Red Sox Review: Why send Chris Sale back out for the 8th inning?

Boston Baseball
Thursday, September 21st

Chris Sale reaches the 300 strikeout milestone, but Mut wanted to know why wouldn't you give Sale some extra rest. Mut also talks about the playoff roster and which players have earned a spot.  


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These these Red Sox review Red Sox review was brought to you by town fair tire for the best prices on tires nobody beats town fair tire nobody. Ones. And it's going back it looks not those oh. Red Sox to a recap of of the Red Sox and the Orioles. 300 strikeouts. Each Red Sox revue with Mike Mike next week. Dial 6177797937. 32 pitch and joy record areas. Red Sox. Basically they Oreo here in Baltimore. Chris I am becomes a seventeen game winner. Red Sox a review. On Sports Radio WEEI. This week in Baltimore capped off tonight by your Boston Red Sox and the left arm of Chris Sale this is Red Sox view up until midnight. On your old Red Sox baseball Sports Radio WEP I'd do it quickly stylish performance. By the ace tonight he was the story we'll get to your thoughts at 617779. 79370. Can Texan as well 379 B 37. Before you jump in on Twitter at Mott and UTW. Week DI I I lied nitpick the manager and Chris Sale. At some point for your ten a Wilfork had Dow 11 o'clock insane based on the reaction. On Twitter during the game it's sort of 5050 and I happened folks agree with me. The other half think that I am way off base in my critical response to John Ferrell and Chris Sale late this game. Let's start though with the story of Chris Sale. Who is completely. Destroying the narrative. That the first year in Boston for pitcher. Is sort of redshirt year right this is the big thing coming in weather reports fellow Jon Lester talked about it Josh Beckett went through. First year and a big city first year in Boston. Eight to make sure you dirty get acclimated. And it's really year to. That's the big dominant year. And Chris Sale has destroyed. That narrative. Seventeen wins 300 strikeouts. And ERA of two point 75 and the closest thing to Pedro Martinez that. The Red Sox have had a in this rotation since Pedro Martinez. And you'll never match what Pedro did he start for an event it was a different time for Red Sox baseball. Different energy to his starts. But just on sheer ability. Chris Sale feels like he is equal maybe not on the excitement factor but on what he is done this year we just look at the the actual pitching. I he's been spectacular. He probably won't surpass Pedro 313 strikeouts. Back in 1999. The probably get one more start. And the playoffs sold will be there but. He is in it as advertised. And in a foray in Red Sox fan base. This had to deal with the year one where a report cell year one John Lackey Pablo Sandoval. David Price and those guys who came in with a all his pomp and circumstance in their first year. Or in some cases there retire career. Did not perform up to standards. Chris Sale has been a breath of fresh air. Because really from the beginning. He has been the guy that was promised to you as a Red Sox fan the same guy you saw in. Chicago and that way he is like Pedro Martinez. You know Pedro came from Montreal not gonna call relative obscurity. But he was doing in a small market people who love goody was but you wonder OK is this guy had a cup from Montreal is little guy the big arm to show up and it is same guy in a boss and he was in Montreal and dammit he wants. He's a hall of Famer any eight pitch like all Famer broke right to it when he got a year. Chris Ellis follow that same path for the Boston Red Sox. That going from the other team in Chicago. Where the cubs get most of the hype in the White Sox your source in a second best. Basically ignored most years. To go from there are two meaningful games and look as good as he's looked. I I thought he'd be good I didn't need to be this. I think we talk about Chris Sale is being. A guy's gonna get to MVP votes are gonna win the MVP. But he had some votes. And he's been utterly dominant in you sought again tonight this is one of a doesn't start for him where. The other team had no chance. The Orioles had no shot just that that last strike out. Where it's slaughtered of clarity flare just sit there look at Allan what the hell like to do with this pitch. Any just stand there is he strikes out. And it happened over and over and over again tonight happen over overall year for Chris Sale. And he has stepped in and been the pitcher that. You see it is baseball reference page. Even the same guy for his Red Sox team and in year water that's not been given for a lot of big ticket items. A lot of club players who came in here all hyped up. The joy the Red Sox either by trade or free agency. Couldn't produce in year one. And still fail to do that. And if you wanna start. Think about this team making a run to win a divisional series to win an ALCS and go to World Series. In all of a lot to do without Chris Sale pitches. And he's the guy you saw tonight then you're going to be in every single series bring on the Astros bring on the Indians. Bring on the Yankees. Whoever you get there the American League if you haven't a pitcher like Chris Sale. Dealing like this. You're going to be in that series. 