Red Sox Review - The Red Sox dominated the Yankees in every aspect of the game tonight 4-10-18

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, April 11th

Mut takes you through the absolute bludgeoning the Red Sox gave to the Yankees ending with a 14-1 victory for the Sox.  Sale looked absolutely dominant and the bats were alive and jumping.  Regardless of how early it is, Mut thinks that you are absolutely allowed to get excited by the way this team has started 9-1 so far this seasona nd the way they destroyed the Yankees who were predicted to run away with the AL East.


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These days with Red Sox were. Review on WEEI. Complexion comfortable click through wanna look I am. Isn't this quail. Way back the hands. We capping the Red Sox win against the Yankees have to do it one bouncing ball the right side lines are. For Johnson. Thank Oklahoma game is over and Marissa. Here's the final score. Here best start in franchise. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox were. With Mike went in this speech on WEEI. Suck doesn't drop any better for the Boston Red Sox tonight at Fenway Park the Yankees came in five and five their reeling stands get booed Chris Sale on the mound at. And the Red Sox absolutely. Kicked the crap. Out of the Yankees here tonight in the first serve a three game series first of a nineteen game. Set up over the course of the season and it's 141. And it's Red Sox easy early and often tonight. As they take the first game of these two teams meeting. In this season this is indeed red sock for you your phone calls up until midnight at 617. 77979837. Is the phone number a couple of big story lines. From the scandal gets a reaction from you folks lawyer for Alex Cora and tell players after the game as well. I didn't continues to stand out to me with this group even when they were not scoring a fourteen runs a game like they did here tonight against the we Severino and the the New York Yankees. Is the aggressive. Offensive approach. We sought going back to opening day. When over one end of game two what did the series with sees what Christian Vasquez. After 212 out situation. And it led pitching mound visit to go visit the go check the opposing pitcher. He comes back out first pitch Vasquez sees he dumps it in for double and scores two runs. Tonight for bookie that's 10 count to start the game. Jumps in the next pitch. Odd double sets a tone for the entire game. This team. Has been completely. Revamp when it comes to their offensive approach. The idea of waiting out the starting pitcher. And getting to the bullpen and Kevin Youkilis sitting there weight this for five runs game wherever they don't wanna score. I'm night and in now the American League that thing he's done so. And that is a really good thing if you're Red Sox fan this team is taking the approach of Alice course Houston Astros a year ago. They're attacking you in hitters counts they're tacky early counts. And you are not. But it's nowhere is the nowhere near as consistent as it was a year ago. Where you saw guys like smokey bats and Zander Bogart's who you know are really good hitters. You know there's talent there and those guys are taking pitches right down the middle early in counts. Because that the offensive approach was let's work the pitch count. And they were the best team in baseball hitting behind accounts that they'd it was amazing they were as good as they were offensively last year to get there weren't so many. Pitcher's counts over the course of the year. And Matt Flynn at scripted and completely flipped to begin the season and the credit there goes to Alex core. The credit there goes the rest is coaching staff and the credit goes to the hitters from by name. Because that does seem to be a little bit hesitancy. To VA this season word Bogart's spring training said look pretty do we're gonna do we know we are bad intent he said something similar but you watch them right now. And they have bought it offensively. And the top of the order tonight. Just buried the Yankees the candy cure for four he walked twice she scored two runs he drove into. Camera Marist over in three more runs he was at some point out that changed now but he eleven RBIs. At some point in the scheme that was the most the American League. Here's your pre featured top. I sure don't pretty JD Martinez. Who drove in Iran couple runs with what would have been a home run in most ballparks all the wall in center field. Had another bullet hit a home run hit the right field to the top the order tonight that spending ten the Ramirez and Martinez. And Martina has really is not gonna go and yet. They drove in a eleven near fourteen. They scored. Nine in your fourteen. Ended up with eighty it's no nine hits. Nine runs eleven runs batted in and I had 31 through four day ago. They're young and that that's it and you did so as not to raise. I think the crap that Marlins this was a little Luis Severino and the Yankees. Severino came into an all of the 165 ERA coming up big dominant performance albeit against. Those that app for mentioned the crappy Tampa Bay Rays. And they've bludgeoned him tonight I mean he only gave up with says when the five runs in the eight hits but he had to grind. Early on in this game. And the Red Sox in chase bad pitches. The Red Sox attack good pitches and they made it work form. And so I'd tell me that top line that the top headline. You from the Red Sox standpoint. Was the offensive approach. Certainly Chris Sale was there is mentioned off the top of the show as well Chris Sale a pitched well enough to win his first two games of the year. He got no run support. His GRE well tonight he got the win but he was utterly dominant Betsy and poly is a sub headline because this was not Chris Sale. Against the rays or Marlins again this is Chris elegance he really really good at Yankee lineup. Any of barest John Carlos stand tonight if Allan park. He embarrassed. John Carlos Stan. That first strike out. Go back to watch I reach waited at some point Red Sox stats had the picture. So let's give him credit but I re tweeted the picture somewhere the last couple we are not tweet a lot during the game. Well you'll see at their if you look at my Twitter add mutt and UT WEEI. And what you see. Is John Carlos stand striking out on a fastball. Where he's like six inches below the ball keys ten minutes late swinging. And looks like that the big big kid who just got called the varsity. Korea's the best pitcher in the district. He was not close. And the Fenway faithful tonight idol became thrown an SM TV's. And more than that or did the broadcast for frost on the radio. But listening to the ballpark there was nothing that got Red Sox fans more excited tonight would then these huge swings and misses by stand. The huge whirlwind strikes strike outs. Against Chris Sale key in there are Stanton. In this game stint came in as the only player in baseball history with two different five strikeout games in his first ten games first ten games of the season. At a we at a hit at some point of sale this game but it was a single to left field it was nothing special. And I urge you go back to look at those first couple strikeouts. He was not close. He did to judge Roy this game actually judge got a first solo shot but he was freaking me dominant. Against this Yankee lineup. He can't beat the Yankees last year went on 35 games. He beat them and he cruised tonight he made it look easy at times. The fastball velocity Lou was talking about the broadcast route bus. He's thrown some fastballs 8998. He dialed up the 97. Couple different times in this game. He made the yankees' hitters look really uncomfortable and kept them off off kilter the entire night did the standard that specifically. Stamp look like. You know he's no balance at all. The swings were ugly and he looked like he was just guessing Andy and in the first time for thought if faced reached fastballs. Fastball fastball fastball fastball fastball stand could not catch up and the Fenway crowd tonight. Every time in a big swing and miss one ounce. And we talked grows a little bit tired of the game with a John to mossy were rich Keefe third first pitch. This Yankee team is really easy to root against. With Stanton and judge and boom it did just they're picked to win by everybody. Those closest core million ones that did did that runs this year the pressure on to win now in the division of the World Series and Sony struggle what you did tonight. And Stanton looks as bad as he did that backs. Red Sox fans like that they were in north tonight at the ballpark this was not sold out. And we'll get to that aspect double later on the show. But the crowd that was here was into it in there into it early. And they were in the stands we're gonna miss him. Against Chris Sale early. Sultan in those the two top headlines from the Red Sox standpoint and that is the offense and the approach so far. Which I act I you have to love the the aggressive for offensive attack of Al scores Red Sox team and then Chris Sale. The other headline is sort of reeling yankees team won't get to them coming up. One open line to start at 61777979837. The form this is red so I dream that means your phone calls your reaction. Do what you heard what you watch tonight. What's it out here from this game. We'll get to the Yankees coming topple get to. The attendance here tonight instrument ten positions around Major League Baseball when it all that it'll get your reaction on an absolute. Ass kicking. By the Red Sox that I hear Fenway at 6177797937. Those phone calls coming up we're here until midnight or your Fenway mullet you guys on Red Sox are view Sports Radio WE EZ speaks well Sox yeah. On WEEI. Picture and comfortable what you want them looking cameras and. As a prayer. Quiet back. Casting the Red Sox win. Against the Yankees have to do. On her bouncing ball the right side line program into the Johnson between. The bullet and move over and no Red Sox. Here's the final score. And here. Best start in franchise. Dial 61777979. We zap it Red Sox were you with Mike Mudd and XP on WEEI. Well there from Fenway Park up until midnight this his Red Sox review Sports Radio WEP I'd 141. Route tonight by the Red Sox is they get set. For game two of his three game series tomorrow it'll be David Price the mounting it's my last year to knock a lot of coverage. 625 with a pregame show 61777979837. The phone number or some other thoughts on this game including the yankees' struggles and the state of baseball when it comes to attendance that does tie in this game is well pretty. Surprising stat from this game Red Sox and yanks attendants would get to that. Later on in the show but you guys waiting patiently react to a Red Sox win we get to your calls Mikey north Providence who is up for years said McKee that's lead off. Now it's paying off for the Red Sox Mike you first up on Red Sox review. I think he aegis he's more comfortable there and you know one of the key things is. As such as what he does that the way it is base running want to get on base remember Hillary has an article last year where. Pretty late in the season where he intro or rated. According to the advance justices to best base runners in baseball. And trial bad second with the angels and in their so should not at bat him cleanup despite the home runs because of his abilities on the spacecraft. And and I think here to I think to kind of keep in mind it's it's now based batting leadoff. You're doing two things one you guaranteeing providing safe healthy at the most played a parent. Of anybody on the team or what I want to erratically and yet the best player on the seed or to be coming up the most. Yeah also you know like today if they're messing around at the bottom line up and it taken their focus off all assists but lesser hitters. It's not like he has some banjo setup man at our our you know you have like hitting guys in the number one and two spots. Not old enough they're not coming into nine what is hot what happened tonight Mike would help tonight was a BA guys on base upon him for the first eight games nine games whatever it is. He had not had a whole lot of RBI opportunities. He did tonight to commandments that was a little different like guys on base and Oki came to the plate. Was just saying it would it doesn't always show you when you're trying to line up over. You're here I mean that. Opposing pitchers are right back into the into the fire you know it's not like yeah. When poppy played oftentimes it was she felt like you had to wait and number three spot come around what the real serious people come and wait. It at its standing right now when you come to number one spot you're already in big trouble. And I think that's of course coming from coming from the Houston Astros and as you'll well like the nine meters to get on that you like but not focusing on them. Your big trouble on the team. And rookie shall believe he can do today and you can add the ages. What Mike I don't dis I don't agree we we argue flasher relative rookie they have a legit middle of the order guy Judy Martinez had no problem that's batting lead up he's comfortable there is Mike is said. For a couple years now on the show when you see the results and this is not a a major topic for tonight. But we are seeing now the did the baby of bounce back year from rookie that's. Has the Grand Slam huge numbers early and it's not just the numbers is the ways that the ball mes did these it lasers. Seemingly every time he gets up there. And they're gonna have to figure out what the unity would marquis that's on term because it's he is one of the handful best players in baseball there was of a pull for the regular season that. Had him as a top ten player in the game and my guess he's closer to five and he is tend. At this point based on what you seen through a mere ten games so far this year. So that's the next big contract looming for them they've got to pay Chris Sale they've got to pay smoky Betsy he's going to be is expensive player as ever signed here Boston. And he's Garnett because the wasteland and about right now he's a 88 power hitting. Offense generating leadoff hitter and those are pretty important right now Major League Baseball. Johnson main talking about the Red Sox say John. Pay my bags that what are you gotta giants and LaMont hill. You know so I said the Red Sox were gonna win that decision before the season started and I feel like I was back in half my back on the starting pitching. Because we really didn't know what our current life. And that aggressive offensive approach that you are talking about I feel like that he has pocket aces directly BAT's. Yeah into the going to be tight game back and the April fool's. Ramble on for and their letter runaway division here. I'm about the Red Sox. I did you know what jockey got in before the season you got a pretty good price on the Red Sox because the Yankees were sold over bet. I think the Yankees are still be best team or coming it's that was coming into the year there were the best you an American League east. It's only been ten games so I would be crazy to suggest that I'm I'm coming up that the Yankees and you have already bureau switching to okay the Red Sox the best team through ten games the Red Sox have been a much better team the Yankees have been. And the thing with the yankees' struggles years to John's point. Dared does field to be more pressure on the Yankees. Because the expectations. I don't think they'll be ten gazed back at the end of April. I don't think that John Carl stands gonna strike out 320 some odd times whenever he's on pace for after tonight's game. I eat. I do think there is more pressure on the Yankees. And I has more pressure on air moon. Yeah Alex Cora was trying to replace a guy that most people here want it out and for not to tell the players and the fans in the ownership but everybody. Joseph Girardi he he still had a really pretty good team last year. And did some good things with that team I don't think it was a unanimous in New York to Joseph Girardi should have been out. As it was here in Boston when it came to John Farrell. And it's a little thing tonight with Erin bone and and maybe it's something that you'll get over but you Severino is grinding it out there in the Red Sox are winning and he gets Tommy Caylee up. It was least three times at EE Philippines through. Seven innings of warming up out there in the bullpen. And so many found it brings an and the guy gets rocked. And it wasn't a surprise because you warmed up forever back there are now bullpen. Like what will work what were they waiting on with him. Severino is grinding get out of the game was 567 of one adapt want whatever was. Get them out and instead they they they kept warming up came over and over and over again. Just using bullets they're it was a good it may be getting maybe was wasn't him it was the pitching coach but it seemed weird tonight. But there are certainly a lot more pressure on the Yankees. This year than there is the Red Sox. Besides all I feel. Matt New York on the yankees' struggles 61777979837. Matty. There'd be interest to see how they react to a New York Post and they stand never commanders like pressure goals early nineteen. And I think air balloon like we're gonna find out he's like Donald Trump baseball needs and I have no idea what he's doing I'm waiting for that should deter awkwardly sending. That's taking the issue which is little things like that. And why they don't look around and while I call popular. That we carry children are acres charred and ensured it was and you did everything right last year judds started. Chapman look like you couldn't find anything in the eternity we're honored great rock. I think Boone is militarily but I think it is great big pressure. Yeah I I would say. He he'll he'll get the criticism before the players to you. That's just how works. You know he's the a Yankee playoff hero because what he did against Tim Wakefield in the ALCS before the players get blamed. You'll probably get blamed again I don't want a real overreact too much so he just asked to eat mentioned the New York Post. The daily news headlines out. Just a big it's big word seriously. Question mark in the Yankee fans standing up for his hands out here Fenway Park and headline is seriously even embossed and standing yankees. Can't scant can't escape. The fans' wrath. In a 141 loss and it's a Yankee fan here at Fenway. Yelling at Stan. So they got southern daily the daily news has done it will show the postal dude here I'm sure they'll they will. Tweet out there were. Backed major segment there's much more pressure on the Yankees there's no doubt. I'll wall in Fall River I won't. Yeah I was so much about it in the Yankees had their right time nuts or. We tweet we did Dave lesser operating games Sunday but I and they expect a nice bill was good but that's 1214. Runs. We and I went we hit but I don't expect the Yankees is say that this continues to expect that's gonna go out and we try to get this done it yet weighed before the deadline would have no way you what you think about that but as far as debt negotiations. He's he's just been up front right now it may disappear as a loss. He's got to match at some point Wally a mean do you give who were sitting here with. You're watching the game in it's it's fun to root and Red Sox general having a fun time rooting it. Again stand right now he is going to have done this series at some point this summer pull one. You know on the Mass Pike somewhere as was suggested by some folks under and then their right about that. He's getting hit a share home runs against the Red Sox. His swing is just too good. He's too talented of a hitter but right now. As a Sox fan why not kick in Weis down. You Boeing Stanton. And cheering stand every time he swings and misses against Chris Sale. On the nuptials are karma attached of that. But we held over your