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Saturday, January 28th

Guys talk the Bruins season so far and the All-Star Break


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Yeah. Bruins and the NHL lead can't layer from that could give Callahan show time hockey. I give us your. Rear axle from the bar stool sports like your criminal we ought to be in jail that's always okay. EI dot com bruins' record tying and Anderson former Bruin made WA AF personality when did fired his nine year NHL veteran right and we. Saturdays game titans running back. AT&T and star mark indiscriminate got a lot of losses. Peace talk. On Sports Radio WB yeah. I write this is really funny response week. In the business rulings to comeback wins and my buddy rear admiral from Parcells sports app and fired back at peak shepherd. After he was called AT and nearly suck up and had a sting rare and I mean if that was rooted in reality me but I I looked through all my hold blogs that. Could find any one blog where I'd defended the actions of Q and you don't love letters became dollar now I mean I'd I don't. Don't remember I don't Fannie dump finally been got a new Droid camps all. I mean I guess I'm a sack up I mean I deuce you know I really shocked our boys out that you guys these dialogue I love Pete brings to the space in times of passion that sometimes I worry about the only gets a little too riled up by. Think we need to have it adds up to fiddler reiterated Sunday his. But I mean I'm you know I'm I don't stuffy suck up the something's on on on line but. I mean if you can produce evidence where rice are up in the area of the read this was a apiece chip appearance on the bubbly showed Kirk Callahan show this week he was against the casting doubt which I guess rear admiral may soon be as well he was it's extended the invite as yeah it sounds like Jerry Ara asked asked me to be on I'd be bought and happiness to the cast and coached that's big stuff as causes a decisive when that's and you pointed out but at the. Here's a little bit at the shepherd from this week all calling out our friend reader about the respect the rat OK so people are Neil suck up beyond belief. That was part one really the bigger and take away it was part two from my feet he stick with his guns as you know admiral I have declared. DJ for Claude Julien who went before they get the bite we get that Montreal game February was fourteenth couple recently yeah I should note slam net him indeed anyway. That doesn't even need to be declared because Pete shepherd has said already. They closed Julian is a did coach coaching her coach was already been fired you just don't know we all know he's been fired its assessments at. And it's easy collecting a look at that. Hot here here's the thing to me when you when you listen dude how Pete frames at. I don't think he's totally necessarily wrong. Load may behind. The curtain. Get the feeling he's now I don't believe they've actually gone up till now literally sick jewel in your outward as a coach not a mystery. I don't you believe that. Day appears to have reached a crossroads now where they decided to let this thing play out for the couple weeks that the all star break here. The schedule really stands out of the next three weeks and in six games you Bruins. In the next couple weeks including that by a week. So we'll see how things shuffle out and how some teams around the standings that reacts and at that point they're gonna have two choices coaching change or trade. Reyes actually to throw three choices. You know not yet stand pat right but I don't see that happening so. It's possible that the writings on the wall and Juliet feels it is giving your response I. I can guarantee right now and I know who's gonna get fired Mike Babcock in Toronto I don't. It's it's happened and it's gonna happen I don't know when it political I would your advice is kind of fight it's brought those to just sit and wait a sentiment says it away. Exactly IA Nina we talked about a last week ET and always getting as fighting and that happened two months later that's not having a school beauty you you might have taken gas medio hassle us intelligence on the aren't fighting kept on. I think the bronze if anything it. And asked them Brad my son's quotes him. It feels like the marriages like most solidified now than it was a few weeks ago. I mean I I don't get the sense that. There's no place and you need is no players drop in quotes maybe. You know author racquet stop the guys I mean I'm sure one or two guys bitches but it pitches to a media guide but there's nothing ultimate. That that is any indication he's last the team it was in the Roman Mino except for the fact that in Los four in a row when the rumors were swirl right while the cause that they go hand in hand you know the blues and then you know. One prominent guy in town says he's it's gonna happen based on his got them right does that mean that there was not you know I mean. Almost all lost source is this a course that I think about it you know they talk to this Arianna gonna take a look at well of course that's what management but even Bobby Kielty you know of the most respected guy am I right media had yet I commented on last week right Biden and he's hot he's one guy who where'd you do actually abide by and he did have that it was a strong disconnect. And you know now is that this connects. Is it still I mean again I just hope and outweighed a fight or months on the Arab file for some. He's an Allen knew what when they gonna Firefox right now I mean the everyone of the five games and games I I think close. I'm surprised he's here in the but I think editing. You run a Marcia and I think the players the veterans on this team it's genuine they wanna cup with this guy they obviously have some up in a degree of up close this with Julian but. That doesn't mean it's the time has come work could provide a spark here down the stretch but he you look at this this break they have now look come back. And they'll take on Tampa on the road Washington the good team and in Toronto again who they've been scope by twice you brought up but Babcock and the leafs. If you really are honest about it please clarify I was totally joking of course OK according Toronto's