Red Sox Review - Red Sox lineup comes through without Betts 6-3-18

Boston Baseball
Monday, June 4th
Red Sox Review gets off and running as John Ryder breaks down the Red Sox victory over the Astros to split the series.  The Red Sox were powered by home runs from Benintendi and Mitch Moreland as well as mashing 15 hits for 9 runs.  Even without Betts this lineup has proven to be extremely potent.  Will you ever see Sam Travis pinch hit for JD Martinez again?

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Indeed through center field this flawless headed back and I have got a camera. That's our island home run number ten and intently cameras went deep to right field. Let's pull his fat that's well it's not the first pick of the second straight and urban intent day. Capping the Red Sox win against the Astros and ultimately that's what happened here right the other should do it like wild card underneath it he will make the catch of a ballgame. Is over in the Red Sox split this series with the end. Two games apiece there's now 41 and 99 point two. All the 500. Dial 6177797937. Sucks you. Right on WEEI. I was impressive wasn't from the Red Sox tonight nine to three victory over the Astros they're considering dropping the first two games of the series and who's. They had to phase in terms of pitchers the next to last night Justin Verlander. It didn't take the lives that that was panda tag on the bullpen but just. Now get a Charlie Morton who at 110 straight storage dating back to lies season also was dominant oppose seeds and as well came in. At seven and oh they Tutu sixty array they. Pounded him in array Jones had to wait for six runs or five at a third. Couple of bizarre things that red sex and of striking out fourteen times but they ended up getting fifteen hits. And it and they made the most of them that's for sure with a runners in scoring position five for thirteen illustrated five. And Rick were seller was able to work out of a bunch of jams tonight as the Astros won for fourteen with runners in scoring position. They left nine on base a couple of rare these tonight and I don't think ya see there's too often. First Jose Al to bay struck out three times he did have one hit but as the first army strike out. Three times in the game this season but pretty much for the most port held him in check during this news this series. On another thing I don't think we'll ever see I'd I'd bet money on this that we'll ever see again in our lives. In and Christian I'm running things back there do you think you'll ever see. Sam Travis pinch hit for JD Martinez ever again. I'm barring any major GD Martinez injury knock on that right now you'll never hear that things are so. But it was good to see Travis get a base hit. The attack on a couple of Mori got. Bloop single and a senator scored two runs in the in the ninth that JD tonight at the ballpark a couple of times but was. Or for four against his former team still had a solid series overall but. Yeah this is a big win big two wins here for the Red Sox and don't wanna go completely overboard but these were signature. He wins I think for the for the spreads thanks Steve. And getting some pretty particularly without looking bad to me no booking bats. An attendee DL could return next Friday when the Red Sox open up the series against the White Sox at Fenway. And and hopefully does need to be much more time but. Guys could pick up and enjoy bended Tandy the past couple weeks and really since the started this season. Has been dynamite he was against Sammy struck out three times but he. Still had a double to start things off. Mitch Moreland continues to head had a rare Erickson had the three hits knocked in two with a two run homer there in the first that. Really jumpstart that's huge red side stability do that jump out to the early lead like that from Charlie Morton. Morton's uninteresting guy to free agent after the season. And a pitcher that Alex Cora raves about as raved about was raving about him in spring training corps score in the bench coach with the Astros last season I wonder. Encino Morton finishes guided can throw 98 but the fastball isn't even his best pitch meet this guy a few years ago it's uninteresting story. And he's bounced around nobody stored it would Atlanta the news with the Phillies for a little bit mostly with the pirates. But during his time of the pirates all of a sudden struggled and there was some phantom DL stands but. It was because he he was having anxiety issues out there getting really nervous and -- have seen a sports psychologist and got things figured out he's definitely got things figured I would Houston but it was a data could always throw in 9293 now is giving up early 98. With a dynamite curve ball curve balls is as good so I wonder if that's a guy because out score like some so much. That the Red Sox might soon be interest it says as a free agent after the season I would think used to would be ancient but. We'll get some money out too well heck any starting pitcher pretty much gets money out there. And it was laid on a Sunday night and most of you probably have to work early in the morning and those that probably or early working early in the morning or not to wood in right now and guess who bet. Those that aren't you late night people I'm William. For a size really loved here for BO. After this Red Sox win nine to through ends up being a blowout or over the Astros tonight nine to 36177797937. You can text has said 37. 937. Above the brutal stretch for the Yankees coming up. They were rained out today in Baltimore. What is so many rain outs in Baltimore. Ranked sixth time already this season that the Yankees weather is affected the Yankees for a postponement. So would want notably for the Red Sox. That was back on Marathon Monday so the they'll make up the game on August 20 fed. But the the interesting thing would this is that. Daryn ESPN flex them out or Major League Baseball did. To play the Sunday night. ESPN game on July 8 at Toronto. And then they have a dean night doubleheader. At Baltimore the next day. So. You know the weather in all these post moments could end up. If figuring in on the stand excrement I mean really I mean all those games of that they did have to play three games in 24 hours. And I guess the Yankees this is interest in rescinded at there was. I think it was in the New York Post. That they're gonna boycott. Doing interviews with the ESPN for that game on July 8. According to move through these reports are that report. Which is also interesting because Aaron Boone stated the eighties manager lying tenured employee and part of Sunday night baseball. For ESPN just just last season's over stretch of different seasons up. They're upset. Although. Tim never tiger about it tonight during the broadcast he rescinded its Major League Baseball that makes the decisions which games ESPN broadcast I was that it was a ESPN as did Tim as he was saying and as did dale when they were discussing it but. Red sex role they have no problems tonight they have an off day tomorrow which is good news for that big get some rest and then the plane. All the time and this has been quite a stretch for the Red Sox in terms of there a best of playing. 52 games in in 55 days. Dating back from April 24 up until June 17 so. That's why that's a lot of baseball widow of the baseball season can be a grand but the red such 41 in nineteen. And and you know guys stepping up rock called tonight into Blake's why aren't going to be said interesting to see swine herd getting more playing time. As he has of late and our score also said before tonight's game that he's gonna get a story. At catcher and it might be. It might be on Tuesday with Stephen Wright to knuckleballer that's the other news of the day that Steve Wright's gonna get a spot stored he probably deserves it. And I think it's gonna be interesting to going for it is true Palmer raids continues to struggle. And if Stephen Wright continues to page well if right replaces Tom brands in the rotation of Palmer and Scotia the ball but I still think they're gonna give Palmer it's. A couple more chances. Here but he's struggled of late. But reports Seles put together a couple of good starts and going tonight David Price quietly some what if anything to be quiet with David Price has won five straight starts. And of course after the fourth VO one he was talking about you know. Sarcastically about him being soft so most of the attention. Goes on that Red Sox have been announced. The rest of the rotation for the tigers series. They've Steve Wright will get started Tuesday but after that they haven't announced who their starters will be Detroit's terrible team. And it's team that they should beat up it's actually pretty easy stretch for the Red Sox coming up here over the next week or so the good three wood Detroit at Fenway. Then they've got the White Sox in for three at Fenway when they go to Baltimore for three. And then they visits Seattle Seattle's one of the surprise teams baseball and our first one game. Lead on the Astros. They continue to play well they've won like ten of fifteen of their last sixty reward for the world to beat the rays today so they they've been playing good baseball. A couple of oddities in baseball today just check in on some other things dimensional Yankee stuff but to. There was some a near no hitter today Michael Wonka. Losing a no hit bid in the ninth a pinch hitter Colin Colin Marie and let it off with a single. Wac is to get the wind cardinals beat the pirates five nothingness is also some the doce too much. Any rose Dario. Three home runs in a game but. Woods and he more of interest to get fascinating about 31 run game the third one was a wire topped two run shot. For the twins who ended up by sweeping the Indians seven a five victory there. And I don't know if this makes some people out there feel old but Yvonne Rodriguez has a son pitching in the majors. Paul Rodriguez went to be retire how many years going to check amendment does that ten now or maybe less I don't know but. The hall of Famer his son Derek Rodriguez made his first Major League start got the win pitched well one run over six innings pitched for the giants they beat the Phillies. John ran a red sex abuse 61777979837. He could text has had 37937. Red Sox rolled the nine to three victory over the Astros plenty of positives tonight. And has circled back to I've suspicious Stephen Wright getting started Tuesday Blake swipe card might catch that gave BC because he can't. No right quite a bit down at Pawtucket. So swipe card might be the starting catcher I was score has announced that but he might be. Nice digs Weyrich I mean well he's got his playing time because a bookie dances is on the DL. Let cords can say they'll get some some playing time here. I wonder in part I think it's kind of twofold they wanna see what they have out of him and restored that it bought 57 but. Core was also mentioned during the union typos why aren't wired sort of fuel the more comfortable with the more playing time and know that these here on the roster he's not going down and and he's now DF eight obviously who would do everything that boy Hanley Ramirez but. I think it's a couple things they might be showcasing him for port of a deal. And I think a team would view him more as a catcher. Because of the lack of catching a Major League Baseball so that communiques and some teams will be interest didn't swipe card as a catcher even as backup catcher. And also his versatility as well if needed could play the outfield it's Z he might get some playing time at first base. As well to give more would arrest right now that would be the case because that gets him Travis up would Pedroia going back on the deal. That's another story line from this week Pedroia back on the DL at 34 years old who's gonna have a knee checked out again on Tuesday by the by the medical staff and then they'll you know go forward from there on on planning but Tim. He thought it was ready to go he said you know rehab down to protect one fine no big deal and extended spring training bit. You know out thinking I mean I hope I'm wrong but I don't think we'll ever see the same player again will see him you know blasted out there make some great defensive plays. But I think this is going to be owing her continues in his mid forties now. Smaller guy. It would be to break down maybe a little bit easier and he's had those knee problems so might be an ongoing issue. And no playing time for Brock called Brock called it a very good game tonight he's been playing well sees him 319 NCs. Eduardo Nunez had three it's too and he got. Nailed drilled by a 98 mile per hour fastball left wrist and they can stay in the game of the publicly broken wrist but it who have stayed in the game self. Very solid win for the Red Sox tonight they should be able to rack up the win some you never know it's baseball but they should. And you know the next overt really the period of the next week that the they're gonna win a mall but Detroit in Chicago the white size that is. In for the homestead and an thereof to Baltimore. I wonder when they're gonna fire Buck Showalter than they've got a tough series. A four game or at Seattle in mid June. And Seattle's group ever good baseball right now individually and as well what two without Robinson you know. So the rest ice pick up a half game on the Yankees when it of being idle because there postponed another rain out for them their sixth of the season. And again to Baltimore always so many rain outs in Baltimore. I'd 617779793. Seve to Texas as well. At 379837. Have to strictly be red sex really Gaza get into the NBA finals a Golden State blitzed. Cleveland tonight 122 to 103 so warriors. With the a two's of series lead LeBron and another big game split a 102 games this season which your career high for him. But it JR Smith was nowhere to be found. Was awful two for 95 points. Course no one. Anytime soon especially assured we will forget his bone headed weigh in in game one also you know we should catch more he too was George Hill. That's a data shoots like 85%. From the free throw and and and you could tell on that free throw that second free throw that was for the lead the second free throw the Arctic was what four point five seconds left. He was aiming and I mean you could just tell. And it is softly off the front room you could tell he was completely aiming that shot just do your nerves getting to pressure busted pipes there. And it's Smith grabs a rebound of course when you all probably started at the replay a million different times but. That dribbles out. The only time that ever. I have to know I think and a and a finals appearance that I remembered for road and does the great. Thirty for authority on magic and bird was when no Magic Johnson dated in the finals in the early eighties he had that. This senator Max I was talking about a cheesy Johnson dribble and out the clock. The magic was just in one of the smartest players of all time best players of all that did that put. I would put shares Smith and that company. So. No no drama tonight just a complete blow out for Golden State so I think I think the warriors take this and five I thought that heading into the series. A big Cleveland takes one at home LeBron will have an armies complain great goals series builds and win one and home. And some of the complementary players who probably better at home but you know