Price though it's Europe Red Sox review. And ultimately for me. That the problem that I have when David Price is pretty simple. Is that. As they've Red Sox fan forgetting about this job here. As they Red Sox fan is somebody that really enjoys watching this team throughout the summer and as somebody that really enjoys. Getting emotionally involved with the an emotionally attached to. My team's. This Red Sox team is so likable and so on and the additions that they've made for the most part this year have been so spot off. From the addition of Alex Cora as they are rookie manager to JD Martinez. Over lake John Carlos and could have worked out any better. Sold for those reasons this team has made all the right moves they are deserving of our attention and not only that they deserve us to sort. Fault for them the same way that the town in the seat belt for the Celtics last year. There was a a passionate love affair between the city and the Celtics last year is no other way to put it and yelled that the team. Found themselves really identifying with the town in the town with the team. I feel it this Red Sox team is cut from that same cloth the problem is you of one guy ruining it for everybody. But David Price is ruining it for the rest of his teammates for the fans and for the franchise because for me anyways my my issue here is this. Making it completely about the numbers and completely about baseball. I can't allow myself to get that emotionally wrapped up with the team knowing that if they make the playoffs. He's taking the ball in game number two I'd there's zero faith there so how do you allow yourself to feel great about this team knowing that ultimately. A huge part of the potential success that this team has. Is gonna fall on his shoulders when every time the spotlight has been on him he has. Absolutely crumbled to the ground he has failed every single time it is Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review your Red Sox win. Eleven to four in DC tonight over the nationals were talking about it here at 617 7797937. Mecca to the phones Vigo go to Paul. Follows at Westfield fault you'd accept appear on the beauty yeah. If you carry about the ball it's an amendment. Before I get this price problem. You region indeed brought on board and the Yankees straight week on doesn't want it. Crazy it's crazy in the best part about Martinez is is the Red Sox got him. At their cost at their price so they they sort through wrote that low ball offers start the off season. And people gut sort of ticked off because it took him all offseason design but ultimately they played the waiting game and and they got their guy for their price. Awesome bargain in this century now let's hear it I got this last time we spoke Patrick said. This next game will determine what we know about price. Package at a Indian too hard and the fact is where Croatia's. One side would they can for four ERA. Is disturbing you're the only question days. It hit pitching. Worse that your appreciation as joy that we ought to have a we got big bat to overcome him so if you could just knock it shout it didn't want to give up a Grand Slam the person the other day to get back get wiped out I don't regret. It and the waters early as Jewish grin that derailed whatever pretend that we got Houston we have a talk. Paul you're right that's why I said the start the program and if you were here or not but they said might expect up. My expectation for price wasn't to go while they're in deep yet you know eight or nine shutout innings I don't expect him to be somebody that he's not. But he you can give the Red Sox 67 quality innings give up two or three runs you know 56 strikeouts that's all I'm looking for from this guy. Right so are just as a contingency plan. Is that possible. To get him in the effort. You know get an hourly and ring in the closers heard any nurture you and shut it has that ever happened where you have a problem with the your number two guy that. Had Blake now he's got New York Yankees fever I mean it is hoped that all went five. But it's not just that promise it's not just the Yankees the Yankees are the closest thing to irregular season. Playoff game you look at his playoff record its abysmal so to me it's every single time the spotlights on him the national media attention is on him and he knows that everybody's looking in his direction. Every single time he essentially you know he sort of what the issue is. But there is a common denominator here Paul and that's every single time the game matters and the more than it matters. The higher the likelihood is that he's gonna fail out there. Yeah that's a huge point we talked about under pressure ID give my story when I didn't know state chip so we got a lake some kind of hypnotic appointed not exempt them on him. So sit him down. But they have other things to do that played video games and get shelled under pressure because. You are percent right to pressure then and we know he has the ability to reform. It try to remove their psychological block which we've got about papacy leapt to figure out right. Yeah absolutely Collison I appreciate the phone calling got about a half a season and there's going to be this critical series with the Yankees going into the playoffs. So it's not just gonna be you know the next opportunity comes in October if they're lucky enough to make it there. The next opportunities gonna come at the end of September. In one of the most a critical three game matchups you can possibly ever want to close out a season especially of the season plays out. The way that it's being going for the first few months of the season it's clear that this thing unless something drastic changes. And unless something really is somebody gets hurt at a critical player gets hurt for the Yankees for the Red Sox. Or less one of these teams goes on. A slide that we don't foresee. More than likely you know these two teams will be within one to three games of each other in that final weekend of the season when they play each other. And