Red Sox Review - At this point, do the Yankees even have a chance to catch the Red Sox?

Boston Baseball
Saturday, August 4th
Hour 1: John Ryder breaks down the Red Sox 4-1 win over the Yankees behind a stellar performance from Nathan Eovaldi.  The Red Sox have now won 3 straight against theYankees and their lead in the division is steadily getting larger and larger, but is it becoming insurmountable for the Yankees?  Ryder also touches on what a great get Eovaldi was at the trade deadline, Kimbrel's rough outing, and much more!

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Sox rookie on WEEI. Who want pitches belted to right field and dates going back and Robinson reruns of. Yeah. Home. That you hit the Lafayette high. We know Red Sox win again. It's the Yankees so. Money and as senator Phil play over Jackie Bradley. It's. Well not exactly I did drive. But the Red Sox hang on and win this one miles portal ones doors. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox review with John Ryder on WEEI. Lawrence licensees night. 44 games above 500 I mean that's just incredible. If you talk about piling up wins against four teams a lot of pilot up wins against good teams. So they've taken the first three against the Yankees at Fenway John Ryder red section view. It's will be taking your calls at 6177797. ID 370 Texas as well. 37 guys three seven's or the Yankees buried in terms of the division now need to have bet and back. It's going to be tough really tough difficult a Red Sox would after go way below 500 the remainder of the way. There's still two series are made against the Yankees a three game said. September 18 through the twentieth at the stadium in the Bronx than they finish up the regular season against the Yankees. With a three gamer at Fenway but yeah it. I think it is an out we were talking about this last night it's gonna take I mean there would take an incredible leopard in the Red Sox still have. I mean they've they still had some port teams they're facing added cat you know road trip coming up after this after the off day on Monday they've got three at Toronto. Three balls which includes a double header on Saturday. They've still got to Whiteside series a couple of Tampa Bay series of tit basically better than expected they visit the White Sox so. And they've got some good teams mixed instill a series of Houston and two left with Cleveland as well but it. Did the red sex I mean I can't see them relinquishing image is tough to say that. Consider if we remember what happened back in their 2011. If you remember back then seven years ago or chicken and beer and all mischief which. Whatever I mean but it was more so not bad but the the whole fact that they ended up by squandering that usually. He could never say never bled to it looks like I mean I think the reds had said pretty much a stranglehold. On this division that season had four straight losses for the Yankees. Catching them at the right time right now banged up in the pitching staff Jay had going on the DL wouldn't. And foot mild disease which is strange. And they have chance Adams pitched pretty well actually it is visually did you consider yankees have been struggling and also was at Fenway Park. Give up to two run homer to Moreland in the first minute JD Martinez with a solo sharp shot in the Arab. Fourth inning but it. But to pitched pretty well considering his Major League debut but Nathan of all the end. You know we had debt load and otherwise less than a lot of talk about we're so it felt I mean that was a jam last night. Amid kinda even though this was another jam he almost feel like well hole hmmm I mean. Same result almost mirror image. Really except for Boris solos. Was a complete game. And it was a one hitter he didn't give up the one run to Miguel and do more than authority aid but then retired the final 21 he faced and I was as dominant. This was almost equally as dominant from Nathan of all the as his former team just three hits no morons. Walked one struck out four over eight innings. We want to find that they do you expect him down scoreless outings every time out but that's been the case so foreign his first TO. Especially dawn against the Yankees at Fenway but it's one thing goes seven scoreless against Minnesota. And his debut which was last Sunday it's another thing to do it against the Yankees in this is a guy that did win fourteen games a few seasons back. Would new York and what I find. To this point anyway I mean this guy if he keeps on going and their stocks talk about. Impatient on the ball open in the playoffs which could happen who knows still play time left. As being that you know. Seventh eighth inning guy and he might end up being and is in the playoff rotation. If he continues to pitch well he could very well be part of the playoff rotation for the red size and they take it. 401 they use use the home run ball and and his team can waited so many ways we've seen it. It's been violated in this yankees series the fifteen runs they run fourth inning on. Thursday night that last night the get the pitching doing the job today it's again the pitching doing the job distorting pitching. Me so much for being an eighth inning guy after reports sell low and and of all the today. So just remarkable stuff from the Red Sox tough to complain about too much the low spots today