The Return of the EPL

Saturday, August 12th

Ben and Russ talk about the return of the EPL this weekend, the drama surrounding Liverpool and Coutinho, and the Revs making some transactions that don't move the needle.


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The that you guys are broadcast here on WTI dot com and of course. Find us on iTunes and stature just type in soccer gas. It was a rating if it's a review it helps us it you know we have fragile egos that's really what it is and we need glove. We just need a pat on the back from time to time and if you could be so kind and just you know tussle my hair like a little scam. By leaving a review that Venus. Right ross'. Right. At all right you know who else could use AO rating and review right about now Russell. The New England Revolution. I am curious to see because I'm I'm indeed it was so much revs negativity. That sometimes I get confused. By ages. It's like him drowning in red negativity. On Twitter sometimes and I know it's because there's this elect people that I follow happened to you know be very upset with the team an atomic talk when I get it. And their their right to a certain extent. So we've been bitching about making some moves here and the revs made a couple of moves. These seem to be. Pieces. You know you bring in a defender the big strong French defender who has some experience in England and obviously in legal and you bring in Christiane Nemeth cool. Hasn't played all year. For Columbus county he had a pretty good run would come. Kansas City or in Kansas City you know he's been able to prove it in the league. He was once upon a time Liverpool player I don't think he ever. Dressed for them ever. It was just yet but yet I've been sent to there was it was like a decade ago as a yet it would have been youth choir. I think his twenty years old. Confused and annoyed because they don't know all the rules addressed me pretty crazy. That we can't just a little more simple and do things the way it's done other places like dead it's a single entity league. But this allocation money in the all this crap makes it's so confusing and hard for your average Americans stand to gain in invest their time in the support. When the (%expletive) rules are so confusing. They trade. With Columbus for Nana. You give. 200000 dollars in targeted allocation money for 2018 you give up. 200000 dollars in general allocation money in 2018. You also give up and and national spot throughout the Tony eighteenth season. What the (%expletive) does any of that mean what the hell is that what I understand allocation money to a certain extent but. I have I feel I have to go back and look it up every time I see stuff and go wait what's the difference between the general wants the difference in the targeted at what what the hell. We just. Hamas with a simpler solution and so it's something that's clear and concise for your fan base and if you're gonna build the sport in America. You have. Certain pillars that are RD established in American sports on how to do these type of things. Likely make it simpler for the fans of this confusing assets and that makes no (%expletive) cents. It's very confusing Denon I've been trying to figure it out myself followed all works and that's why I'm glad that what's good about that it's it's extremely confusing. The bottom line is that they've got a player that sporting Casey wanted a ridiculous things. Just serious sex MSC last week and I know would say to this broadcast that I Casey where is good for the sport they wanted him back. So the thought that the revolution were able to get this far. I think his a good thing he did score I believe ten goals was sporting KC in 2015. Yup he can score goals. The criticism that I thought you know social media is does he fit in how the revs lot of play. They have to do that it I don't know because they have all these other attacking players where does he play. It could be a situation so what to what we were complaining about Cai tomorrow you know rivers come out that. So then it might be another issue like that they used to think the revolution needed to make a move that. And I look at that as a business decision this kind of reminds me of how the patriots do business and sort of bring it to that. But this is more the biggest deal than a soccer deal Andyaat. That's the way I am seeing that end and I think tomorrow what would a similar situation they saw an opportunity. And they went for the player I don't. Noelle if there was no thought process to ensure their particular law holly can sit back I don't know about what the number one. Idea of why they got him I saw I think they saw an opportunity and they went for. And it figured we'll get him here and we role fit him into the next. But I first thought that came to my mind was. Tomorrow Camara. Again when they brought him in I didn't think he said and I'm hearing people say it's sort things about this part but while the wait and see and see how we fit said. Well what's funny is with c'mon are you bring in Hank I would have