Red Sox Review: The Red Sox lose but that wasn't the big story at Fenway Park. 09-13-17

Boston Baseball
Thursday, September 14th

The Red Sox lose to the Oakland Athletics but the big story had to do with a banner that was hung from the Green Monster in the middle of the 4th inning. 


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He's Red Sox review rated sucks review was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. You want to visit drive hammered out right this is think back I was looking it over at dawn. There could applaud that line drive home run for the battles that and its foreign capital. Ito recap. Although Red Sox and the athletics. These stringent rules it fair to the first step on first notable play Pedroia slides down and Moreland. Rounds and the double play to and the Red Sox right. Each Red Sox review which might magnets can dial 6177797937. Are jobs. Two man in baseball game over and the Red Sox Lee is capped at three games over the Yankees the athletics win that game seven in street. Red Sox reviews on Sports Radio WEEI. Spot away we go here from Fenway Park this is Red Sox review Sports Radio WEEI. Sharif. Training was a little bit messed up most Arab rushed through restricted yell at Evans relic Kevin's doing a live shot. I'll on this ridiculous Comcast show that airs at 9 o'clock at night. Transcripts like shop. I would get job until midnight here on this cell Wednesday's 6177797937. Text three sat forget the text the text. ID jumping on Twitter at mud and UT. WEEI the Red Sox on the field are part of this story tonight. They are not the biggest story here from Fenway the biggest story happened in the top of the fourth inning when a group of at least in the pick drive scene three. White Caucasian. It by their twenties Mallard to say that fair. People their twenties hung a banner off the wall at Fenway Park that reads the following. Racism is Americana. As baseball I am all for freedom of speech I am all for being on the same would you want I am also. All for calling people out they do something stupid and in this case. This was stupid the message is ambiguous we'll get to that part of the message at some point I'm assured many you disagree. But it's the second time we see the banner hung off the wall Fenway Park and it's one of these questions that. I don't have an answer to yet I asked around here. And I wasn't able would get a great answer as of yet of how this happened but. How do you get a huge. Banner gotta be ten by seven feet past could be. Heidi get that in to Fenway. It's 2017. They check for the act I code of the ballpark every single day. They take my backpack they open it up they take my cell phone they take buy dinner they take my keys. Everything's checked in a great job here. There's a wand. And they got the one guy and they acted they'd go not an Oprah fans may know as much of the media but they have the metal detectors. So why is first thing was how the hell they get his pandering here. Ten feet by seven feet. Racism is American as baseball. Held off blue green monster. Top of the flood middle the fourth then. The top of the fourth in the bottle for bank of a dummy. That's my first type questions like how do you get the banner Ian. As for the banner unfurling itself. If you're going to. If you're going to do this and you're going to get kicked out of the ballpark for doing it we know now according to the Red Sox that four people involved with this. I'll or reject it out of ballpark afterwards I was told at first they were arrested they are apparently not been arrested. I don't know there's a lifetime ban. That based on the new policies by the Red Sox but they rejected in this game. They went willingly. And they did not come back they spoke to Comcast would get to their. Message which is as confusing as the banner coming up to earn a second. If I we're gonna do this. I have a banner. That. Everyone understood right away they got it hit the point. Like I doubt we'll be in my banner like guy I would I would say. I had a nice strong message for whatever I whatever cause. I was gonna be out there promoting. Racism is as American as baseball left a lot of people wondering. It left people wondering in this Booth we had multiple opinions Matt corrales nodding his head yes. From folks in and around the broadcast of the media here of what that meant. We now know what it meant and initially I thought would most you thought probably not everybody but okay they're they're pointing out that yes racism still exists. It's right here front of us the way. Baseball's right here front of us. Other people in this Booth and many people on social media. Just took it says it was a group of people saying racism is is good it is and baseball. And if you search Fenway Park in banner. On Twitter I know it's not the greatest. But many many many people outside the area are saying see this is why Boston is racist look at what they did. They hung a banner essentially a pro racism banner at Fenway Park. Which was not the case so next time you plant a banner. Don't leave it up to interpretation. Just say. Much at night sucks. Much sucks at Red Sox review big get that cuts to the point. That gets to it I love Joseph and cam OK you like the broadcast team. Dave O'Brien is great here we go OK excellent we cued there's no. There's no gray area there. Is certainly no great days hair. What they did tonight was. Ambiguous. And they have they've