SNE Sports Saturday- Bill Koch, Providence Journal - Red Sox, MLB, and More! 7-21-18

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Saturday, July 21st
Bill Koch (@BillKoch25), beat writer and the Swiss Army Knife of reporters at the Providence Journal, joins Scott Cordischi and (abc 6) Nick Coit (@NickCoit). They cover a variety of topics this morning. The All-Star game, HR Derby with Bryce Harper and his "jacked" dad, the Red Sox and even a little tennis! Bill provides his unique perspective on Sox manager Alex Cora's handling of pitchers and the bullpen, it seems Alex has matured in his decision making. The guys debate whether an addition to the bullpen is necessary. They also reminisce on All-Star games of yesteryear with legends like Pedro Martinez and Mark McGwire.  

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I. Wanna share call 40173712. Weeks after sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. But. Sprint looks nasty unknowns and delivers. It at a strike three. McMahon overpowered by the 98 mile an hour fast ball good job by barge strikes out three in the attic with you base runners believe it or not. The pride of Danbury Connecticut to Arnold. Former U UConn husky volume Matt Barnes and that was the senate bill so this little else I was certain. Barnes good for the Red Sox this year a pretty good I don't wins what is it about dean much maligned a ball man or the one weakness of this team. It's been pretty good. Yes I'd like to see him in that role more and more even though that does that inning was song. Yeah. That was that that eighth inning was his seventh anyway he could write yeah well if it lets. Bring in our next guest and he coverage just about everything and he's covering the tennis all the same the Swiss army knife of prominent ES college basketball. East all and you name it. He doesn't know Koch from the Providence journal joins us this morning good morning Daria Billy. Got great spirit. As though it's been you were down at the all star game in DC. I want to enjoy it. It would interest they knew it was very busy two days. You know Scott nick you guys to bolt then it's all so you understand. This sort of scheduling and and how tightly packed everything is on them the best part of me I thought was. On the Monday when that if the player availability they do it in the Super Bowl action Howard. Every player for the American League and then every player for the National League they've put the meta content able. In a wide open hallway and probably about 45 minute fifty minute. A look at the talk to you know eight or nine guys in in that parents whose really productive in that way. Yeah timer to the 99 all star game at Fenway. I had the privilege of covering that how the game or Pedro struck out four six National League batters he faced when they brought Ted Williams a ball around in a golf Carter of the game I'll mark came on Dallas. That was it it's and chilled but the home run derby tonight before. I was sitting next to cover gallery. We like in a luxury box. As ORY as Mark McGwire just launched missiles. Over the green monster it was it was really cool but. So yeah I mentioned dowdy sitting next to him. The night. All of the game as well. In seeing Ted Williams come out. That chills that that was all race moments in baseball history I mean that's that's incredible that's that's awesome what what did you think of the the home run derby. Bill because it it was it was pretty exciting down the stretch. One and ever run there obviously was excited to Bryce Harper win. And a lot of hope the nationals and that maybe there are impressed corporate motto back here over the last six game a lot of the talk on in the game was grumbling about the ship. You know and how difficult that bent on him obviously score it's got courses driving a lot of that that part retreat in. He's. Seeing maybe. Some of it all season let create being lost here harper is necessarily having the best year. I think a lot of that is overblown he won a wonderful book and yet. A significant. Can't confirm that contract when he market as well these. But I I think it was it was could walk in the C harper win the derby and should I also think in terms of game. You know we saw Houston players bailout is an accurate boot to home run them and then in my out pregnant or springer. Say they've created and from what could've been some uncomfortable pitching decision there. I think of a Major League Baseball I might have Bryce Harper's old man and a cup. I mean that I whereas like like your veins popping out of his muscles on his biceps like dogs on semis of this guy's on something bullying Moly oh. He he. He actually worked for a lot they get construction company eerie bit you're retired now and he. He doesn't rebar for them so not exactly saw work. So I. It's got a ways to sit there's smile across rim like a Scott can ask. It's been that that was my take away from the moment the auriemma like is Bryce Harper's old man Conroy exactly what you want on here are like hope for our guys. Aria unbelievable. You just mentioned in the an uncomfortable. Pitching decisions that that could have happened if this game kept going. And one of the might of then it aging into money had to go to Craig Kimbrel which it was interesting year that Alex Cora came out and said he'd. It Kimbrel talked to a vote not pitching in the game because he'd been used a lot heading into the all star break so. Yes you you're ready it would have been interesting if Kimbrel had gone out there is they may have had to use them. Yeah I would bet that I'm working in seven days and and I didn't actually realize that. Until the bottom of the eighth inning when it was Pittman Diaz warming now. They're going in you know the night or actually start popped on ninth inning when it was Edwin Diaz warming up to go in. The bottom of the ninth the Seattle closer. I look back at Kimball democratize it. While he pitched for a lot for eight you know this would be. Sort of a postseason type workload Clinton is if they've brought him on here and I just think that goes back to. It's a good thing when your manager has good relationship but they also are men or as he's able to sorted dictate the way players he used. Chris Sale threw one inning and the fact that what they wanted Greg gambrel wasn't used. City Martinez goes to bat in mount move that went up the game and game out and that Moreland had a nice moment the game and in mount. Most importantly all five players in mount. On injured and no worse but where ready to go into the second half of the red. Bill as we look now out toward this second half we know stretch run here for the Red Sox. Couple of injuries that were keeping an eye on oh what are the expectations in terms of that water and Greig is when a guy like deck on the back Stephen Wright. And I guess to a far lesser extent in a maturity you want him back and I don't think he welcome back this season but Dustin Pedroia. Yeah let's pick the last 11. I don't know we're gonna dust and glory and then when he Nina I think he now Cora kinda. Scale that back a little bit recent days the grip obviously worked with a trainer in Arizona at this point so he sort of out of sight out of mind right now. Even right up left knee pain he's playing that he's not necessarily growing up mound. He hasn't started growing and you know anywhere close to the point where they could and the monitor rehab assignment. And Eduardo Rodriguez have a sprained ankle they're talking about ligament there. Which probably means is stretched Goran when something I would imagine that that's going to be at least afford a six week injury. Which would put him at the start of September. And might end up having to New York Post season opens here you know he could end up being. These issues and if they're unable to get something done on the market. He could end up in the the solar power arm you know and maybe there's a left handed arm you haven't had or who might end up coming out of that open and Arco. I think the major question around these parts right now is. It is as tremendous as the Red Sox are playing the 6930. Amended their of their on pace for a record number wins. But a lot of people I think a lot of fans are having trouble. Hold leave buying in because they've seen what is happened the last few post seasons one win. In two division series and into early exits. How is this team different and why should Red Sox fans feel differently about. This team. I can definitely understand that it you bought it with your own eyes the last two years and it's been largely the same cast character. The two major changes for me. Are obviously JD Martinez in the middle lineup and at what he's done. The two guys in front of him move that is it that point sixteen look that he'd better. It Drew Bennett and he is probably the break out player on the team for me an outstanding. To this point what it until it got hot and you'll expander Bogart who has been healthy for the most part this season. Having a very good year and he gears two is a good thing for them Mitch Moreland is is at a very if you're well. So that has changed significantly and then bringing out or I think there's there's there's a difference in the squat about terms of but why is that they're the comfort level that is there. And realistically when you get into the post season. You need to be unit that was mentally they're reform and that kind of pressure and and I don't necessarily think that that always says that under on Earl I think it was. You know a little bit stale last year and a little bit uncomfortable. You know players were a little bit tight. And you could feel that you know Corey has been a breath of fresh air and all you really opposite that translate into the biggest into the year. I've done nick brought a good point early in the show this morning and that was that. You know I a lot of us were surprised when he took David Price out when he did 96 pitches. He had gotten out of some jams earlier in the game. But without one nothing lead in that one run Iran. I I think Corus said you know what I'm not gonna give him a chance to implode here let's leaped out of the Doug let's get him out while the goal one's good here and see if the ball and can't finish this off and as it turned out it was the right decision. No I think that the good point I think. You need David Price feeling good about himself you know we've seen that. You know right at the struggles and you know he has grown due to some self analyzing him. Utility to say whatever you want about how it's confident in you know it feels good to be eating that I'm what are brow. He's seen what happened on the field like we you know I mean he's human I understand that I also prominent in there and haven't been in that. Cora went in amber in that spot he did not go to L. Every has been the guy who he is. Brought in with men unpaid. Throughout most of the season but normally that's been in the and for him to go to Embree in the seventh and then directly to Matt Barnes in the eight. That's worth watching over the next couple weeks or so that might this signal a little bit of shift in role when ball. Right who's gonna say do you feel like he's sort of been the you don't try ailing and out the first few months seeing who the guys who are that he can sort of rely on and maybe last night is. Is is a sign of of what's the common terms of how he uses bullpen and who are the guys he's going to go to in the space spots. I think for right now he he's obviously competent Kimbrel a back and yup and he would have been ninth inning in any game. I think he's most confident in Matt Barnes for the eighth inning of any game. I think he likes to mix in terms of the fastball and the breaking ball down makes certain and on the same plane in and if they can infuse hitters and admit what they boot up and met mark at last night. Pretty common you know like a high ninety's that's all and in a breaking ball that immediately known but been. But from that point on I went into the little bit of an open auditions and it's too. You know who's gonna have the separate. Joked Kelly obviously struggled and student first. The picture. If for that. From you know opening day up your first was very good. If backtracked and show topic and and maybe things change. But right now I'm I'm not certain there then he pitched seven innings. You know maybe a wild card in this going to be Ryan Frazier. Who performed really well pocket. Whose exports growth appeared balked and and who has the sort of power they could bring out of all and most. Quickly before we let you go bill I'd just on that same point do you feel like and adding another bullpen warm. Is the priority at the trade deadline and if not what is the priority for the Sox. Well to the president he's the vertical on jury know it was created Oakmont I'd and Brad and illustrated the Cleveland. Koppel they could go in and those would have been to prime target Red Sox that Britain that it was still out there ball more. But I've always been of the mind trick. If they're gonna go over the electric expert shall there are spot in the draft. I'll just go over by a million dollars go way over make a real big move whether the another spot starter or real close or not someone whose rental maybe someone who you have a couple years contract control on. If you decide not sort and Greg Campbell and and really load up that policy and Kinect hack it out and they never expect. That Britain has pitched six career postseason games he has a whip of two point 14. Bit of exactly inspire cop in the near a note of small sample but. You know it's not like he's been nails guy with a long track record in the postseason you still ample. You know saliva today. If you are gonna make an acquisition make it real significant on not just rent. I'm with you bill yeah I agree can never have enough good starting pitchers. Build great stuff as always thanks for the time we appreciate it. Gardez killing I still got should probably journal wrap it up for us on this Saturday morning here on WB yeah. The that that's sounds like. That's like music I would listen to by the pool which is what I'm going to do tonight all right that sounds good. It deems them. Divot in the got a complex known outcome dongle and uncle bags deployed all yeah technically compounds are very good that's implements. Well that'll do it for us thanks to Joseph pass early in Florida Taguchi on the other side of the glass and our thanks to Jackie McMullen and Bill Koch for joining us this morning for nick going. I'm Scott pretty shoot have a great weekend everybody. This is southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI.