SNE Sports Saturday - Belly Up to the Bar with Belichick and Parcels, More on Jimmy G and it's Hard to Like LeBron

WEEI Providence
Saturday, January 13th

Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) continue the conversation, taking your calls, texts and tweets. The guys wonder what it's like to have a beer with the Coach and talk trash on LeBron James. Will the conversation on Jimmy Garoppolo ever end?


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And I can't protect them can't change the clock and Michael Manning like joining us were you ever treated by Alex Guerrero. A sports Saturday fox sports Radio One three point seven. Is bill because they have the start in my rhetoric you know ready mode we'll get your bedroom. Welcome back our number two of southern new England sports Saturday here on WEEI Scott nick review coming up later this hour Eric Campbell being a patriot football weekly joins us to talk about tonight's playoff game between the path. Path to the titans. I kind of feel like. There's a lot of apathy here in New England regarding this matchup tonight Scott I'm I'm on my phone and that I just can't seem to change the cloth could. On the fallen. Daylight scene takes a bill that adjusts itself automatically. It that's they do great villains story. That's a category bid for of that football live so play. It's great stuff quit winners the up Belichick and Parcells won going to be released the week of this the Super Bowl I can't wait we see it totally. Absolutely planned that and if the patriots go to the Super Bowl it's gonna make for great week to watch that and then to watch the game the awesome I hope which is good as I. Think it will be because I just on such a huge Parcells guy always have then and I don't see with the job Belichick's done here I've said before you know. Phase today is that. Question and it's a fun question today. You know bring up on a very slow maybe summer day yet if you could sit down and have a beer with one or two guys you know professional athletes coaches what had -- -- sports men who would that be like on filtered conversation -- I'd love to sit down have Beers with Parcells and Belichick I would I'd love to just -- you know listen to them like Parcells is just such a great story teller. He's very charismatic but Belichick you know being in the football genius I'd love to just sit down and talk to those two guys over. A few Bruce Keyes and and with their guards down. Talking about you know anything on filtered a lot that I'm. You if you I'm trying to think of who I would sit there and then it would I'd wanna talk to. I mean some people love like Michael Jordan and you know what to each his own but to me Parcells and Belichick rank at the very. Top like that he's good conversation there with those guys because they have a lot to talk about because they catalysts duck boat so. Yeah that that be fun those thirty for thirty's I just I can't remember being disappointed by one of them for all the things that week. Go after ESPN for these days and especially the television programming Iraq 3230 it stages knock those things out of the park and I was reminded of one of them this week to because ABC news did agree 22 morning. On Nam. Tonya Harding and the the story there that's the espionage done 3030 entering into an American but. Boy I'm looking back at a story like that. Was it just dish is so fascinating and how those two guys sit down after these all these years in. The history there and and where Belichick came from and and I. Doubt that I mean that this story is just faster. Okay. Yeah watching what's the Tonya Harding special two on with with ABC news because she is sure. Mean she's out there holy Moly some of the things she says and does some like the hot. Or is this girl you know it's unbelievable and I was I was too young not to date of I was too young to remember that now I think I just I don't remember it happening you know so looking back at it. Is one of those things you can't script and that's what I love and sports is that you can't script certain things and put all the chicken Parcells in the same room. After all these years is it's it's awesome and I think this will be great I do but I I like there's stuff. Because they know they're going to be on TV that they still can't say I want to sit down never hear them. And have called shoot the un filtered conversation that Romo they did though was perfect because it yeah talk about it and then the two of them sit down. And whoever is the producer whoever's through you know work and then the senses are appeals hearing. Earning. Currently. It's like all across. Oh hell yeah it. They don't. So it'll be great at will be good pay eight just off the to beamed back a little bit Celtics had a nice compromise and went in London on Thursday yeah they get 76ers and the way that the cavaliers are playing right now lost their eight game in their last hole eleven they blew a 21 he. To point lead in Indiana last night yeah I don't know I don't know what coach LeBron is gonna do with the x.s and knows how organized the team. To see and considering what we what what what to me was startling was this now Isaiah didn't play last night by the way nor did Dwyane Wade they were both given and and often arrested there in a respective bodies slash injuries. By a couple of games ago after the loss Tyrell loosening. We got some guys need to put your personal agendas aside did you see that no comment no and Michael all the players harassed what does he mean by that nobody really it's today. Nobody knew like who he was talking about it talk Ramallah on are you talking about Isaiah now he's back. I think. Nobody put. It was an intra interestingly here tyrant he was asked to be you know expand on those statements and he would neither who hasn't. Kind of knew