Red Sox Review - Sox drop first of a three-game set with Oakland 5-14-18

Boston Baseball
Tuesday, May 15th
Hour 1: Mike Mutnansky is at Fenway Park recapping the Red Sox' 6-5 loss to Oakland.

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Us these Red Sox rookie on WEEI. On the fly ball deep to right field will be going back into the school. Wow opposite field home run Chris davis' well. It's a two run game against it the wars on mr. wolf yeah 11 there. Capping the Red Sox loss against the eighth spooky. Planes grounded toward a bit over the shortstop is there's never he had had a growth occurred in the ball game is over. Yeah hopefully days read their Red Sox six decided the opener. This 3-D series. Dial 6177797937. Red Sox revue with Mike much Netscape on WEEI. I don't know I don't know this is not. And all of your radio this is not a misprint almost radio so how could possibly will be. A misprint the Red Sox and Oakland a's just played in the American League game. That featured five home runs. And twenty hits. And multiple pitching changes. In a crisp. Chris. Two hours and forty minutes. Only to it was it was it. Two it goes point two mound is the entire game. A bunch of double plays and it's played in a nice and high eighty to forty tonight the result locked great. If you're Red Sox fan but at this is the example speeding up the game. In a soft five home runs and America legally took two hours and forty minutes. That's why point two army Major League Baseball this game in particular this indeed is Red Sox review. I opted to midnight this ought to be one of our longer Red Sox reviews of the season beside that here. Given his game when so shorts will get your phone calls early and often it's 6177797937. As is often the case. We have a Red Sox review while there are other things going on specifically in this case Celtics cavs LeBron. And legalized sports gambling on our country those 2 things I am. And more passion about quite frankly then 65 Oakland. All the Red Sox in game 41 of the season so if you have Red Sox takes. You wanna get to the merlot cobble lose is producing the show tonight Cobb loose famous for his work. On the Kirk can Callahan show Kyle balloons to his maniacal in every mistake I make tonight and LB planning. Will be cataloged and highlighted ready for Chris courtesy camp lair tomorrow morning. The walking at all why screw ups will be there and I'll play them all morning long that's how it goes so as the show goes on we'll get and other things. If you wanna talk Red Sox. You wanna do it early in the program at 617. 77979837. Is your phone number 617. 77979837. That is the numbered talk everything but specifically if you wanna talk sought earlier at the game tonight. And your pissed about Nokia that's running into another round the bases or Rick or sell sucking or the Oakland a's hitting a bunch of home runs. You wanna do early on in the program. Not as fort takeaways tonight. Again it's gained 41. So your your your not going to have blazing hot. It's the help killer takeaways. A Red Sox baseball every single light. The bookie that's out at second base was not as bad as the Christian Vasquez out the other day. But it's a no other out on the base path of my math is correct that is now I think nineteen. It might be too when he don't don't don't quote me. It's somewhere in that the city of 9020 outs and the bases this one more kid did not have to try to take third base. Grab all the markets Indian who was not a great infielder. By any stretch. Would have been lucky to make the play at first anyway. I felt like smokey bailout. And so instead of it maybe makes about a Bergmann gets a runner on second and two down in anyway this Hanley and getting there. But it just it just it was it say it's this now all. Piling up of dumb base running by the Red Sox I Wayne Farrell from this year ago kill the guy. It is not John Ferrell men that this team has a bunch of guys that cannot run the bases. And they've a third base coach this year it's a first year third base coach he has said guys run out at the plate that's been an issue and just in general. I don't think gingerbread attendees are great based wandered out to Christian basket isn't great base runner. Okay batches. Name Okie Betts has become a one of the better base runners in baseball as far as I can tell born first third. And reading the ball in front of him in the outfield. This was not one of those plays now this was a ground ball in the infield and got caught sort of in the middle. And again maybe they make the play first and what Hanley running and doesn't matter. It just seems sort of of silly in that spot. If you're looking bad stood up and give market Sammy and easy way out. Let him make dad Pete toward a third to first from shortstop. Mick can make death row he's not. Francisco Lindh the war he's not Jose Iglesias make that play from deepen. Outfield grass essentially. The edge and Ian fueled and don't make it easy on cannot move he did. In that spot. As short or sell this is now two straight games. Where he's been absolutely. Rocked. He had hit hard by the Yankees net loss of the stadium tonight was no different I mean I know they only two home runs off on. Get its final. Box score right here. It says nine hits in five runs felt worse he didn't walk anybody be able to walk