Red Sox Review - Sox blow an 8th inning lead and lose control of 1st place in the AL East 5-9-18

Boston Baseball
Thursday, May 10th
Red Sox Review is underway as Mut takes you through the Red Sox lose to the Yankees 9-6.  Hanley gave the Sox the lead late but a storyline that seems to be repeating itself was that the bullpen ended up blowing the game late as Kimbrel allowed 4 runs in the Bottom of the 8th.  Is the bullpen a problem going forward with the season?

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Have become like. Hybrid Red Sox for yourself it's recap up until midnight is the Red Sox lost a very tough game in New York they've battled back back and forth. Second straight night or is it very good very competitive intense. You can't playoff like baseball and may I get that but intense. Felt like important baseball and the Red Sox found the word back and lead in the eight inning. Could add on two insurance runs second and third nobody out the company and adding Ian in the bottom of the inning. They give up. Four runs capped off by an errant judge two run blast in a good win turned into a bad loss nine secure file the stating you wanna react to the Red Sox pitcher many of you will. Richard calls an air at 61777979837. On the other end of the spectrum. Is what happens tonight the Boston Garden where. I get the Philadelphia 76ers a lot of credit I had this pans when -- runaway. Celtic blowout win. Before the Gael I've felt that way and then right at halftime the Celtics went on a nineteen to six run. Extended their lead out to eleven at the break and it just you felt like this thing is over the 76ers are dumb. They're young they don't know what's going on with right now the ready to pack it in their the thinking about a rule book. Wherever there's their winter cited of their post season summer vacation is their on that beach where that beaches they were already there. And lower bowl here come the 76 in the second half and Ben servants making shots and Redick is making shots and so are making shots alias so was making threes. And the 76ers played their ass off. In the second half and the Celtics had to play. In that final twenty Foreman at the back of the saudis as a one point late in the thoroughly fourth had the lead. And Joel on beads make it plays on the air there in the post but the Celtics made the big. Plays late led by Al Horford led by a market Smart after Jalen Rose carried them. Carried them I'm Jalen Rose Jalen brown in the third quarter it was Al Horford it was market smarter really it was everybody. During that Celtic got third and fourth quarter they had to play really really well made a lot of Smart plays down the stretch. I capped all by some huge plays by Smart and Tatum and Jalen brown and Al Horford in the end. 114112. Your final they beating a seventy sixer team. They did not quit tonight. And in doing so they in probably. Improbably. Advance to an Eastern Conference final. I have a losing potential the first round of the box. Smart and up and picked him to win this that a second round but it is not supposed to be easy. And they were terrific tonight in the second half. May just some huge plays some great adjustments. Why Brad Stevens. Early in the fourth quarter they got Al Horford matched up with some post plays Ted tests are. They've got some one on one situations for Pro Bowl brown and Tatum in big spots down the stretch and got some huge rebounds huge defensive play. On by Marcus Smart huge three by terror was here at one point late in this game. And it was the Celtics having to make plays late there was this this series this game was not handed to the Boston Celtics. The 76ers. Battled in this one. Eighteen my ball is gonna quit whenever the pressure got copier and a second half hell at the end of the first half. With Celtics went on that brawn when rosier hit that three at the buzzer in the first half but all that's it forget it. 76ers Don. But Simmons then starts and some crazy shots in the second half. Then the fourth quarter again that that Tatum really tough layup to make a 1111 on line in the end the Celtics hold off a couple of free throws late. Baseball pass can't get it done. Intercepted by guess who Marcus Smart who had a huge game. This team and I'm a look at the box right now I don't care or at the box score says. He scored and he set up value for Horford he found guys in the corner like panes were open threes. He made huge defense plays a fact that the last offensive play when Brett brown got a sorry. G Marcus Smart match up. I didn't Apollo like that match up its Arctic probably next to dribble or two. And then bank is Smart he dole played ticket charge no call either way with the ball gets away corporate scoops it up. It was paid in the layup. The other way set up by guess to Marcus mark. Who was largely important. And so a playoff run it would no carrier ring I'm no Gordon Hayward. No Daniel place to a lesser lesser and lesser extent no Shane Larkin from her two and even a larger extent here for much of the series. And the Boston Celtics to Wear a four and net four and a half to one underdog. To win this series. Get a gentleman sweep. The Philadelphia 76ers. Sent home the process and now what is the Celtics against LeBron British chancellor of the NBA finals and in game one. The line is opened up Celtics minus one. The Celtics at least open up our favored. Against LeBron James and the cavaliers in game one. A series a will start on mother's day afternoon at 330 I don't know why it's not a prime time. But that they will start Sunday afternoon 330 at the garden and get your tickets for LeBron against the Celtics. What feels like worst case scenario was a seven game series. But on eight kind of break