6177797937. Phone number also on Twitter at mutt and UT. WEEI. And that is the number one story tonight there's not a bigger store for the Red Sox their magic number is one the angels are. Playing the Indians tonight. And the angels lose the Red Sox will officially clinched a playoff spotted by now most of us believe they're gonna go to the post season. Either way. The Yankees winning today's is still three back of the Red Sox in the division. Oh what ten games to play a three game lead that feels pretty good. Given you get the reds this weekend. And at home for the rest of the week in and the rest of the season including games if the Astros that might not matter. Might not matter the Astros have the two seed locked up and you can't catch them they can't get the Indians then. You might play in. On and un motivated. Trying to prep for the post season Houston Astros next week. While the Yankees keep winning give them credit they went again today is he still three games. Sales the biggest story. I set out enough to get to the next little net I wanna pick your for the top of the hour. Toilets and other stuff here in the next hour including your calls and the Tom Brady book at the patriots stuff including the the Brady reaction today to his book Bible Brady and Belichick down their Gillette Stadium. This was a react to it as it happened. Opinion. And I stand by ID for as much as I love the Chris Sale. Pitch well tonight went eight innings and got a 300 strike out there in the eight inning. Why was he out there in the eighth inning and we'll hear from John Ferrell coming up here I think for Chris L coming up as well. And as far as tonight went it worked out in their favor. Chris Sale went out there are got a couple of ground balls got a strike out that strike out 300 gets milestone he can move on. Buddy up on what twelve more pitches there in the eight inning. And my whole point and I I would say this about any starting pitcher. I don't care if it's Chris Sale or Pedro. If it's September. And you have an eight to nothing lead. In your chance to get your starting pitcher out of the game at that point. Unscathed. Enabled to get into the showers and even it's one extra any of rest of the post season looming. Why wouldn't you do that. See my I would I would do that every single time I'll care for sale or Pedro or price at his prime or Schilling. My guess is Chris sales gonna say I wanna go back out their pitch that's on the manager today and say it's not the best interest of our team to let you go page. Get Chris Sale out of the game after seven. Chris you 300 strike out at Fenway Park next week against the Astros. Great job tonight 99 pitches would have been the first start in let me just check here. Four starts since. Reached. Especially been sub a hundred his last two starts looking back the month of April. But it chance to have been a sub 100 pitch outing for him. He thought about 3200 pitches. With tonight's outing at the 3300 next week problem get there's so because at 3400 pictures bunny in the year through 3400 last year. If it's in the post season last year. So this is how I think. It's not so much an anti Farrell take it's not an an anti Crist and it's just day. A league starting pitcher in the month of September manage that guy. And I think managing Chris Sale tonight meant get him not after seven innings. Here's a new BA pinning its eight to nothing eventually when nod in nothing. And you're preserving whatever bulletin is a million bullets left at least it feels like based on Chris Sale pitching tonight. There's a lot of bullets left for Chris Sale. You preserve those four post season starts. And I get it it's different it's two weeks away that I've seen the reaction already in social media plenty of people almost under team John Ferrell on this. I I would say other was Ferrell or Joseph Girardi or Terry Francona. And when it comes to Chris Sale. It has a point Darren August where for while he did not pitch well. And so good for him to get momentum going right now that's another part about the start for sale. How weird out against Tampa Bay last time we're walks of guys you would this is Tampa. Get a great outing to start back in the Indians body found it and a middle and start against Tampa anti it was locked in again. And so from a Chris sales standpoint excellent signed great. Why he pitched the eighth inning. NHI I know should bother me I know. The Red Sox won a sale pitch well it's what I do it's how I feel I'm sorry and I am patio our producer. We're back there listen to the game. And you can't we can hear them do that they go to TV commercial on NASA and oh we can interact with him in jail and Tim says up to setting sail back over the eight and iced its attack at the patio right then and there were four right between inning. Why the hell is sending it back out there. Other for a stupid milestone they could get his next start why bother pitching him. And I would've said that basic but any elite top and starting pitcher and any manager this is not dependent on John Ferrell. It's not the bang on perils of the bail on a day edited to Chris price. Chris hale. Get out of the game you don't need it it's it's unknown necessary. Taxing of sale in a game that is a blowout. In September or manager players. So that's my nitpick with John Ferrell the night I'm surely there's explanation coming up about why he pitched Chris sailed out of that eighth inning. I'm sure we are Chris sales well. But if by any nit pick on this game. It's I don't wanna see sell back out there for the he went out their gets strike out 300. It's been an amazing year for sale. I would have pitched in that spot. Especially when we thought David Price was supposed to pitch tonight. And try to get himself in whenever position he's got to get into for this. And your real role. It's eight nothing get in two weddings perfect. Off day tomorrow. Did you begin Saturday. And then Monday. Wednesday Friday Saturday any air or everyone who do we did to get him. In the best position to help you out of the bullpen. They didn't do it it's a nitpick I get at most you won't care. Some you will agree. And I know that just base of the reaction. And we got a little while ago. 61777979237. The phone number on Twitter at mutt and UT WE yeah. We see guys waiting patiently gets all your phone calls to that or get the phone calls a lead off our number two are only flaw earlier tonight. Get jump until midnight Alex Roemer. Will be here at that point Roemer after dark he has the Tom Brady book as well. If you listen it's six I have it. I was all pumped up for this book could wait for the book amid all this stuff innovated fasting in calorie counting. And cal recycling. And low card days in high cut and in all this stuff. I'm a cycle of Duane Ford and all my two different foods scales Ayman Al I'm psychotic. Did not like the book. And I it's. It's going to be a rough one for Brady if the first review for the New York Times any indication the science of this book. Is gonna get knocked around pretty good won't get to some of that at some point next hour 617779. 