SNE Sports Saturday – Time Of Year For Giving UGGS, Tiger's Back?

WEEI Providence
Saturday, December 2nd

Scott Cordischi and (abc 6) Nick Coit (@NickCoit) look at this weeks AFC East match, Patriots at Buffalo Bills. We take your calls, texts and tweets on 40 year old Tom Brady, looking at his stats and his chance at MVP. Tiger Woods is back on the course at Hero World Challenge, he's say he has a chance?


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Sports Radio One and three point seven WEEI. UN to send the defense as an offensive lineman I candidate you're always try to euro's going backwards. And in our guys took great job keeping their poise it. I think they're so well coached and they take it to heart and they take the coaching art and a place. You know they play together they do everything together. And there's a great group. I yes it's that time of the year Tom Brady. Time to outfit the hogs with some mugs. Besides god isn't it you know we don't know Credo we used to be isotoner the present time. You know I guess the modern day version of that is Tom Brady getting hugs he's really big Fella just it's really well offensive linemen really don't long wearing out and do they know staff. Knowledge and be a little weird watching right. Late David Anders walk around and his thugs or something like that is kind of weird. It's kind of sad too that you know but my life has come to a point where. I'm standing ten feet from Dan Marino dolphins game. I just just blurt out without even thinking I am and Marino the dispatcher and places out and it's bad I was actually stayed with you gotta Caracas from channel twelve day less Marino come over and put. Out so I sog. A deterrence is posted a day it was a picture of Tom Brady shaking Dan Marino's hands. You know like on the field in Miami boom years to something it's has. These two greats have five Super Bowl rings between them and as bad it's smoothed I'd welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI Scott nick we view. So I I I said I had a little patriots thing for you when we come back yet and that that little patriots thing is. Both about Brady. And I think he was or way Maloney and Fauria at that were discussing this earlier in the week in and I couldn't agree I think it was with Christian more. They were debating right now who's the leading candidate for MVP in the National Football League and I think if you listen to most people. Right now they would agree it's a two horse race it is Tom Brady in Carson once they are by far and away the two leaders. For MVP honors this season sure. And I think most people would tell you that right now if if the season were to end today at Carson when it's would beat Tom Brady out for MVP. I agree that that would probably be the case I disagreed with that should be the case and I'll tell you why. You look at the two number look at the numbers of the two. First of all Tom Brady is completing 68% of his passes over 60% to passage which is third mentally insane okay Carson Wentz is completing 60% of his passes what the ninth in the week OK third point nine. Not Tom Brady leads the league in passing yardage 3374. Passing yards number one. Carson Wentz is eleventh in the league in passing yards 2657. Carson whence leads the league in touchdown passes 28. Brady is second with 26. Okay. Interceptions Brady leads the league for starting quarterbacks have played a certain amount of snaps he's only thrown politics. I Wentz isn't that bad either he's thrown five interceptions. Ot Brady's QB yard number one mom. And dad didn't look up once it's on but the bottom line is this. Bolt their numbers are great yeah no one's gonna sit here and argue that. But what Christian Fauria said and he's absolutely right. Tom Brady and fortunately. Is a victim of his own success. And also victim. Of the fact that he plays for team that has dominated the league for the better part of almost two decades now. And the rest of the country is sick of the New England Patriots in sick of seeing them win. So when you have a shiny new toy like Carson went to second year quarterback. For the Philadelphia Eagles. You know hey that did the natural thing is to gravitate toward him and sale of non operating you can not the patriots again. And the other thing is Tom Brady is a victim of his own success. He he's forty years old forty year old guy shouldn't be doing what he's doing right now who's playing as good as he has at any point yeah. 68%. Of his passes completed but the fact of the matter is. That is now. The expected norm. For Tom Brady in the eyes of every one. Whereas. When Carson once puts up numbers like that old outwit of that conference so it looks so much greater. When Carson once because it's now expected from Tom Brady. And it's unfortunate but it's true like like Fauria said Tom Brady to win MVP honors has to be. Absolutely out of this world like he was in 0750. Touchdown passes they have to be numbers that are just so extraordinarily off the charts that he wins it. Because when he puts up superb numbers like he's putting up right now well that's expected from him. So it doesn't look great in the eyes of many which is bullish. But that's the way it is moved minutes ago it's it's an interesting point. And I agree with you it if the league was deciding today I think whence wins wins the award. But I'm glad you rattle off the stats and I think that was important to do and then and they're pretty close. But. Yeah it. He's a victim of his own success as you look at in history sort of expected and then you'd know that he's going to do something at least close to that. And and Brady. He does deserve the award if you look at it if you look at the stats themselves and but it's it's tough because you're right this is sort of the season the Eagles are macaroni and root fly Eagles fly and then there's Carson Winston have a good season it. It is nice to have Carson once a guy like that emerging because the league needs good young player that was settled for me after Tom Brady is gone but. Listening to the statistics and listening to. How it is I. It was me I'd give the order Tom Brady a wooden. I would too much you know I mean forty years old put up those types of numbers in forty years old death 4068%. That when hawk debt. Unbelievable I mean it most guys around the league when they're forty years old forget about putting up numbers like that it did in the league they're probably below average players yeah. He's putting up ridiculous numbers at forty years why I was listening I think it was listening to. Six Kim Russa there's some little summary of the radio last night and they were talking about. Jim Gray who is made fun of a lot for his interviews with Tom Brady. It down and stamp tax. And now this economy spark usually don't go well it's here remember Tammy. Tam tam tam. But he did ask him about. Quarterbacks and and starting quarterbacks Meehan a felony listed off a bunch of them I think is who he was this week's interview with Tom very. And you listen up put the names and I think he asked Tom Brady the quarterback problem in the NFL. And Brady was was complimentary it's a wall you know nobody knew I was coming in to leave it usually well. The big differences some of the names he listed off for like Matt Moore. Tom savage. Orion Fitz Patrick. He yemenite young guys and Tommy so it is good to see a guy like Carson went submerged because. The league needs good young players like abstinence seems to me if anybody would. No well done it's a man named pot roast. There are. DSL fighting. That pilots go to the calls borrow 17371287. Aren't text line is 37937. And the ticket off this morning with a friend in from Cranston the morning Dan your first up on southern new England sports Saturday on WB yeah I. And we forget what the Brady I don't gathered at a 100% completion percentage right now. I stooped to an eight he now than what has. They're these guys yet. In the morning to you about another. And as to non league and I wouldn't say he's made up tomorrow baby gets his first start with the kindness. I can't the in this game and be debated and being that it might ordinarily. We do have a tax in the 401 a couple of rides I had to be ready for this this one on this one Jimmy Jean loves pressure up the middle that's why the NFC's data in the AFC signed in from Cranston. And and then that same text or actually said I never call land but but I do loved him from Cranston is he from Cranston Easter Cranston west when answer that question. Well you Cranston the last girl and guy. Although although I you know I worried gave me that pact the united north side I would run until she future Lydia lips. I had no idea about that little yeah. And I. Now you know I IA IG I think that. Obviously a bulletin board to let you know the now. You play with a budget craft went basically you know. Even Beattie played well all the battle life. That's two with Maria project of mine it would definitely under that they've been. In the hatred state in two or three years which clearly they will I think when Brady read that is the beat Beckett there was the ad in the current. You know rooted you meet you. Whatever I hope they went pretty simple all around. So I say save that clip laureate the patriots will stink when Brady retires. I think that they called bought. What do we are not a quarterback you spank a look at the Broncos that all you need to know. You won a lot of games at Mac cast and in 2000 innate lest we forget. Okay I want are able someone obviously. I would. I watched hate to tell me. Why you don't know what unbelievable Arnold because this. Currently there are only what plays who had bet on that number. One all. Is that overreaction. Yet functional yours if you don't want. Here's what I would say so I've watched a little of the first two rounds. And I I think in this is probably a direct result of all the back problems he's had. It seems like he's swinging a little bit