that down what your reaction to the Red Sox loss in New York. And the Celtics win here tonight at 61777979237. A phone number on Twitter follow there and tweet any time and mocked and UT. I WEEI. We'll get your phone calls here after. I get the smiles. The mouse is never ever ever in front of his computer. Take your phone calls. Jeff in new York and on line since we started the show he's first up. On Red Sox view Sports Radio WEEI we are reacting to the Red Sox loss in new York and the Celtics win and advancing to the Eastern Conference finals. In the NBA post season Jeff good evening. It is getting embarrassing. They sign it that stock at an inner city possess it and impressing lots aren't that protest ago. And Dave Dombrowski is that overrated GM. Does that reinforce supple said. And that's why the Detroit this point try to put. You ready for the pulpit. With proper guys Tony to only one trade bait to bring some sort starters in double and we could force them and they Jewish group open it. Meet green for me traded for Craig Kimbrel. Or else. I mean this this past offseason he didn't do anything open the Tyler and burning cars and come back yet. I mean he had not yet given up one run in his last and nine outings before tonight. You can you go read this Jeff and I think the big it's a bigger discussion about. Dave Dombrowski I would agree about your major point. They never replaced. Who Addison reed is the guy and I don't think you know they never placed Addison reed at the back in the bullpen. A eventually may be tolerant form burger places them. Maybe it till then there are short in the bullpen. And if you wanna tell me Matt Barnes can't hear a lot of on on the road I would buy it. He's been awfully good is about the middle of April 123456789. One run allowed in his last night outings. Or does the array from 579 down to five. At the schools shutting Tex over the weekend. On the road he's been a question the last couple years eight ending may be not his spot. You can use him. The issue tell I was certainly Matt Barnes and Matt Barnes not throwing strikes I have you wanna bang IMAP arsenic go for. I can't take one bad outing in a month. Tea Matt Barnes past ago they need an arm what what they needed. Is Tyler for burgers letting up down AAA stadium to come back they need Tyler Thornburg to be. Really really good. 84 bird to be very inning guy. Because they don't have back I would say for example Craig Kimbrel got through that spot tonight Craig Kimbrel came on first and third one out the eight point. I exit chance that they wanted just get those two outs and let somebody else close to game in the night. Who the hell is taking the ball in the ninth inning Smit the pitch Barnes and that would Joseph Kelly. Gonna pitch tonight that was pitch in the ninth. So to Jeff's point he may Saturday may have said it a little bit more aggressively that I wouldn't. Dave Dombrowski needs to start hoping he's he's been begging quite frankly. The Tyler former comes back going to be the guy that unexpected to be if not they are definitely. An arm short the Bakken and ample time. I'm Mike in north Providence the Red Sox lineup they like. Good month about an article that was in critical core element what I'm not happy with that. Game but anyway. Yeah with regard wrecked our lineup. I think there's you know you hear people say oh drop out. Probable. Pick argument like that you know Almonte they dropped arm and I immediately like covered that. And the whole reason that made you want that Moreland and and they want said Bogart that says he's like why can't I have won let alone how long I wanna you won't Moreland there today. No listen listen it it could walk on static six behind debt behind Bogart. And then while. That wonderful I don't wanna have to lefties in the rose and have unions that Abbott then I ever that eight but that's ridiculous that endeavors arguing you know any interest. It would be bigger Bogart jumps of the hole and you drop and recount that. And then put Moreland and why. You know and then you have you could polish you know what ever looked as the seventh spot and that makes a lot more cents. You see trying to keep him in the number three spot is the reason ever is that. This is what's going on. Well they'll they try to get Hanley donut at the reality that's gonna change B I I agree with you that. I'd like she more flexibility and I'm glad I'm glad moral was in there tonight and I wanted to amend their last night in the seventh inning Mike and thanks for the call. They need to get Hanley going I mean mid day. I get it's it's it's his first hamas' April 14 he is scuffled. I'm now the biggest problem might that would lineup tonight. For Hanley though he he needs he needs to keep his first homer on month. He's got to find it here he has been that he is skated. From the the slings and aero is a Red Sox fans because they have 25 wins in their first 36 games whatever it is. But he's got to start it more home runs. He is a major major factor right now. For this team needs to be a much bigger factor than he is right now let's go to. Wall in Fall River on the Red Sox at wal. It was a mud was like you know tallied it up bomb I felt good I was gonna win this game. We had a chance to attack us some insurance front maybe it would it change the way kemba came in we two or three runs. Are they and they had a huge opportunity top of the eighth inning second and third nobody out devers by Saudi can advance a runner can't get a fly ball. Vasquez strikes out shocker there and with the bases loaded kink in any done that was it's. That was a rough spot there in the top of the eighth inning and it kind Acosta in the bottom of the attack. I mean that alone would give him also