Reimer's pick for Man of the Year; Trump v TIME11-24-17

Mut at Night
Friday, November 24th

Buck dives deep into a Baseball writers story. Trump tweets sparks a battle between TIME magazine and our President. Reimer questions how Buck was on the Big Show while not being publicly out.


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It's much that night on Sports Radio tell you. EI. We're all I'm here Monday night concert Steve Buckley filling in first for dale and Holley with Keith. Now from Monday night. What your opinion what's been signed by. They train you like it this time. That Jason can you find the planet monkey song having her desk that I nodded and went wow so Jerry Couric last week right. I've been brainstorming new themes Sox are much in these times and I'll run the station of course Mikey had the planet Mikey program music at night is in their purview absolutely and we are worried about the big things here and the guys. As night train McCain in new site from my that I personally wouldn't enjoyed hearing at the top the hour. At one point it Ruskin think it's much spare us this is a good good rocks like it's finally here it's sampling of yes we're we're we're we're effort effort effort yet I would like you know I actually receive a helping out today the man. Attack ads on its way that we would talk and readiness sit down and vote. Probably sometime next couple weeks I visit expect do you block pop a certain amount of time to decide right over the I don't do I I looked up the stats of. Every single player just to make sure that there isn't something I'm missing right now out there may be a guy like Jesse Roscoe can mount an auto somebody that was on the ballot. But I just know always and hall of famers so. I do look up that total stats you throw like a vote to like BJ Surhoff just to make I was a nice guy covers so hears about it I actually. Did that once and that night. Thought better of it actually called the BB WA announced the packet regional ballot got what happened what happened was that rod Beck played for the Red Sox. Rod back to me was was really really nice person who had many many demons. That I didn't know about after he died and when I read that he died alone. And that he had all these drug issues as though he had a family. I just cried because aegis seem like a nice person. I'll fame ballot came out his name was on the ballot I knew we'd only be on at once as he wouldn't get the 5% in a very good career but. By no means real fame career. I thought that. Given that he was only in the doubt once I would. I I wasn't gonna vote for more than six or seven that your name is about ten years ago so I voted for rod Beck. Set the ballot and and ideas pangs of guilt over the next couple years because. Over the years have criticized people marketable but this guy gets exposed and so forth. And so I called. The secretary treasurer of the base whereas association of America is sick and I read to my doubt is the choice that we threw that one out I re did the ballot I sent in without right back. Now a few years back. You may note that Aaron Boone. Donna hall of fame he did that's right who seemed perhaps seemed to be manager of the Yankees and people or an arms these stupid base Rory is how can you vote for Aaron boon for the hall of fame. Well it turns out. The guy who voted for Aaron Boone this guy you've never heard him Hal McCoy. And how McCoy Dayton daily news cover art and major Hal McCoy I think that the current publicly for a Dahab McCray some talent greatly for the world and it's. How McCoy. Has covered the Cincinnati Reds like fifty years he had a disease. That affected his eyesight. To the degree that he catalog because it was they that the an hour twenty minute drive even got going a Redskins for years and years and years in the hall of fame. And he was going to retired because he could sort of see the field of play but he could don't want to drive a car I respect. Aren't hanging out. Except that. Aaron Boone went out on the Cingular terrific baseball writer. You you really have a feel for the game you should continue to write. And how McChrystal can't ride to the ballpark and you can't drive and Aaron Boone said we're gonna get you some. The once through ship they put a thing out and FaceBook. Saying is there anybody out there who would wanna give Al McCoy right from Dayton Cincinnati 81 nights a year. Hang around for the game and then let let him write his story and then drive them home. Excuse me. And retired airline pilot who lives in Dayton. Volunteered. So the next couple years discovered pick up Hal McCoy right in the Cincinnati so at the press bucks let him do his game and driving back okay attack and how McCoy. Had an extra vote. Easily he was going and hope the seminary people. And he voted for he gave one of his hall of fame votes Aaron Boone for that reason and that to me was apparently. Widget that they usually am against that but hey and if that baseball player made that kind of effort to keep my career going Kimi do what I want to do. I'd be like how McCoy out there on the vote to keep through. And I'd say they used it against that but the exceptions I hear outside so I don't supreme we open up the soft side that's right. I do have an update on the but you're gonna see all garrison stated all Leno yeah it is IE I have a hard Buckley Aaron it was a very nice thing he did. And Israel pressure and Aaron Boone doesn't totally. Negative light to pick homer off Tim Wakefield no matter I'll driver and a five. 662. Old friends who went necking and laughed before the aaron's home run. Never back down out of an update on that the president United States feud with that time magazine. I Don Thompson earlier tonight I told you time magazine and 1002. Years ago. To do carried out. Time magazine called to say that I was probably going to be named man a person of the year like last year but after greed and interviewed a major photo shoot. I said probably is no good intent the past banks anyway so term Anniston Al. Get time magazine next month and Donald. A couple hours ago saying it to tell you Mr. President. But that probably means you're not person of the year they just wanted to photo shoot but it sure you still have that big time cover somewhere in out storage. Loom zinc. Things things are gonna back up your appointment was found in a person the Lester. He wants. The organ goat thing that he has an oral yeah that's a little easy at times part into the hole now would just say this is in keeping with the just trying to get attention bit yes they are for why go from two years general. Well I mean that's that's the book. While picking guys at a bigger impact every truck every capacity to I'd. Ask the congress is all. Doped up was the best choice between sixteen prepares of course he is the most unlikely president be ever at least we can remember. Since Rutherford B. Hayes and yes you know I would chooses the at time magazine person a year. B two that's an avid when I mean being corny about all like the need to the computer one year that was you know if you're the person and idea to use the Internet. But seriously talk about something innocent cutesy it's only happened over the last couple months in a post Harvey Weinstein but. Really we have talked about a movement that's just totally changed the way we use so many sacred figures. In the entertainment world and media worlds. And doesn't seem like it's slowing down anytime soon. Second trying roast this week what do I lose the thing you posted today suggests that it it could slow down of certain steps out right lie and I read that because Cuba is a good piece of and Daily Beast an article about how the meat to movement can go too far you know is of course all it takes is one person to lie. One person to a Dallas for all the doubters who say hot seat can't take this stuff seriously anymore. In the point wise we have to be careful about its stretching it too. Cover something that should really cover like for example and it feels icky doing its rating. You know sexual assault sexual harassment but like power ranking power rankings right but like Al Franken for example. We have another what two more women came out yesterday seeing outbreak in grabbed my by taking pictures so there's Al Franken the serial group. But still even Al Franken being a serial broker is not same as Roy Moore. Is not the same as Charlie Rose is not the same as Harvey Weinstein. That's the point team that we can't have the same punishment for everybody right. And now the automatic thing is whoever swept up the best he's ever male celebrity slipped up in this no politician no media figure it's got a goalie for record doesn't matter what's. As a matter about the specifics going forever in the writer's point and I agree with. Is we have to have different levels here it is interesting read I I. You re tweeted you tweeted earlier. Go to Alex's Twitter feed you'll find peace and it was it was because I was frighteningly different degrees of murder right of first degree murder second degree third degree. I think the example of the right to use was murdered verses battery murder vs batteries and other good one right Al Franken I'm sorry. He is not the same as or more. Don't say Democrats always played this game while outbreak it stays in the senate antagonist or that back in our faces forever when it comes to right mark. Don't and to do it so I am sorry it couldn't be more different Roy Moore and from the maw. Trying to date teenagers. Try to sexually assault fourteen year olds. Outbreak in roper shore hideous shore inappropriate shore but not even in the same ballpark as Roy Moore. I in the same ballpark somewhat related you a daily beasts. It's on but it does come a pressure fee I bought the Daily Beast that cannot be following do you think it's enough to get a buck yeah. I ice feed your people on scene and stuff but as a living and patsy was a big administrator it's not in your magazine it's not like on my radar and and yet I Imus of jumping enters the because it's where that's the beauty Twitter right you've I've gotten access to so many more articles and some were writers who have previously known. At the Twitter machine on camera in merry go yet it's important for and going and media matters thank you shoot it. It's important for guys like me it's we don't like com on FaceBook because people might not go to RC in gains in case go to Boston Globe dot com. If it in two weeks that is Colin Wright's widow might calm you get more people. Obsolete but these but the more than what about the meaning to the nitty gritty of it FaceBook is still where most of the clicks. The mine and at least I put our that's right once they wipers for when and where as many more people use. Says people need to understand right. The percentage of the audience that percentage of people out there used where such a small percentage in comparison to the general population. That's like you're doing what we do for example sports writer sports talk show host you can't govern what you Cuba by Twitter and social media because it's such a small percentage of the audience. And of course is a light on this day you eat if there's a remotely using pays well why is it that. When I put my column on FaceBook. And a look at the comments the comments generally. I 90% of the time 95% of the time you that they disagree they do so the matter of the court in with a way of decorum. Basically it's a personal FaceBook page and they probably know you personally have a personal connection to. Okay that's not a means routier's Twitter on your fires back. Before our it's okay that's going to be a tough guys on line. But the Twitter stuck anyway I came makers are totally can't I cannot but mention a few months ago and I've never been happier. Annoyed you search my name all the times I've really turn up mentions probably. Probably not six and seven what happened that you would have been happy about. On saying I turned up I mentioned it's not the halted on your midnight based in a musty although. And a very trump like tweet yesterday. As a happy Thanksgiving. Savvy Thanksgiving to all even haters and losers. And I put some of my favorite hate tweets in between yesterday about a great Thanksgiving would be WEEI. Releasing out streamer back into the ranks of the unemployed. But that's OK daddy would be a catch him. As of my favorites that I got yesterday that hurt you did not mean sticks and stones can break my bones but words never heard about it six on 7779. Dedicated to. Daddy I need he would. On then hey I looked into an apartment a couple of years ago just graduated college at three part time gigs at that it was a hot tournament on the part time columnist at the Boston Herald. Ready for this website that website excellent filtered with sort of way that's that's got to eat some that's just might it was thirty years ago now it dies totally thirty years ago yes that's mechanized and anatomy Jon Lester. UN assessment is nice young ones the tight. Donna and a tight now now we're friendly and we have nice look shots when he comes in for the crossover. The big out. Mentors and doing an island video out today and ease of minority that's it secures electric I nightly radio. At the knees of Glen ward away I've been doing it all today we start off talking about out my performance and dale and I would keep. Taking on a temperature of the of of the iciness of the room. By the end of the show Dell wriggle back that after the rate yes being a back tonight presided yes guy and I'd Dell at the end of it again Barry courts at me during breaks but. It was or looking in the guy by the end of the show you can tell that general outlets it's always that we do have a reason to go back to his lawyer just you know that back. I asked you early on. How did it for you during the break she's fun breaks it was fine victory it is Alan are you not like half hour from did not hear you saying that he got buried. Dicey and cannot off there but not when we are doing cat fishing stuff. With the radeon that's story this week yes I did and I started relaying my and the North Pole all week but that's orbit Internet story if you're an old guy get that doesn't the paper T that's just have to be in the paper outcome. There was a Ray Allen column in The Herald this week talking about it. A writer's own personal cat fishing experiences of so many thoughts on that's going through my cat fishing theories my cat fishing experiences. But use of Tinder he's a grinder. I'd dale was not really if and that's tickets is kind of pushing away from the like OK when you're done. When he died but I'm not a right out and it just shows you. The power of being. Of being discharged upon mind you I can use euphemism right and mean you lose your minds you lose your mind as a guy like Ray Allen. Yeah it's Mimi girls online you'll need to be followed for catfish is. You know pretty easy to figure out their real from the fake it when he seventeen asked for lots of text ask for documentation. You know but yeah if Belfour. Upward because he's thirsty that's. Do you believe that Rayon is having a gay relationship with the guy doing captors. That's his what his defenses. Raining camp. No I don't either. Now on either because it doesn't pass the that he got DM a couple years ago from Ray Allen went publicly described insult them to a new money part now. Day and that's very alum but I guess when your best defense is I'll I was just you know cheating on my wife are pursuing attractive women need them. That's not the best mover that's not the best but it's a scary world out there folks and be careful on the oxy America. I'm minding tip of the night and and ask for these pictures ask these pictures you can avoid it. Very easily 61777. And a picture anybody. Oh yes my guest from multiple inspections. In some seems fishy keep asking for more. Outside I sent me a picture with different skin tones one and one of the news a white guy out there when he was a black. And I said you you different skin colors in these pictures in east and on not so nice and I guess you want. And then he got very. Very and he got very very very picky very picky with Reebok. Nia said no remorse that's. Six or 77797. Acres and coming up next we'll read live might dale holing keep debut and also I did not. Nineteen side we can now listening tonight train here. The last couple hours as we morphed into Monday night we were dale and Holley. And we became and it Neitzel played buck the potential Newman an eighteen sign in his thoughts on that also revisits. I'm idea on ninety debut into it talk with the WB I'd spoken Reamer here till 9 o'clock. It's always a safe bet would mark at night on Sports Radio talk. Silly though like if there's this major world event going on the state of the union or whatnot that's what kinda silly coming in here and not discussing their. I don't know if any lengthy don't. And up to so little quick with your friends I mean Dell with your friends your do you with the trumps getting steed my assured I don't talk about our friends you talk about it don't you. With your wife at home with your kids short sometimes right sometimes I'm not I'll show about it but how that the essential component would you like to delegate news show with the news station and those ratings are up I mean the only ratings that are out there and there's error are enough cable news absolutely in the Arab declining ratings cable news either ratings increase. Does my dale and Holley with key debut Wednesday. We're pretty well I had a lot of fun doing it I'll say that. Thatcher I can say to see you say I don't pretty well and yet chances to see minds jet has a vendetta against me but you know. And Ted also said by the way he doesn't try during the puck in reemerged. You said that now yeah I said jet UP CN Saturdays he has yank it minimal effort. He threw the puck and Reamer show under the bus as well with me and yes yes city good for both the. Yes that he is minimal effort. On the ideal and affected your name is on the show as well there are expected it is. So does the to go liquor Camille Little little. Little stayed here wireless at the beginning of the show you're saying you've you've kind of put out some new information. Beginning to show your your theme was owes it was it was cordial during the break well. Going in annualized rate I neglected to ask how it was in the show was over when I said how did it go it was all of it was one big umbrella. Now when the show is over. Apparently it's a bit Farsi went down underrated did the Bruins pregame he does this is is doing keep Disney keep right classic play dates left the kids in front of the bus and hit it right there with the kids and charges out. Until was very clear message though with that showed us and kids bro was against Casey McDonald's about it. Think she's gonna play every leading role in recruiting Eric Hosmer to Boston. Yes. Art are the Red Sox I would go out. Seismic especially on ballplayer in me especially Egypt and author come here. Those socks it did they leave no stone unturned and yes but what are you can be cordial and not allowed somebody's presently at dale was very cordiality throughout the show during every show is over so this is doing keys ready yet Della Theresa bye see you later zeros and I deaths and commitment at a nesting commitment right. I know Delis records meat to the hall four hours a very very obsession is a professional guy right on saint like Tiki enjoyed having me sit there and not a particularly OK so. So the pricing is then would have been limited to keep. Keep in daylight I think delta to be a little better in key. I think by the candidate even dale was more riches leveled at the show is over the did you guys walk out of the drives together Dell because he stays trades the 6 o'clock obviously it's it's ever keep. Keep on inform on him and Brad did sixth seventh at all. Does I'd a lot of thought and I enjoy I I said certain things that they know it just a young guy like we are talking about Capra neck. Towards the end shall. And he mentioned the cast are Sherri and I said well a billion they have health care for all their people in Cuba and I knew that would just get out on a little bit so. I did stuff like try to keep things keep things lively I don't know why people can pick out a person when I know there's certain things they do they can and you scanned. I am not gonna scale that back. I'm gonna keep poking Zanardi promise holding morning shows that you hear that you were only jeering cart I wives and it's sad that you were going to. I don't know what the phrase pulling up and hello meet podcast the Al Brittany records podcast of this says he hates me and Casey thinks only do the gay stuff like brought that up at 2 o'clock to do too much of while I'm not in charge of the shot you know they bring it up. And it's that could take anywhere you want it's a component to what I bring to the show and enjoyed talking about the yes I enjoy talking about myself when the conversation turns to paint a it's one of the few things on an expert in buck. And the few things I am and I don't really well in the conversation turns to me on the Internet down that's a component to what I bring to the shot. I think I bring more to the show is quite frankly I was the only thing I brought to sell as it does your acting out brought the station. I would not be here now thirteen months later. And eventually that does run its courts that's the only thing you can direct. So I pushed back against that you just the talking gate I know I'd bring. I think I mean the token gay guy and everything choking game I was on the at least you aggregate I was amazed that you told me we knew before you came out publically in 2011 you do the big show for years. And I'm amazed you are able to do that well without revealing your deck. Because I don't think that would be possible today even if you did all of that with glad we didn't feel like I've said this before it wasn't like it was super super closeted it's just that wasn't publicly out. Right at the congress is eternal it dies in waiting girls you know of many in windy and you would act like your interest in what knowledge did not ease abstained from the conversely I just. Now I'm sure yeah that's like you pick you pick did you feel like you were ever I wish I'd get myself from the airwaves. Apartment personally but I I never did they oh my god look at on Mac champ car. Eric is you for what you've read my take Imus you can always tell. Gay people who try to talk straight com that they they miss out some doctors don't ever see. In he knows he movies in glorious bastards that I've heard me you. This there's a scene with a little bar. Okay and and it is a a German actress loses by the allies. And as a British soldier. Who's posing as a German I coral. So he is in there he's despised dressed up in a German uniform. And some German soldiers there and and the German the English guy dressed as the German colonel such yelling at the is he needs to get them out of this weakened by the spy. And then they the young German soldiers looks at reasons in Germany says you talk funny. Intel is coming in he could just a little bit there was something a little off about it well when I hear sometimes you hear. Gay people closet. In the start talking about these things it is it doesn't suck. It's it's like they don't they practiced rap now in counted. Tock you're misusing slaying of an eye it was all dog what they do is they they pick up lines to mobile vis some like sixty years ago just and so when Ike he's all for a number of their cycle for an area like and it doesn't sound right. So now it they'll sell. So I always I was always self awareness I never played. But I feel this is amazing you you're kind of able to avoid or sidestepped the issue altogether. That's in the big show back in day you guys did a lot of sports are certainly much more sports center anchor calories forty MacKenzie before there was a sporting and I. You guys did Dex you've played your personalities quite a bit it wasn't all sporting MacKenzie stuff. The DHL com. Yeah it was an all right again you wake up you're openly gay from the moment he came about that show that would have been brought up often. Now I mean it would have sent immediately in 1995. Was when the big show started I started the station between five years in March. I've been doing stuff here so I started in March and I'm very. It's that I don't think the atmosphere was right back then see. Short but I feel like but I feel like if I were openly gap I wouldn't be able to be as did it I'd have to go back at all tame stuff by. As I wouldn't be as good at the top so I mean people out here Ozzie talked Tuesday was getting the logic dots are now match in a lousy idea I was allowed to be myself on the act. And and you off real easy. Real easy now you sell yourself short kid you eat your your. Grasp of various issues is I hate army but it affects my don't need say a month I'm not saying angle back and promising that. But that's you don't need as well to that as you we've had this talk in the pod so this is teach you listeners were kind of have a little discussion you just happen to listen to it. You know even if you don't need to do all that all the time don't you write an initial read on to. Add to all the time right now. I know there is we're talking about talk about the DM both Spain we did all they blurted out and now we know twenty years ago like it's just it's I just feel like the you're holding yourself back guarding a full block on the bucket Roemer show your outs you're proud. You're crazy liberal is well we've done we've had political weakening here now. Political awakening for Steve Buckley get out of the it was a sad closet except. I have from voters who were friends they will remain friends that welcome in my home we can talk to rob we cannot touch front. Her relationship of these people is an altered one bit. I love I love the debate on the back and forth and don't let my people who don't want to thank you still want their politics mix of export. I don't put to my knowledge I don't have any friends who it's from supporters. Who have shed meat from the allies because they vote Hillary. You can't vote Hillary supporters who said trump people. I know I've had. People wonder. If the there was one woman in particular who thought that I had distanced myself from her and returned your phone calls when in reality it was out of the country. And when it when it on the call that she's only guy like UN tightly to that Horford front and hope. But the good teams that that's that's what a big issues facing our society and people living echo chambers conservatives watch Fox News liberals don't watch right the opposing viewpoint and as a result. We don't have a common ground to fax. By and counterproductive if I went out fighting on some essential facts if I have many friends. Yes and I'm just thinking in my head now who might that be but if if there is anybody listening to who's a friend of mine. Who voted for trumpet and because they voted for Hillary you know tock enemy. Dropping alike as we need to reconnect in just twenty days. Is race I don't mean eat a man obviously my end of the people I know really really well. Is that but that is also people that you see around the park and deceit you know. So I hello I loved the game which I'm people makes the road relaxing to me that's all of my man Bill Maher find me another political talk show. That'll have Cornell west and Coulter on the same panel. You'll not find in an action that does some six months and I agree with the comment about the slow you're you'd taken the ratings for cable networks the site. I what CNN now a lot more religious in Houston where does my point where the rich and I. And more people than ever interest in politics in my proof is that ratings for everything or going down. Except cable news those ratings are continuing to go. Even a year roughly year into the trump presidency while Ike is people. Are more interested in this stuff than ever before that's because a lot of it is reality show big east right I mean if you watch CNN certainly. They're not getting into want to keep policy debates most of the time a lot of it is based around the personality trump. If he wills so they're not really getting into one key political stamp you watch it more for the show around it. That's fighting CNN's ratings were lacking are by far the number three network. There's still number three on the whole but they saw their ratings take upwards the moment they put on the Jaffe wards to put them against it does not mean any offseason I've. This is the real news now in our experts on TV at Caylee Mac when he used to go out and what's he still does Sean you'll Marten plea for the Mets. She's a she's got them. Yeah I don't know the acting they were engaged that they used to loans as a lot of Ann Coulter one NBC's Kelly tackle anything there's a Tommy Lauren. Then so I hate Tommy and she sucks she had tweet yesterday to catch this. I didn't he has yet to yesterday I food for thoughts. In it was a photo shot pictured Capra nick meal. Los by the soldiers are storming Normandy and look always senator handiwork I saw the gap weeded them I'm still hungry at that and satisfy my food for on the other one is Britain Henry. ESPN sideline reporter who was laid off earlier this year him and now she's had a conservative awakening and tease away from liberal Bristol Connecticut. Liberal Bristol as he's now weakens so I told I was in parts vote for this thing they would over a hundred Vietnam vet that's right last week and branding coax was there and I didn't see a single one of these Vietnam vets. Act in any way other than respectful Brandon Cox as he treated them with what's respect. Right it is the number any cut studio doing at the and we Irene insisting that its Internet here I am telling his story lights inning because it beats the old ping kneeling it the only Donald Trump in those who are against the action I have inflated. Meal laying as being disrespectful for the military it's just not in the truth is yet veteran singer for -- neck and me and I act kind of repulsive that people are. Are using the veterans. As kind of as any as as any as a boy if you well or where cheap like bargaining chip to make their pain you know they're politicizing. They're the ones are politicizing and as you know Buckland says can politicized. One side can now regular annual Memorial Day column next June next may yes. But it won't help maybe you do want that you guys don't come when I have to leave my in my basement at the leader based tax like pants on at the put pants onions put pants on yes. 61777979837. Now does that does that get out there will be an extra added to the outside world so scary. Weird weird include needle clothes and and those in college I'd be reporting class and covered Brookline. And I got out there what this town hall meetings I've done icy weather journalism in my dad. I also think Hibbert to block this hard courts from supporter rating on Iraq. Happy Thanksgiving until this thing coming back sport and politics and has worked at people haven't had a lines but it is currently in Britain to have the commitment. And like Portland and I think about it what is breaking bread with. I don't we have breaking bad and I like word that is as important as a way of breaking bread with the Olympic. And that's one of the way to bring people together and I've found that people. I would be able to talk to two people who love. The political viewpoints about talking. About. That and we get in the and it's. Right so bad that trumpets Chinese sports to divide us out. But for the company. But if you haven't you'll need to have an end we can we can talk about. We live in just happy about it coming just just to get to do exactly what it comes up obviously. What Rourke. But I think that you know you can't get it. Have a all the chronic back to Connecticut independent that happened I was the one of the things is that little ones. What is. You that but all the people on the patent how it's. That's not happening anymore. This are you might see now and now and Harvey Weinstein era we won't always exploring. I. And I beholden to it than that I really enjoy this one's world editing and a wonderful Christmas time that I haven't gotten. Aren't enough and it's an athlete. Acquisitions about the bad things about the craft industries that we don't want to let you know I'm I'm not a typical yeah. I'm an independent so that's just said I think people thought he threatened to take and you get ourselves into gotten out. And I hope I won't an independent Devin I used to believe in killing one of the president's ratings web front of the theater and that. Anybody who's that good morning sir you're up front that they have to really want a part of. We haven't offered occurred especially now let's go now. I like doing politics Al cinema when the passing townspeople hi Todd yeah. He's yes you're right about rotating hosts in. Might be doing everything but there wasn't living as a how do not yet I wanted to. He side deal it has delegate politics also I think is better than down on the celtics' bench. Actually. I think that there was probably a different. And I don't think but I don't think that talking politics it would be continued absence I'm about what's in front of I mean you have to find a balance but I don't think the kind of I don't in the discourse from Taiwanese I think that it. I'm people who won't go into the community so that. And again if you want to keep it out with a lot of people were less aggressive. Countries do you. Think in the country at this rate in half by some of the people who are when it went well that would help. President people's opinions. Just imaging much better if anyhow I think and yeah. It happened and what doesn't it. Thousands of pleasant once and outside and think yeah. Next you're Allison. Yeah yeah I think it'll shake your hand if you can't even harder path of exclusive. That was it lets the Zurich this year you want to go to Detroit and it would have been yes. Do. And and it went into this event special listening and there's I haven't yet found a way to do you mean they're talking. He has. Alison thank you for the Collie preach what it is today your. Is it about him that one would take to come down and another. Also need to take about all of them immediately next year. You just very high stride Italian stressed out it'll leave a lot going on your managing in tire that was hired Lazard is there a drug maker take those that are coming down it's still fulfill the duties and I'll be evaluated would be one absolutely yes so I may need to start tonight but for the next time old geysers and what that that is the pill he can sort if you want. Chopping up. Did that people say and never heard 607779797. Coming up next we're we've heard the night train. My in nineteen son. All night long there's a new much steam song planet monkey butt is dying to hear it and I was hit X and also I'll tell you why I love love love. Malia Obama. It's much that night fox Sports Radio. Them to make these games they've planet monkey. But expects been begging me don't you go to talk I was set up guys say I'm here we understand each other. You guys on same way that that's tied to a spot to be nice stout. The nice doubt people for so it was very exciting for our use chief Phil knew a lot of talk to him at first we were on now dale and Holley. Vernon went out and we morphed into mud at night and for the last three hours you've been hearing the money and eighteen assign their site train act nice nice good rock. Sports talks on the tricking Callahan last week adding new theme for this out. That I like very much and after hearing after being in this seat. All night train is playing I feel like planet Mikey is definitely where mennonite needs to. It's yeah. Monkey mark strong. It too. Continues. Sure. Sure. Oh most. Among he's. Why didn't. On Sports Radio telling me. Cedar. Now which would you rather heard in the last few soldiers so they got Cutler on the phone today to voice though is a yes. The risk a lot of stuff to do they poll very busy if all districts eight. That's a great delight doubted nitrate which would be here. Like this one but I need to know has character it does have it played different step under an honor your team we might hates it might. Of course you reviewed he had a predictable why Molly came out right I can't really blame him reining it. Stephen born hates me Steve what's going on man. They were on Iraq. They. I believe that this horse are great aircraft. Oh good citizens and its parent that I turn that we are in Iraq if you really sort of politics. Or entire law enforcement. Well I do hate the police Steve I just want everyone to know that first and foremost it's my mission statement yes you know seriously and law. And we've used you know Q uses you know ask me questions yes. Has the presumption that ever done everything back. Yes I was arrested once before Dave mat he's been caught sixty for underage drinking I was trying to do with Terry quite cheap vodka in peace in the po po. Was steaming your way. OK so. You were committing a crime. And he was doing his job at a packed yeah. Q is picking on me Steve everyone else is underage drinking or two he picked on pork Alex dreamer. Which he sent. I've got hurt during me in the slammer for it I miss did not east he does a big deal in nineteen your down stream. And one steal I think he's kind of tweaking you've been on the cup I totally so it's. I respect I'd yes sir no sir I once was this husband pulled over. For speeding it was so respectful to the officer in my car was Cindy McLean he let me off decently good kid like you deserves a break in nicely yes there. Eight CC's. Steve I'll of the net nimble. Thank you also had portrayed. Well I've ever respectful and be respectful when I need today when it calls for getting a ticket and not doing it. They did they can organize time trick on that guy on medium and Nikki ameliorate called out there. Stephen Bowen he called out to get human headlock and squeeze. By the candidate he was kitten. I'm a great manipulate or not all of the little story about the clean car and that's all talk I pushed the right buttons that's an idea of he was way worse when I first answer to idea that thank you and he was rusty is like Allen house I calmed down and yet another show. From Nabisco you're a nicer guys than your words very on the radio personally I think you're gonna go places during men are I found out clean car right so I executed very between empire. On latest he's acting like this selectivity and Malia Obama. A rough couple days she's photographed blowing smoke rings in a bathroom at Harvard I presume. The sub title of the snaps stories that era and phones satellite used owner and a videotape me emblem and smoke rings here at my cigarettes. There's just a photograph Mickey or their boyfriend at Harvard football tailgate. People sand Malia Xanadu NBC sports blessed and show of the Harvard tailgate instead I got her boyfriend by the way worry. Fork fork you heart isn't. Rory for a few cars in Dino he embark is a former head waiter rugby school in Britain now the second cousin was the queens assistant master of the household at Buckingham Palace. Before becoming an aide to Prince Charles and his father is an investment bank. So that was. That's now Malia Obama's boyfriend generally young gentleman's club nineteen year old Yasser she was seen making out with. At the Harvard tell gates. She's us a photographed smoking weed at La loser this summer date concert so people are saying Malia Obama is getting nonaligned. I'm saying Malia Obama is video nineteenth is being nineteen live your life and I was actually very pleased to. Never a never say this so it's an M. Take a little bet you know emotionally bear with me a market trump. Goodness and a better than her she's in Malia Obama should be allowed to seem privacy. As are school aged peers she is young adult and private citizen and should be off limits. Yes of vodka. Yes he got Steve with these back and he beat me you Steve Levy we can't have to call it won the same car can't count twice in the seems and one on Yuma it's Jason cute and I hasten. I document amounted to a better policy is he he's not a kitten Steve Garretson is eager grown man. He's got a kick Democrat. Tells Steve we love on the weekend when Aman. Can't have the same comment on a tight ship ballad I that I we got I know none of them but this was extenuating I'd get thrown off the air Iowa on the same caller would not yet they let their fairies were extenuating circus courtesy can Laird ready very tight shipments. I'd be dry enough but way Obama. I love you girl keep being you keep being in nineteen blowing does smoke rings nothing wrong with that. She's awesome she's protesting the pipeline last year Malia Obama. That was cool. That was really maybe she's a future Tom Kennedy for high office I would hope so. I don't sell your boyfriend now what do real what real YSP guy. His brother's an aide to Prince Charles fatherhood in investment banker he was to head to head master at a school and last year he was a punk. Musician happened on Malia they had some salt hey I really enjoyed this. I did and don't forget to mark five tomorrow at five we'll be back yes private jet I'm I have my whole week it's now are spent down looking at the souls of but she's. Jason Rockies thought knowing that I now and just pulling your leg Jason -- great job behind the glass. Good night everybody mustard and Johnson picked things up 9 AM tomorrow. And we're back at five but the agreement C. Let me I don't want you listening to me I want you reading. Don't be offended I did you know another care in the or not like I'm the person. Good and we'll. Yeah I know what you've managed. It's not expose yourself and yeah does not sponsor I want to. Are you here. Boston Robert. Don't worry kids it'll reveal here. Gerry Callahan morning's 530 it's dead on score.