Craig Kimbrel. Walking that tightrope there are benign disease got the first two batters quickly on strikeouts why Curran Gardner but then. The John Carlos stand down it was final stride doubles TJ grew glorious ropes to double the square stand. And then all of a sudden control issue watch ex wife's Torres bases loaded but gets Greg bird to fly out. To finish it out so red sex ate half fob. You know you wanna see what's what I would Chris hale are they the team to beat and all of baseball I think it's either Red Sox are used to visit. Right now if you have to look at it right now. And can have all the makings. You know the Yankees right now played one game wild card against either Oakland or Seattle right now Oakland. Which won this prize definitely this prize the American League at stake as a half game lead at Seattle. Whether it's Oakland Seattle yankees player that he could very well BC yankees Red Sox AL BS and I think that's what's gonna end up happening. I six point 777979837. You can. Texas as well 379. B 37 as we get to the phone calls at first up is Jim in Medford a gem. I don't know you know Leo Laporte and welcome back thank you. Yeah yeah. I don't wanna get off my chest. Although. Anger at all these people who would just saying that really doesn't matter. The play out all that matters. You know that would and so excited about this. Compliment you on essentially run. In out. It's. I think they're better team and we'll last year. I think that's pretty obvious so even the playoffs. I think they should be centered. In on and on just. Yeah no I mean look at idea I think that I mean a lot of people's I mean this is typical Boston temper. There is the excitement is tempered you know because of you know what's happened in recent play out pass with his team not be able get. Past the first round but yeah there's definitely feel I mean I think the manager has something to do with that. I think some of the additions have something to do it'd. It just as a general field definitely the manager given him a boost of made. There's a lot of times it did last year. Felt like what John Farrell. I heard earlier today tried to Mazda Bentsen did the outs is decorated like every game he was managing his last game like every game was a must win game and I'm sure he felt some pressure but. It was definitely it seems to be more loose atmosphere this season and is this team definitely I mean. A lot of big guys Chris Sale is saying this is you know best club he's ever played for. Best pledged teammates. I mean not that there was major overhauls there was deathly some changes but. Yeah I mean you know you get debts would more experience bended Tandy with more experience Bogart's as well and now feeling confident there's no question about that no I'm sure they feel like take away an ever which way which they really have this season. Yeah I guess it all those aren't aware into the plant systems or divide that certain game and it's fun. The historic season. He had no I'm with the agenda enjoy it and they should be enjoying it especially the way they played against the Yankees who were definitely really right now and economists write down but they also. I'm part of the group I'm enjoying it but I'm also like all right I feel like the Red Sox. Heard definitely in the conversation if not me right now they feel like you're the team to beat all of baseball but I'm also like our right. I wanna CO sale comes out of it off the DL. I wanna see if price can finally beat this yankees team to give them some confidence so I still myself. Even though I feel like the year the favorites right now and I would say they are the favorites. I I you know still wanna see how they they get the job done here in the post season I mean obviously amid because because. Did they say they win a 110111. Games but if they bow allowed the first space in the AL BS to the Yankees. You'll feel locked. You know boy Willie field deflated I mean I will anyway and. So I don't know it's almost it's almost like just completely dismissing the patriots kicked in and out season is lost I'm just. That's not remembering. I had no I mean a wise but in thanks Jim and I love the optimism in the enthusiasm but I mean. You know I do remember that well very well the sixty you know season but I remember even more than those are the giants' miserable. And aid that's the thing I think that we do you know as Boston fans prior to 2004. You know 2003 officers are heartbreak with Aaron Boone and everything there but. I I think that we've got ingredient in it for good reason here is Boston fans from all the titles I mean right now woods nowadays is championship. Or broke a mean I think that some Red Sox fans would take something if I mean maybe some. If say the Red Sox went this would be that would be discouraging to have the red sex. So lurid sex and the Yankees played alias red sex advanced to play Houston in the ALCS and lose. And would you feel great about the season and it is still playing time. To go but I feel like you know it's World Series. At least reaching the World Series have not really winning the war answer is because I think their better with the than the Dodgers even with the additions of Manny Machado and Brian Dozier and everything else I still think that they're a better all around team and Dodgers are ready to in the National