Is this season changing the perception of what Tom Brady has done in his 18 years in New England?

Mut at Night
Friday, January 12th

Reimer and Buck are talking about the Patriots and the perception, locally and on a national level from football fans regarding Tom Brady and his relationship with Bill Belichick and Bob Kraft, as well as Alex Guerrero and his TB12 brand.


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Look like an. This does not. Try to make break he's the type. Like previous week's report. Writes an article markets Beriault it is not a perfect QB but he special enough to make the patriots won. She goes on on nine you think OK this is going to be real role Marriott article I like it could really lay it on the market Samaria and yet. It yet this is is this is the East River Arianna this is the best case for marionette. Very good it was considered more of the best player or again. You've now developed to more what traditionally many would consider it old fashioned football player. Although he does not throw a great accuracy. And what what do away with passing yardage. But he will fight and scrap. That's a pro Marriott it. That he will not for great accuracy. It will not play away with passing yardage but dammit scrap that's what's got him in the mean I like. Good don't take. The good. That is when news scratchy for about takes you know a lot of and now I got to act and about it out at. Not cute you know now. When you told me you gonna talk about this Mike Freeman peas I thought you gonna talk about the good piece that he grow. On how to improve officiating national hopefully I did that I thought I read that when a couple of days ago. It was apparently made some good points out that Jeff Triplett was still about it that keeps that I would stay to not shot tired right and I think. Next I yup it's and it's great run but time ago. And that's the untold story TI mean we had it you could say that referees. Turn that seats titans game it did not call the fumble and Derek Johnston marionette. If they did it may be turns right there and it's already have one game you can say a blown call. Affected the outcome. The NFL patients sometimes remind you can roll your eyes Davis Red Sox manager John Farrell in his complete inability to sell. What he's trying to say he'd be talking to the media after the game and you try to explain something else Francona. Could have sent the clown out it is pitch and he would have a good reason why he's doing right Ferrell would say well you know we that we noted that Gaza is my opinion like why. Well sometimes unifil officials lots of times this year when they say on that last call and they begin talking annually lots. They don't make any sense of humor is. So and again and you wanna talk about market scenario and that in Tennessee and widely in the and the free replacement. But just since it came up and I appreciate. Get younger officials. They need that dean is too fast it's too spread out it's too complicated. You negate young retrieve another one of the ones that like and I think this one time. Make officials accountable and available on the game is over that is pool reporter nonsense get them at a table with people in and ask them questions. Evening wore on new game I get I don't always get the sense they are on your game and as involved as the should. Yet both screwed themselves in this standpoint McKeon Ramsey had to pick. Against buffalo on Sunday that decide that ended the game for Jacksonville. You look at that replay. Not entirely sure if he survived the ground balls roll it out now unhappy they help that got picked in a playoff game. Yet you get that's an interception but all season long you've been reversing those kind of calls so now you're not gonna reverse that. In the playoffs that's all the NF most like themselves into being too fine with that stuff. I was under the impression. And being sarcastic yeah I was under the impression that the whole idea reviewing calls woods' two up there it is right there up. That they're wrong we're gonna change it up not nothing irrefutable we're gonna keep the call. Instead. You look at the replay forty times we all play along at home. We don't seen it in the general on the teams the call anyway the reasons that aren't readily available in the report it's it says the rule book you overturn policy when it is clear. An obvious yes they Kelvin Benjamin Katz last month for example for buffalo was not cleared up now. I think Jesse James watts I think outstanding Jesse games but that it wasn't now if I don't return not the Jim Ramsey pick should have been overturned there were few calls over the weekend you go. Got to the naked eye this looks like you catch it looks like an interception but even overturning not all year long. I think the officiating sucks but also hold review process that that's how I I I wanna get rid of it all together. It's not only the Eagles to a liberal make it clear and obvious. Only overturn it but we are not a place again like fame baseball you've got the