but at this Yankee eleven catalog guided we've got it. Some good hitters and good lap but the Yankees are dangerous I mean nobody can stop these guys right now. But I you look in the offseason. Let's get a call a side. Yeah had a bold wrote good decent relievers who critic got a when the question that the justice steinem I'm I'm not holding my breath all the time looked on direct but Kimberly Dudley does need some help back in apple patent. I I I know we gave it up tonight and he'll probably get some crap tomorrow from Red Sox fans and he's got a EES have better location that he did. I have no problem with putting Craig Kimbrel that's spot tonight that was the biggest fond of the game person third eight inning maybe he's got to be better pitching in the eighth inning. On the locations sucked. The location suck go back and look the fastballs were center cut. Against ball Brett Gardner an area judge Al carries 969798. Right down the middle against those that gators they're gonna make you pay. And they did right idea bad result. Protect Craig Kimbrel he was part of the issue tonight as well it was set up by UConn Matt Barnes who went to vote all three guys he faced. He gave up the ringing double and the ground ball and the walk through based honors three batters. Didn't get his job done and put Craig Campbell in a brutal spot Kimberlin come through. But Barnes. Put him in a a pretty tough spot there. Let's go to David in Florida on the Red Sox tonight hi David. Eight. Whatever happened to regret what happened at work. Move. Might be at a baseball's. Now Donna he's talked it right. Our reconnaissance. Like questions like that whole mindset of I'll find him don't go well I'll find a go ahead. But at a news yeah I mean I would have bought and Kelly yeah strike out there. And that would Natalie Sutton Jack that's not the worst in the world where well I it will would you done. I would have ardent Kelly you know if this strike so. In the eighth inning setup problem potatoes. Or Yukon aren't suited to it Santelli in the you can look it up. Because I mean but again they've been in particular political ticker running at 10. And I. Second and third nobody out they get it dead devers and bask is one of the guys put the ball play you've got to run neither both guys struck out back to back it looked bad doing it. It was also the purpose of prince considering brought hope. Coppola only element that are obscene but that seemed minuscule. Obviously Elson 171 day. This month protocols and our 300. And no I don't know normally you can't. Look at what they'll still yet. I don't mean I'm not that we are. And I mean if you think Brad Stevens of course so well in the number two I mean it's just what are incredibly calm out. Yeah I I don't know will historically have a chance to rank him at some point. He's that a conversation is one of the best coaches in the NBA. Is for coach of the year ago Seles today that that the other coaches vote he get a vote. Spears and I'll vote for Brad Stevens they're very we're result given the season they had carrier ring. Indian player on the stretch no Gordon Hayward and still their right there at the top Eastern Conference. Gonna have home court Eastern Conference finals. With a cast and LeBron. Saw I don't know historically where ranks of our back on the wrong got to ask having now watched our back Greg coaching game. But. I would say want to get this team racing conference final I I can't think of in recent MBA memory. 18 and Eastern Conference final that was superstar is gonna be Jason James a superstar at some point I know that people. Think Al Horford is better than average okay. But there's no carrier ring no Gordon Hayward know LeBron certainly. Ivan a band Simmons right now who is thought it was a better player than Jason Taylor and their in the Eastern Conference final. That's pretty impressive. Jose's down an American on the Red Sox say Jose. One. What's a bunt. I have been glued Cora playing at their line up so but I think you keep in. Back score much crying crock. And let equal certainty there on the saints. To raise it Coakley. He can now work with him you into Larry. As a work on it can expect but backed group. Yet he let him at. That act in and with random page and we would there that they. Are down by one aren't there have been all. The same agent agreement. Orleans' new intraday eat picnic and it means the guys hitting. The 200 used up I get caught all of the art at a major. Would bet that that you have there are all he got last. He had a ready at Major League game at all. It's sweet and so it's hard game and equally it's something going CNN and that's the problems they line up. Predict an up or. Almost was out but some of the guys there is I think is apparent. What perhaps. CI think the issue Jose it's it's a good call on and and call back any time beat the a singer senate Lindy led baskets at the eight inning and then you and you start to move for medical care than that means Blake's wife heart. Is going to be catching the eighth and ninth innings of a one run game in New York. Now I understand he's a serviceable catcher. Up I would not. I would not feel great about that. So. I think the trade off of baskets hitting prevent him catching is worth because Vasquez he didn't have the dual. Get a ball in the air hit a ground ball to the right side Iran is home at second and third one out after endeavors that struck out. So that that should not have been a hard spot baskets your bigger picture about Vasquez the catcher. I ate I have been pro baskets for a couple of years. As a lot of Smart people told me that. It's not let's watch cargo back their let him learn much better offensive catcher in my thing was always always baskets you