League as stock for the cubs anyone else. I'd let's continue with the cause here's deeds and frankly it gave. I don't hurt you man as the game great game and her Russian news. You'd think they'll laugh. When picture out there that wouldn't it Louis game. That's a good question all right so. Yet they have 3478. And 3444. About 500. So there is what fifty. One games left. Some were our resume was that something like that. I mean this was well yeah this is game 112. So. And so forty gave this left. Had that's. It. Yeah I mean look they'd be is right around there I mean that's a very good question rarely. Because I mean they still had amended the pilot not the wins which is a big difference between the red sex yankees were. No amid. The lousy Baltimore oils have played the eight he's even this season Tampa Bay's played and even whether. Read says it crushed teams like Baltimore. And it. Yeah I mean I'd probably say they do. They do because they Stewart had some serious they get to against Cleveland they've got. Houston but it is a good question will be right around there not too much more than that. Right what they've you know. Rest a lot of guys last week it'll be election and state. Yeah I mean I'm I'm so curious as to tomorrow night CO David Price pitches after. You know back to bag jams by pour so and of all the and he's gone up against session the yankees' hottest pitcher monster attack who has pitched well since coming off the DL is now headed to or overall but yeah I mean as. That's going to be really. Interstate tomorrow night at Fenway Park their tickets they go for the scrimmage of this week any team and a four game series nevermind the Yankees even whether injuries. All right Dave have you enjoyed the game was great game to go for an all three games if you're a fan and any three of these games. All great games to go to as we continue their phone call users Jordan to curry Jordan. Hello hello. I'm here talking about any land. Last game as you know a bald B a jam. And then yesterday for fellow exam omelet I've really doesn't get enough credit toward these guys. I mean that's. You know sale of suspicion delay owned and obviously with the Vazquez out early on duel in the made majority negotiated will continue to do so now obvious why aren't. On the mend as well. You know I don't know I would guess to be catching tomorrow night to go in this series and then maybe they. Well they adopted Monday who knows what to do Tuesday but yeah I. And they were so praised him up and daddy get credited Leo and last night in his post game interview. I wanna see him in the flat out I don't wanna keep that has good I think layout game calling the wake of foreign instead of the back even now it double it like that. Yeah I mean I think that yeah I know and that was a key thanks for because George. I William BC lay it lay on catch jail. You know Vasquez probably catch price right. Leno might work with a volley who knows some and there's still odd to be shake out here over the final really almost two full months. Of the regular season but yeah I mean I have no problems gave Colin. Red sex in terms of their offensive catcher position has been what it was last year with a combination of asking is the only known. And now that's is that would have broken finger but to have. Yeah that was pivotal really and I did he did overturn that that fourth rod. That was really key insurance especially against this yankees' attack even though they have nowhere judge her Gary CH is added an insurance and seventh. I I that there wasn't enough there overturned that but it did kick out gist. Right on the ad outside of the shock applied. By the follow live near in left field may be overturned and that was key run for the Red Sox tonight let's go to rich in Providence before the break you rich. But he injured rich. The you were talking to. That the media guide before the game last night his name is escaping me. Bradford wrapped right circle that route that's he'll be joining me at some point and shoot him and I didn't. He mentions. Two minor leaguers on Obama a a reliever who's doing certain heads Durban Feldman. Yeah. And Hilario lefty righty righty. Oh. TC UN and it might be interesting. If so if he ends up getting called up in September. In which has happened in the past and actually up with a TC reliever. When the royals went to the World Series and a guy named branded Finnegan years back where he was drafted. That year in and ended up. Get into the Major League club and actually be part of oppose his roster and annals that'll happen but I would be excellent. Yeah well we'll see many could be a September call I believe you said hi eight now. So still it. And the other guy what. See he's vulnerable league he's. 27 years old I hitter with the other guy. No Soledad that was. That was part of I mean today a call up Tony Rand oh who were placed Ian Kinsler goes on the DL he's got a majority mini. Only other time we played the big leagues was couple years ago the reds. OK but it is so who was the other guy that's Iran was. Rob mention a couple of different guys. Last night if I remember. In terms of the the even mention a guy out Barbie doll back who's at Portland's had a bunch of home runs. Others the Durban Feldman Feldman kid. And I'm I'm actually hero I think it was Josh are coming years someone at the