business. I they get the most five I don't think it's a sweep them. All right your thoughts on that or the Red Sox rolling here admin and salvaging this series have taken the last two. To split the four game series 93 winners tonight. The phone call two. To give us collier and Red Sox real WTI at six point 77797937. To text us it's 37937. As John router Red Sox are you here at W media. And at a Red Sox Tribune as we've been jammed with phone calls tonight it's been we've been blessed like Golden State boots Cleveland. A 71. The final may 6177797. Daddy's re Seve could text as at 37937. So red sex role of the nine to three win over the over the Astros tonight and used to distract the right now because of the get to ESPN a blonde TV JaVale McGee with those sunglasses being interviewed right now it. My interest and look. Plea to fantastic the FSA does looks like DJ jazzy Jeff yeah it something like that yeah that's good call. Yeah actually kinda did there yeah right that's yeah like that yeah you're right we're going back son who like mid eighties right. Now was meant for back it was 9090s. The IDs early nineties died he speaks at JaVale McGee what did he do tonight at the box score. But that I hear that much he started be a twelve point was six for six. The enemy that I was pain. Closer attention to a Red Sox obviously do with a pregame and post game and Red Sox ruby right now but. That was got to add the two TV's on here and was kind of watched some of it but. Yeah I had a good game in the starting line up there wasn't the Hamptons five tonight's too well Andre Iguodala is out with a head injury missed the second straight game so that could've done that. But. By the way that term is kind of the Hamptons five. Turner pretty enter into the net ethics. It adds five there. So LeBron goes off again tonight he finish his wife visions to rebound shy of a triple Bobble. You know effective again tonight he knows Kevin Love is added something he's played well the first two games going back to negotiate twenty points ten rebounds. Tonight good offensive night and treated too much on the defenseman but Gerris been slated 29 minutes spreads 129 minutes. Of course you have Jordan Clarkson has given and given them anything. Account corporal and played nine tonight and even attempt a shot. Jeff green's got back to being Jeff Green one for 514 minutes two points. He'll play better I'm sure it at home. Georgia was decent fifteen points and five of ten shooting that's about. The Max you'd expect from him but Jared Smith of I 29 minutes to a bad shooting. Five points was one for four shooting the three. One turnover. In tonight's game. But called stages pulled away it was it was fairly close here. Report early in the four recorded that gold stage started to whatever they wanted to do instead of Koreans have. Finishing. As the sexually refresh this. The bucks or. I'd. Stepped Koreans have with 43. 338. Assists. And I did have five turnovers Kevin Doran it would 26 so that I think it's cool statement. Text here says we reduce at that shares its blunders sinking in morneau of the debt owed to instead of lead have been called stay 11 I'd think it's. Well. I mean I think it's gonna sink in throughout the entire series I think it's gonna sink in with the cavs the entire offseason I think it's gonna sing again when that fan base for a wild. Is to go there they add dad gave me and LeBron I'd. And I know before audio don't want to hear that they've pleaded insane in that game one it was like a man possessed with his numbers were off the charts didn't do much in overtime. But after that's so demoralized after that happened. You just know who's it is the other day when it was on you just knew. That Golden State which is gonna roll in overtime that's what the I think it was seventeen to seven male escort of an overtime. But he's just doing after that and is just human nature it was just like. They're so deflated after that. And for JR Smith to it on blatantly lie in the post game saying that he was aware. And this was after having time to think about it that was you know premeditated is thinking about you know what he's considered a media because. In a tie loose at a different story to the media right afterwards or what he went to bed jurist that's was telling. Tie Lou I thought the game was tied. In and he also was you could see him. It is say that's a LeBron until after LeBron was ready to rip his head off. All right. So the Red Sox no problem an idea I mean JD Martinez does get a hip of the Red Sox to plan out fifteen hits noble keep bats and they beat the Astros and Charlie Morton. Nine at parade. So good wind and against finally enough today to mark. I don't do it for a Red Sox view our thanks to crush I'm doing great job running things factor I'm John Ryder Red Sox now three winners over the Astros in Houston health. Ties to you again soon here on W yes. It's going to be president right field they sit right center field that is. Play on comes around destroyer comes full guards behind them throat cut up it is a pinch hit two run single. Of course I am Travis and the Red Sox lead at nine. Kind of threw it.