Saturday Skate - Firing Claude

Boston Bruins Hockey
Saturday, January 21st

Guys discuss if or when the Bruins will fire Coach Julian


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All right time for a little like closed Julianne and rear admiral called shock journalism and the next ninety minutes here on Saturday skate with the boys what's going on and it's include Julian now rumors to discuss we're not discuss I guess I was wrong I guess I was wrong I predicted three game losing streak he's out. He's not out. Evernote could have they'll. True Dane over. Data over a week gain over I suppose I will take my yeah lumps rear you said the that was not the case close not going anywhere for now he's not going anywhere. But our you starting to think it's inevitable at some point it's time wrote on the dot com this week. You know it's it's kind of feel like it's taken on an errant inevitability if caught fire himself and what this team just feels like every game it's like it's compound that this like. Pressure whether it's the coach Gundy can't epidemic trade to be Rubin but. I mean I don't think the team is as a setback in these con game by game at each game it. I kind of intensifies I mean if you know but if they went tomorrow and it's gonna kind of get the exit anatomy again so. I mean you know he you don't wanna just fighting I just has to satisfy the media and I think abroad sometimes put that you know finger in the wind with the media a little too much. Who knows what they're gonna go I really I mean I I played my site close islands have a though and they and number in the Stanley Cup so I I hate to go on about well over and over again. You know guys it is it you would think maybe they would fight him by now but. You know it still would trying to weather the storm and empty code because they don't want don't you know lose him as a coach Stan. You know it does them then are gonna firemen any point you know it's just he did his Israeli night's opening and they're not coming out and San he's not going into it because if he loses I more games than they ought to fire him so. It's just it's you know it's called Bruins two years ago they lost the last three games of the regular season missed the playoffs. Last year they went 381 down the stretch to be didn't play last game of the regular season they missed the playoffs. January they are 35 and two now to start the month. And I was say they're done as your colleague and sometimes our friend Ryan Whitney basically throughout their. But they're close you if you start to extrapolate points they Aronson big trouble if you're not get a fire Julian now. When are you gonna fire was here is her get out of jail free card. You know at bats here if you're don's weaning him nearly by the way so there aren't many of them. This this bright higher this entire season right tires ID have not heard. I won a world we heard sweetie flew interviewed a couple weeks earlier he found him and quorum that's neat idea headline was Bruins GM Don Sweeney hasn't ruled out a coaching change and we basically went around for an hour trying to decipher what the hell that. Yeah I said he just happen again on the record. And often enough that I like Saturday was demon that news' Greta it was just a gap went. He's a coach you know that's that was the move along yeah. OK but that but as we talked about a double steal that happened admiral. Wasn't that the opportunity for Sweeney to put out the rumors which acknowledges that obviously reached a fever pitch your last point for me I did Sweeney and and I have the same policy is that its initial and over yet he I think he doesn't wanna be called a liar. So he doesn't wanna say anything that is like definitive and that it can come back and in haunts him always said we said this an annual back to where it's all. When you come out and you give a guy you're blessing and he sees gonna be at the end you're trying to fight him on now people of not quite a liar and that you know they can't trash so. It can be something as simple as that he just doesn't wanna. Wanna tell I actually he's you know he's he's both sides open which is but he's done a better option and letting clove be forced to come out today and answer but about his coaching future with. Out and kind of answer from management unbelievable answer but it. Which we here at a moment yes yes unbelievable answer finally finally said I'm gonna just opened room need to edit. And I mean that's insane are you guys and Iran and and I think that that took a lot for cloud do that because he would love his bite his tongue and not say anything because. I think is that some last night which like his it will get him. I think that would have been uglier then than it. What he did today today was great it was a perfect answer if you're clued you in that is what you wanna come across because now every fan in this city is behind you saying yeah. This is not wrong he hasn't he has right idea it's everyone else around him that is. Nonperforming or people about the matter not giving him the tools to perform rites are performed well or other so. Julianne looks amazing today he looks so much better right now that he did last night and that is. I mean now he has this I mean now that they're against impersonate but he has almost the entire fan base behind him now which is kind of incredible I Wednesday amazing and elegant shut out back to back home games and I wouldn't stop thinking has gone is gone all made out I give it and that lets like batteries. Don't talk about I would really I'm materially you know he had you know. I know he's coming off a ballot is this which is we pick an idea that's off between look at me look at Detroit right he smashes. His fists against the TV Detroit. I mean who took the Dora the engines. We do we figure that battles was in the locker room door up in all I am not in our appetite sun and at that up buildings that pump mud because this is now happening all of Detroit. No but I think that you've. Then you you look at last thing he's there he's displaying the passion. He's he's frustrated the team in front of him and the team on guises. They've been light was most nights you know Wednesday they were there. For twenty minutes last night they're there for 58 minute or a Stanley Cup team for Tony it's listed after the first period of unbelievable they trot almost up four goals I think. Yeah added that's again it's a frustration they they won game how many pounds data daily dead that Monday and you shell opulence I mean that's a game you that you wouldn't have thought the islanders coach he's gonna get fired after it was it turns out that you know. Jack ever modified not Claude Julien. The album the next game the trade at a full one lead public the most dangerous lead hockey at three goal lead. And they and then the blues and a shoot out and I don't know last night they've added a game effort and then. One little bounce one you know past two McQuay is legs and and that is just that was a frustrating loss and you know I set I I don't know that they want a fire might I mean it's like I think you got to deuce competent at some point here it is it would just gonna keep that guy and not by Arum. Oil you know he's just when this string don't. Game by game it's just I don't know it just makes it like I don't that's uncomfortable for the team but it just has is like presence that just seems that not go away. Bullet this franchise secretly from wrong there's always a financial question mark about what is driving ownership right no matter whether it's that I players that I exacerbated. I think that some sets up that's all reputation back on the used to spend half you know what they were in the middle of the Pakistan and bad paper that apple and and it capped. Since then caps Paramount's all. I mean every team wants play off days but I as far as the Bruins being cheap that's not his old blues man that doesn't it just doesn't apply to all of you feel about the Jacobs is. They and so they would bite the bullet and take closed two years left to steal five whatever the one to two and a half million per year Sony belittle him five million easily not coach if they fired. This is that a factor at all. With with Jacobs. It's gotta be some kind of factor five million dollars anybody is is some degree factor. I mean I suppose it it it comes up in the conversation but I mean it's not read you yet you don't keep a guy who's you don't wanna continue I am I mean. It's just it doesn't make sense of if you feel guys non you know cable we have a coach to about his best ability ability anymore. I mean is that while we object got they disease has grown I mean he is a billion. And after that election same time if if they were fired and his impact up I had islanders. Vegas or even the Panthers and if those teams were to pick him up they would take on the contracts though. I I don't think it's an issue now verses if you were firing Dave Lewis you know for example an awesome and he was just terrible and I think this is different situation and Deborah Aaron of course of this team. Well if you've punted on the season at Jacobs said. Look at look at worst record right now the points were projected to order academic Playhouse then I suppose you could say financially why why fired now with just do this next year. A couple of months and that's that's possible. But I would think. I wouldn't think they've cashed in yet they are right now they're on pace for 87 points but if they get on a hot streak they could easily edged Toronto while still not a possible. That in America Clinton a season or not they're not anywhere near the bottom way and it it's if they even sold stuff often are gonna come come anywhere close to the lottery. And and I think that really think they're a playoff team that got a big gonna continue to issue for the playoffs the players are gonna stop play and I mean like close and I mean I think. You know who's Dayton and the obvious polite guy mark quit on the team I mean he's coach and you know like these coaches any other day he's not doing anything different he can't be distracted by the outsized copy and it's good he addressed it by. And it's MES is now yeah obviously aren't adequate musical what coach is gonna quit no coach really quits in the NHL as. I gonna get paid to be all that money come in like you just mentioned. It's it's just it's just a weird situation right now I'm. I don't know man it's just it is no project and it is you can't say they're gonna do this I mean it that are gonna keep them to fire later because then if you still trying to get sort of to the playoffs but you want you don't wanna keep on why why why he around them like you. Leave a number not right kept you on the theory Imus fired Cappy wanna because they said we record them back so he's part of problems were were cut ties them better now than later he out. It would seem to me that somebody in the bruins' hierarchy like some and somebody is not sure and there are Ford don't he says anything you are. 100% correct that that that mean that is I think that's that's really what is I think I think you know this is me saying this I don't know if it was no one's has confirmed or denied this one or the other but. I I believe that Jacob still believes include you in I think that there's disconnect. Between ownership and Julian summer up summer on the lines are that say. You know maybe this guy's holding us back maybe maybe we can do better. You know that there's also that sort of element of self preservation there where those guys don't want to lose your job. If this team struggles again and they can easily point the coach or they could try to point the coach and this is why we struggled this is why we did that. But at the Argo is no no it's not we didn't IC good team and that's that's disconnect. You're saying you Sweeney goes to Jacobs says let's get a new coach. And a fire and all now pressure's squarely on Don Sweeney ain't candy absolutely 100% probably true and I think that's the thing where. You look at the Panthers right they fired their coach and what happened to put their GM