much better at agree. So. Records yet so ideally I mean the Camara move made a lot more sense even if you're wondering how is gonna fit. Lease a lot more sense than this deal. And how much of an issue at this deal to seems like economy gave up a lot for a guy who's not playing. Who hasn't played all year. So it doesn't make a lot of sense to me. New year adding to your attackers. Fine. You know we have Camara I'd be Della bond very for vendors count row leave when you have all these guys here and they're adding to that. And it's like we've talked about a million times the midfield really is the area that needs to get better. And you add attacker and defender would no mind to the midfield. What honestly the position and I really want them to upgrade was left back and the illness apparently can play left back and center back so. Yeah I don't love those guys that can item both of those I like. I like my if my fullbacks are gonna have personally I don't know yet rather him be really true fullback or if they're versatility they can you know. Sliding into offensive midfielder role or just move up and play the wing straight up. That's where I want that I feel like the versatility between fullback and center back as much because it is a different Steele sent a lot of ways. And I don't like my center backs to think too much about bringing the ball out. And a lot of times and EC guy that's a fullback in a senator back when they play that Centre back position they get their fullback mentality where they start to bring the ball up too far. I I've seen that too many times I don't want that. You're right initiative targeted the left back I'd ambition of targeted midfield as well the kind of solidifies that area. Because to me that's the most important area to solidify and make right because and you can filter everything from there right you know especially you know look today. Look at the US men's national team. Say what you want about Michael Bradley he is an anchor there though and they have that part figured out and they can kind of work on everything. You know from there and he can impact both sides defensively and attacking. So. For me it's make sure your midfield set. Because even if you have a weaker attacker you're midfield can find ways to create for them if you have a good attacker you have poor midfield that doesn't give them opportunities. Or get them the ball they want it a lot Camara. It's not gonna work. Right and you know what's interesting here is very anti about that this is a business decision they paid a lot finesse players so yeah baby. Maybe if you look at it as a as an opportunity maybe business. Decision wasn't the right way to put on to talk about they saw the opportunity and by the way don't need proper way to. Two per not a bargain turnout it incorrectly I'll from the revolution what they its Christie and named it. So I've been saying right you're saying right. I just I was watching highlights from owners of sporting Kansas City and they said Christian Laettner in the name. Whatever. Whatever is not doing enough for me there. I don't know I am frustrated. You know this is the type of stuff I want but you know eat eat eat it hearkens back to on the openings we talked about. In terms of that playing surface like you do these guys just not wanna play here we've seen enough of you know. Former European stars that come to the Emma said don't want to play on the surface but it. It how. They got to figure that (%expletive) out if they want if they want. You know higher quality players they got to figure that surface out of that's of real deterrent for some people which we thought was for tier Emery. We saw that that's the example I was go back to it was a real deterrent for him to play here and the only reason he did it was cousins playoffs and he needed to and still (%expletive) good. Into wanna poems are love them but. You know that that frustrates me and then you know a week it's week or so ago we see these comments. From a an agent a player agent. Talking about how. The reds general managers off. He's horrible in Mike Burns. From. I haven't I've interviewed ams in a nice guy I think his track record right now Sox. Absolutely sucks. But. When an agent speaks like that my first reaction is why is he saying. Is there a history here to to get burned by him no pun intended no. You know why is he saying this is he just looking at it you know purely from an outsider's perspective saying. You know throwing your team your general managers aux and there's no history between the two so I don't know that kind of subsite initially pause ago. Why is he saying this is he saying it because. He's been scored by him in the past for something or is he saying it because. He really just generally thinks the GM stinks do you have any insight into the us. Well I was swinging back and forth with him I was on this district by a group tweet you doubt that you and I get on that every once in awhile and he responded back to me because I was Jessica remember the exact wording I put. What I originally