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Wednesday, February 14th
Mut is joined from Rob Bradford from sunny and warm Fort Myers Florida. Rob talks about Dave Dombrowski meeting with the media and saying a lot without really answering any questions about where the Red Sox are with JD Martinez and what the outllok for the seaosn is.

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Last year it was it was. Great in noon. All that this year as more and not really getting acclimated just kind of run through. Same stuff so their core spells gone feel good film all of also. Just or about baseball we. Well we asked them. Well well well I think well well well well well well well. Well well well well well well well it. Now here's my life at night on Sports Radio W we. How are free money I continue Sports Radio WEP Yahoo! started the show at 6 o'clock. Ali statement today from our parent company Entercom communications and from WEEI. Those who did not see one to read for you again nothing is more important WEEI. In the close knit and diverse Foster community we call home be committed to actively contributing to its betterment. WEP guys in the process of closely re evaluating our policies and procedures in an effort to ensure that our programming is never intolerant or harmful. Tora listeners or our city. As part of this effort W week yeah I'll be hosting an all day mandatory sensitivity training this Friday February 16. All live programming we suspended from 6 AM until 6 PM on Friday to enable WE young player participation. In this important session I was talking a rich kid about this all the top the show I will be there. At that event I believe crisp Lawny will be hosting guys that right patio Friday night I he will be on infamy on Friday. I will be here as part of the all they mandatory sensitivity training. As you can imagine it's been a weird weird. We a couple of days around here is what I I would say and many you won't believe it but having worked in radio since 2002. The the craziest weaker so certainly stating backed you know last Thursday or Friday whenever was. Where you last Monday at first money the Super Bowl. Is beneath a crazy crazy time and I will be there as part of the sensitivity training Al beyond. Tomorrow morning with Kirk many hand Jerry's out for couple days scheduled to be out for couple days. Oz I'll be with Kirk tomorrow and now I'm sure their show and now myself we'll address that. In whatever fashion they see fit and now look for a be part of that conversation. With Kirk and with Chris Curtis and can Laird tomorrow beginning at six. Here on WEP guys in Florida. Well away from all this is rob Bradford WEEI dot com on the Opel apple gonna open it sounds good rob how are you. Dude dude what are what's going on I had no idea you you all stop the descent they no idea about my own little bubble your. I you're one of the biggest gossips I know my guess is you as a McKinny bucket that the station as an executive. You pry aware of this sellable for any of us work. See the loan loss. No no no no no not not. True not true but you know we're what we're marching on I'd I'd auditor privilege to work you might man's idea so why telling everyone out here in Florida and viral. Continued. I look forward to the few. Well I also say I can tell you re wondering what you're going to hear. It sounds like based on social media that pro football talk lives like Florio. Will be broadcasting six hours of his show from six until noon that I've been told potentially some network of radio courtesy of NBC sports. After that so as far as right now me and half of proven wrong I apologize but I am hearing. It will be actual programming and not. Best stuff on during the sensitivity training on fire that's the that's the latest info I have rob. You've got a lot of arguments were alert alert but Beverly recorded shoulder surgeries can be between eleven well oh really big yes that he. You're in Florida today where I saw a millionaire pitchers throwing balls up mounds of sprint in the spring training has been underway Iran. Sure it. All of coming out of their heads so nicely but it would unbelievable. Body parts right past the Yankees no question about it yeah. It irritating based wealth they were throwing baseballs gave them browse you with hockey and they now in seventeen minute Chris Sale was Chris sales always had this I don't ever are. Well what he does not go so yes so we did typically use in early spring training. And as you might expect rob the Red Sox try huge topic appear in these parts and as we sat here Wednesday night's. An hour later than this indeed are hot stove shows we know how little of their interest was. In this team. You've been down there for a couple of days did does the team realize that do executives you talked to realize that. From a perception standpoint it might be a bit of an uphill battle to. Create any buzz would seem especially at the. My idol this goes to talk about the GB mark do you think for a I don't think that I would ever coached like ripple effect a doll. They did they sign a Middleby day menu gaudy JD mart news of the day it's an overarching thing it's a bigger deal and you ask. Dude you may realize it. I can't tell me living in their. You literally you know little world here in your your ball