Rob Ninkovich on Dale, Holley & Keefe 1-22-18

Monday, January 22nd
Former Patriots Rob Ninkovich makes his weekly appearance on DHK. Rob isn’t surprised about the Patriots’ comeback, doesn’t think the Barry Church hit on Gronk was dirty, talks about the lead up to Super Bowl week, and says he cringes when he sees his former teammates taking hits.

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You'll have 38 ball. Thing forever here. Thought our weekly patriots Monday conversation with Rob Ninkovich is brought to you by doctor Robert Leonard and by the New England who bought a tractor dealers. Rob Ninkovich who the voice on that drop you just are joins us right now hey rob how aria. I have good I'm good guys you know we're under right now. They get they get from us. Talk in the Bucky in New Orleans. Don't have to now we will partner yet. I'm actually Disney World as they so wish me luck. And hopefully I'll lose my mind. Thought here's a lot of good stuff were adults do not just kids how are owed it to rob. It has a little poor in the warmth so. Always go crazy it's 8 o'clock am I the Disney World don't go crazy over there are considered. Are you past the point where. Are you past the point where you're ever surprised that any sort of comeback effort to Tom Brady puts together. No matter I mean. It that they want to order a look their minds to rent a 100%. On represent all all in knowing that their little one car can com or equal or isn't nervous or sucker so. It ought to. Those Syria held appear on. Its every week they're the Boston red tail every day. And they play four quarters of a team might get a couple thoughts I'll hurt. Up ten point then that inundated at all during politically awkward but it went so. That you know they they come back one or. When he it would it will work so I was. A very happy for Ortiz. Oh my old teammates and coaches and general corporate work. Didn't seem pretty impressed. Very impressive Houston last week about Jacksonville are like Jacksonville Jaguars. The daughter who's 28 attended they gained some respect. From the U 40 by the way they played. Yeah they did actually I was surprised that they extra bit that they played it low reputed. Home. I really thought they would do just common than not not really perform as well prepared. And you don't like Oprah talks are appealing to team could elect someone earlier and are now recruits side of sorry so. All the major wasn't in our Schuettler. Again you got to give credit that the first recorders they're playing well. And then they. They're paying off so are you got to give them credit actually. And a little announcement early or play better announces. Owned. But they're still going home so pitchers move on did you experience and you know all the different. Different type games that they've played in the past really not tomorrow. When the patriots are down 1410 at the half what's going on in the locker room there at at halftime as a coach is speaking at a lot of different players talking what what's happened. The groups come and they offensively cents or split. Earliest look a lot Herman absolute essentials for all ya want size also on the other side. Armed. Dot I get a couple minutes there collector onslaught. Use the bathroom of they have to know you don't have a peanut butter and jelly substance. And you know than medio come out to the board vote right you know right out maybe five plays that culture. Kind of go over those adjustments are gonna do move us forward. And the offense is doing the same thing so there although maybe some defense is that. You know over that they're participating you're listening to the front end and then they go out such an aspirin each other it's cute plays that game plan so. Product key I could get cap on every every which is clearly come on the adjust well technically different. Type of games so. They adjusted came back out to with they had to do and certain sort of Minnesota so on what you get like except for I'm I'm really happy form. You know because they they all deserve everything that they they earn deliver that they're not constitute. We're talking with former New England Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich. I'm asking you defensive player this but I I do would advise that Lee what was your opinion on the church hit against Rob Gronkowski dirty you know. And obviously no. There's a difference between that culminated with the crown your helmet to try to take some BO and work from what I saw he was coming in hot and he actually turn it is her twosome with a charm. I don't think he was trying to hit him in the head aspect is honesty you refrigerator. Put yourself at risk as well so doctors so well so. I think he comes in really trying to earn bankrupt corporate America football. And you determine that. And gross. Bought the bottle Christian with a side of his helmet so. Usually deported you know it's yours here. You know your your weak spots in the new hit in the head of society that where there are other there are two that hurt you just is better there so. I don't think you loose intentionally trying to. At all. Unfortunately it is part of making outs that the risks and the contact