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Saturday, December 30th

Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) continue the conversation, taking your calls texts and tweets on James Harrison, Bill Belichick and Patriots playoff opponenets. What's the motivation behind the Steelers letting James Harrison go, and why would Harrison pick the Patriots? Is Bill Belichick out the door with the future of the franchise gone? What team do you fear most for the Patriots in postseason play? 


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Got something you wanna share call 40173712. Weeks after sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. I'm a little bit and it could possibly lose. Harrison. Of the calls that. You know the door is always left open for anyone that we stop doing business will. That's available for business. So that's no different than any other of these decisions that we've had to make overseas and if if someone's unemployed. I'll leave the discussions that Dave and I have between here and I think that's appropriate. Dealers coach Mike Tomlin talking about is the door still open for Harrison to at some point returned to Pittsburgh welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. I'm Scott critic she nickel back and are Warrick studios. And nick with the playoffs just around the corner and obviously the patriots getting one of those 21 round byes in the AFC. My question to you news. What team do you fear the most. In the second round obviously it looks like they won't be able to play the Jacksonville Jaguars so it'll come down to. You know he's at a team like. The Baltimore Ravens is that the Kansas City Chiefs want to be concerned Q what team don't to want to see here in Foxborough a couple. Wakes that stuff. I think you always look at the ravens the always play you tough doesn't matter if there haven't had. Down season Flacco hasn't been the same Flacco this year. The ravens to scare you because they don't come Foxboro scared to come to Foxborough and racing the opportunity to win on the road and upset the patriots they always are like that. And I know this the chiefs have had an up and down year but one of their ups was opening night in Foxboro where they ran. All. Over you so. If you can't stop a dynamic dialect it careened hunt. Deaths that's going to be a matchup issue and if you can't stop them then you're going to be in trouble again with chief so. Does Alex Smith that as a quarterback scare mean I think he played out of his mind too weak one I don't think he's been the same guy since but. There's still dynamic players on that offense so. There's no cakewalk this year it's it's not in specially with the the way the Patriots defense is has struggled especially against the run. There's no cakewalk it's not like the Houston Texans with Brock DOS Weiler coming in last year at the divisional round where the patriots really didn't play that great in the divisional round. But could still go out and beat the Houston Texans because our quarterback was rock offs Wyler and it was just. Not ready so no cakewalk but those are the two teams I look at and say ooh boy. You never know you never know. Yeah I kinda I'm going back and forth with myself on this one as well because. Kansas City came here obviously in the season opener and with those weapons you know they they beat the patriots in that opener. You're right they have struggled since that time that seemed to re gain a little bit of that mode Joseph here late in the season. From a standpoint of who has the better weapons who would be more difficult he might think to stop or slowdown offensively. I think it's Candace idea worry more about their weapons from a coaching standpoint and I say this and all due respect to Andy Reid who I think is a very good coach. But Harbaugh skiers mean more because I really feel like he. He kind of knows Bill Belichick and what makes him tick and how the patriots operated out of with a packed them in. I will read more about from a coaching standpoint. Facing Harbaugh on the Baltimore Ravens if that makes sense I can't say that either quarterback really scares the hell out of me you mentioned Alex Smith and Joseph Flacco for the ravens. I do feel like in the city as many more weapons that you have to deal with the from a defensive standpoint but I feel like from a coaching and preparation standpoint I just feel like Harbaugh is that the guy that would have his team may be a little bit more ready for a situation like. It just becoming a fox were not scared they always come into Foxboro nots there's not one of those teams that powers in the shadow of Bill Belichick. In the shadow of the light towers had to let stating they don't. They come in here and Joseph Flacco usually comes in he sling and does he have the weapons this year. I don't know I don't think so. That's why didn't scare me as much and really after watching and seeing what the chiefs to do especially with Kareem and which I think the second time around the patriots would be more prepared wearing Kareem on. Sort of personal under the Steen and that opener against the pats. But the pats defense looked lost confused and gave up big plays in the game so I don't feel comfortable either way it's got this great text here. Dexter says is there any chance Tom Brady looks at Harrison and Guerrero. At. I'm gonna say no wouldn't doubt it because while on his drinking water it and trying to avoid sunburn inside James Harrison is. Lifting fire trucks so. That refuge during two very different work out right yes which it's funny to think about because it you know Guerrero has been such a topic and Tom Brady's health and well listen. It's fitness and who he is in it works for him it works for the liability thing and it works were for Tom Brady's quarterback. But teams area Team shares is all about lifting weights. Being large in stopping things on defense. So yup it is quiet ability and there's a brute strength. They're on opposite end up in his back counts of stability in the and that's really about the and the gluten. Thank you. He was great this week pilot is not some historical. Not someone Jesus player and articles isn't it historical look at news blues greats use somebody use somebody asked it was great to get a guy like James Harrison guy you know in the league get him in the facility whatever. And her it's always good to meet somebody. And Hank thanks bill that I really a hard hitting stuff I'm makes a great