Kimi your route you know the whole spring training thanks so it's not like I said what all are talking about and Boston I will say this. Everyone's been friendly you look at the price so. Yes everyone's been friendly smiles on their faces. And what I say that I'd basically me like Aybar right we talked about David fry about being so important to the perception of this. Now I don't know like how you took its comments over the yesterday. I OK you don't keep did he did much much better than he did when he stood in the clubhouse last year despite what he said yes. That was a trade rescue your men don't recall and then what a mess outlook all a meeting with a media. Yesterday he did a much better job I don't know it's it's a step in the right direction I have but with all of this stuff it does make different you have a load it. You just have to be you just. Why did you talk about the Red Sox in perception everything else. This isn't gonna be like all of you sign a guy or. Us are never earned. Thought he left the door and actually prove that you're you're entrusting. Yet and that's one that's gonna be the window to do that. Is going to be difficult or expensive time in the beginning to show today talking about the Celtics and their run in the afternoon guys in the mid day guides of of them the other Bruins and the Celtics and it just feels like those two teams Robert going to be you know fighting Fergie up in big playoff games into. Maine and potentially June and so. When people finally turn our attention the Red Sox there's this going to be a short little window there. To prove that hey they're a championship or is the worthy team and I say that because in 2013. They were good all year. Combining back on they combine the August. Of that season he didn't oh yeah yeah acknowledged it you know you look at. I don't know if there's an answer to it it's like you said you have you teams are doing very well do you there are legitimate final contenders. You have and then you have the patriot and it's this be honest. When free agency rules around the page and you'll be in Albany that you have even the column bar in this year you know they'll look and ordered back. So yeah so. I don't think that big kid made it dead in spring training I I just don't because because typically how it works for the Red Sox at. Of the conversation usually thrives when news negative operatives drama like all animals overweight and he premieres and doing some thing. And so if they have can't train go check it leaked it it won't make it different I'd be dealt a sort of Conan that'll be yet. But but I think it like this could be more like a few years ago where you have to earn it back. You you just you just go to and then all of a sudden may be you catch fire very you have to battle with the Yankees which is always business. But the battle we did the Yankees think it was dark when they claim in Tampa may have this are they claim an eight. So you know ways to go here. Rob Bradford is there in Fort Myers on the a wonderful Opel laps on the beatles' studio they're not that. 23 usually hides out during these early for my do you. I I'd be clear the aid of glasses and he didn't have very nice which is NASA TV news a seven Diet Coke. I'm at this point I know I told sorry that is not seventh water I'm sorry seventh war. And also if there is out to twenty tonight Valentine's. Almighty we're all all. Yes. It's so I note to. Patio played a bunch of the the terrible. Odds don't browse humid today so aptly nothing. Do you get any idea what his things stand how long it will await on Scott Boras how long Boris and Judy Martinez. Our one away we still look at the middle of march is being that the drop dead date to get something done here. Yeah yeah I don't see this your question no I only he has a sense he says yes and I don't think. There's any sense of when this is gonna end because none of these wars clients and have signed yet you can have Yu Darvish signed he's not a porous guys. Chile's worst start I start drop off then. You can't say their relenting to be all are. And what's Entrust your me much about this whole deal that you are 11 is sort of a team that is trickling around. In this camp. Is what kind of what Chris Hill said today. Well we're right where we don't need any. And I how to get out feel from this group they don't they can say that that they're wrong wrong. Of course they're wrong but but but you know as well like you guys are sincerely hope we stay H isn't the same like their life. We got our guys back reroute and he you like each other and so we're gonna be a good team dad and we're all going to be better by. To meet at it that you weird dynamic. When you have guys say we're OK hey listen Mitch Moreland our guy Hanley Ramirez is our guy that's good rarely eat that yeah. And everyone keeps us out so you never have that train you never have a this included. Into the base while she's usually Fatima said. So now you have this the uncertainty and tried to I had eyes. Trying to dig in and say hey you know why were right to says we are even though I says you don't. Let's have started crap all Ron you are all right. And that sounds like I'm not gonna pin this on the in this early. That sounds like you know he's the ace on the ace those T shirts they got righted try to convince