SNE Sports Saturday- Bill Koch Providence Journal- Red Sox, Pedro and URI - 6-23-18

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Saturday, June 23rd
Bill Koch (@BillKoch25) sports writer at the Providence Journal covers the Red Sox, PawSox and URI basketball and joins Nick Coit (@NickCoit) abc 6 Sports Director and Ian Steele (@IanSteeleABC6) abc 6 Sports Anchor & Reporter have taken over the studio while Scott Cordischi goes camping. Bill Koch from the Providence Journal, fresh off the Dave Mathews tour, calls in to discuss all things Boston Red Sox, Pedro Martinez, and URI mens hoops. 

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We're back to something new England sports jacket on sports league won three point seven W yeah. We want on the count the pinch when I fly senate feel pretty deep enough to get another one home. Jackie coming in and out of making catching prior to the right great ball. He's not. Why it was so big but there right center field and throw a strike up a quiet at the plate. Quite an amazing throw by Jackie Bradley junior. Back at southern new England sports Saturday sports Radio One of three point seven WEE. A guy in Ian steel from ABC six billion today. Alongside myself Nicholas from ABC six and we are happy to be joined the toxic Red Sox on the line. By apprehend the Phil Koch. The Providence journal build do you recognize this song medlar is playing for your. Entrance this morning. That would be the on court for Dave Matthews let's play then. Not exactly what's good record. Wow I know you you said on Twitter quote. Could it save the cash felons while you know. Others. Eric open for maybe you're harmful or you know maybe it's her abilities in the we got it was. Now so we hit the first seventeen songs were good enough so you know unbalanced but had a little time to step back and decided that overall pretty good show America what that last one room. I was gonna say we we had a message from a listener a one Kevin MacNamara who was asking how was Dave last night ask Ole. Was he on his team was the exact yes thank you. Our. Now this pretty good. Utica less you're off. On the road obviously so. You could see about Eric and then obviously Korean new album which they haven't done in awhile either. I'm Saddam spent more current. My first if there was probable. Please marry he mirror and. While it. So my arm might Thursday show was last. It was misty you see. Nick was artwork to give me the night off and I was able to go and it was my fortunes whose. What. Jackets stuff. So bill. We haven't talked in a while as is scenes that I and twenty home and you you know and you know trying you know calls. You know yeah it was a big time member of the BB WR. IRS on. But it's great to see it doing so well on the Red Sox beat. And first thing not on basket is he had the opportunity this week. With the Sox on the road you had a Red Sox legend that you were able to talk to interview you did a nice piece on as well. In Pedro Martinez. You grew up during Pedro is time where he was he was shot man he was what he was. What was it like for you to be able to interview threat piece about and to sit down with Pedro Martinez. Well I was in college in Boston when the Red Sox traded Pedro and you know direct talks aren't very good then you people. Oh look at them now and they're just the annual contender they it'll play out every here in. It's almost taken for granted that that that's gonna happen. You've got to go Pedro they were eighty and 82 and yeah it was not a good scene. This was the fourth Fenway Park was renovated. You know all the stale. You know but it wasn't great. But on the night he'd pitch it was a very different side in. You know it it became obvious pretty quickly that they had a proper superstars in neck. You know an idea I had spoken with a few of the beat writers. You know recovered in a while longer media McCadam prominent among them. You know just look in person at some you know places to go places not to go Pedro. And he said that Pedro is the best guy he's no where in here and you were socked in terms of you know how giving he is how likely is his ability is still a notebook can and he was as effort it was great. Awesome that's awesome that from a star. You know you don't don't edit your you don't usually see that but yeah someone of his stature. To be that easy in that easy to connect with I mean you can see it is personality shows but yet. Also you were there to showcase some high school talent here and in Rhode Island. How was the event everything else besides Peter Martin. It was side you know it's all about the kids in you know Stanley and whether or not they enjoy it seem like it did. You know putting me on it a little while and have been introduced athlete is enough to get me to break and I. That's not generally mind between. You know aren't that don't like public speaking and one of the room what about 2008 when I like even left. But you know we knew he he goes through it because it first Cameron contributed in their unit to celebrate their Kabul and you know it is very worthwhile endeavor it is. You know it worked really hard they're they're great athlete you guys know you cover them you know for a year and if they deserve. A night to be honor culture. Again nets beat Providence journal all state banquet that was held earlier this week you are let's not some let's Red Sox so it. What's the deal here with Jackie Bradley junior all the calls have been threatened to freedom he's in a slump and Jim. What in this guide you to either get out of this slump or doesn't move me to be me. Yeah it. It's the pop formed with Jack rabbit because there he is going to be the lightning rod and the obvious guy who's. Not producing at the way. Some of the victim of it admit that it is or an open and so good. You know I just think that in my mind. With the rat line of being an actor you can continue to flagrantly in that field. When you have them out there you about the and about the baseball Mark Martin. And then make the pitching better he makes infield defense better he makes he makes everything better. In