a blast but right now that if you give them. If you extrapolate the points based on having five games in hand on the Bruins Toronto is going to make the postseason with a very young roster. And it be if that happens indeed beat out the Bruins that's tough that's three years general you missed the playoffs and you know you could argue and I think I would they had a better roster than. All three years on paper then all three to teams that they would be out by Philadelphia one year this year would be it would be too raw. Or Philly again but you know I I think you've just got to remember this bill wildcats won Emmy and a couple months you'll look like them for the government to plot was gonna have. 5 teams in the am but true that's true they've fallen off Philadelphia and Boston both have 56 points Bruins to a two games in hand. That's you know that's it it is potentially four points the Philly but. I mean I I consider the groans in the thick of it is is much as any any of these the other teams at the bottom. Again hypothetically if they if they miss the playoffs again you know I just I'd rather deal with out we get together and I just kind of fact I would be the same drum over and although like with load. As you know is he got a goal is he gonna go like Al and I take all out weekend manually. I suppose because you are clearly had a little bit the act arrogant and yeah and me that they'd they'd won into the break. Pretty good one and that Detroit team it's a team they should probably be easily. They would Downey battled back they showed them some got a little bit of spirit since in Pittsburgh down to nothing they come they come battled back. And the break is probably a perfect timing I think too close look album titled he has a man nearly shop. As he was earlier in the year and I think this is a well timed break fund and knowing that. Couple guys and ended its base including took it might be in DNA about Jesus you'll connect. I think they caught about orchid nobody's gonna start Tuesday in Tampa because they call them up because in Mac and I can't play during the all star break column up because duke is gonna fly cross country and Staples Center in middle it and play Tuesday. After a lot Tripp lied and they wait. Because they need Zain MacIntyre province that's why column mop mine tanning odd and I bet he'd better and better investor wise potato chips that we gets it oral and those of those that she's balance. Yet available. These currently. Actually obviously cheese there that day and it Korean barbecue too I like those few big chip guys and I mean you can't be wise chips. We're up for. That'd by wise snacks of course one of our fine sponsors SR market NE TNT to Saturday's game I can't Laird forever from Parcells sports is here at Tai Anderson our beat man from the BI dot com is still walking in here. As we speak but yet we should give you know little focus only games this week the Pittsburgh game. After getting skunk five to one and being dealt to nothing. In the first period goal is to intermission break. I bet you up plenty of television's clicking off or two other channels across new wings Sunday Pittsburgh game yeah okay I'd yup. Yeah it was ugly yes it after a period one Thursday night it felt. Pretty low for this. It was one of those you know the wheels turning again in. The responsible was what it was semi I know Pittsburgh was missing mob and the whenever guys are hard always miss on different teams. I yelled they showed tremendous I'd come back and in the got a little hairy late but. If full points going into the break they can recharge the batteries I think like as a result of a very well timed break for this team. I think to Gore's looked a little ragged maybe tiger give us Lamar insight yet. How would he tell you that this is a good time for the break for the Bruins to a little little a little when the missiles maybe what. But I'm content with its high fire appeared on the date a date producer. Like on. We got lost adversary I had it on Larry it's going to killer yet know the break is totally the right time this team and they look exhausted. And and they were you asked questions like that like not our fine everything's fine they're going to Yad now lead a break and set up that was fun announced it's telling it's true. Sixty on 153 game two games I mean that's essentially out and wants more than anybody else in the and the league dads that's not that this at this stage in the year I think and and seventeenth two win these games against good competition. Given all of that given the circumstances is very difficult so. You know they came through at some with some big wins but but yes this was sort of like. You watch that that Pittsburgh game on Thursday and you say they're not and as such as to nothing like the teams gaffes they're just they're they're they're ready for the break he needed they need to press. You know that the reset button there. And and fired back up on Tuesday but they've they pull it out and I mean I can't think of a better way to end what has any trying for two games the Nat win. It sums this team up and and angry when you ready Europe to cast them and not pay attention again they pick him up with a is definitely like that godfather part three aspect is that in the that's fine it is it's that is that the only thing that people remember from the godfather appropriate thing is you know just might think despite being a mile yeah neglect and out. That that none of them hilarious miscast in about Sophia Coppola will marsh in almost didn't play in the game. Yeah ends up being a star did you know is always on knocked out of its in the first period right and what happened that even thought about that he be helped on the runway after one. Collision with a plea was Ian Cole. I wanna say of the of the of the penguins there look at his lower body and then. Come to find out he pulls himself out of the fastest skater competition tonight right so that would it lead you to believe that yes there is something lower body going on there. On the eyes that he is you know hobbling out there and and this is them playing and playing it safe and not risking our penal Marcia not risking the team's best player getting hurt and what is and other. Arenas but