Red Sox Review - President Trump holds a celebration for America; Callers are divided on Trump and NFL anthem rule 6-5-18

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Wednesday, June 6th
Hour 2: Mut agrees with the NFL on its anthem policy and recaps a wild day from the White House after the Eagles were uninvited to celebrate their Super Bowl win.

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Red Sox were. On W. So we stands. Together for freedom we stand together for patriotism. And we proudly stand. For. Our glorious. Nation. Under god. I want to thank you all for being here this is a beautiful big celebration. Actually to be honest it's even bigger than we had anticipated so I want to thank you very much and god bless America thank you everybody. Thought the circle believe the best. He's flooded Knight Red Sox you would ever wanna call over here until midnight tonight your phone calls. Here in this hour at 6177797937. May get some of the patriots stuff. Later on in this hour but the story continues to be amazingly. The National Anthem the president in the National Football League in this thing is just. It's a mossy and tossing out begin tomorrow from two to six and for dale and Keith Dailey is cuts and emergency oral surgery. Happening now that's a bowl I I don't know but he's he's not in tomorrow. And then keep this sunning and find some more in the tropics so. You get mossy and I. Who from the beginning of this issue. Have been on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to than Vietnam and certainly when it comes to the president and politics here in this country. And for me it was pretty simple it for the president. As to mossy calls a co opted this issue and made it his own. It always bothered me that the Galley Colin Capra nick was the guy kneeling in front center at this thing a guy who clearly. Has dish with authority I went on social media campaign a police officers. As slave owners. It did at war a Fidel Castro T shirt around a war pigs Sox at practice. He he is he is opinions on police in this country. I don't think jive with the majority of the opinions of people here in this country for him and should be the initial. Neal heard the voice at this thing. Even though he's done some great things since then. From a done money donations another time commitments I get all that. But he should not have been the guy front senator when things really got hot. When it came to Vietnam and Colin Capp predict. He was nowhere to be found he shut the entire thing down. He wanna talk about anymore said he wanted to literally didn't wanna play then tried to play wanna money to play a blob while global block. That's where this whole circle bleed started. Way back with Colin capita in since then the thing has taken on about seven different. You know roles and situations here where it comes to Vietnam and trump. Because initially when Capra nick and players were kneeling for Vietnam. People didn't like it of will be a bit this is now been. What bothers me and what Hamas and apple get into tomorrow I'm sure we get into tonight 6177797937. What bothers me is that. I think there's been this response to the president. And the way he is chosen to handle this as a major issue for he and the presidency. Because he knows that works for NBC told Jerry Jones according to the Wall Street Journal week ago they say winning issue for me. Your poorly told the cowboys owner so. Before Pope afford that before that. Players were dealing and the fans didn't like it. Andy's been pretty consistent now for a couple years. He's never been like 70%. Or 80%. But pretty consistently. Between 53 and 54 and 60% of Americans would have been polled by AP or Gallup or whatever entity is done it. It's there it a little bit but it's always a little bit more than majority of people. Don't ever think it's appropriate to Neil during the anthem and this is before trump this is before the Eagles today this is before anything else. When players were dealing tumble it and this has been lost in the shuffle here because it's it should have been pretty simple. The players were dealing fans didn't like it. Trump took the thing over. And then from the air what I think has happened in a lot of cases and I I'll include eagle situation today in this conversation. The players have now taken in dealing not to be for their cause. Whether it be police brutality. Or better inner city schools or pick your cost has been many causal on the way but players who have been needling. They're at times picked in mail pick and choose what they are dealing for. But and at the the the real Corbett why that happened today. What does happen across the NFL. Is the players are so pissed off that the president. Because based view the president as co opt in this issue is a zone debt that son of a good job of dale. And they view exactly they'd be the president is now making them the enemy. Then they kneeling and the anti anthem. It's act is not the right word but the guy at the approach. And wind the freedom to kneel down there and he had them have now and at times it is not an entity with a cause now it really is not the new with a cause. We shouldn't be playing you should be there maybe you shouldn't be in the country. It's about the president and it's about how they feel about. The way she is treated this issue. And self forever John Hamas sequel where it comes on here it's that the league is true this wanted Hamas is Jarrett who use a 101000 times tomorrow. Between two point six. But the league is draped itself in the flag that Donald Trump is draped itself in the flag you what