Red Sox Review - Something needs to happen with Drew Pomeranz 5-26-18

Boston Baseball
Saturday, May 26th
Hour 1: Paul Gallant remains frustrated over Drew Pomeranz's recent performances.

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Peace is Red Sox review on WEEI. I'm a driven erratically at a base hit then go to the corner of these stories benefited floating around second. In the corner you can plan intend. We against the Braves line drive right field to watch the carnage etiquette that very at a general. The wall doing as far as looking rounding third he scored easily Betty out of the way that there are these guys did send. That's not home it's Sox lead. The time then you're better than ten days. Dial 617779793. Setter now Red Sox review on WEEI. What's going on people talk a lot and it's Red Sox your view on WEEI. After an 86 win for the Boston Red Sox today nice to the plate for the Sox. All today Richard Palmer it's right. And I wanna leadoff talking about that. If the Boston Red Sox wanna be able to compete. To New York Yankees you have a kid in driver towards who's hitting a home run just about every single game that he plays and on top of that. And Astros team that they will play this coming week. If they wanna beat those two teams. That are gonna have to figure out a way to get the pack this rotation don't look a little bit better. And look you're getting pretty solid outings and Eduardo Rodriguez. I'm not expecting a whole lot out of them. But at dodger tolerance is just talk to watch right now and it is something to see. The fall from grace last year a guy was fourteen and three with a two point 85 ERA. And here we are looking at this guy and he looks like he doesn't even belong on the team I mean I say it is suggesting Lee but. Would you rather TFA. Tom our hands right now that do to someone like Hanley Ramirez. Look this team needs to have better pitching in the bowl then it's not. The most reliable unit. But I do you feel that when you're going up against teams like the Yankees. And the Astros if you're the Red Sox you have to find a way to get as much quality pitching as he can. And while we've been talking about how this team I need to acquire bullpen arm by the trade deadline. It's not the first stop and do something about your pomerantz. Put him on the disabled list put him up the side for a little bit. That guy needs to clear his head he is just completely broken out there. Sloppy. And every single ending its laborious religious kid out of it. He allowed a single a double in the first inning. Got out and he walks a guy gets to act for two run homer in the second. In the third any allows two doubles and another when he walks a guy. In the fourth that he allows a single. A four pitch walk he's done. He GRE on the year six point 750. Boy. Look. Alex Cora gambled. Parting ways that Hanley Ramirez I'm sure that somebody will pick him up. Because their Red Sox are gonna have to take the brunt of that contract. Yeah I'll look into something about drew Palmer to they're gonna take a gamble your be aggressive right now it's time to do something about them. You've got to get them off the mound whatever is wrong when am. It needs and seen areas looking at. And you keep keep rolling him out here it's a good thing the had a day at the plate that you did against a very good Atlanta Braves team this season surprisingly. I don't wanna Hedo wall or the Boston Red Sox at 36 and sixteen with an 86 when blood. I'm just taking a look down the road the Astros the Yankees these are the real competition now do you like the Atlanta Braves I want you do you have now. A team that is hitting well enough at the plate to provide run support. For a guy like Tom Branson has socked recently he had to do something about them. I'd taken out the rotation right now. And when you look like Steven Wright was able to do today. Why don't give this guy a chance at the back in the rotation. What. I mean for May especially because if you've listened to be doing Red Sox revue over the last couple weeks you'll know that I hate these long asked aides and he cats in the pits over the plate. Extremely quickly. The pace of the game changed a whole lot. After Palmer into and out now again tolerance is basically locking people singles doubles on rounds etc. but. And Steven Wright and Spike Lee all like it. When it's in doubt late game in day. On Memorial Day weekend. Right deserves a shot. Nice performance on and today. Three innings of work he comes and he holds down the fort. And the Red Sox eventually. Taken on the board with a couple of runs you get a two triples today mix moral and looking. Fairy. Very good right now. And makes you feel a lot better about parting ways with a guy like Hanley Ramirez. Then and you've been intently has been hot at the plate for quite some time and of course you know what you're getting out of JD Martinez. And move keep patsy both homered last night. But at the back of the starting rotation. I don't wanna see drew tolerant honestly like the rest of the year I I don't an umpire to dumb with that he takes forever to get all plate. Allen's this is a guide aegis can't trust right now. What's the point of continuing to put him out there on the mount what are you getting out of it. Nothing. So it's got to do something about it. I suppose that Alex court he's got to make a move like that with Hanley Ramirez and tell Dave to Brodsky Pedro. Look we we need to get more and more at bats. I'm gonna see Blake's hard out there. You see those two things and you're like OK well maybe he'll be aggressive he's got to be aggressive here with something has to happen disabled list. Stead of miners I don't care you got to get them off the hill right now he's getting shelled he looks on confident. He saw I'm sitting solemnly. In the dugout. Looking completely miserable something's out keynote it's up his confidence is broken and whatever else is is is a problem right now. He has to have time to work on it in a setting where he is not going to continue to gates is beaten and beaten up and beaten up and beaten up some more. Drew pom rants yes it. Yes. I mean and Paul are aliens are awful box. Sorry if you have a Pomeranian but. It's not quite as bad as having you know a Chihuahua. Or upon. Or I'm old I'm sorry I'm a little bit too. Let's just say shallow when it comes to dogs that if you an ugly dog. I'm sorry I don't want hoping I steal it but Dayton just note that deep down side mind I'm thinking about that on in and how much it's it's like a yet an ugly duck until Wallace by the way and another primary in and to Waller different that different to what was the most on from the doctors. On friendly dogs I know I got from attention a dog tend to. Mr. Palmer and has been doggedly boom wow look at that transition that Paul is why they're putting you on WEE on the weekends. Absolutely wonderful job yourself on the back. 61777979371. That jumped in between me to act alliance says suck it has to be done at dodger tolerance. But it's the right things that we could take a look at from today's game first off you finally saw Dustin Pedroia back out there Pedroia was not able to get a hit but. He did get on base with a walk he had a ten pitch at bat with an ultimate groundout and it was a very. Well hit ground up groundout right up the middle. And even diddle little enjoying where he gets a little dirt on his Jersey hey look in this home and slide. Belly first into home plate scored a run on the game make some plays turning a double play out there was nice to see him out there. If you listen to me before I am a little bit concerned about the dynamic of bringing Dustin Pedroia back into this clubhouse because I do think that. It not being there has allowed for guys like move keydets. Guys like standard Bogart's. Some of the other young Red Sox to take on more of a leadership role in that clubhouse. And you have to wonder what a joy comes back. No matter how well those guys are playing. Dustin Pedroia is still Dustin Pedroia he's Red Sox royalty even if he's not necessarily the greatest of leaders out there. As evidenced by last year his first year that David Ortiz. In the same clubhouse as him. But for those who like Dustin Pedroia and I imagine that there are a lot of you out there does is a nice return. Did it feel for him. I really like and I've been seeing at and you've been tentatively. And I have talked about this over and over again chili Davis must have sung ho ho marked as dating coach last year. He is all that we're seeing edit and Andy right now is production his average has climbed all the way up to 283. He knocks in three runs on the day and a home run to deep center field plus the triple. So you'll like what you CIA and then Mitch Moreland what he's making out score looks mark. I don't like the idea. Oh letting Hanley Ramirez go on I know that he's over his last money. But someone's gonna pick him up I imagine that that motivation. Of having been released it's essentially by the Red Sox will. Motivate him in the next stop that he has. And is a guy who last year for you. One is eight for fourteen. With two doubles and three runs batted in against the gas shows in the play offs. Guy that's got a little bit of sack in the playoffs. This sad thing why does not on the Red Sox last year really is much of adding outside. David Rice and Hanley Ramirez made it to you guys that you least expected out of they were the two guys that were actually doing it for you in the playoffs playing well being. Person you can rely on and not honestly looking completely out of play shaken I'm happy whatever it was. During that ugly first round series. Against the Astros last year. I don't like getting rid Hanley Ramirez. I don't like it. Even if it has worked out in the first united Mitch Moreland just in the snot out of the ball the last couple games. Because. I looked at the guys who are still on the team. The guys who are still playing. Your tolerance I know that he had a good year last year. Jackie Bradley junior ice know that he's had a solid week. Jackie Bradley junior stand on the teams that he can make a spot for Dustin Pedroia. The Jackie Bradley junior only given you defense right now. I'd get you wanna have a nice glove out there on the off chance that you're gonna need him in the playoffs you all the offense you can get. The Astros bats are finally heating up and we've seen what the Yankees can do now that they've got this kid laboratory as you have a that's can't. Jackie Bradley junior out there are periods. I understand how to game for defensive purposes but getting ready Hanley Ramirez got you can bring in a pinch hitting situations. That's just a huge mistake. Did you all of this money to what I understand he had you don't wanna pay and point two million dollars next year. We are the Red Sox yet more money and pretty much everybody in baseball is it really that big of a deal. When you've given out a contract like that. I don't feel like the savings are necessarily work that because I think that this guy can help you in the play offs. He's hit well in the playoffs before. Yeah he's in the midst of an overture when he slot is still adding to that before. How much higher than Jackie Bradley junior then that is if you are and how how much higher. The Jackie Bradley junior does it as awful lot pedestrian cheese an awful lot as average. Is that from Hanley Ramirez it's great. But having somebody like that is important. To have someone like dad off the bench. And the rationalizations. Is to make Mitch Moreland at first your full time first baseman. And to give plate so wire two starts and eat that nice dated eight he had it today cool great wonderful. I. You get rid Hanley Ramirez. And you still have Jackie Bradley you. I don't get it. Andrew Balmer in doubt there I don't know what you're dealing. I. There are sorted since the 36 and sixteen look I get at the regular season though for baseball to me is a long laborious chore and when you finally get to the playoffs. To throw it all out the wind you wanna have as many weapons that he can't have when the other two best teams in baseball happen to be in the American League. And obviously with Olivier keys are playing who knows if you're going to actually be able to repeat. As American League east champions again who knows and if you find yourself and now. Playing game of sorts what's gonna happen there until one game playoff. Play and whatever other wild card team that there is yet you probably will win that game but. There's a chance there's a chance of them fall of completely falling on your face. Yet you have great starters the top of the rotation. But it alliger Palmer ransom and had laid down what Boise gonna figure it out does it cost you a couple of games along the way you're lucky today that you got the eight runs out there. Lucky. They have some good players on the on the line but I mean. Would you give up five runs in the first four innings and yet you're starting pitcher looked like he could get enough well more than that. What are you doing putting them back out there for another start and I remember. Is seeing seeing. Last week and I did Red Sox have you seen that they weren't a 100% sure what they're going to do Richard Palmer into his next start okay they begin some time to think about things. But three of the third six hits five earned runs and honestly looks way worse in the stats than the stats indicate. You see out there totally am confident. Awful. Awful. It goes through opens. And I don't think outscored sinking like that I got he's trying to get on the pitch through it. I'm just now to the point of I don't see any more if it's not getting fixed at this level it might get fixed in some sort of moderately extent. Might get fixed if he's got some one on one time to figure is life out. And it didn't based on the hill. 6177797937. Applaud a lot this is Red Sox review you want to tweet me TK do you sell act alliance says. The Red Sox did win today. They got a nice performance at the plate to help document about as hot or they think and getting ready Hanley Ramirez I don't like the move. You need data about like that on the bench and I just don't wanna see your tolerance anymore because first doctor Palmer and starts last eight hours. Nine hours 200 hours however long today's game laws and a guy like Steven Wright I think has pitched well enough. Two married at the very least an opportunity to go five innings every couple every couple of exhibit five starts or so why not try somebody else. If you just keep on rolling with the same thing over and over and over and over again you're just gonna get the same crap. But here they are and I I I don't I don't get it. I don't get it to Palmer it's right now I really don't. I mean. How can anyone look at what he's throwing. And think that that guy should be out there. And he is control. These. Battle. I congratulate three walks cool. It just doesn't look good man and it and something's up and I just feel like the Red Sox are missing audit. And I I don't know how they're missing on it becomes not very baseball Smart baseball and I. One that my father concede right now. This guy shouldn't be out there and they keep on trodden and three in the third innings of work. Went six hits in five earned runs and again a lot worse first inning single Nadal still got out of it and I mean cool. Need wonderful. Walks a guy in the second inning. And gives a two run homer you know we closest one inning of work you know that's about innings global was the first. Whatever. He allows two doubles and another on walks a guy it's three nothing in the third fourth inning I mean. Did just tied they game. With a nice little third inning three run rally. And impoverished comes right back out there there's a single here's a four pitch walk and those guys both end of story. Summons up. Do something about it stop putting him out there stop thinking to yourself yeah oratorical last year that's gonna happy that it happened you really buy that. Why why at this point. That's our I am with the Boston Red Sox after an 86 victory at two to 3616. You just hater well. I suppose you could argue that 61777979370. Colony tweet me too. I don't want sets up next I wanna take a look what happened the Boston Celtics last night. There is something that we've been doing with this Celtics team that also much like troop hollering it starts needs to stop. We'll discuss that next a blog on its Red Sox are you don't go anywhere. It's 7937. Games this 740 point game of these playoffs. Steps drive for the bed. Okay. Really cool I don't know boosted. Dead man LeBron James who died actually died dead dead on the court. In game six between the Celtics and cavaliers. Somehow did that yeah. He was really good. Now we all don't really like him and it's mainly because he does stuff like well Paul Pierce has done in the as no big deal. And other things the passive aggressive and it's the constant you know doing in Seagram lives all these images and lifted his best life. Things of that nature. It's easy just absolutely executed the Boston Celtics last night and I've said this once I'll say again what the Celtics have been able to do this year is just so damn impressive without carrier being without Gordon Hayward but I do feel. That we have gotten into a point where with this team. We baby them a little bit. Or reduce shrug off another loss on the road with the now one and seven on the road in these playoffs. They should've won this game. This series should be over and now you got a chance with LeBron. James coming back to TD garden to do something that and back in between twelve in game six at the Miami Heat. Which is to take out another. Boston Celtics team in Boston with another devastating performance. And he did it in game six could you do it in game 730 and this series. There's definitely a possibility for that. I feel like there is a mindset with the Celtics team that when it comes to. It's on the road games at home things a little bit of a relaxation. Factor with their play on the road because they feel very confident about going home. But Kevin Love was out of this game with 643 left in the first quarter. Out for the remainder of the game and the rest of the cavaliers team is the hat. Don't win that game. You have to 45 point two early in the second quarter you're up by a little bit more than that. In the second quarter at any outscored 304018 and it it's not just that each is looked completely out of place and lost when it easy offensive rebounds for Cleveland. Back passes turnovers. Missed free throws missed four feet shots. It's not just those things effects Jeff green was clowning you. Jeff green is dumping on you Jeff Greene a slotting shots. Jeff green is getting a handle on dunks Alley opening. Jeff. Green. You can have that happen and they played. Honestly solid the rest of the game it was one of their better road performances all things considered. That second quarter was just so bad. And I'm tired of just sitting back and be like this is a really great home team they've won all ten of their home games at TD garden this year. That's wonderful but I mean you just giving LeBron James an opportunity here an opportunity get to yet another finals. And. Like I feel pretty confident the celtics' chances to win game seven but you should've won this game Kevin Lowe was Al. For the majority of the game and the rest of that team sucks you pay Art Smith. Jeff Green. On your better than that. So I just want us to Walt realizing that this Boston Celtics teams definitely ahead of schedule. Say about this team all right you've been through the gauntlet you're playing eighteen you're better than. It's one of their best players is injured and you're already better than them you have no business. Getting outscored 34 to eighteen and a quarter by them. Or losing this game and now LeBron has a chance. Yeah out 6177797937. A blog a lot of threats are tribute Paul is in Westfield mall outside. All right good luck in law are up that record really great you are. And they're playing really well and eyeball I'm annoyed by Richard Palmer and thus far I'm just looking for things to nitpick at this point the offense is great work smoky bats and Angie Martinez have been in the light and lieutenant Andy getting the way he's been getting of late. And Mitch Moreland really making out score looks Smart at least on the two games since Hanley Ramirez has been DF say. Yeah there really isn't a whole lot to nitpick I just look at what the Yankees are dune illiquid the Susan Dylan and then just Louis ill little sister Barbara it's that suspect. Yeah had to complete a manic of the Cleveland is seven. I'm Rothstein well I guess first we conditions last year with all of well. Well you know. I like seeing about their art I feel like he deserves an opportunity in the starting rotation. And you take a look at Hector Velasquez then what he did earlier this year and a couple of starts looking pretty solid and it wasn't great outing for him today but. These two guys I feel. Deserve a chance in the rotation and I don't think that your tolerance deserves another start anytime soon I think that you gotta get him out the hill. Yet to figure out what the hell's going on with them take it from there hopefully figures it out again he had a great season last year. But right now he can't be on the hill. No I agree kick other game we just I was a little bit different we were down by a lot of we came back to get close. The fourth quarter I think activists had by all the while after the 82 chance shot they have with three minutes left we didn't rebound. Didn't have to borrow a lot. We get the same thing we do we have a poor performance in this victory huge part what Ron benched not even his crappy capped his bench got off the floor. When do I provide the other do what seven names at every been hurt. Sure what you're. Orbited guard maybe. We're gonna play in the achieve we're gonna crash the boards we're gonna out of hospital and we're gonna adopt the mark I think the beginning and then the prototype unit. Right shed. You make though it crier chamber but if you put him in a quarter and bully him thought it wouldn't allow not gonna make. It's it's tough to do it down it's tough it's tough to do at a paltry should default it's so tough to do with them meat should be played all of two minutes last night. That was held a performance even though he did here is ACL and dot. Andy it's really impressive a dead man scoring 46 points 1733 from the field in Saudi knowing beings about basketball now ends. I don't know how many people see this if you're going to play game at the Y or something like that where you play against somebody and day. I don't know column. Take a really long time to get out. Probably because they're either trying to make you feel that about Fallon and more they're really playing poorly and they want there to be an excuse that's out there. For the injury. Many took a long time to get out and I've gotten to that point now at just about every single player in the NBA if they take a long time to get out. Purchased under the assumption. That they're totally fine James Harden doesn't all the time help Paul Pierce is in the wheelchair. I don't get why it's like that in the NBA I want it just one LeBron James ward because it's fun to do it and right today in oats though of one irrational. Sports fan I disliked that I have going all the way back to my childhood. Boy alive. You when does this. Impressive though really just a courageous and brave effort pilot project in that game. Wally is in Fall River calling in 6177797937. Wally what's up. You know what support they could they do and handling a little more which can't keep a very streaky here we've got Blake sway in and then now Guatemala's. Semi regular basis was one these are average to look at is it automated Jacqui back Colombo once once 75. But they couldn't get this settled while we can't looks that way is ms. Twilight Zone right now. But. Eight utilities Steven Wright bail them out today vs. I bet they don't have to be put the bank Tammy he just can't go to organize suppresses season. We're doing today going in and out of reach if you really have to go on a really hot streak to get better average to a city. Yeah and and look at why Tricia to folk I mean take a look at the guys are hitting his wells they are right now. Looking to come down to earth. Judy Martinez and come down to earth how how down to Europe they will come I do not know but I mean they're both hitting a ridiculous rate right now. Is that the last all season long c'mon that's really tough to do for any baseball player. You're gonna have your good months are gonna have your four months. It's got to come down and and and volleys right I mean I. I get that they wanna give Blake's wife are more more opportunities. Man. I don't know about that. I like that they're going to give Mitch Moreland more opportunities like. Haley is streaky. When he is hot he is great and you saw the hot streak at the beginning of just this year he saw a hot streak in the playoffs. If this is a move that they're doing taking a look at next year if he continued to play the rate that he's playing that you have to get paid 42 million dollars. I hate that. Now I know the Red Sox are spending more money than anyone. By come on you have a guy like this to just casting him up the side in not getting anything in return from though one could get returned from with that contract. But team can now sign up for a half million dollars or so. And you need out out off the bench. You really do. I mean. This guy. He comes to play in big spots he proved that last year when no one else on the Red Sox is able do that against the Houston Astros. Eight of fourteen in a playoff series with two doubles and three runs batted in any demons start the first game of that playoff series. He came in and he was good. So I think that you have to really. Really really. Take a look at possibly. Outscored here if this was his first big mistake. To his state to Brodsky said this was a court decision. He wants to see more Moreland came he wants to see more more it's like art. OK. And he doesn't think Italy's gonna handle being on the bench particularly well. Okay. You're still losing a very valuable back. And you need all the that's you can get when you're playing against teams like the Astros and the Yankees who can score like no water. 6177797937. And tell you call in. It's also you tweet me to act a law says if you so choose some reaction some of those tweets coming out. In just a little bit and is it possible. That. John Carlos Stanton is not the best addition to the New York Yankees this year. We'll talk about that next on blog a lot this threats are trivia. For us are really of baseball on that I talked doubts about yesterday elves or. We were prepared to and be gone different direction with our move. He called me Alex as I've got a thought or you. We're doing and he said. This is a move that I would like to make recommend make it ultimately comes my. Final decision but he said. I really want to play Mitch Moreland Moore he's a good player he's played very well for us I don't think that today and millions of person that sets. And and on the bench well. It gives us an opportunity to keep Blake's wife are also being a position replace it gets more playing time. And so said this is something that I recommend us doing. The Red Sox took down the Braves 86 today earlier at Fenway Park this is Red Sox review and I'll talk a lot 617779793. Seven's on call and you can tweet me to act alliance says. That's Red Sox GM Dave Dombrowski talking about the decision that they made earlier this week just on Friday in fact. DFA. Designated for assignment. Hanley Ramirez of the you know week to either waive them. Or trade him who's gonna trade that contract. And he's likely going to be elsewhere. I imagine after he clears waivers. Because everyone's gonna wanna sign for 500000 dollars or so as the Red Sox still on this on the hook. For injuries of Perry very meaty salary this year and that salary. Who fifteen million remaining on the parents'. Next season if he you to meet key if he had continued playing at the radio was playing. He would have been paid 22 million dollars. I understand the mindset that he wouldn't handle being on the bench particularly well and that the Red Sox wanna play Mitch Moreland more. But can't you find ways to what Hanley out there I mean if you're gonna put JD Martinez in left field from time to tie McCain to the same thing with a Hanley Ramirez tied. Has to eighty Martinez is particularly good in the outfield at least in my opinion. You try to fool around when things like that. I don't like this and I know that it is actually worked out pretty well for Alex Cora. In the last couple nights especially. When it comes to what we've been seeing. Out of Mitch Moreland I mean he had a double and a triple today he had a home run last night he's playing really well. He's getting three to anyone on the year and they continue the Red Sox to get great seasons out of some of there hitters Martinez and that's been attendees on a roll do dinner Bogart is off to a good start yet Dustin Pedroia back great guy and and yet you made a move so that you could free a spot for but the back of your White Sox you don't have anyone on the bench that you can really turn to and I do think that you need all the bats to possibly get. When you're trying to compete. The New York Yankees and you try to compete with the he smashed a couple people on hold they did wanna share. An interesting little tidbit of information with you. Hit when he sixteenth it's 46 team. The Chicago Cubs. Traded with the Yankees to get relief pitcher or oldest Chapman traded a couple of prospects. One of those prospects as a guy. But the name of glider Taurus out a role this Chapman is back with the New York Yankees and laboratories. In just one year. Became at age nineteen. Won MVP. Of the minor league lead years of defiant fall league that he was playing and it was the fifth best prospect in baseball and during the Tony seventeen season. So that trade in towards is probably the signature piece of that trade. Has let's now what we're seeing and it laboratories who has said he. Rookie record. In his last four games. Hitting four home runs in a row he has played in 28 games. Nine home runs 2.4 runs batted in and at 333 batting average thus far. John Carlos Stanton meanwhile in 48 games. Thirteen thirteen home runs he's bank to 790 play better than he did earlier this year. By. Torres has been playing Tony let's gains and M and he suggests. That four home runs behind him already. And I could do Matt checked at least two home runs without that and I'd look to Darren judge's home runs numbers there so the Yankees I mean they have another bat that they brought aboard. Shouldn't you have all the bats he possibly can on the bench especially when you've got guys like Jackie Bradley junior or place wire or or your catchers who can't hit. I think so 6177797937. Louie is in Springfield bully what's up. I can't think a lot of people didn't understand I didn't need it doesn't result. Ramirez was fast approaching the at bat that would put right at the top NAF. That they need it plus till the end of the year was failing so. You feel like when it comes to money in the Red Sox showed that twenty million dollars even though it's 42 million dollars to pay it. Especially to have about like this when you're in the ever competitive American League. Get your money's worth. He said. Less than average defense at first statement and and whereas I'm more Allen is a very very got first statement and marketing. Simple as that my opinion. Okay but how best do you buy that Alex Cora. Saying premieres wooden handle being on the bench while. So I was pleasantly surprised. That he's been a pretty good team players and have it. That's especially and and you know what's the score came and it did feel like Hanley had especially during spring training I read stories about does it seem like Hanley. Was buying in a lot more than he might be had in the past with John Farrell. And I think OK well if court. Demote him or something like that to get Mitch Moreland Mort that's I get it. But you want to have a guy like this in the last I understand what you're saying your hunters and right twenty million dollars that's a lot. Yeah the well I'd like to. And mobile doesn't want to bounce up at age of the shots that they themselves and Italy Asia right at the right into that I was very very happy to see. It more of playing great and really. And yet you wanna have joy about Droid and Droid yet yes he's the one right at the middles ten pitch at bat to. And and he he drew Milwaukee was able score runs well. Yeah Pedroia back the super joins able to do. And I like that Moreland played Moreland has clearly making out score looked pretty Smart the first two games since Hanley was designated for assignment. Boy you got guys that backed the line that just can't hit and I think that Hanley. On the bench. I think it's worth it. I think it's worth it I mean you're paying now fifteen million for nothing. Yeah you would have had to pay 22 million next season if you keep on by paying him fifteen million dollars for nothing. Right now nothing. You're gonna spend money I say you have a guy around. And if it becomes a problem. Fine but I think you give it a little bit more time. And you know what the way it Jackie Bradley junior and hitting the sweet sexy in a solemn week for him at the plate. Is averages trending a little bit upwards. And on Sunday he added that he had two bad striker for the runners zombie did have a I think he would double in that game. He he he is hitting better but he still in the 170s and palace he likes wired up there aren't to be perfectly honest either I I know that. They wanna get these young guys at bats and in the and they wanna see him out there. I think you need to have a guy like Manny Ramirez for a playoff front. Is there a chance that he could come back I guess but I think zones can pick them up and RP want to clears waivers. I don't think that Hanley as a person that sets and when on the bench well. Man that's tonight. That's up to label put on somebody. And I look like. That entirely fault them for thinking that like that boy. I'd rather have them. I'd rather have a and then not have him. Because the back of your line up isn't good enough and if you find yourself and a game like this. Like today 862 win over the Atlanta Braves against the Yankees. Against the Red Sox. Jimmy against the Astros. What happens in that situation. When it's a close game and you're throwing guys out at the back of the order that can't give you anything yet know when the contention with. And there are certain games where I mean. You got to have them he got out and out there. It's tough you're in a tough spot you wanted you wanna DHD Martinez a lot and you have all that traffic and this was something that was talked about going into this year. But I I don't think that you're doing yourself any favors by just letting them go 6177797937. Joseph is an aims very Joseph it's up. I. I try to agree with that message that they're. I take this as a message. That this is a chain. Which preemptive. Saying coercion charge. Projector to return to Pretoria. You'd remember last year court martial law Pretoria sort I was not 100% change this about search. Almost like dollar check get rid of all our law. And and and look I I I get all that I deal and I I I just think though. I mean. You need to have on our I I just think you're gonna need to adamant in big time spots. And it's like I I suppose we could come to appoint an aunt and appreciate the Vogel jail. We're gonna come to a point where I I think we're we're looking at the Red Sox are like are right. You got EEE got the joy of back. Could enjoy being issue in the club house. Amazon adventure that make things faster. I'm looking at bat that I I don't think they're gonna have the same kind of club has issues that they did last year were John Farrell a stone and I think that they like. They like Alex court bid based off of the numbers that we've seen thus far. Clearly that clubhouse is enjoying themselves. But the way that are heading and I think that now with quarry in there just a fresh new ness of this club house. I don't think you're gonna have necessarily a problem because Hanley is pissed he's not playing. He's owed and paid fifteen million dollars is really but he got mad and it's again based on content that fifty million dollars either way. You're paying for about like that. Now they're paying for nothing. That's the least the way that I look at. Our Matthew Wilson tweets at me. All data rusty believes in him he's vesting option and nothing to do with being released in somewhere in this galaxy we live we live in the Easter Bunny exist. It was a part of it. And it's I I I but I'm I was surprised hearing Alex Cora was the one that. Came about trying to. Get about what this proposal. I mean I I eat I think it's a balls he moved by quorum. Woolsey a page out pays off. But I I think it's an ultimately hurt him in the end. This is removed I would like to make I recommend make. And gang on gang to announce Gorman of this is the first big ball bounced Korman that I can remember six and 77797937. That is Heidi Collins Red Sox review and I'm blog alliance what would you do what you're Palmer answer right now because I don't they start again and we'll take a look at some things going on. With the Boston Celtics in the New England Patriots as well threats such a view important.