commented on your second I also. The resenting this is stupid what they did tonight and share disagree or agree 6177797937. I hate the timing of when they did this this is probably mean nitpicking. But if you wanna make this grand statement. About this great important message. About racism and Boston and baseball and America had knee and what it means here's what you don't do it dummies. You don't do it when the entire ballpark. The 3600366. There were still here in the fourth inning tonight before the rain came. 36000 people standing up to cheer. A lieutenant colonel in the army who is standing and waving to the crowd on top of the Red Sox dugout. You have the hats off to heroes promotion. Every single. Every single night top of the fourth inning police. Fire. EMT. Army navy. Air force some sort of hero locally. They artery first responder here Fenway Park. It's one of the things that stands out almost every single night. Where the game sucks or it's good in the fourth inning somebody on the dugout getting a round of applause day very much deserve. And tonight lieutenant colonel in the army. And that's why for them out while I didn't notice the banner. Because I stay you stand up you looked IDC the applause he gets a map morale up Bruce is pointing out he's pointing at the crowd reaction to lieutenant colonel. He's pointing to these morons who decided drop the banner while people or saluting. Lieutenant colonel. Directly to their. Our left to look at them and and their right. Are aware appears to be at least one of potentially two. Veterans wearing Vietnam veteran hats. On their head or standing and cheering. And this is the time you pick to make your political statement comparing. The institutional racism in our country to baseball. As 36000 plus are standing to cheer for lieutenant colonel in the army morons. Morons your message didn't make a lot of sense and you picked a terrible tied to do it. And maybe that was plant I don't know. They did mention that in their email back and forth and off the record talked to Evans relative Comcast but I hated. The timing of it was not lost on me I tutored and out. Many people saw the same thing idea I'm sure. That as you are honoring this lieutenant colonel. Here at Fenway. These people are. Dropping a banner and then softly be escorted out of Fenway Park. As for what the banner meant we now know or lease the aid they think they know and I'll tell you what I still don't know. I haven't relic has the exclusive it's CSN and he dot com. Banner behind Fenway racism is X. The planner behind. The Fenway racism is American. Banner explains the anti racist statement. There is originally about eight people involved who had this idea. Said one member of the group who did not want to give his name and now want to detract from the importance the banners message. Two people documented tonight one from afar and one on up close. While treatable held the banner so there is a picture of the at a person with a tripod this was planned this was planned out this was thought out. They had somebody with a tripod and and cell phone camera right next to the three on full unfurled the banner down the green monster. So one of them explains. Eight people of all the originally and nosy people came from various organizing groups in the Boston area. Mostly groups that of the FB FB affiliate. With a radical justice causes. Al add a sidebar Boston and T five. Has taking credit for this tonight on their Twitter account no confirmation of that they're taking credit for this. The banner came in response to be racist comments at the beginning of the season at Fenway. That Adam Jones spot spoke and again it's right after act add in for clarity. The Red Sox believe that Adam Jones was called the N word many of you do I don't. I question the next day with Bradford. And I forgive those rewards and its next phase well we talked about this today after it happened. I didn't believe it dead and based on the fact there's been no evidence since then and again the Red Sox believe it I don't I will move on. There is originally about eight people involved who had this idea that that up overall we see are all but overall we saw. We see Boston continually prodding itself as they kind of liberal not a racist city. And it reminded also constantly. That it's actually an extremely segregated city. It is big for a long time. And that no white people can avoid the history of racism essentially. What is a lot of comments and run bombs in this. So we did this banner as a gesture towards that to have a conversation about that. Evan writes the black lives matter movement was one of the groups inspirations. The group was surprised the messaging wasn't clear. I guess he should have seen that coming but we also didn't think of it as an ambiguous message. Said a member of the group it's kind of telling it was being interpreted as 10. So basically. If you didn't see it fairway and you can get the message of birds you're racist. Boy that I tell you what the the people that came in his boot tonight I love for you to tell those folks and their racist is I I I will not mention names but. Trust me. Lot of people had questions but apparently they believe he didn't have the right answer to their their banner your racist. The group was objective Fenway Park they expected it. They were in communication when they group that unfurled a banner with political message at Fenway earlier in the