The Revs need to make a move, will they?

Sunday, July 9th

Ben and Russ discuss what is the biggest problem with the Revs right now, the Front Office or the Head Coach? Why the Revs are too stubborn to get out of their own way, why Rowe is performing better for the USMNT than the Revs, and the latest transfer news coming from the EPL.


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W guys' soccer yes here on WEI dot com and of course you can always on the show on iTunes and stitcher. They've been soccer cast well. It is on. Sunday to I would that the seven. Eight and it's kind of nice it's the ninth then polish yet I really don't learn mistakes. From. This kind of sucks. That we're here why would itself and explain. Maybe because we did this yesterday. And somehow our system glitch in deleted 45 perhaps four or five minutes out of our episode and Alex who's here. In studio got there is Alex Alex and Russ have ever been in studio met each other face to face before us that we had met at least from six states won podcast yes his very specific about that that are saying Iran with a 61 I guess he joined us yesterday was great. And we lost our (%expletive) lost at all. And now we're back here on Sunday the ninth doing the (%expletive) all over again. However we do evident is hoping to talk about today's result it's kind of fortuitous that we did this again sucks for us more for you than me. You have to drive a lot further share. But dom. You know with the US men's national team opening up the gold cup against Panama with a 11 draw yesterday we have more to talk about today. And most of yesterday's episode was about the reps right we do little bit of European stuff after the fact most it was about the reds. But I think our conversation. Can be even better this time around simply because count broke performed well again for the US men's national T absolutely did he played very well I don't know that all one of the few bright spots for the team. Dom Dwyer is still looking really really good in front of goal. He looks like player that's going to be on the only US men's national team come World Cup title roles in making an argument to be part of the mix up. I absolutely think he's making an argument to be part of the man this is performed very well for the most part he's had some down time but sure he has performed pretty well. The best part that I noticed Bennett and we could talk about how we played with dom to our setting up the goal. Confidence you play with confidence. And that is something that I think the US men's national team needs. In general but to watch him play to walk into a situation like this second time playing with the US men's national team would that natural. And that confident plane is it was wonderful to watch and like I mentioned I think I thought besides dom Dwyer he is probably the the dust pour out their for the US men's national team. Better who's on who I'm not always very not a fan of mine I am not but he played well and did knock him. So we retirement tone bro and his. His good play for the US men's national team as an attacker upping things happen upon. Aren't we seeing the same results. I think we are and pockets I distinctive part of it has to do with the that the team in general I I think he has shined over the course of the season ban. On I think it's more of a team thing than a killer growth and because you're seeing. Now when he's given the opportunity to shine on an even bigger stage he's doing. So. Is go back but he's performing well with the US men's national team. Performing fine with the around Zell. Obviously we can see what he can do on a semi consistent basis movement's national team up. Is this on heaps for not figure out how to appropriately utilized Kelyn Rowe consistently. While law I think you know I oversight that we can point to attack him somewhat but I don't think it's just about. Hand I think it's about getting all the pieces to fit in play together as a unit. I think what you what you watched yesterday compared to the revs is that. It's just as inconsistent. I've seen times where the where the revs look like god cohesive unit and then I've seen times where it looks on disjointed bit lack of consistency to ride back from back to keep closer to us. It wasn't a house to start their day. If you look at it you know you and I've talked about this. The the summer school is now gone on for four seasons now yeah yeah. And when you look at it it really is about inconsistency. And then it all comes to head over the summertime wide as they continually happen because they can look good and I don't watching. The revs look good for say sixty seventy minutes. But when push comes to shove they're not able to get over the line and unable to win the match when they need to. When you can't win a single game on the road how can you be consistent. How can you not have a summer swoon if I can't win a single game on the rollout Juan I don't want and they have been some very good opportunity to OS seven and three are somewhat although that. They're tenth place in the Eastern Conference right now with when he points which is I think eight points out of a Blake fighting for my spot. They're finding themselves way out. We too early for the amount of talent that is actually on this team isn't an overwhelming amount but there is talented