call a good game and better defensive catcher. I don't know man I'm not sure of that defensive part of it and the game calling for him now outweighs the offensive inefficiency. At least right now. So I would be all for Blake's wife Arpaio what happened in New York but in Toronto. Al Lowe's sees why arcade game or two behind the plea. Completely agree with with Jose about that. Our full also come back at your calls in the Celtics and the Red Sox 61777979372. Notes before the break number one. If we had a trending tonight or shine a would have been our weather what are percent of by New England fat loss dot com and nine news watchers the whether it be great for the next report case. Seventy degrees sunny that your weather number two Patrick Kilroy is here. So I was saying I'm going to midnight noon and you know we have coverage until what 2 AM. 2 AM with Gilroy. Was a Celtics freak it'll be re capital thinks Celtics and sixers so. If you don't get through on the phones if you're stuck in traffic leave the garden guess one. Local talk until two way on the always station and down doing that is WEEI ambled do it. Would will be up until midnight in Gilroy and tilt to do not go any Sports Radio WE EIA tale of two nights for your Boston teams the Red Sox. In New York had a 65 lead top of the eighth inning chance to. And insurance runs could not do it bottom of the eighth inning Brecht guard or two run triple Erin judge to run home run at. And the Yankees win going away nine to five now one game lead to Indiana least over the Red Sox over at the garden the Celtics. Had to play a big second half against the Philadelphia seventy sixer team that did not quit to their credit. I and in the end Celtics advanced 114112. Is a Celtics against LeBron. Best of seven beginning Sunday 330 over the garden talking about all of those things till midnight. I'm in our guard Patrick Roy bill will do until two way and with your calls here at 617. 77979237. Steve in Connecticut on the Red Sox and yankees tonight hi Steve. In my and technical jobs. Yeah it is slider that day at least. You know David Price impish Nate I was. I was afraid you know starting a week ago that he was gonna blow up then let the Yankees just you know. Trout on that coarsely personally you know read it went out there he pitched pretty good game and what imperfect you earlier that we are until the end then. He's got that at the end. It out it's a long season and it's I think we're well equipped. Natalie yankees earlier on. One follow up question. Real moto is available from the Marlins. I'm on the probable and also is what our problem. Are. What they trains Steve what are. I'd pray Terry talk done tray area I think they've with the news today that they groom is. Is out for the season with Tommy John and Michael chambers has been a freebie games. They got nothing traits TV it did it ever every team in baseball every team in baseball. Is gonna have more to trade the deadline out of their prospect. Group. Then you mark which is gonna make it tough to find it BB team any inning guy Arab pool playing guy. I don't I get on because you are behind the eight ball with basically zero legit prospects of tree this year none. Right so I'm acts send Travis. Jubilant people a socket meet and hear anything about these street I mean Toledo and Travis you know we know what do you look. We'll Jalen being the guy that Alaska you mentioned no Jalen geeks yes Jalen Nick's been very good on a AAA this year. And has to do this suggestions that you know it's a Red Sox starter we're gonna would go down they go to jail when peaks. And not Stephen Wright they might want Steven Wright the page is a long man out of Penn. But dig it I guess you double a trade those guys that'll beat those guys the blue chip prospects the chain is sore or groom would be. At least at this point so that's the issue gonna have you wanna trade for something it's going to be tough Patrick general Allen on the Red Sox are Patrick. Good Patrick when he got. On. I only heard it said that to her one and our. Carol well just so old law. Just the law. It turns out. There a point there bears. Joking matter. I mean. I'm. I see that this is where we we were just disagree philosophically Patrick and thank your call because I love love the fact. That my Red Sox three people go nuts over gain in May I need my people. I need Red Sox fans to care about games and make. I care about games in May especially games like tonight. There have been some blowout Red Sox lost the starting pitched on and talk about a cable. This is not the case you battled back you'll led 65 you squandered opportunities in the top of the inning. You watched Bap barred sock in the bottom of the eighth and Greg Campbell give up two rockets. And you lost to gain your position to win that is 88 talking game today a talk a ball game and it. On top of that it exposes what appears to be the first month of the year. The fatal flaw. In this Red Sox team and that is the eight inning. Oh by the way David Price has carpal tunnel so add that to the pile as well. Not a great eye for the Red Sox eight terrific night for the Celtics. Battled back back and forth second half against a team that did not quit the 76 and avail Adam Rose by twenty dale said it first the of I was right. Celtics by two when he didn't happen to 76ers came to play but in the end this helped advance. To an improbable Eastern Conference final will face LeBron and the cavaliers. Sunday at 330 the man who is here to talk about that until 2 AM as Patrick Gilroy he's here to take your calls coming up at 617. 77979837. Gilroy now. Kirk and Gerri at six noble talked view with first pitch leading into Red Sox and yankees tomorrow night at six here on WEEI.