David Price is more than likely I'm going to play a big role play a big factor. In this Red Sox team ability to out ultimately win the division and avoid that one game play and we've talked so much about that one game play and because this year is so unique these two teams have been neck in neck all season long. There hasn't better you know a single 456 team lead for either one of these teams. You know they sort of go neck and neck the reds Suggs getting him up the Yankees get a game up Red Sox game and have up yankees game and a half up but that's how it's gone all season long. So I'm a big proponent of evidence and evidence based conversation. That's what I like to do so the evidence tells me that these two teams are going to continue to be neck and neck going into that final series of the season. And ultimately David Price to have an opportunity to. Helped propel the Red Sox. Into the playoffs as the division winner as opposed to the wild card. And that's what this team ultimately needs because of one game playing and there's a lot of luck involved there but with the amount of skill that this Red Sox team has. Ultimately the team would that sort of talent should come out victorious in a seven game series they just need the opportunity to get there. And David Price is gonna play a huge role in this team's ability or inability. To get to that seven game series it is Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review the Red Sox they win tonight eleven a four. Over the nationals were continuing to talk about here. It's 61707797937. Back out to the phones will go sort of Blair Blair you're in Maine Blair Unix up here on Sports Radio at WEI. The last caller was right if you try it's not like truly sucks could be gotten rocked shelled last time my. Reluctant for can all be easily truly not whose sport not been. It's not there and and I was 111 of the united city sticker price. East suck get over your career baseball. Go to help those here repeated garbage you repeat that crap. As the get any better be related said that. Please do but you know watching it'll baseball. Makes me want to throw a lot. Lara how do you really feel about David Price and tell the truth. Not arrogant or at least get the cone of black seemed as good there he was quick. He was concise he made this point we move on let's squeeze in one more before the break let's go to Dick. Dick you're just not Bill Dickey takes up here on W media. Let's start kicking the man when he's out. Let's get the iron. Key competence. These immediate this trap. And the people stopped counting the Sox are high in predicting he's gonna fail so it's either. They eat and eat it. So we need to be crazy you need those to lift him up in to elevate him as what you're saying. Yeah. C a child but it. That's all we stately I coach my son's Little League team. And that's what we say to seven year old young he is a 34 year old man making 200 plus million dollars at some point in his adult is adulthood. Doesn't he have to be accountable for what he does by himself. Yeah actually as I. It still is such psychological. Study. And that public and you don't have confidence starting slightly earlier albeit less problems. And it didn't make it worse I predict who. I look I I understand what you're go and and and I do I appreciate the phone call but I can't take. Even up a small percentage. Of the blame as the white. You know David Price and have a tough gold against the Yankees I you know I'm the most irrelevant person here on W yeah. I think I. Maybe blind Mike is a little more relevant than but I'm right there with a you know I'm I'm at the bottom of the totem pole here at work the overnight shift part time like. I am the guy they call when nobody else can come in on the weekends and I appreciate every opportunity I get here. But my voice is not the one that is booming oak there to the point where David Price is hearing what on what I'm saying about him. So I don't think that I am the problem. I think what I'm doing is having a conversation. About what my eyes have seen. And I'm predicting doom I guess based on it like I just said it to talk about you know history based evidence. And historically speaking since David Price. Has joined the Red Sox he's pitched against the Yankees nine times nine starts he's got an eight point 40 ERA he's given up 781. Hits. And eleven home runs so. It's hard for me. To sit here and wanna elevate this guy and make him feel better about his boo boo is okay because I've seen nothing from him. Either against the Yankees or in the playoffs aside from a couple of good innings out of the bullpen last year. With the exception of that. I have seen nothing from him as he's starting pitcher. In big games or games against the Yankees or I say I hope that's the guy. That I have confidence and that's the guy. I know with David Price taken a mound today in this critical game for the Red Sox a feel good about that because I know that David Price comes through and a big way. You know how we all felt when the Celtics were down by a point. With a couple seconds left in the game you knew that you can get the ball the Larry Bird get the hell out of the way and then to a lesser extent. When the Celtics were down by a point with a couple seconds left in the game you knew that Paul Pierce is gonna give his opportunity his team an opportunity to win the game. And even Isiah Thomas a couple of years ago when he was king of the fourth. The guy's legs that that elevate themselves when it matters the most. On a stage like this here from Boston. Those are guys that we can celebrate thick. And those are guys that we can continue to elevate tick my problem here. Is I there's nothing for me to elevate width I don't even have a starting ground when it comes to David Price. Shall we can celebrate the fact that he's pitched pretty well against mediocre teams. And ultimately those wins against mediocre teams will help this team achieve their ultimate goal of winning the division we speak. But when you have to