some minutes and meaningless weekend of of of fun and activity doesn't mean we understand that but I think it's a Smart by him but again I mean. He should imply. He should be suspended and I really think that he should be suspended for that at mean that is just. That's old that's old Brad that's like that's what you thought you getting 2011. Before he was stabbed himself as a goal scorer before its options ovals one of the best players in this league on here's a need to do that's. You get why he did it because if you look if you if you watch it out ten seconds earlier. The Bruins think. Kron wall slew foot Bergeron so they're they're pissed about that scrolls been a type of player through guy it's everyone from behind these guys are tough guy that comes in I think that's I didn't spend much because schools crumble if there's. It was Zetterberg Odom ended up. I mean and I'm kind only half joking because he NHL is so political and I'm not totally I mean does it. They've gotten better in the discipline but annual global get to the NHL undulating but they're more indications are politically has but. I thought the schori was gonna get at least to gain. You know based on its slow foot and it's my shot these as a reputation he has corrected. I thought for sure at least a game. 101000 qualifier I was like well I'll take it but it's it's not like you know Tyson it's a movie if you think he's past the he used to do a lot more dirty stuff I mean once in a blue moon maybe but. Us a slow footed on a guy like from all its dangers dangers move you can really you can really hear. One of the things I find interesting about it too is that yet to remember crumbles missed. Since the calendar year to a sixty at the cardinals missed almost like forty games is injuries. So they're looking out the red and we're doing what you do and this guy you know this guys on one knee basically you're doing this so it was when they called it dangerous trip. Is dangerous and more than one way and is that the whole thing was with danger zone is unnecessary it was reckless and what I liked about it was marsh and owned it. In on the Bruins owned after the game. You know quotes that we were lucky to have them before the game marsh and says it that was stupid none Nasr on my part I think that shows you the difference now. Verses were eleven the last year to rightly get suspended the he now he always Jones and afterward as you ever seen I've never seen a human more upset. To watch a hockey game than Brad marsh and the press box winter classic you can see us faces like. And I really goofed up he he knew it and and it means that. You know that that you recognize them that's the that's wonderful but you don't want it on me because again he's going to be gone for probably you're talking 510 games at least because they've already let. I'm off the hook but this one well Ankiel adamant and even that gained you know he ties up the centers overtime Tuesday against Detroit. Out to credential wise snacks or sponsor when we select now or cheese doodles extreme player of the week brought to you by lies next is it marsh and Dora. Which give it to love. I struck Haiti with the overtime winner Tuesday. Or you know Thursday they had to have David back is showing up at a big point -- to be my pick. But that's kind of the quintessential David back this game if you're gonna now bring him and that's what you wanna see from him you levels fatality love you love all all like little iiroc. He was an impact the guy right now violence in that game. He created. But still factor which led to and they scored the game winner on a power play goal. You know with Colin Miller dropped the gloves but what's his name for Pittsburgh Scott Wilson yes the instigator penalty. It's Backus. Thrown checks all of the ice which sort of created and it I think that's a real don't you think it's a real tangible effect and that in game like that. No was I I go back to marsh and more though because I look at the situations. In which he contributed I think one of the big things was. In other down to nothing after one there to begin the period on the on the PK. I've Pittsburgh on for what really would have been the the just the apps that dagger three nothing it's map Marie guys stone you all season long. On and martians go to shorthand goal I get some back on the board. You know in many contributes with with a five on five goal later in the period and I think that was kind of one of those things where. You know what Pakistan was wonderful and I and I don't want discredit all because aid without that I don't think the Bruins aren't as it physically engages anywhere. But I just look at what marsh and did and that second period really get them going that's shorthand goal I think was really a pac bring it for the penguins he went from. Possibly being up three nothing especially given the weapons at their power play house to being hit it to make it to one game and now the Bruins they feel there and feel that. Their heart sold ars are going that's frankly I like Backus there. But I I I have to go marsh and I got to get on the marsh and fan boy I'm I am a martian apologists in the first to admit it. Well sure you get to can't nearly century nearly suck up as we established who's you'll break tie here. Fees two losses but the I'd bash he had no doubt about it he had two goals and Stan. Straight games to one of them they'll Pittsburgh and fourth or cracked the twenty goal barrier once again has Korea. It's no no brainer if I mean him grab much if the rules it's its interest Selig a year ago at this time it there was discussion about whether or not he was going to be signed long term you have to Bosnia all of the rumor can -- later gonna go to Pittsburgh right. My guess there're several. Theories but. There anybody guarantees that I don't speak guarantee that the lessons are not now you say AP do you think it. All. W in it those are two types so of wins. They teach you again reinvested in the team or at you know out I would think maybe maybe not maybe. Two and a half years it toyed with your emotions do much but you're gonna want to see what they do now against Tampa Toronto Washington bill. Indeed beef. It extended season of believability at least for a little