SNE Sports Saturday – Big Bad Bruins, Big Time Drama

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Saturday, December 2nd

Scott Cordischi and (abc 6) Nick Coit (@NickCoit) give credit to Tuukka Rask in light of the goalie-go-round with Anton Khudobin, as the Bruins beat Atlantic Division, Eastern Conference first placeholderTampa Bay. More of your calls on Tiger Woods, Geno Smith and PC/URI rivalry.


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Player. Got something you wanna share call 40173712. Weeks yet. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. You know obviously we played a pretty good game for a moment. All of us offensive teams in the league in first place for reasons so now they're pushing their their chances and when they did teach me you know a lot of great saves. You know he's he does encompass and there are times when they're making their push all of those are the saves that you really care. People expect you make it. To harass. Between the pipes that big win over Tampa Bay that was a nice when that's it. Good hockey team they beat the Tampa Bay Lightning. You you know which that was hugely. Honestly I was disappointed to Bruce Cassidy when he said no to can still our number one goaltender he's going to be in net I just felt like who go to get a ride the wave he's been hot hand in net he's been out playing. Tuukka Rask all season long record my shows that there chosen but you know what it. Give Cassidy credit because they won that game I don't hear they won the hockey game so. When Lionel yes I still think could open right now is it is the better of the two goaltenders at least this season AI I think we get wrapped up. This is the you know putting labels on them number one goal standards number two goaltender about whoever is playing better he's your number one. In whoever's. Not playing as well Alicia number two well we get caught up sometimes with the with local athletes in the salary numbers and how much they're getting paid. And a while you're your pain and seven million dollars a year so he's got to play. Does it need a play it while you and your deceased right the mine either sit down if he's not playing well that's wild with the I was. School sort of scratching my head and I knew his arrest when he first put him in there and they lost that that first game article was back it was like. OK Bruce CNN the answer to this and they played them again then. Use the Bruins credit they came up be played well in the played well early in that game and they held on to beat the lightning a really really good team this year so. It's nice the young players are coming along you saw the boost they got from having a guy like a Brad marsh and back on the ice. That that obviously helped to David packets who have not the same David back is but he's a veteran presence that it does the right things out there. So they played well in front of Tuukka and that helped put I make that point about. The harping on athletes making a lot of money here and living up to the expectations the money because another guy that I think of all the time that. Is talked about at length on Sports Radio these days because so much interest in the team as Al Horford. And because Al Horford is not your super series thirty million dollars Max player. He's a Mac play areas out of boredom play like a Max player. He has a lot of things really really good but people look at and say region Buick a pretty well that's the going rate for a guy that yeah that contributes that kind of directed. That much to that degree and he's like really really well the ship the Celtics a couple of other stories that. I wanted to touch on and again we're awaiting Joseph McDonald from Boston sports journal to talk a little hockey but he doesn't join us weekly given some other stuff here your column jumble Fisher. I lured away from Florida State to be the new head football coach at Texas a and M. A fully guaranteed. Eighteen year 75. Million dollar contract. While moved on does that just really. Underscores an emphasizes. The money in big time college football and the fact dead. Look I don't think dead that someone did a bad job at all Kevin someone I thought you did a good job yet but the bottom line is at that level. If you're not competing for national championship. I don't care you drop a door it's it's it's crazy. It is absolutely nuts. To look at you know him leading Florida State. Florida State to sign into extension to twenty to 44 last year them. And it goes like five and half million a year and get this his buyout would notice buyout is this is kind of an interesting buyout okay you shoot at one year to set figure. His buyout is apparently. The some of the salaries. On his assistant coaches. Whose core not retained which I guess they season a range of like five to seven millions that is by but you know texting and am shall take care that idea so. But it looked good luck to on. The SEC is. I know there are a little down as she is still the best conference college football yes I still believe Texas in and belong to the big twelve but that's another story for another day. It's just amazing man. You know to deceive these types of contracts being thrown out the. I am I'm wrestling fan I think as of revealed that before and I can hit NATO would give that kind of muddy river the the million dollar man to DB LC. You are remember that that the so I had coming out to the ring. The idea that's what I think Hillary delay thinks that debt numbers like that. We have another text here from the 860. Do you guys think tiger has a chance to win a couple of more majors op. I can't go back on what I've said I've said this for years the answer is no. Fact I wasn't even sure and I'm still monitoring component of the tournament. I don't I. I want tiger to be back well yeah dead very clear I want him to be back. I am not going to jump the gun after two rounds of golf no promise to say that he is back and he'll win more golf tournaments and win more majors so. If you're asking me my honest opinion right now despite the two rounds he's played. On Thursday and Friday the answer is no I don't believe the winning more majors Dexter asks is this chance less chance. How large percentage that chances are it's duck I don't think it's very very large it because of the issues that he's had yes of course yeah I say no we will not win another major do you think he's gonna win another major. Yes