rely on him and count on him to give this team a solid performance to win a playoff game order winning game against the Yankees in order to win the division. Right now he has not earned. And this town state right now he is not earned this counts trust. And if he hasn't earned the town's fate in the towns trust. Has he earned Alex chorus trust that would love to know what Alex Cora thinks how Alex Cora feels about David Price he's not gonna tell us the truth. But I would love to know because I feel like. He probably feels the same way that we do it is Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review I'm Patrick Gilroy. We come back we'll continue their David Price conversation how do we fix. David Price or is it time to just. Let it go let it be David Price is from what he is I guess 6177797937. Efforts because a lot of people a lot of times. Have been division for a long time and faced. But persistently tops it was hard for me to. And I go back to the drawing board and I'm going to do much for instance. Did you know who's very. Against. The truth tour. When things to. They're pertains to. Have an excuse we'll include no. Sure I'm sure there's a lot of things. And to pin point one of notes this kind of throw. So excuse and those records from someone in there. David Price right there following via. A tough game I guess we'll call the soft performance Yankee Stadium over the weekend and it's funny because of you compare and contrast. His tone. And lack of a and it is just over the way EE sort of spoke to the media there. Vs the way that he spoke to the media following his win in his previous outing it's completely different. You know he goes out there are all a condescending conceded. And talks the talk down into the media following the win and then following a loss it's it's that it's the subdued David Price and I have a feeling that he's one of these guys that it's unfortunate put. He's uncomfortable the in his own skin in this market we see guys like that come through here. The only difference with David Price is that he truly does have a contract became be moved and because. Dumb broad scheme has made a couple of mistakes and most notably the panda mistake. This team has got so much dead money on the books night. There. They're not one of these teams that's got the luxury of eating and other large contract essentially wouldn't say so I'm sure that it fifteen million a season. They'd be another team out there that would love to take a look at David Price but that would mean that the Red Sox would have to eat. 50% of his salary ends because there eating all that money and pandas deal you know they're good eating the rest of Hanley steel this year. There eating. They're still leading. Part of Manny Ramirez is the only cut him a check this year for one point two million dollars or blade and a decade when you look at the money that this team is shelling out for guys that are no longer. Here on the roster. You know Ruth snake as DO he he's getting his seventy million bucks whatever it is and he's playing for the that the Red Sox in this team is gonna pay that bill as well. So financially they're in a place where they've made so many mistakes some of them dumb brows ski some of them prior to the Ambrose he's arrival here. But they're not really an advantageous position when it comes to. Potentially shopping David Price yell and getting a partner to work with them and a trade scenario because they know. The they're gonna have to eat a huge portion of his salary to make it work so for that reason the Red Sox really don't have the luxury of trading him. And on the other hand. You know David Price does have a way out he certainly does that mean he was Smart enough he was intelligent and up. And as people were Smart and intelligent enough. To build outs into his contract in the first noticed following this season in oh Q was that if he was going out there impeaching the way that. We thought he was capable of pitching when he got here. The expectation was for him to use this as a out at the end of the season so we can go actually make more money. Because that's the way that it's trending in baseball. You know David Price were still David Price from the rays or from even Detroit or. Or Toronto if you were still act guy. He would opt out of this deal and he would get a pay raise next year somewhere else and would we can be a win for both sides because David Price would get out of the spotlight. You're in Boston. And he would go make more money have more fun and pitch with less pressure on him in a smaller market it's a win for everybody unfortunately because he's been so abysmal. He's been so bad against teams that are good in games that matter it doesn't matter if he went out their win seven and one in his last nine games nor does it matter what he does it is next nine games when it comes to his ability to opt out of this deal. And make at least the same amount of money next year somewhere else you know it's it's got to the point now where it's not a parable. I don't care he goes out there and he's perfect the rest of the way he has been so average now for so long. Then I'd be hard pressed to believe that even if he suddenly turned it on. And became that old David Price again for the next three or four months that there would be a team out there willing to match his deal. To get them out of Boston and give him an opportunity to go pitch somewhere elsewhere he could have more success and have more fun and not deal with jerks like me. Because apparently according to some you guys it's the negativity that's in this town that sucks ala Rick Pitino you know that's why David Price is having problems. I can't get there would be I just I can't allow myself to go there. He's a big boy. He's been illegal long time he knew what he was getting into when he decided to sign a Boston. And it's not a big secret because David Price has come right out and say that the reason why he came here had nothing to do with trying to win in a big market had nothing to do with