Shawn Thornton join us Dale & Keefe:On Tuukka Rask “I can’t think of a better goalie who has been atop the league for 8-9 years, he is the guy for the Bruins”

Boston Bruins Hockey
Monday, May 7th
Former member of the  Boston Bruins and Stanley Cup winner Shawn Thornton joins Dale & Keefe to discuss the Bruins playoff elimination, why Tuukka takes all the heat in Boston, and much more.

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Fans are allowed to try to figure out what the heck happened as they get eliminated. In the Stanley Cup Playoffs by the Tampa Bay Lightning. One of the most popular members of the Boston Bruins over the last number of years Sunday a former Stanley Cup champion with the Boston bruins' Shawn Thornton joins us right now hey Sean Oreo. I don't know I'm not as good as if they had been able to beat Tampa Bay but you know what Sean Tampa it was a better teams in the ruins war. They definitely were firing on all cylinders. I struck a did you see that coming based on the way the regular season series went between these two teams because I I just misread it completely. All I attempt as obviously the middle of the ultra warriors aid they know what it takes. How often or in there or as well that I thought I did I thought it ideological or I actually. I think the early pit crew. But. I gotta get democratic got to the third they definitely capitalized on opportunities. They're goalie stood on it and it. I didn't get here let's go either way but I'll hit the cap app that we look at that are also others like that are out turf. Down if an opposing player lick your face while you're on the ice and how would you respond. I. Don't think anybody the they're gonna do that. Yeah. How that would probably would have joked about it assuming. So what what do you make of Brad marsh and do the delete edit helmet cut it out it's happened four times over the course of viewing was three times in the playoffs. You've played with a guy what what would you be saying it's Orman what would other guys be saying tomb with the all this going on. Homeowners. Yeah. I have men around him enough lately to give your honest opinion when I was hundred. If you creative players Tribune. He says other really you you know everybody says I'll do whatever they don't win it. Really what you and you know I respect back. It's willing to do whatever they went I tried to win the in the same way it didn't matter. When he wanted the playoffs winning all that mattered so. Heavy lift you don't get big bird auto area but it but it it that. Hot air but. I haven't talked to him I saw him about coal Bert. They're gonna solve all about one minute that promote optimal opt out here I can't be an honest debate about I'm outside the Libyan leader now. John obviously what a lot of people talk about is he needed to do these certain things and play a certain way earlier in his career that's we was as a hockey player. But now he's such a skilled player goal scorer a lot of people say you can't do that anymore you don't need to do that tomorrow but is it possible to sort of change. I guess change your strike so to say as a hockey player as your career progresses. The more widely viewed the goal scorer and I later let me just people on the power play will come first. But you look on the first 1% big job. PG and red carpet at the leader human poll and you're a good probably seven years ago we played that way. Top. What makes him such a great players to compete let her compete level barrier rarely does he get. Awful talk in the order or lose the battle or. Give up on clay and part of you know an intimate group got to lay it on the edge so. You know if you want a player that gets you. Thirty old white all year that might argue look get to thirty Ivan it every single battle yeah take a little bit of I didn't think part of the game away from him that they brought it back to that little. We're talking to former Bruins forward now Florida Panthers executive Shawn Thornton. Which you've been around here enough to know that Tuukka Rask is a polarizing. Athlete in this town. There's a segment of the Bruins spend on the loves them and there's a segment that things that you never gonna win win them. Where do you fall on the Tuukka Rask scale here. Let all the guys that. Didn't let them go and walk out with a lot of other players in the NHL and everyone that. At least I shoot him every day at practice but he got out any option whatsoever. I'd go back to I obviously don't like being the quarterback of the pitcher hit view energy at all or you don't hear. Carry the blame. I did I can't pick and I'm on it could get kind of odd to be honest I can't say goat. Only then. More consistently. At the believe it a lot. 89 years. This could be up and down but yeah. Anybody at least they're gonna say eight play and he. You make him look she went on he's really on all I want of that area I'd be hard pressed the article that. You can only on him and at the heart IP. Argued about that one either down to not think it should court albeit in May to Iraq it would save in the first period so opt. I don't know if it in the shadow of the pack your who won by. Until he went and don't let let's eat. He talked organization. I've. I. I know people out if you guys a lot of hope they don't. I. I know people don't like to hear this when I when I pointed out. In NHL history he's got the second best career save percentage second only to Dominic actually be second best in NHL history and. And it but you're too you've been in the league for a decade help and it. Yes people it. I'm not sure why he's all right guys they keep I'd like the good third the other team that cuts amount. It in the Soviet bloc. What do you think this team is is missing shots I think when the year began. Nobody really expected him to be as good as they were and then ask the season played out a way to man this could be a true cup contender. Then they lose in five to albeit a very good team intent today. But they lose four straight games in the series looking ahead to next year. What. What do you think they need to add. I don't know I sure haven't paid enough