behind the bench. I mean if the Bruins reduce that was Sweeney are nearly. I think the system would sort of fall apart because not of these guys has any coaching experience at this level. I mean sure Sweeney ransom camps for development camp he's responsible honest heels and things of that nature and head coach nor is late so I think that's that's doomsday Erik there. We it would seem like Cassie would be obviously by it would it would nearly Sweeney but I'd be bizarre lumps and that's that's the the event thought if you're that person saying hey this coach doesn't belong to this coat is holding us back. On the onerous okay you go on the bench then you show me that that. This is the coach because Jesse implementing a lot of similar systems and sort of styles that you and is implemented in adapted to over these years. So I think I think there would be that sort of pressure from. Ownership in the CEOs and and what have you to say OK you do better job he's a problem you go fix it. Because you haven't done a great job fixing it. In terms of on ice counts I mean right now you have a guy. We thought was gonna be here at thirteenth forward on your second line and you have a guy was an in your fourth line centering your third line Riley Nash in him shall there. Wonderful role players yes but not what you thought you're gonna get out of this team and I think that does come back to the front office more than comes back to the coaching. It was into Saturday skater a sports rated a B I can layer rear admiral from Parcells sports and Tai Anderson from WEEI dot com were presented by AT&T'S our market and why snacks if you miss some of the audio the last 24 hours place summit at forty here. First last night after the wall nothing I shut out Los that'll Chicago. This hi crept from wrong ended the of one noted that it because he. He he had been depressed up ready got up walked off. How many minutes in was this minute how. This was 95 seconds to two and a half and I'm not you gonna answer about the efforts and I was like this is another night Contra short. So I mean act that accounted for about you know forty seconds and this was in the Detroit one. Drew his eyes 73 seconds and he was used on. It's an emotional clone after last night's game here was he was chilling an oppressor. Maria. Loss. Well you don't I'm not into shock journalism so I'll say it was a question if you don't mind thank you. A little microphone alone won't rule. Not into shock journalism that knows me so happy yet you hate the media as much as trump you you trumped optionally your state news yeah I know Oklahoma that's fake nose that I was dollars pretty funny MEI think yeah I think Greg. Tyson was you know pretty I read from the games ultimately you know we tumble play as. Probably taken an actual walk around the locker room before audience of media that's partly an example of that got coastal Steve mill cannot be after the way that game ended right ankle from post. With the puck just super on full profile since it just. At it's tough it's a it's a bad bad way to lose the game but you know I didn't like it also a Tyson. No clothes I mean he's not completely blameless for the scheme but at the at the end of the day it is like I wrote it wherever we asked the I. That he he didn't construct a team like tiger says I mean he got guys who you know who play in a position they probably shouldn't be and that just that just don't did not score I mean they don't have. Goggles on his team that other teams in this league Alan that's that's a problem amenable by the defense is going to be an issue again this year and while not perfect they haven't they haven't been the issue them in the main problem and his team at its scoring. And again and that that's there's only so much you can blame slowed Altman Kaiser shooting. And not hit and that means that the that that's not that's enough on the coach would you when he got guys at school what is on the coach win. It's a three year problem. The team's fate of the to a the last two years down the stretch when you went after guys trade deadline. It's a it's a coach problem when you're getting shut out at home to the islanders when you lose to Jersey and you're not showing up. And you're what ten and twelve on home ice. There are some coaching issues are even close this himself focused where we were waiting consist the world focusing those those to me are like energy issues. That path to go back to coach at some form just at the I think close good coach great coach. He he's obviously been terrific here but after awhile doesn't the message is it's dale. I yeah hybrid does death Miami every coach has as its expiration date is expiration gate Mike Babcock I mean you know he did a great success in the treaty and he left via. And you know I've said. You know close probably dominate every coach dies he probably maybe maybe he's got it right now I'm not I am pro quote I I like him as a coach. I mean I don't have time to get any of any information out of a protect them not like that I just think he's been successful Eric he's a good guy he's as good job. But guys it's it's you know I don't the I imagine are gonna find a better coach and like I say bright it is not a quote unquote better coach than him but. Again there's been maybe a better coach suited for this roster right who knows how old who's gonna reach this team different I think you know anybody who had the same boss for nine years it's. Unity of me in my like the guy you don't wanna him to go anywhere but you know maybe not that motivated the same way you'd he wants worried you know on. You know and sometimes and quite fresh out of high stolen things that could it could be what they need. One other thing too is Bob McKenzie who you know kind of but are you reporting yes you know. He come on TV the other night and he he actually try it was our report on the up and I want I want is always has the body here if you wanna hear this is on its TSA aid who have yet TS and that's Wright was McKenzie. And trigger and appear LeBron ESP NN a little roundtable