treated him but I was curious that like his feelings. Wind farms were on it you know it if there was an issue there you know went with the we're burned and he said absolutely not he's. I'm paraphrasing but he was really open to say that you thought might burns who was a very honest guy and that had nothing to do that. I'm paraphrasing what the gamble when he was mentioning to me was they had more to do with him not being a good Jia. So he's honest but stupid. Basically. Been around a whole wave that's what it sounds like to me. That's that's what it sounds like to meet. Re just kind of observing what you just said he's he's honest he's still I like that I like you know I think your general manager needs to be honest and and it needs to be very blunt and frank would people. And we'll get more on that in his in a minute when Marie go across the pond but. Okay they're he's just done. I've probably just dumb I have a problem when you have dumb people in an organization in the people above can't figure out that there actually stupid and shouldn't be here. Join know that Mike Burns is dumb now again I've only interviewed in the one time I can't pick up a lot of that. In that instance and am not a general manager and and I'm not as clear on all the rules as it should be no that is little too busy sometimes the you know really dig into these things. But. It's frustrating it's very your frustrating if he's saying he's is not a good Jimmy's he's kind of stupid. Then. All right. Then I meaning go with a what he said. Because if he's just saying he's not honest Benihana have to look adding go oh OK you have to dig deeper blue. Why how or why was he being dishonest and what was the circumstance. And we just saying he is not that good that I can take it for a little more face value. Yeah I hit I'm looking at a suite of us from five days ago his response back to me. Is quote he's Republican. At. You know this guy represents. I don't. I don't hit into other tweets to meet them what it's his name's rob Blackmon would suspensions they had. Well I'm Waxman yeah okay and I his tweets me was light burns as an honest person. Does the trade of his I have buyer and then later on between bout was his apology. Anderson. Anderson I wish I did. Plus who reserve presenting here. And trying. Mean in a. This putter content New York based sports agent in the world soccer. Yeah I have a list of agents here and just trying to scroll through real quick answer I can find here but it it's a little too. Now its problems as well workers. Yeah it's just really really frustrating. Really frustrating when you have the guy that's basically. You know in charge of everything player wise and and manager wise is don't. Part because. You know it's funny because or non arms bat well right you know if you're bad and you're honest and you don't. Well yes but you know you you're gone face to villagers say that. Thought the public this four word in this is gonna sound bad to his incompetent. It's simple and consistent thing. Incompetent dumb stupid. It's all of says it all clubs and. I think he's got to go he's got to go after the season they're not gonna do it now but he's got to go after the season this these moves can't appease anyone. Honestly these moves don't appease anybody. And it doesn't markedly make this team that much better it makes them slightly better but we'll see my name Adam plays. I think it could potentially could make them better but it doesn't have the impact. On the pitch and off the pitch I think right now they need ball and this is certainly not doing it off the debt. The tough part is yet embassy. LAX the acquiring Carlos bella out. It's very good moving very Smart move and and if you haven't seen teacher retired some really pointed. Some comments to people that are criticizing Fella from moving to BMI less. The reds are not gonna attract these have players. For a cup. A litany of reasons. Obviously the playing surface is a problem. The quality you have is a problem and you're always gonna lose out to LA I mean that's it's is not it's kinda fair trying to Pete. Against LA especially for. People internationally right there are no Boston that well they don't know the region that well and you know what a lot of people think that area especially not from here. Isn't very kind to. People of any lack of pigment in their skin. Right that's the knock. So not come Boston sometimes over racist which is a fickle bunch of bull crap we're not any more racist than any other region. Well I don't wanna go there right now and actually. You upset a dog reaction really upset by some idiotic comments about Boston what was clear that the. That's fine we tend but it plays into this situation. And they don't get it pages don't people don't. They they've heard Abbas in the know Boston but they don't really know Boston they'll beta and and if you're gonna to easily signatures LA I get it I probably would too you know if I was coming from. Spain and like we're gonna play to play it I thought it you know whoever or Elway could. Then you and I both know from growing up here I would pick up our young Brazilian play very young Portuguese player would wanna play the revolution. A distraught and I'll. It would be easier for an answer that we hear if they brought in a she if they brought in an aging Brazilian star I mean wrap. Zetterberg those still playing and he's at 45. He could probably play for this team right now and put asses in seats. A bomb have you make those kind of moves Yangon. Yes you just have to make the right moves by these are not the right moves these these moves barely make you better on the field and they don't make you. Better in the in them minds of the fans. No they don't and like I said right now I think that's a big part of that's. Will these players helped them when they play I I would really hope so you know it's playing not not too many thought that Dylan there would help them and he. He's been he's been the best addition out since Jermaine Jones Arnie out. Our material down there really hasn't and we just didn't know much a bottom and this is a similar situation with the other like. Like I mentioned the lock I have a couple friends up all shut so once they have both of them told me. Doubt they thought it was a good move for the revolution to bring India element that he was squeezed out of Wednesday. Because they were bringing in other players in the N dot someone had to go and it was hand. But he he was he was a good player for them not a great player a good player he made the occasional error. But they both thought that he could potentially help us and aren't afraid and that's what it is yeah they thought it was worth. Bring him yet. Super questions or you'll watch a championship I do you know. Dissolves the European phone you don't know. How would Fulham right now doing the analysts. I wanted to be dead honest with him when. You think you can Coleman when it like handily like walking away they'd win. No I don't I don't know handily but I think teams would really have a hard time without without style and dot. Not only the style but played in the championship at such a physical league so. I know it can be a physical league there is a very athletic. But. The championship as these that Vick football standout and it has to greatly is that it can be physical. But it can also about talented teams that liked to played soccer and out all of like to play soccer so I think we would give teams a lot of trouble I personally think all would would win. MLS cup would they walk away over the I don't know. But they did the art can be it would be one of the favorites. That's just my opinion they would be one of the favorites because we have the players back to depart. The majority of analysis. And and most other top teams in the championship. I think could do the same you know it's a really tough division now they get double what it keeps getting better you're out the year. Yeah I'm just trying to gauge the quality. I don't want to championship so I'm not yet been paid but you know people about real look at what you port. And the last on the same level of the championship and I'm sorry I wouldn't it's not a belt level. Do they have players second player about global it end at a Bob of course they do. The problem is out across the board across the board is that talent across the board it's not even the high end talent it's. It's the players that are on the back you know you know your gap that's really the difference in the end and that's violence. And the championship is a wonderful division it is so competitive. Does the best thing I could really. Compared to would be the NFL where at any given Sunday it really isn't wiped out with a chip which it did it's its ultra competitive and it's fun to watch. Yeah. Well. Let's talk about this I wanna change direction here a little bit. Alex is not here if you haven't heard. It's because he's a massive policy and didn't wanna come in because Chelsea lost. Well I have detects write your group. He said I'm a little bitch I don't wanna come in upset. Chelsea loss I don't you wanna talk about it. What do. Recently some economy and block that person we're gonna make money you you cry baby. Although my team conform to. I. Liverpool and that we've 33 drug Watford in an injury time that our. Here's my yeah have you watched it ninety's. At my pants off for a little while haven't put pants were on I'm. What. I like to go by foul by the way Detroit medical. Yeah does a great players agree entry pass to for me you know and then he'd gotten iso pass over to. Salah and he put it in a Saudi money for the first golfer Liverpool of the season was fantastic. I look at this team right now and I have. Obvious concerns. Right now. On a couple of levels. For those that you don't know apparently Cuttino has handed in transfer request. Yesterday. As he wants to go to Barca you know he's been saying all along policies oh to answer window. That is Liverpool player wants and liberally wants a winner Liverpool. Obviously. Soccer has given the players far more power than any other sport has allowed them. I am so happy with the Fenway sports group and your clock up to this point right now. In not caving in to continue or to Barcelona Barcelona's. I know our rooms like hey they're targeting its senior before they got rid of Kmart now they kind of knew what was happening. And yes they did want impairment and wanted to play more centrally outline any asked. There they're in panic buying mode right now. We saw this one Real Madrid las Figo in 2002001. They went to panic mode and spent all that money on crap and hurt themselves for years to come. Her ex excuse me when Barcelona sold Figo to Rio Madrid and then market did the same day they went into panic mode in and spent them on people. I I'm glad I'm breeding what you're gun club saying and I'm really happy about what he's saying in terms of its to late. Like you there was an opportunity here if you guys that on this a couple of weeks ago maybe we could figure it out but. We're just not doing now. It is way too late and and that's also part of it I know this is the domino effect on the name my situation right. But I am glad. At this G. You organ clock are not allowing this to happen. The iron knocked going to do it they're not going to allow players to leave just because he wants to place from world to potentially. You know I've heard mixed things you know. Like that you and I were talking before duties. Did he actually put in this request I don't know the. We're not a 100% positive but airports right. Yeah ports and as we know the the people covering soccer especially in England are the (%expletive) worst. They are so well you know it's bad in Spain it's bad Brazil to there'll garbage and they just run (%expletive) all the (%expletive) time and it's infuriating. But kinda. This is right up there rally you know when I first heard this story about the that the potential. Hindi India trips were brick last. You know I just thought okay this is the textbook. Did it happen I don't know are but it's been reported that it did this so. But the bigger point out our understanding is that you're gonna open up that C are not backing down in the air know nor should debt. Yeah I don't think it but here's the thing. I watched that game today and is said. Even without pitino this team can score with anybody. They have so much so much at lettuce is my radio they can score on anybody the problem is their defense is a leaky sieve. And yeah what I want Virgil god dammit. Yeah I you'd be perfect for what this team needs right now. Yeah you you need desperately need it senate back you know like build up the goalkeeper but you can get I would tend to view. To operate. Senator Barack and but thinks that's what you're missing right now it's not going forward it's. If that this sentence that you take care of that. You know you care about I think. Potentially Liverpool. That they'll want that he would write in that they will sit out to what. We're talking contending for the title I do believe that. Let me ask you though does it make them hypocritical of their bitching about. The timing of him leaving and they still go and add a center back right now does it is it sending the wrong message that. You know will talk with other teams but you can't talk with a us on the timing issue. Does that send a bad message sick teen you know if they add another piece at this point when the refusing to allow him to leave which is. You and I both agree is the right move to refuse allow him to leave right now. But is it hypocritical of them and does that send a bad message to him. If they go out and purchase Centre back right now. I don't think so because I think that this is something that they are working on for very long time so. Bennett I don't think it's super critical talked about they've been trying to get percent to back they've been trying to get this player prologue it's not it's not hypocritical. They're actually do what they're supposed to be doing and that's putting Liverpool forest they're not putting contain your first this is one criticism that I out. That I see authored a book what I want to go to. Say we Al Madrid or Barcelona and all of these can just say you know look it would just take the money no you need to put your team first you make sure you have. Cover if you're going to do this you know go back to the Suarez situation that bail situation I understand the pressure that that these clubs are under. But make sure you know what you're going to be doing without money. You have to put your club felt so I think that's over toward doing right here and of continuing not a problem whether that sorry. I'm really excited because this week for those you know for Rosie don't know is the Jimmy Fund radio telethon on Debbie EI and you can watch on NASA as well. And every year I it is it's my. Time I get to has ten minutes with John Henry and talked about Liverpool. I'm really interested to ask him about this the first time we talked about where he sterling leaving and I applauded him for getting as much he could for him. I hate sterling I hate players that do that crap. You sign a contract and you immediately trying. Which is positioning continues any signs of five here censure whatever it is in January now wants out. In the same thing happened would name arson at a five year extension and wanted out immediately. I get it. To a certain sense like yeah okay you sunny since he took the money you know nothing's guaranteed ms. Brooke trying to make as much as you can right I'm off for that and I agree with that. But. You also don't (%expletive) over other people in the process that that's a major problem. Right right and that's and that's my point if these players want to leave I understand that date they wanna go to greener pastures they wanna go to. Quote unquote a bigger club effort automobile clubs in Spain I get that. But don't expect the club that you would just to say OK that's fine you know it doesn't worked out well because the clubs have to put. There themselves first before the player and you know that's. Yet it's a business and you know what if you're if you're in Liverpool. And you wanna get back to that upper Echelon you wanna get back to where you were in the mid to late seventies all the way through almost the entirety of the eighties has been one of the biggest most important and best clubs in the world for time there they would be best club in the world it. If you want to get back to being that and you want to win your first Premier League title. Don't be don't don't allow herself to be treated like Southampton. That's right and let's send Dave had the situation for for a little while a player that I remember weeping. Seven years ago you know like and we provided the joppy Alonso and but not sure Ronald my biggest sends a bad message when these players leave. And I understand that they're going to bigger clubs you know what reportedly issued crop while we're talking about Real Madrid and Barcelona. In Liverpool was the biggest club and England for a little while and now their arguably fist. They are and that's and then got that goes back to that's why I think. You organ flopped and at this chi are doing the right thing here they have to stand pat they have to be top plaudits. Because they don't want to be are they don't want to be a club that. That is a feeder system to Barcelona's and they were real Madrid's you don't wanna be that yeah don't wanna beat. Your best players you wouldn't pull as a steppingstone ID you know. I never thought I would be kidnapped at some of these players they're like okay we're liberal or even mid Justin got to run the badgers united. That that happened within two rockets that apple would Renaldo he end up going Real Madrid. But. Liverpool need. To put Liverpool first bad and not in the business and not what they're doing and have continued doesn't like it tough and it's not hypocritical. Bringing in the senate back it's actually business. God I think the semi nice ones here are your opinion is of the. I have looked up a little passionate right now because pulled pulled out. Outweighed only go to get a draw would quit and then. My team was able to do to get a point and dialysis wasn't so that it will happy. Cops are both teams at least got a points and Alex's team sucks the ball. You know what I was really happy scene today. And I know. I'm happy as it makes you field 1% indicated. I was really happy to see Wayne Rooney scored. I not a Wayne Rooney hater. He hasn't been very good the last couple years I've always kind of enjoyed him to a certain extent I like when you see. Older players are made it past that he's death announcement. Past their prime goal home and make an impact to make a difference. Even if its efforts and and I'm a Liverpool fan I. That rivalry doesn't really do a whole lot for me because I'm not green to Nat. And for me the rivalry that I'm more interested in is the rivalry that but longstanding rivalry in Manchester United. But I want to see ever I wanna see efforts and actually pretty pretty good because I wanted to kind of push Liverpool even further. So I I was really happy to see Wayne Rooney scoring is good gold mines that are right by Butler and it was a very good goaltender. Very good goal I was happy to see that as happy for especially on his first. Official league game at home really happens. Yeah it's good they've been you know a lot it's been a great player for a all want to airtime and it's good to see Wayne Rooney still able score goals. It absolutely is. Wayne Rooney had a better day. Then Chelsea. We're gonna keep thrown announces face. Well. It's funny. Two Lugar called I know that they had. A man sent off with them all and had a man sent off better outdoor one minute and we Emma that we pulled off a draw which is an incredible result. Did you know that they came back I believe that within Austria to do it upon if I remember correctly but yeah. You know on nothing against star Alex but I I actually enjoy what shall do moves about. I enjoy when Chelsea loses for two reasons I'm not a big fan of Chelsea. And I'm not a fan of Alex. So there we go. Yes. To. Me now