the players have done many in the. They've taken a kneeling to be their stance against the president instead of making it. It means something. Instead of actually having a cause to stand behind here. Their cause is anti trump. They're causes anti president so they Neil as they shot at a middle finger towards the president that's it's become for a lot of these players. That's what became today. Any idea don't like the policy of the president they don't like the president they work and ago and of course the president disinvited him. Of course you did. This guy a year ago excuse me. Tom Brady doesn't show up at the White House. I forget what is official excuse was touting the look that up and see exactly that it was you. Other other things and I'm quoting Mike stings. As Donald Trump would say. But it was it's clear like he he doesn't want to. Publicly now endorse the president because of how we think is Abaxis family and his wife to Zell and his sisters he was once team trump. And now publicly flat out probably had no idea of a public les bailed on this president. Completely bailed. And so Tom Brady. The MVP of the Super Bowl. Gonna be the greatest quarterback of all time. Doesn't go. Doesn't show up at the White House. The present a United States does it. Mention Tom Brady so that was back when his mom was six and he came out said that he was he he'd wanna go to announcement on his mom that okay that. That that was is a public result from October and and by the way that might be true. But the way the president took it when he did not show up there at the White House the way the president took it was it's a shot at me. And so you had an alien find out where is what is it where where is there any damage Dolan. Who also I don't think was there that day. Any mention like ten different players he doesn't mention Brady. By any anecdotal. Is yeah. Yeah. Imagine not mention the quarterback. The Super Bowl winning team who as this epic fourth quarter comeback. Kid got utter. Brady the quarterback or TB 12188. About the comeback in Belichick and Emmitt a look at both guy. He thought it middle of thirty wasn't. A disinvited the Eagles today. But this is this is not a surprise. It's a typical power trump move. Are all I'm fired up what I quit you can't fire me I quit. It stands a 101. Any get to this it's crap today worry that oh it's a bigger ceremony that we thought he get a IE get so caught up in the stuff. It was embarrassing it was you know. It was it it turnip is dumb protests thing worked in the two guys kneeling in yelling at the press and I'm not what I'm not sure what it was supposed to be. But I I should just accountable thing and maybe the result is that we stop sending teams of the White House. Which I guess is finally meet but. I always thought it it was not supposed to be about politics I don't Theo Epstein didn't go. Because the president certain different times and obviously Tim Thomas did not go. But yes I did this big thing. You know sort of critical Thomas couple Beers go what he didn't go Sen knotts not political. That's really the tactic to tee it. Where the players are being lauded for this huge stance there taking against the Prez like Tim Thomas that wasn't seen as some great stance wasn't. It was seen as all you let your teammates down. But now because they'll build the liberal media the majority of the media liberal as they are doesn't like trump now these guys are heroes. And I I appreciate the players who have taken time to do different things of both their causes. I appreciate that every guy's donated money every guy we spent time or volunteer order. Went and spoke somewhere and and really put their time and effort into it. I appreciate those guys. I don't have a lot of sympathy or I cannot. I cannot summon the war courageous. For the NFL players in the open the at them or decide not to go to the White House to take a victory lap for. I can't do and that's just my personal opinion. And so am I throw the way trump pale was to wait did today no am I surprised no. But to sit here and just just rag on the president. For cooped in the issue and singles point doing this for his as political base will mobile leap that's what politicians do. I would argue that the players at this point many of them are doing it just to. Not the president. And just make the president look bad just take it anti trump stance and not for their cause so much is it's been cooperating in Tomas is mine and other's mind by the president. The players now doing the same thing. And so I don't know where it's going a week Kirk and I are about this last week. I like the way the NFL held at least the comfort given the other options they had. If the options were. Keep the rules the same then Neill stand whatever. I have the options where everybody stand. Which the players never would've gone for I thought what have a bigger push back. I thought they found a good medium it's being criticized today Dan Wetzel and Alex three murder bunch of the guys that I read this afternoon they're all being very critical Mallon. But the owners who should on this and showed it on that. I was OK with it. But clearly the players are and I'm not sure what the plea deal archer what. Program led the NFL could come up with. These players are so anti trumpet this point in somatic trump for the way he's handled this than not I think it was gonna it was going to be an issue either way. So it can be less of an issue if fielding anymore I just and I don't know how it ends at this point I have no freaking clue. Mike got some initial reaction is. To tell the players stalled stand