corps there there is. They just don't have the deaths. They don't have the depth and they don't have that pop in town right that's that's the bigger problem back combination office obviously lack of top end talent they thought their getting that with Pacman right. And it no absolutely not that big disappointment so you can't blame the lack of top in town on heaps. No right. But he should be a public at the most out of what he has to work who he he should on a consistent basis right into consistently so that's on him but the fact that they don't have depth. In top end talent. Let's on the front off at them thrown off totally. What's a what's going on right now is not just all about heats its combination of the front office and heats yeah it really hits and it's funny because I had someone on Twitter ban contact me last week we're talking about the summer swollen. And I was Yelp obviously putting a little bit on heaps it's a little bit more than just a little audience and he brought up. Forty years ago when Jermaine Jones joined the revolution how everything changed its good point out is it just it all. I added now player or is it also about heats I think it has to be a combination. Of not having that player that leader out there. I think there are players that that can be a leader but I'm talking about that real greedy leaders that Jermaine Jones gave view. Ninety minute type of player that is. Really going out of from the first minute to the end that was sent Jermaine Jones his energy was infection might that's on talking about I think he made. Everyone around him better pool on the revolution makes. Players around him better it wasn't just about as energy goes about his confidence right that was a major factor in why use X and as successful as he wasn't his first. You know season with it was infectious it was absolutely infectious and not only was he just running up and down for ninety minutes he would get gas company has he put everything out on the field right. But what he would do he's he he was confident in his abilities to create. And he would roll long balls which you don't see very often anymore you just. Get him out there and trying to make things happen on the break yes and you train facility start breaks. Say he he was the one that really started all of their movement by like you said spraying the ball rotten and he was force and the plot. And you really don't see that you shoot a little bit now but in a different way from Diego foot and a state of forgiveness is now running at defenders and I think that is. A very good thing it's different than what Joseph instead. But on potentially Diego could be that type poke player but right now is he's a different type of player. At a different mindset he's still an open play you still developing he's not. Out the point of his career where Jermaine Jones had this. This saw attitude now Diego has a little bit but he's just not very. Now they they really need to make. Make some kind of move and you look let's look at the standings are now on the table their intent with twenty points. Red bulls and they just lost too pretty to and a horrible game 16 points there in seven. Noted that crews in 620. The year eight points away from what's bright spot. And you have won a single game on the road your O three and seven I said 073 and mix and you're the only team in the Eastern Conference about a win on the road this. Other three teams in the Western Conference about a win on the road rapids in Minnesota united which earn. The bottom of the barrel Western Conference but beat Houston Dynamo haven't won a game on the road and they're in third place with 28 points and Westin com. Now we talked last couple of years about the imbalance in the conferences right. Adding it's clear that the eastern conference's. Our superiors and Western Conference at least this season at this is not I would agree that I mean you've got two really good teams really good teams on the west performing well now with. Casey and Dallas. Dallas has been open for awhile. But in the east you've got powerhouse. And then a surprising team or Chicago as a surprise him but they I really am Atlanta has really the super well OK I've thought Chicago would do well I didn't think they did this. I think that their end in my book I think that the best in the revolution of play I did my team in the you know. MO that's what I think right now talked to bottom I think that that they're the best constitute its main camera ruin people didn't want passion trying to doctor I was wonderful. I'm one of them I was allowance was the other one. I was the one those kind of like me out I didn't understand the move but then I am I just didn't really look into the team deepen often that when you look at the other moves at all. That a puzzle. Absolutely. Reservoir worked. And they do the chatter we keep seeing and partly involving you on Twitter is. It's time to make movement keeps them from slow bleed as well and you know I know a few questions chart report. Can you solve the problem taxing one and not the other poor example would you solve the problem by saying all right from office. C yeah you guys are doing what we needed to figure out keeps you remain you prove that you can take a team the most top. Or vice Versa keeps your out front office keep do we do we just need the right guy did. Get the most out. I think. It's a very interesting on conundrum you just gave me here. I think keeps needs to go I think that is a domino was and we've talked about our fortunately. It's not going to be over here at that he actually agree with me that. For fans. It really says something to your fans you need to make a move needed to show intent by getting rid of Jay heaps I agree with them. But the bigger point is do you get rid of Mike Burns. If it's. General manager yes if it's my call I would say hell yes I think they both go. But I think that you give boards a chance with the window open at tickets it's bad timing if you did it now with a window open. C listen this is that. Here's your opportunity. You have the roster spots if you make it happen now or you're gone. So. I mean realistically you don't often see. Front office especially those at the head of the front office if fired in the middle of the season now I regular overtime of that happening. I give you an example for a couple of years ago with a Red Sox bench Harrington and show you grow up to the point Don Brownstein. Com. But that's very rare that that actually happens so you're not moving out the front office movements he's in your event afterwards and you wanna change a philosophical. Approach of the team. It's easier to do that it's easier to fire your coach in the middle of the season and trying to have the front office and just their philosophy on the fly right for the remainder of the transfer went. Right right. Now listen I'm there with you because I'm looking at this and I know people want burns alto yet but here's the thing with a window opening. Who's gonna made the calls who's going to try to bring in the talent. I think you have to stick with him a reason for this window and see what he can do. And here's a lot of proof in my book because you decided they need to fix. Top end talent and depth. And the windows opening and I hope we can do golf. Well it it descent who did this team needs to change. More than anything there at the philosophy in their approach to building an organization needs change. Well we've heard we we again we'll keep referencing Matty on with the CS and he kept mentioning besides that the the stack. The staff has way too small you way too Smart people doing all and that's. That should be a red flag to you but that's lower on my priority. As the fill out the remainder of near a busy I all that I understand that but it's but it also shows you that there's something wrong bad. Well it shows you know what accusing more than anything is that she sustains you. Absolutely it goes back to that because there's no reason why you can add to that. Stuff have a full fledged scouting team. They do have one coach that's now our dual duties is he's an assistant coach and doing scouting. On I think you need to bring in another person I think you need more staff there I think they're used scouting seems fine. Especially locally. Called blow in the goodness I mean tennis academy guys I think the academy is bearing fruit and will continue prepare for their two while there are. Locker actually does. Fairly well in the northeast. In terms of youth participation everything yes all couples obviously dominant animal we get that we know that they play at the same time. Do you wise they're both fall sports you. That present to see I don't have anything that disable what their deal with their academy to working bad if soccer. From a youth level especially like high school. If men's soccer moved. To the spring. They'll see more it's. You probably does that weird officer L agent. If you're gonna compete with the most popular sport in football right yeah prop them member and wasn't that it was only fifteen years ago I was in high school. Members of this soccer players I'm Melbourne pick for then you know a little bit of swapping back and lower. But if they played at separate times you have. Better participation. I guarantee that these baseball presence vision is an act or pursuant to get an ice. Soccer teams. Always did football team early big separate those two with a competing against adults and time just a problem with developing you've. Soccer in this country I think that's one of the biggest problems yes I know you're seeing kids annually from football because the vote passionate. Which soccer also has. We know our good friend Taylor Twellman has beaten. Into was excellent and which is a good thing it is going to be adding that he still and that is critical of him it's a great team and help him. Him and that Chris Liwienski doing great recent creating a good amount awareness with cautions reviews. Football and soccer. At least on a man's time of the year. We are right in that you would find more town I'm not gonna disagree with you there. You still will find good soccer talent the way it is constituted right now absolutely but. You'll have a more variety if you split them that's I think where you're getting out of you have the opportunity to have a kid that plays ball. That makes a choice at some point may be since you know what I'm a better soccer player that I am a football is he different kind of athletes doing soccer now. Differing kind of guys that play like wide receiver six to 200 pounds a 195 pounds fast as hell. That went on we don't see enough of those here in states which the prop up two point. It was a weird sidebar for a while I don't know linebacker but I've no idea why they went there but it isn't just start it around the but. I'm still kind of bombed his answers ups and so it was good it was pretty good so far BS citizens were. It was really good because we identity I I start off by venting Alex vented that we brought Matty and now they really vented I was a little bit surprised. How much he went off on the roads and you know we can't back up he's not wit us. Yeah I don't have via. But I think you can boxed out that it was pretty critical of what's going on right now yeah I'm excited to talk to marry some more on the show moving forward. It is. You know when we went down to the tailgate. We were smacked of a lot of ardent. The that the supported governor Barbara you're you're you're surprised by that I was taken aback I really when we first heard talking to people literally. You know team is noon because they were on a little bit as streak rate that's right actually now you're seeing the other side of blinded by incidents. Well you're now seeing you know you saw Mattie coming from a different angle when we met him in person yeah. And die he's shown the frustration that I'm shell and that others are shelling and edit and yes spent I think a lot of little. Nadia after the loss with a whole keeps them but I was sun passion and I was angry I was upset. And I went off a little bit on what are and I don't back down from that because my that you. Believe that the right move right now is getting rid of Jay heaps I think it. It would show the right and message. To the supporters the fans of the revolution that. We care. And I think doubts what they need to duplicate what they do it I don't think so but I think they showed and I just don't want another little side or that. You know. I'm sure you've noticed this. You're big in order so you follow a lot of them on. What are we just talk about we just talked about the team should fires from somebody should write. Here's what I'm sick and tired. I'm sick and tired of media members specifically. There. At lake ES yen when they had a massive layoffs like a month or so ago. These media members these same (%expletive) people though go on their shows similar to exactly what we're doing right now talking about who should be fired they'll and then they bitch and moan at. Regular old fans who are kind of happy that someone apart as they didn't like them stunk or whatever. How dare you cheer for someone lose their job castles this is what we do we talk about people losing their job all the time we advocated perk. At certain moments so I think these people in the media really need to generally show fox sits Sox it's a part of our life. Then they'll lose their job and as you know what if you're gonna go on TV or on the radio or podcasts and advocates for coach acts are front office next to lose their job. You have much standing when your time comes and someone glad you're gone now because it might think that the of by TV station that it love will be better with your absence. Else though. It's Sox no one wants to lose their job. No one should be. Proud or happy when other people lose their job when you have invested interest in. Entity and you think this person being gone will make that entity better and have much of. Wasn't the situation with heats I don't wish him many. One here you know I you know he seems like he's a nice guy think he cares a great deal now. But as a fan of someone that falls the sport. I think it's run its course I think they need someone else and it known again it's not happy I don't want someone to lose their job but I think and in the case affect care about a team I think that's the right decision to be made. Yeah yeah I am not listen I'm not chaining you at all because I've done the same thing out. My whole point was basically just. People in the media need to understand exactly what your job is you can't have it. Oh wait right you can't advocate for someone to lose their job and then bitch and moan when someone lose their job and someone else is happy about. Well again I mean not. I don't know you know under speaker for me I wouldn't be happy how he doesn't help the that he lost his job I just think would be the right candidate. And I don't and I'm not shameful through to be pointed out I think it's too I think it's the right thing to say at this point. I think if I just went along and deceit you know what we shouldn't be talking about some of losing their jobs. I don't think we're doing our job. Migrant. I agree you know I. I think we pretend that it's okay and pretend well you know just stick with canyon hope. I I think it's ridiculous you know. Alex has this thing about John Farrell and keep on saying and about Jon Garland and I understand that. Because that's his passion with the Red Sox he doesn't think he's a good manager. Alex should have or city that Alex in others not that run without. But do you agree that means that these people are hypocrites so of course they are and we didn't finish that on their total hypocrites are in the read only the plants which I highly doubt it well at this point it's looking unlikely and fortunately. By the way I I still like the fact that we do. Like it like I Alec it's a thumb. The reds only the playoffs. 21. Or both bombed out. I don't know and and that's the problem if I'm in charge the answer is yes. We'll be here in Georgia think you're getting rid of heaps now waiting to be offseason get rid of the I'm not correct but the way it's constituted would Jonathan Kraft. Ryan below and in. Obviously Bob Kraft. I don't know if they're going to pull the trigger on my burnt. To stall I don't feel confident that they're going to do that. You know I just don't see. The trucks could that tells me they're gonna do not bad I think one of the worst things that happen whose team was made in the analyst cup careers. Listen I agree with you and I'm gonna give you an analogy. Medio agree maybe you disagree. I see the revolution right now on this is very. Strange to say because. The grass I think own two different teams in two different ways and to an end to fan base is delicate at them completely differently. I think the browse other gold standard. When it comes to the patriots in the NFL. When it comes to ammo us I think that the Boston Bruins were Jeremy Jacobs in the 1980s. Out what I think. And I think that's that I think that they do just enough. To keep everyone. Happy just enough. These days are they competitive enough to want to win the entire thing are they looking to wait with the patriots. Be in the mix every single season or they just looking to be just competitive enough. I get the impression just by their actions competitive enough and that's not good enough for me competitive enough just to make some money. You can be right let's say I could be dead wrong and that they cared deeply about this that there are as upset as we are at their actions are shown me that that. I wonder how much of it is in this is just theorizing mrs. mean knowing (%expletive) I wonder how much of this is. Hey let's and hold off. Blah blah and we get the stadium on and then let's put our resources into it. Let's not waste too much money right now we're gonna spend a stadium and then once we have a new stadium we're gonna have to splash the cash around. To make sure we spill up that stadium consistently for a couple of years. Paid off I wonder if that has anything to do with it if that is a thought process and anyone's mind. Even if it's just more than just a thought process it's a directive like hate this and we're trying to do. Let's put it team on the field let's make sure we're trying to stay competitive which they're not but. It looks like they try. To stay competitive. But they don't do what needs to be done to them over the. They're not I had to use the Celtics and they're not championship driven. Not championship driven at all. Like I said I think they'd do just enough to be competitive to try to make the playoffs to keep. There customer base withdraw there's there ends. Happy enough though listen we're trying to make the playoffs. You know a lot these fans who have who have. Grown over the last cup is since we started doing this band you a fan bases groan when the thirteen point thirteen yes the fan base has gone up the attendance is gone up. And I've not seen an improvement on the product and I think that's a problem. Like he said where is the top and town where does it. We're here. The Guerrero. Is almost every room. Well listen when you look at it you know I would get a team that I wish. The revolution will look at not Chicago in the Chicago fire have done it the way that I wish the revolution would do economics. They did then but look at what they've done this year. Look at all the different moves it all fit a puzzle. And they brought in the the high end town that they may be. These moves that made sense they brought in Dax McCarty did did these things and they brought engine Nino. All these little moves that added to the puzzle. And they brought and they bond acquire. A goal scorer in Europe. Nick Coolidge and they brought amid under the radar everyone else. They've made the moves that you need to do not just compete. But to potentially win a championship Chicago fire. I think it has to be one of the favorites especially these along with rocked up to one the entire effect and did that could. Part of the paper they should they because they are listed at a certain season for the ages birth. Yeah must right now right now sixteen goals right on pace to. You Franco Al. We know right now Jennifer turnout verb. It's really frustrating. This is really frustrating it's frustrating reading constantly the tweets. I know and I never alone I don't stand outside our Salt Lake. It drives me nuts to a certain extent but. It it dries it kind of crazy in the sense that it lowered. Read your fan base the same. I think you know again I think that's part of the problem was and I've I've heard the really good interview. That Nadia and his odd team did on their podcast that Brian below I thought that was encouraging. But the problem with that is. I think that. It's nice to hear all all this positively. And and his love for the revolution. And I've I believe that he believes in that and he wants to see the best of the revolution but I think sometimes you need to make statements. And right now they have an opportunity to make a statement and now to bring in a high and talented player. And until they do it. You know I just think it's I think unfortunately. It's just words to me yeah. It's actions we need action at this