themselves it doesn't matter we got five aces. And offensively last year we saw and and somebody spots where were so much work rob the grind out. A couple runs you need to get a W move guys over there that that middle the order power did exist you walk in Houston for the post season. And they're all back to back off the left and right the NL to bay. You know every swing and he's not well park and it. You know I get that they have a budget they'd be stupid at this point to overpay for guys that win nobody's getting paid a Major League Baseball. But there Barrett a tough spot no matter what they say because they lack any middle order presence going it's of that year and I guess the expert they should be guys just play better but. Out that that doesn't always seem to work hey guys were down last year to be better this year. Right in and so forth while I agree review it's a good analogy because. If it's the ward where where might narrative was born and you can't live life on projections huge duck know your team on projection that's what they did that year with all those pitchers and at some point eight for certainty. That's why you have to pay for the sir do you. Iran's gone that's it that's as Wi-Fi as sometimes that can happen. With the Opel lap he may again. I would not be surprised if peace you know surfing the web wise doing that down there surfing for different socks or preferably to do. Keep up on everything going on but that is Brad Pitt connection I'd down their Florida. And so what we don't we'll take a break now you reconnect them will do Kabul but it's probably decide if not when it's right sides calls. If there already because again and I'd buy big thing ms. that would Robin and John Young the all she's was two parts on the field and off the field the on the field get better. 01 power bat. Off the field was you know remind people that you Boston Red Sox and outside announced Cora. I don't think they hit the mark it do you guys do 6177797937. Follow more try to reconnect abroad if not we'll talk to you. But I continue Sports Radio WE yeah. I. One night continues Sports Radio WEEI event now what comes your way at 9 o'clock rob Bradford is rejoining us from the four lives or we think rob we have you back so fast courts. Of their ego we don't sound red. But the punt on this and see you sound like you're at going now. Going yeah on your better yet maybe you further we rejoin speaker or something big get away every it is now look. The fifth if it. No good boy nods OK we can I think word we're just conducted and dig. To get your what you were saying before you're so rudely cut off by the Internet connection there at the line of Fort Myers. Technology again. Eight it I hated or liked her we do reveal a way mark was just flied out. Got to Florida and be right here where he had put a hold on those plans here at this point as war if he. So you you weighed on Boris the Boras client are not done yet. As a team this is valley of the sickness in the second part of this that's popped up seriously that people are still. Convincing themselves Derry eighteen to win the division of the budget calls last night people yelling at me. Overeat the Yankees Astros on that much better I cannot make any case from. Without cheating Martinez certainly probably even with JD Martinez. That they're gonna match the Yankees for the top of the division and might already new Yorker honoree the Red Sox. I figure if or which which I figure you're right on target area I know you can't hit you kick the division not the Yankees are possible you can't possibly do that must Louis several Reno get hurt. When you can't do that. We certainly know the pitcher he was last year than he's among the best pitchers in the American League. Then you have you know some decent pitchers after him so you have good enough pitching and then you don't have. The right cycle comeback that problem. Is that you don't have that middle you're oh my goodness how you reject this may have to work three times as hard as he normally would. Dynamic with a Red Sox and you have that would yet another yeah last year. We're with the judge in with Sanchez. So it's I mean. That's part of this by that you know I think that a lot of Armisen with eighty mark is not only hit home runs. It's have a big guy in the middle of the order has taken the pressure off them that's the devers of Bogart's all of these guys just like Ortiz and years and if they don't have that guy. I don't think you can you tune in. He he a New York any early whispers. Or. The viewpoints on Alex Cora day one on the job and had what you're good preparation. Of leading up to him take over this team in its Fort Myers opening up their spring training. Are you he's been just early dinner around he's been running around and I think he's. More you know obviously concerned with you know. Being immersing himself amongst the players and everything else but it was interesting to me yesterday went out about you out. You know I always used to make a big deal of that meeting in the first meeting with the team in and the dressing and you know that was Ferrell thing the big booming voice and getting in the actually would played over their border around everything else in court it was gonna he's like. I don't know what I you know I don't know how many