the field. On would you like it happened here. You know lead to 424550. Yes but you know I think they're looking at that long term play in. What we got guys I mean you look at. Look that luxury tax situation. They're not really in the position. Rated at salaries. Of sports center fielder they're also not a spot. In their farm system where they happily prospect move or a significant upgrade. Right and we talked about to you know I'm up against luxury tax bill. You've got a guy in respect to steal was hitting in AAA but add him to the forty man you're gonna take on all that extra salary eating you gonna go and luxury tax and it's it's something that unfortunately because of all the money they've spent some of the dead money they're holding too. Yeah you can't bring out aegis tampering amounted to try to given the opportunity because logically a look at you say. This guy that's hitting it AAA he could help your lineup. If for the better part of the last two years respect of heroes elementary choir there there's no doubt about it. If he he certainly has the requisite skills and shown and not the other Olympic league roster but. The contract as onerous mix over eleven million dollars a year. In Bahrain. For quite awhile at this point I mean you know he's on the books. On the books the Red Sox. You know all the way through with it and here. Signed all the way through 20/20. Two more years of that. You know an amateur. It's just not an option for them to bring them up not at that point and you get the sense that he's on the planet don't order. The big story coming from the Red Sox obviously has to do with. The man who is no longer on the Red Sox Hanley Ramirez and his connection with this investigation into a possible drug trafficking circle. What was your initial reaction when you heard the news and had you heard those rumors those whispers that everyone's kind of been teasing throughout the past week. There's a whisper that something was going. You know had a few friends say Xavier heard anything about. They only an expedited rate. You know anything that I have heard is rumor in can't really go there they're certainly not important in our other. You know if there's any time leader or something like that. Surprised. You know but it also not because you guys have been in this industry along and often and you know that they're really shouldn't be any front right from. You know of course I I hope it's not true. You know like our course set last night. You know hope that not true. Might be when and we were. We're good this year. You know you seem like a positive presence in the club. You know certainly visit the younger Latino players look up on. You know as a veteran in the week in and a guy who you know has been around. You know obviously some of the literally helping last year in and got off pretty good start this year before he sort of gave it a little. You're so I guess. You'll like everyone I'll wait and you know play ago. Bill talking about some of the the bottom of the order spots in and some of the spots where the Red Sox could improve one of the one of the positions we look at. Is second base and we thought they might have that with the brief return of Dustin Pedroia. Obviously Denny Denny has some issues again have we seen the last of Dustin Pedroia or will he come back. They're a fair question that at this point there because you're 34 years old and I'm not predictors surgery. Has been shut down for a significant amount I'm here. You know I don't ever doubt. Dubbed the great resolve argues Auburn guy who works hard and he is still their best defend its second baseman in my mind. But I I do wonder if we're past point nauert he'd be an everyday player in enacting that. In where the value Brock whole continent because there's Pedroia is able to come back. If they're gonna give them all the time that you need. You know they need him in September and in October. You know their economic well government. If they can somehow a zone in them Rocco just keep them off beat. If maybe two or three days a week I think that could be something that you see down strip. Bill you're a man of many hats on top of covering the Red Sox you're also the URIB writer I have to ask you about Jared Terrelle signing with the Minnesota Timberwolves. What is Minnesota getting in your eyes guard. Well you know already guy is a consummate professional in my mind you know somebody who improved every year whether he is being war is body. About one pound lighter than when he came in and he more athletic he works both of chopped the ball better in his senior year than he had it at any point in his career. You know hard worker on the fair. You know someone who can truly play at Oakland or. Probably need to improve. It has played making off the dribble. You know need to get to the rim a little better. You know an end in I have that means summer weight and I think it. And good timing for Minnesota that kind of guy that that you would pick a chance. Because he is gonna add. To your culture in terms of his character and and the way he worked. We're gonna say relax and we loved the idea of Tom Thibodeau working with Jarrett to relative. Is he brokered point yeah we are going from her Lee to tiptoe in eight operation yet correct it. Well hey a pleasure is always bill thanks for joining us stock and some socks stock and some URI and some. DMV we'll take Ellison Dave Matthews well always pleasure my friend thank you bill. You got to guard experiment. Lots of the Providence journal joining us and wrapping up southern new England sports Saturday in great job great great to work with you my friend of Radio Disney capacity thanks to everybody in the back for help me out along my. In this rookie out. And I guess his maid and Poland and for Joseph and for Laura. Behind the glass for Ian steal my name is nick collect thank you for joining us this morning will be back next week. What's going on sports Saturday sports Radio One of the three point seven WEEI have a great weekend everybody. Eager beaver Ian steel. This is southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI.