Rob Bradford brings us the latest from baseball's Winter Meetings

Mut at Night
Tuesday, December 12th

Mut and Tomase are joined by our man on scene, Rob Bradford, live from the Winter Meetings in Orlando. Rob talks about the latest regarding the Red Sox pursuit of free-agent slugger J.D. Martinez, if there's any interest in Orioles 3B Manny Machado on the Red Sox part, and if we can expect any major roster shakeups.


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Mott at night's Sports Radio WEEI I'll get back into the patriots we'll get into. The NFL network ugliness that was reported early today it has I think Heath Evans. In some hot water rob Bradford WEEI dot com reporting from Orlando part of baseball winter meetings where things he'll be picking up. Potentially for a Red Sox perspective rob month to mossy howry. I am out there and you quote me away from all you can eat seafood well that way but I didn't do anything for you guys. I see you a couple times NFL MLB network. I saw you and Ian Browne cynnex each other I saw you today stepped into the live shot of one Evans relic. NBC sports Boston and I definitely emperor I would just suggest that they maybe you don't. Robinson is night may be uncle all you can eat tonight. At this food buffet that's about it that the team that TV is not doing him any favors he was in now to our word in this letter counts well. Only one or were all sitting at the little the kick stable be yet that was a weird setup that that I assume that's the Red Sox weak but it is weird. Yeah about the radar or but read quite Sweden but you have like five rows of chairs really rial on the side and you know it's it's weird to me it was awful strain that your number out yup they're like the last couple years I think you got. Well next door now record next Norman. And in court as they beat and he's sort of prepared to rub you out all the questions than it is total regard that artists like Penn and teller. Patrick likely exactly. Our city get the impression here that as your colleague Evan is reporting that JD Martinez indeed rob is the target the Red Sox here. Can a potential enemy within tonight try to get something done here at the winter meetings. Yeah I don't know period will be done here winter meetings but I you know the doom of tiger goes back to. When we were at the GM meetings then you'd conversation what Obama did that they're about saying that. It might not go hard after the big guys of course we always sort out because that's what a neat. Whether they you know Telemar you will remain BC but I think it'll give it to you mark you know they. I beat good teams are gonna go operatives though obviously the money that we're talking about. And in the roads are so motivated to get them use the guy that a lot of them boot mated. And when to talk today drop in the whole thing about well yeah how how do you opposite our whole month the opposite field home run or hit. Intent to do it a go by right handed hitters. Mean that's that's a direct shot on a typical though you wanna try to hit a Smart either. This is what I get the save you a much better they opted to another flag I won't say that. The other back garden street. It is this report tomorrow in the last half hour or so. They talked to the range of about bumping back right. If they don't Zack Greinke got to go to free up local Marty bit they will be able to make electorate that pool are. Marquis gave him that I also ordered earlier it also hired. So how do you think this ultimately shakes out do you think he goes back to Arizona. Now all I tell you fight if if they are able to pump their cranky money. I wouldn't be surprised now as we sit here right now the it was shop at all the combat the money. I know that you like cute bear. That bit this relationship where they're hitting coach is really really. Really a tight bodied sort of regard and let it eat. Yeah actually de power him every single there via video taken out to him during that it cracks me sent that guy. Though don't mean to something sounds like talents to. Yeah July that it could now the actual. The Obama inherited so. The only by I think they're gonna have the freedom of money into it getting routed right he's the only way to do it. Well there's other moves the Red Sox can make here at the winter meeting Robin you've talked about this before when you go to these things are sort. You're isolated right in the real world are down there in that baseball circles thought I won't give me the impression here from Red Sox fans last couple days you tell me. If that's the oppression of baseball and that is a frustration. With the Red Sox and I guess from other executives won't be frustrated but here locally I can tell you. That we bring them up the calls to ban it why have they done anything in the Yankees are getting better what's the browse keys move. They don't like Martinez that much they don't like Hosmer. Is that do you feel that thanks at all at those meetings at the Red Sox have not done anything as of yet. Not really embarrassed in what people back home they can go out by it it did nothing really happened so. Why have it's up for the Yankees so why the Yankees make their movement that's what give everyone a good guard play and fired up. The reality that nobody's really done any staying put out like you guys are coming up aboard the red tart aren't getting yeah that's what you have to keep in mind. Now if you do it we don't understand the rapid there was really really liked quite being. Well hey if this little reminder that I might not wanna go to Austin. That's what we have if you could not help because they're targeting the free agent also that marking only go to art or so ago is in Canada and dope. They're not the merit of guys really don't wanna come to often that's for the one of the things that I've sort of been circulating always you're going to be. You really worry about that though especially like. Next year in the big free agent class sits in the Red Sox are one of the few teams. With the kind of money to go see you know spent two or 300 million dollars and someone that people are still gonna be turned away by Boston. Our job because this is the one way to look like to begin to create. Remains the same old to play they'll they'll be outbid everybody else that was the same way with David Price. Based they've paid a lot more money in secret document about the continue it. You know and saying you know we hear all are the different story by a hard habit. It's if you can total placed in government have the outside draw might that you did that he may third grade in the about the great. Every in the passionate they're a billion I drama bit players in baseball talk about it they can get that. Two is complete without that the name in the money into the same chemicals that. Rod if like there's a realistic plan B right now that if JD Martinez goes back to Arizona or separate Cisco. But the Red Sox have a plan in mind to still. Add some sort of middle be ordered back to this team. Yeah and then you know are excited to play in the hardware. In enacting the plan B you know maybe Santana. All right. There's a trade I think period each played out there to be made. That we don't know about it in golf you talked about a debate they you have those that sort of option. Well we just can't say what it is right now as far at least as far as I know people are are you the great thing you know reality. Go cross shoplift at least for right now. I'd but to many right at least they hear that they're giving Martinis and this makes all the sense from the world because. Again the team they're gonna bid against them are not gonna have right now are gonna have that type of money the rest are well. What is he gonna get my own what is the U what does the rob Bradford acceptable. Price range write this down student call Bradford later. Okay ready yes now brace yourself. Our five years 2728. Year. Knights of five and 135 symbolic at 140. So that I mean that's that's more reasonable to me than you know six and 200 or whatever or eight and 200 wherever Boris Said that he wanted. Because of his might be my fear is you go into an off season when there isn't an obvious great freeagent. And you overpay for one just to get somebody and then next year comes when the shot on Bryce Harper all these guys are out there and you're sitting on the sidelines. Or you can still sign one of those guys be got to get rid of somebody you like because of this contract sort of like gambling Pablo. You just you just fear that they're going down that road again and you know Martinez had a great year I'm not. Saying man I really good three years he had just one year it's been three years we've been pretty to parable the stand. Yeah go to outside of that is they get more answer no no no matter what year it is if you think that's the guy. They go up to that guy quoted remark he did do the created next he. You're then out by Notre Dame. There that you could make BK to Davey Martinez you're back you're creating. Would be he's still a pop up of old Barry very impressed Turkey. Same thing we go back returned back on the Qaddafi on. This is where we had a million part they screwed up because they did that. Then it would have to be worried about this particular right now if you drop incurred are you on in the middle to create a class or even next year. You know you don't like ate it because the guy that they should go after so are you guys. Then don't worry about what Sharon is an academy now like I telecommute modern. You don't know enough over the last four years they they took total long line why could not be on are you eat the. Rob last hole for me one of the guys who is their report your sources told view. That the Orioles getting a lot of traction on Manny Machado will the Red Sox beat in on a Manny Machado trade. All right I would not. I don't think so and calm wives big. Because no one OK it is to assume that he'll play shortstop. I'll play out claim a third a move devers the first I'm not I'm not worried about that. Yeah why do I don't think of one year as well it is going to be this has played its others say that they actually will deal with the Yankees. And the Yankees equity trade Clint wager one of the best young prospects in baseball committee which the Red Sox argument you bet they are completely room. Point one year Manny Machado they just aren't gonna do that appear though and doubt though I did I just don't need to ever out there. Rob we're gonna keep following you on Twitter and every time you pop up and one of these live shots on TV and in Millen a worker NBC sports will keep and I'll forward and by the way I think you look great box I don't know what he still shot on these elude NASCAR you. You know why you might might bipolar very. Three things. Car let's go to other tight holding today is that it's is that. And our dog tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow where there are you buried whether a European cannot close by. A very good idea and we will talk to you which saw at some point or some lol there in the hot Scotia tomorrow rob thanks for.