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Saturday, September 23rd
We always feel a little smarter when Alex Speier, sportswriter for the Boston Globe and 108 Stitches newsletter, joins us. Scott Cordischi and Nick Coit (abc 6) bring up the pitching rotation and bullpen. David Price and Addison Reed are looking good in relief, Drew Pomerantz is back to form and Chris Sale continues his record setting ways. With reliable starters and a strong bullpen, the postseason rotation is shaping up. Listen as Alex drops some homerun stat knowledge on us with a comparison between Tony Canigliaro and Rafael Devers.

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Sports Saturday fox sports re the ones who point seven. Beyond those people thought your purple. Welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday here in sports Radio One 03 point seven WE EIA nick Kuwait and Scott Courtney is she with few second hour of the show here and I would tuck in some Red Sox throughout the show today along with the patriots and here to talk more Red Sox is Alex spear of the Boston Globe joining us this morning Alex good morning thanks for coming on with a as we appreciated as always. It. So last night the Red Sox a 54 victory. Rough field devers the big home run to propel the Red Sox to the win. Nine games to go four up in the division. I pick last night you you look at that game though when you saying. The way that report cell came out. Is shaky to start and you bring David Price out of the bullpen. Something that John Ferrell talked about the seem to talk to bode goes two and two thirds and I seem to really do maybe give us supreme it was he was clutch in the eight sort of gave us a preview what David Price could be. In the post season what did you think of prices outing last night. Well they continue to strike out a lot of guys going through how it throughout the word out it might have or are you order. Urgent topic being characteristic of Italian been pitching. Earlier this year had been dominant pepper I'm review order. And then you'd kind of tie it up and backed up or we get the same game I've MacBook result going through the second time in third time of the order. Our so for what he met a pretty big deal because you're eating a lot. And starting pitcher. Being out make it no more than two time for an opposing lineup. But at least a lot a lot of that to be handled. I'm on the road because it will instead of being able to beat quite come out in that you know shut down the red over the court. Basically one all time review order I batted that is very different papers it is if you have a game where we're at it Palmer and Bernard Carter agree yeah. Is out in though we're we're you know it is is done after four by the inning. Yeah that that that they embrace. Those statistics back it up Alex then if first time through the order that gives you. What 910 hitters that probably gives you two and two thirds like he had last night three innings out of the bullpen and that could bridge the gap like you sick is it seems like going to the post season. The weakness for the Red Sox if you're talking about pitching is that third fourth starter role because you've got sale and you've got Palmer ends. As your one and two and then 34 say pour sell lower Eddie Rodriguez is out there 34 innings go through a name they're a little shaky. This is a guy they can bridge the gap in spots the aid to play the role of as you know I wanna compare to Andrew Miller as as has been documented but. He could play that sort of role as a bridge guide to that back in the bullpen. Melody would provide like a different kind of like right in Mumbai or is it you know Miller was going out there and Ambien in. It was physically ready ago. I might be we don't know all right. Is going to be able to get into game. Argument though you might be a guy you're the let they liked the division series or retire and urban game batters he might be able to appear Mort that we don't know. That that kind of viewed as we expect there but. Yet you're able to provide a link in an outing in it in April which were our again. What Everett basically I didn't start. But they are all more aggressively. Being being able to be a guy who typically view I agree inning out of the bullpen. Which is you know which. And an act on by the way like threat but what part are open as a group. I shouldn't be underrated from the on the board by. But nonetheless you know what they've acquired. It out of another level. Problem most of their it in most of the at a group. Tiger when Alex fear of the Boston Globe my cohost Scott according she's on the line I believe with this right now if you wanna join in on the conversation Scott there. Alex I apologize I don't know what happened but lots of stations Auburn on Alex good morning Howard you. At. Good thanks. Alec and you've got to talk about the old David Price thing I'll be the first to admit are a week at Coe on the show. I was on those guys they're really felt like. Want to try to stretch him back out in and and maybe at him as an option to be plugged into that playoff rotation but after seeing him perform probable and this past week on. I'm kind of excited about that the fact that deacon. Maybe assume this role and that bridge between starters and the back into the open Indian and region and now Campbell. So I take it you feel the same way. What they've been. The permit and of which is more about people being. You know in theory he could build up is it done yesterday there are roughly forty. Up from having minute when he and a burst out. So you know is more valuable for David Wright. Period. I make 15 billion dollar in immediately available for game five out of the bullpen or that more available that kind of chop up the leverage. Situation at him are that he contention. Perhaps as many as you know perhaps for quite a brief time. In it multi inning workload. I'll bet it is an inter partner interest in dilemma in other epic you can pick either under straight game because. The fact that it worked so well overpowering. You know in their right in the right it'd kind of you know. Ripped through the lineup that one time. It is that they you'd give you a moment deposit. What it was good let's be better route were right he had that they are burger in or are they better up. Having him as the kind of it Barton creek oh in. Alex you were just getting into talking about at the back end of the bullpen and and how good it's and for the Sox. I look at a guy like Addison reed right now and I say that that edition. At the deadline looks massive right now I his last nine outings. He's coming he's given up four hits hasn't given company runs a he he's been striking people out left and right. How good is Addison reed Ben and how much is added to this back end of the bullpen. Well he added a lot of the bullpen because of the simple fact that he's. It happened though is act was Red Sox have. That man who'd been very effective in retiring both righty let everyone that had heavy where it. Already in but it is repetitive Brady's gave up predator you know I there're a lot of hard on fact where a lot of walked in left. Let you icon RIU Robby got. Matt had had it. I'm pretty effective in terms of buy it from the neutralizing what he's. But it got