and about to miss them on the show. We'll beat you get back soon. It's been an interesting day. In the reds or at least making moves or at least trying to do things bottom for that I'd really love the moves yet I'll be patient on. Probably two basic but I'll be somewhat patient on deal on the it's duty can provide as I could be just completely blown away by and we could have another domain situation on our hands are too great. What's interesting I I can remember what I read it are we by I have either read or heard. We've got as one of three setter back. I'd love to see that. I would love to see him Ambac and what the hell does that different with our I don't know. I don't know. That's great question it's not like he's I don't know it's not quite. I'd duty can do anything okay what we don't write about and yet my my main courses and Andrew Farrell. The softest spoken nicest man on the team. While we're talking revolution kite has held up a piece by help with the revolution uses. This should be yeah but epic about the fourth time and I haven't really its process. I don't know that I know they feel a need to do this but I think it's a waste. Perhaps Kellen role played left back. Pleased solid wood his abilities and it's actually it's you guys play it up out there have to be someone else. Beckham play look back I know the situation with Tierney what you yourself biplane in this player outlet. You're hurting your team by hurting the ear piece you hurt the player that hurts the team to lead him I'd rather. You know there was that is the rumor that cheese what was the name of the team in Israel that. Supposedly had offered a million dollars surely win away yeah like I Darlington named team. But a better. Just you're damn right tissue taken and then moved cal broke right in that position said. We're gonna develop around row now this is a lost season and we got rid of an older guy Steve who's. He's probably been the best player on the team throughout the season he's been the most consistent certainly in Lee Nguyen. But he's he's almost done. You know yes there's actually a good analogy. I would have gotten really when. I I would have taken the money from Israel front foot from the club and Israel and I would have moved Kellen relative situation that's the Nomar situation with a Red Sox. John bounce. What like John downs Belmont or no no no mark Orlando Cabrera published exactly what Nomo went straight and it actually. If it was a game changer because it was addition by subtraction. And I think right now and he needs to move him because. I don't think he's giving you what you need right now. And he's a good player he's political platform but sometimes you have to make tough decisions I would rather see killer role. Play his role that we went right now. Yeah I would tilt. I would suggest that it seeded teams to development really look forward to the future don't don't bother trying to make that last playoff spot and I couldn't get there we all know it. Don't even bother with that crap. And let's be honest as we win going to be part of your future or do part of your now he's part of your now. Keller wrote to be part of your future and that. Lee when should be part of your pastor. My dog sled that's well look out when I started here that actually had when we get to me I'll probably wind and I actually. Agree within that I think is a good player but sometimes you got to move on from from groups whether you know it it doesn't feel good. You might think it makes them weaker I don't know what makes a week or bad I I don't. I don't really either. And that's why I'm more willing to do it now than ever. But let's hope this all goes back to buy. Insanity and I think it's that the Infiniti to have them play a lot back I know he can do it I just think you're hurting yourself. You're hurting yourself you're actually right about that. You know arrest at a good time. About this one. I enjoy talking to you. You. You know what I enjoy most about the show it out there. Damn right we've we both actually got to talk I I know I kind of dominated the conversation today I can do that sometimes. But. You got ample time. I did I do that you know it's funny because I I was thinking about that when it's the three of us. I'm the one that talked police is the approach from Bob. Well when you're on the phone yet apps. Whoever's on the phone usually talks les but Alex's somehow figured a way to just filibuster when he's on the phone just go in go go. Nearly when he was against an excellent. All right. The show's over I'm. You can follow me on Twitter at young men WB yeah I you can follow. Ross on Twitter at Russ underscore goal. And why just threw we're going to match I don't know. And you can follow Russ at cottage stocky good listeners are all about Fulham card stock. I do other things too. You can hear me Sunday morning Stan Providence 13 point seven with mark on Darrow. What do so I've gone. I guess often aren't well. Leaders at the beginning we've as a rating revealed. The most serious. Hazard on OK all right well. I.