trying to. Continue the winning ways the Red Sox win the World Series here it had nothing to do wind being the best. For the best in a huge market. It had everything to do with 217. Million dollars toward money is the only thing that motivates you ultimately I feel like. Yeah you're gonna end in failure might you be a huge motivate her but it. Cannot be the sole motivate her cannot be the only reason. Why you make the decisions that you make quality of life past the matter your comfortable. Your comfort level has the matter. David Price knows his personality and he knew his personality is make up in his demeanor before he decided to sign here. He knew he was getting into now is gonna deal with it is Sports Radio. WEEI it is read such review reprieve guys tonight at 6177797. And 937 back out to the phones ego. Let's go to Jack Jackson Medford Jackie next appear on Red Sox review. There radar was able fully into the conversation I just wanna make quite a quick quote less that eleven and took. Sorry but I did. Listen I know we have to get help prices in big games this stuff we critical to receive it but we get to the playoffs provided. We get that you know we get to deploy if you'll go what a three man rotation. And he was this big here a lot of open last year and you know whoever that's the Friday game and yankees is gonna start the first game of the playoffs. And to quote the great Mick Foley I think Alex Cora Gupta testicular fortitude. Put commendable that. Look I I peaked and Alex Cora got that kind of personality to. However it's not gonna happen a easily put it that way. It's it is. I don't think it has to happen easily I mean when you reach the playoffs and what the core because. You if you noticed that the Red Sox seem to shoot you go from broke bats have bats. That some of the kids there just they're attitude and I'm not doctor Ferrell but their attitude of not have the plate barrel in player for corporate issues. Old it is their attitude and great but that's what I said before I love it that's what is killing me about price dad does that. This team this year has been so much fun to root for it's been very different these guys you know but but would David Price it's a he's a black cloud over the whole thing. Did you ever stop and think about one thing I immediately go back to back to the future it's only still out tomorrow. It craves the attention what he's doing something wrong. And that's what he's still. Do you need guys like I mean Ortiz is gone in the locker room the stuff. But just look up Pedroia hanging around if I mean even standing there all been around a future that guy could've been around Olympic Mitch wallet court loved by the way. I think there was a great deal with the mall and back again. But. You know he's just got it in Opel and and just do what you gotta do I mean I don't have a huge problem well what sale. But so will. OK so assuming you do something like that let's also make the assumption Jack that. No these two teams are within two games of each other going into that final series at the end of the season. What do you have bait and Bryce did at that point. But you also got to understand this you don't know where they're gonna be what Friday night comes. Friday night comes they could be are ready static number three. They could pay I did I guess so yeah. You don't know. So what I'm saying is take its seven and one with Kansas City and Oakland has won not a joke they're playing good now but you know what I mean. I do you against the lesser teams. And whatever they're gonna do. It you know in just have somebody ready you gotta Vasquez who just out of the last get who you go five or six in the bullpen. I mean you get Johnson stretched out now if Stephen Wright can come back whatever. I did it it but you don't. Let's see which way the current goal. And it is that it has that happened you don't think this team knows that they've got to. Score five if he's going to the mound on a Saturday night. On September 30. Those I I think they do Jack and I appreciate the phone call the issue that I have areas. You shouldn't have to rely at a Brian Johnson our pick of Alaska this on a David Price tonight that's the whole point. Ike and you don't think that boom how much money he makes it matters while his teammates all Null. They'll understand how much money he makes they'll understand. That he is a big reason why this team is hands strong and they really can't go out there make major acquisitions this year at the trade deadline. His teammates understand that. You know his teammates understand the expectation level that put. On a David Price in the fact that he continues to go up there and failed in these big moments these big games and it's a trend that's been taken place now for years. It's not just like it's a recent thing. That you know it's happened this year and and it's something that you can move on from this is a continuing trend that I feel like. With each. Troubling big start with these troubling large start beat against the Yankees in the regular season or in the playoffs with each failure in a situation like that. The pressure mounts a little bit more and the pressure mounts even more and more and more into the point where it pops. And you don't want this guy to become a distraction on this team the way he did last year last year he was a major distraction. Last year he caused issues in that in that clubhouse he did whether we like it or not he was a part of the reason why. There was off the field issues with this team last year. You know this year. For the most part for the most part he's been reindeer and he's been under control he's been condescending to the media and that's our problem. But for the most part off the field he's been. Under control we don't like that he blames his failures on video games and carpal tunnel and everything else an excuse making makes me a little bit sick. Even thinking about it because again you know as a parent to a ten year old and a seven year old we talk all the time in our household about not making excuses. You know excuses that don't work for anybody yet that don't make them by the way through fight your way through and if I can teach that are at least try to teach that to his seven year old. Then did it a 34 year old make it 200 plus million dollars he has to understand that as well. So I have a real hard time with the excuse making and the continued failures and an inability to learn. From the so those failures because after each one of these games where he is disappointed. Against the Yankees and after each one of these gains or he is disappointed in the playoffs if you go backing you play the sound he says the same damn thing every single time got to work on this a little bit better control that. Like come on man. You understand this better than anybody else he experienced success in Major League Baseball at heights that most people could only dream he knows what it takes to be there. He knows what it takes to get there. It's not like he's some rookie that comes up the Boston in the bright lights and looks around and sort of is is Justin shell shocked because of you know what he's seeing what he's experiencing here for the first time. Part of why you pay somebody the amount of money you pay David Price is because he's a veteran. He's been their before and you shouldn't have to go through those steps. That you that you that you would have to go through with the young kid coming up from the pocket for the first time to Sports Radio. W yet as Red Sox review Alex continuing to phone calls go to Tim Tim's a New Hampshire Tim. You're next up here on WEEI. You went into that. And so I'd I disagree with Jack talked in the boat David Price have an angle to the ball and I did agree with what you said it if we are gonna make a run against the other two until there is definitely got a bit play a big partner you and a while back you talk about the comparison to Al Horford Al Horford similar to their pricing where he's always kind of underperformed. But it wound up behind them and there's got to be something to home field advantage whatever it is. We just everyone always constantly attacking their prices personality verses just analyzing his performance. It's kind of on terror towards how we treat other people on this. To do you think that David Price pays attention to what we say here what's in the newspapers what's on the Internet. Not parliament I think he could care less what you guys say I'm just saying deft back that you're talking about how everybody was able to get on the Celtics team and that was obviously a big push that's they definitely over achieved the and a big part that was like Al Horford dollar spent garbage. When it's clutch never really over performed he's always done. Did big things at. You can't track was stabbed. But especially against the cab or not to go choked or who instilled up behind them because. They're rooting per hand and the team. Is no one wants a bumper sticker price strictly because his personality. And not necessarily for performance. Like two years ago he got a garbage start. Just like everybody else on the socks and playoffs but last year you change that he definitely pitched well. He did the inaudible David really well and at at lake the way you think Tim and it's a way that yell if more people could think like that may be. You know psychologically things could be different but. The problem is and that compares and Al Horford and I did bring that up earlier in the program is that. Look the Celtics were very likable bunch and like it or not the way that you talk to the media and the way the U interact with fans in the way you treat people. All that plays into. You know even you know Alou who killed ore for here from months calling him average now he couldn't say a bad word about. I'll hold for the person could do that because Al Gore for the person. And Al Horford the basketball player off the court. There's never been been a bad word said about him and he's been such a big addition. To the teams he's been on as a reason why the hawks made the playoffs for ten consecutive years and Al Horford there. And Al corporate leaves and their son only a lottery team as a reason why the Celtics went. The Eastern Conference finals and back to back years when Al Horford on the team despite the fact that he hasn't come through. Huge in the playoffs you're right about that any yeah absolutely you know he he. Deepest as pets it in the second half of game seven against Cleveland in a conference final Seattle he did he was awesome in the first half. And he was a no show in the second half so you're right about that. But he gets a pass from the fans. And he gets a pass from the fans because. People like him the person and they like the team in the celtics'. This year with the Red Sox I feel like people have latched back onto this team. They like this team in this team is much easier to root for the last two teams we've had here under John Farrell despite the fact that those teams had success. On the field winning 93 regular season games apiece. The issue that people have I think would this team and their inability to fully latch on and fully embrace this team a 100% the way they did those Celtics teams. Is that they know that for this team to be successful and reach a World Series and compete to win a World Series. They're gonna have to get the best that a David Price. In games that matter and so far there's been no evidence that we're gonna see a David Price that's capable of performing at that sort of level. In games that mattered is Sports Radio WEEI it is Red Sox review we come back we'll continue their David Price compensation continue with our Red Sox conversation. And start to work in some NBA free agencies and celtics' Rajon Rondo looks like he's siding with the lakers Isiah Thomas looks like he's. Is working out a deal right now with the Orlando Magic where does this leave markets Smart. In the celtics' old touch on all of that as well as we flipped the late night next right here Sports Radio. WEEI.