hit hard by it right though at a great game and is the one guy who was it for your neighbor who underwrote it will redeem. Putting up against the middle of but Morgan lineup. Bob and let him handle righty or less he's. Getting guys out beta right now represent a. In regards to you mentioned Portillo. A guy that that. John Carroll on the Red Sox. Count on looked toward the post season it's amazing Horry and Salinas about and given that economic outlook and a year where he won the American League Cy Young award. The last night's start was news. Disconcerting if you're thinking about you know putting together your playoff rotation making him part of that so it is that the guy you can count on it looked toward the play. Well I have in their it prepared are you and your income and he had a lack of kind of or the lack of dominant outing. You know they're they're covered by rolled their pride. You that every year you'd. And a truck the track record. Oh were brought a period of time. Inability to give you a little bit of late in the game basically. You're going your your base their decision not upside and would report told yet by the like that and are you know seven shutout inning right like. You know but they're bigger prior outing if it pretty dominant. Your vote these mode. Which means that you if Burke spinning like you I get the inevitable I started to work for. Scott less than two weeks or I'm sorry Alex. We slick and it's only a with two guys in the flow and it's it's that to keep Cutler evidently right now Hollywood oh. It's a Raphael devers last night Alex. Three run home run. Again this is just one years old and he's gotten a couple of big hits now as you've gone through the stretch run. You were you at the time when they brought him up. Where you are in favor of of bringing him up. Because it really yet what it all runs of the minor leagues this year that he seemed to hit at every level he really played nine games in Pawtucket. But at the east still he seemed like he was hit the ball wade did 400 those nine games. This kid's just come up and in he's really he's just given you some thing. It is spot at third base you didn't have a ton before so were you in favor the move when they brought him up and are you surprised. And how much he is added to this team. So far since being called up. I I thought that it would particularly grumble about it and thought it would be quicker than him. It eager to work whether you're a little network and into the opera like. I. We'll go artwork you or yesterday. Your days are numbered I didn't think it was pretty late so honestly I was I was belittled and your thought about who. Create or we'll bring it on your arm and I think ultimately you know. What recorder. It was Greg Abbott well calibrated spot or regionally he sent. Department that I've been eaten model couple that would adequately outlook. A couple of days of really good initially over the paper you know twenty games that'll. I recently. I definitely think ultimately it will be cool but at a time when you know pick up what the red are built around drug prevention. I if that was a little bit aggressive. You wait you can go well in it. Well it is group you know that he obviously went out the uber team you know you're you're better than. You're better than four at certainly in the eight more of a a early part of the impact if I'm hundred are really need that I'd you cannot expect. It's one year old pop in that kind of impact he did decrypt whatever but he knows. It was it was pretty remarkable. When you think back to to that home run off rolled his Chapman and that just such as such a big hit Ned a turning point in the in the season because the Red Sox. Taking that victory you really helped them to get to where they are right now four games ahead. There are certainly again it was during their wrecked were the red are really at a Albert what they. And were able to ride wherever there are some of the period in beaver meat you and one didn't look like it might be. I deny it but the other grass he'd when you're a and offered support there is there. At their most important part of the Eden. In the in the first outlawed. Studied anything else for Alex here. There are just a question about you know this lineup and saw that says it's toward the postseason you know they've is that consistent this year are all open pit equipment that. Big bet that David or provided little lineup and the concurring inconsistent. Your thoughts Alex as the playoffs here I know sometimes. All kind of different animal and that. You know you need to geek could pitch in the need to get a tightly round at all about hitting with runners in scoring position maybe manufacturing around here there. As you look at this Red Sox lineup they think if you can't. Shots or to keep you pause or concern. Yeah I've been acting. Are you. A little bit skeptical about what there up in order to provide. A name for your approach to. You know they're at a wrecking ball you might not that has been in we've been amazing throughout the year I've been Cleveland did a or in in these in the last. In the last month especially. You know bird the power that be applied all over the line is that a mobile reps are. There are really you know reliant upon as you'd I'm only rent board and they are the guys do that I let it brought you bat. Or independent and beat Oregon ever Cho ended in our they can be are big and produce the kind of up and Rick Perry. But is what the weather not the bar on the right they have they have Europe. And even though we presumably they then. I innate division reaper championship here. Rob I you know put up out of it that art is really really is on the ability to shut down. I'm even it out and. Last one for me Alex you're such have been fantastic stat guy when it comes to following you on Twitter is there any stat may be that you'd you'd keep in mind or something to keep in mind for Red Sox fans as we. Round out the scheduled finish that the last nine games here. I will hurt. It's like it's the you know erupt I don't ever now has a united armored eaten up between the big lead a minor. Idiot what part you're become the first the first one year old. In the red dot there are organization that hit thirty home run. It in a single beat him and Tony technically there and that that including the minor league or look at something. You know at the government to appreciate the fact that. Is that the at a one every year an hour or they were being for a twenty year old that it it is a pretty are big you. Tony seat while that's a heck of a comparison. I act I throw it out their pajamas but you came through Alex elevenths that. I heard read out of it or hate takes Alex spirit the Boston Globe joining us and thank you we appreciated is always send. We'll talk to you probably when that when the post season comes around and October. Urquhart and that Alex. All right so that's Alex spear of the busting global we will take a break we will come back it would rule. Finish up southern new England sports Saturday the last half hour of the show Scott will be here via. The phone cell phone and yet we will come back we'll talk more Red Sox will talk more patriots will take your calls do 4017371287. Text is 37. 937 its other doing its port Saturday on WEEI. What's on.