and go back in order late this. So right you got. So I mean that was a sign of white at least he's admitting that he doesn't have Rudolph appeared out. Quite yet and that's fine because you know that it's spring training in a new team and Erick gill won and you hear from the players across the board. Is all of will be better community it although beat better communication all the you know be able to talk a little bit better. Mean that's that is a constant email all these guys how it doesn't translate to win I know I yeah that's Sally Field. One that what's the timetable here for things you are are looking for rob we your start to make your opinions on this team whether it's the G Martinez thing or. Some of the younger players which are looking for how does this timetable playoff rob Bradford. It doesn't play out until the start. They start up my internal. Oh you are when it confining and decide how many games they're gonna wait and when we get the British. Attribute I don't know last shot so show in May come easy but in May you know. Yeah well I figured that the more they'll finally may oh so we have our OSHA through yeah. You know what this is stupid narrative but I hear from Glenn M a bow like you don't learn anything from strange trend that's not true you're all the negative stuff from rain in the law all at times like for instance. You learned a okay hobble cynical can't let. You know you can't feel we can't comment on ball laments in training and licensing negative a couple years ago. I we were telling you my murdered every single time we are in he remembers who played her aides know. It. We learned that in spring training so this stuff in London's ring trending I in terms of hitting and guys are gonna have enormous years. That doesn't really translate it it just doesn't even trusting thing is. OK let's say are you going to be able the real live in an all your Christ are you gonna stay healthy. That's sort of thing as well but until we get going. This does is Mike Napoli hits like eight home runs in the last week of screen. And it Eddie and a week legacies. Let's get Jonas could you've talked about the team's personality quite a bit here in the offseason in the wee wee burn out a Red Sox luncheon talking about this and have personalities go for a reason. Some guys don't want to show what had you seen any evidence. That is eighteen LB players that are more. Outgoing so far in spring training based on what bold how applicable to Asia been down there. Relative although there's some player. You are aren't there yet but you know I I do think that go to this comes this guy come. In every young that's art can actually rob Bradford perfect way to end it on there in Fort Myers. And as for this team look again it did it it says. There and hey there and a weird spot because they are not going to be a bad team this year they're going to be a good team in 2018. I'm just not sure they're gonna be good enough. To capture the attention of the non CNET baseball fans in my people listen right such review. Who call and after losses in April and may. Day in early in the year and one or the manager rip the players meet critical guys in a regular season baseball game. You folks will be there. And we. We we come to expect that okay for Red Sox fans. It's that other. It's other group like it's the the Celtics managed just buying in this year. Because carrier being corny with person watching more games than ever because of carrier from the person who is in this team because there is second placed about LeBron is abuzz this team. Will the team carried out because. To get the employer fans involved. Because that's that that's the mark of eighteen going in the right direction here Boston for for better or for worse and it had the expectations. May not be fair Reich is they they're going to be a good team. Just from a standpoint are they gonna be worthy of you know dated eight discussions on sports talk radio are they gonna be worthy of interest outside of the real baseball fan that I'm just not. I'm not buying into yet. JD Martinez helps that. Because Davey Martinez when everything about him and his demands in the salary in his. It is agent in Scott Boris he's bloody and all runs. Especially at Fenway Park he's bloody don't runs and and that after last year albeit breath of fresh air. Four Red Sox fans. So that I mean this is I can we double AJ Martinez a light MLB trade rumors came all the story a couple minutes ago about what other teams could emerge for JD Martinez. Well mix into Red Sox calls here as well 61777979. B 37. On. They talk about the stare down that is Red Sox and JD Martinez right now. Meet and talk about the which is what initially I guess they thought they might get. But fate of fig bid their approach has been deceived Martinez would accept some type B unique contract. Shorter term deal average higher average annual value player opt out to return to Arizona. Forces met personally with the multiple times over the offseason plus Martinez said after the he's included he greatly enjoyed playing for Arizona so there is some opportunity there. So. Other teams that could be in the next. It was the Orioles Rangers mariners. Rockies nationals White Sox and twins in some semblance of order. Four that teams are most likely to sign and after that. The