head like she did you guys aboard stand always scuffling right now. Even the Yankee fans are on this picture is everywhere. A look at Shaughnessy column right now and it's the Yankee fan of the Yankees sweatshirt Yankee hat standing up. Yelling at stand. So these these guys are feeling that that's the difference in the that the approach right now is that there was a lot more expected. Out of the Yankees in the was the Red Sox the Red Sox should have been. Or expected to be a playoff team they were not expected to win. Win though would division runaway fashion the Yankees were. Hobbled skip Blair made him for the brake cable or what's going on. School on what they have been doing all those yankees get. We lost 21. Point eight. Well there are in Yankee fans don't be tolerant and to go to UT. It. Stay on the other side they don't we do want you we don't want to stay away from us. Put some signs that that's saying where's judge. Ware and show are standing they don't care organist flooding you know tomorrow. We're gonna slot use all your needs of the unit stopped been working on the not even Yankee fans are coming out do you yankees. Be careful Yankee fans Blair remains on the warpath he's he's on to Yankee fans here tonight get this is not one of the nights where the Yankee chance of Colin. They well during the course of the year. When the Yankees win one eventually yeah Ted tended to. Nine to four they've bludgeoned Chris sailer beat up on David Price or rock Rick for cell is that is gonna happen. Yankee fans look Colin. Not tonight. Yankee fan lick is wounds. Ignores baseball and Twitter and sports talk radio on the fan for twelve hours or wherever days twenty hours till tomorrow and hopes to knock you can duty at last April. Which shut out the Red Sox or Fenway Park. But yeah I'm loud out not much worry for me up on the are that Yankee fans calling in tonight. Not their right to do. 6177797937. The phone number something happened here from late nights only happen. One other time in sixteen years of Red Sox yanks who thought about that it won't get your reaction to what you see now are you a believer is one big game. Against one team not in the rays or Marlins. I enough to get you to believe because at some level that's the start has done for the Red Sox in a I baseball fans and just casual sports fans here Boston 617. 77979837141. Rout of the Yankees. We'll come back it more your phone calls or near it till midnight it's Red Sox review Sports Radio WEEI. Nice seven. 837. Red Sox fourteen yankees won this is day. Based Salvatore Red Sox view tonight at three dominant win it. Against the bombers your phone calls until midnight it 61777979837. On Twitter follow on there as well and mutt and UT. WEEI. Bookie bet big offensive game here tonight Chris Sale was very good we'll get to all that here in the second. I'm originally attendants issued a Major League Baseball. Our last night the Orioles and blue jays troops fewer than 8000 for backing for haley's game even an April that is really really significant. On. This afternoon the White Sox and rays played a game. Where the White Sox had an announced attendance of 101733. Mark Hopkins who follows the Tampa Bay Rays beat Tampa Bay times. Tweeted out that the word going around the ballpark and in fact the actual heads counted in the stands. Not tickets all which again they announce that 10100733. The actual number of fans there at whatever they call at US cellular field. For White Sox rays day baseball today Tuesday April 10 whatever it is. Was 957. That is bleak bleak bleak plead down here tonight was not as bad biting it's significant for this reason. They drew 32000. Change. It till the second time in sixteen years. A home games. So you look at almost to our game is right second time in that span. They've drawn under 33000. Red Sox and yankees. And especially beginning of the game here tonight. There were a large large chunks and empty seats down the right field corner. In the bleachers. Way it way up on what they called the seats but not at the monster seats but though the left field upper deck almost. There were rows and rows of empty seats. So even Red Sox yankees even fourteen it started out the year 81. They had a hard time drawing fans and what it's not just the Red Sox. The Red Sox were doubting last week given drill reported in its Sam Kennedy showed us on on Kirk and talent at some point last week down 66 and a half percent. It feels like all baseball's down and I'd much rather gonna report these numbers but just visually the is look really bad for the sport in the thing that they have done the last couple years. Which is really bothered me. Is when you save baseball needs changes like case speed up the game. I address the issue of younger up people mopping interest did find a way to be more interactive. All lets up we don't they do they point to the attendance numbers. Over and over again and say will look at we had X amount of we're up again last year up again up again record over attendance there. Record number of people sought games. You what's not true because with the way corporate seats are sold now. You can essentially make up whatever number you want. For number of tickets sold that does not mean fan he's in the seats. What you're seeing today in Chicago. 101000 announced 1000 there is what I'm talking about it's not that extreme. But baseball is much much worse off. Then it Mae and Freddie company would have you believe. And it's not as bad your boss it'll be other places but you watch you were you mark my words. Gold look at the had to be Chicago's stadium shot today. On the fan base not be in there holy smokes. And it's happening around baseball BA's true fewer than 30000 for an entire four game weekend series. The Orioles and blue jays to good baseball towns in Baltimore last night. Or to Beijing competitive teams pales in a good baseball team in town I should say it again yards. They draw fewer than eight. That is brutal. So I don't keep an eye and that if your Major League Baseball and if you're a baseball defender. Was in pointing at these attendance numbers get ready to be slapped in the face of the cold dose of reality. 61777979837. The phone number of let's go to bill Malden billion next up here Red Sox your view. Hey yeah mutt I I would say in center field tonight and excellent right when I was walking over and that. Right field line by the pop poll it was a ton event. There was bad and look it's it's that year was bad here tonight the Red Sox yankees data across baseball builds about what the sport this month. You know and I don't think they atmosphere was also little bit lousy too because it Demi. You have people yell on Yankee shocks I mean that is so old. I hey I'm Matt look I don't like the way of I don't like yankees suck Seminole on and I saw a dinosaur now but. It just know it feels like at some point you move beyond Yankee sucks also tell you what tonight they did suck me in the could literally sick yankees somehow tonight till I was fair. I'm enjoying and about doing that but again it's early but I'd like what I think you guys might have played it sales comments on core. And how he's lightened it up and how he's made it enjoyable for these guys. And I think that's. At the corner at least sign for this group. I mean obviously get out of this historical. But. You know I had it was good to hear what he had to say. I we'll all work on that bill I know Chris is a producer back there Chris that we get DD core sound sales sunny to type and appear right I've seen the quote. I was not gonna read the quote directly open get this out at some point but Chris Sale. I did have some very nice things to say of what Alex Cora about Alex Cora had a good moment before the game tonight. Where he admitted that he made a mistake in that win on Sunday. Where the night they can the big comeback in the eight inning score six runs go ahead eight to seven. Any sends out JD Martinez back out there in the outfield tonight then it will get the one of the best if not be best. Defensive outfielder in all of Major League Baseball Jackie Bradley junior on his bench. And never went to on Campbell that's a 123 and win the game. In court today says matter of factly yeah I screwed that up. And it's something John Ferrell never ever ever awarded done. John Ferrell won't explain you why the metrics were okay for JD Martinez to stay in our Howell Jackie really junior wasn't a veiled or some sort of excuse. And courses yep I messed up in the excitement of scoring those six runs. I screwed up I got to be better and that was a breath of fresh air because Cora has suggested these guys got to be accountable. There's a great story Alex Cora when he played for the Red Sox and forget against which team out of the Detroit. Cleve I forget. But as a utility infield makes an error Red Sox lose and the guys that did beat guys come into the clubhouse and there's Alex course still in full uniform. Waiting by his locker expecting these questions and ready and willing and and and F burning these questions saying come talk to me. And that's what they are. That's what they are. Except is that these players to do. And so when core is that accountable I love that woman and they're not gonna win that not every ten games. Book the approach so far from core and the team has been excellent. And if we don't get the Chris Sale selling futures quote you at some point between now. And we'll call them midnight tonight. We have Chris sells you find that cut Chris let me know I wanna black cut directly in talking about core Stephen Miami on Red Sox yankees I Steve. What somebody. Pull troops last night but I want sake of people look at it yeah I. Yeah I want to both games in Miami and what's your about the attendance is Gerard. With the Red Sox have a short yeah he would make about the Red Sox game. Initially it and I can just imagine where Tampa Bay goes to Miami Florida. Actually jewels. I mean you talk about 900 press about people still Crist stopped. I consider that a stock add Derek Jeter and just. Did become addicted master. As a fan base your part. Any team and mutually. Can't say that because they keep that in fighters just by ourselves buyers of you know I can understand getting it expected to go after but the way that they didn't go Q. His former team would basically got. People I was excited was she thinking of oil and now it's. Totally different philosophy. Are what's your what's your Red Sox tasty. Sarah. Want to make sure the results don't take it has been one. That it was great I loved it I've. Are you hasty you can be excited tonight than you beat up the yankees' first time you saw the big game people or exciting pure luck. You'll got to be excited tonight Steve come on but the pump the brakes crap tonight. I. Am excited I'm very excited don't. I just want to assure you that real full season and I'm very sad because I also launched today so. Where all it does seem I'm not I'm SARS TI I cannot. I I cannot sit here you can get mad at this is that this did this is a night you do celebrate getting the most that's not a regular season you don't be I'm with you. You don't win the World Series tonight no nobody's saying that Steve. Nobody has called is excited about this when it's driving all that excited about this win. Thinks the Red Sox won the World Series tonight they kicked the Yankees ass in the first in nineteen. The Yankees were picked by everybody to win the division picked to win the World Series judged fifty home run stand 50 months we know the Yankees are better niggardly showed tonight. The Yankees are gonna win their share gains 85909500. Gains whatever it is. But Chris Sale. Pitched his ass off against them tonight he made Stanton look embarrassed at the plate. You rock Severino you crush their bullpen will keep bets walked all world the best player in this series. With his effort today. You're allowed to be a little pomp and eyes are Red Sox fan and I'll always like this. Next week you're on the West Coast playing the angels and a's again weepy. You get the Red Sox and yankees tonight. You're allowed to be pumped some no no still not gonna allow B. Let's come down calls tonight. Not not after what like that you're allowed to celebrate with some Michelle and not a place of on the show you can celebrate a little bit. We kicked the crap out of the Yankees kick them when they're down for a couple days. Mattson Malden enact. Hey how you feel and what's element I would that the game that night it was. Eating and it was a heck you know it's fun watching that what you can beat up on the Yankees and I'm still not sold on this C. But I'm thinking there were three and a half guys that I have total Egypt I believe in typical apple even. I believe Bennett Kennedy. I believe in fails on our. Until we start the city. Fingers crossed he thought. The rest of the two if port so logos 188. I wouldn't be shocked if he goes. A legend Ted I won't be shocked if white is on lockdown and goes sixteen and I would be shocked if he blows up. I won't be shocked if there's so much you should possible for so many players Adams then it'll take a little while before so that's. What's the date your minor matter you say. But he he should do so wide. The boats laying the Arctic ever goods cheap and are not repeated. Port so could be our young or you could be. Eight and sixteen. Communication between news or the field and on the floor in Hawaii. For the rights are. So what what's the what's the day what's the day you give yourself to say okay this team might be good due July August September. Oh give it until it starts in this sixty regularly. OK well then my way around here map that might not be till sometime in July given the stupid weather we've had around here it's there it's a weird. Ice it wouldn't phrase it that way for Matt and I appreciate Matt's call. God I don't believe in this team yet. And so maybe there is such a eight a huge survive the coming into the year on paper. They were one of the four best teams in the American Lee what they should be a playoff team. If you don't believe at this point. That they should compete for playoff spot on the what the type. That are coming into the year they should. And base in the start. They're showing all the capabilities of being that now this start guarantees nothing Alex you're the stature in the game tonight house was surprised by this. So since the wild card error started 1995. Eleven teams. Have started their season nine and one. Only six of the eleven made the playoffs. So it's essentially coin flip at this point I I I thought we're showing not one might be somewhere north 7080%. It's. It's like fifty some odd percent nothing. So this guarantees nothing by the start is new given the expectation this team. You're trying to get all the fan base going to be in the bruins' playoff so beginning on third against Toronto Celtic playoffs against whomever beginning next week. Kind of this the kind of start to can do that. And beat up on the Yankees the way he did tonight you're allowed to celebrate that a little bit. Welcome back and play a little bit Chris Sale Purcell talking about this he's mentality. It would get your phone calls rep until the night at 617779. 7937. Red Sox for you out there Red Sox 141 beat down at all the Yankees here from Fenway Sports Radio WEEI. We can go through all the cliches it's long season. Relatives local law ball book. Guys and morale in here you see there the energy. The confidence building. Uneasiness. Plus we go through this thing was played. Look fresh look at. And it voluntarily we're just going out there playing. I think we have a lot of trust in a lot of faith and shoot even the other night. There's no apparent there's never any. Any doubt in anyone's mind that we couldn't do. I think it just goes to show. I guess you haven't here in. Cell lines for us. That's Chris Sale after his first win of the season tonight Red Sox fourteen yankees won red star Tribune Sports Radio WEEI he went on to say quote. I think Cora has a lot to do with that talking about the comp and a Red Sox will get him in that dugout and he's column. There is no panic this is of the second player in a couple days who has mentioned. Alex core and it's approach the game pretty clear that. At times last year Weathers because judge John Ferrell was managing for his job he knew better just as approach. It did where all those guys that there was a you know. Every day World Series feel to it. It's differ runner Alex Cora and now I'm in Gaza Chris Sale are saying in and scores gonna have his bumps in the road he's not gonna win it. Not every ten games it has been a really good start for core. Chris Sale talk about the attitude the team which I think is prize is important I think what's more important is the offensive approach. And the way they've attacked pitcher so far move keydets one noticed start the game rips it for a double and we're off on the scene in the when these guys are early in the counts and letting good pitches go there attacking hitters pitches and it is really really paid off. And the approach she last year and and I'd had to be fair did not recognize the time to work. Calling in late in the year critical of Ferrell are critical of Doug Jim Rice the hitting coach. I would just serve shrug that off his people. You look at the wrong targets where got a team solves offense we don't plane the coach he's dug up lending any coach you blame the players. Well the approach is really really really outdated. And even to me I thought that approach still worked in the regular season last year than you watch these masters you watch those L two bay. And George springer and company ambush you. Early counts. So old that's it certainly different way to do it. And the Red Sox are doing it they're doing it to great success so far this year there are not in one they have never did not and want it. In the history of the franchise to start the season. They played baseball for a 418 years around these parts. So you're a lot of celebrate this one. Brent and implement our final call on the night brandy you're next up a Red Sox review. Brandon Brandon. Beyond what's up man here on the air got thirty seconds. I'm stressed out that game. I dislodged Carcillo got its first W while there we are all up opening night. He's got the W the first that would that we all love or leakage. I feel. A bill forcing Iran to war and now they give you Rhode Island W I think. I take care of fourteen is playing for Chris so Chris Hill tonight could've done it with a handful runs. Against a much federal lap and he's been facing. And so you it was from beginning and you could not a script this thing out any better you're Red Sox and except for Brian Johnson's bloody nose. In the eighth inning which candidate pitching through. It was a perfect. Perfect start to the series against the Yankees now it being baseball. Won't Roosevelt happens tomorrow. Well nobody really good tone setter tidbit to start the series. All of a lot of people suggesting only played these JV team spring training teams so far. You put fourteen up and what you do in the process. Puts more pressure on the Yankees who for short wake up tomorrow to the post and daily news. Killing them. We'll lose in the fashion they lost here tonight. Lot more tomorrow begins at 6 AM with Kirk and Callahan Alex Cora will join the afternoon struggle leave it to thirty. You're Fenway Park we'll join you for first pitch at 6 PM on Wednesday night and of course. Red Sox pregame show at six point five crosses WEEI Red Sox radio network thank you Doug lane here from lake Parker shine back in studio. Best stuff coming up curtain Callahan tomorrow at six of Greg Dickerson. With the guys at eight here on Sports Radio WEEI seat. Send them to the plate to want to walk and. Flail away back the Cannes France all of its. But her career where this program and the friends and so we'll just absolutely wide open. It is one team and.