leader SoundBite from media. And I don't it's great it's fun. Hey let's let's go to the phone lines here and our good friend Deanna Cranston is up first good morning Danny first up in southern new England sports Saturday in WEEI. Very good I quit my rent or about. You know. According to army aren't you might not be able to those who would want to lose the right at the press that he will act Calero. There on editorial I have brought this up for the past couple weeks since this whole. You know that the rumors on how grapple got moved why he got moved and then of course to hold Ellis Guerrero. Situation if if his hand was forced in trading Jimmy drop below. Then I would blame telecheck a bit from walking away this offseason if if if he does and I hope that's not the case I'd like this and I would hope the Kraft would have learned from that bad mistake that he made with. Bill Parcells but it sounds like. You may have repeated. I. I've been in great week but what secretary of what is I'd John data. Came out and you expand. He's pretty well connected with that perhaps he would basically saying that. But they eat it as our second round pick it was basically boiled from the Belichick who has so PO. About having just exactly that it did. Traded guy Peters wrote apartment to a best of my guy what was best team and it says that that trade literally took like ten minutes after the that's a job Wednesday that Apple's phone calls and that would get a little bit. So so Belichick said I'm gonna do its best from my guy RD I mean. Well not yet garrote all these I got yeah okay and it which is totally makes that it be actually go back it was it was press conference. You know he's getting a good coach and Kyle it was all it AP track as a late in the tour and what would bet but the idea as a Bogle says that Pete. Oh not tied our own not kinda he won a capsule is on the conference call Danny who's it was staggering that he would just stops BC James to start and say okay. I'm gonna start by saying. All these very very very very very nice things about Jimmy. And it does that that's something that that Bill Belichick ever to the guy came right good sign James Harrison this week reason or it's always good to meet somebody like he doesn't say those things. Nikki and and had many good things about our Brady any you're totally right yup and it. And PLO almost Gregg Haddad this week in week that this. Then I think what you can find out. What do vote at this trade. Is gonna outside the ship inside the organization for example what do. Well it again that would all lead back to what we talked about earlier that pop crown after Jonathan Kraft whichever craft you wanna pick. Is repeating history and we know how it went down what parts Parcells. And then we saw Pete Carroll takeover he wanted that puppet as head coach and and and for three years that that they'd progressively went downhill each year. And then he said you know what I screwed up to stay out of the football operation I learn my lesson he brings in bill ballot check the one voice for the football operation. Is he gonna is he doing that again I can I just can't believe that that that the craft should be that dumb. To do this the second time. You know there I'd there's a million times that the brush article came out right after the trade. A guy on the Golf Channel. That had that little or are you remember back forget the guy's name Brian bumping. It you have again didn't go back and reference is because it is almost verbatim. Others is that shake out. Seriously it was basically. Crap. One didn't want the Brady Brady was feeling it and basically it became a love triangle between crap. Belichick and Brady although ultimately when and that being between. Telecheck and craft the breach is you know is it and Guerrero current is the conduit of the whole situation but I totally agree and as we look at me back the draft the date they didn't trade drop below practically we want Cleveland made that number ten pick. In my mind and ecology and I'll pick you wouldn't start nick he might have been and I remember calling net that it may thing. That's it they've stated trade demand he never going any. He would eat it in a it's seems like it's so obvious I'm not that it kind of laid out the spirits don't want smoke around this situation right now. There's no other way to spend a minute you had a guy last week Mac Daniel right yup and you know what would be and thank you can't bedecked little with it you know we're. If you're around looking every day. Having it to the bank debt it is simple is that pretty they didn't drop below was gonna be treated no matter what it. Not that simple but it's all what others are going aren't. And the development jacket which I was put in that's not gonna happen but Belichick was evidently between. You go to the guys that the one he knew probably go to that they decided GM. That's clearly out. So you know I income. I spoke out about wave but the only and not look the bank is is getting did not in Brady right and he is their adult. We'll meet up with a buddy Jimmy Johnson and I got to go to spend in parliament vote together because you re not what the exact Spain's bank. And it it Belichick a wig guys you know what he's gonna do what you want the building that. Hopefully when the smoke bullish Uga I would not be surprised at all we dispense seal and. Well first of all I wouldn't just because. The giants hired GM does not take them out of play it if they want Bill Belichick bad enough that he becomes free. They can go after and say look you'll have the final say in all personnel moves it in and the new GM will essentially be his version of Scott Pioli York. In a promise to meet truck whoever he's had in that rolls so I would not rule the giants out of the equation if indeed Belichick wanted to go there. On public desolate stir this conspiracy to aid would would there be any shot at him winding up in San Francisco with Jimmy G. Not we don't want to do it why would. I'd vote you know what Leno oh well. Yeah I would I wouldn't say it because I think Kyle Shanahan is an up and coming coach that he would one I just house you know and got a what do get a chance to get your severance escape Anderson noted that. Is indeed I think they'd think about it but I think they have a good strike and I'll I just don't think I think Belichick being the football guy that he is in knowing that. The shake hands and it did tradition AEI I I don't think you would. You know they