7937. Is your phone number Ben Charles is producing thick and we are from year Red Sox win a strike out 300 for sale. Magic number is one of the Red Sox in the post season. Net ski dial 617779793. Separate Red Sox rookie. On Sports Radio WEEI. No I know exactly where resentment among the check from. And just. Villanova and we were aware of what's been transpiring the entire season on an all fronts with him. So an additional twelve precious. You know what he was new leadership to do tonight. That was the answer for John Ferrell asked about setting him back out for the eighth inning where everything and here's a video circulating now of the conversation that sale and Ferrell had. And sales seemingly tells fairly young go back out there. And Ferrell who says this thing where he scratched the back of the neck like okay. I get socks launch who has an on Twitter. Good goth followed deficient during Red Sox games. And that Vick fits that that act like mysteries of the video and it is at Sox launch. And got the video sale basic John Ferrell going back in Cyril scrap barrels scratching the back of his neck and added the caption is great John throw diskette Alfred. Any down like he does in this picture I say it's very a failed private sale price I don't wanna go back out there. And I would have put John I've I'm John Ferrell I would say thanks but no thanks Chris we got a playoff game coming up in ten days two weeks. I need you there I know it's only twelve pitches I'm not gonna risk. The outcome was good he got milestones strike out. He only let Paul pitches he looked dominant doing it got a standing ovation it all worked out form. I'm telling you when the move happen I would've done I was Ferrell. And I still and other than the other strike out and it's great for a milestone. And it it caps often helps cap off what has been an amazing year for sale. Where he's been Pedro like for much portions of the season for people missed out on Pedro. This isn't quite page over to get a little taste away dominant pitcher looks like from April to September. And hoping when he gets its first taste of playoff baseball and in pitch in the playoffs and Chicago he'll be just his good. And Red Sox will be an excellent spot heading at the post season. 61777979237. The phone number you can jump in on Twitter and mutt and UT WE yeah. I'm Mike Hsu north prominently this off tonight on Red Sox review Sports Radio WEP I'd like it evening. I might yeah. You know in might feel like it's like Pedro where it really hasn't. You know edit this stat called adjusted ERA on them base or dot com and that you see metrics. On. Pedro correspondent for the pop with a individual seasons. In the history of baseball for a pitcher know it this number two guy on that list for number would be altered charm. He export out. And he is a who's who of the greatest pitchers of all time. And Pedro right up there with the best of them and he has the number two individual greatest season of all time. And that being hit yet. It's easier forget it's I mean one of this season's hit is ER rate was literally half that of the guy who finished second quake. He was like the secretary of pictures when used tension at its peak. Now this season Corey Kohlberg. Is at its as his post in like the number 49 all time on it just ERA. Tied with. Quite Kershaw from a few years back. Stable. He's at number 360. That's what he's doing right now so he's a great picture I love hold on. 360. Yet. 367. That 360. At that individuals these and in the history of baseball according to adjust. I'm looking I'm looking in eyes adjusted ERA plus heat right now is tied for sixteenth all time with the year he's having. An Mordecai brown. That. Three utterance OK does that make any sense the your bike you call and every night you're huge baseball fan. Does Chris Sale evident 275 ERA in the American League that adjusted ERA makes cents 3360 this year. What they're not not this year in the history of baseball. That's right you're comparing him to Pedro like EE US senate you like he's the he's ready remotely close to the integrity. Is that he's the most dominant pitcher the Red Sox have had since Pedro Martinez. Oh yeah sure that's that's. That's so vastly different than them it's safe to eat eat equal pay I'd hate to admit take on your. I I don't know that I hear you're probably you're you're probably right individually the season this year 300 strike outs. I ask you bearable to Pedro as last year but the ER race Pedro had some of those years. And each at any I I am not is locked in a just in the area Mikey you are but my guess is. Pedro gets a huge boost because the air he played in because in that area his ERA was in some cases to two and a half runs better. Then some of the guys that were his contemporaries and the other best pitchers in the American. And that the whole point I mean you're you're dealing with the guy. Right who I mean he was at lit he was playing at a time when there was massive Jews. And that was hurting all the other pitchers but he was so great. That they spoke at that. I needed that he had three of the best individual pitchers in baseball his changeup were light and and it just. I won't say rate by you know it's kind of late. I just had to commentators to it's night it's the it's a very. It's a well thought phone call and your probably right meet comparing him. In fact pitcher for pitcher. I two page or Martinez isn't fair to Chris Sale and probably not fair to our major Martinez. I I will go through look up the numbers that. Our guy Mike is talking about a look and adjusted ERA a for this year Chris Ellis second. When 15832. To clue over. I have to see where that ranks on this last year. Awful what he was talking about as four is out of this is all time where look at this but he he ranks much much higher. On the list on look at that Chris sales ahead of quarry clerk who is down 26. At 134. Chris sales up 139. And that might be four career. But he still owns a pretty rarefied air with guys like you Trevor Hoffman. And some others their but I I'll I will take a look at that. Ice had a year that does feel like to me. At 88 dominant Pedro you're as good as he's been. The numbers probably don't match up is paid to those numbers are always going to be that much better so a good call from Mike always in Fall River wall you're on W yeah. Yeah with so much the only a little web site was down this road trip. We just let brought low we set about two games to gays are probably doesn't happen very problem with the Baltimore lineup. By the page and that is why it is only when Pedro but but could still I mean. He's not paid that we don't know I mean papers come along once in a lifetime I David pieces we have to agree on that you have to give bill credit. I mean he sounded very good idea it was Matt wrote the night went to get that our role lead you'd like this shot. Smell blood in the water. But I'm curious who just didn't like they brought you last night because simply say the Yankees I think that went awry until. This weekend what does this schedule to Toronto. The Yankees have Toronto and they have the rays and Toronto again. That's their that's their season. So we have to go away early slide I think we go eleven games left let's seven and fall. I thought it was I thought it was ten after night they'll play 34. And three out of the play three in Cincinnati they'll put four against the Astros. And three that final weekend of the year so they have ten games left after tonight. I mean we just can't seem to say the Yankees and you I mean they once donated books love Minnesota and then elbows at all. But I am so I still like to see him get Delhi that the five games. He died and we all want that thanks for the call me I'll say this I did not think the Yankees gonna hang around this long. Into divisional race. But they keep winning whether it's Aaron judge who homered again today he's got 45 now. Their bullpen. In their they're like the Red Sox were there in a game close in late. They're going to win that game because their bullpen is just so freaking done thought I get the Yankees credit for sticking around and doing. You know what they have done this year. They're likely to get the wild card the top wildcard spot to put the twins away pretty that's a sickly year. They're gonna have a host that their best of one against either of the angels and twins that are not looked at the wild card standings. As of today with a couple wins and losses. And every tough. And again they get price set their pitcher ought to be the number one wild card they'll go back heading into next week the set the rotation up the way they want to and if it's a close game late. And they can turn the ball over those guys in the back after the ball and the chances in Chapman accompany. They're ONL wild card game. And they'll get it you know keep Cleveland now first round. I don't know what they'd have to go to Red Sox to do to. Safely clean this thing out. My guess is four and six. Holly gets it done in the final ten games. I get a better 500 gonna be okay. Is the Yankees thought the make up three games now hobbled this. This was. Our guy and him I'd give O'Brien found itself from Essen. And can enjoy all related in the broadcast last night if for some reason. These two teams the Red Sox and yankees and open a tie. There is a one game playoff game Major League Baseball polled Dave. That if they end up in a tie it's not pay the Yankees won the season series they get the division on Bakley no. You play a playoff game. So alive that that overall record the final ten games gave pretty import you do not wanna play in that game you know are playing the wild card. You wanna have things set up heading into final weekend of the year. You want the Astro games not to matter you want the Astros and Indians to lord decided it all right you're the number one seed we're going to be the two. And the Red Sox to be in a position where they can play more rare role. And that they need the rest of the bench. Next week maybe even into syllables Astro games if possible. That's the best case scenario worst case. You have to go play the Yankees in game for the division. And then if you lose that then you go play in the one game wild card. And if you win back answer your prizes the Cleveland Indians holy crap. You'll avoid that thing at all costs. But the Red Sox dumb on this trip they've been excellent. Have not been put the Yankees away as of yet 61777979. B 37 your phone number credits go to what Jim in Brockton on Chris Sale like Jim. Schedule much. At all border that are required when a while but I MOR room when you first these guys is that it. I think he worked on Sunday at that may affect the rest. I worked at the first to the the first actual shows air on air shift idea that was a talk show not an update share was with side John