that musical crap my prime may have stepped in it here who have been announcing anything more. But I thought that was interesting to hear him saying that well. And then you see LeBron on the on the bench yellen it guys and then. Talking over his coach I mean let's be honest every known that LeBron is probably run the show there for awhile yeah I think so but. To see it out in the open like that interested to see him showing the look on loose face to was just like. OK well let this go so here's what I found very telling after that loss with a weird Tyrone Lue came out and said that. Isiah Thomas also had a cord and I don't think that he was necessarily. Deliberately or intentionally taken a shot at Tyrell moot but if you read the comment read between the lines. That's the way comes across to me in that he's essentially said. We we just. We're worried we're not moving the ball well and our spacing is good and all this stuff and it was all stuff like. That's coaching stuff like that Brad Stevens I forget the exact quote that I days I have to look at out but when I read and I'm like. This is exactly why the Celtics are so good and Brad Stevens because they moved the ball on so obviously the spacing is good and that. In Isaiah was hinting that it's you know it's not that it's a lot of one on one you know junk and stuff going and and I'm saying that's coaching you know that's the difference team Brad Stevens. Camera Lou yeah you know so. I thought it was very interesting that's visitors. I think they're gonna get their act together don't get me wrong I think this team is too talented to continued down the path that they're going right now. It it it definitely payers watching Cleveland Boston I think is a series this year in the Eastern Conference like going to be fun I think it's a serious issue last year he knew go and and Celtics then they might might might win one game while I say it was hurt you like IC was LP. I would've given them I just kind of exciting oh course to take in Cleveland of course I still wouldn't give them. I just I would have predict the same thing as they are and I think they could a 11 or two games if I say you know its economy and I don't want to end the confusion but but I still would notice. They just you knew after the wizards series you're like okay well. This has been fun this year them know they got a shot here this is going to be a series this year. And I mean I think Golden State's very nice and well rested diseased these guys seem to be taken some games off for him and you know getting ready for when it really matters. And I don't think anybody stopping Golden State went. If you get to the finals that's an accomplishment for the Celtics you know it's funny we talked last hour about our dynasties good for sports and we agreed to pay yard because it's great to have a villain to root against if you're not a fan of that team Bryant who. I'm not gonna called the dynasty yet because they're not but obvious some would have to say that they're heading down this path to the Golden State Warriors yeah. If they do become a dynasty. Almost a little bit of that they're like boring dynasty if that makes sense it's even though they've got some star players and you don't. Seth Curry's a superstar Kevin Durant is a superstar. Are among green he's an interesting character but still. I just kind of feel like Maria. And of boring you know dynasty if Kasikov new good. They're too good you know I was gonna stop him but you look every night you said you try to talk about teens and match ups. But it's it's it's having to Rand staff curry Klay Thompson and they discuss just one to reign over the special and it's the post season. When they turn that the dial up to 100 on the all. For me that they don't have that like this likable star oh drama like me dream yeah I know so I know all I know occupied. I've always liked rooted against LeBron I feel like LeBron on his so narcissistic like. I could always wrap my arms around his opponent. I can't necessarily do that with Golden State is much well what I don't like about dream on is that I use like the fourth or fifth best player in the team. But he runs a small what keys LeBron which he hey yeah if you're on the team you can do it but I just I love I'd love to see somebody just just shut the trap. That's a lawful can be a dip Dylan. 017371237. Attacks on 37937. From the tax on an a for a one hate guys. Patriots thirty titans' fourteen Joan Rhode Island. Sound about right yeah I predicted. The other night I went with 3316 which was the score of the game they played in when he 15 December of that year. Having grown scored twice in that game. That's racing is going and I think it's gonna be a patriots in control most of the most of the game timeouts go to the calls for a once. Went 371287. The phone number. Syria's stance from Cranston the morning Dan you're next in southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. It. Our Eric having. Read all just to get our date and the like Belichick you do not doubt that. It. Emmitt get. Do we know at this competition with my combatants on the conversation were involved. Talk hypothetical. Now what happened this year in Detroit next year. Taking snaps under center would you rather have Jimmy cheek. Or if they in the theoretically if they traded Brady like they at first round pick so whoever Troy get fresh from. Which it. Our two they Jimmy GR whatever quarterback you can pick in the first round of this year's draft. None of Brady the Brady they traded pretty or first round. Yes and enable it to begin with Brady yet and whatever they are able ball. Which one would you Cubans or the heat but now again he's he's wanted him the. I gotcha I gotcha. You to see just can't stay away from the Jimmy she talked I know. It's a lot to break in the results