Orioles have spent a lot of money next year. On. Namely China I would think much of the going to be in on a big time player this year I guess they could be three of that list right there. Twins White Sox national Rockies Mary's rages Orioles. Stand pat gave the brows ski either player you want to play every stand pat patio you take his chance and a shadow finishes the season in Baltimore. You. Very good question. Because they may decide to flip him during the year and get something for him because he's gonna walk via free agency next year. That is a pretty quiet my guess is gonna test free agency anyway so. I'd say less than 5050 patio you're right. I'm called a Chad Arnold the mentality Orioles put the Orioles Null. They can trade the child will get something and still recited the highest bidder and he wants to play there he can still sign there's toaster to freeagent. Meet him and Bryce Harper in Dallas cycle is a loaded. Loaded group next year that is for sure I'm Stephen a boss and Stephen next outlawed at night Sports Radio WEEI liberal Red Sox talk late hour three hi Steve. I don't buy it basic you know. But let's remember the last couple of basis structuring at all without yeah. Than that they want a likable team and all the and I liked you know how can you say that they had like Carol to what I mean they're still there 5000 people every you know every game and what. Haven't been hit. Why can't do better and I'm like no that's what Egypt had Jackie Bradley Julia. I mean act could sail I mean look at you didn't even got a lot of people can say a. Stephen let let let me give you let me give you the league the reasons why I say that. There help the TV ratings on NASA were down 20% the first after the last year the eight on it for the AL BS two playoff games games three and game four. At Fenway Park you can get tickets hours for the game opera. BC anywhere you want of the ballpark. So playoff games they weren't selling out. Addition that they were overall down 15% on the entire season compared to the prior year and a nice surge there at the end. And and just ancillary I would say is on the on the radio station. They're very tough team to talk about people always seem interested in the drama of the team David Price Akerson the baseball part of it. Never took off with I majority of our listeners over the course last season that's why. You know I understand that but you know what you say about you can go get sick. The tickets are already sold. Out there outside told that they are you going out. Ticket now or whatever yeah. But they don't want to acquire all the ticket Huckabee get. None at all none out the red the Red Sox the Red Sox web site face value playoff tickets. Were available on their website Red Sox ticketing website between about the fact. You can still catch tomorrow's AL BS game three that gave a cold again. Well you know I guess I don't agree Latvia and the Red Sox fan all my life and tackle back till like I do trust. You know so. You know I yeah but. I still believe that direct talks is still one of the most popular Asian blocked. I don't believe you know I'll listen negative talk about that and that they you know he's talking about it again it would negatively to the plant could again. Now what I say about the negativity ski dicier call what I say about my feeling on this team I don't think affect anyone's opinion later Red Sox fan. You don't care what I think. And I understand that when they're good there's not a better fan base in baseball. When they're good in competing for a championship last year. If you asked the Red Sox I think they would admit in a quiet moment they're surprised. That the fact they won 93 games last year. That the ratings now 15% from the year prior. Back to back nine to three win seasons bets Ben Tandy. Devers there at the end of the year a playoff team down 15%. In a quiet moment they would say yeah we were surprised by that and so can they be. Get back to where they were say two years ago. Try to get back to that level of 2016. That's my question. And other going to be enough fans for a team looks good on paper looks good. No doubt. But they feel wild card place right now and where I'd do 2013. There was all abuzz this team after the deal obviously did the tragic events of the bureau portion of the season. Autos that there was huge discussion about that. The way the Red Sox in her keys that is a great job handling that in the aftermath. But it wasn't until August truth it was today she pretty good Greta North Carolina final call on the Red Sox are right. Yeah I'm gonna agree that without the at bat in the lineup they beat I don't see a big playoff seed but they really need it bad the middle lineup. And they need to bring some personality back and you have been a fan of that a lot just but did he has no personality. Right. I did you speak for a lot of fans and will will see how it ends up playing out normally in these situations right not the case last year. But normally these situations. You win you just find your Boston if you win. It's when you're not winning were fans tune you out and it all four ownership groups would agree with that statement. It is really really tough in Boston to sell fan base on a team with not winning. The Celtics did it. Young people that were championship