meet a Correll. On Saturday and only to read sites have been the Red Sox game after that on his media pass you so happy. Again you over there without my first shift long long time ago at this point Jim thank you were solicited. Got such a part of the that he didn't get that it is throughout syllable out soles because. I think he's a great amount of. And leaders great leader meters Jones arena football right now and my hope is that. He does land a Boston centric Kiki does Boston College image you know the PC to sell a relevant right now I. He's a great play by play guy he's a good dude I hope that he eventually lands. A big time play by play job either here or nationally jamaat Al Kerry deserves. And I just get our our political process but. Constituents who just points to me why. Television whitewashing equality or some other neat NASA and some of they did get buckets and plastic also reportedly in the the did you have a big decent live in the it was a division of. There in the ACC right now. That the big the big east to Spanish football so that's the problem is that what happened with the date that it's. You're gonna get me riled up here is on the UConn guy wants all these big east games to happen in the big east is on as we know the big east is owes the bad Joseph is the best the talk about a beat Syracuse and UConn Georgetown a BC admits it. It's a mask him and NBC's a mess right now Steve does GO needs to go that program needs a recent. By directors and figure out why I called my. I think you'll concurrent. It was my guys. I'm I'm very happy and police and and then and problem whereas there automatically receive an. You know a law wobbled shield to plot or as was another great year while throwing the ball well is. The debate that at a cash we believe that I have seen an industry this year a precinct by no means what he ought crap back. You know mediocre pitches. And and having trouble or was like just recently as this adult human guy and the guys I've seen people. I he's got a good second half because been dominant in last night though you're right. But what they wanted. I'm worried Motley occasionally cutesy but to go official players the F I witnessed rational logic was like a guy like Diaz was a good pick up the easiest route but. We're garage ability they gave wolf a speed that can run and you know he doesn't describe what I hope he gets back missile but wouldn't think about that as far as. Breast size I haven't scored a lot of problems. I think that's the biggest question that one of the post season I think there are. They're not there's no way they're a lock to. Be good off at 22 in the playoff Jim and thanks for your call adding they're starting pitching with Salem pom rants okay. The bullpen the way it's pitched. Mean they have with tonight's game seven in six innings pitched the bullpen doesn't September already. The RA and the twos X you've been. The bullpen but also. So I have faith in both those things. I don't have face in the face the offense jam I don't have faith in the manager. Those are two weaknesses and if you draw cleat on the first round. They're pitching staff is lights out clippers have an amazing year they've Trevor Bauer. Danny Salazar might get back in the rotation might club launchers and good. And we know what they're bullpen isn't a danger Miller back. And their manager is a lot better than yours. And their offense is better than yours. Let your rankings sort of what you feel good about for me generated sounds like for you to do offense Bob analyst. This team does not have middle of the order power they are going to need to have one or two things happen. Rookie that's in the final couple weeks here has started show flashes. And you get. MVP candidate bookie bet three year ago. You get get back at the post season even one bag on the way to bookie that's what's most the year last year that's a game changer. He has 23 home runs he's been good this year he has not been. Anywhere near what he was a year ago. So if you get bat back to that. All right we have a little different feeling about scoring runs the other thing you might need to Jim's point is you might add to become more of these teams that is playing. I hate saying this out loud because I hate the bond people but you may at the bunt more you may have to be. Aggressive might to try to steal some bases will hit Ronnie might have to do. Had is Jim said piece it together offensively. Especially if Hanley is not hitting. Especially Bogart's not showing any pop. And devers becomes a radio a rookie was blinded by the big lights of the post season saint Leona Christian Vasquez are hitting all the sun and Mitch Moreland. Goes all of these funds is gone into this year you look around a lot of big holy crap was gonna go all the big hit Pedroia was all for eighteen before a sit tonight. So there's a million questions. About his office I think in India and it's still early have that. You know back and forth what what are you worried about Gordon kaposi's let's let's see them get their first. But I'm when Jim. It's the offense I have no faith in this team can and against a good pitching staff likely loans. Really put it together. And battle them in big at bats laid against apple pan that's starting pitching staff. Allopod be their downfall. It's why are already reading stories that you know Bob Brad wrote today you know can get Ferraro. Convinced Eric Hosmer to come here to Boston Hosmer freeagent their bodies. Would he come here it's that it's the perfect fit right in your power hitting first baseman in here a lot about Eric Hosmer once the season is over. Because they missed out on a car Sione a year ago he went to Cleveland he'd been a big factor there. In the Red Sox now recognize they need a guy like that. So it'll be offense. It was good tonight. Against wade Miley who Sox. Especially against left in a pair eleven right handers they got them that I am or heroin deep as the advance. Polls say. Off day. Chance to. Get the reds a bad nationally team this weekend. And then set themselves up hopefully to a point. Where they are not playing meaningful games the final weekend of the year. How division wrapped up get your pitching staff put in place and go from there. 