Roger Clemens joins Dale, Holley and Keefe

Boston Baseball
Friday, June 16th
Roger Clemens, in the Sox booth tonight to fill in for Joe Castiglione, calls in to talk baseball with the boys.

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I tonight they Red Sox three Houston to take on now to Houston Astros the best team in Major League Baseball joke the stately onus off for the weekend Tim never will be working the game tonight. Without Red Sox hall of Famer Roger Clemens Roger joins us right now from Houston Roger it's dale Michael and rich thanks for being with us for a few minutes. You gotta thank. Let's talk a little bit about that bulls have the Astros first you see them all the time they're right there in your hometown how did they become the best team in baseball all of a sudden. They projected that a few years back ethical sport to most. You know Dallas. Michael back in it is only there was now that he's right now I'm blue lipped out actually just minutes or from the moment. But it wouldn't do that yet a let him come home and attract over to the Red Sox are to their load them familiar faces on down there are. They're on the ball well I always thought this morning and black colors. You know when we were talking. You know prior to this season. And I told Brian McCann that was you know what color is project. It was similar guys in Europe ought not let you know I was approached an 181920. Wins and and really didn't have anybody go along with the kind of went home to watch the playoffs on TV which is not a lot of fun and when you know when we got hurt skiing you know guys that you know the guys are common outlook and I think we'll sixteen or seventeen when I win. Do some like that the IG got a really good chance then. Of course there are also in the back out of all our. Quite a little smaller election of the Crawford boxes a little bit smaller than you know Edward Parker course yet the monsters they do a little bit of Cuba. Some hard hit on the line but. They're just playing well they're all and you know unbelievable one. You know like I told a number of obvious you're much younger or watch a lot of College Baseball late aunt. Those kids a lot of pointed questions and I think there may just like I am the you know really how you to listen Vinny get guys on 9697. X I. The command to hold its 98 you're closers are under so it's pretty incredible watch. Roger's doing the game tonight I'm wondering if you're interested to become a broadcaster. And I'm not I'm not I'd love Angel Heatley at the pot and not put my carnal cat goes in that they'll love. Implement a point sometimes around draft David Crockett family over her that it got that and in not you know spring training gear than mainly. Or they're beating watched some of the guys on the staff are texting him or her column it. It's been a joy for me to do that in and even don't you know except two are critical. Pitchers who come and when they come and kind of wanted to often and they want to have want to talk. So it's it's usually the mental part of the game and and you know just to keep the guys you know focus a little bit better than expert. I enjoyed doing that. You know records that I appreciate guys and they. They come over him in India you know give their little or it was them to possibly somewhat high school kid who might be over how to figure it out. Roger look at a guy like David Price who. He's off to a tough start this year but for his career has been a tremendous regular season pitchers got a Cy Young he's got an ERA in his career you know in the low three's but then when he goes to the post season no matter what year it is. It seems like it's a completely different guy what what do you make of that where there at the post season just doesn't line up at all with the regular season. Yeah I don't know how to explain their corporate until you are each year let me get more and more experience that you're correcting gonna get better and better. You know David Packard got electric and abduct and watching my back here last time I look up in the boot heel on the guards there. Maybe it out over the technical part of that can way. And he was gone and I do like it mechanical electrical you know why couldn't play where we are all. And I think he you know I'm I'm quite sure that your Antarctic routine that you can. Really count on and arm you know I think when you're that high level and you're not where you wanna beat you get there and thirty destructive. They only take one step back if they could Jack that forward and continue automated. Are they warrior wanna treat erect cock what you're gonna have to watch. You know somebody like pride since then you get a little dinner. It related at least one Mark Bell picked you know those guys are pretty dynamic and on the lot so. You know I think I think he's obviously got it again you're right on the he's one of those guys get to a break here and then you'll leave or so look into gold. One of my favorite guy on the and always been neglected. Problem how I'll gladly do it yet but he. Greg in bigoted and that are made it it's fun to watch it become an active student and you know. In all the guys and believes that you know he blocked them and it's just gonna want to get hurt and they do it built well. We're talking with the Red Sox hall of fame pitcher Roger Clemens will be working to game tonight on the Red Sox radio network. With Tim never at I said last hour I almost wish you were working last night's game. When Chris Sale was pitching because his game in your game seemed to really coincide from what you've seen a sale. What is it that made him so successful. I looked at me when I turn it Republican record keeping and I doubt it will collect and equal a lot of he's like come march. We were three crucial an anchor like you know they're got Lester Calder somebody some electrical or and we we could not dispirited about it to that. Salem and he he looks extremely focused. On our goal is interesting I think it or black Knight needless. On the agriculture a couple of things when I got home yet eight. Like a slider that he was dropping down on his speed and power slider or changeup slider would more brick city featuring you're not. I got to carrier they're not on rallies articulate I've got a couple really good friends that are true north and down here and I'll get a tax they're on the mound and get our strike out the other guys you know all these guys don't wanna start or in so. Aloha ticket not a he would economic. It like that he's on the watt speaker. He is you know I don't know that he throw anything straight. In Iraq are we were talking before he came on your hall of fame numbers have gone up pretty significantly. The past few years I'm wondering if you if you're paying attention to this on on hall of fame days if you're looking at the trends. And it if you look forward to you being in the hall of fame that's important to you. Sure security is like that I can't control one bit but you know I when it in each year that it that goes on I don't pay attention to that. Obviously I phone calls and texts and emails. From a lot of lot of people all over the country so and a lot of nice welders calls to my foundation so. I appreciate that no control accretion to appreciate the people that have paid attention to detail. And I went about my work enough. Elect us and I think I did the right way and a one out there and you get what I had to do about it the right way so. Again I have no control that I. You know what you think about when those bases. All the guys that you have to think I would you know not go so all the pain because. Beat your own chest you have a lot of players I would never have an opportunity there. That really helped you get there and those are the guys that I think about especially all the guys that might catchers over those 24 years they were very good. It paid attention to each channel and you know I call on 90% of my game from the now. And those guys equivalent and at least so they'll they'll do things I think about when you talk about all Famer. Getting an individual. Achievement alike that you you know you know who. Who hope to. A guidance that it it's all about them understand that they're there because some teammates and most of those can make that never had the chance to either. I'm curious what did twenty plus years in the majors which guy that you faced was the toughest for you to get out. Are you a question from me because it's good eye contact that is also loud and wire. Really at any other stadium rather than maybe Oakland coliseum where you have a lot of ground. First dude you know guys that let the game is fighting an eleven pitch at bat. One of them than you normally don't seven in the that it could happen again at any culture so I'll post article. You know I had a pretty good sinkers I was trying to throw the ball. Extremely hard call bowling ball and parents have those guys that it can't get about it is quicker I could. Somebody like I just sent Albert pull together at 600 that's in and I expect that we have a chat and you know he knew always knew I agree at least that the power knew every at bat I was gonna give him at least one pitched it. And they sounded optimistic you know pretty much gonna take them out there but. You know best that the independent Anderson you know those big power hitters swing it pretty Archie could get it there there area. But for sure especially like in the national arbor spark for the second time and whatever was in came home to relax and then yes does that mean to play and you know being in a nationally that was the that was the key for me. Along with avenue. You know I hit a couple related managers' data but one being Jimmy blames our agents. One of the best baseball men around. Jimmy at that age and my record my numbers you correct me if Simien would go on the batting cage. 73745. In the morning and you were able to meet our. On an outlook ought another 1520 minute talk machine on which the Arctic. Engineer would get on that vote I know your credentials and you know but it and show me that you can handle the bat it down. That allow lately you know in the game in this except maybe in at about five when there. On your record before this season was over and he was dead on. Roger we're looking forward to the game tonight you're working with Tim never down there in Houston we appreciate taken a few minutes. Yeah and a shout out Josie joke that between now and I mean Joseph. It's appreciate it and the beat her so that's on. Thanks Roger. AK are monitored as Red Sox hall of fame pitcher. Roger Clemens will be working the game tonight Houston. We're a little bit late with the break when we come back we'll get back to the Celtics knew at all. Because it's multiple sources are now saying that the Celtics are deep in talks. To send the number one overall pick to the Philadelphia 76ers. For the third overall pick and other things that is the whales we need details on the other and they are mad because several reports say they're not players involved this is just picks. You Charl so I don't you make a lot of. You know I keep maybe it goes back to and we'll talk when I haven't donated goes back to Josh Jackson that they really want him there but I couldn't get him at three but what if the lakers take a but the latest that material. 6177797. ID 37 Sports Radio WEEI.