up. And realize that at this point if they really have causes and things that they wanna promote and and and talk about a support. There are much better ways to do it. Then in the older than nationally at them. There are much better ways. Whether it's through their own time their own money. Their platform after the game you stay in the locker room and explained afterwards why you did it what you wanna do social media. Where there much more powerful message their the kneeling before game least in my mind as somebody thinks whether your played baseball football basketball. Should stand during the at them. It was heartening tonight to see if Fenway Park it was you always get applause one of those nights where everyone sort of stood and was quiet for the National Anthem. We looked around for the radio Booth up here who was it before on the phone people ward you know walking down the aisles. Would appear at hot dogs they were paying attention. It was heartening tonight's C in the fourth that he used great thing at Fenway Park for as dumb as die on the streets Carolyn Carolyn is. And it stopped doing it tomorrow and I would not shed a tear. When they're losing in the eight Denish generically sweet Caroline. But they do the heroes among us which for his status we Carolinas is freaking great. They honoring military member or somebody in some branch of the military. On the Red Sox dugout every and a.'s middle of third noble fourth inning. And tonight ovation was great kid from. I wasn't Attleboro I wrote down his name back through the papers away thunders to dummy. And the response was great I love that stuff. And an all not I'll speak for everybody but I I think did during that ninety seconds to minutes whatever it is is despite the in this I capella group. That was here helping did the Red Sox celebrate Jewish appreciation night was seen in the nationally at them. They stand up and you salute or if you want to Horrow behead every part of you wanna do it. But you don't Neil you don't see it you don't turn your back. And there are plenty of other ways to express is an athlete you're severe fell white park you mealy gonna make a scene. You're an athlete with a couple of thousand Twitter followers. Some better ways to go about. Advocating for your costs. And so what the court after this big circle bleak back and forth and you caught that know why did I still feel the same way did the beginning. Which the players that stand out I feel more strongly about that now quite frankly because it's got no point now on our country with the president. That the more you Neil the more you go against it the build build build less the less you are actually. Promoting whatever your cause is going to be and the more you were talking about. Just sort of anti trump an anti. His policy on this and the owners to an extent. 61777979837. A phone number we see guys lining up on the phone don't want a chance that. Get my thoughts out before we get some your phone calls here in the soured John in New Hampshire waiting patiently job what do you have. So much. I think one thing you're gonna talk about is. How many Philadelphia Eagles in the old all you heard yet I don't think I needed to know it would not. None back last night. Fox News will show a picture of Philadelphia Eagles yeah I want it it would actually icing it at that Kurt. Why Christian conservative player who would actually break before big day. They are sure the picture that prompts are and that's who Atlanta club said that this week. I think it would thing. By Fox News that can't resolve app. Now I saw what you saw today John and I think Fox News today 88. A very poor job and they they had opine about what they they should of apologized. They did apologize. They try to make this story today about the Eagles and look there were kneeling down. And if they're praying before game John the story a 1000% right. I don't think that's what led the president to. Cancel the trip today and what happened. Was he got wind that. There are always going to be a handful of Eagles players and and personnel that showed up it was gonna be a terrible optic to the president. And so he said no I'm not fired you're not you can't fire me I quit pedal to stand up. Like he said no we're gonna do it differently and he turn into in his mind something that was pro trump. We're gonna celebrate the national lipped on any given big speech today about what the happens a thousand. You heard him brag they're on the open good job by Kyle are produced starts ago we thought I was gonna be which a classic trump line. Where deep down they bailed out of this thing is will look bad. We want are less sure how many patriots players we're gonna go right. Ended up being a ton. The picture was it looks fine for trump. Is team web this year different climate. Different Eagles team I guess and the thing I've got clarification on yet we'll get to tick Kevin your phone calls your second on. Sarah Huckabee Sanders. That that that the press spoke with a spokesman for the president. Said today in her mind the way this went down is initially the Eagles said 81 people were going to be there. Then they cut that number down like ten or eleven or whatever laws. And she said they were trying to make a political statement by that. If that's George pretty simple they work the other part of this could then. That they had to give a certain number PS August speculated by some people on Twitter this afternoon sun and other correctly answer. But it might even more about the Eagles had to give a broader number early and therefore number late in the for an abortion less. And