docket someone like that I can't exact reverse them. A couple of things. They talked about they brought back Pedroia too fast. I'm not so sure. If they brought him back later on if it the same thing wouldn't happen and the last thing. Concerning Chris Sale I think they should seriously consider. Just not allow him if they can't. Not just allow him to miss one start. But at least to start. Now that might happen to me is the next area news. If he comes out the DL he could make his start against Toronto which is coming up one of the games of that series. You know that there has been any word of that I'll ask rob what he joins me at some point about you know what's the latest on Chris dailies in the clubhouse every day or. The reason the reason for it is because as as we know. As you know that's. When the season gets stretched out as long. The longer it goes on. The more tired yet so let's not last year yeah yeah I I think it would be wise to give him. An extra week off. Well they might I mean sale probably wouldn't like that that much that might happen thanks for courage appreciated. Yeah we shall see in terms of Chris Sale haven't heard anything of latent in terms of you know I haven't heard anything in terms of a setback. Would this DL stint with a sore shoulder but. You know. What they're gonna be conscious would sale anyway. I mean and hill in the U wanna go eight innings every time out if he can't mean that she's the type competitor he is which is what I like about Chris Sale but. Ya know bill. They'll love be conscious because it was right around this time last year maybe you'll before that sales started to lose a little bit as steep prices John right it would be Red Sox reveal. As. We can now take your calls here at 617 we will take your calls heard 6177797937. You texas' well 37937. Right size when I get beat the Yankees yet again that is becoming routine is that. So they've. No five and warned against the out yankees. Add to Fenway Park this season now seven and five on the season will continue here with the Red Sox should be able. Get into more of those red sex of the yankees' CC lined up there on the phone lines room to a couple mobilize six point 7779. 7937. You can text as is well 37 Danny threesome will be back more of this break your at W yet. Jenrette over the reds actually here for a as we. Continuing your phone calls after another red sex when you know it's crazy to think you have put the screws on these to be even less than two hours and fifteen minutes to play this game. Ended up by taking. Let's have a the first three and half innings were 45 minutes of Red Sox yankees game and NATO is this really red sex yankees and he didn't and they most fans will take it. Two hours in fifteen minutes last night he had reports LO two hours 33 minutes. And if wasn't for that Ted top of the ninth which ended up taking twenty minutes with. Craig Kimbrel breezing through the first two batters and struggling and eventually getting Greg Burgess scouts consider field. So of all the I mean he was just absolutely on cruise control is at fifteen batters the east after five innings and he was remarkable. Today would that cutter I mean it's utter and and and his fastball and get up here in the in the ninety's in the slider was impacted all three pitches working and he said so. While we watched it new and I've. Easily we saw what was happening out here of all the ages pitched jam. In fact you know it I started she note in the red sex goes before the game that two and a half two hour fifty minute red sex game shortest game of the season for Red Sox. Also the shortest nine inning Red Sox yankees game yet to go all the way back to may of 1994. So red sex pitching behind debt. Of all the and or sell all the past two nights no Steve peers today so is unable to homered. But JD Martinez went deep as 33 it's been a while for him just five games. And Mitch Moreland. With a two run shot his thirteenth of the seasons the red size once again when scoring first and admitted credible 5370. When scoring first debate. I could probably bore you to death with these stats but and I won't do that but they're just. Remarkable that he just all of these numbers that they're putting out but the question is. As one person text in any context as well 37937. 714 Texas World Series or bust for this team and it's still feel a lot of people feel that way and in the way they're gone. And and what was it to the 2001 mariners they're 160. Games and had bowed out to the Yankees who eventually lost to Arizona that year I believe the media World Series but job. Behind Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson that's right that's right in the Luis Gonzales with a bloop single a game winner. So what amendment Datsyuk line after that. Like a piece of chewed gum from Luis Gonzales in that World Series raid that. That clinching game or something went for some crazy amount of money at auction didn't Luis Gonzales and when it like the home run derby one year to I think so he has some good years here with Arizona. Yeah it. Yeah that was back when I mean I know still people involved the memorabilia stuff like that but that was back Quinn now it was really crazy period of time would some of that stuff of course. People's incomes were a little bit better. That time some people anyway but. The yeah that was a V 