year. So that's planned out this was they reached out. To a group that there was decide that in an essence read young Jewish fans love the Red Sox and it was tied into things that are going on around the country. And a pro Jewish sediment. And eight on June 17. Had a banner so they work with them on how to get the banner and I guess. I any statement explained that tagged ejection. Injection the Red Sox in the banner was in violation close policy pretty big signs of any kind of be hung or fix in the ball park. The ejection before and not five was due to the fifth group members distance inside the stadium on care. Fenway security personnel held about a professionally militant groups IDs then release them. One person walked up to the group as IDs are being checked and demanded the group be arrested. People buddhas as we walked out asking just find something better to do you. A statement on behalf the group was then later emailed to CSN any dot com by a group member. If anyone knows what this means I won't give you. Full platform to explain it to me. We want to remind everyone that just as baseball is fundamental to American culture. And history so too is racism. The group said in a written statement. White people need to wake up to this reality before white supremacy. Can truly be dismantled. We urge anyone who is interest in learning more court taking action. To contact their local radical justice organization. A sensibly and Keefe I would guess. What the hell does that mean. Does anybody know. And Boston ante for notification exploding right now media wants to bother us about the Red Sox treason side today and they get their email up. On their Twitter account. And again I sell the top I am all for free speech you do what you want. I would not have done this during the celebration of a lieutenant colonel in the army. Who is being applauded for his service to your country to allow three what appears to be. White twenty year old to hang off you racism is American as baseball banner off the wall at Fenway Park to pick that time to do it. I'd say is. What's the word I'm looking what's the phrase are looking for yet tone deaf. Very very tone deaf time to present your message. About America. And baseball and racism. As Fenway standing and applauding. It lieutenant colonel in the army. As for the message. I found a confusing. I initially felt that it ended up being what it was many people didn't. Many people wondered what was his message about. And just in general ray Fenway perspective how this happened for a second time this year I had double they'll be a San candidate B all of the guys in the mid day. Tomorrow or somebody be on explained they'll fix it and I'd I'd I'd I don't wanna believe it was like an inside job where you they had the dinner inside and and I folks have family new security deal. I assume they found a way to sneak it in they talked to group that got him last time and they they follow the same protocol. I would say going for beginning tomorrow and Red Sox today's afternoon baseball it'll be a little bit different. Freddie and folks standing up there of the green monster blast the Red Sox want is for. They're green monster. Which has very lot of sponsors on its becomes some activists billboard Ford over the causes. For every year causes pro animal. Pro choice pro life probe may or whatever whatever your. Anti mud at night whatever the sediment is they don't want that. Being used as a platform. Out there Fenway. I'm sure many people are gonna play the stick to sports you morons card. I can watch baseball not you hear about your take. On what you think's going on this country are what you believe to be going on in this country. I would say from 888 basic level one standpoint. We acknowledge that racism still exists in our country compared to baseball open and that is as fundamental as baseball don't. I think the people try to eradicate baseball would try to eradicate racism in our country. Other people hate baseball the way they hate racism in this country. But I I don't know that's just me I was a mixed message and the timing of it it was the worst part for me. And I'm sure we'll know the data wanna give their names state DeVon relative although there names tomorrow. Courtesy of yeah Alex rebirth WEEI dot com was on these stories or. I turtle boy to the good job of that sort of stuff Fred that are the morning show with Kirk and Jerry Chris Chris Curtis probably stocky people's Facebook's right now. To get their names tomorrow. But that that's the explanation so far. We see Boston continually putting itself as a kind of liberal not racist city. And it reminded also console it's actually an extremely segregated city. It has been for a long time and that no white people can avoid history of racism essentially. So we did this banner as a gesture towards that have a conversation about that. So people what it was just say it was a Boston team thing clearly wants me clearly that this group. Thinks that the message was meant for Boston specifically. That Boston is a racist city. And it goes back to Dan Leavitt tarred and bun Ly DN. I mean Al Hoss and and and this is. Gonna continue that conversation at some level the next couple days it feels like. So that was my reaction to it I'm sure you guys have your thoughts as well 617779. 7937. The phone number on Twitter MI NUTW we yellow get intent. What every rule will start we get a million phone calls we'll get to those in of other games stuff pops up in the middle of that. Will do it but I sends a BA bigger stored in the game itself tonight at 6177797937. Mike is in Baghdad and Mike. They mock you don't good how are you. Good. I think it's been with a performance like that on the field it's very different standard overshadow that Kraft last. That was kind of sleeping game you know Fister gives up the runs early the offense sucked it it's your right it was a it was a better game maybe it's a blip but. That that type of game that was Mike does lead is to be a bigger story. Yes so you know the ambiguity of the banner and and the timing of it I mean you're you're dealing with some twenty soft and morons probably spoiled. Probably jobless you know. I received or it's coming out there with MP five and supporting black I actually matter religious. There's people that show back at all your typical rallies. Sort probably fortunate ones but I was at the game. It was just absolutely infuriating when that grant came down. Because they and you said earlier that you were looking at the veteran on the dugout. Yeah I was right troubles yeah the the banner was out for good and twenty seconds before. The the better it was announced. So people were looking at that banner. And I'm sure it took quite a bit away from the veteran and in his acknowledgment. Just pissed me off even more but it it. You can always ambiguous say I I instantly know whether it's in this atmosphere. With all that's going on with you know should now apple owns it and all this. Yes they it was clear that they've been increasing in America's just Abacha races. So yeah it was offensive. But you a question for you I I kind of feel like when John Henry Saleh he might have done a little fist pump. Because she he's done his little mission to Iraq. Describe your keys mean from everything in the city a guy that he had me he had a little bit of a checkered past that. You know part of that era that that you know I'm not gonna sit here and justify it but also that a lot of good things. So he did and why and Mike you bring up a lot of good points and I'm sure we'll talk about many of them the rest tonight here thank you for your call. That the yawkey thing initially. I was on like that look you just you explaining your kids are fans Lee we'd always races but. Yeah I felt like it's a start scrubbing him off the books. Based on that I it he'd given a lot back to the community. And it just it just for the tiny I felt weird. What made eagle point out after the fact I think Michael Holley was the first one to bring this up that. Tom yawkey oversaw basically Joseph Paterno. Like situation here. With fake I visiting clubhouse attendant who was a sexual predator towards young African American boys. And so once I was reminded of that and went back and read some of the stuff that happened. With that story. No problem what his name being scrubbed away. I'm no problem whatsoever. And it was Joseph Paterno on the fourth Paterno here and the talkies new and if you look at the timeline knowledge Tom yawkey know Jean yawkey name. His wife Jean yawkey had to have known given a time like this in fact she only team. When that exactly that their clubhouse guy was paid to go away essentially. So I'm all for taking off his name of everything put it I'd. I'm not sure why David Ortiz way Edmonds be happier with you go back to that the old Jersey Streeter Jersey wrote it was called their good Jimmy Fund way. Are we at the name after a player. As a Red Sox ownership and I don't. Candidate they have they clearly believe that there was racism here Fenway Park without him Jones and they believe it exists there's no doubt about that. I'm Mike you Rhode Island on the banner year for federal and Mike. I need my yes. I mean with the cars and beat them here I mean you say that they were tone deaf going in that doing it while they're honoring. A soldier but the reality is an actress and Communist eight soldiers do. I can't get any anything that is an emblem or agent of American power governmental authorities there against. So tenacious. You know right now they kind of get a copper. From what's being done with regards to. You know insupportable black eyes animal meant you know. It sure racism but that Thatcher's that is one of the many things that. This particular group or of the groups that this debt that comprise and keeper of four. Yeah and they and they did not add to college you finished it just so Boston ante for Mike is taking credit for it. On their Twitter account they may be trying to glom on to the deed these celebrity of this because in. In the statement Comcast. Did that one of the eat dinner hole a holder says they're just part of your radical group we did not mention anti (%expletive) So we don't know for sure but you're right I mean recently. And keep his been involved in a lot of violent acts as recently as flat this summer. The FBI put out a watch for men at the ante for proof because their violence they've had in these anti trump rallies so. Are they they have no there on the scene and they indeed they did they were part of this today or they're just trying to glom on to other celebrity of this event tonight from Fenway. Well yes any agency with regards to them. One of the things this system bothering me dissident nonviolence and I think your last eight eagle and do stuff like this so they're leaning back. I mean I can say yeah. Offended by