point. You know and I think that prime go lol we generally cares I do believe that. You know I I do think that he has. The best intentions for the revolution but the problem is you need to show it to your fan base and right now they're not shown. Like the great Wesley said in France's. Your men of action applies to them. He almost all day and you IC unit six fingers on your right is. Somebody's looking. I heard. I have no idea where one way you want to princess bride just hit me while I ask you see them what action and all I ask you this yesterday of we're all on agreements that you can vouch for this is while Matty said. It Chagall. Alex said he should go I said he Hugo. You. And that night I finally falling right Gately behaved yes I'd in the hold up for our pride in the longest holdout. I still think he's a decent coach just has I it bigger beef is in the front off I know anything. That might be wise because they're just not putting the talent out there I think Jay has shown. Moment where he is a very good coach he's also shown too much rigidity which now he's he's. Lucy Lucy with then now now it's gone the other eruption that is completely the other direction now that's part of my problem is okay you were rigid what you had a system you wanted to employ. And you started to get some of the players that make sense in that system and those players are gone you're not replace him appropriately and just ruptured. But seek gone back to your front office beefs yeah you know we said this just of them gonna bring it up again when you look at. The talent that they have their on the face of it looks like it should be good enough when you have a player that is. Play and so morally and that you're paying good money to. Matt said this on this at right now he's not here right now. They need to do whatever they can to trade Cai tomorrow night tomorrow is the ultimate discipline I can remember a player that's been a bitter disappointment. Then kite tomorrow. Four goals this season that they're paying this guy to score goals. It's been a year now and I think. To your point about the front office. We talked about this Justin fortunately you know it's gonna hear this you never fit the puzzle. I think they've just brought an end because it was an opportunity I think that's part of the problem Dave bring employers. Because they see the opportunity. What do they fit the way they want applied to that that the way. Now and wild at opportunities are at times 100 no happens yes however he's like everyone else on this team. And system corrects his debt seven goals Emily when I think you're tied for the lead with seven goals. I think they're like. Nearly two when he 1526. In the league. I had the problem there's an eagle great value to it for at savage right but it. When you're leading goal scorer or goal scorers are tied for twenty feet. The main problem there's multiple teams would more goals scores. Right parent when and if there's only two teams in the league. What's interest in Bennett said they're creating opportunities. And you watch is not just this is what drives me crazy probably drives that's crazy. They can be dominant for a large portions of of these games the out tailgate we went to against Chicago. They put on serious pressure at the end of that game. They couldn't convert. And that's been the story for me with them because is this just not political enough it's not just that we going back to your point hike Mara. If you have a guy who is a deadly striker that opens things for other key right because now you have to put more focus and attention on them. 100 Dello if he was that singular striker or whatever it and that was put up let's say thirteen goals over twelve goals on the season so far. This team would look completely different right now and the reason for that is you'd have a lot more people having opportunities. For shots on goal right exactly because your bottle necking enforcing. You know we go down there. Escobar's. Not getting the ball the way he needs the ball right a problem in itself but that's more of a problem with Ky Camara and he needs it in such a specific way. That if he doesn't get in that way nothing can happen. It's it's square peg round hole that and I'll give you an example we just talked about display and this won't happen but let's take a hike tomorrow opponent on Dwyer. What is what what is the situation with a revolution I think it's very different. They don't have someone that can consistently finish right now. And I was I don't know it dawned wires numbers are this season but I know that he's been a consistent score. And if you take out tomorrow and put into wire with only a five. Okay well there goes my argument but you know what I mean by that over the course of his career he's been pretty consistent. He's he's. He's been yeah the national. Mean that shows you what he. You know you have these guys that pin make things happen. On one level and then. And roll we come back home grow up playing better for the US men's national team the news from there. Out of position maybe with the reds potentially seeing what he naturally should be and is now with the US men's national team I think New York. I think he's doing great where the problem right now on the last that the accused are fantastic obviously not a minimum left here Diego now. But figured out then. Well that's a whole thing because of saying about this is well you have Diego for good does. Our plan while. Is Shea looking at all different ways to get the more maximum out of his players because it just doesn't seem like you're getting the most out of every wanna on the pitch the same time. And that's why it's inconsistent then. These players are not planned to their capability. Part of that is obviously on the players apart that house to be on heaps as well ports. Chorus. Well I think we've reached a conclusion what's conclusion. On that people pitching on traders saying you know Boston FC will protect the resumption op. I have it priced. Love you guys but stop it never gonna happen ever Coca. You disagree no I don't disagree and of course is very passionate about for a oratory but it's rampant court records very passionate about boss Boston's city. As a Boston city FC that's their own Bruno's. Telling of whomever now well no I mean let's input into it and it was solid given credit because he's been he's been mentioned to me on numerous occasions other fans plus not a cent it's not. And dot I understand where they're coming for that because they'd. They see is someone else try and trying to do it here in Boston and I give a lot of credit I just don't see them overtaken the routes and I agree with you on on its. It's not I I just think it's a feeling that these fans like Korea and others are just so. Event up yet but what's going on with a revolution that they're working for all terms and I don't play of about. I don't either I really don't blame him it's kind of what you need to do is expand the force the issue with the how you love is a step Boeing go. If you're not gonna do what. You should be doing cross fans then why are we gonna be here why are we gonna super. Right and that's why I think Korea has been pushing out because he sees someone else try to do it and and it also overtime I give Korea a lot of credit he. If Hillary he's grasping at straws to try to find another team to do potentially what he wants to rest to do when they're not doing. What they need to do flows for the offense I actually believe. I thought this was a pretty good up so. I think so took iPhone and it remained nice instead chicken salad attitude and she. I mean. Really suck losing yesterday is that this that we had we're revelations on the show oh scraped my beef with their into Iran. I'll just about the bring that up you had no idea that Elvis concert I want to a year year 191983. I did all my damn tickets mostly Simon ninetieth. We learn about your romance would DJ Dennis Johnson yep. I was interest thing. And notes. Not much else you know armed. Maybe Alex is still blinded by Chelsea but that's us every show. Into the full minute. We are inside and we agree temperatures all mocha remove bad. I think with the head move Robertson. I think why past his prime he is path that is passes from I think it's I think that the bended. I don't think it's a bad move free transfer yet you're paying them a decent salary. He's not making nearly what is make him before Christ of paying him a lot but not much I exactly don't know why why I I don't think he has much left them with young man. But I think he's got a little bit left and he can help this team move forward reduced once and I don't think it's that bad. You to see this sought a temporary one season. Basically try to raise their game he'll be there for two who played well for one although I'm Jermaine Jones he generally we'll be during. I think he's gonna actually have a decent season Boca these expectations are solo they think he's actually can have a decent since. And the next you know really be and find its way to China via. Room blue car coo. Going the other way they'll Manchester united for 97 million dollars Oscar isn't. It's crazy you know it's funny because I've been reading about the I don't know if you've been reading while I've been reading I got a feeling at night and well. I have a feeling we dignitary. Now I have a decent feel that. Our Pro Bowl it cock do is being pushed this direction by. His agent and that potentially maybe if I was up there and he might go some place else may be but. Discount obviously the problem relationship there outside talk about it all the time. Buddy system now it's always helpful helpful on end but do you think he really wants to go there or do you think you might wanna go back to Alex is to. I think there's more I think there's also the reunion with Jews hammering. On that important student. And units apart within my the my pay more to you could be on something so would he be better serve would he. Play better with Chelsea yeah I think sub I think I think better fit I think it's a much better fit. I better. I think that just in you know I think it's. Just by a talent. Without a specific plan I just old seat. I don't see the fitness and I honestly don't go you're going to be. Facilitated by one or the move past or the second best player in the premier. Hazard pod. The one in one into troop but if you tell me which team we have a better chance of impacting up against Chelsea attempt. I absolutely do you know I mean a couple of really straw I mean struggled to. His capability and they just announced I think. I think I think last year where it was was the learning curve I think I agree with you there. But I think that there is learning curve balls we heard even though we're kokua scored everywhere he's been there's going to be a learning curve of Manchester united for him in France yes. I'm. You really good season so far been a very rapid transfer window and it's an even your tumor talk about values and Malia I I think I don't like the move. Though Liverpool made here on it's a lot yes I think that's a great movement and they're going to be lightning quick. I think your team is gonna be the team that everyone's gonna wanna watch is that indicative he went full board just. Ninety's there was a minute press like Molly I think it's going to be fun a lot today. They still need work now. If they want to remain in the top four if they want to remain in champions league spot there's work that needs to be done you need to Shura that defensive line will need to figure what the hell you're gonna be doing goaltender because while we knew they had it. Good second half of the season I got here I think to me and they need New Coke you have to inconsistent Laura's carriers may be it was a learning curve of my league should be the case of the goaltender. Maybe you've shown that he is a very talented player in the past maybe I think that's the obviously and he's the guy right board but. They need some help on the goaltending. And they need to figure out what they're gonna do it left back. Obviously they've made an attempt missed out on the subway and buses solve that now ands the they didn't because some school decided to say in the championship up and here begins your full minute now. Well if you're Colin Ryan Ceci a wonderful I completely disagree it is him and his brother knows Smart about possession bruised. I think for their development. They picked the right team we've seen it's many times band. Player's goal and they don't reach their full potential he's gonna have another opportunity. To move at some point. Right now you can work on his game the championship is a great place for him to continue to develop his brother now look at his opportunity to develop. Those were key signs perform. Another key sign could have gone to merely Tom Kearney that happened last week as well. We signed reform he has the phone captain so full of taking care of more players were savviest UConn which I have come back key players. And now it's about adding additional players funny a striker but not. Full we'll take a team that can contend for top ten or they bring in the Stryker. You know with nine seconds no hot water. Can I can I go back to Liverpool for 12 before we had to shout yes of course it's. You know if you're listening to this podcast you're looking for a Premier League team accurately when women do this the team to watch this year it is deliverable yeah. Because of the type of style they're gonna plan a clock it's going to be. It's going to be fine and that's why I would recommend and obviously outs are out. Nobody think Alex would agree that there will be probably the most fun team to the most fun. If you don't have been a top team fan I think I think we got a check out of it while I I totally agree that I think Chelsea well and a I was sitting tells who wins it again but. Who knows what the hell's gonna happen it's striker and I really have no idea. On. I don't you know get arsenal. They meet in big move bring in like that from Leon it's a huge vote. Now they just have to make sure they retain Alex Sanchez if they do I think they're back into the top four again. They are bend but I just don't have fades out vendor can. Victim from fourth to first I just I don't think they'll win it all but I think they're gonna be back in the top pork that's team medals world. So we're drop out. Is gonna drop out. As it currently stands out as the rosters currently stand right now liver outcome because. Their defense they've they've really need to figure that out. And to defense and goaltending and even left back they need to forget that you know you've got is you've you've got solidified on the right now Nathaniel Klein. Who's very good. You've got around to a Mac team very good. If they could have made that Virgil then they signing. Then I would have no problem while Iowa until the left I would like local people that I actually wanted to go to Liverpool. In a little known format instead as they're going to read my friend has their back you know been nice now. Solid presence at the best goaltender in the world but there's a solid B. Don't live report that he would he would excel it's a much better than not than we have right now. He certainly an upgrade I think so now I absolutely and so I'm if you enjoy your Fulham and yes I did. I'm stuck with a book if you enjoy your poem and injured it was in the cottage stop thinking you find it on iTunes and stature that absolutely treatments that are months stiff or no I didn't. A month stitcher B you can also. I'm on the tuna. He's a great way to listen to cost there you go as always you can follow us on Twitter at young men WEEI at rusk underscored Goldman at Alex Albert underscore that's right you can listen to him on how to land. Which David a Mariam. It's a very good podcasts I listen to that often and you can listen to six states won podcast we've Matt obliques. Capsule and the time don't they don't need to just. Don't look it.