9892 laden as would double choir balls rolled fraud money but we digress let's get back for the full calls here's. Paul and west feel Nepal. Aren't immune. Wider hole there every hire is crumbling. Absolutely wonderful to what remember he did we're that game page you'll recognize the idea that would one home run no. Yeah it is nine united chili Davis home run knows that. Hell yeah but we're looking. My gut you know that it would miserable and half empty I don't give a credit the old team in the Clinton loads to market what was it did accompany you know times. If grouchy but you coached a happy attitude and they are having more fun and the most fun is let distracted in court it focuses. You wicket. It a lot what would it Carter and look at different birds there knuckleballer. Disappearing wiggling ball look when I'm. Others while there's not a lot of guys that could throw cutter and 94 miles per hour and you know it AA. But of all the ages seems made what obviously these two starts that they expect this all the time but I mean this has been remarkable they didn't give up really anything for Mangini would dates. Looted spoke to his first appearance for Tampa Bay I don't know what he's done since then. But. You know when he was you're the red size and even in terms of the prospects. List heading into the season I mean just kind of another guy so they didn't give up much he is a free agent after the season and a boy he could make a lot of money out there. If if he pitches well down the stretch for the Red Sox and had pitched well in the post season. Images based on these two starts he's going to be teams look at them. Absolutely at doctor Google you don't but he joggers. People from pride still visible at your putt at cookie in the 100 gay but I think the argument they're focused that. Yeah it seems has seventeen years ago amid that is pretty funny points and. It's funny but what that the anything about it it. The fact usually aren't that. Slipped under the radar and got it or not. After they had it can't catch that smoke out the Yankees what you equate them. You get to cry October remedy when we gave away wet out here that here you thought she black QB Jack you bought in the clay altered deliberately and then. But when ball like 99.9 percent accuracy. Oh there you go I thought it was a hundred would you Paul. We don't want. To. Act like Ted Wells said wells dug to. I talked thanks have a good Saturday night out there and western mass. Dead numbers I was looking to if you're wondering you about the players that'd pitch for both the Red Sox. And the Yankees I had list here in front of me or get to what I do I know a few of them were well obviously the one that stands out Roger Clemens won people who wanna hear that. But he had what Ramiro Mendoza was on the list to get to a remember him. That'd started games for both the Red Sox and the Yankees right back calls use James in Arizona a James. We're not good over your. On through guidance on since he won't be as well as our scenes that is. This boy yeah regular season no question I mean I I think dead down. It does it add while obviously has that feel 44 games above 500. I'm in only teams to win a hundred games for the Red Sox last won do we have to go back to 1946. Of the. Well on the color you are there watching that Sox since 1960. I remember yeah each told Canadian Carol. I'm and one committed Gerald. And so foreign terms of regular season mean. Medal for team with special way to play shady field as well are you enjoy it. Yeah well I mean look Boston boy I enjoy watching I like that when your beat. 'cause they can win multiple ways they can win and we've seen this is the defining it does series with the Yankees we know you get a you know of fifteen run knighted offensive explosion on Thursday night to come back then and they do wood pitching. These two now I mean they can do with their base running they could do would power they could do was starting pitching. They you do it I might ask somebody why. Do you think that is wonderful quotations and here. Definitely one of them in our own. You know I all swore. Was pretty damn good with Pedro Schilling. Aaron Beard. Okay my 807 was very good and made people forget how good Josh Beckett was a year that he had. Jon Lester as well and Kirch and that was the with a team with a one. Never done much. And I understand what should affect their vote. I don't know luck I means sale I mean all sale. We're so I don't know if I'd rate it as is the best. You know it. You know it is it is a very good rotation very solid rotation I don't know all through the best in baseball I don't know if I may sales is sale is the is the best pitcher I think in the majors right now even though is on the DL but I would city used to rotations I give the nod to them over the Red Sox right now. Forcing other builders Cleveland double off. Yeah little oh kind of told them even though kimbo fight else issues. Yet now he's kind of been a little bit shakier there at different points who put up he's put up great numbers but to yeah a couple of different occasions this season included today. He's been a little bit to scary at times I hear is Blair in Maine before the break gave Blair. Let's talk on the man what we're. They don't want a win there Red Sox play is in that absolutely no. The Red Sox are at that scene now we're playing all right now Bowen direct shot. And that plane is in this season during the season. On the playoffs were talking during the regular season matchup I think both those teams had well. You know the red size it's it's crazy to think that the Red Sox and I think this would happen. And all that I didn't think they'd get above about four games on the Yankees this season in fact I'd be surprised it was that it's eight and a half now. I mean I think that would happen at that these teams we've fight tooth and nail to liberalize day of the season. Yeah you're right. Totally ray and look at their region now they look like a piece of crap. Well they have so far this series and that's one way to and it's an active player takes yet they have bookings right to. They haven't got much going on offense which it with the exception of the opener this series. And yet this is the pitching of four sell and that's one of the reasons why they added evolving not as a potential get a ball but I am sure they view him as disorder and yeah I if need be. That could be the case in the post season won't be the case that they get the regular season but. The Yankees in the Astros are both struggled Morgan's right handed pitcher in the left it pitcher that's why they wanted to go out there. And made the acquisition for writing and starter. It is interesting everyone was talking about a host fans what the right size and add. A bullpen piece of trade deadline they didn't ended to a net they still could maybe do that through waivers I still think they might. But really key and I think what they did under the radar. They're really good moves reduce breast gimme for to browse to go out there and trade for sale like you did the pastor kimberlite he did in the past those aren't surprises but. What he had to give up in terms appears not much a Jalen beach for a fall league. And even the kids would dearly two triple a relievers and now he's on the man right now but their a couple of things that have been. You know kind of flown under the radar dark because the bullpen or and always is a magnified. Is Red Sox adding a right handed starting pitching they needed to shore the defense a little bit more at second base to one. You know Eduardo Nunez out there every day who struggled at times defensively and at the plate although he's picked up a little bit more. And they also. As well you know right hand disorders. And this was such a top heavy left in the rotation also would the failings of drew Palmer ends. In this rotation. And by the way if he didn't notice last but he said he would be impeded available to pitch. Out of the bullpen if needed. So we'll see how that all shakes out lets get one more and before the break is said Dan in Nashua a dead. AI eagle and a good that I just got one question I'd take their responsibility. Not so men. I mean I icing gal of course Bloomberg. A flight that OK and but the question I have is that they let plus so local and there. Okay pitches ninth inning. Okay which was really very few affordable water and then let a guy who won and I know this is the needle saying what is called full. A good thing for the picture why it didn't they'd let the other guy or. Yeah I I think he was say it was at 93 pitches where cell ended up going to 86 overall which is just incredible it was 8668. For strikes last night. They had camera warming up I think a couple of different things. He was closing in on 100 pitches in his second start with a Red Sox. It's coming out to second Tommy John surgery and that doesn't happen too often you get to Tommy John surgeries for starting pitcher usually. You know that spells doom two usually don't pods back that is sales at night and Kimbrel had worked since last Sunday. When he saved up all these firstar with a Red Sox so I think those are the factors why a volley didn't go out there for the night. Try to reason why a matte here this OK Asia and I understanding exactly what you're saying what I am saying is this. Okay is that bailout pot so Gordon yeah why not why not. Why not this is an ex Yankee pitcher. Why not let him go on there and let them screw up his own game. It was shut for the zero. Okay Levinson lubbers told game and if he screwed up a couple of times dead port Campbell out there. But the thing is allowing him to go on and usually ninety. And so that you know why because a lot of people told to a lot of pages for a lot of people put a lot of. Other people to. General but you know but I I think that it takes that called Dan. Now his confidence was at the top separate I don't think if you know. He needed to ninety to feel great about that he had great pitch complete game how many guys do would Major League Baseball hardly ever happens in the orbit I don't think he needed that ninth. To feel like are right well now I've really done the job on the needed the job overeat and he did his job. And then some today. John Ryder it's nice relate to the break 617779798372. Text is 37937. More to this. I. Your journey Saturday night Jenrette it would dear Red Sox view. It's we take your phone calls it 61777979837. You can text us as well. At 3798. Resemble get some sound your way suppose team. Talk at least know what the media had to ask Allen score and others as well after this one the rights act now score lasted for this one after getting ejected last night the first inning getting heated. And and understandably so and and that was definitely the right time for his first generation of the season he's. I think clearly last night Tim. Where can I think of his name now who we Severino this what happens when you work a million days thoroughly Severino. Last night coming up that in and on both keep beds. And that was definitely justified. Maggie was clearly trying to hit debts. And that in that situation last night I thought that was going to be one of those epic large choose to open ports Salo. Boy to the breeze less bad Nathan of all needed today I did find that list. Of Red Sox yankees. Two pitch for both teams are start for both teams. In the past I should get a text forbid cone Ramiro Mendoza. David Wells of course. And then if your goal on backs on bill mom but can't frank today and a Louis T ad might Torres. And then there was a couple other guys as well Raleigh Sheldon lavender and it would. Gary was loose. There you go I know people were just you know couldn't wait on the edge of their seat. For that information right 6177797. ID 378 Texas at 37 daddy 37. The reds nicer view or the red sex game. That I think people are most fascinated wind is tomorrow night when you get to a price going up against mossy Hiro Tanaka. That's that's. I mean it's all up on price right and it figures that. You know the Yankees have their best of late going into markets many yankees right now. Are definitely really I mean due to dig out twelve and fourteen and their past 25 so just hasn't been this Red Sox series. And they've been struggling since wearing a braves series about a month ago. So it is. Noah and not getting really anything done on offense in the Yankees today. Did end up scoring in this game and tell the and tell the ninth inning I mean so you're talking about getting blanked. From the authority after the forward last night all until the ninth tonight and look like who's going to be shadowed brig he's been shut out four times this season. Red Sox have eleven shut out on this eleven shut outs on the season all of them commanding eleven show announced. Leads Major League Baseball 6177797937. You can text us as well at 37. 937 is a World Series or bust is this divisions showed up. For the red side said they both of those yes I would say yes to those who love to hear you Arafat's on this team. It's tough this is kind of a crazy question asked. I guess is any security concerns were destroyed sexting and I guess the biggest one and has been since the beginning of the season is. David Price and I leverage situation where David Price in the post season is that it. Right now you wonder I mean if port so continues to pitch well. If football league continues to pitch well. You know prices pitched well against most teams outside of the Yankees. But to depending what happens they still go with price number two in the post season or did they go pour sell or number two in the post season. At this rate you could even make an argument for Marcelo beat two. Of all the being three and then right before you could I think that if they play the Yankees in the AL BS. If they play the Yankees are alias I think you almost have to start torso in game two at home at federally in and I think it makes more sense to make price scheme Ford just because of the giant right handed matching lineup yankees that. They just I mean with guys like stand in judge you did they just mashed left handed pitching and it it just makes sense ago. Sale or sell low all the against the Yankees. That shot and time that they're talking Christian and the porter's running things by the board John Ryder here with the red sex react I think I mean right. Two brilliant starts from port seller against the Yankees have federally he had the no hitter through six earlier in the season at Fenway and then he had last night. What ended up happening so. I think you almost have to you have to go sale was like he's healthy I mean that's that's really the other concern is I mean that's the biggest conservative more than price of the boys. You know CO gonna be five heading into the post season. Wholesale perform in the post season that's. That's really it. I think this team skated good pitching. I don't have can you know. Big ranging concerns about their lineup. I don't think that the post season bright lights will affect Judy Martinez. But you can within it just seems so automatic it's almost robotic within a minute psyches. You know is he human because if you guys just so small and everything I mean it just had a yeah I'll strike out here there is a couple strikeouts today but I just makes it look so easy having that home run. It was just you know and no doubt her and it was just Lagos smooth swing out of here on a breaking pitch. What was had a Larry today weird seek out you know there wasn't. Really much talked about it because the resides in the breeze and win four to one bit. We'll keep bad struck out three times today in four at bats. So that was. Something that you don't see very often I think that's only the second time this happens it's a still PC people might transcend and are tremendous season with the angels but. They're not going to post season again. And noted that doesn't have a come around but I still a lot of see a lot of national opponents going without Mike Trout as the MVP right now in the American League I would start. I think it has to be who keep that Sino. That icy bets on a more consistent basis but just looking at two over a pitcher has to be bats I would even say the run Iraq is an argument. Right now anyway between Jose Ramirez of Cleveland. Trout JD Martinez. I think but I think that's is the clear cut and BP right now. So I think it at a yankees you know big question too is with the Yankees go with a guest. You know paper and Louise Severino a wild card game if they win that wild card game. By the way if they lose that wild card game. And it as the Red Sox are playing Seattle. Or Oakland. I can't see it happening but imagine the Red Sox losing one of those teams and alias. I'd be more correct I mean I don't know what would be more horrific dad or losing to the may now be a major major upset. The way the Yankees look right now it would probably the more upsetting to lose the Yankees like I would think that I hit a healthy Yankee team in the playoffs. It would be it would hurt a lot more at least a team like Seattle Oakland picture yet I've got a bunch of different people texting and now. With an idea that I thought no cure about but I know are wrong loves red sex yankees a bunch of pictures that have pitched for both the red sexy age I was just mentioned those that started. For both teams but yes of course Sparky Lyles it would texted in. Couple different textures about that would take stood. Babe Ruth. And Alfredo or Savvis for the donut Dan how could donut man how could we forget about Alfredo was sentenced parlance get back to the cause her shot and Ido issue on. Hello and good evening they're gentlemen thanks for taking my call this evening. And Saturday nights and I know she. That looked a little bit after five right there which loan that's right it's. Yeah. But I always enjoy let your guys joke that UAW EI and of course these ports that you guys are great my concern is that. You're welcome my concern as is great Kimbrel OK I think that's still a bit of a concern because you know like when they played eight great innings I might Kimbrel. You can't be doing this because against the twin engine blew the save and tonight I don't know what was the wrong problem here was a curve ball or what he needs. I don't didn't throw any animals eating I as far as I cited Taiwanese ground balls and resolve most tragic. But I doubt got to get none all your Wright problem you started declaration you are right I mean it it it has been at times this season. And I can point out a few different times of high wire act even though he still has a great numbers but it has been at times. Exactly and and it means to be sexy. If that was their game or game seven and he came. And equaled game and he. Either gave up runs that had a game high you know gave up like a three run triple three run double order to revved up worse RBI single. That's the problem I remember Colin a few weeks ago I think it's our view about this too. Look we remember about 2017. American League divisional series in the accurate only needed. You do is Q1 outlook for the best probably would have won it under Raphael Bieber walked cop and the shock inside the park. Home run or even would have tied it at Belcher unhappy RBI double or. Yes the twins for example I couldn't believe that so Kimbrough you really he really mean. To get his act together because. That was scary for all of us were like. Want baker the ball he's pitched eight solid. No well and you know yeah it wasn't like I mean you know can play devil's advocate here wasn't it. He had. Stanton data was final strike stand erodes the double then Gregorian with a double but. We're not tied it about you know you know Sheen Robin sooner roster Roma and at the bottom of the orders of the so. But it's still well I'm what I'm with you get like Amway yet and I wonder sometimes he started taking those who calls shot. About this being a free agent year for him I don't know if he's thought about that at all but sometimes I get the guys as he gets it later in the season. Let's get to Wally in Fall River real quick before the break it while it. Yeah I think less. Let's have some fun guy having what 44 games over 500 now. Bright and actually no it was his Lasik do let's let him beat good teams. And now look I think that total price trying to yankees but wreck site may be should be happy is that land but as far as I thought they'd just wanna give cameras don't work. Yeah. Right we look back at 2011. When Pepsi was the General Magic. They need it came down this threat or did he get every bit dive. But the fact that they you know I below us what. Put me out of 26 games I don't think this team is gonna do that believing that I received a bachelor's site seems. I've seen Felix the cat play man yet. But then done by the Eddie pursuit I mean you have to I've seen here all the good the bad and they make this this thing that despite so I know. Then as it did everything seemed to be going right in the. I can gnome everything's clicking while I appreciate the phone call has always had it is with a marquee season 44 games above 500 are up against the break John Ryder Red Sox view. Low blood get your break you're trading down there rob Bradford will be cardinal talked him out red sex yankees and everything Red Sox are coming up here on WEEI.