and who are the stuff on it's even a thought for you and we doesn't fittest tournament awhile so at this point I'm with you all say no I'm posting. I'd love to see that I really what does he would rejuvenate. Things in the sport and me too this is one case where I hope I am wrong with my prediction right. Let's go back to the calls for a 17371287. The phone number the text line is also open a 379837. Jose Narragansett good morning Joseph you're next in southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. Good morning you guys talking earlier it starts and is it. Just. I couldn't agree were stripped out some. That they really respected this kid you know you think about it pick apart. The giants and and Bailey Eli Manning. The greatest patriots team Walt I. Undefeated state. He's from pretext now what war group are harder they too are you kidding eight racquetball. And Jerry Reese can't be a lot of New York apps that are so it's been. This is proud prop flagship. Franchises. In the actual disarray right now it. Like Scott said too they don't have they're not hurting to some young stud quarterback it's the future. They're turning to geno Smith. Exactly Italy the dispute it was wept at a crap about out there on the Oakland where I would understand if you were handing the reins to absolute correct. Correct you know that's my rant but not. Not to get out here. I. Now Scott I want your reaction what you broadcast. Night. And in and it didn't go Hewitt talk struck out earlier. Witnessed at bats. I I I said that the first hour the shelf. I walked away from that team very impressed with the Brody in the fact that I do believe they have quality depth coming off of that and whereas. I had some questions about how deep they were coming into the season. Taps was to risk he was knocking them down from everywhere. If he plays like that today you Boettcher rodeo as a chance to speed up and nobody. It. Any any early set and a coach's show. He in two years Russell will leave the Atlantic and it's more and if it doesn't go off you know ovals things Iraq he said he will be equally and it score. He was highly touted coming out of Philadelphia bought one here's the other thing to Joseph this kid and they they joked about in the post game press conference after the brown game the other night. They were sit their panic giggling because I think it was Jared that said it was Jared Terrelle was that's Dresser was Dan and they said that. That's believes every time he goes out there that he is the best player in the court. It's it's probably too much sometimes he's he's just he's so confident is five foot ten bit. Coveted as a freshman score them any points each is so confident in himself and they're all they're all gonna giggling about it because like. This is easily the world's. Fire he's great so by the way now that you mention that that the post game show yeah person are there any nicer guys and Steve McDonald and sonic yeah they they're scared they are the pastor Steve's fun I would like to personally thank the two of them. For keeping me company on the ride home from the ranks and the other night so I can't wait fifteen minute post game show a gun rights are Amani from all fifteen minutes sign off. Wrap up your crib and that takes ten minutes to walk to your car and a five minutes. I get in my car. Driving from Kingston Rhode Island east Providence in which is like 3540 minutes of us to go and. I lows and the entire. Jonas and I'm like wow. Great entertainer I hate but more post game show in the history at our ball club. I think it Cooley kind of pull that a little bit too with the Bisping a buyout. You know kind of are there there are expecting visitors that they should be selling out you know I was nuts are out erotic opera. He ain't either at the top. And right in right in being a light walks over ever met in many many years. They should be toward well a lot better and but it's illegal or inappropriate he really has both the program at all by the way. I would not make a prediction on next year's game is gonna help class company. Know what's gonna app. He's talking about this get eight he set it straight or at school right now he'd be in the spotlight. Yeah no it's it's it in and night it's one way ahead of things I just look I say that because of the the depth the province has an and the guys that they'll have. Returning along with a freshman class but I think. The matchups with the freshman class that. PC will bring in next fall on the freshman class the U Orion will bring next fall this rivalry is it's not going anywhere and it's gonna be on the stage for a while it's going to be fun. I think it's great I'm obviously that's IQQ are there. But you know you're the last seven yeah. How can happen I think. Nobody is a very it's it's been like this for out of these games about the last minute the last shot. They really have been kind of screwed if that's of that also so last minute game with this app from the past app. Epic like Erik Kevin Mack Ameristar and I think maybe it's too that they Alps and maybe this is speaking at the and I think the rams. A prohibitive favorite. That would in my. Yet not hide there and there if that's what the odds say 23 and a half point favorites and it. Playing at a crazy rants and it will be or rocket and that is the that's. That was the league and college basketball it is a great but it. I don't know addressing college basketball but I'll tell you this it is by far I think it's the best. And you inroad around the best atmosphere for a college basketball game and morale when that place is sold out if it is eagle electric in that building to be. Who will be electric tonight. In early game. Joseph thanks thank you do appreciate you as I mean this is going to be fine I'm I'm just so sad that I camp either because I know. What a special atmosphere it's going to be an ordinance I'll be there early so I get my seat you know what a good idea yeah I I had heard that debt buy tickets some like style bubble gone like 250 bucks to this game yeah Heidi at my baseline setup because like Doug is going to be it's out of photographer later he had those in Providence Rudy 505. Tip off tonight at the Ryan senator will have the friars college John and Joseph for your right here. On WEEI speaking of John rook he would join us on the other side when we come back to talk PC you are I. 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