I would that would ask me off the air Mike it's and it's a dumb banner of the timing of it was awful pathetic giveaways gonna Fenway park at that time. I'm not offended by it and I know I'm not sure many people will be. Agents in need and if we almost be like a bunch of Klansmen going up there and wave and American flag around six were pro American like okay. You know. I'm I'm against racism but I'm not force you. Can understand it's one of those that's why I'm coming from with regards that this it yeah it it it Amin. I can understand that people have the right to express themselves and then nonviolence thing. But I think it'll just keep in mind that the message and the messenger aren't always as things. Yeah and if it is anti for your right my thanks your call I don't think anybody and there are plenty of people who are supporting. This message tonight the reaction to it. It if it turns out that was the the Boston and keep the group B gonna have many many people. Back in the hell away from this. And that's why he did not acknowledge to Comcast that they were part of it because. Once that's attached to it. I many who even support the idea. That racism is prevalent in Boston and it's prevalent as baseball and our country are not gonna want us as the result they keep them because they are a they are bad bad bad apples. Who are as violent as any group in this country go look at some of the FBI stuck in New Jersey. We're Chris Christie others over the summer. 6177797937. Is your phone number on Twitter at mutt and UT WEEI. Were you a fan of the what you saw here Fenway Park you've seen the picture by now you saw the banner how somebody explain to me how did they get it and how did security let them get this band Iran. How did they do it when they changed their policies did you see it. Do you agree. Who what you soften that banner 61777979837. Opponent even though I still don't quite know what it. Don't seem to know either. Much until midnight and then that Alex Roemer great night for Roemer to be until 2 AM I can't wait to listen. Alex is coming up a half an hour but until then your calls at 61777979837. Here on WE yeah. It's Red Sox revue with Mike magnet ski on Sports Radio WEP. You mentioned the fact that they were honorary veteran at that moment. There was no indication to me that that was somehow intentional that they were doing that to detract. That that was somehow related it was confirmed to me that one of the movement that's why this was black lives matter. There were other troops at the Georgia over the plan that was about a group of eight and they they. Represented different groups like there was one. Of people with a name that was planning this event these are different people who came together. To do this. And that seven draw a couple of minutes ago over on Comcast be as inclusive story of CSN and he got. I'm talking to one of those who. Held on for all the banner here at Fenway Park that was a black banner with a white lettering saying if racism is American as baseball there was also. There was a second message on the back. If you noticed that when their point the better up there were letters on the backs of what they had two options. Owe us an option route. Of what they're gonna have frayed banner there. I don't know what the back half of that banner senate share Evan will reach out back to them to see if not what it said not sure there's gonna be the end of banners at Fenway Park second time it's happened this year. My guess is security will be beefed up but I also think the people now try. A copycat thing and if attention was the gold they've got the attention it's not the attention they don't want. If our their group and certainly. Hearing that from Evans and they didn't even realize there was a veteran being honored there makes them more moronic makes them. Less less evil. By trying to do this during the didn't do purposely when the veteran was being honored here Fenway during hats offer heroes but. Oddly did it anyway with two veterans right next of that Mikey put in this picture. And it appears beat two veterans directly next to them on the green monster who are trying to. Get ready to celebrate. Does banner hung off the green monster I Stephens and A cards 6177797937. Stephen you're on Red Sox should be. So those do and say hi Steve. Are you do what I'm doing good Stephen how you do. Area Mo I lied that's odd about this bitter situation here on com. If you are different perspectives come from out in America and our ally there served on him I see this. We're sure. It turns out that China and of the display. There was no doubt about it they could show me he doubted it and stretch where people are looking around possibly suing and maybe it restaurant chosen either but. Politically I guess that would have been a little more. On the situation you have to do it and I'll give them when I eat. Kurt saying how we keep talking about. It will be a prediction that no matter how you go about it. Gotta be all you saw Stephen way it is Steve and it is everywhere every every one of these sports sites Bleacher Report the look at every single site. Has a story aggregated has the picture everywhere there are people are zooming in on the of the folks who drop the band trying to figure out who they are so. This this is good this will be the biggest story this might be the biggest or the country tomorrow feels like it's going to be. I'm no probably beyond. CNN. Fox