attention. I don't watch hockey anymore. Low legitimately all the business side a lot playoffs on a good time streaming and I am curious of who met he met somebody hurt out there. For me play GM wouldn't you merit therapy anybody else but it has really. It is very uneducated guess I do don't they over achieved. You got everybody. Outside passion. Or Iraq. He said it started here I don't think people. Expected that so they've probably performed a little bit better and expectations of into the start of the season but they are legit contenders. Emotionally what is that process like as you just referenced it. There were low expectations then all of a sudden late in the year they're seen as a cup contender and people got excited and OK and then they lose in the second round as a player emotionally. Are you able to say you know what we had a good year or is that taste of losing in the final series does that take a while to go away. I hit the ball right in I think there. They're very happy to see them but not in never happy when you lose so. I don't know I the first few days afterwards that they completely Hawkins usually. Well myself I use to strike and sorrows worked get ready for next year. I'm sure there period went out and but if you take a look back at some injuries they've gotten. Other quick early I think. They beat up fairly. Barely out of the results. I'm not trying to get to find I'm not trying to get to in trouble so you answer this as carefully as you need to. Does the NHL haven't officiating problem here in the playoffs. I don't know if there's always human error that it don't matter what I've drawn people. And so. Are there called met yet so they're. Also under. Add them all to get called yet so they're dives. I think this debate going on for a hundred years and I don't think it'll ever be perfectly honest. Do you think the success that Vegas is having as an expansion team is that. Some and it's good for the NHL or a bad. Not great I think. But they're they're. They had a lot of people sick from that draft I think that they did a great job with the Gerard alongside a great job with with a team of you know people out there wasn't a lot of expectations on but. They also have a chip on the shoulder that say they can rally around that they elect. Whether they were all that are not they feel that they weren't now we're gonna prove that everybody have their widgets all. I'm happy I'm happy for them. I've a feeling that this is gonna have an impact on the Seattle expansion. I think NHL owners are gonna say we're not gonna make this is easy for Seattle as we did for Vegas. And they might tighten things up a bit with the expansion draft for the next round. I mean we'll be right it was. They did they got a lot of talent and target team. Exactly you want your newest seem to be competitive and in. They did tape a billion dollars expansion fees that they deserve to be in the mix one here. While the students are. Tell what the offseason is like for you now that that you're not playing hockey in South Florida and your mainly on the business side now so what does that entail. Helping organize 125 anniversary for next here you know working on. Marketing plans are always. Community relations growing the game trying to get up there as many and those and Medicaid and the possible. Long. Total nine and they're done. I'll say this you were here and and and saw what it was like in this community and in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing. And then you're a part of the Florida Panthers organization. In the aftermath of the park and shooting was the emotions similar in both instances. All over it took from it and I'm very happy that. I had a lot of people to lean on. For the I've sort of outlet. Being the point person in our organization's response to the tragedy down Aaron. It definitely there's similarities and and you learn. From the in their often you do not know what what people need at this terrible time and you kind of read and react and ask him. Have open arms and you know whatever people need to try to help well I know it as much as possible these. And no they want you can't just throw money out of that. Completely different thing than they hurt in recent you know rebuild houses and there it is a terrible thing what went people's lives are lost and you really just being there Foreman up what they what they need. I gotta be honest with the I was never a huge Roberta along golf fan he won me over completely. With the heartfelt words he said on the ice at your game in the aftermath of that. Yeah he's you know what he's a great and being and I. I know from the rivalry that we had with Vancouver and order said that he's met his achievement for the last you know three years and then. Obviously working with them over the last year on the other side. If you'd actually like it either really really funny really good guy. Well the best order falls there is the hockey he's pretty funny he is really fun in. There. A shot we always appreciate the time talking to you good luck down there and I hope we get a chance talk against him. Our tech there. That is now former Bruin forward Shawn Thornton now a member of the up front office for the Florida Panthers. He says he's in it to watch hockey anymore is to busy. Run in the business side of this aside things also said they'd be a trade partner to about the already set with him you don't want to eat exactly. Eli you want to appeal to by the way it was a pretty. Staunch advocate for two and by the way. Full disclosure days for an Arab they're great friends spend a ball together here about that not a huge gigantic boulder you know a little ball they'd run around in the harbor Asia about. Like when I'm all right I think in India I took I had bought him out on the ball and I can tell you know owns it now we'll votes a good thing this year. And I are sunny day all I want to vote taken our eye on things in the I think they were out together mostly sunny today and we're gonna get a credible you know opinion on two got from him he goes out of the bulk of the navigate it is good if he's probably biased he shares about.