bonds. He gave up rockets everywhere tonight. And so he would do in. She had been deemed best pitcher on the staff money Chris Sale. Any help you fill in when David Price that is out she's in his boo boos in his. Hot then cold and carpal tunnel and bagging out games against the Yankees. So he's not looked good the last two starts. So I'm about its make a and it's report shows a sinker ball or. You know based on his track record you go up there next time keep keep the ball down. And I wouldn't be an issue form. But these last two have been bad if it if the the thought was you getting Cy Young reports solo. Based in the final start ERA that was in the pews for a long time and you still. Probably somewhere hovering in the upper two's right no in a three to report to wait after tonight. That has not been the case last two starts for four cell. So all the bad baseline there is that is it something Alex Cora has got to stop. Glossing over. And has to work on this team and I'm a high you do that during the year DF. Ron base running drills he would he would remind these guys over over and over again not to make stupid out of forty I don't know. But for a team that needs twenty and twelve to forty going it tonight. Did they they got to be a better base running team so I can meet those those two things. Stood out from a negative. The positive and I mean I saw that this is kind of big topic tonight. But I sludge relic tweet this out Evan jolt NBC sports Boston. And he's kind of a moron buddies write about this. G Martinez having gained monster. It's their first seven weeks in the year give his eleventh home run of the season tonight he's back and 400 since April 25. He has been tremendous. For the steam. And there were so many people out there. That were calling up during the off season. During those god forsaken hot stove shows and telling us the dog John Carlos stands the guy and as the day at why they misunderstand what Jeter beat into the by the net and I tried to tell you. Martinez is the better option for the Red Sox. From the salary standpoint. From the injury track record that stand has and on top of all that. You not to eat the Red Sox and the Yankees into a much anyway. What you want to trade form. And that's salary is in singing for singing in ten years in both the thirty million bucks whatever is left on that deal. And Martinez can be is as good a hitter. And you're seeing it this year it if you wanted to do able that won the sizzle. Of Jon Karl Stanton I guess you're not happy. If you just wanna production. And you want it I was going to solidify the middle the Red Sox order that's JD Martinez. And I know they lose tonight on illusion utmost sending positive nor would this becomes a rip up on the team which is why Allen may I like that. You guys did not have the one game in the month of may I'd like dad you are my people. But in this case I think we have to do spend Maynard to. Pointing out how good JD Martinez has been this year. Two for four tonight. Scored a run and then the solo home run into right field. These eighteenth multi hit game of the season he's by it all mean Knick mark cake is the Major League lead a couple of notes on the start here. Consecutive games first time this season is six home runs in his last twelve games. You Olmert blow 7-Eleven last someone's come on the first strike idiot back. Seven of its last 114 strike idiot back so last year this team patient patient patient. Work up the pitch count Kevin you coolest. Here comes JD Martinez changes that and I go on and on east big hit safely in fourteen years last fifteen. 53 it's 34619. Game on base streak. During which bad for all five. May exist he he is bin. He's bit everything you want and probably a little bit more. On pace or forty home runs Qaeda NC boom member or agent Gonzales for as good as he was. It's God's will and nine billion please all be Sunday night games in the schedule. Maybe JD Martinez allege she showed up but so far you know he does. He shuts up he shows up any hits that's all that. And getting credit for mentor the young hitters in this team like devers a bookie bet so add that into. The JD Martinez experience. So those are my 33. Thoughts at a game 41 a 162 you. If you have more god bless you I will take your phone calls ought to Red Sox early and often here. At 6177797937. The Baltimore against the Celtics and legalized sports gambling. As the show goes on bought we defer to you wackos you crazies. Who call in 56 nights a week during the Red Sox season on this program including eyed David a Florida. Who is the most negative called in the history of sports talk radio as a reference point as a reference point. When the patriots came back to beat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. I did the post game show Fred's moralists. Which is an experience in its own right. David was the first call that night and was critical of Freddie and I forgiving Tom Brady too much credit for the come back. Too much credit. Sets David afford as a reference we love that about him good evening David howry bunt. Community is Brady threw for fifteen more yards. And didn't have that. And that little fumble into the game you know and an excellent and while others could issue a lot of you with a blitz call that night you said you guys are given Brady too much credit