so wasn't trying to embarrass the president it was just hate eases going and Jeffrey Loria the Eagleton twisting one of armed ago. I've no idea of Kraft and Belichick did a year ago declare the Eagles were OK with sending a very small contingent there the president wasn't. Kevin is wants couple for the breakup Kevin. There have what's up Jeff. Protect her pregnant or little warm and open shirt go home why go it's at nighttime do what you want to talk show right now Kippur the. Perez. Preakness. I believe when he called I'll have another. Is one of the greatest. Called slow reasons I have never received an important contract diplomats somewhat. File out and other firms bode Meissner. Also great great race jazz where Larry kolbe said the call Larry. Always variant of that calls an excellent call that the preakness call correct. Yeah and argued that the person at Belmont but I'm. All right. Great great call Weller clueless is a great job call those races of the Kevin I I'd I'd back you up on echo it. A commitment from the symbolic rather. They're. Would be. Bachmann and then cool and I hear curtailment of non. At least flux. Can definitely tell you yeah. Record. Differently. You know home by. I think. I also want that was comparable us incurred. Or you there are thirty years and so. He was you know I don't know I guess I say to those pork imprisons those are focused on land and and goes. Home. Kevin hung up there if it is the point is called the caller of multi 2000 preakness call on all four I don't know what his goal for the other stuff. I say it Brothers can be part of that did the choir on Thursday night hopefully like tonight's Anthony gets a big cheer. It is what I open and help with the fans are as attentive. That I I don't know where is going to lose but I eight match in the preakness so he's it would meet Kevin called back any time since I seven I felt Saturdays and ask something about this. They just let it exists I thought it was automotive belt laws or what or gronkowski. Or you know its eyes something. But it's 2012 preakness. The plug for Larry Combs the year ago 6177797937. The formal get to your phone calls sketch up until midnight. It is liken across the board Monday night Red Sox review party Sports Radio WB yeah. Sox. You. The president's position on. I did not see Anthony is being clear but let's not forget this isn't there were eighty members of the Eagles organization that Horace BP did and committed to attend this event. As recently as Friday as well was over a thousand fans. The Eagles organization. And that they Eagles are the ones that tried to change their commitment at the eleventh hour. And the president frankly thinks that the fans deserve better than that and therefore we changed the ceremony. To be a focus on celebrating our great country. So okay Sanders earlier today that it's not the very last part but the second last part is a deadline that the president. The president believes that the Eagles fans deserve better. I voted for this president I'm gonna probably go form again based on the current landscape of of competition for the presidency 20/20. That is a high lot but I'm ally she can't say it but here's the reality on mr. trump did not want. The media had a picture of the nine players the Eagles there. Like the two guys in the training staff and three player here and own a couple coaches. We were marketed deal what that's we said you stay home. That's what it was about at the lie but east. My guess is that's what he strolled went down this way. Because it will hold this thing and it ends up being story of the rest of the week. Because I read some columns out there tonight hole the smokes. It there's too many beginning to you but there are some national columnists who are. Out of their minds tonight when it comes to Vietnam and trump and it's going to be stored on next 23 days. And we always proudly stands for the National Anthem we always well slam. Let's go to the mayor in New Hampshire mr. ms. Mayer what's going on. I don't know what's up. Arm so. Majestic looking at because I wondered multiple perspectives listed at and I think. Each angle needs to attack in the opening going broke the law. I think. We live on American should ever for which is black and I think look at the content and what it's a bit of players are out on the field that should deputy. But I also believe Detroit net art it is partly. It's just a lack the foresight to see all of that not fight compare India didn't adequately dealing with that they're just shocked and ask you wanted to take the money. But they lack the fourth set to be in it could be a problem future. But our but for president someday they'll enable it to act like the issue will be able to get an on the side regardless of what they believe what what are police. It doesn't matter what eked out and that they'll. You can convince them otherwise and technical issue even though I think it should been caught. Also. I think there's no. Did owners and the players have to go about systematically it you know it but I think we both sides still. Terms of bringing each other than that of an like okay what part of the congregation can we agree upon. Rather than I think everyone going back to the political spectrum and arguing over an issue which has been co opted over the years and I'd. A prickly don't think president trump that right vehicle would be doing this because what he said about John McCain article certainly I don't need to think in the proper. Military so quarrels. I wanted to get your perspective on I think it'd multiple and it. And you know also I feel that