61777979. To 37 your phone number on Twitter at much and UT WEEI. Welcome back at your phone calls we'll hear from John Farrell and his post game. I hear from Chris Sale as well get to till midnight either way it's Red Sox review Sports Radio interview the Red Sox revue with Mike Mike nasty on Sports Radio WEEI. It was fun fun fun presumed I mean. There's in the trenches together and we put a lot of hard work relief for a close down just enough and so. They're having them have my back into the end. Then we'll share an emotional specialists that are pursuant. There's still thoughtful response he got his teammates strikeout number 300 the final out of the gate getting his. Guys that dugout waiting forums saluting him his seventeenth win 300 strikeout a big big outing. For the Red Sox starter Red Sox view Sports Radio WE young at some phone calls by your John Ferrell when your little. Tom Brady Bill Belichick today down into that stadium talk. You about Tom Brady's new book 617. 77979837. The phone number Willie's in Roxbury. On Chris Sale and Pedro Martinez Willie you're on W media. Yeah and I just wanna comment on that car a couple of guys that actually and that period of this should invest it in the in the history of the game. As it should not even close to true 100 got you so many guys they're lucky grow thirty more at all. Christy Mathewson and until we get new coal tracks. These guys just. All of them a better you should not multiples even. The advocate of pressure and allocate our every law but none of what you want an all time I don't know word and shafts. Well he's. If you look at the the and thanks for the call it's it I'm not the it it feels they argue we can have some time doesn't go to the night to do it start going through Yahoo! was the best pitcher of all time with a best seasons. If you go by adjusted ERA plots and single season all time. They rank that Pedro season in 2000 as the second best season ever. Someone named Tim Tim Keefe who pitched in 1880s number one. Pedro number two Dutch Leonard number three Greg Maddux number four and number five. I am I am. I am not in the mental mindset to start patent through the season as saying it was better. We do that someday. When it's not a lot going on it's a busy night want to get to you on the call was right. Overall I'm not I'm not comparing this season to 2000 Pedro. I'm comparing this season to be feeling of the dominance of the Pedro season micro sale. That's what it feels like. And just from beginning to end in his first year and much again like Pedro. Is its first year he got here. He was good this is not a report cell already churn was not a you know Pablo Sandoval disaster Julio Lugo you knew right away. Chris Sale live up to the hype that was the other comparison a page or was that unlike other pitchers he came in here and he showed you that brilliance right away. In year one. Fred's in Maryland Fred you're up late here on WEEI woody got. What I am I merely a little upset that you know what you're talking about it is able battling game what do you mean friendly upset about. I'm upset because sales. Pitch another and letting you know. Can't change what he's talking about Fred come on that's that's outrageous amount of Red Sox fan I know I've merger Kyle I'm your call time. Watch that date tech that game. Because the game was eight to nothing at that point Fred and he's got a pitching meaningful games coming up. That make its way yet agree hundred strike and that government to open its. Yeah that's some big gains against Cleveland you know that's not a Q and they've been really lucky it regained. They won against him games nation of law. The one that place where they want to ever hit it. Accurate in letting them overcame a sexual wildly. You call that a lot doesn't it come back when I thought Fred. Yeah well that is block. They had a lot of luck at night in yesterday that I have a lot of lock he'd say yes do I edit at home page. And in one and AM and then they can't get hit Bradley made. Army don't tell me they have an. And yet probably only have a late last fight scene. Houston got a lot the dope wars still. Yielding the Red Sox made in the post season for an. I don't suppose David but it is there's got. But no war whether it's our watch it baseless argument watch baseball long time for a long time that market may well race here at Red Sox. No way. That's a line 86 years or idle boy you are watching baseball when you were just bored you know baseball laws and you're seeing I was six years old and Red Sox had. It the year who's the best place off right. It backfire so tightly it's pretty good player. For me it's Tom Bruni it's you that we will. Stephen Miami joining us here hi Steve. I love for a while I look right any sex or paving. There is watching baseball rule opt out. And the other thing. I agree with you you don't take a chance I mean I guess Fred. Long trench as I got it. Could show himself on me. English which direction it and we'll talk about and I went into might have talked about and does 300. And get in Prague it's a brand in its organic. I agree with your luckily he came out and OK now. Want to talk about a month due to become barrel and or browse. Chapman just positions have not worked the last. Couple games last couple weeks. Ago and the right side man must sort of play out. Cautions that even though he hasn't been around audience to me. On the roster I got to Mon my roster Steve go who's next. Go to Q so what in the picture who's been with the pinball yeah it comes to. Doesn't get on ethnic and just think this can all take so much. And the other person on wreck in the last couple games has been each rethink. Them. It's because it is the clintons are plus it. A little more grows much. Potential player than Prokopec local radio that's why also. I want to get here and impose a moral too because those sounds I would applications. And I'm Merrill machines when we used that 170. Like each contribute now and mideast as a centrist person. Phillips for us maybe get worse for that matter but then again the other person. Foolish how come back in the pretty Khatami was going on within its unions. Boundary as they they need to get him back in the game he's got to go through a full work out he wants to play this weekend. Against Cincinnati Steve they need him back he's been a big part of what they've done. If you heard Ferrell today was dale holly he admitted that they are out upon a spot about feel devers where. He is likely going to be taken out of games for a defense replacement. In the post season. So there. I think Marrero is their best offensive guy brought Cole is a utility guy who penalties a great defensive player. And so marais Errol is their best defense of guy I don't know how he makes the roster and our holiday they cut this thing. On the bullpen it seems easier I think Fernando bonds probably going to be out and and Carson's bid is going to be in. And USA and screw it we're not gonna go to any don't worry about the left handers we have David Price that's enough for us out of the panic. Maybe into our Rigas ends up pitching out of the pen instead of the rotation Woolsey. How that works out here between he and Doug Fister. There's at least some scenario where they go for starters in Rodriguez before started and Doug Fister. Doesn't make the playoff roster because they have a long guy David Price that need to get a body can get. All these guys on there. I again. It's not a night to breakdown. Adjusted ERE plus pictures. It's still too early for me to really dig in the playoff roster this feels like gay a final weekend of the year type thing. Where will will take a look. This weekend all moderate next week but get to the off they get through Cincinnati. And come see you Monday about where this. Red Sox. Playoff roster is going to be on a 1000% with you on Garth Smith he'll find his way on what it feels like. I'll take quick group break we'll come back we'll hear from John Farrell. And we'll get you set for bunch of things coming up. Including Red Sox off day tomorrow seagate. Again Thursday night football here on WEEI. And he re rafter dark Alley street Mary's here you'll join you at midnight on Sports Radio to be we yeah it's such review with Mike Mike nets keep on Sports Radio. Bob. Not nothing Red Sox sweep away the Baltimore Orioles involved for this year Red Sox your view Sports Radio WEG I've been mostly. Red Sox violate the patriots on the way out we have the time to Alan's Roemer first though. I let's hear from the skipper John fairly cap is starting pitcher and I would not have done that Chris salie stating got the win a Carroll talk after the Red Sox nine in the Orioles nothing. It was powerful for the entire time that he was on the mound tonight to have a game under control never really had innings where he worked overworked or labored. And kept his stuff throughout the entire game so dominant performance. After. You're that is some of them and abdominal and Scranton has been some. You know hiccups along the way but. Tonight he was so with complete conviction. And maybe the best overall stuff that he's had the entire season. Terms of the formal sooner. Young hobos given a game situation given. You know in the two overriding factors from the network. The discounts. The the innings in which he was control under or can control of throughout. It's an actual Davis next time through the rotation. Almost things were brought into play in the thinking of some American output. You know you don't know what the final albums tonight represented him getting to 300 strikeouts. I was aware of that and you know what felt like he was in complete command in this game and ability to. Nice of New England hosting. I'd like you said that's probably the best stuff he's had all season long in just had a dominant performance. And ignorance on the court. Well I know exactly where is that my mom to check with him interest. Villanova people more aware of what's been transpiring the entire season part in all fronts with him so. An additional twelve precious time doing what he was new leadership to do tonight stunning. You know Lester walked up to tolerate anything and just measurements it's just been a pleasure watch and we know there's going to be a lot more ahead what's there to see that play a total reached. It's obviously very unique keys are very unique culture in many ways much excuses left channel dominant type stuff. But the person that he is and that can mean that he is. He is. He represents his organization and the city of Boston. In just a tremendous way you know those differences get in the modeling happen once one person. You know and I think we we worked counts and then when he had to get back and account from behind we got a couple pieces of instructional units or break him moan and a and a fastball count that just stayed up a little bit. And then tomorrow shows us a little bit surprising power but against lefthander she just won about while focusing drivable percent of fielder's. About kind of a rarity for him. But in addition to those who choose swings. It was really good to see this morning's Hanley took tonight driving the ball right center field. A line drive up the middle double eagle sort of left little corner. He is a key. Parents are. You know he's such a presence and a lot of executives. You're right on the doorsteps punch in the playoffs depending on what happens tonight. In number now as one. Sweeping this week significant. So. Our thickening pending in the senate you're given where we are in the standings and then what is at stake and everyone is important. You don't just getting into the playoffs is not our goal certainly and so that's a steppingstone to other things that we have our sights set on. As many teams do but to them than we we've got a lot of work ahead of us. As a skip John Ferrell all translate the earlier portion of that yet wanna take Chris Sale on he said no and I'm not gonna like herself. That's rare for John fair right there so he let his guys stay in it worked out. In a poly work out calling for I would output of back in the game Red Sox win. We stated this at 6 o'clock tonight. It'll probably do more of it tomorrow or on six until laid up until NFL football. Are the I wanted to love the Brady book I want it to love Tom Brady TB twelve method and end all this stuff. Fasting and card cycle lane and on a million things that would be you would look at me if I we sat down. And I explain it do you think of a crazy person in my wife it it drives her aptly insane to kitchen scales we have a girl. OK it's all all of this stuff. Well the Brady book does not do informing. From the work outs to the recipes to just the idea that this thing is one big freak an advertisement for TB twelve. Wanna do is MTV to take a good putt or get abiding electoral it's not a really get the best bang for your buck. All you want to do resistance training here's a 160 dollar resistance bands you can buy from TV twelve. Well fall rollers are going like foam rollers. But each shorted he got by the vibrating foam roller to the vibrating foam rollers. Do this thing where your helps retrain your brain your muscles that are 200 bucks a TB twelve. You gotta get good sleep and by the way to sleep well get the TB twelve. Op Janice. And in the AS AQ the frequently asked questions in the back of of the book. I'll give you the number and the email address or TB twelve he can sign up and all of the big one Gotti pliable liability. You can do self massage for liability but really to sign up the TV twelve registered a therapist to really get it done. And the book goes on and on and on and on like that. And I think it's going to be received at least nationally. By a folks who dig in and assigned to this in New York Times dated where they thought. There are some good things in there. If you like pictures if he'd like recipes there's some stuff in there. But I don't know who this book is is made four and down my guess we'll spend a couple days on this books I don't think. I'm locally or nationally Brady's gonna get a whole lot of pomp and circumstance for. Clearest coach Bill Belichick. Bill Belichick asked today Gillette Stadium about the new Tom Brady TB twelve method book. Do feel very at all. I look. You know seats on every journalist living under both. It's been for Christmas. I was Brady's answer there at the second use use asked about. Belichick's response the book and I talked to somebody who is down there today. Who called the whole exchange with Brady. Trying to talk about what Belichick said about the book as very awkward and quote quote on quote from somebody was there covering. Brady was awkward do you know what to say. Did not respond the fact that Belichick was the at the ball in your furtive give coach pallid and and nothing except for. A fifteen seconds of silence and and maybe dug in the book for Christmas. So I think Brady takes is very seriously Brady cares about the book I think reading a book one of the good things that comes across in the Brady's very passion about the stuff. Which I can respect being passion about some really dumb things in my life. But you get into the science of it any you know he brings up you know makes claims about tap water that. You flip to the NA OK what's what's the source for this tap all of there isn't a source. He makes claims about how your body digests food ninety too close to do it at bedtime. And instead of helping you recover. It's focusing on digest in the food you foot to the source you go where is this okay there is no source. Read the section on I take protein right after work out because if you don't take protein the first twenty minutes that your body starts to have no search for other. Food source and break down your muscle and two seconds final Washington Post article from a year ago. That the books all that stuff you can find real scientific it and things that and they these different studies on line. You see these if you're a dummy like mean you're poking around you know the fitness sections of more erratic. And you see these actual studies and their scientific studies and had a placebo and they had. You act control group and in a big big they have evidence and eighty come to a conclusion in a lot of cases the conclusions. Not black and white it's sort of grain. And Brady pass awful lot of these conclusions he comes up with was well it worked for me. I'm not sure that's an offense that some of these cases. But that's for you guys that aside I I am I would you know I knew what I knew now let's look at the ball. You never are pictures of resistance bands threatened. Thankful to the pay each way a. Resistant and training. You could get on Google and about two seconds. I know Roemer is doing it for viewing this thing I cannot wait theory things. I wanted to love it I didn't have to thank couple hours with that today. Roemer is coming up your job been behind the glass. I'm getting wacky. Roemer next 6177797. ID 370.