slower and smoother you know hot tiger you'd use to do is oil law on Coyle used to go after it got it the pork on his back was ridiculous. I feel like he's toned it down his swing a little bit. Which obviously he probably needs to at at his aging given the back issues that he's had but. I you know I wanna see him do this long term buddies die I can't after two rounds say tiger's back I I'll tell you this. I hope to hell he's back. I think golf is so much better with a good way I tiger's golf app see I don't care how you feel about Tiger Woods personally. Golf is much better all when Tiger Woods is good if you hate them. It's even better because he's at the top Muller I hate disguised yup that's great because you're watching art tipped you what's in the product yup. Huge. Oh couple things that they are technically I watched. Every inaudible rounds and he is clearly pain free. Do you do the job yeah I but I I. Eight straight I have the luxury that you I wish it could stream it on gulf the only valuable enough. I was. I mean you'd like. There were a couple of shots especially on eighteen when he drove it and I'll be otherwise yeah irony in afternoon drive in the span like and what went. And he took out a way to edit swing really hard picture swapping your ball on you know each and trying to get out that would indicate as sort of like. And then if you let. I'm not thinking of the guys from from happy guilt. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah the flags that. If that you. He is if he is back it is the biggest laureate sports let alone the law or he would dominate. Listen the guy to break the walk down the street London and no wouldn't go we will. I would then walked on the defensive that slope we have a lot of Republicans if I had seen the thing is transcendent. What are on the wolf probably right now right. Yeah. And NN. And all due respect to the Jordan's eats Dustin Johnson's Rory McIlroy is Jason days of the world. Those guys their star a star power doesn't even come close to approaching Tiger Woods' star power when Tiger Woods is at the top of his game. I mean he was just. Out of this world in terms of you know the debt fans the media the whole world couldn't get enough of tiger always love him or hate him. These guys just can't even approach his level of stardom they can't. Don't don't you let it start you broke all he missed one. What do you went through throughout this. What was that was that what night I celebrate yeah would've been. Deanna would have been nine years old we're not you nine. Good yeah on the you'll end up. Yeah yeah Gillick than men but both of us. Greg Oden regularly and well and I didn't feel a poll anyway. I know I die I die I do I do I look like him for my eyes and took it. My my point is is that. There's the generation golf lately I feel like I'm being seeded is tiger. In golf you can will be well you're crying in your forty's. And I loved the beat tiger mix it up with these guys like Scott is said that the the no it got on this global world. And it I I feel that a lot of these guys. Have never got to root through intimidation and the tiger all this if you don't. If you every TARP back he's got no problem at all. In the bread cookies like that god. I would look and see it myself I I don't forecaster I just don't I know he's playing well. But I I did and I'm with the a 1000% on this I would loath to see. There it existed glimpse of the old dominant tiger come back to challenge these top stars 'cause I think it would be awesome I don't see it now. Mean I hope I'm but I don't see. He has the game and to be pain free and eat fruit that even just yet they thirty borne out 31. By the thing is what you did start he's been away from it for awhile and I can beat him beating you all on Sunday if you can consensus. I don't multi can never get that back that's the problem with most guys involved with the dual role in all. Well who knows that every night weekend. I did YouTube. It's truck art form and how I got out. They get a throughout the the rules as play it has. Is this your balls. It struck by what you can you can play judge males under the tree and the caddie shack you know what would you prefer realized from this program for. Good golf movie star bid to cast it dead Happy Gilmore. Is I mean. I think it's sailors best I really do a debt at that movie is just an absolute classic it's one of those if it's on TV and you see like up a little watch this for the next hour because. The lines everything about it is just so so I don't balance my house agree I was a ten cups and two dollars and funny but it is a good and could move teacher and I'm not already holy balls and put the water and eighteen. The UNC Dinka I don't think it seemed to have Costner none of the dog you gonna watch a guy on market analyst at. Tin cup it all right. For all on 7371287. The phone number these tax line is 379837. He's nick com Scott its southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI.