Rob Bradford checks in from the GM meetings, and is an Arthur meme going to spark a debate on racism in Boston?

Mut at Night
Tuesday, November 14th

Mut and Evan Drellich check in with Rob Bradford at baseball's GM Meetings, they get Rob's thoughts on the Giancarlo Stanton trade rumors, JD Martinez' reported asking price in free agency, and the latest on Shohei Otani. Mut and Evan also talk more about the comment made on Twitter about an Arthur meme tweeted out by NBC Sports Boston Celtics, and the skin color being lighter due to Boston's perception as a racist ciy.


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Always seem rap right now folks I'm not sorry all made it very Evan relative we're gonna have rob on for a couple minutes. From the GM meetings have you at some point justify the very very vast cost of sending rob out of the GM meetings corporate card 700 dollar A night hotels that Hoover is the different clubs and parties and the expense dinners someone has to pay for it that's we do here for a couple minutes of rob Bradford to be weak yeah I don't commie joins us. On Monday night Sports Radio WEEI rob good evening alongside your arch enemy your nemesis Evans relic calorie. Brought wrong again sort of not coming on I'll tell you haven't. Why you forgot the private jet by the way my idea would be edited before we started saying yeah I do not talk you crowd tonight or will venture. Amaro in the immediate flight for quality. Evidently heard this is claiming he's coming back early for the hot stove show he's coming back early to play any immediate flag football game with any draft they think is the least send me the email with all of our prior. You know why haven't told you I'd like Forrest Gump what are you had a great synagogue. We have rob but I get the job done and you know there's an accident of this you know it. You don't throw me under the bus like c'mon. No I don't BioWare distribute audio call Mathieu took I I'd bold government going are you could ever grow. Know our yes. Well let. The show let me let me know hot stove show you booked imports like be sick that night. What am I doubt they'll be tomorrow. At the moment we'll keep my already you heard don't worry. UN candle there'll be good before he did at some quick Red Sox and some meetings stuff and get some room I want them all we have you on let's talk rumors of what you're hearing. At the GM meetings did you read the Pete Abraham reporter's notebook today. OR I don't live erupt like social media day not. Yes by what else what else is there. Your cohort average relic. Was on fire the first fifteen minutes the show Braylon heard. The railing against diagrams. I heard about this good riding in rolled tax Sudanese you are you lifting. Why does it ever diluted people who reduced crew on Pete yes so are. Auburn deserves it and he spoke directly calling me and nick out his own colleague and somebody who's asked him. In the path cannot do this specific. And why should it which should keep my shut me out. I thought I always there are you keeping about shot by in this case you know you can do about it a couple of minutes and let it we like it did. Congratulations W get it off. I think it standing or what give us something c'mon Buddy Guy and do something news of the day our rob do something. That does. Not think are we talking about I just had a great sixty dollar you know. It has to do something it's our from the GM and Barclays or no are walking around outside. What you wanna know what it's goaded into what went what I wanna know that. What are people most intrepid it if it Giancarlo then those are taught you could JD Martina to evidently is now our secret 210 million dollars. GA Harlem and I know your push in the time that you sure Tunney act I agree on a story earlier what is stars are dollars in bad instinct start we stand what. What's the latest on standard that people care about you they wanted to hear them the prices too high. I don't know microproze what Michael felt really cute thing where all the GM stock Michael the president of the Marlins get up there and really doesn't say neat thing. Somebody's got the he's saying that you know are you. Joint teams say he. Fielder yet that he wouldn't go trait you repeat that not on basically. I'm going to all the team he what bill opera and in the figured out there and that's how this war Communist that's. Any time you have a no trade deal. Oracle trade because you always get to go to all the news because you can come back and say hey you know can be work this out it is something that we can do. Much like they did with correlated the trade deadline so you know when it comes to end. This is the same scenario almost exactly probably edit the health stuff. They came up with GM meeting last year with Colin. When they left the GM meeting in the Red Sox were gonna be a paper on at all. They were collecting information out there too much you wait a couple of weeks ago the women you Yoakam. What do you think. You think they're gonna get we're now. Did not. You are not real estate unity entrusting part about this and they're in debt that I didn't into space before it got down here was. I thought you would have to give up some pretty good talent. Every one believes despite what they're asking right now everyone believes if you take on the money you got not give up partly yet so. That's if you read our three take on the money yet that would instruct you to browse eat immediately what to and ask about the reading class next year. We believe that to be extension. Orbit Bogart's from the bad but you know what they have ahead of elementary knowledge that Chris Sale the dot. Laughter next year so you know I don't I don't think they allocate that much money help a bit what do you look the players. See I think it's more about this group of players any else rob because you wrote yesterday in your story it's increasingly likely that they'll win one of these three guys you're story about the brows ski and in an op and afraid to make big moves in and Abraham and others in Jennings at The Herald of Britain the last day or so. They feel the exact opposite I think Jennings went as far as say it's likely. They don't get one of these three guys and it's led to this discussion noble what's the approach going to be they they signed Chris Sale they trade for Chris o.'s got three years left of his contract. So one year two of three you're gonna sit back and had to be the bridge years so it's the are they gonna do anything or they gotta do bridge jeweler I think that is the bigger discussion right. Mark you know a lot of stories are written. Today because of who brought you spoke at 2 o'clock. Ed he basically says well hey you know what this market over excited about these three names there are other ways to do it and they took that. And went from there until I don't know maybe they won't do this may be they are gonna get our through the bark you get over there and by. Of course you gonna say that you can't he. You'd cover all the bases but at the end of the day what is capital out of our treatment they can browse he has made enormous will. Lot of times when we didn't think he was gonna make enormous smoke including last year in my. Might might take could be you have free and stay out of it sympathized is different character because you write the trade in the no trade. And the prospects plus the ten years thirty million dollars. You have to end up this is a hard line to have. You have to end up with a either Martinez or Hosmer and set yourself up for the medal the order bat and still leave yourself available to. Sign guys long term and be able big free agents next year you can't sell your fan base on. Logan Morrison's Jake McGee and Alex Cora offing here where your ratings are down 15%. And you go when it next year is the number three team in town they can't do that my opinion rob that's my. I opened it well because. This could have been a and unless you're gonna make a trade that we don't economic in a hurry up another spot on the roster and dad may be two guys that can hit home run. Instead of just one then this is 81 guy because where do you benefit DH the first base. And you're going to hit Almonte and early Q guys. Out there who accused certain I think it really really eight excite people in PG do exactly what you need to do I don't know whatever and I mean every you thank. They're all analysts guys. I think they've got a much better chance with the hydrant Martinez then Stan because they just don't have the money. Or the prospect capital T given up but I would use that everybody. There's beneath the hand over reaction today and maybe that's because of the media overreaction to what the route to this thing. It's been obvious all along that they were gonna explore other options and I think the browns to just kind of posturing a little bit of the former element when she warned into the having to go after one of these big guys but in reality. Because it's right you've you've stayed on luxury tax last year. At and you are losing money in coming years there is payable it's gonna Gifford up you might the price up to him he comes off the books Kimbrel. You you can you can invest in one big guy and because what people might be forgetting. Well well then. If you know it and you look at the other element here is timing out there in this little word can get tricky. This course is the guy who usually takes a dive deep in the yard he'd been. Usually not always but usually that you have another optional Ponte who is probably gonna like that's gonna take awhile to. So in Dombrowski the polar opposite we know we know from doing pot so shall never know the part about you like to get up on. And then how the rest of the yacht you cannot. So bad part that I can't really lineup with the other guys. At lest they just don't win it today because while we're gone all in marquis did we're going all in the park where they're selling a million times usually would make all of those guys they wanna guys they almost always get. Q what is the deal with the time I know you're at a store earlier I didn't read it because you wrote it to tell me give me give me the breeders' giant thing as same here I didn't really could you room. Well there's also know that if we crapping on you're bottle in my personal parties story and and so you know you're taught Gavin Hewitt says. When you sit all the rhetoric going to be an on Cox. I hit that crap on the ice today. Well you know they only have ordered thousand dollars no how it got in the match up would be three million dollars at the Rangers. I should not. Let it go to all the time and I think nothing about. I I never I never go on your time I ever such a dart the armed WA. From pocket all the GM I think there's no everyone's sort of playing the guessing game here because there's not any. They're both find information by targeted GM Dayton mostly steak that when it comes to economy. There is not going to be about the climate don't matter as 400000 dollars or three million dollars because you know what let's not make him in the career can make a hundred million dollars and so that cute the red target chip remote bank. I really didn't know that well until it got here we go relationship the red card cattle than going back the high school. Mean they were like cool in this case when he was eighteen your soul. And an important difference that makes it to meet even interesting option because. You could picture we can put a rotation that you can also EHM and have him on the left side. Totally pretty good at. Doesn't this amount come down to whoever can cash secretly promised in the most money in the future. Guess what seems right. You turn. I don't know I hope I don't know I mean there opened Beno. Because you can't have it it there's something else here. As much as a guy loves to play baseball want to come to America played baseball. If we waited two years he would be making 200 million dollars more than he's making now. Episode that principle and on. He must he must know the future bunny come I got nothing else or Bradford. I think Rogge it was good take what's going on there so what's your commitment level to Marty should be back in time for this game and how does is it this is is it five on five it's seven on seven how is important. Seven on seven yet Europe might you might prototypical slot receiver social. Yeah you can show up you can you can buy you can do it by Ernie Adams in the boat that. If you like. 345 degrees empire rock shorts tomorrow on this thing right. No leaks no I don't know locally and yeah it may take note I am I'm without that can be our direct. Yeah I'm gonna be and it's all I have is my I have no skill all I have is hustle. Under wearing that Jersey on my namesake my my football on my on my idol to guide me playing like tomorrow will be wearing tomorrow and post pictures. On its program all day have you hopefully quarterbacking our team do would lose our quarterback by the way. Are you really. Heathrow and to see any kind of yeah he's relatively accurate that outside of the first things in my era it's for. I will say this did you know Tom can't coach the other team in my use on the roster you saw that grew out you have to admit. I nailed the crap out of that Grassley he's much better bag yet. Yes very pliable. Look at fort embarrass myself tomorrow rob travels staples at Fenway Park thanks sickened couple months. Seat that was so they'll twelve minutes which raises. Or six minutes long and I plan to go rob here tonight but that seems to happen. When Bradford angelic ago lets a billion he's possibly patients we talked about the story at the top of the hour this this. Writer for SB nation who claims that the NBC sports Boston tweet is a lightened version of Arthur that led to a Boston is racist conversation again. November 14 2017. Vinny go out on. You don't tonight then you're hurt again and sure. I'm curious voters. All. Of us racial city. One person it's something outrageous in. White. Com where they generalized and so. Who I think. Anybody who watched. On a huge machine people in this city bought. That being racist because. Urgency there condemning a whole racial one person yeah. You know I've heard the Austria. You know what that action is working cage is cage. Match. And don't say these quality in the game the black played quite late cannot go each. Because they get harassed. It. Also like Boston is very far from being mostly city. Well but I don't trading wreaking greet get into an and Evan as done in the past for eloquently talking about the issues the Boston. And other cities have I have long offered since this started about a year ago. Between the money Jones and Dan lead guitar and I mean Al Hostin who had the balls to say. Boston would never root for a player like carrier there he said that he's now here and by the way he's beloved. By the Boston fans and the ratings dictate that and they show that right now. My eight blazing hot take his stand at the city of Boston itself is not different. My other cities and when you after resort to as this writer did tonight in her Twitter feed. Going back to the way Bill Russell was treated in Boston. You've given up you wave the white flag you've said I have no original thought. What is truly going on at city I have no knowledge of what's going on a go to something happened in the 1960s. Where there were dozens. Of those have been incidents across the country. And that we UN on that. You are admitting you don't really know what's going on the city right. I think the call we just got the call that comes in more than any other hand it's just. Mind boggling to me that people can't get their heads around. This idea that. No the entire city is not racist and if anybody actually says that in and you probably might have examples of atop the head. Where somebody had said that's wrong okay. And fighting and sang it when I say I don't think it's more racist than other major cities. I I think that's an inaccurate statement that it would then it's what you do you compare to other southern cities. That we are more racist than Boston Kelly I'm sure about that when you start what are we talking about major metropolitan areas how are you measuring their different ways to measure right. It is historically been a wider feet. So can understand why black people felt. More uncomfortable in Boston have been. Very high profile incidents why can this is a high profile media market than to get a reputation that reputation gets exaggerated and get people on board but people need to stop thinking that. Some that they're being called that the entire CDs being called racist it's so what he's doing out there are more. If the doing of the joke it's one thing but I can understand you being an unhappy with the to the joke because in the Joseph perpetuates a reality right. When you say the incident and the most recent incident the Adam jones' and and Fenway Park the Red Sox believed happened. Evan you can -- now you want I was there at the day after on the air with Roemer and Bradford here they're asking that question and we are now months after the fact. And we never got the proof that we never got any sort of group so I whether he is exaggerating or lying or he misheard. I just cannot believe in my book the way my brain works given the evidence that we have been presented. From soup to nuts. I don't leave it happens a little evidence of for the 2013 and one of them mattered it does all that that it's his for the weather itself it's because there's someone on the record recently heard that case and he always said happen that happened except Adam Jones and it's 2013 recent that that is certainly recent. Years also that gets the discussion really change. Because that because it's a lot it's a lot more heightened now. Right and 2017. This incident it's a lot more attention at the eighty would've in the free. Twitter social media 24 hour news cycle world of 2070 vs 2013 I always does more damage if it's not true. But it it L what it wasn't through 2013. You know this is a hot topic these days this question of false accusations. Right. Do you or are you someone who believes that most of these women who or are using the Hollywood people are lying I know why. I don't know old Roy Moore Roy Moore needs to get out of high Kevin Spacey and get out of don't give a logical reason why Adam Jones. I don't know what lie but exaggerate these pissed off the fans want is Dassault all day any been called that a pass and bought it by six tonight. I I've heard before so locate doing and what he's asked by police about the incident he never mentioned that. When when a fan or fans were asked in our writers of the politicized report is true yes in the police report he was asked about the night. He did not include that he was call ordered up in include them now. I don't remember simply knows what it was reported that when he was asked about it the Boston plea to forty do not include lenders report. Okay so let's say Adam Jones like let's go with goat can squeeze through this first let's break and come back enough 617779. Seven ID 37 I broke like 906 Marty getting yelled that okay. For having UN and rap from the same time natives can be mad you guys are getting a beyond the other. I don't think so another was the that was the edict really was less on Iraq. All the fuel to show the football season started. Welcome without this we get I wanna check in with a higher ups here and they've could put the kibosh on interest rates separate separate but equal for Brad we're all. I didn't open or told to we will get your phone calls on assorted things ambled relic I'll rehash the story from six months ago and that's what we do. He run WEE. Spike up top of the hour 10 o'clock I would quality 34 times have we got listeners big bad Malloch. Will be hosting the 88 and all the way until 1 AM bank last heard. There was some luck Kirk Callahan stuff myself and Jerry poly. A year ago this time feel less than at a news early 2017. But then Mallard. We talking Boston sports only some nationals of Shura on I'm sure as well. Beginning at 10 o'clock in the take your phone calls 6177797937. As it is. And and higher once again rehashing Adam Jones because it time to be fair to us. Fair to me really to drive in the ship. This ties into a story broke last hour or so and that is a SB nation host story blogger order out. I accumulate a what's the what's the anger here that you're okay social and let's look at the job took a tweet from NBC sports boss and Evans awful pun in port where it is very good work over there. And suggested that the Arthur mean that was meted out by the Celtics account NBC's fourth Boston was lighter than it should be. And that led to her saying things like of course this would happen in Boston. It's hilarious because it's Boston look at Boston is a racist city and look how they treated. Bill Russell. Which gets us right back into why I get annoyed when I mean Johansson and Dan let retarded money Jones and others. Point two Boston and say of course their racist. Aside and talk about it it's just sort of a fact Boston is racist and that gets is that the abuse say incidents that happen. And that the incident that happened that led most people that did bring this up to be honest Indiana Jones in this incident where. To me is out of evidence to believe. We give her look at CC sabathia and his comments were yes yes. So so so you rule him out to that and you know what happened Adam Jones 2013 because of the documentation. You have CC sabathia thing what he's poised Ed and I are I think collectively step on his mind is the most racist. Most races city Major League and he says that he he he knew when he would come that he heard yeah we're both mature and learn there's no it's lying if there's no evidence that say that he's he's he is why. Are you gonna have. Answer because in the case of Adam Jones and Toronto what it sees there's evidence as he did these guys all to all these black men need evidence that they can call it lake city for it to be true I would say at that level when you're sort of saying it would without having any evidence people on your team backing up and yes I think there's some evidence the heated. Which we asked about Roy Jones other people and that the Hollywood only point it is these these sick bastards. There are multiple women coming out and telling very similar stories right in the case is Spacey in the case of Louis CK and the case of Roy Jones. I'll Roy Moore disarm these stories are consistent. And they are multiple. In the case of Adam Jones in Toronto there's a story where he has multiple witnesses including people on his coaching staff and the blue jays coaching staff. And staff members at Rogers Centre who heard racial slurs hurled at the Baltimore Orioles in Toronto. Goal looked it up and I was last year the year before that seems pretty likely to have happen given the amount of people that sought. In Boston with a couple thousand fans are still the ballpark at that point senator field. That to be said to one and it never be reported anywhere and no one to confirm it the one guy who did turn that is why the Mike Lupica. And he did no research double check of the guy I was real or not or fake or not. Arm yes and if you look at these and say it lacks the evidence in the context of many. Of these other incidents that. That's I. I never blocked the well somebody must have taken their stuff that happens all the time at these games. They you don't see somebody out of the flip on most people wanna mind their own business activities on the video with with LeBron. On the subway you catch them LeBron frightened I did yes right now and the guy is one of the videotape not have people go one way if you know when you see something going on. I don't think most people's reaction. At that moment on the tape this chick that can stand the couple seemed to wake than any punches you or something like you don't want the reaction but you admit that incident led a national discussion about the Boston being racist the Red Sox agree with that right away they believe data Jones led to a TSA outside of that right if you if we I'm Joseph from the city of health. A recent Adam Jones for years prior yet 2013 out. And in you and you think the world in which he had everything sabathia which parent which Larry say a witness for someone who's heard it happened some Reggie tweeted to Adam Jones that might have existed since presumption that Adam jones' lying to me if it can't in my head separated from. She would encourage you give me a reason why it's different from a presumption. If he said she said right that's what is this this is that he says she's what's the difference in a woman lying. That you know if you're person stick it to not believe that someone will always not it's not why it's not my first instinct my first things. What I what I heard about it that that the first early morning at 4 o'clock in the morning driving and to do the show by first and think instinct was holy crap why would someone say that. Idiotic Boston fans. We're going to be talking about this all day today. As the morning went on and there was no evidence vehicles and the and the police report they came out that morning that said he did not include in the police report. And nobody was there heard it. By then my instinct was OK now I questions of so that was my first instinct in with these women at my first instinct is to believe them. Even when many people in my party of choice the Republican Party was defending Roy Moore saying all. This is forty years old and it's on the eve of the election as early politics now. That's not detail there this guy's a creep and that turned out to be true. Let's say I would be so kind might have to concede the point he put that. Let's say that I would agree that there was not sufficient evidence and I think that Adam Jones might have been don't but. Let's just stick it to that point if that's the case where does that leave us then. Adam Jones lied he did something wrong if that's the case right. And there's no reason you're here really that funny thirteen event disappear note does not that this is not that it doesn't iso than. It leave you what you had read an irony that you don't know. But I think yeah. She exits like the waves might we all know I don't know it leads people like this. Oh what is your name again I don't imagine there's going to sell the lady on the Twitter users are done on the it's a lot of giving her enough credit hold on its. Sheer act as the rats only as okay threats only female from that bit SP neat what's the job title patent firm. I don't know. It figured out it leads that person to be able to. Point two way mean that NBC sports boss and say of course this happened in Boston because their racist and you don't see that it knows you don't seem out of the last year or so. This has happened you have to acknowledge that there has been as rational wave of people who work fine which is saying. That city's super races when he called them on and say examples. Like this person they say Bill Russell. How do you go back to that. So so you've VP now that the whole of this entire discussion that. There's so much smoke and absolutely no fire and we really got to this point that it's such a prevalent unsteady this smoke that people give it nationally. Does not easily got fired its iPod there is little factories argued that I'll give you that but. When when we agree on that then again to think that we agree that Adam Jones liar which we don't but let's say once you are still left. With the reality that there is an issue here. The people are avoiding because the things like all like being exaggerated all he was like OK I was avoiding an awful lot there all the time. You getting out and talk about it all the time I'm not ignoring the issue re talking about a hatching the all the time here in Boston. What we talk about what we talk about are the what you consider the exaggerations of things that what about the stuff that doesn't. What does this tell me what what elements of racism that you say you think it's no different than any other city when he seen me I Sarah. Are what are you get there there are I see this is where this where now we're trouble it's 948 we have a national shows that she's starting at 10 o'clock. We keep we can't and doesn't want to this we can't possibly. Get into this now we all right it'll have battled back though I'm not backing I don't have to admit how come back and I'll tell people. Are what they wanna hear which is try to answer your question in about ninety seconds which is impossible not doing the questions services that very question and we'll talk about your Boston Celtics who the NBC sports Boston Twitter account haters read about it tonight base who have now won thirteen in a row and are set up a huge game. With the Golden State Warriors on Thursday will do that next. And. I hear her judge in this stuff. Is this NBC sports possibly going to be big story tomorrow in the city of Boston I think it will be easy fodder for the morning boys put. I don't think he should be the story seems to silly and too dumb to get him. Lives and we'll see if anyone else response to it the way the initial author did about the bigger light collar man. Of the Arthur mean she's super innocent NBC that squeeze is what's making it news yes you were. Last week literally not know it's between of someone suggesting that's what it's about it's been like that. About a year here boss and my guess at some level it'd be story I'll also be huge story is the Boston Celtics down to 113 in a row. And they are playing in you can say this without this being not being laughed at by your friends you said a sellout for the next few days. Thursday could be a finals preview in the Gambia. And I want her Jabber would leave that to start the year because when Cleveland Cavaliers and goal the first two minutes. When gold Gordon or he would broke his leg thought that's it nice little fun year scrappy team Evan. But there are legit title contender they are fun they're exciting. They were four up big tonight good Brooklyn nets fought back then they fought back at the end and it was round and it was eight on the making the plays for this team. There's a huge buzz around the Boston Celtics the race through the roof. And the Golden State game is going to be outrageous. Thursday the ticket price is gonna be exorbitant spent a couple based look at ticket prices being and a hundred dollars again as he regular season game. And the eyes of the NBA will be on the city of Austin. Red Sox pitching coliseum on Thursday what do people care more about. Celtics. Yes right now what is ace right now the Celtics are a bigger and I'll run says he's not gonna play for 56 months whatever it is and what matters more on Thursday is helping school state even it they acquire stand. I don't think cardinal encore shrug your biggest the beer and read take it Red Sox glasses off relic. Take them off I like those on there somewhere and working more for the Celtics flagship of the night my my focus is pretty is pretty soon and I just I don't think that's IG march as anybody else out that we talked by the name recognition. Let's look for the future more rights ever about what for this team is this team might be a chance between Kennedy each year that's the story of the bubble to burst your little. This is this in any way not if nothing she had the penalty minutes. The first human to the season you're now convinced that they can entirely replace Hayward production or at least at the tunnel to the pool I know Cleveland is a mess. That's the bigger story is that the Cleveland Cavaliers in as a Thomas welcome back they'll be a little bit better. LeBron has already shown signs that he might mentally check out and what about their battle a bigger story whats they gonna come down Kevin help one about it today doctor play. At this sort of level but. There and if they come down a little bit Cleveland got a console watch where they are right now that it's gotta they may not make that NBA finals. But you can say might be a finals preview and not be mocked. Right is that in our green team and I hate that BR green team Merck by saying that the self have been that good the chasm in that bad. The you can say right now in November in these early capital. That you look at and a finals for. Those I don't know who would've. Shall any shock that at this point and I'm in Hayward audio nuts you know if you finger paint or wind down or not what we're right now with a list. To me that that's that's who was always gonna be one of the two right. It's always going to be one of which have resulted. I don't know I didn't I didn't think Betty when hey we're went down I wasn't sure that who wants to Milwaukee. Very very good job of that Giordano we will VI talking Celtics a lot lead to Thursday's game coming up next is then Mallard. Who tweeted up a following will be hosting an exclusive Boston show here tonight. Beginning at 10 o'clock that night does a lot of work in he's going to be talking you guys directly here on WEEI. Taking your phone calls on the Celtics and the Red Sox in the patriots. At 6177797937. Those lining up the talks Celtics right now stay on hold because Big Ben malveaux talked EU. Next edited C anybody but we'll see you soon patio nice work back tomorrow without rob Bradford hot stove show as well then Mallard next here on WB yeah.