Sandy Leon Player of the Game Interview 08-09-17

Boston Baseball
Wednesday, August 9th

Joe & Tim talk with Red Sox catcher Sandy Leon, whose 2 RBI single broke the game open as the Red Sox beat the Tampa Bay Rays 8-2. Leon also talks about catching Rick Porcello, who threw an Immaculate 5th inning, 9 pitches, 9 strikes, 3 strikeouts.


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Sandy congratulations. That that was the huge hit this turned out to be very fair value of folk behind one and true and that he ripped a shot to left. Yeah I mean I guess I was. The fellas went to America's writers does keep its nuclear sorcery and let me through puzzle right there in the way it was being kind of a mentor realizes. This guy for that. After that we've big union scored later on while pitcher. Two reaching on the error. In the eighth inning tell us what happened on the play yeah mass Iowa ipso whistle is going back users slowly that they had a chance in the Gaza. I once or. How Barbara Purcell tonight he was really cruising any had a perfect giddy with nine pitches to right that strikes for three strikeouts he has only I mean presumably for Matty Narnia night beat it is time to assist profit for. He threw two civil we will only get two pitches. Tuesday was to all of us these these rules. You know the immaculate inning the eighth in baseball this year in the Red Sox out through them Craig Kimbrel had won back to me. Against Milwaukee. And it's the most ever a single season in Major League Baseball history to catch one of those 299 comments last time pesos that's in Wheeling team votes one. Matthew that's I mean that's pretty impressive to do this season to take out that you. People can. By the book bank continues to be near perfect this. Sandy hit tonight that Barnes worked when he Kelly all contributed they threw the ball very well in the yeah I mean having given them all season long been getting in the account being executed speeches. I get in the coming there's new rookie were to go to. You know therefore for a four so he's done a lot of us this year and he's pitched well enough. Thank you give you six plus innings. Pretty much every game and portion of the with a win loss doesn't doesn't nano form but. But they're getting him some runs was it was a big key guys get more relieved we get runs for a. I mean yeah I mean is that he's really lost it's alarming that is Pakistan it is between Muslims and that is so that by teammate he's been fighting vehicle penal to salon and that's all about saw body as a threat to compete defensively he's fired. Me file called on the pregame speech and it has been bill season. How to Joseph Kelly throw after not pitching for a month I'll really get I mean it's only 98 maybe saying listen I mean. Is below was there music be it through Michael okwu is when it was good to me was I mean was used to seeing him back. Well the longest winning streak of the year the longest active streak in Major League Baseball eight straight you go into a day off tomorrow big weekend series against the Yankees. You know what's what's the state of the club right now as the other what are you feeling now winning eight in a row. And you've moved me to hear. These these laws last couple days it is just you know the person does not make make anything happens it is news. Go to the too much of an end and everything happened and went into a right get they off again tomorrow at least part of will be a long night tonight but it nice way to go and the Yankees series of they have to play tomorrow night while. Yes what I mean I know you as the amount to giving up to more than a million extreme like of the nucleus peace my ankle being. Or seen any yet. Pictures level work your way here when they swung the bat well I think you're going very well Aureus or graduation saying your vision so the Red Sox went Aguirre to to.