and all that. Local news network ashore yet they're not there what's the old saying any publicity is publicity. Good publicity yep that yep that's the way they're looking at it and NI com. Let's take a look from an African American. There definitely is. Street Jude patients happen in this country right now that I need to be addressed. How they're dressed. That's gonna become an issue you have what apple the young man in New Hampshire with a noose put around his neck and whatnot. They are just situations. That bush sure. Need to be addressed to rectify this situation in this country will it ever week on now. That's just how light Beers. That's how we've always actually survive any human being travelers from whatever continent or country they think we came from. There's always been a conflict. What a year light brown all back. Skiing and there's always going to be conflict and it always going to be somebody to. Yes like you for that one reason. Mom to get past this we're getting a lot of help. We just we we need to step back and look at the way we look at life period. It's just what our children need to stop what our children. Preaching to them the right way to handle situations. The right way to talk to people the right way to handle liked. She Erie in the match just how we need to do it. It's not on and they able. They go had seated at rationale rob or us all the calls I wanna get to wheel in an hour show outside of the game goal launching Rick thank you last played may log appoints thank you. Are you won't believe Steve you two and asked that last part minutes. Your parent I think you try to learn that at some point it's up to YouTube present those messages to your kids about how you want them to act now people are supposed to be treated. As for the banner here tonight and the timing of it I just had chalked up to stupidity and 33 people or five people that were involved the roof. Did not realize. That they were honoring infection at that time makes them morons for doing it but I don't think it was done purposely. Poly people disagree with that at some level. The navy was done on purpose take away from that moment for the honoring of a veteran Jim and a car I junior Red Sox are you. But I'm sorry go on good Jim how are you now. Not too bad sort of the game in the grandstands on the third base yup Antalya I didn't see that banner at all. When I did see you look at all on your people and I. And a and an applauding the guys that they should have been awfully good is the bad publicity that we are. It was probably or timing I didn't see it I love the fact that our own tires stadiums are up for. We've got an entity hero and a true here with a stroke of this country. And we just in more we need less publicity on these guys. We're doing stupid things like this I'm all that being rolled out hatred because it made them look. Absolutely foolish. Yet I people are or feel the same way and and it didn't take away necessarily I thought from the the support for. The lieutenant Goji Waldman who is being honored here tonight as part of the hats off for heroes that they do every middle fourth inning your Fenway Park. It just sort of show deed that tone deaf nature of in my opinion what the folks there did tonight weather and people or not this group that. Spoke to Evan relic instead they wanna focus in on a the city of Boston and Boston being racist and how we're liberal what were also racist and not understanding that the message was ambiguous in the many people didn't quite know what they were trying to say. And I guess bases saying it did. When they said Evans relic I guess we should of seen that coming talking about the message. And that the different reactions to add we also didn't think of it is an ambiguous message kind of telling you it was interpreted as one so again. That's a group telling you that if you saw their message it that a certain way that they didn't like bird didn't intend. You're racist. BJ configure what the hell they were talking about. Was it pro races was it inside they won't it won't know. Who know. I did this I thought. It was not clear so next time next time and people whatever this group of eight. Who want a go shop at Fenway Park and and and become activists for something. Make the message a little bit more clear. So although we're all sitting around. Wondering what's going on. The other big story today for a get to the break in more your phone calls was Janelle hill Michael Smith and the show the six over on ESP. I Janelle hill. Basically calling the president a a white supremacist. On social media ESPN's laughter on the wrist. You find out the aftermath that ESPN suspended when the cone from being critical of ESP and their political views on different radio show. We know they suspended Curt Schilling we know by the warning other policy they do not want their talent. Talking about political matters Cooley Janelle hill did that. And so there was huge buzz for that show tonight. The rigors Bryan Curtis day lengthy story not sure the timing could have been better for Bryan Curtis at the ringer. This in depth story on Janelle hill Michael Smith and the six. There was an agency green itself they came out today. And so there's never been and this is in the backdrop of their ratings not being good. And how ESP and we had these guys the red carpet to have the showed themselves and they of this is what they're they're trying to break out people