Red Sox Review with Rob Bradford - 5-1-18

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, May 2nd
Bradfo does the shortest Red Sox Review in the history of WEEI after the Red Sox fell 7-6 in 13 innings to the Kansas City Royals in a game that took well over four hours to complete.  

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These days with Red Sox will view on WEEI. This drug program. If it's not a long. And. We know Red Sox lost against the royals. Want to. And you still have a beer way back here. On home four days solera. The third seed 51 into the month. Seven before campuses dial 6177797937. Red Sox review which. Bradford on WB EI. I'd I could have gone home. Could have gone home writer Aaron I could've gone home you could have I have here for the people. You have a game like this you get five minutes good five minutes of reaction before we go to your best out this as the and also I want to go in the record books the shortest Red Sox review in the history of the state. Wouldn't take much I don't know gonna do it I don't I don't I don't know if that's the case. But I want to sit here and do it is important that I'm here for the people pulling out of Fenway Park. Just for this reason. I ever gonna give you winds that in the music writer maybe we can play the music bed all the way up from the beginning to the end no no we can't do that. So I'm gonna give you one stat here's the only stat you need to now the Red Sox or to anyone today. With Chris Sale and David Price pitching. They are seven and six. You cannot waste the efforts of your best pitchers. You are not gonna get anywhere and in case you missed it. The Yankees won the Yankees had their starting pitcher goes I think seven pitches. Before being pulled they still beat the Houston Astros. That's on this day of the others say it. This is going to be costs of this is going to be set. This is setting up for an epic epic summer but if the Red Sox wanna come out on the other side on the positive side of this whole equation. They cannot do what they did tonight. That was a crappy crappy crap crap crappy game. Alice courses after the game you make four errors. You have mental mistakes up and down and you have Chris Sale pitching. Even Craig Campbell I Craig Campbell great clothes W close one of the best closers in the game. You cannot group and nice of Mahler fastball right. Down the middle of the plate that's what happened a couple games ago in Toronto that's what happened tonight they paid the price did deep in the game. Brian Johnson gets exposed to be working too much though there ego. I'll say it again to anyone and eight. Seven and six of Chris Sale and David Price pitching is Eric the else more to say that's it. I within I I tried to be here for everybody. Would you gonna be going right up now of the best W here all the greatness that was WEEI. All day long. And then keep your dial right here for Kirk you Callahan the legendary might mean as you might if you listen you did a great job tonight. Now I guess who's god although maybe sleeping over I don't know what he's doing but he's on tomorrow board this morning in a few hours to. So a big shout out to mod for a hanging in there. When this. So Bayliss and the beauty of baseball. Deterred the dates right. You lose yet to come back a few hours later. I only get to do five minutes threads larger view I get the come back a few hours later and do something I don't know it. Avery and thanks for hanging in me. I'm rob Bradford. We'll see you tomorrow. The best okay NC it's a tall task trying to isolate the best American Jerry what we're gonna do our best thing. Because at least he's got fast enough courage and Callahan. One Sports Radio WEEI.