loans that happened execute ceased to attack that happened. We'll have every weapon and our epic one night. I probably went a problem again. In such a little pretty boy army. Can't wait it's in we should create a trader put Guerrero almost I heard Trent. Said this weekend that he's been too self involved in social media this week will Ratzenberger trainer now. What's up there. I mean. Since they started out as you and seventeen and two. If you take a look the past 22 games but they are now 51111. And that started seventeen until they are now 1111. Point two. I called you last week and I said that the honeymoon is over for Alex. I mean yeah they're hitting their operatives is much more dynamic and the past couple years but like you just said a minute ago at the base riding it so atrocious. The bullpen is inconsistent at best. And I mean. It is that it will what's out there I and I agree you I think that the Alex Cora honeymoon if you wanna play it that way David is over we had a conversation last week and I agreed. At that point what what tonight I so that the base the base running as a whole. Is an absolute issue that falls on the manager but they take that out what decision tonight. Falls on his shoulders Red Sox not an accident. I don't I concede tonight camera I had on the radio back and see if I see you listen to a what was the I mean it seems like remotely situated today and the and we ultimately you know with a play at that ultimately it's the manager's job. The managers responsible for the players client is not correcting it I will give them I will grant them that it that it probably benching Jackie. And maybe that'll motivate Jack you can do something maybe just need to maybe Jackie's he didn't have all particle all of this book is some batting practice. Maybe he needs it changes citizens batting stance I don't know I have no idea. But you know I'm plan that'll motivate and so I mean EEE if a player I'm playing well and the making stupid mistakes that he has addressed it. And like you that I don't know what the base running I mean I just don't acknowledge that meant dole a visual. And they're not getting good read that it is making overly aggressive. The buy it it's costing that it's costing them dearly. It definitely has its its cost say that 28 and there at thirteen out tonight David thanks for the call it's cost them may gamer to. All the way the aggressive base running de Costa yesterday bad base running play by Vasquez won his own a double steal apparently saw something you didn't see him. Just brutal tonight tonight was not as bad but as a whole. I grated is like a their baseline this year and it's been saved by debts and a couple of the guys who aggressively. You know taken advantage at times. But overall it is not been good for team that you won twenty of their first forty games the base running a sub par our wall in Fall River are always their talk Red Sox they won't. What's so I mean at this game was winnable as possible I was facility is poorly. Does not say this is very good line of late the Yankees there's no really powerful names. But this game was winnable we've taken into an engine had had a can't discuss three of four runs. Yet different and they have Blake's wife what would seek to strike doesn't double play. But I just can't see white crow has this guy in the lineup once a week I mean that. They gotta have to do something to the bottom and you ought to nowhere Pedroia is gonna hit but I'm sure it does a won his seventh or eighth. Yeah alleys getting hit seven the rate you mention it's why hard tonight and and rob and I talked about a boy thanks for the call little bit. Prior to the game they're they're they're trying to. They're trying to get him and that would I think this is a once a week that's bases at once we are right now. Tonight that first at bat he came up that the the situation that. That he's talking about this I guess we'll be if it I gave you three a bullet points off the game. The other one was it in wall is right winnable game that the Red Sox had their opportunities. It was. Top of the fourth inning. They had the Red Sox had their first two runs on against an eyes and a Bogart's walked Nunez singled. Blake's why aren't in the lineup for the first time in forever ground ball double play threat averted. And then other spots as well where they gotta run its auto runner on first base nobody else could not score dismissed opportunities offensively tonight. I don't know what the year was YR. I have no clue. How long they can play this thing out. I I I suspect they see the value of Blake's wife art. That they know all around baseball that's about because there are teams you would go and start for right now and every bad teams in baseball. Would say twenty something year old catcher who you know a switch hitter has speed a little bit of pop you can play every day. He apparently is not seasoned enough behind the plate to guard in the long term experienced that the coral wants there. And so he is. Relegated to 25 man and who the hell lows when Pedroia comes back. I'd made a might facilitate Prokopec AAA could give Blix why are the roster. Right now he's not doing enough to be on the roster every day for team with 28 wins. He's not he doesn't off free enough value is slick as the third catcher slash utility guy now DH tonight. As a right handed bat that this is less on core and more on Dombrowski. He's got a sleeper guy off the pot when it comes to it they would shoot swipe our. Easy here can he be the backup catcher do you wanna move Leona do wanna move Vasquez and what what's the plan. He can't be here all year in the role he's in right now it makes no sense. So we're coming to a head would that I will say this to defend him. If you look at the in that the advanced metrics on. That the exit velocity of baseball's like how hard balls hit. I think the ball into right field tonight is a hit like 90% of the time baseball. And I write this stuff drives me crazy and normally I would not quoted on the show because you guys don't care about you care about results and why. But in this case why are in absolute missile nice level right fielder nine times out of ten that's it. Basin now already hit it and it's the hardest hit ball by catcher this year got a should know that. Against stupid Evans relatives Twitter account but I fall there he's done games. Sell a little bit snake bit but he still he's not done enough. In any facet catching DH Ing playing positions running the bases not a bit. So why artists and enough to keep a roster spot when eventually Pedroia comes back. And Pedroia makes them a better team in the second easier because he is a he's a plus plus defensive second baseman over whatever new uses. And Nunez is down to something batting average so he had a good first couple weeks he has not been really good sense so for the people that. Suggest they're better tuneup Dustin Pedroia you folks he derives checked the votes. 61777979837. A phone number I 83 or four thoughts. All 65 Oakland you can jump in now that's a time to do we are Red Sox I sykora calls up there. We see a bunch for the Red Sox calls up there this is the time to get in at 617779. 793 subordinates Celtics and legalized gambling in this country way to go Supreme Court. As the show goes on its right side Tribune Sports Radio W media. And as someone and then he gets for messier. They want than the first one then. He's a changeup was able to get on the road. In the last one and institute are so he competed that's. Is gonna be insane is not is his spot you know you don't play at all so even if it's one of those pitchers and picnics and he competed hustled us what we asked asking for. There's people can compete and. Tonight's race anything. Think if you lose weight write off this roster so he's been over for a guy who. The third catcher plays once we once a week pinch runs here and there. I don't what they do Reese out of options so you cannot just sent him back down Tripoli got a DFA him and find a deal framed portrait of actively or decide that. You can live without the owner Vasquez but that doesn't seem likely given that. You want defensive catchers and called a game for pitching staff and includes guys like David pricing Chris on the report cell lack I'd I would think that not for the gonna go but. They they backed themselves in this corner if you wanna take a step back and look at this thing for 30000 feet. When they decided. That in a year ago two years ago when tribe Blake's are different positions again and I'll pay they took him out of that catcher position that a focus guy was a catcher full time. They need a different decision and that has left them what they are today. With a player that certainly has some use put on this car roster. Square peg round hole. And so my guess owned Pedroia comes back. He'll be traded or DF fade or or something that is general public's wire before brothels brought Cole. You know EE presents a EE still for a player to me I don't think Brock called as good as you folks think he is but. He's a better option right now a lot of ways the Blake's wife artists. So that that will now be an issue going fork is Pedroia at a rehab outing tonight one for three said he felt good it. He's nearing her turf this Red Sox infield 6177797937. Zach in Boston on Alex Cora I Zach. Zach you there. Zach. Zach is Derek and kind of hero but he's not really ready to go Mike in north Providence like. I do on their mind you have all electric arc accept a black cat. I just literally Lee and an Alley got on the tenth day DL actually. You know trying to find a reason. Make space for short or right at least they'd make that decision that would be keeping long term fraught. But it's uses along believe right bank is that a big develop and honestly. I don't want to leave all of and he's really haven't been well that whole bucket it's almost like he usually I eat that counts for two relievers. It's like having an eight reliever on your roster at least agent twice although. Could you already stretched out you don't use them as much when you do use them use them for extra inning and likes like yesterday's game was a part phase sample of you know Cora who looks at. This starter you know what this guy I put them out there are other earning these and give up a crooked number. How many times that would act that we see John barrel trying to squeeze another thing out of a yup and to get a game. And I think. Actor makes that decision much easier for core has been no he's got from all all of it. So what do you think about that. I think you've talked about him before I think he's been a lot better this year Micah banks of the call that I expect him to be. I don't know what his roles gonna be long term and his team. Stephen Wright is here as long man at it again this is that this is where the roster manipulation. This Allen Dave Dombrowski. Because you have a guy and Hector Velasquez who showed he can be long now on this team. And the ideas he writes gonna committed pitched better than the last kissed it just seems very unlikely. He pitched with a a five and our record and and those wins it in part our can largely be. Because you're in the right place right time when you live the role that he plays. When you're coming in for starters in farewell our pitcher multiple innings pitching extra innings then you know you're sort of you're at the mercy when you community had a couple starts in her to get the the year started a couple wins. But our great run production second one doubles when Leo at ten runs against the Orioles. On the forget the Wednesday ERA. He only gave up in his last six outings he pitching Red Sox give one wrong. And so I like Mike's alluding to Stephen writes back in he's worth more the team. I guess is a starter. But for the role they want him in long reliever. I mean I. I never quite gotten knuckleballer is on the bullpen. And a Wakefield was the closing here right you'll grow up on Wakefield the close of free year to. And they've had guys pitch out of the bullpen with the knuckleball that always seems a little bit Dicey to be given the opportunity for the wild pitch in the past ball. Especially give him if you Blake's wire was back here but he finds opening game you're trying to catch knuckleball of Stephen Wright. So yeah well I'll give a blast of Alaska some wild. Is the most important on the team no but I think it he probably based on performance so far this year. Five better option for long minutes even write his. In the long term for the steam. Stephen Connecticut wants sub public's why are tonight 6177797937. I Steve. Hey I think segment saw you guys get slaughtered as say you know. That's why are adequate at top prospect like luck the last five years however like five years ago we had like bad owe him. At Bradley and fly I don't look at how well prospects yet it at that yet but. I don't I think there's try to get some jets and so immediately entered the match like prospect is of them. It would rejoice back and makes it tough situations where he is back home. Com. What's Steve I hear resembling what's so Pedroia comes back. What's this guy this TB catches once not once every two weeks he plays once every week he PH runs here and there. Like at some point. If he's not the backup catcher. And you don't trust generally play anywhere else defensively this is not. A reclamation here for the Red Sox that this is supposed to be you were the competing for pennant they're there now half game back in the elite this is a a World Series contending team I feel confident saying that and they get this early coming into the year. But base we've seen so far this year to Major League Baseball you can call them a World Series contender without being left out of the room. What role was placed wire now money World Series contending team if he's not the backup catcher. I picked get better for assignment and that hopefully we. Get some form. Yeah values can you hear it on the same boat or rhetorical respect elevenths and the pitching apples and wherever reversed early what Nunez and whatnot so. On Tuesday Nunez gave you get you read about the Bengie desperately need right now Pedroia makes them a better defensively. The second egos in their probably even it is good is Nunez has been at times and for different. Flash is the joys of much better offensive player and I get the other part of this is not Pedroia the player but Pretoria that the did teammate. And their Red Sox fans root out on Pedroia. At at I get that part of if you believe you've all the people that was standing up and cheering. Along with that David Price during the mock cheer dissect her sleep. If you wanna go back to look at that terrible incident with the Baltimore Orioles. And of all name a child that's not meet bites down that's not me. And they can I get home cut. You can order now can I can only can I go home. When we asked the question about this when he's front and center Raleigh quite like these these questions will you were part of you were the main focal point. Of all this crap. So I I I do I understand that part of that but as a player. You put that aside. He's a much much better option right now the new unions they'll come back and I'll be hurt. But three at bats tonight had a hit played a field played second base of the docket. Said he can't out of a great. Joked that he barrel up three balls so he he seems like he is. Pace himself fear foray sometime next week. Potentially pay if they think it really slow them and I I think they will. To make sure he's not rushed back. Given it an eight last year the quote was is that is knees always going to be something yes to deal with. So they are we to figure out the rest of the line up my guess is that at some level coral hopes that Vasquez or we will get hurt. Three as ten more days of play Smart to figure this thing out but if he doesn't he feels that the odd man out I would think at this point. 