bit. Rick I would reel that back in just a little bit. Yep look at these two ends and Kate I'm only be human be doomsday or don't you're Gallup poll rightly goes who do the red wings committed downright don't have lark and organic their their two best wingers is here for the most part. And I think you look at some of the match ups that that the red wings had against Charlie that night. And in large and you know he's he's tougher matchup for char the night quizzes I think that's something that that would have. Would have helped the wings a lot more and then you look at Pittsburgh. They come in let's hangs out Balkans out horn quizzes plant less a 100% in the three big guys trend that those are three guys that really help them. That that help them in the cup last year and continue be juggernaut this year so. I think to reel it in just a little bit put at that given day it's points and that's what this team needs that need points they need to win. ID need to stay afloat these these games play they are gonna catch up the team is. You know they do realize that Julien did make mention again today which kind of surprised because he's sort of been focused on the task at hand and not looking behind a relic and head. But I but I do you think that he mentioned that Haywood we need is finally swing games and hope that a game like like Thursday like Tuesday. Can be something to build off of but it's tough to it's tough to fully buying the steam because every time you know like you guys that. Every time you get a read on them. They just they lane nag and I'm fully expect in the Ned to lose for a one attempt today and and. Look emotionally. And interest at all game one all the Super Bowls on everybody's mind and just thinking about if if they don't make the playoffs this year. That's three years in a row doesn't happen very often put the sports teams in this town Celtics haven't missed the playoffs three user Olson's pitino. Was around in nearly 2000 as the patriots haven't missed the plant's three years in a row since 1993. While so. Is Ross salary caps for several different you know Ottawa do lows like phony cliche sports talk radio topics or whatever but. It just if you miss it three years of oral something's gonna happen with this franchise right aid it's. That's unacceptable with this roster at some of the guys we're talking about here marsh and for a second year room having a great year and you hate to waste those. When their spending to the cap and the owner is already strolled down the gauntlet so there is a lot at stake here if they don't. Put together a streak of some kind they won't get back. Into the playoff picture in their own pace radiate points right now you guessed it last week as probably not good enough. Yep does that does a Lotto. A lot of hockey man I mean there's so many teams that can fault I'm in the Philadelphia Flyers I don't think they're built the last panel Mason's playing pretty well this year but. I mean of why is you don't let them somewhere in the same category as them I think it. It's easy to going to be the Bruins and flyers who get him out of those two is a big Toronto's and I think it's funny Montreal Ottawa and Toronto. And the Atlantic three team via thought it was a stunner tonight I do not expect this but I think you're right it's it's hard depiction of faltering now their hand and then you know on and then they get that done I mean they lost Greg Anderson when he went to join his wife would issue suffer cancer in the table tenants held up fought that. It definite surprise to me but. Eight photos date date could be the one falter and you know like it'll open a slot there you know this the by the way the Bruins Italy played them once they of three meetings with the senators left. And they you know they they have. Its sphere of success for us auto I auto loans normally you dragged on a I'm but the abroad got thirty games left a lot of other teams have mostly around 3435. Games left. The but this is so much hockey left anything can happen guys injuries are still gonna happen to guys guy's gonna fall I mean the the Bruins they might get distanced little. I'll break here Mike and urged him a little better Jewish exactly what they need and they still have doubt that I week two rates. The data elements and that's out forever forever is a light schedule right. But if you look at it realistically they have to probably win a close to 666. Winning percentage it is to get in there and that's going to be difficult but I think at the same time they have a pretty. Pretty good schedule and late late February early march where it's a lot of bad teams let teams that are kind of where you are. I deem you should win historically strong match ups things of that nature. Here's the thing now and his Hendrick people crazy and now. This team is gonna stay the course for the third year earlier and stay the course they're not gonna make a drastic change for everything I've gathered it's it's. They've they still think that there's untapped potential with this team last year they were buyers you say so yeah course the it will I don't mean they're out in the got to revamp the coaching on the gonna fire the coach I think they're gonna. Make a massive deal for Gabriel and Scott because. Or are Mac machine I don't see it because they don't wanna give up any of the pieces that they have earned pieces that are coming in the next two years. I think they'd be valued Brent are lol lot. They obviously died Charlie Mack voice and inaccurate is going to be unbelievable acting right away. They don't wanna move these guys and and it makes sense because. I sort of think that your Landis got away from winning the cup I I think your problems are deeper and and and which he could be one away from making the playoffs. Of course yeah but our our we are you in the idea of of mortgaging more of the future for for right now for the second round I mean I think that they've done yes watching that. 'cause they've got marshy and in Bergeron and they still have Chara and Backus its its signal that they have guys that it's a screen they were built to win now. What you just gonna punt to wait wait for Charlie Mack wood to develop because it's you can't do that. And now accident is a lot of teams that don't take him five years to be he'll be in the league probably the next couple years five years to be an established proven. What superdome and Rachel's let them I think I think Aaron iCloud as a guy that out of the people I mean I don't wanna compare Mac when the number one overall pick but. I think that this NHL is built for god Mac avoid now vs where it was five years ago or doggie Hamilton Ian about two years before he was really dodgy Hamilton. I just think the way the game is turning out the speed skating. The quick decision with the puck I think it would would. Allow Mac what is stepping in India a top four guy he's parrot the right player. You know this case being Chara. And you put Carla down in the second pairing their I think you have a base there and I know it I know it's Sox but you don't want to. I just think you don't wanna become the flames you don't wanna be this team that is constantly. Mortgaging the future. And then signing veterans the same time in saying all we get and that's good. You wanna see your young guys grow I think into what they are in and I hate the idea of this team trading for. A defend a veteran defenseman or veteran third line fourth line player. And telling me hey you know for trial's going to be in this role now is enough power play AI Colin Miller is going to be this and the defense now heat that ideas what happened last year didn't work out. I want here's a trade rumbled into coming up next it's. Making the the rumor mill and another report from Elliot Friedman about the future of Julian and the Bruins are what they're thinking so there are some couple reports on that as we head to the all star break here in the NHL skills competition tonight touch on that a bit. Rear admirals hear from Marshall sports. I Anderson is covered liberals for WEEI dot com until Laird Saturday's game with until 730 were brought to you by AT&T star market and why stacks Sports Radio W yet. You're listening to Saturday skeet with a rear admiral and can layer on Sports Radio WEEI. Ideas ready for the latest in the rumor mill. Man on the theory. Are you just from Elliot Friedman as some action from a day that's Claudia and do you not the no Alley it's easier aliens I don't have these teams Canadian three or four that you know in these days I'd gospel but it's it's definitely trustworthy and it's not made up like. Some of the medium you would trump trusts like two BD guys each so Obama put a little put Elliot freed military leaders and that's if yes. Here's a quick quick from LA he says can you fight an item. Three I says quote Boston Bruins GM Don Sweeney would rather make a trade first the see if that changes things for the Bruins as opposed the firing head coach Claude Julien. Wow that sit there the doors to the point now. This was a point four hours ago things are obviously changed it pretty quickly aides admit this I think actually this is before the other whenever Pittsburgh anyway. Sweet little rat would rather make each trade first to see if that changes things. If they. Continue this pattern of the you know win win one lose one counted are there a couple weeks. And he makes a trade. Who we go after one of the trade rumor guys that's been out their for this is dawn. At least a year prop probably to Dubai and now two and half is Kevin Shanker the defenseman from saint Louis blues. Boston University guy. Connecticut native I think by the key group in New York keys them deputies he grew up in New England per say but anyway he's 47 he's gonna be on restricted free agent at the end of the year. And the Bruins keep coming up on the list of teams that could possibly be chat or so let's say Friedman's right. And Rick before they get the bye week instead of firing Julian they go for the trade Andy bring in 27 year old Kevin Chet walker Colette and goals this year. Offensive defenseman right top four guy at least may be a top pairing guy. They give up some young players. Not sane is gonna be back aboard Carlo but. One of the prospects draft picks. Is that a good move is that a deal that could spurt in Bruins. To some success at least get a little playoffs more so the coaching change. He needs to know what the deal is before you can judge hypothetical trade I mean it. With prospect would play from the ross' that would that would traffic beef weak and can say okay I'll I'll do that and then even then he you know and you gotta you gotta wait for a trade to play out I mean. You know you can't judge trade before it gives me you don't call what is immense even buy a monthly U campuses but what he gambled and trade that trade does that take. Probably five at least five more years to determine who won that trade would you agree. Are you Hamilton trade probably needs five years this LK somebody definitively one this trade dedicated yourself to see if if Hamilton is a real. Neil and and frankly without you know a fellow top pairing guy next to him obviously anybody work on Hamilton at this point in pretty good. But. They Hamilton did deal by the way the Bruins got Saxon nations still in the OHL right up. On an up Gerri mean you know was on wheels on him he's really got he's an aggregate and forced back to Carlson. Who is also very good at present be assigned to the arrest those guys are still is a bar was there a natural peck write rights of oral. He was the thirteenth yet he's the first pick of the three in a row that they had some moral to browse consideration. I just sounds. For some reason I wanna say that. To borrow one was the LA kings but I I could be totally wrong yet trap was very nasty yet Argentina and elect on on that we. Right that was the Mark Jones street they got some more yeah yeah yeah as we teach India and out was really teach yen but it's confusing go to Shatner Kirk. After remember the price at the draft drinking it in the blues wanted to David Foster knocked in all of Boston's first tropics. Which is insane to ask terrible deal oh my goodness what a horrible for especially for a guy who is you have to instill you have made in the year on so considerate you know. Considering that fact IE I don't trade this guy I would why would you get of assets and and and picks if you think you have a chance again him as a free agent. He's the only way to do it is victory sign that already yeah that would be an Ottoman EU half trade extent yes some kind of agreement now because he played could be used their chance that. He might be. The vibe that Clark writes it's hard to think that guys who already get free agency is committed to sign beetle to Mosul was to be your connection. What's that that he plays got some Boston can and all that stuff. That doesn't add that I'm mad as I mean when you have a kid needed one or college at gateway dad they want to be you all may be elbit these guys are college for a year or two whatever that. They have ties friends emotional but that does not factor in like web. But because what a college somebody you wanna play the professional guy walking tablet that plus a lot of money it until it got that if you see the ago but yeah there's no I mean. Did its Alley all I want that I've I've played every year to Altria. And that doesn't affect these guys decision here's a theory theoretical trademark it is the Bruins have Ryan Spooner that could be available. If they get the extension done and include a prospect likes of oral. Maybe you could work something Gallup blows from Saint Louis is point of view their hang around playoff picture themselves. They have to better defenseman. In their mind if the tree Angelo bought Easter so this is their third best the federal laureate Colton corporate history of getting me easy if you had a extensively replaced Chad card you know in an Alley but I don't. And they're gonna lose at the end of the year so if you the blows. You you're willing to make a deal right yeah I mean that that could end up having to go to a popular hockey trade possibly you know to like team that he's defensemen. Team that is a fall wooden and not even have any future ramifications could be epic UUF if you if they swap which you know not asset with a not necessarily with the Bruins. But you know just two teams with equal needs and OK you don't wanna lows of an optimal while all right amount for the rest of the year you know I think I would do that deal now missed some Bora but I don't know what he's projected to become. I mean I think of the three I think he's. The least likely to succeed I just now you keep Carlo you keep yeah hackable Lleyton and you know your goal in fort shorter tenure in this theoretical billiards you chat Kurt now part of your infinite it's like a teams are. On of the fact that the Bruins and wanting would wanna ditch the boy world I think of of all their defensemen. This morals god that I that gets thrown out there are a lot and I think teams accountable why. You know I don't think so girls and a ceremonies great skater I think his decision making as little and at times. I do you think he takes resolve opposition gets caught wondering quite a bit these. Granted I've only watched him to the rosy years and few camps and if you pre season games so maybe I'm wrong and he's as great defenseman in the Q but from what I've seen. I think of all this all the defense for the Bruins happening at that time I think that he is the the least likely to make it here that makes any sense be it. Because betrayed Kirby because he doesn't crack the lineup. So I would do the deal. If if let's say is that it would the Loral Loral Spooner of morals Spooner and an epic that you're gonna have to throw first pick in the first round pick in there to see. Yeah bulls pumas value they've they've pissed that away but completely. Yeah I mean the good thing going the going rate for dilation and Kurt typically is a top prospect. Roster player suffers from panic I mean that's that that's the baseline and I don't see that's a lot. I I don't like him I don't see and his team trained for Kevin Chad currently involved in defense of help they have sort of on the horizon. I won't really I don't know I don't know whether gonna go and bring a guy and put. That kind of a contract on these great player and it's not really about jagr just. I don't they does to have a lot of pots and placed on the wall chart is gonna be gone in it right a year but and most means so would you say he's your veteran replacement for. I don't I just it just doesn't seem like a tree the Bruins would make this is is there a conservative organization it's not again it's not a dis Blanche to Shaq guard. Great player which is it just doesn't seem like the type deal the Bruins make. Any trade they do make to a big trade wouldn't would likely involve them moving one of McQueen or Kevin Miller as well. They they would like to get rid of one of those contracts if they're gonna ask it if they're gonna make a deal. The problem is that they both have term with the expansion drafts it's very difficult trade for Erfurt team to acquire guidance of yours upon contract. Almost hasn't even swap of money years things like that because. You know or merited valuable protection spots here. The teams and we protect vote. Eight to 9829. Players ten players ever it is now. So so that that's some that you have to consider as well that's why I think another reason why they would. Likely consider just waiting until he's a free agent and and and playing at that I'll add that kills what they're doing this year but I just think that. They they are so enamored with their prospects with their pipelines on Sweeney days he's taken so much credit. And the fact that he's rebuilt this from the ashes Peter Shirley just trading in and and shoddy drafting so. It's gonna be very tough for them to it to say okay finery and move on from these guys and I think that's why you're seeing this big delay in any tree that they want to make. Do you believe what Elliot Friedman has to say the dog sweetie would make you trade before he fires Julien 6177797937. Eliciting Saturday skate a Sports Radio Dunleavy Ike and layered. Hi Anderson rear admiral from arsenal sports confronted by AT&T star market and wise snacks. Freddie in New Hampshire it's a hockey just on the on the BI Freddie doesn't weigh ins we Crennel line. Era what's going on fret or don't. That got him concentrate. Even if they couldn't get anything for that boy. It was a great trait that one witness but spoke to the defects. In popular rat pack Jared indeed wanna whether spoken. That gone. Right duties for a who needs right. Couldn't count in the and he didn't want to be packed up and upright. 6200. Defying an eight C I mean really. That's OK. Okay det EDT turned out thing and you got it played Hicham Miami and I don't know what he continued you know it is not a not a broke up tick what Caldwell is not was different on Thursday. So. I called you guys too we don't know that that's silly. And I said it was terrible in that I'll laugh he's had a 130. And I won three couldn't do anything. And numerous times the Bruins don't. Protecting. Stern did was totally different it was something different about him in that seat back and didn't play like he let people before school but didn't do that and I can understand it probably to play. He's got a custom bronze to Freddie. He's got concussion problems earlier to that that probably didn't help. Well not gotten help especially pleased to keep playing the way that when patent five million dollars but not. Mean but the Bruins I am so what I saw there is something that. You know. I think it's gonna be a change in the C I hope it's gonna be changed because what I thought it was a team that it pride. Let when it will be that wanted to go while it slightly. Sixteen minutes. Thanks Reddy. Appreciate the conference. On Larry goalies plea to the passion you mocked the that if his account you Backus Y went out there and I wrote about it OK I said that this is body paid big money in the games like that is the problem is consistency. If he's gonna show up next week and and missed five shots and continue to look like. The worst fit with David created it means nothing that he hits careful past is the play Kessel time you want to get up and I was out Ronaldo. You need more Matt yeah. That's that's a joke don't compare left Akron on a wild life that's inherent cancer right braves they'll do it out of them and they're all they'll be illegal would be wonderful those players any in the same stratosphere that's that they love this and you need you need a longer sample size of the Bacchus I mean. The fat like. This and his energy was great doesn't change fact is still has one goal and two points last ten games. He's been he's been moved around a lot they're trying to fun a spark for my I does seem like he's stuck on the crate you blind Alley if they've just. It relegated to back the feeling been like getting your teeth pulled and it's like they're chemistry is not. Really there and market it ditches its it is what it is but yet think you need more you want more you need more because it's. And Allen has been going this team's Arctic island writes coming up eight. I assurances did she set for the skills competition it's the it's later on tonight a letter read some of these a if they tweaked a few events in the order issued on the ratings this a better year got a better here yeah. And to read don't matter what they do people generally don't watch listed lateness but marsh and in Rask will be their CI don't have to grow on its final what's that guys have fun we'll touch on the also a game a bit and ended give back to us more your phone calls it a look at the league's surprises in the first half and a yeah both lanes I'm going compiling a list like Steve Buscemi over here like I hate list of all these NHL hundred but The Who gets shafted and in they put seventeen more Canadians on because there weren't enough of them already on a six billion for the NHL top 100 listed came out as well Laird admiral anti Anderson this is salary scale on Sports Radio the media. You were listening to Saturday skeet with a rear admiral and can lair. On Sports Radio WEEI. I get a feel skills competition. Getting underway in LA in a bit at Staples Center so what's marshes in the EC was pulled some needless who's going to be in the puck control. Part of the really account or something he's not the fastest skater he's doing like. Or line I don't know what you know what this weekend is what I had notes its do confuse you even if you try to read what these events argued. You have the watch it's your guys that's why I don't know Bada read them it's just one of those like crack a few Beers you know and now now it's it's actually and I have and is. You know something that a few years ago is really boring but it's one of those events that. Combined TV with Twitter and it becomes a fun thing I'd like. The people on Twitter me if you fall on the you've got to be a hockey dirt like it and I kinda do ballot bowl right with Twitter a Twitter is in Iraq in its incredible how much would it can enhance sound that collectively if everybody for all what you you know you followed talked on what a a watch some it's great like an awards the Oscars stuff like that. It's great now tonight you know there's all kinds of hockey's my make jokes and at people's expense when you sign up for Twitter you get a subscription to NHL games and Monday night raw get reps asked I think it's like the two things you like you you get with jagr and I hockey puck and wrestling tock that's how but I would say that. Looking back on it like. They are the best part about this weekend they look. Last year yet Brent Burns putting on Cuba amassed yet. The book it's like their version of the dunk contest where you can improvise. He's later only crowd they've they've done a little bit for what is this thing called for lying challenge now I think it and yet that he's such reports also accept late night when her in the sense. That on those kinds. You might die tonight. Well I challenge and as with all the players getting struck by the media and nobody cliches and drop. Exactly exactly cliches and trio going to be and down but no he's the grandson. Likes deep. You know I that's par for lunch counter the end of the puck in the deepest. Adding serie Davis is out there she's an interview every every. Every member of the team after the Portland you know she's wonderful doll artist shot. Webber vs benched in had been against set joke that's out that's according you can. Watch it tomorrow and you know from eight to ten seconds. Some of these are are at the game to put this is the the Boleyn listing of the whole thing if you win the skills competition tonight Kristi break it up into all the divisions. The winner of the skills skills competition gets to select who they placed first in the actual game the mark which. I can't even hitting a means less on the planet but anyway the games mar 330. That's going on with abortion and Tuukka Rask now Rask you said his flying straight to Tampa Tuesday's like to rejoin the team so who's playing. I got my hopes appear they can double was going to be an. All of that he was going to be in their Tuesday night to tell me pump the brakes though be Adobe is back problems my friend I'm like yeah I thought there or get in the game to warmup so he be ready to go for Tuesday. Well not think so I think the opposite McEntire has been good to get shell in Pittsburgh last at least on yeah but. He's young so it's like there's like well against all but he's young mid August 30 again shall be seen these guys have four. No Pluto and its its. Expect province. I'm MacIntyre played last night stopped 3234 win. Remains undefeated at the HL level guy is unbelievable dominated the HL doesn't matter what does not. Up. Last week last week park for all factors six chase him after two looked actor good. Our name and now. Threat but now I and so we I believe it's three Zain on Tuesday night against. The question that's pretty big game for the Bruins that's tough guy have Rask missed that game the play in the all stuff I mean I couldn't totally wrong I am but I just think that the way it's trending I don't think they send Zain down. Per game this weekend if if he's not playing on Tuesday I think because then you're taught in eleven days between games or whatever would be. If you didn't play last I've Providence so. I I think it's the ideas you wanna get him back to gain speed and and not too rusty needs him today. They are without stand Kos they are struggling this year but still in a good score some goals though. That at bat of both reasoning for for playing the Providence and reason for. Dressing grass for the seemed like he'd like you know would. I texted 3793 cent at this from. 612 Erykah going to that is. Not reared do you really believe the Doug Hamilton didn't wanna play in Boston sounds like you may be drinking became cool it BP shepherd size number that are not aka. Yeah I think I'm gonna. Hilarious. He didn't wanna be I mean people light hearted dad I'd that was a smear campaign has some sort out rightly can eat yeah yeah I did that deal. Right is used reds did says stuff that they knew before didn't use but I I don't believe I smear them but I talked and he's a lot of by the way. Erica and I talked of people that know not front office people my people the team you know all of it's sources say guess what he's outward and tights and he didn't wanna be he was reticent about it I mean any clearly put put it I mean. It was obvious by the money he took the plea for Canadian team reduced all the taxes he actually partly making less money in Calgary if you factor all that so. I mean just his actions. In bikinis like beer but yet there was a lot of a lot of stock about it to a play he was weird dude he like he just like. Quiet we like I think he's a strange obvious we edit of it if he is a little that he was calm calm like hockey yet. Or get a read on active and we was rookies like Ambien be on the ice first couple. For seasonal I don't buy you mean at the top remove the debris into I think at the time it a lot of veterans lot of guys and families. Or just they had been here for six years now whatever wasn't he Watson the twenty year old and I think he's candlelight you don't appease naturally little an introvert close ally. I did I don't think the situation helped and that's that your right immediately warm and it's able the Bruins offered more money now Longar Longar DOT wanna do it. And the rest is history it's looking good. And if Cindy Sheehan was on it forced back to Carlson we need when you point. Ollie Ollie there's hailed and he's got the all right able to start I happen have a right all right you know we're always my Geoffrey -- at all all all right I am sure about it it up quick little story about that right. Now that he's on its way up he's never tweeted once right never like he follows. It's not those shirts are pretty pitchers for equalizer in to a lot a lot to get you know I'll get one when it. You know like solve common practice our Kamal you know what I mean all media now. Hockey judge each to nicest guys if if it if our guys that you up for free free teacher. They're generally guy either a at least read in a shaky hand. On maybe give you some return went out and idle I'm 45 years old I don't need something I don't need to shake a 20 kids and I'm just figure like off Osce can be thankful would have. All I was agonize I still not available whenever he avoided like wouldn't he would meet me he's like I just go to my it's my pace usually politically as a wife and he was he was I thought it was like he was like I don't think Brady needs you Lake County. Was I got as it was you know it was all bought the only I'd be afraid to meet me but it was you know I didn't hear it was like I was I was gonna ask him for autographs I'm just. Again comparing to up. Hockey plays and deal of them for years and the way the especially you know rounded down to earth it was selling those ugly hit you up for free be united Europe can't catch all hooked up because I ideally. And that isn't aware of the Indian thing you know put on a locker Q revenue or putting himself on I left the army did get a but it was as I said it was only this strains I thought. A hockey player at that. Not only beat it just say hello is this is generally great guys let's settles the betrayed and yeah I don't let you wrap on the space out. Now so all this happened in and on the stories on Mike yeah on that makes sense it's like a little bit like. And what doesn't mean you know like when that we don't like he played at home. So I obviously are gone for two seconds and just say thanks that I'm on Obama a free teacher a few and yeah and you want it you gotta leave at the bakery it's like month by year Greek. I talk. Bonus half hours Saturday's game coming up rusty my eighteenth these are market wise next that's rear admiral one and only from Parcells sports scientists here on gentler more coming up center up by cigarette.