surprising as ten than it was eight people lot of and actually where were you when it's. Did these guys the only few style that we serve well 100 people its own nest so disrespectful. To say I'd rather have Jimmy EG and whoever that first round it is moving forward as opposed to agree because. When you look at what Tom Brady's on you look at the fact that he is the greatest quarterback in NFL history and he's not done yet it just seems like. Where it just respecting him by choosing the other option doesn't it I feel that way I was having with all said. Do look at the big picture like I think Belichick does and if you're asking me honestly put me on the truth O meter. If I can have one or the other I would tactical rock walls slash first round public option just because. You know I'm thinking for the route I'm thinking and years as opposed to. So that's my answer. NIC that. And I hope I'm not coming across as totally disrespect and Tom Brady in the process we feel. You're not that's that's. Way I think that's why people looked at this trade and said what do you do when you give away the future. If you're gonna stick with Tom great great you might win you know another Super Bowl this year. Who who knows what you win in the next couple years if he keeps playing at the level he's playing. But you look to corral police say this kid's got the tools he's going to be the guy we've talked about this I would if I I'm with you Scott and I'm not trying to disrespect Brady. We know how great Brady is he's about to go on another run here in the playoffs. But you've not had a long term plan and that's why we scratch your heads but the deal. Europe is exactly whatever else and you'd better but the key market will always have her back right. Understand it I've know that I think that incredible clean up after all the accomplished. Andy the site. Probably and the more the microscope Alan almost beat him. Going into the one. This place. Has dropped a little bit the last like month or an app state so be able to collect the plate. And now that are long gone and he would only it'd take the pressure on the hate it when it simple all these golden plane. Be it 123 more years is incredibly it but don't multiple all that played the early and that being at is that there. People have looked back you agree. Yeah yeah absolutely yet. Out absolutely I mean it and I think you know I think people. That was the expectation when they decided to make him with the they did that they still can win another Super Bowl or two here with Tom Brady so if things don't. Yeah I think. Some people look at it that way yet especially after the article came out single and you'll lose tonight. Wu. You know that that's going to be that's gonna make things very very interesting and make it a long offseason I don't think they lose tonight and yet you your you there is some pressure they article on a run because. You wanna get back their Q and and after the years in article came out it's. Yeah you you wanna show that you do you have a united front you can still go out there when football. Little bit there's still well. Oh well all of the boats going on that and so we don't bus right. Ballot that we in this country or Walt but I didn't hear it next year. Even when next you're like epic collapse Corey appreciate it Adam and come back. And I think he's in the last year of his contract and it just seems like. The horses they have a best aren't. Cycle next fifteen to beat you ought to be in the last great one is that all it can really key positions and I can't walk grow at the so. You know you bring up the deployment and and I'm guilty of forgetting about that I forget that we we should expect LT Julian animal next year and how much better does that make this offense this team and in particular Tom Brady who's let's face it he's been under fire these last 456 weeks he has not played well. Part of it is that he has an offensive line that isn't giving him great protection and at this stage of his career he most certainly needs it but the other part nick and I talked about it last hour was. And what receiver corps is not doing a great job getting open you know Brandon cooks can knock it off of jams physical corners can manhandled limit the line of scrimmage. And we've seen that Brady trying to go to coach steep. Isn't necessarily the the panacea that we all hoped it would be. They miss Chris Hogan clearly. But most of all they've missed Julian element he's that guy they can get open quickly to Tom Brady where the O line does it need to give great protection and number twelfth. This team could easily win a simple volume of Tom Brady is they Elliott talked and cornerback in the week you know thirty touchdowns. At an acceptable like that and he doesn't app. The beat in MVP level of them to win. So yeah I'm gate agent or this year but it atypical when no. Is a lot lot closer to closing in terms of just haven't bought in already being annexed it earlier. We got guys. Just to deport deport before ego I got to know California another vote for him. From a guy named what's his name Jason terror. I'll loan it. Tied it at thirteen not know what I get now I got thirteen out of it on my side. And what was his. Yeah I did digital said he said absolutely legally Jimmy. One of their core philosophies a year earlier rather than a year late and at pump in all capitals the most important position in football. Graph shows loyalty over long term success the last time crap made a football decision. The team sports are Villa retrieved angst into our Villa would trade treaty for a box marble. He's gonna call you know. It was a trade anything for a box of marlboros is a nose and a thousand. Oh. My 4017370. Or 87 the phone number. The tax line is 37937. Really I know I come. Southern new England sports Saturday continues on WB you guys.