Roger Clemens on D&K: On getting votes for the Hall of Fame “I did it the right way”

Boston Baseball
Thursday, May 31st
Doing game with Dale and Nevins tonight. Talks about how his kids are graduating and how they are making the MLB. He never missed a start due to carpal tunnel, was fortunate during his career to be mostly healthy. The Sox are going to need Price to win the World Series. One of his favorite players in Joe Kelly and he would love to see him as a starter. Clemens appreciates the people that vote for him to get into the Hall of Fame and insists that he played the right way.

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Let's bring in a seven. Count about seven time Cy Young winner Roger Clemens joins us now Roger for Steve Dale Arnold Johnson mock scenario. I don't guys. Doing really well are you excited to call the game tonight with Dale Arnold. I I enjoy doing that last year are no joke these are all the way doubt it because your article that the you know I don't know. I don't jog gotten great barbecue rectitude anytime you want to come out so. What yeah I'm looking forward to it. We watched not people being DR Doolittle worked refused and I watched my former team quite a bit being able to get nets in doubt they're used to it. They're playing really well so I'm looking forward through to keep your great matchup breakthrough and. Roger let's talk a little bit up we were just talking before you hop on the phone was about. But your son's big weekend. Not only is he a heck of a player but he's not a heck of a team as well this weekend. I appreciate it guys thank you so much out Cody. Actually Cody was really excited yet you have an opportunity to it would permit the Rick that scouting department and you had a fantastic year I can be more obvious it is that more proud of these but at the onlooker or that I do with the Astros. Want to fumble all right giant to. Cannot be that bad enough. Enter you know to you know pocket that I work with. I've been there with about 18 point five major leaguers most of my pitchers so whatever you do it with. Either Kate he was with the Toronto Blue Jays are Cody who. You're eligible for the draft next week turn that off spot what. What they're doing very well the strengths and what we start you know Rubin. And then just got to be it that in between net so. I love it that the board have a chance to play at the next level like advocate the use what the object that. I love it if he's playing professional baseball with a look at the more he graduated. From the university taxes in the homes that schools so. Real important and of course those two. Spent much younger boys always tell me that that it was it was a little bit older so they can watch what do they do have fought. And but I think they're when they keep a highlight and that guys like that like it when you enter argues which you'd run up they. And they mentioned that you know I have the opportunity plan that they give those guys it's really special so that if you look good at it yeah. Now Roger in your 24 year Major League career did you ever miss a start because of mild carpal tunnel. I don't know I don't know about that I don't know what that would look. You know I pretty fortunate throughout my career ethnic early in my career at the arm. They protected me a little bit midway through my career and let me. You know rock and roll to a 12030. Pitch mark in and of course later my career with the Yankees Astro. They can economical they wanna be great or September October or so. You know that's just the way it is right now you get. You know you got your starters which I talked about tonight you're starters so good enough or the red dot that nobody left handers very. Very good left handers I think. He that are the states for Lander. You know jet in when he came here no he goes out played my golf course sides but. You teachers that I've Apple's got a look at what looked after that I'd Florida strike zone. Yeah and what you're not pretty fortunate throughout my grad did fairly well the others through you know if you I'd like Wal-Mart going pushing off. You work hard that way but all of all of this pretty good. Roger what you made of David price's. Boston ten years this is now its third year with the Red Sox and it seems like. You know they'll pitched pretty well for a stretch and then you'll get into some incident either with Dennis secondly last year or. He just seems to be a pretty sensitive guy and that he also run into some troubles on the mound though the senator great fit for him here in Boston. Well you know what you yeah great arm and and he's got to be needed so much regrets. I think you know are obviously in my hometown team here won the World Series I think the richt thought that improved so much. Not only experience spoke with quality arms. Painting with Yankee yankees have been for the chat with these guys. They're very good at what you do and David Wright very good he's gonna have you know he'll be right in the Mickey Aptiva. You know beat David Brock you know he very good and that he rate. That's human August September October comes up for it that's it via. If you right here in the minutes. Rogers you call these games this weekend who are you most looking forward to seeing on the Red Sox is Judy Martinez a monkey bets Chris sailed just curious he really wanna see. I'll tell you what you're one of my favorites of all a joke belly up or not but the admit. Starter we weren't expected. I know but at Joseph Kelly it up it lecture and I love this. I love the way he yeah actually close up a little bit when he delivers the baseball all played some very difficult on righthander. The superior. Out of the ball and I just love it when he comes Uganda watched and go to work. He beat you down towards crop of the body is much like eight Jake Ariana. Where we're Jake steps across his body delivers the ball well at. Joseph make these angles it's very difficult for hitters. The open additional forward because all of our ripped out starters that you guys have seen that. I think among beat Palmer at night. I I think he's been or five in the last two restarts and at what little bit deeper. Very well maybe he'd get the accurate so. It would be very important. You were called Rocket Roger Clemens for a reason you've got all the up to home plate pretty quickly. You see the numbers that are that are on the radar guns today a 1000103. The other night. Do you believe the numbers are guys just thrown harder than ever. Yes no question about it I mean even one you know you there or you know I. And Detroit a cute couple all under one mile an hour I didn't pitch at bat speed out it is I was a power pitcher or an hour or so. Big difference I think you know I had that 959697. And so that was really good at that time but. You know you get the relievers that are just like unbelievable right now they're they're so good at what you do they have. Want her to wipe out pitches so. I don't like the starters really book is try to get that line three times. You didn't throw you know and then in turn over pitiful me. Roger how hard you throw now you its traditional alliances theaters and ideas via any any plans or another comeback. Yeah I'm 8889. 88 the ninety mile per hour turn it loose they'll I ate pretty fortunate. You know I have a long all of them guys noise the idea and I could yet but that's from fifty feet out there that expect. We. I'm still ports and can do it and I love the bank writes it. Roger this past year it was the highest that the highest percentage of votes by the BB WA for your hall fame candidacy was 57. Point 3%. Highest than it's ever bandit is that something that's still on your mind and do you think in the next year to you could finally get in. Yeah I mean I'd like ethnic guys it's almost solemn. It's almost not even newsworthy but I appreciate it guys that vote for me that look at that factor into all that then that's great but atom. Change you know the person who I am I did it right at the right way. And look at that in the right to vote for you over death rate. Again hopping back and changed me yet that person I love. The game of baseball I'm a deal with it guys that are trying to make your way to the big week in and do that so. You know I appreciate it and he wrote that I have I don't really have a obviously they don't win it so yeah I appreciate it guys do it. Arm I'm looking forward to actually get up on trip coming up teachers actually come at the box. He used to more for the Jimmy Fund implant adopt turn one of my close friends there and definitely it over in Wayne George. Tim but I really looking forward to working with you tonight here at the ballpark and and can't wait it. To visit with yet at greater length tonight when the Sox take on the Astros we appreciate you taken a few minutes this afternoon I'll see it a couple of hours down. Here absolutely a 100% I'm gonna be down there watching guys take a little BP and I look forward being in the market. Thanks Roger thanks under thank you yeah we. Yeah that is Roger Clemens will be calling the game tonight with Tim never myself here in Houston. It's it's sort of the strange thing he he still doesn't work for the Astros but he obviously still cares and roots for the Red Sox and as nests and on audits system at home so we can watch all the games. Eddie's wait to see which team drafts is kid. Because he's got one son who was drafted in the Toronto organization. And it's he said the Red Sox haven't had evidently had discussions with his son who's. Got a pretty good chance according to a lot of people of being a major leaguer himself some day.