regardless of world of credit. He should not be interfering with the decision apartment or I don't care if Obama uttered Clinton. I don't let the president interfering in the division I import that into consistent with apple I think inflation in Vietnam. But I don't think presidential argued that spot form. To bully pulpit or fortunately done. You don't you don't get past the accountability character issues I don't like that you know academic in the comfort of our country. Mayor call or any time you want today that you said it pride better than I've setter last a couple of years as the part disagree with I guess. I don't mind the president having opinion on it especially because in my mind in in May be on this remembering here but before the president spoke about it. When he saw the national polls people war against the players nearly. I think he saw that he was on the right side of the argument and jumped in. I'm not. I go back Ted till last year. Or one at that they'll when the story first broke to go back to the mayor's point you made a lot of good points there. It the NFL's best move in they go back and do it again. Would probably had been. At the time that the incident at the time when this first started. To adopt the NBA policy. A bus passes they could. Because Steve Kerr who is given credit it is outspoken for taking guy for gold state. Was super critical the NFL's approach. His league's approaches stand up and don't say a word peace if you don't stand up during the at them. You will be finally did theirs is much more black and white the NFL's as the NFL. And and I've read the people in and heard from you guys who think this is dubbed the worst of both worlds. But it felt like they try to get the players an opportunity looking up the kneel in front of the at them you wanna protesters don't come out there of the field. We're OK with that. And if if I could pick one thing they could have done. Where is the way back when this whole thing started. If they'd just said right there and then. When you're on the job you will stand for the at them they probably got to push back from the players but they would of taken a hard line stance at that point. I think they did not do that this time around we put this policy in place last week. Because they know the players would not have gone for that. But I think mayor made up a lot of good points in his call. I can and Boston on this issue good evening Kim. I worry that good yeah you. Even at current and look back at me is on the far. I personally agree that people should stand firm eventually it went. I ethnic personal beliefs. Kermit is so. Trump is acting that will eat you really shaped cake you know from sports player's own when he great sport. Even brown are on loan either rarely agree. What can Maggie. Yeah I better get our estimates you know Paramount marvel respectively don't not like you but at the end of the day you have a jockeying you don't want me. You aren't in about 815. And you don't know I can't any. President happened when her acting real path yeah. Keep getting terrible thing about our hurtful thing peak around age. He went acting Kyle respectable it and won't show her how present day earn capital he has a questionable. Mobile camera equity would argue C get elected in that would that same sort of attitude so why why should be changed because now. These president why why should be someone fake yeah I think he's you mellow like good but he seems pretty authentic. It got me I mean you are not all it's all well let alone won't sit plausible they're better players it's eight eat you can eat parity. On about your opinions. And even black armor very core personal. But I'm not going on now Latimer re seeing it. To be hurtful. He you can you can still happen sent the part. Oh he I know it's hit came he he lacks heat heat whether it's been at the the at the may issue or does other issues. He lacks that word there's a lack especially on social media. Again I voted for gavel for get a point when he at this point. On he lacks say is certain tacked on social media. And for him was funny that can setting and in calling time Kim thanks for the call the sudden the dawn of the of ticket take. Take a page out of sports players book it's about to be eighteen and about winning. And heat the winning part is why he's doing this. Because seeping is a winning issue for him. He believes than the majority of Americans on the side if they agree with them and they want the same thing he wants the players standing up during the anthem. We are late are follow break come back and wrap up here Tuesday from Fenway Park. I seven. These 37. Six stuffing your final Red Sox shut off the tigers in the first of this three game series at Fenway Park game two tomorrow at six Tony wobbled to and it's part of the pregame show. Here for the broadcast with a Fenway would that portal Rodriguez on the mound at. For the Red Sox looking to make it back to back wins here. If the tigers may extend their lead in the EA LB's coming up here on WEEI to get too into your Wednesday best out. The through Chicago blues picking the best of the day. I tomorrow morning at 6 AM Kirk can Callahan are back there is Boston Globe news. The guys to talk about there is up plenty trump news to talk about as well and Evans relic. NBC sports Paulson joins George then at 8 o'clock and we've tomorrow morning and and yet he stuck with me stuck with the mossy in fort Dylan Keefe tomorrow. Beginning at 2 o'clock thank you Kyle thank you Doug here from Fenway Park best of coming up. Talk to tomorrow at 2 o'clock with John to mossy here from Fenway WEE.