pop up slide at second base where they. The runner up pops up in the field holds his glove to the side of the runner. Any this is like a 116 minutes they spent six days reviewing the call and they change it and the runners up when he put that we're now. Not the spirit of replay it is not. Redding Connecticut let's bring things back to radiate out Guerrero frat. Yes thank you guys who you might call I just want to say this is how I really think this thing went down according to some of the sources that I talked to. Is this all sources would sources here yeah well. You don't price them someday. Just give me a chance to talk please look at what happened. Guerrero. With Tom Brady won two championships here that he had apparently it's Guerrero that if you wanna sit championship if you start that he'd be twelve when you start their block. I mean Tom Brady had been working on a book for eight to ten years. And in this book came out a little bit girl that they didn't like. These are facts that I got so bad that you're done for. For ten years. You have it sitting in the book you review recently been working on this book that ten year. If it says that in the book now he's more. And the officers did meet with spell check but he told almost at. We're gonna come out this block this guy's been inspirational to me here of you that got my kids she's done so much to me and you've been told Mbeki had this. You know that he had this that this bout with them and that's where a lot of this tension it's com. You know per EL Belichick has been batted around because it's been a distraction he hates distractions. You know and I got players you know wanting to question the TB twelve stuff. And you know it's been problems with trainers of this whole thing stand down from best in this floppy invoked and await Belichick it's so anal with these distraction. So I don't I don't think back to the buck the TV told manual. Although it all gets back to you know that he did we wrote this book in problems along pan but the good news actor's career would go. On it now during his career that's a distraction piece in that's you know the light that. Bill bella I cannot stand distraction. Right on I don't I'm going. I think you're adding to your easy ways it is sources tell you that fed the dog technically distraction if there. I beat everybody knows that let me get under. Out of his poignantly. Well. Thanks Fred on the I think what it drop in nine years old that are not two minutes ago yet sources aren't here guys. Bout the telecheck Guerrero rift is pretty simple and I understand the rare start to contradict the training staff wicker ship had in his piece Greg Bedard had this. Where it Guerrero started to contradict the training staff see what they're doing is Ron Paul my plan on the TV talk method Belichick doesn't. I know that he's an old fashioned guy that waits it not that's true even mean all these traders tell like master's degrees in physical size physical fitness what it would. Tell you eat statement of the obvious but the duke there is no tried and true methods of weight training as there is not with a lot of things you didn't. Go to what Jim talked to a trainer and give you a very specific workout regimen right and you can do that regiment for six weeks and they go to another train anybody Ohman got a team we've negated on this you know at doing that she's been doing that. It is a very inexact science I mean obviously there are many things on which they all agree. Certain basic tenets of weightlifting but you get the middle Rome one on one in the gets another guy one on one that's when you straighten out. Yeah but you know. Added to say that these patriots trainers wanted to as the lift weights. Is so simplistic it's not like that anymore. More money to send it in in even before 1970s that I grew it would. Not like that anymore and that's where the rift goes or TV two I got to bake. UV Guerrero I think Bedard got this where Guerrero was seen how the team. Not saying wait we we got to cut this back on the seat Guerrero a TV to all do it on your run time attitude at Gillette Stadium moose isn't westar moos. Yeah I don't pay. I did so they're allowed me this volume Bob Brady credit where credit do you love me. Yankees not get enough credit credit from whom who's not giving him his due. A major crude rude people can be imposed as you'll realize. Unfair. We're way code from Lester went dramatic swing men who live an aerial people while it Tom Brady's feet read socket a human right. Millions don't Jim Gray Lewis today. On the radio Saudi territory here years on the radio it's a big it's a big back rub debris when it was so it's not gonna vote must mean well it's I think I think that they got guys like you that they go is way too hard on every. God help them. You need sombre each Tom Brady try and umpires David go mad at me Kamal man and they knew he wasn't. Braylon battle lawyer enjoy you this barely all the smaller. No but I am rightful one was very impressed me when the Empire State Building in ninety route you that Alex is night and. He doesn't think Brady around this town hasn't beaten up way too much I mean really at least. He has again does not get enough credit that that's the late evenings that last one Annie Oakley who's in Worcester is why Jack at at that your guy. It's implement the rich. They get so it's. First time caller want to respond to the couple callers before that part of the wind in the splatter theory but anyway look at. I'm starting the call is to say look I've been one of the biggest racing that were as many people are to target debate with diet the greatest. Of all time I think one of the reasons we all white and so much an applicant somewhat. Going back to the Bledsoe analogies he was yeah underdog right. In he achieved this the inconceivable miscues can continue to do so but what I love the bottom I think would ever allow the bottom that he saw. They pay cut the the take on free agents and was all up steam and. And boy this would disagree on that that he was getting lots of bonus money but go ahead. Yeah I still got its position. You walk into you look at you aren't real people making more you are on you don't want them as full market with what's concerning and he now. Is that. It was all on the scene was all of the culture that's so special or the patriots need than what he was the I'm concerned that we've been having conversation at this store and I would have thought Las Vegas local newscasts talking about Tom Brady it's everywhere in New York I was in New York this week it's been connected all in ones talking. It's not about Tom Brady's documentary on FaceBook. They're talking about all of it every read it would have been at September and Alex. Richard I think it's a point that Brady is synonymous TB twelve and outs ground there inseparable at this point. Yet I think I think the question I have is the problem you know with their proper communication when bill in the craft organization seems like arms looked upon. Above fill in the question I asked and he disagreed with the car political with. But I think many of us won't let so I was siding there are coming out of a time when the secrets or apple. You remember the Terry one day it was exciting football problem. It it it like it is in Iraq for 12 let me just to illustrate the respect they have Bledsoe. And this may surprise you but the three most important people in patriots history from getting that stadium built. It's not what you think people want Bill Belichick and Brady in the day it is Bill Parcells. Robert Kraft. And Drew Bledsoe they are the ones that are heated. This big drama that is the patriots. Now obviously Belichick and Brady took it out to the moon and back into the bulls but that the foundation was laid before the of one of suitable. That stadiums going up next two of the old ballpark. So try and believe you have a lot of respect what Bledsoe did the patriots quality guy great quarterback. I'll Famer but certainly in that stratosphere. Having said that with the analogy falls flat will that Alex. Bledsoe was was deteriorating badly at that time that happened and get him on there if it hadn't been that week with Mo Lewis. It was going to be a week to later I think we all kind of know that now. Yeah I don't disagree with that I think one of the callers. Point was though that that Belichick made the call with tough call it was a tough one for many ball picker bit we can know how great one at that point is that. Yet the question posed and I don't have the answer and I don't know on the tour committee appointment. You know what what what with. Radiant look like on the bills we traded him sort of throughout automatic rifles in the great I I would say Brady has proven himself in news. The best the ball on an equal to the six Super Bowl. What would it rate in what now. And the excitement of what the bill back in it so now all eyes. I'm confusing now I'll add that up like so yeah AA well we'll that was not gonna happen my trip why why would they traded 23 year old quarterback for the bills and hold on to an injured. 31. They're equally or governor on the way. We were to trade Brady now. You know in the Indy in the end of his career you know that's the thing or at risk with his. It was more valuable I hope there's not a rip their hope this thing continues to go but when it was bill. Don't walk away if the giants won. You know what's more valuable this point for the future of this printer pump in the past but never be anyone better each one injury away locked away what happened speaker sort. Yeah that's that's that's a great point and I mean if crafts gave Belichick that mandates trade Rob Lowe or not you're angry same thing. Essentially choose pre over Belichick at this point is the wrong move now politics next five years will be more valuable than Tom Brady's ex partners. And I don't not execs around now. Without Brady a because of the rift because they're public Belichick is staying decrease decline I think. I would surprise that that that there that people not everybody is whom. Lee beat dismissing the notion of Belichick definitely this team in these edicts now. I don't think it'll happen but I I think that talks we'll have to take place an order for him sir really it's not that might be if that. He adds a tricky word that means that it's irreparable on that everyone hates everybody I think we'll all agree that a lot of stuff is kept it going on down there. I think beaten continue. To have form an alliance and get the job done with me you know this is a cliche at this point. People keep talking about talk shows that not everyone gets one people in the air. And yet they can what do these fellows and the great thing get ratings make money you know and that is done. Terry. Will they go up my thing is I think Belichick is back twenty team with the patriots because that he still wants to coach it's the best spot for two. Even with a 41 year old radiates the best spot that giants job is. Not attractive to me so you're gonna go into next year with. Davis web or 37 year old Eli Manning earned rookie as a quarterback. A team that won like two games three games. This. And that's the giants at all but that it's not a great job I agree that a 100% up until the man. I'm sorry after the match. It is the giants. It's not your right it's gonna look at three when I know I understand that and in it it I don't make the case strongly is everything he says on the thing right. I have been Detroit a million times I've been in New York a million times wart. And and I lived in new York and I know what you work so well. What are the opportunities it offers. I'm you know I'm gonna go might lighten Broadway shows that solo act. But New York is I mean it's in the United States the giants are historic franchises national football away. And the alliance had done nothing I'm 62 years so that nothing in my life but still I mean if I'm Patricia and I have my choice giants are lines I'm going to Detroit's. That's team Matt Stafford is a good quarterback he can win with him. They made the playoffs last year and barely missed this year. Detroit Lions that's a much better situation now what that day but it would say is that the person who gets the the lines to the Super Bowl. In witnesses who will become an icon I figured it was a playoff to me while I mean but but I don't think lions in the mean mollified by playoff victory. But listen he did not that was the one here but but it the end game should be winning the Super Bowl right thought you know this. And in the U analogy I was gonna make with Leo winning the World Series the Chicago Cubs on. Theo Epstein is an iconic and Joseph Maddon right on it being used in Chicago for all coming time. Because it did summit had not happened since 190 wait if the lions lose to quibble a guy who wins it for them is going to be. All that town for a I think competition Dan Wetzel wrote the state for Yahoo!. I'm taking that wind event threatens to really it's great columnist to the book on Aaron Hernandez. Have a right there wouldn't be surprised that certain audience right word processor it's in which loss. Rare it's gone on yeah. How communities work right yet and I'm glad I'll let you know did you slick red on me. I did at their really rot you know I have not logged onto your a couple weeks actually. When he got to go ahead I got a question and adopt the beginning of the week we're talking about Brady was shot out your that we are talking about great documentary. I think it was an inside job when Brady I think about Barack. Why did go ahead are. You look if you look at reality you. Beatty is well scripted as well make you look at every liberty you'd eat it that well a late. Katy Perry Taylor Swift but it's completely fabricated to derive operating right with. Kind of guy like this like letting us I think what the thing them. I haven't I don't log on to get out much violence and looking for relations said that the end is obviously her orbit grinder guy Ross Ewing grinder. Yet recently got newly single up to four years. While it seems like say hello I. Guy is obviously very hurt last week I think what did you think of my tender profile was it better than expected worse. Expected. Actually I I but I do it you are a couple weeks ago by you're actually out but even bother to stop unit. And so. Tony embodies very snooty he's I. I write a secret prisons are lost next time you see me say hello I'm Mike the only dropped on agricultural. It feels they don't see you later tonight nuns. I'm not done it what it down. I'd love to go to. They go I just wanted to note for the record I stayed out of that call is that it would be the we will. I am very curious what at all. I'm not going to be how does not you are there it's sound great I'm gonna take a break out and. Log on to ten days while outlook that. 617779793. Sets back the people Easter message young grind air. Over the summer set like he needs to do you during your bands like it's not. Be above that it's it's right on the Michael Garrity. Presentable young man and I mean some deep meetings in the world that's right. Back after this look at them out we'll continue your patriots called Brady Belichick era all the rest and also to acknowledge now it's not. But at least eight. On this peeping agent injured attendees agent accused you'll get that double tees and lines in showers. Amid great come out and proving it every time I get you'll double bogeys and we still up time I still need to end. One of these luxury cars maybe an infinity like Anthony C dot. But it Roemer live from the New England international audit back. Sean Brady try and umpires David go blu med. I mean Kamal emit. And it's so great it takes you to take his place. 6177797. Night seven. Go look it up but Roth at midnight I've got through. What it's like to wait for us to come out still waiting still waiting I believe he made up or. My abilities he made awkward it's not a medium liability is a deal. But your baseball guy yes I am to explain to me this story is Jason led. This that baseball agent the aptly named the outlook as good as an actor while there's about a year older than I am not even you made that reference let's note for the record. So Major League Baseball Players Association has suspended. Because his multiple players say they were filmed by him in the shower. A player sight camera in the shower of his home it's decent lives in Saint Louis on use Internet attendees agent that's are talking about it here. I think lots of questions about it one way I've one question Acadia first. Why is it common practice. For an eight to have its clients over the house to count thank you. At those are that was my number one question as well and that's minus minus questioned how the Ceres where I don't get it. Saint Louis right so like is he working out with the players. Mike it's yeah it's the agents last personal trainer with him dinner promote hate you if you know like the ice dollar. I've never offered anybody to take a shower my apartment if they were not staying out. Strange things through August yes it's just like all right hey guys how the Coke have some pretzels and walking official it is out and staying over the showers automatic right Italy's. So what unites people and it's understood. That if you think someone tells that that the showers offered the rights right yes. If you're not staying over. You don't say well before we would like so how does this come up exactly how does this hour introduced. I don't have any incidents like this was not rhetorically my part to get much gently that's. That and I also don't think it will uses. Are gonna put this I I I I thought I saw or read it. Using this and other women that Dahlia yeah act because you know that there are winning like yet the player just happened to see it but the players it is alleged that they were built. So and I read how do you notice that you look up and use the camera. It's very straight right so it's using disparate group went like is it like media as a girlfriend or wife maybe that's their thing maybe he just likes watching. Now we need to but that's strange eggs that so many unanswered questions here. I'm an agent. And Tina. Economic nearing money that you will at some point have an agent yes and as the guiding principle we lowered them to shower think you know it's weird now at some offer it may take a shower right now. Not doing now. Bomb. And my question about that intensity has to be questioned for him in Fort Myers get ready. Did he know about these allegations in keep him the agent on board despite this knowledge. I suspect that. And attendees will be asked that question and roundabout way. And I through the suspect that answer will comments while this is a guy can have some kind of pitching it tends not that he's not. Rude drinking age is not terribly revealing yeah seating Q does that make a bad guys way out taking. Because I am assuming all these players talk like one player notices the Cameron this hour. It's telling your buddies are on the leading word gets around hated Stacy blade that's as Cameron dollar. Yeah of the authors to Sally again if the players just takes a meeting right like. Bet it Teddy to go to his house in Saint Louis to meet about contract it's like two days. They stayed over people's houses anyway Anthony's strange I don't I don't. I've been not at not having met the guy from memory years and I don't have as many dealings with the agency it once did. I don't know how high powered this particularly not one of the ones I've heard I had been attendees at its highest. What is on the clients so embassies independently wealthy. It's not like I can see Scott Boras for instance. Having a home that's like a compound. That is tennis courts and right weight lifting facilities and its like. You know the the Canada as a write the API years as it doesn't force public is only EI I don't think it's chaotic and Scottsdale right at least performance of robs gone out there and done stuff. And these great thing is it being a great athlete in Seoul and I could see a squad forced by having the home. That is of such splendor. That athletes do go there they and they worked out and they do that like for instance Kevin Garnett. As good example Kevin Garnett little known fun fact in sports that we Dini change went out to visit. Kevin Garnett and Malibu. Back in the day to convince him to an agreed to contact tension with the Celtics if they made it favorite Minnesota. We ring the doorbell. It was Tyrone Lou now they coach the Cleveland Cavaliers who answered the phone went to the door while I was Tyrone Lue at Kevin Garnett house. The answer was the just undergone an offseason surgery madness that's been beaten incorporating. At Kevin Garnett out meaning that the house was big enough it's bland enough. That you can have a buddy crashed there and have all the coup for months that one would need to rehabilitated knee injury. Out it is decently no little money and I'm suspecting it is not so the mystery goes on that the file on the beat blocked I laid that would be nice story heading into. Spurring change. What is the story which is Jason would souring me what you've gone on in training for the brewers then you can I would love to I would love to speaking out in February so the that you did not go to the team martini parties I did not know what it's like to do well. I'd you were invited Tim Robbins by what I got a personal taxes have went. I should've stayed home. Why they're doing the podcast I didn't go beak it's like all those guys are there everyone's. Everyone's. Out here is the coolest beat the inning with team ground there yes the I am I gonna I don't mean brown was that in my attic on it by don't go there Jesus Christ let's listen to my day. At a orca was. An article today. That's it for magic allows uses to tomorrow I get a few more radios you and Heidi eat that much. And then without you two looking forward to the show it's of course yes and it but. Have to wait at the right in Foxborough which is going to be a long night and this happened on Thursday. But what I'm saying that today's Friday focus. Thought that I have him in the morning common afternoon for I was review at night I followed by Saturday. More radio with you and so long as they talked about driving that and by the is that link points out the temperatures and it can be raining. It's going to be raining 55 degree high and it's conducted twelve degrees. You know what those votes it looked like 2 o'clock in the eyes straight guys getting on upbeat having it from my house they chuck and halt so that's why hitting go to the martini party. Jock. Eight shock. I go and what's up man. I have I have some issues with your radio station. OK lay it on and I speak on behalf of all of that you use deal but wouldn't this case I am. What did you make Iraq a I think there's a piece that everybody's sniffing OK everybody. Bashing ballot check for not getting the best because they're the trade deadline could grow up. Can you stipulate that if he did take the fourth round pick from Cleveland. In traded grapple at the time. Who is going to be great back. He took it doesn't matter what you oh you did he does is ought to get Brian Hoyer. Now right boy it was only. The leak after grapple oak retreated to if it is. If it if you put but that Bryant it doesn't Brian Hoyer is not worth giving up Jimmy problems. I don't know of the number four overall tech aren't we at that point telecheck Arctic air that happens. Desperate effort in nope not here according to many sources including chapters that what you're stamp you'll be communicated with the niners about the problems got even call the fruits. That was so they created grapple with the fourth round pick. For it right. At the deadline. Who's gonna backup reading there. Is it about the but now. So Iraq. Yeah I would argue your argument used that you know him. Oh I outs they're valuing. We'll hear oh number four overall pick. Just you watch out because you're saying it shouldn't the 49ers to get right where you don't eat into the grounds who's backing up your idling. Why are number four pick it yet but my question back where it doesn't matter as my lawyer sucks. Now can I ask you what's gonna chalk up just ask your question is serious question but he managed the question we jump it. During the pre season when there was all this talk about the patriots treating the problem. Were you knew you firming your belief that there is no way they can make this straight because they did they then wouldn't have a backup quarterback. No matter why you sing it now. Because we're at what do we have a situation at the trade deadline. Where he had to make a move. Why yeah that's a whole different argument than what you've been making the last five minutes. No my argument is at it this a million at its. At this deadline who you gonna trade. Who bureaucratic Rocco to whip dollar check if you'd bet that it will it have a backup quarterback. Going into the final you know this. I think you're you're putting too much. Emphasis on Bryant Gloria. Brian Hoyer they know him he's partnered part of the program this respect back and what. I and his team why they have been here that's not why they've made that trade now what chuck is doing cricket but you're my read is that he was valuing Brian Hoyer. Over the number four pick in that yes it which is. Ridiculous. Bill is involved and Billy. Look at what I mean from big dogs aren't with that he's stocks Sports Radio. Sport really by declaring that now are these people column with more on air. And it is definitely the argument I think black for the about collars. Aren't I am just laughed like Alex read. All of the plot you know on the night. Tomorrow's game. I don't know they got a pattern of the night inside the Odyssey is closing and enhancements and when asked okay go ahead you can hear you now. I'm sorry. No go ahead lol whats your point about the games. I am nit bid for all of it the fifth in this got to follow pot. It's just a joke. And I temple who read some of the things that are here come across here were equally some of it though. Well what do I what do I believe I believe there was tension would. Guerrero walked couple months ago. And I can still somebody took that and come out with I'm Mike's our peace in my entities from ESPN. Just before the playoff spot and. I just don't suggest that he was it just that it meant he has yet. I mean. I let him on the back what about the fact that I wrote something. And then Tom Coleman was lightning and I was at the Christian based re confirmed that we've been reading for the last several months yeah Robert army current. There are Colin it like it is and so am I commentary written article last month talking about how it files like this could be yet the box where. Well you know. He might someday succeed and that's common at some point we go back but the period at the same spot a lot right now is absurd. No I really don't know why I really believe that I've seen and heard about it time and act like they did. It it is still open and again I'm laughing like cow and all of these different people call up. With a different theories as to why. Rocco was Torre did it it's ridiculous Belichick and apple decision at that time. He made it we live with it. We moved off. Act now thanks at all. That's about that against it I always sad when the auto show closes as gonna say the auto show is done for the night and we're still here Bucs till 10 o'clock colonial lots more to do you ought to on bill's point. I don't think it's rumble leaned out of its crumble. It's just there is tension in the building because Belichick did wanted to Rob Lowe is like Guerrero as like TV while we need him to omnipresent. There's two but it needs crumbling as the beat the titans. And I didn't mention this the beginning of the show and don't say it again now because it's relevant again in that the Red Sox had all kinds of problems years. Theo Epstein and Tito Francona at each other's throats. Yet I'm sure they never an issue you know for their first year together but I think this is as far back as those seven there was some good. Help the and I held me back and forth between them but they won games they won championships. Roemer and buck live from the New England international auto show back after it. Look at Raymond. Thank Donald IEU Cleveland international oddest outfits that are caught on buying they'll be here all weekend on rather real. BL Audi Porsche Porsche Porsche forceful voice he. He got ousted mart. Fidgety Acura. Well well. Chevy's they're all here this campus of cool the ones though it's a great guy you that's not a couple I think you're in the market for Obama market one but it. I I would be that guy. Who would buy one of those incidentally through retiring around country what you could see their real mount Rushmore. I've seen the real monkey eating and I I can see Od it real I just need to see all this deal but I'm not much more talked to that's right it's the and you stand there looking at it go. Greedy. Me even as it is Williams certainly Russell easily and guarantees. Yes I Grand Canyon out obscene agreement and other. Pads and Arnie and I used to travel around them I don't why I don't like it on that rabbit don't criticize but you would perk on Monday morning. The best part of the job. Is that you get to see all these places and travel from country right Seoul on on. Traveling for baseball and football that's one onkyo T used a tee to green canyon seem mount rush on school places it's fun. It is fun that's right not exactly my cup team a more civil war sick guys civil war battlefields there via ports tonight at the camper but that's me. About it was fun tonight it was. Like it so much let's do it again tomorrow public 2 o'clock tomorrow yes will be on two to four tomorrow get you geared up for patriots titans ought to go through the Washington Post piece five. Reasons it titans win. If we can. Two week period any of them so we'll be back tomorrow at two coming up next WEI ten to midnight is Patrick Gilroy and showed covered. For this game and everything else stay tuned for that patio a great job sealing the guys.