are watching the weather on to watch to get all this buzz all this talk our station did you know 67 hours this today. On ESPN a double standard. And why did you Melo get a slap on the wrist and Curt Schilling gets fired. It was all good and then what did the six do what did you Mel hill and Michael Smith lead with today. They had the six at six like Ford for. To the all time terrible segments and in radio or TV. And what do daily with that you're there six topics. The Indians. The Red Sox rotation. Brady vs male Drew Brees this weekend. Brian Cushing suspension. CF Dell's not tackling anymore in practices and Russell Westbrook is a new ten year deal with Nike. The biggest story in the country and they act like it didn't happen I'll watch the first half hour so maybe they went back to it sounds like they didn't. Janelle Hillis finally responded tonight on social media. My comments on Twitter she just would this minute ago. By comments on Twitter express my personal beliefs my regret is that my comments and the Mike. My regret is that my comments and the public way I made them painted ESPN and an unfair light. I respect for the company and my colleagues remains unconditional. All by the way. Forgot this nugget the White House talked about a mole hill today Sara Sanders. Said what she said it was a fireball offense. There was not more buzz they've never had as much buzzed the show they spent millions advertise in the show on the Super Bowl. This was bigger this was more promotions ever what they do. Russell Westbrook shoe contract. For six minutes. How was not possible. Was that ESPN. Chain money has Pia was edgy and Ella Michael and shame on them address it. A dress it. Instead it comes out on Twitter again. A Twitter apology. Damage PM ESPN. Jesus Mary Joe's. We shouldn't be surprised quick break tobacco bang awful calls until midnight that Alex re respect and studio he's gonna take the baton. On all things Fenway and Dan are putting Michelle at feet. Who's a reporter who is tweeting out details. Of what happened tonight. She's gonna join Alex throughout the top of their show he comes your way at midnight your phone calls until then here on WE yeah. It's Red Sox revue with Mike magnet ski on sports field so you. Internet 2017. Good place. Couple notes we'll get one more phone call them. Alex dreamers here at midnight to do well all this until two way. So I I told you that across the country this is seen a couple misses seem a different way. I thought it was clear what the banner man many in this immediate area did not Els say that. Doctor feel nothing on Twitter for minutes ago the fun thing about Boston. Is it this banner could go either way. CNN have lead but Boston is racist crowd look at this today and say see. This is supporting racism it is and they've gone on record as saying it was not but get ready for that tomorrow from. Outside of Boston. And then you have these these. I don't know these I I hate d.s. Polite media IE has already top Twitter reacts to the Fenway banner that everyone's tweets. Including some dummies much WEEI but I get the banner at Fenway. So I hate I hate. When you're on home Twitter reacts. Well it appears and twits this thing that happened oh my god I need to know all. Did John dentist we got about that I gave that well. Is John Dennis fighting John to Boston tonight are they going to have a battle. I want a real. Flight forget the Twitter fight I want to mossy indeed able and it actually this fight I would pay. 500 dollars free ringside ticket and as many B no I don't have so much money. So 500 dollars a lot to me. Let's make that fight happen forget the Twitter reaction forget the play peeve I want Dino against a mossy and I want it tomorrow. As she Friday because. I Jeffs in a car he's the last word on this until re Moroccans appear benign I Jeff. I I. I do aren't doing good Jeff item that want to read our rural blue we sell Louis Jeff sellinger good mood right now. Well I just kind of that pollution all of actually wanted to listen and allow such driving home. You know not about a division. Best way to forget these guys messages not talk about it. But yeah it's true I hear you I could I get it done an hour on Doug Fister or. One for ten runs were positioned bad job by me can I can't please everybody understand that Jeff. Not and and landed it where you are ridiculous run through that one's. I and the event. To be the biggest thing I went in there are gonna get thrown out of yet. Jeff objects on the we get a bad phone with a jet that's not you it was your phone to get to a better area call Alex Roemer he's on until midnight were the only show in town. Only station counts is on until 2 AM and what a night to do it. I well as some national show. Breakdown NFL week 24 days away no you want Boehner talking want news you want names. You want Alex three more on that wall off the green monster. But toward the banner was which is also I don't know he is coming up 61777979837. Call Roemer now. Banner talk is next Matt morality or studio excellent job then Charleston back at the actual. WEEI studios good job there too I would join you for a lengthy so I'm almost. Is unfair it is unfair punishment tomorrow a one hour show. 78 tomorrow night. I had to sleep until about noon bear for that one Red Sox day game. I'm on at 7 o'clock for some reason I just go to show my shop where they Tellme folks. Roemer necks until 2 AM Sports Radio WE yeah.