contenders but they're still bad LeBron of the sellout crowds there but. It doesn't happen a lot a lot the page is done delta and forever. He can't ask them but Celtics Bruins Red Sox when your wedding things are really really good. When you're not or people that you can't you can win and on a championship level. Again that could be tuneup for some fans in the city because the bar's been set so freaking high at this point. Our quick break we'll come back except for Ben now or at 9 o'clock right here Sports Radio W media. Lot of night rolls on Sports Radio WEEI. Apologized for those who have noticed. Very much of the show tonight. Play hurt so I'll be out here at nine. Prepare for very early morning with he Kirkland hand on the curtain Callahan show and now we move beyond the earth 6 AM. With the guys tomorrow morning so thank you were dealing with. My voice over the next a couple of the last couple hours here on the show gyms at Florida talking the Red Sox will see only app down their WEEI WEEI dot com why Jim. They jam. Jim in Florida. Was just there Telus the app that we want to get him on there. I'm get a ball the conversation Jim is not there. As four beat the Red Sox themselves. They it's a long spring training man we have with. We have rob on tonight and ask him spring training questions what's it's so freaking early. These guys both are playing games till forever meant other seasonal earlier this year. Al catch up on quick against the Red Sox start in March. Here in 2000. They do a study on March 2829. Somewhere in there so that they'll play game it's winning at thank you patio build the weather they'll play games of the 49. So it's not quite. You know in April but holy smokes the gate down this early. To get this slime me it's as. The process seems antiquated if you put a lot of things would baseball again maybe I'm wrong. Maybe these things take time. But the players are showing up. A month and apple for their first game. In an air ball park like pretty much every day. The three or four weeks and traveling and doing and going to games it just. They could shorten the process and my guess baseball likes this state this is turned into something more than just hey. Our guys in to get warmed up for baseball it's become a destination type thing. The city of Fort Myers gets huge. Huge travel Red Sox fans who go down there. And they told earned every single year and it's L a yearly thing for some socks and I'm of course wanna spring training. He spent a week Dundee at school vacation. Next week. So my guess healed a lot of Red Sox fans had and and parents and kids will get on a plane. Up on jetBlue flight down there. And spent a couple days of four margin walking around. It out of the crappy cold whether appear. And just soaking in the sun that's the that's that's that's part of why these things are longer on the government. Reporting dates are still orally. Six weeks and he's got to play game. And it's just they don't need outlets and many of those guys will need to be there or not are are getting there even earlier than. On the reporting gates saw asking rob question about this team we're gonna have absolutely no idea. My theory going in is that there will be good not great team and my question from this is not a baseball tag right now we. The baseball part of it like we know what the baseball part of it is good because the teams the same as it was a year ago. Same question of last year the price bounce back the rest of the rotation. He Kimbrel deal that it if roll the bullpen. Had a picture of the eight inning and the ninth inning. Offensive what is the power comes from like it's it's the same exact conversations. We had a year ago that part it's frustrating to me. I don't know what the new angle is going into your for the red sock as the season progresses man they'll be some different stuff. The other things that pop up during the year different game things will talk about a Red Sox review of going into the year. There's a Groundhog Day. Except. In we know so limit this team right now without power and where we don't we also now haley's. Can't be trusted me to power hitter. We don't Bogart's is probably never gonna become the 20/20 five home run guy I thought it was going to be. So loud JD Martinez wants a different angles with this team this year heading into the season. Same as last man. Once it's going to be will be different but not until then and by then guess what they start playing you watch the Celtics and Bruins play else. There we go. As always excellent job patio one of the best producers in the business. Helping us with a Robb's excellent Opel lap down there all of Ron's fault. Kicking good Wi-Fi down there's thank rob for Joyce thank you for your call phone calls thank you for listening on Valentine's day of all things. Hopefully you had a great date night with your wife or significant other boyfriend or whatever it is. However whoever he or she is hope you had an excellent Valentine's Day and help unite is just getting started. I'm going home to drink a large. The symbol of like well so we know those things are called the and hopefully wake up in time for per gallon tomorrow. And not completely suck but I'm not make any promises. Opera patio. And but it's one at night we roll on Ben Mallard export trade unity we yeah.