6177797937. We have Malick score also get into top of the hour Celtics cavs LeBron. And legalize gambling here in this country which is now going to be up to our state by state basis does your state. One legalized sports betting. Not when Massachusetts is front center wanna do that we'll get to that in your calls Red Sox review Sports Radio W yeah. It's seven. 837. And and and. And then in 65 your file Leo plays takes the opener here from Fenway Park Red Sox in case Sports Radio WEEI. Red Sox view up until midnight that Patrick Gilroy special to weigh on your phone calls at 6177797937. Your Al score. Talk about split Blake's wife Hart said he competed in those of that's the manager spoke. Minutes after the game 65 Oakland or. He wasn't able to put hitters away. Hanging changeup stories. From the cartoon Croatia and then Paulson. And has some good pitches on his own and he let the gospel of Milan could put this thing out and those sort of and in. It was okay and I'm glad this is a moment he wouldn't would grumble. I am me. He got into around them and we still you know the runner's arm position work and now one is one of those. I'm humble hard Ramon all we're gonna score there probably is. Is punishable goes by but then he did a good job you know paying them a run now and penny did a good job as a veteran to could sentence them. But we have we have to make sure we we clean that up. There's there's a prize money my name is Jim and what commodity play afterwards but. That's all we talk about it we had wanted to get better in that aspect of it. And as someone in there he gets for messier. The one in the first one men. He's a changeup was able to get on the road. In the last one and institute are. So he competed that's it's one of those pitchers and basics and he competed. And and so that's why we asked asking for them as people can compete and and we don't wanna spending down in the zone we'll move over all we did a good job of it. On his stuff is still did. One point so fast 195. And for him is a lot better to face a 9192. Compared to last year last year was full effort just. Mr. vessels on site now is controls allowed better is changeup. It is a go one time. We should not surprisingly is one of the doesn't make it. Thumb and. And they made some adjustments and then we we made adjustments throughout the game to them that's because the previous contain. But it seems like these were able to follow Fitch's and then get that pitch count up. Right away and then the end you know here which is about putting guys away and I would describe as it was available to Latin. Players and before that was sort of him. None on a couple home we were going to come and get into strikes we we've Phillies sizable was a good. It was good against him and principles and that's you saw what happened now 123 so. To close. This is a got away was open is on the that prohibits him. I mean there is part of it and we don't continue to other teams do it just happened Davies there's going to be channel they found its own. Eagles you weigh area. This. Is not that even. Though we had guys almost you know we almost put him away and we didn't and now. Kids I'll learn you know you do as a cutter slider inside his face a double look at this bubble of leveled Senna was of the wall. I'm giving credit they made their grand I about stated we've. They've put the ball in those two sides and good things happen to them. Squeeze them into you know movement to to compete all of them but what he's doing affairs specialist Gaza. Doing it does we'll do away. He uses the middle of feel like. I'm back and today you talk about that guys like stand in the middle feel. Or go the other way well he does not usable power is this is fun to watch. Questions. Thank you thought. That's the skipper Alex for a couple minutes ago way here from Fenway Park is Oakland six Red Sox by that point there at the and my guess we'll see. On a couple sidebars to moral on Judy Martinez they sought. Average relic NBC sports Boston suggested in his right that he's not been not gotten highlighted enough fear basically you start now eleven home runs down the first 41 games. On terrible map that's on base like forty home runs and some more on there. And and my I suspect to see that written tomorrow another big home run tonight went the other way from the ball. Opposite field power and is exactly what they did not have a year ago first year without David Ortiz. They had zero pop there in the middle no one's really fear Martinez now provided that they didn't win tonight and they're some bad things about tonight's loss. The JD Martinez was not 16177797937. As the phone number as I said that I thought we get to a couple of I'd some Red Sox calls I think we've exhausted Red Sox talk for game 41 of the year if you wanna jump in. The calls will be there up until midnight but a wanna come back and jump on a couple of other things. Howard Bryant or a story about Fenway Park wanna talk about. Certainly the Celtics and cavaliers and the biggest story in the country today at Supreme Court. Ruling that state by state yes you can decide Massachusetts New York Connecticut New Hampshire Vermont. Maine here in New England at least. I if you want legal sports betting in your state and what that means well I think it means your calls on that as well 6177797937. Our two. Red Sox you know when you're.