Powell. The guy at the end of that won't be up Basie Bob plazas. Why the end is anybody in the NHL and you know for him to say that there is I but the thing is obviously a big impasse between you know ownership and a coach. Then there's an issue I mean they you know and if there's an issue there right now what what's gonna make that issue go away if I mean if it's enough to Bob McKenzie group one of them this up until it you know. I mean he doesn't you know he doesn't report on on gossiping. You would think so I got a strong report but it also endless list with someone MacKenzie had a serious about Julian future discuss Thursday before which gone. Claude Julien is the longest serving coach one team in the National Hockey League he decade on the job in Boston is that run. Now in serious jeopardy I think we get the very early call this threat credible threat. To plug really job security with the Boston route so often we coaches are on thin ice who we called the hot seat. A lot of it's Fannie media driven but in this particular instance there seems to be a palpable disconnect between the bought the broader hierarchy both in terms of words and actions. And with their head coach Claude Julian that said. Until we hear otherwise he is the head coach of the team in the expectation is at this point he will be BI the badge on Friday gave Chicago a fake. Reel off a bunch of wins well then obviously things could change but maybe anything short of that would suggest that. The impending do or a sense of impending doom as it relates to his long term security with the brood two guys talked about Kevin chat anchor for the blues be. And cuts audio and shattered some rumors rumbling all right so. What he's six net credible threat what does that mean Bob McKenzie guy chooses words carefully he's you know he doesn't he's not a sensationalist. Are shocked journalists if you will. So for him to use you know use those words I think it's a I think it's a big deal I mean it sounds like there's a real issue between ownership on the coach there and again night. How long is that in guy that you can't you can't and has built the last two law and if there's a problem now. You know is winning got to make that go away and we would if they win the wind make the playoffs lose in the first round. You know presumably has those same you know issues that disconnect. He he he referred to it is it's still going to be there it just seems like a what went after that reply I thought to myself that's out that's an issue alleged knock on a goalie simply. You know it's got to Connell had at some point I would think I would think so too and tie you wrote pretty much the same this week rate that it's just America's. It's spelled B divorced you're soon. Yeah I mean that's that this is like guys like necessarily mean this is they're get out of jail free card fade if they don't make the playoffs yet again they can say okay old you know. Doing held us back so he's gone and now gonna bring in our guy because he get government duke does not. Nearly. Or Sweeney's guy this is a Shirley hi I mean this is this then cleansing themselves of all things Peter surely. And eighty CNET in terms of the scouting department you've seen and some players that that that Charlie sign you know righty Smith for example was traded. Like having a month after he signed extension that Peter surely hand at home so I I find that ingesting it seems like they wanna get rid of all things surely. And Julie would would sort of embody that away so. At some point this is going to add. I think it's ridiculous to think you know coach for life coach for twenty years doesn't happen I mean even Joel Quenneville you know he's bounced eastbound trafficking team. You know Mike Babcock like you said rear he he left Detroit granted that was under his own you know sort of he wanna go to Ronnie Lott you got and that drought I get it. But put it in there are no happy marriages firfer 2030 years he doesn't happen like that doesn't work like that more and I mean double hockey are the I think I was on behalf because I'm not enough. But but not let that contrasts. With what Joseph McDonald reported last night right now of course Nye ESPN's Joseph McDonald with former friend of us. The skate here on a WEI tweeted this up after the game the Bruins will not make a coaching change clothes Julian is the guy. But Betty do you follow that up with to clarify easy email he meant the immediacy of last night right no change is imminent okay well not so imminent when does a minute I don't is that an outlet six hours to a credible threat right no change imminent. What a mess again it it's back to where is on Sweeney just come out and sees that he's our guy we're not making their vote in this is. The biggest thing that's that's hurting this team right now. Do you remember a few years ago when when there's a rumor out there the Bruins can be trading Brad marsh and for Patrick Marleau got enormous this was a rumor there's a couple years ago you know what happened. Peter Charlie came out I think that day and said we're not doing that that's not true and he squashed that story. And you that did that let everyone sort of breathe breathe a sigh relief there you look at this team this intense team they are so tight right now. Now you can see it last its gains as the blocking and on the more they were like. Gary got Blackhawks got a score a goal here we're gonna lose by one I know how this plays out you can see it in their in their body language the way they are reacting when their shots are going just wide. Or darlings think SA promptly greeted by late but that's not that's the point. I just think that the GM of the and the team president they can really do their team a lot of a lot of good here by saying hey. He's the rumors that this is the truth and this is what's happening but they don't do that because they don't wanna like you said they don't want ally they don't want to back themselves in a corner. An NB left due to go against what they had just said maybe a month. Month and half for two weeks prior. So that was advanced theories and given a meteor light up the on the outside soft -- -- -- -- out can't trust on signing you know any of these more RD right now headlines or he wants to keep them accountable and wants to keep doubt until that saw them and -- the realities that you are right he should you know let him feel he because he should because it seemed on the Foreman right now of course you know what I definitely understand that yes you know and you can then and data becomes chief immediately got the run it will look when they gave him I I don't if fallout Patrick O'Sullivan on what a formal former player. And the NHL he's each week last night that you of the the Bruins are right which they should be he's like the Bruins right exactly with the should be I die you know I thought that was kind of appropriately. Did you know kind of on the bubble like technically in the playoffs right now but. You know given what they their roster is and the make up of it yet they're not a contender in the not a bad team they are of their right kind of middle pack. I I thought that was kind of spot on. I well it. Coming up what are clogs response today was about two minutes. Thorough analysis of his coaching situation and then the rumors that that he is hearings we will get that. In them almost get to the phone lines and I guess the question is simply what your real local Julian situation is he gonna be here for the rest of the year. Why should they keep them why should they let him go 6177797937. Get Laird Tai Anderson rear admiral this is the Saturday skate with you until 730 a Sports Radio Debbie act. Anti Anderson was read them yeah it does come up with that. Welcome to tonight's case back to Saturday night. We just pop up where you least expect it's better for rear admiral because last Sunday when he came in with a breathe right strips still on the soft and talk a little disturbing I forgot about that Allah is great. Guy hey everybody wants to sleep guns and you know it's right to keep this away from the football Sunday tomorrow pregame starts bright and early NFL Sunday 9 AM actually 8 AM in your Brady Belichick in some of the best in recent week Kendall all day football tomorrow both NFC and AFC chipped two games to beer right here. It's were traded WE I look forward to it a Boston Pittsburgh double header though it's Bruins the penguins a three Nazis and the environment. So that'll be in camera light and it happened. Might like Boston Kansas City. Two other sports the same day a camera that Pittsburgh is actually your bosses at good success against the penguins it's been a good matchup for the swept them last year yes whatever reason eight. They had socialism they have been on the for some reason it is as we have that such a talented team and you know you think that it's here on the Bruins by I don't know. I don't they if they they still have that the bronzes don't add from a couple of years ago something about it and you know they've won a cops and then the penguins but they are you using makes for entertaining game. While the Bruins are inspired tomorrow after Claude Julian says William Wallace battled sterling speech that he today. The way I discredited today you'd I was ready to run through a wall for the coach I I brought us I'm sure a lot of the media is around. Since the flute oceans Iowa peace. Earlier this week for the boss and global listing the reasons why you know it's that this is no time to fire the coach giving. The love affair with colonias is significant it's three I'd amended. The media loves. It's definitely it did Steffi real for clone I mean you don't see I mean odd because if from the coast in this town emblem it may be a little Steven's death in a ballot check. Obviously that's an adversarial thing. Farrell at his house not the most popular Cogent sound but. Yeah out of me I mean you know I don't know I don't know that I think it's just because he's he is genuinely nice guy that you. The media with you know with any really disrespect I mean I I don't I'll say that Hagerty last thing is going to be a few times are really into us as a trash you read about it on the website shot while I was out doll I think he's a respectful you know I mean I don't know that includes a little watch a game once he swears yeah French speaking on Tuesday I mean a bit and got a guy you know put yourself and in issues of in his these this is something like. You know that these guys and don't of the their entire lives in that you know some English major in his face him a second quest second guess them how we don't want things that you know. Item as a last Agassi and again dripping from Apple's head outside my aunt and I am an endless days every talking about myself in that. Think I you know you you base against second guessed by some some guy you know all of pasty right now on the Internet and I can see what department emails in the PO NP is he about Ike is. I'm here's the without further to the Julian response today he would fight didn't address it last night after the game used to emotional. Was asked the question in French right it'll which would shift French and I'll I mean some teams that would travels along with SI questions that maybe he was like look at only came this far I'm gonna do it in on the mound and answered and answered for him broke down that. The soft walls yeah I'd thank thank goodness for that Quebec media. But debt load giving able to the cat the English media he's tree has switched over to a English and here's his Braveheart speech today at addressing his coaching future. If you minor. My it's awesome people. So the question to ask is what you all the rumors. What's going on Hannity. Your question. I think it was. Are you happy that proper behavior. You're here are pretty eyes and so. That. But. To be honest with you guys. My call. And we're going to norm. We're. My John's case he hasn't had much quote her accurately cat. If I come one reason that we're not doing well well I think Matt. If he's so I'm not quitting. Obviously. But when it. Management I'm great I'm willing to go through. Our confidence. You know last year. It's feed my ball. Did you. Yeah. We're going well we certainly cool when seniors who you want me. So he. Personal physician whose beauty. He wanted to see that ultimately. Play out he absolutely. Excellent work where he whether we. And here are my dogs so you're yes. So Scarlett was concerned Europe where. I know that but I outward. It's already been wasting a lot of time when I'm trying to fix. There it is long the Scotland or when every night he was saying throughout real we properly inspired rear. Yeah I'm gonna strap on the pads right now. I mean I thought it was it was doing he said he's just kind of you know put it almost puts the onus on under the management's OK look I'm gonna coach his team as they don't want a lot me it's it's almost set reminded that Seidenberg selling stuff here about you know if you wanna get trainees and look at Columbia. Then fine I'll wait you know I don't wave always a good idea just because you don't want me in the fine. And I think it is or someone's eye out like easy basic Sammy and management. And you don't want me and then cameo on the problem and then take care of the problem on the problem otherwise I don't I don't worry about nine I believe him I mean. You know what the ala I'm kind of the same falafel las feel like the I don't weigh about things that that aren't on fifth and they can't control so I mean that's the that's the right approach for close. The key phrase in there is growing pains that really throws it back to management because he's saying capsule look you put your game is roster. They're not ready look at the Toronto's icing last night look at Spooner this week with with defensive lapses opal was do not always thought back on the roster right. Yeah I mean we have eight players that'd mean there NHL debut for the team is here. Only through them stuck around as Arctic Carlo. And I think and that's that. I mean so it's it's this has been a revolving door of sorts of of different players in. And really asking a lot out of the coach you know Kris she hasn't found chemistry with anybody this year. I mean they're putting them back imposter on the play they guys play with past two years because nothing is working. And I think you know quoted as he's given it a real go here I mean he stuck with. Backus and Kris yes that combination for entirely too long and you made it I was fanning eight you know it. What's that what's expression square peg Ronald de got the app except you know six material power forward in new around hole I guess I'll. But any putback setter for when a game you know it's now just on the link it was a nightmare I mean now is yet that was not a good showing from their Backus. Obviously first time playing Saturday and Carlisle I think since opening night you know embers are good that first segment gained their bird problems out there right. Obviously no chemistry with his line mates you know at at center. But not agree look for him he was and BE losses man in the slot on Detroit goals on all around bad Sharpton that third line and now he's in the weight and your third line. And hey this is not why you sign this guy you signed him to replace Louis Ericsson. The Ericsson by the end of his time here was a second line first line player with other Bergeron marsh air great cheek and if this is going to be a Backus is they're gonna our problem and I think that's a big thing he was their big shiny toy they got on July 1 and right now I think. You want of a more item you want some more and I know I I know he's a heart soul guy no he hits and no he talks he wears a letter. You need more and if if he's not providing got to go out and get more and that's not why they brought him when he's. But the biggest problem obviously I'll try to jumpstart that line element but put them on it but I nurture sand you know you can. You look to your highest paid guys to carry eland and he's probably there'd been games trees disappeared. You get there reaches a 6177797937. Saturday skate camp where rear admiral anti Anderson solve the problem it's been hanging on for awhile talked about close future in front office what's up thought. They got I don't. Gone. You welcome the same guy. Just at that news set on their radio for peace said it'd disconnect between. Floyd in. The management. Management it is not the right management. Absolutely not what's in the prudential long kind lots when he finally made weren't the only company out in big dollar years ago. And the daddy happy ending back into the equation. As a console. Most underperforming general manager in the history of the NHL. Lou and it fired coach who want to Stanley Cup so popular in the big bad Bruins. The old guy oil above the money. And what do retaliated and when it is there. Jacobs is about selling the concessions he beat Puerto Roddick yet. It supports MP and Robert Ernst and into the stadium in NATO. But in not about winning the Stanley Cup it's in Paris and Kim knew he is part of that reaching. So Johnson. Thing need to wipe them out. It's on appreciate it now does he mean by black complex. As of fraud and good and I'd. Now what this goes back eat there's the money comes right up again right Jacobs cash. Yeah financial things that. You can never get away from that rate as it's just it's just details almost finalized I mean you know he had known I mean. But again either guy owns a conglomerate that has a piece of almost every arena and like North America. You know I I don't think that he's clamored just to get the Bruins a couple of dates and just a I don't think you spend in oh. Oh odds of a cap to get like three player yet that's the thing is you could easily shape when he million bucks off this season and you know I am not exactly he was doing the strip he's a prophet he wouldn't be spends its fans harassed enough they would still come on I'll they'd sell plays out well. The streak that they're apparently just the it is spend in the money or assets it is the just not spending it correctly called local street. Yeah that's street aren't there it's you know it's a 151000 people on like most games and repellent Wear Santa streetcar. While added to tickets are sold you on its a second buys half the buildings I guess that's that's they have partnerships and everybody's so I mean but but honestly like. This is not. I understand where the calls coming from. But that's not really what that the problem is or what what the issues are of this team. Both they and us EU is speaking. Mean that that is a large majority of the candy speaking rain there and say that these ticket prices have gone up consistently over the years. And the products hasn't followed and I think that's become an issue for a lot of fans. And it's it's leading to this this cry for change because. If you don't wanna pay 85 boxes sit in the fifteenth throw the balcony and watch team lose for not an islanders are one up from the black box out they pay for. Well and when you look at the roster and some of the salaries it's hard to say this is crap roster well that's hard to say that. It's not what it's this spend the money it's not that they're not spending it's cool this feminine and how to reallocate that that's a problem they just they're not spending the money wisely the way to put it all mean. Again it is always spend the money they just don't put it in the right in the right areas and that's that's the problem roster makeup is is the issue on the team. And if that's been the issue you know that's that's an obvious is the problem that. It's unity RD fight to rally Sweeney's still planet but what he's been less than two years ago I mean yeah it's not time to fight Sweeney and he has been here long enough. You know the only connective tissue between those two was key in the elite. And end like I mentioned that it might and when I can't the other night as you know that. Front offices and aren't needed it different than they used to be the Bach used to stop the GM and and that was kind of vet and now this a much more collaborative. You look at Toronto for an example unity got Amarillo Shanahan know those those are just two of the many guys that remain in the decisions so when a decision gets made you know. Is one guy to blame fine a percent of what is one guy get 30% and it I guess 40% you know I do you divvy up the blame. When it when a group decision is made we Abby Sweeney was hired may twentieth when he fifteen. As you point out it's less than to help you fired cam you can with less threatened and I reached a kind of dress in the belly and that I mean it would be forced to mean he has a man halon Arafat. For his most of differently in the not to mention the draft picks are looking good right now pipeline is looking trying to Carl Moses first pick in the NHL in and look out he's played in author knows -- Hamilton I mean that's kind of you know Charlie tennis states his name to the status saying entry whereas. And Sweeney's kind of blew it Doug Hamilton who was here that same degree that he's kind of attach pads that is big trade. And those guys could end up being 33 pretty good professional so I mean you know. The Jerry's deafening on Sweeney's own people like clam you know clamor for him it's like not that that's that's tour to do that. And you know I don't know what firing Neil he would do right now he of people mention that as well it is. You know what how much is is because it would be a message yeah but you know but it but it was a really got to change in the same GM and like I said it's like I had as a collaborative collaborative thing is. Who's the final who's the final decision on these things is the owner is Heatley is Sweeney and all that might be an problem and of itself you know I have to pick one or the other right what I date Diego you know Sophie is nearly a 100% responsible what you know wider arc against him so. I don't within the things we don't know because we don't know ultimately who's who's making the final say it's not it's not like it was. You know 25 years ago when he can just keep by blame Harry sinden and eats at parenting because you know he was the one making the decision Charlotte different. Saturday's Gator Sports Radio WEEI killer rear admiral Tai Anderson were brought you by AT&T slower market wise snacks OK I admit I was wrong Julian is not being fired up. I'm a disguise it ducking fire today. Was wrong after three game skid but I tell it tell you where he will get by. Coming up next a new Laird lock on the with it till 730 Saturday's game here on Sports Radio Debbie I will be back same time next week and then three you're visiting Sunday mornings. Gentler time Anderson in every ran against a thriller about that eagle that the early Sunday are now. All right I was wrong three game Skid Row is Ron and I was not fired but my first lock the year but I'll tell you when he will be fine. I think we have to put a cap on media members in the how many times they can play at club and I and I'm not picking a time and I don't know but it really talking about I don't want guys I don't know are you for the U eroded most recent that's why I was I. Pick on you'll like it too many people I mean you guys since well like they fight followed leads many times and each guaranteed lastly it's like you know changing because after allowing you know. People exists like boy cry wolf. Okay court to the NHL schedule this year guys are aware of these by a week's Smart and as strange which is part of the problem with the standings and deciphering what is going on right now it's impossible ridiculous like you wanted to stand straight on the Atlantic it looks like the Bruins are actually fine. Actually in third place. And had a Toronto. But since they've played what six more games than beliefs RadioShack. Dell's so who. That's twelve points I've received they would sweep those and give them. Six to to be conservative and so now it just extrapolating to the bros Ronald playoff spot by about four point yourself. At a minimum socially stay hot so they're not a good position right now. Anyway that this is all gonna clear itself up in February the Bruins are home for two weeks. They played Montreal at home on the twelfth and they have a bye week it will play again until the nineteenth. And you'll four game road trip so. It's easy. You're gonna make a coaching change you want Cassidy to have a nice week to implement systems are Xperia X and Ian a nine games between now and the bye week. February 12 2017. That is. Out February 12 right so dark alleys and done guaranteed and why. Because all right so you wanna fire close yeah he wanted Hillary embarrass tomorrow Pittsburgh right you want you just figured how are gonna happen any resist they've scored seven goals twice last three games teams a juggernaut that. Close as a way of edging and we just talked about the history between the Bruins to thankless. Not knowing album out but I'm saying our right. If workload nine games from now. Yes. You have go four or five like he always five enforced or there's this thing right you have to possibly Zynga now. If they go if let's edited Aaron Bigelow just under 500. Now you are too far out of it. Now most I think you guys are in the same spot but I think you're too far out of in the terms of actually making a serious run in avoiding the best team in the conference. At the half again as a wild Carter we'll take us that care that let the public policy does want to ask Ford told dates or whatever three and but then then now we're talking about OK you're also still too good to. Tank and and get a actual worth while traffic is still gonna be about thirteen that that totaled thirteen fourteen. That range that you don't want to be in that they have been in these last few years. I just I I don't know I think this is like if they if they haven't yet but the fuel tank would Julian if they don't fire Julian tank now reality and they're not on the year and yet they have Rask starting these games architect has to grass is too good. I think he's too I think. I think that the court ST this is still too good tank between Marcia and Bergeron. Odd Chara. And and Rask silliness too good. Got to move one of these guys the if you didn't tank yet to move at least one of these pieces Walt that's the case this is a blessing in disguise this week if you really believe that if you Philly it's better to tank and you're happy you lost to the yet are happy to shut out again I. I hate the idea of scorched earth I hate that that's like the you have to do that to get better because if you if you have the right scouts and have the right picks you're gonna be okay I mean. It look at some of these teams here I mean that you don't want any Calgary you don't wanna be the Calgary Flames you don't wanna be. Who's and it's you know it's I would throw in that category may be the Ottawa Senators straight you don't wanna beat those teams. But why would mean. Because your stock and you've spoken in in no man's land where you physical players got dutrow right dance and tactics yet but I look at their roster and have a lot of older guys that. Does it make a lot of sense for them because they wanna stay relevant wanna compete. So you're never gonna quite bottom all the way you should which is what the Bruins assert leaning towards you don't wanna be that direction less team that I hate the idea of sequestered the same time it's. I think this denies three pieces in place apple now and tomorrow that. For that's actually even be the case. Admiral February 12 the day. Anti Biden too random to who ran into a rhythm at all. All the got a week off to prepare your assigning value or send a game of you know among the latest as to count on anything can happen and there's too much time in between now and then. ECB's Jimmy played up on that date I beef like. That we want to let's see if they lose the game before they play rip for the AM. In hopes standing played Canadians. Right before they go on break so Sunday February 12 to play much real. Pretty safe bet they're gonna lose the Canadian Saddam it would look for a mark that went out. Parity debt but if they lose to Vancouver the night before haven't posted on that there may be fought you maybe make the change right before the half game just I mean. Up and who's to say it doesn't happen before then you know. In spite I again as it is it's too much of a mystery as far as like hell hole I would just Arnold bottoming out. And that's not like that's the prozac and until that they're not gonna is that are gonna sell off pots in bottom out not I mean knowledge not a cause Bergeron is here in his prime. My shyness in his prime I mean you you just get a week if you do that age in a waste too with for years and those guys right now and I think they feel they're closer to. You know maybe with San Jose is done and San Jose's game they'd missed the playoffs. Have at least one year the end enabled by daily you know they were going to be maybe a lottery team and then it kind of gone the Stanley Cup finals so. I think of them that's more of a realistic model for the bronze to be followed and then 200 bottoming out. There are some parts ticket Booth they could trade Charlotte he would agree to it right. That's not getting out of such a material parts of the next two years now I'd better. Late night that we talk about the shall we fall but you know he he's going to be a bargain next year for me and means of the way he's played this year there's a lot out of right I think a lot of people expected. And if you can album you know again formally here for many of these February when about one of the better bargains in the league next yeah. I've bonus half hours Saturdays game liege up to our coverage of the Cleveland and senate's failure to get the NBA it's like it's an update on the Celtics and the trailblazers in trending. But on the way admiral and Anderson will give you why they feel like Sweeney has screwed up where he has lets you guys think he's been terrible but what roster management. You're legit critiques of what's gone wrong Saturday skate here on sports rated a BER brought you by AT&T stock market wise snacks.