Sam Horn joins Joe and Tim in the Booth. 08-06-17

Boston Baseball
Sunday, August 6th

Sam Horn stops by the booth to talk to Joe and Tim about his new show What is You Pregame, which will be airing on CSN. They also talk about the Red Sox team and their recent power surge.


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Probably go to the third inning. And it's still three to Chicago they got three in the second inning in Austin for the play by play as Tim never I think still very much special guest joining us here. Computers. Our man here in just a moment you're on Mon kind of stands in against Doug Pelfrey ship design for the Red Sox first pitch tomorrow and kind of taken for a strike Sam horn is with us in the Booth. Sam great to see you you do until you get so great to see is handing out here you can't beat this. On kind of beats the (%expletive) hits and where the shortstop what are the elements in the left center field of patient so among counter with a single but power law feels they have shifted our view. Others but yes that is the fifth that put it just the little that was good. Today the white signs of an elegant around ships. The Red Sox earlier on. Well here on the market renowned and you knew most of the ball club in he's seeing on TV again soon moment. Well we we do have something come up what did you pregame on Comcast's next Saturday. Of these 11 AM so we're looking forward to showing you guys were. Wicca was they bring you the batter. We'll bring you all for one he struck out swinging in the first and what is your pregame. And all the negative signal while back with the big poppy and bump. What the athletes eat. What Richards filed on the third base on 11. Well I don't want it to us I think it's all about what you eat is pretty much of preparation. And general. I believe that some of the athletes today. Definitely have more talent than others. It's your preparation that really gets it to the game because the Phillips you're prepared. Better than someone who has more talent I think that's the equalizer. Yet Jackie Bradley junior against the in this segment yes he's he's the player course. But at the same time on the with less than half of the of great players. It's hard to one particular one of where you will feel a few of so we'll only be discussing. He's gonna talk about family. Talked about with a the room Walston. Quote without it was an away at the union. There's something about his favorite middle of the day with its breath. As access to one. One now there's a lot of good things about records tell you prepare forget that Asia but this. The no one out of one time here in the Chicago third inning that you don't Monaco who started the three run rally in the second with a bunt base it is up. Sam can't really CEO president of the Red Sox will be held views well. My guess is that this woman take a moment out to just say things impunity congratulations on your distance and for the Boston Red Sox they couldn't have a better mentor especially at the CEO and president now. No Monica no engine flies to right young right Terry makes a catch to down the one thing congratulations to. He's going to be let us know if extra authorities. Pretty much what you would do you know these two teams are here and we park graduate Burke were some legal seafood Stew. Well we would like to have a ticket to the people in the community. That are community leaders business people so we commonly wanna share some of the good things. About Boston. You know for me as a player there's a lot of negativity out there so when you have so warm this time will tell the good side. And that the stories that's what I call live it. That will be next Saturday August 12 at 11 AM on Comcast and CS sense them more. What's your pregame and shoot the tune in for that for sure. We need catching. Thank you everyone had the pre game that's how I think it's so this supplement that wants to be able to relate to fly ball shallow center layout to. Dry hole to make the catch inside retired. Don't forget Saturday August 12 11 AM on CSN on Comcast Sam horn. Hosting what's your pregame Jackie Bradley junior Sam can be Roger Berkowitz a guest on the program reported seeing Sam. Virginia. Well thank you guys for having him here in the blue. Does such a great job up there this one mistake. The thing everyone in the special shout out to love my team. Mike Victoria. Dan and Jerry from making us welcome truth for. Thanks Sam Sam horn Willis here in the book. We played two and a half and things shoots the White Sox three Red Sox to on the Shaw's WEEI Red Sox radio network.