Red Sox Vice President Tony LaRussa joins OMF on the Front Office Report

Boston Baseball
Thursday, August 30th
Tony LaRussa joined the OMF boys for our latest version of the Red Sox Front Office Report as the Sox look to close-out the season strong and maintain their AL East lead.

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I look backed at home that Fauria Tomas the lines off lose off. It's just media. And now all we got front office support brought you by town fair tire and like Cumberland farms. The official copy of the Red Sox radio network now joining us now on a hot line. Is Tony La Russa Tony hi are you doing your own with Fauria and Tomas. Well depends on the score runs game at arsenal like. This tonight's game all the yeah I mean what you are saying they're going great market beat. It'll look great he is waiting sitting between Obama and I can get three outs we went negative was that a good year so you. Not very dimensions so much fun as watching these guys play. According to initial on the and its entire package. This thing but it it. Yeah so the entire packs but I feel like there's one. Part of that package that that it's pushed around and gets bullied more poorly as I guess deeply about the media as far as the the one red flag with this team that won the one area of this team that could maybe stop them from winning the World Series and that's the ball Brent bullpen. And you watch all the games of a pretty much all the games when you when you can with. The brows ski. Are you guys. Confident are just more comfortable. With the situation. Moving forward. You know what happens is that what it's you know it and now it is like. You know to cancel planned or you don't have to get their basement or schools to look visually watching your urging. Mean it's a problem for everybody at times. Everybody open. Want to have a notre along season's gonna have some breakdowns but. I think we've seen our guys I think between Alex and Dan and great. Work harder trying to preserve your leaders. But normally by this time Hagan in August and September. You gotta you really can't be careful because these are you are circle that the this started back Chris and they become vulnerable that's nice I looked at their. And you know we got trying to unprecedented media alternate postseason. But figured actionable. So you were known for your bullpen in Oakland and not just active but you know to set up guys you had Todd Bernstein cut all of those guys. When you were builds and a bullpen what was the ideal composition in your mind matter how did you want all the pieces to fit together. Well I think you'd be his homeland. So that users were the real principles that you know this is true obvious. And most of you are just units get it and that is. If you had seen that before talk open guys you know. You're gonna look tenor of the got into civic and I think the closer in to your guys. You really don't want those key guys to pitch inning that are not really critical sort your way at we. Anytime you're short DePaul that may have to pitched three out adults wasted pitches soul. Let's in the bullpen we have an idiot are you injured your precious day torture case where. You know the game has gotten away where you can finish your game's sake of efficacy got a great despite went you know he's a quarter two pitchers so the derby got it. You could have left. Particular right electing. And then you have some versatility. And Germany your guys were it not just specialist. You can be right handed in their particular genetically modified source. And then obviously to being closer as the most important for a while because he's the only guy in uniform that he has a great big guarantee a win. And that was likely next question so Craig Kimbrel hasn't Selig is struggling I guess scuffling a lot of low old guys like he's used that word. What is it that there what is it that's going on with him that is is not allowing him to really finish these games out. Yeah I just think it's in conflict you know a lot of but he has Sinatra clears throat. You know it's such a fine line between the excellence. And being very good exit the closer you're very good were dismissed. A location biggest Iran Gator you know you can go to Beijing that are you missed the location walker got to Turkey and Iran. He's helped me. When he has a little pick up they have an excellent way of between Dave and Craig they're really knows mechanics. And they get it on time so. Ironically if you if you think that. Jim rules are probably got no problems. Do you do you have you seen something that you think is fixable disk based on no you're right test. Yeah I think just like everybody again men not machines any agency smokey. What he's a great swing. Most of your better ones while the only key comes up all the that are actually ritual law and cultures and it ends with epic. And I think that's titular has yet you know whether Craig errors you know Barnes and you know Jelena. They just. That's of value cookies and they got to be ready to act that we can ya know Regis dramatically changes up again and it kind of magic you know. The other guys just you tweak here and there and we had the look she can do. Did I connect ever need any of that stuff that seem likely you have him he was just untouchables year after year after year. Well he has a great question because you know as you know our. Great great that you course gave him and weren't things that made that great was it here and extensive urges starting pitcher. And he had gotten in the eighth and ninth innings you're welcome to the gamer after one rightly added import outs. So what it Lerner got starter wasn't there some time to be accessible at that have quite as much like that you you know utter. Put a lot tickle law pitch off the middle of the plate LB do when he can store a slider for strike and we that he could easily yet area. And with Beckett was more about just you know understand what he had that day. Most days you know it was just one or control of excellence up and he can get out when he went quite right because. He had a great coach and he has that starters experience. Have you ever heard. And I mean listen but all due respect. Because I was like we were hanging out with. Was it that Chris Berman the other day. And and Lou Maloney was in Hayward and talk about nicknames have you ever heard and it's actually be called. Dennis upper deck usually. It. Know. I'm a hatred. All I'm not sure who actually coined the phrase because because of Burma got all those. Those one liners right in so I don't know if if Lou herded or -- kind of coast not signed on or vice Versa should have more on the battle and never heard. My question being brutal we've been here protecting on the as unit of let's let's go. That Gibson was Noah projected that just that's his main do you have a favorite story we love backers here is there any moment we know as personalities out there. Jim's favorite story. Well you know I gave my two favorites in terms of being in complementary. You know additional important we got an Oakland. Today we trade for spring of 87. Don liver you'll. Also Red Sox Spielberg racial terms or class you couldn TOK were you got an act. He says number one he will always root be ready to pitch to pitch to compete always look it would be an intermittent lecturing try to. And that would sure rather keep all these little as a pitcher he had a game in hand and he was competing gazette there never has off and the other ones that he had. These attack will never make an excuse. And and that's that you see you know like this academic issues. Bottles and served our thinking at you know really quality. Characteristics for a but pitcher poetry actually secure anyway it's harsh but you know. They're hammer out Equus Q soul into and so responsible. Get those last three outs that he got out he saw that little explosion. At a little. Gadget. Regalia beside that I saw the future as EG. You gotta wait for them and she is suffering and get hurt in person that we are all club reached out to those goes. Yeah losses here it was about being accountable for it that would. Our minds of Chris say a little bit ha. Exactly and Chris I can not be him or her watcher per year. As you know and I'm sorry you lived there they act like stars and all those corporate about Chris is right in among everything. Outstanding teammate pollsters and everybody what he's not pitching when he pitches it's only no excuses. We're lucky to have him. You know it there's there's a long list of responsibilities or for any coach or any manageable it seems like. Nowadays coaches and managers really you know it's it's to Graham Twitter. You're responsible for monitoring that. Do you ever look back and say it may just how lucky that you're not having to deal with this these types of issues which some port sometimes it just there's no answer for. Well it's kitchen and tiny location then you know distractions and Spain have any any coach. Could you get you know either player team on time Natalie Allen political and policy isn't strictly by something. And your heart attack as the destruction distractions are usually. You guys think about fame and fortunes than it was at the end after you do your job. But nowadays tightly we we points right or the other are vocal coach mr. project. You know he deals with that now and insurance your coaching you and you you know you know what leaderships are you know he would there's certain things are just not gonna get the way you are you play the game that. You have to recognize that now social media you know it's been confirmed a lot of things but it can be a distraction in the arsenal. And you just got to prioritize and make sure it doesn't affect you. How often do you use bill and his strategies last philosophies. When you come to giving recommendations and either to browse key or core. You know I think he's. This coaching change or 87 generation at a leisurely Italy has yet to deal would have much. And now they're very very coaches and all sports but I think those of best so there's a lot of love Obama are out of the four point promote that. But are we due to ballot as joblessness. Analyzing what's what's good or get better at data that's being built a part of it but. You know I did. It was a rough along that in baseball hasn't you know so brittle and Sparky billion Earl. Jeans those guys Hawaii yes there. It where it smugglers in a place for the world's biggest it was a lot like those guys that are. You know they're part everything that I watch what occurred at eight everything day polar. It's actually playing for a wanted to ask you had on now. Now these are. You're you're one of the only people who would it what do you remember about your first hit this is not many guys who can say they did you do it for the first it. Well you know of a bit from opposite evidence through that they're going through against engaging. As ever started in Major League east. And in the city answers to pearls and her. Worldly news is Alex Rodriguez and probably that you know you know. The burdens of our basic. Let's look at that up. We got what forty games in this Steve barber the first sort of throws that successful 44 times. And eleven as a loaded triple to right center and you can't sit. Intimate circles as the first effort that's pretty good hook up an apparent that we we went coma due box scores that I'm now. I faced on and we appreciate you taking the time to join us. Good luck tonight and the rest of the season. Are you. All right Tony La Russa I don't wanting to say. He's a good dude I love the you know comparison but did you on on this because. It was it was funny as hell to me you got to realize that and with the Dennis Dennis upper deck originally. Hey did you base go to that is a legitimate that's not a fake radio now. That is a real Lafayette I think about it or second ago ways. Thanks Rick well it's. For a while and that that is upper deck usually. Unite it elected they'd that means job well done by the host.