that happens when things are murderers fast pace and battle but you can prevent any of that. From happening at a bank bank situation like. What I'd I'd go he you know we can have targeted at different area of his body. Go lower. Well I'm an idiot amenity bogey ER. Harlem he's out for a lot longer than a week you know so. I think that the US crawl behavior whether it higher it loads that are. You've been to several Super Bowls you won a Super Bowl or to. What's what's that like getting ready this week and got a couple weeks to prepare for this thing isn't crazy people. Haven't talked to in years past you for sick kids what looks like. He effort you know the first couple days this country you can get it model will work. Look at particulate and family members in cousins that you haven't talked to and treasurer. You know al-Qaeda can be brutally honest that arms and I'm I'm I'm precept or send a avatar the last couple weeks after that to get from me so. That's pretty much are you handle and then wanna move on from the record. In Osama could be. It can get in the way of focusing on what really is important play good shall also. You know build a great job and hatred it's bigger amount we got a couple days here figured out wants. Wants wants her back or turn. It over so. You know he does a great job. Really clarify and everybody we're here for one purpose and that's a wonderful board game so look for her to the bestseller abilities are brought their plate track. What's that like for you to see James Harrison a patriots uniform and how do you think he has played so far for him. I think he's you don't think he's doing exactly what they want it you know they need to pick a guy either. The commanding you know be physical and stop the run that he's done a good job so you know 39 years old. It's not easy and and I give credit he's either political order so good for the past in particular. The Arizona Cardinals today named Steve Wilkes is their new head coach. Surprising some because Brian Florence was thought to have been a pretty strong candidate as well. But it means that would Matt Patricia likely headed for Detroit that Brian Florence is in line to become the defensive coordinator here. What's your experience what Brian Florence as a coach. I've been would be slope for many years so our amber at different sort of world are all here now and what your career but. He's a really Smart troops home you know really don't understand is players' level. You play at a high level the BC so our home. You know I really respect them. Good for tomorrow so not ticket she goes assume that role. We'll be grille and Google will be grateful well and bigger that the future looks bright room and definitely in any rule that you involvement. About all these coaches know with the patriots highs in the league Billy O'Brien Mike Vrabel today. Matt Patricia Josh McDaniels. God are you interested in being a defensive coordinator for somebody. We'll I don't know whether you see it yet I might be. I didn't see the game perspective that's our you know coaches they see it from all they see everything I've. As a player you want angle you know and we'll be certainly yeah. And quote aura quicker approaching. Right now it's odd. My he would in this world as. They serve well I dare put. It definitely cool that there's somebody connection they're and ever so oral. And you know I answered by resonate would be okay here's our. Do those genes you know. Was there any part of you rob that wishes you were still out there this year or did you make the right decision retiring before the season. You. Know on the you know practical got to get it might ski at all a reality. I really enjoy and slower and be able walked out on Tuesday and Wednesday you'll completely Laettner got ran over by car so. You know like accurate or. And I made it this isn't last year. It was goal scorer he album the best the best interest of myself the future. You know I love football I always loved football in the game put. On the side of it it it does the number on and so for me. You know although it looked up on the biggest cheerleader fan right now all the jumper outscoring them and you know superstars that would be on the ball through this year so. You are are really tired of them. Really open a bingo and insecure business go back to back. The B greats to witness and you know I'd always miss football where you know those. The pain and hurt the darker part it's been you know put so we replaced. I wasn't how this could do it anymore. A bit of advice from a a savvy veteran. Avoid it's a small world you'll never get that song out of your head. How hard are actually enjoy the novel then at this expands our Iowa and hear a lot of it knows about ya. One of the interview we did as a family so you know it's cool hum hum. Are we come here a lot to last year he uses all when you came here. Let assembly and you know I'm sure this is the last Bible beaters so. You're CD if anyone or any picture sent a letter and or in Orlando pitcher and I'll be walking around magic. Well and I honestly have yeah yeah yeah actually I guarantee it look at our club. Rob thanks very much enjoy the trip down there. Our guys they hear me.