Rob Bradford and Evan Drellich react to the Red Sox finally moving on from Pablo Sandoval and discuss fat-shaming -- 7-16-17

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Sunday, July 16th

Bradford and Drellich talk about the decision to designate Sandoval for assignment, what it means going forward this year at the third base position both this season and beyond. This leads to some Rafael Devers talk as he is tearing the cover off the ball after just getting promoted to Triple-A. The boys get into an argument about blaming Sandoval's issues on his weight. Drellich isn't into fat shaming and we learn that it may be due to the fact that he was a chubby kid. Evan fills us in. Rob and callers don't care and don't want to be sensitive to the fat-shaming issue. 


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Wrap road show. That might open deputy probably would have brought that I don't. Query where you don't know what you're. Brad road show. That's delicious and on ripped the left field face it. I'll play yelled devers is one for one in his carefully career an opposite field single. If it's not an expert based on. You know one of the things that the well. It looked ovary fielder first phase them but then here's what I think it out of right field line in their seats in it and rolls to the wall. Rents it out the thirty we'll stop there efforts are solely for exactly and he's been ahead of the role. Believe we're ready for jumpers it is Tripoli is you. Cuts glances back don't know looks back into its own. Sleet and high drive in right field the day doesn't go home and run play out devers had city's first triple a home on. And it isn't alone monstrous home. All of the party today. Out over the fence behind it there crowd near one of the light towers and the bush is in right field. Devers is four for four in his Tripoli debut and it could suck at least five to one. About Todd Frazier about the incredible game he's had not watched the championship. Let's talk a little bit about that game. Thought our I cannot you tell me that you were the key. I'm happy. That's not competition right. We'll talk to Italy as big east team into championship form to David what things might tell you about it and it was bad. That the our youth youth youth youth youth but youth of today the stars of tomorrow in Boston Red Sox uniform process. It's avid relic this is rob Bradford of the Robert farm through Bradford and other show. While not officially part of the program you have to earn that right you startle I have to do you will first of all my third week in a row here I do any of you that I'm wearing a teacher with your name on it that you gave me four years ago. That somehow that or might not in storage. What more can I do I didn't know you were still growing when you do that Easter so I apologize for that that's Evan throughout the voice of avid relic. And all of that sound leading up to Everett Ehrlich voice was. Raphael devers the highlight the rough field average first ever triple A game Almonte all our fourth bore with a home run. And what we didn't even here with a killer. Bare handed play defensively and the other voice you heard. Way I think you'd like twelve year old pot Frazier who dominated the are. Fusion. All right all right abdicate. So again I'm rob rat problem with government relic. Mike you are ready programming note my purity spent some time namely. The media though football season so you'd be hearing a lot of every rally in coming weeks well sore I apologize. From the from the doubts about the ball from the depth invites all. I apologize. My I'd missed percent authority. But Ellison we move line 61777979. Trees them. Avenue the couple things don't get to yeah and happy Sunday everybody to beautiful day where at Fenway Park yankees Red Sox doubleheader. Yeah the Fenway Park where gently part the MLB's. He blow these terrorists might please. Anyway whereas the Fenway Park and Yankee threats its lot with art about art him beat there's a reason. There's a strategy behind playing Todd Fraser. And rob feel congress I'd like to speak this is the pocket that you talk about the sixth inning game last night in decisions that went. In the active sixteen games. I don't know if every can actually talk about this because you socialists wedding where I was kidding you were here for all that's left in the sixteenth. Because I wanted to hear the most important part of the game on the radio as every one ship. So there app rentals and opportunities last minute social it so every one they can't get to eat at. Ever in did not totally did not watch the game because he went to a socialist wedding will have more about that is. We're gonna talk about. Not about efforts. Frazier will talk little bit about. What you have nothing to do with life has been talking about the ratings this week ever hurt on us now but he does it. History. Exactly so a lot of talk about ratings and you know congratulations to everyone media guide. The east room pocketing a part of this them this year buff Fay is already being wheeled and our ball one thing there I think that went under the radar was of all the ratings it came out. The highest rated show of every one of them was this one. Page relic in breath or the Bradford show with other mostly with Mike Young contributor rights Ariza thank you very much for all your. Will get together and we'll celebrate well have a toast the highest rate changed NASA's. Yes that we play again. It's normal he did that's good thank you for any use this to yeah yeah. Comcast. That obviously at this. Aberrant welcome aboard the Q the runaway train him officially part of the show. You can Woolsey by the end of which people can chime in on Twitter. Act ever grow at Brad flow. If you can call it 6177797937. If you feel average relative worthy of being on the show as they said. I believe now idol. I can't stay kids today. Absolutely. Like I don't have the eye on the Nielsen. Care. I just know I've heard from reliable source that this is the highest rated show this Sunday morning has ever seen and not only use one. Exactly. Our canisters and yes I mean this is despite you being here. Do you think growth while there should be. And let the thing ways to media from your profession well I of the games you don't go I don't go to socialists wedding. Hold 061777979. Threes that talks all the things that they are awesome ratings. The third base position. All the ins and outs of last night's game. Obviously we have the media starts at 1145. And we've already have those locked it usually where where fumbled around a little bit we have those locked in and and I I know one of the media starts is going to be whether it's I'm hoping at least one of the other ones is able to call and so. That's very exciting Evans gonna talk about being fat as educated how it relates to how he feels bad about. Hubble's involve being released. We act I was I was asked her to do a policy at all eulogy yes and comical sense and I two the comfortable doing that. Because I'd be tortured former that he would hand you'll sensitive to this issue and we'll share my feelings. OK so this this of get into the third base. That's the perfect way to deal. Talking about how you were found executed yes Ari wants or yeah I figured you because when we do we have to start a probable C involvement we get to devers and Todd Frazier. And I in you know. I don't know did you put eyeballs up when your Twitter Carol. On Friday and I know you're confusing me from my baseball shall partner Tom Giles it to ever who was doing it. Well because there was talk I bought I quality of Todd Frazier coming Red Sox which by the way can. Football said it's that seems to feel that it is yes I think and I that's why fit I don't levee solid two X I concur. And I concur. So how long to list on. Cubic per start with the Hubble symbol in the Frazier the second connecting people or interest in you being back. So when I asked you to write a eulogy for hubble's involved yeah it was a mean thing it was this appreciate all the moments that problems involved in. Reds uniform you have to bring up. The fact that he was that you (%expletive) right policy and use eulogy not. Make light of me on the radio he usually Uga the eulogy I actually I have ever liberty. I actually looked up at him because I felt like I wasn't company you're gonna do it so evidently you can pay someone the right eulogy. Launch 175. O'clock in the term they said within 24 which. I I gotta be honest would be I almost as I've felt that would at a victory. Evident when the guy you know has the second career here at that being a platoon third baseman or first base and some crappy nationally team like that giants pirates or whatever in that going. That height of law. Well great we'll have the eulogy to a eulogy for his Red Sox. Well that's that's the point Avant is that Pablo Sandoval the thought two of us out. Yeah hold wants it published a book you go on to be an all star but what that error was what from starting and that November. 25. 2014. Bizarre press conference where he's walking around with this in dead guy this masked gotten. And he's we're in the items like coming out halfway on this Bally ambulance they don't worry about that because he played that way. And the the and apple cure everything. From that moment until the other day when he was designated for assignment we should rove flat on the bubble similar and when you do eulogy. It to my point earlier you don't have to say hey he was bad news bad news that obviously if you want to include that you can't. But when I ask you do eulogy the first thing you thought of was I can't do that because I can't be mean to packets because I was ones. It's tacky helped me a little bit about that. Well I had a hesitation I the whole story and Harold when apparel last year. On the possibility that Sandoval. Might have been eating disorder hand the what is the trickle down effect of continuously making fun of a guy for his weight too cute right lately. I'm getting just aren't so popular story yet that clearly widely re nor broke the track is suddenly notes. I guess I gotta like soap box and look at it if you're a young kid around here. Who's fat kid playing baseball. Which I was. And you've got a back players animals being made fun of constantly. Think that like that gives license to. All the other twelve your kids on that baseball team to make fun of that back because they hate candy your your little panda go get a little yeah. You think third they are the other being cute in the red sector making fun of ending all I think I think all of us making fun and be that actually don't quite get him back yeah rob it's. And that they would like that that. That huge bolts on the what you paid 95 billion dollars when you're fact did know that. Okay you by the possibility that. They can rescue mention flex cycles psychological help Dave mentioned that you met JoAnne measure that is something we had was bizarre because it's like why you. A brilliant if private but I into it but by the way private by the way you think motive but if you wanna look into it with pride. If Steve Buckley yes and these are off the field issues and all Alton Brown uses these other issues well issues auditors on the field issues off the well about the problem is it leads to where gas and that's exactly what you're doing we are. Now now remember I talked to his former trainer of Cisco yeah Manning back in April last year I really felt very clearly. The what sound like compulsive eating habits and that's what. Dot croak now group now. You know it's yet giants' first brought up publicly and oats unit in it radio interview 2013 and acts and open your audiences. I've talked about the problems at the evil for examples not. The work yet there was ever work it was there was an eating problem yet and he admitted to get vehicle with a letter that. He got complacent in and maybe he did I'm sure that was a part of it but the overarching thing here was with so come on guys what you're. Your talk I was I 235 pounds account of the decade from like third grade on okay. Forced a lot thanks mom and dad the opposite with like for all the special case that. Those first baseman Mark Crispin it's now agrees. All of that good for you had to respect. Under the radar here that cut for you what it would why it for that. 84 polls and afterschool when you're through 35 income college yet. I balloon I ballooned in college let me tell you if went once again I had a tradition of Comcast people everywhere we are bringing this back to Ono its. Affect you and I I I was a large and high school to not have a girlfriend in high school okay these are things in your body image issues that stick with. Young. May as well as women and IE I had empathy. And sympathy for for those who deal with weight issues and I never felt comfortable. Making mini scandal that jokes through this three exit you'd want to achieve it to the culture of that chaining. I'm on my Sunday morning soapbox. You know you bring it back to yourself once again aren't totally. That you are a very secure in my happiness. I feel like consolidated if someone wants to if it if so is gonna pay me 95 million dollars right and I would figure out away. And now he's getting paid 48 million dollar. They actually do enough he bottomed out over it seems like. Last year right 26 Jeanine used embarrassed and too but chart it was too little too late this Lyra preseason and he ducks top the Red Sox that's available both. Figured out the support system this guy needed an eighteen different waves whatever these. All other issues that are certainly not off the field issues need to browse. Whatever he needed to fix those it figured out a little too late man issue arrived at this destination point. Here's here's here's where you are wrong and when I ask you do eulogy. I should have a guy earns him. Because he could've done out towards the discussion anyway while I'm talking about how this came up. You immediately went to the back who doesn't rob actually think that's true why that people went policy the first Asus both panels that act. Overweight. I think that's yet even noble idea here is get the 18 art. He was not a good baseball player let's. They're on a huge massive. Success threaten our ratings are huge and massive. And pop both in a vote when he signed year. With fusion massive and here's the difference is that in the eight according to this at that stupid press conference which was. He can play it this way. He did in the post you look at what he did that the whole narrative the hold jumping off point. For the Boston Red Sox at Pablo Sandoval with flawed from the beginning. Where you had these GM of the team actually saying subject to the effect of well he did it on the big stage in the post season he was so did. That means he can do it on the big stage here because it's like that every single night all of my goodness that guy had the 97. That's O yet over the last previous three years. He was in average player who had a very good post season so when you're talking about his weight. Short that's what people jump through but what we surely jump to about deciding what he wasn't that good player and that you only get worse. So that was the biggest problem in and ever and the other thing about we talk about him not be a good player. He was a hitter who was still intent on having once by the plate where I could have hit better from that either. Oh let's not initiative. Never even this year. A lot of continue batting. And whatever team pick this guy but he brightness is this is what happens with switch hitters and has been stalls what happens with highly paid players trying to stroke eagle well guess what. That's every Major League player IP. It's got to leave some organization deficit now opposes. The war in June oh good that's all it OK okay so bubbles in the volume of the giants get the Padres used the Red Sox that all offer the same money. The Red Sox say yeah we really want you to have the press conference with the Vietnam and a mascot. But we hit you can hit right handed beat you you really like to hit right handed and you think your switch hitter you can just tell everyone you're a switch hitter will now. You can't do it so in Asia aside here know obviously entered now. Will history show that the Sandoval signings. More motivated by that chair in or one option that is in that is the problem and that's why when Dave Dombrowski was signed here that's when things like that. Whether Dave Dombrowski with good or bad make it trades it in naked trade. All of these signings apparently how below Lester situation. All of them going back to Crawford in Lackey. We didn't know. There's no one was gonna tell us what is key know what the Sheraton was there every what's it Werner. We know and we still don't know right. Look at what you're seeing right now they have stated. Operating procedure that number out at a time yet at the same time we know when it comes to these high level high dollar fiction Dombrowski acknowledged. All the Schwartzel. Well all adults Everett ownership does with that that's that's a dumb statement because. Ever ownership it's always been called at Gettysburg product you're trying to save a simple any patient. What do you mean you're trying to think now with the route you we know it's no but well we know that whose response who asked to take and it. Whether it. Okay what do we know you're if you're contradicting yourself nor naught you can't we know orchard crystal ball but despite that. Because it stated that the Gretzky has autonomy will display raps no it it might actually still be orchards all. Whether Everett because you're a young man who used to be fat and very sensitive about to make on that Pete I'm not I'm thing used to be. And you are you're champion of people not breaking their belt like novels and masses exactly the ratings are huge massive. So this is how it works happen. Where the ownership to dealerships involved. In this case did the brows ski. Makes that decision he is the guy who says I'd like this player I want to sign or trade for this player. He goes to ownership and they say. We either approve or we don't approve the problem before when we're talking about we don't know where all this came from. Lucchino. Henry Werner it was may be one of those guys. Really liked that play air and said hey Ed charity and we're gonna sign this guy and we don't care where I don't think that's happened with the brows ski. I think they have absolutely. Ceded the power of identifying with good new is bad. To date the broad. If they had not released Sandoval and they've kept him around would we be sitting here right now debating who's calls that. Now we know because we were you would say it's the rest if you would know it your heart. They'll beat you duke beat it he if he's sitting here. And we're looking at about baseball player. And everyone can see he's a bad baseball player you think that Dave Dombrowski can say oh yeah he's okay it ever even though it. Haven't even before they're released them and in the last month or so. Post in her ear infection. Do you are you sympathetic to the kids with the carrier. Action action hell out of patched and keep it close. But let what what about that never depressed he said during a press conference that. Going back for a couple weeks that he had the discussions. With Time Warner and John and yes yes get approved and John Ferrell if you go back to when they org Billy Ray runs on this deal trip happens. It's pretty clear there to play because he will play. You've still on the roster he did rounds and one thing well I feel like he's playing as basically to browse keeps saying. Your payroll. I'd ever got I'd ever get the sense that it did them browsed he was saying we need to play and what. I was never world's. We need to see we need Seymour. At right edge and it. All those conversations about being Merkel and argue wonder it was just kind of it is the start of a process to convince ownership that means it's actually needed a few weeks she'll get to that I've. Yet because I think that when you're gonna be and you can pay out forty million dollars to a guy who not even gonna get this out hot dogs sorry. Again I apologize to all of that people. I mentioned who is getting people right bye bye I read Europe and did everything I say about hobbled since well the incident. So. In they had to find out over the course that tied if there was any chance at all of this guy being good because if you think cult this this is where. It becomes stupid. A couple weeks the policy and the ball was in the police and one half what was. Tell you that you already if you if you look at so you go via courier match right now if you believe things. When he what you can visit with it was a genuine no audio quality yet for two days I know once I know what I saw him come off the field early. Of doing something was here you go back to when they pinch hit forum. Where was that there was that it was I forget whatever they pension forum and I don't think you missed too happy about being in shape and they went on the DL the next day. But. Let's it was a DL stint. I don't know I know that it was a problem here at the it existed in the Ryder inventory that we got to go to break we're gonna get given week we're gonna keep horses is super anymore and when else did you mean when your. Usually at night like shocked at aisles the only you know it was a sweet guy. Well you just use of practice I didn't blow today you blamed it on your dad your parents and I love my. Payers but that didn't help because like at third grade which and they yes I I was skinny kid and it blew. You are a. Excellent 777979837. I see all the call wyandotte Mike Eddy key. All of you will get to you could continue the policy in a ball conversation. Along where it. This reflect a little bit. Reflect on the greatness. That was might Yardeni and also in my she guardian Bradford show which at the highest ratings this time slot. And it is below monstrous home. Over the party. Out over the fence behind it. A mere one of the light towers. And the bush is in right field. Radio network. I. Oh those are never reaching decisions and tiger talk about my hands. And I Harvey. People are are tremendous they wanna win. But I don't would never want anybody to think that. Financial decisions along those lines are easy to street bankers conversations they have it. It was one where. It wasn't justice nabbed the process. The home today I'm telling you. Talked about. Really while ago two weeks ago actually spoke were John Henry about. Mortar round. And then we had constant updates from our Tripoli. We did spartans also forced designated for sides still have the ability. To make a move over the next week which Detroit or. You'll certainly censored but thanks contract that point we're. Cash involvement. That it gave to browse view it pain and loss of guitar back. You play he should talk with that. Back. By the success counsel Jeff. Yes absolutely if the 00. The Who The Who was Dave Dombrowski soundtrack that is mine. Also last night I brought up I was in the classic rock that's my parents listen to listen pop music station in Casey's Joseph Joe's came on its way. Everybody was seen as the one guy you know it just didn't do you know. Away from our. Way for over to the more well. Supported by the white doll should I classic rock I'm a bit throwback you know so. Disappointed that I do know that Larry. Very protective of the players who are that is throwback in that way that's seven relic I'm rob Bradford. We are talking a lot about third base we start out with Pablo Sandoval. And average ends. Sympathy to the guy who's going to be making forty million dollars for doing nothing. I'm you're she your miss construing this is this is the hallmark of the morning show you're kicking my words in mr. prison. I I I think the guy's gonna be totally fine and it's like what I worry about is the effect of making fun of this guy or his weight over and over and over. In a society or we are ready make other people for being that all the time and there's a little kid or a baseball field somewhere today to say right now playing game who is that. Who can hit. And break like mean the media game as your catcher who were wrecked in the yankees' media out there and you don't want external decades and I. Kids in making 95 million dollars appetite not. To talk a little larger implications not enforcing laws but you and you know obviously you tell the kids don't make fun of the other kids because they're not make and I've got work if you're not making 95 million dollars but so mean. The scope the L we should know program. At about 1005 will slamming the one that voices of the Sox will join its. In Gypsy firsthand. Hate online rock field average night I was not there I was at the game here you're at a socialist wedding. And by will flat plumbing was at the pots arts game and he thought rock field ever. Go 444. With a home run in the eighties sparkling defense of play and it just makes you feel when you saw that happen you have to admit. It just makes you feel for secular. Maybe the only time frame here. Maybe maybe maybe he can do it may be Garfield Everest can do it. No it did not I think you were taking a Q4 but will Flemmi that tweets things based it. The best events ever seen play out and I wanna talk to a total five we'll talk to well right now go to calls. 6177797937. This Cohen and given Bigelow and a pat on the back Avant relic. He feels bad about himself today if you fall. Eddie Lucent outlet you'll find Eddie and her. But. If. You you'd say art kind of warning are you. I think I'm empathetic people that are waiting to Luke and not. I mean that I. Heard or picked up later today at the greatly. I hit eight at. War. Spain and played it now what. Even proper just order. And he will lie in our Evans back the these cute that might be listening and Aaron. Real true and correct you got a report note and those that these guys so lady we have it here I'll. He's actually. Well the it went up there. Right right I its estimate put on the context being that. News tonight you eulogy which made it entertaining to mated you have to mention you bat in the eulogy and that's the you cannot be burying the lead at the heart of the issue any further. With that you just mentioned to you. If if the core issue here right. Amanda what they want there wasn't enough core work here is what happens when circuit elements have raised. Tonight at him and ever and I feel bad that you are fat as a kid I ate IE in sympathetic argue. I I feel bad that you are fat as acute yeah about ten pounds overweight now right. My body mass index what are we. People look like it shouldn't be here the weird thing about you you have a theme based right so that work for TV that's why you're hired. OK Mike that they want it this I content on my now face a new item with the beard total works on TV. If don't show leap from the torso. Oh. The catcher is the problem with catcher Michael. A whole lot there might well a lot of that in my premium. Yes. You know look at genes usable it's Jared brown yourself what you've got the third base body. All over your doctor about your your off hours I think I just say that ultimately outlook he seems okay. So I I appreciate your sympathy for overweight people but it is apples and oranges and use the polluted allergy in the healthy we'll discuss it with a nice five million dollars. The arguing that. Okay. I'm not arguing that discussion at all. Arguing that. I just my little discomfort at the eulogy because it was getting and that I'm talking everything that's all you got the eulogy side you have sideline. You. He used his way that we usually you felt you felt hasn't name. Who criticize him about his weight right incorrect I now it's eight. I did a hockey legend double cinema without mentioning its weight ascetic who used to. If you acknowledge a eulogy at picking out the things that someone. Right correct. And we'll get more Mike in for a right good morning. Experts say it might call it like it is a different perspective. The Red Sox catcher and that's. What it huge salary to show our way. To get out of a wet and appellate battered Iraq its language get. Was it hasn't happened yet. We'll edit well all right yeah we afterwards they're a bit and are back at night. I thank you Mike thanks Heidi. And processes and great question yeah. And our nation well it is out now. Feel in that situation. What the same boat there and it Democrats thought there. It will okay Mike in thanks for calling two different examples. But through good ones where bubbles in a well as they say 97 best though yes over the adds I didn't just start archer boy. Average average player. Out of place record with what the white why do they signed them because they said here's what happened at that time in case you forgot that in. Whatever the answer that's right you're getting in arguments with Jeff loon now. What happened or what happened was that people saw where the comfort people were saying the cubs are lining up these position players. The young position players it was why everyone used to focus on pitching getting pitching all of sudden now you had to get there heading. So this is what the Red Sox saw is what the Red Sox did we have to get out ahead of the curve in debt heeding to go along with David Ortiz. Hit a Marist hobbled C involved saying press conference they also needed a left handed third baseman. A third baseman yes but for probably 81 who from the left side. So who want to they get the guy that they can also sell panda hats way. All of it this is why these are the guy completely ignoring. That he was completely average player right. But also ignoring. One. I don't know Lopes has as the Saudi Arabia the she put it in 2013. He did not get his way under control. Houston loses grange you it's so why why why did the giants off from the same amount of money wasn't there a clause in the contract related to easily. And one of the Padres giants or Red Sox. I I cannot. I don't know. But I don't I wouldn't think there would be Babbitt I don't know I would you know what I'll that's because when you heard. When you heard why did you pick the giants that wasn't one of the best departure it was elected in show me law. Right well apparently what shall with a lot of public letting him do what he wants because clearly at. As a trader at last uses a guy who need to be peace in the one team that would have been equipped and might still equipped to do it is the giants because they knew him. They knew him so well. That they knew what his needs or terms of nutrition and all so. We go back to the other accidentally drop the Red Sox on east free agents Carl Crawford right now leads you to what you're talking about before or was it. Who was it wasn't the what did John Henry with the Tom Warner who was it a little Larry yeah. It shot it's he's Francona that was it that was basically from NASA was not the the push to look at those two guys are I mean in the show I think behind the scenes with sort of thing that as well but that's not what that was saying what. Saying that this was this wasn't really a eight baseball ops driven thing but I can't imagine in this certainly wasn't at the time that happened they were saying all the things. Why this guy with a great free agent and just be honest that. If you are a team if you're baseball team in the ownership says you know what we're gonna give you that Jack to sign this player you might be the the necessary player. He's a good player he's a very good player yeah that's been a good player. We're gonna overpay him sure but it's gonna help the team are only gonna turn that down if I don't think I turned down the opportunity. If they say that you want another player go ahead. Crawford at a 51 OPS and went to the net that thing that was so shocking about him and I think much less predictable. Once the drop off that you saw from right at any ethical and LA. And the player came back to eleven between the injury in the performance ended up being. Anomalous that's a big word that means it stands out from all the rest. Little it was different right now but Crawford wasn't done. When he left here. He he was north still going down the wrong path. Sure but. I'll also I'm open I said let's an avid. The beat Carl Crawford thing was this was puddles and ball we won't probably August 2 we initially thought it it's my show. We initially thought. You have to earn your way on to. You we initially thought. That doubles in the most problems and was part of it was the Boston thing getting him ahead we saw it right out of the gates Steve cell was. Confrontation with Steve Silva. Cecil confronted diesel tell me more now I said the confrontation with Steve Silva. The these stupid press conferences where he got defensive. We initially thought this was part of the problem but in the end it wasn't part of the problem because you know what. He learned how to handle that part of it did any he'd ever turn down interviews in the last couple years. He he sort of said I want you did one away and editing. Excellent pitchers yet but Carl Crawford. That was not the case Carl Crawford was I would say at the time he was with a Red Sox 70%. At least. Mental in his head he became he went from a gold glove outfielder to a terrible outfielder and that was a mental thing and then he took it the plate. Yeah I I agree with you but I think overstating. The that Hughes hurt the most games played after the outcome warrant. Right 130 north eleven don't know what I want you wanna twelve. 116 point thirteen. Average stock on the eagle UK. Covering the team and you're. Yeah also broken but is viewed intern anyway Matt Gloucester unit map and lost with on. They got a book that they could fictitious fat kid the forethought on Panama. But at the millennial kind of thing to pay. Yeah thank you thank you. They Q. That let. That train wreck it. And what's. I don't efforts that you don't feel the same thing last year where. They're winning this now at a code being on the hot streak at the end. When making the playoffs if it is a plaque detecting it will pick it back out in the same. Let me. To direct with a better answer and it is again it sink. At me. And that. I like I would I would suggest they did a pretty big change in percent. Only Chris Sale goes into a playoff series match and I think it will be different than what you had last. Well I think what will what is that cute is that that you into the second round or that didn't get any I mean. You're still gonna go out first round in my opinion that not we mute the first round. Let me tell network where I agree with him not with the millennial and thank you now we have to break but don't be critical that's. Obviously critical but you know just be care who's told your back anyway. What losses as users. Terrible terrible starting pitching. Well and no doubt no doubt now. He was hit. They did not hit. It was the best offense in baseball and they disappear. Romp. Op Ed was gonna be that you give credit to the idiot because I don't know I don't let me go on this. The offense disappeared last year everybody ought to say. You know look Portillo late today in India's biggest RD year terrible timing. Of that attic they are all that's behind the eight ball and you had. The Terry Francona inspired ball and doing all the great things that it it right credit unions pitcher but. The Red Sox offense drove the bots last year and disappear the actual and this year it's lesser than last year. Which doesn't tell us your all the the pressure on the starting pitching. It is lights very important that you do go out and get it out like Todd project at the open because to that question of what's changed well the all that's worse. And you lost all. But the reason you lost last year. They couldn't hear. I'm waiting Loper. Awaiting it wasn't boring and good point 2617 should have thought I'd have a veteran government job not a heart if it. I really tell you why you're wrong avid writer activist. Sports reached. We EI Sports Radio network. Insurer. Clearly and it depends publicly. I buy this single day we belong in those long term. He's got people mob doesn't. It's total which we're both eat circle wouldn't it away. You know another 23 years about troops from the picture. You. On 1013. Bruce now is pretty good. That was pretty yeah. With a breath smells. I said I. Listening the other part about that avenue is it John Henry was on the record saying that we are against the free agent market glasses Starr. And I had this argument some people for us. No lol whatever if you wanna get into the free agent market for stars but at that I'm probable Sinegal was not a star. He he was he was an average player he was an average player who had a very deposed Tuesday when we got to get the call for the run up against it will flattening the voice of the pot Sykes who was. On hand for the greatest game ever played by professional baseball player rock field average last night with him to join us after the 10 o'clock break. Right now Steve in New Haven it once the epic ring on. Kate and let them out of this I and look at it seriously but they speak for that it but if it didn't work TV. Bill signing he. You know. That you've told her son is that. Very minute when it let me finish if I'm watching television. And my son is twelve replay available topic in any fat. And he understandable that we you know write what you read them just sat and that is little room left to do and say hey this kid couldn't. We need to replace that because it was a great movie which it was a little pot how all. Britney look at color in either of the guys that I thought I would evaluate what we're about being protective good. You know let let's get realistic. I think it still no joke. You know participation trophy I'm not saying. It's great to be obese or way. How did you love. I was so happy it's turned into such a great person with no mental scars select. I think what you need to realize. Is that no one realizes there that are more than that person I work but every deal dwarfs that I haven't that's fine but I do not think Oprah. It's been turned into evidence to criticize. The right not CNET and if you look at every every. You talked about the leadership you can't of an odd thing when it gets to the let's just you know. Outlaw all these. That jokes left and I think that's where it's it's kind of in CDX fight it usually you're linking Kabul in a ball in with a twelve year old pack. Like I think so thick of it on TE in on the radio okay if if the top of the Red Sox. Fish bowl. This great media contingent is talking about how this guy is so that the problem you think. As if. If if I was if I had a back it is I had affected to if I had eleven drought. It was like twelve years old sitting on the couch to me who want to play baseball. Is overweight. And or already but I spit it. There wasn't a little at all. I would say hey you know what that guy right here makes 95 million dollars if that now I would say you'll do me a note due to. Use this shows some professional pride and give roots approach he said himself. You every one but the Red Sox evidently knew if he kept going down this path that was gonna end up like if people hold hobbled into well this is it in this. This blame away from him this is spotted what this but this is the problem is that when you don't live up to your carpet in mirrors that it to me yesterday. Not about the the fat stuff but he said. That this comes down to production you are you collect your paycheck. By Purdue because you are expected to produce arguably I'm not arguing. But I'm not see your they don't Chris good models will be overweight the overweight thing it's part of the carvers again. Operatives say it took your breath your life but what you're asking already eulogy and you say lord of the match in the well. But you this conversation started is that I just want us here. And an apple and in notes they make all these that joked that's what I would say I'd never did make guys there that has. I would not that comfortable doing you can mean you leave on the kid. Thank you turn our ratings are mounting huge idiotic things really. That we got a week we got to go well and perhaps we'll come back to the Pablo sin of all how it has faced lately by the way buddy it's called the on deck circle and it treadmill. Okay what are we perhaps we'll get back the bubbles in evoke conversation but we have to continue to third base thing and we have will climbing. On the voice the pots like right after this break cocky about the greatest game between what was this tweet finest week. Is tweet was something along the lines it was you know I don't want to overstate this but this is the best team I've ever seen he baseball player. Right. Between one's. From oh OK. Not exaggerating Deborah that plays good games I've ever seen four for four huge children in particular spirit play at third all mr. snow. You weren't there we were insert Q so will plumbing it's gonna join us right after this and continue the conversation. We're gonna morph into our policy involves gun at him feels really bad forum. Now what happens rock feel devers Todd Frazier talked called out good or cute. But he knows long term he's got to get tomorrow because that's gonna help them score opens career what. He's so good and gets away with the which you know the other 212 years.