might call somebody might say in I don't wanna do that to the cute you know. You'll deal and I'm convinced boat issue or. Is that Belichick does not want to start with a knowledge you know for the second round draft record of accurately report he would meet. Brady walking right now we get what they all pretty real quick look and make me laugh a lot is that. Brady is what metric that we should post even now read that he's batting with a little bit try to itself. Well yet and don't jump than he did thumping not get them fifteen years minority being limited. Bench. And it world heard the offensive line and east already it all. It many times you read it. How many times that we senate Bill Belichick will get out from a contract a year too early as opposed to years too late and I'm not suggesting that that. Was definitely what he wanted to do this year. But I just people. That if these reports are true that the crass would just let sentimentality. Take over. Because you know that's the one thing you can say about Belichick love or hate him. He does not that sentimentality. Get in the way of decision making what he thinks. Is in the best interests of the franchise both today and moving forward so. If the crash did that said look we're at a crossroads here at the end of the season we can not able quarterbacks. And we're telling you. We're gonna let Tom Brady finished his career and a patriot uniforms about means you have to trade him because Rob Lowe. I if if this ever comes out to be the truth I'm gonna be so upset with a crafts again because. I was pissed off that when they did this to Bill Parcells. Ice still side with Bill Parcells when it comes to this despite what Brian Morrie by former cohost says he said it was Parcells that conduct. You know led to the hole and doing and ask for years off his contract while my contention is that he only asked me years to be removed from his contract because he saw. That the guy that just bought the team that he was working for by the way he was hired type changed bush or one not craft moved that he saw a wide eyed daughter that he felt want it to be calmed. A little bit medals and in the football side of things in so that's why Parcells a big wanted the parachute or way to get out. An announcement out. You think you'll America did they let they shouldn't be shocked the grocery snap a lot. Exactly look the only real quick that number why even back last January and Japanese and then report. That if the simple all I played out the way it did the British app that there were rumblings that. That Belichick was unit that would agree to our country and remember that report but that that well bit. There's just so much smoke around it and I did the whole I don't brilliantly. Glory is becoming an analog England where realize right now and I'm mamet's favorite this school when they get the Opel is cardinal. It happened something that app but. Today guys YouTube. Thanks for the call Dan has always. Are you are calling fidelity shop for the are exactly right if you wanted to call and talk to us for a 17371287. Texas 37937. You wanna continue the conversation here. On the patriots son Jimmy Jean. And we get a couple of text here a big guys get down and party patriots forty to fourteen Joseph in Rhode Island. Another Texas says you were idiots. Get you get rid of the best QB ever playing. I think he turned to say he level yeah I think you trying to say you don't get rid of the best quarterback ever playing it MVP level. You get affected Brady's play is it MVP level and it's not we're not sitting here and in saying that. Who we're talking about the future of the franchise and you have the guy that is it's hard to not sit here and look at it and just say. Whatever. Is Jimmie. They win it we're not trying to say here and say that Tom Brady's will be he's still edit MVP level. But Willie B did MVP level in two years would be an MVP level next year. We don't know you got a guy that was behind him. That. Was ready to go. And right now always is changing the culture in San Francisco I mean there are guys responding to him Belichick even said. I Kimmel were heard the comment but Belichick said to see every Cisco late. You gotta love the player this is a guy that guys respond to. That right there tells jewel this is this is a guy is going to be a leader is a quarterback in. The point is he's young he's young and you'd drafted this guy. With the thought that. He could eat. The next franchise quarterback in New England you you were just talking about it getting you know looking a year ahead of time with with guys and getting ready guys early with. The Richard Seymour is a lawyer employees and the politics that with time and time again. And yes you have maybe the greatest football player. It is really it this year you're playing right now and he still is it an MVP level and that's why right now he's leading the team to the number one seed in India leading back to the post season may win another Super Bowl this year. But. But I'll forty going on how much longer does ago during grave. He's forty going on right and you had a guy that could have then your franchise quarterback for the next ten to twelve years so. I can see where Belichick would be pissed off if the crash forced his stance on this get a text here and finally before we go to break yeah. If there was a conflict or to think the Kraft and Belichick and result move on certainly I think that's definitely an option I don't think this is black or white that. In all of Belichick might just leave at the end of the year and that's it yes certainly I think if there was conflict and I these two have been together so long that worked so well together. Yes to answer your question I do think this can be result absolutely positively. Was special because Belichick got a mate here he knows he's got made here he has. All the decision making all that sort of thing the reason this is such a major conflict if it is in fact a conflict between Belichick and Kraft. Is that because. Belichick has had this power in Kraft has said for years and years now. Why idol I even let bill handle the football decisions I I just you know they build film beaten bill talk about what bill's going to do but. Kraft doesn't intervened. If he intervenes here. On May be the most important decision in the history of the franchise if not a franchise altering move. And all of a sudden he does that that that's hard and especially at the point were Belichick isn't his career. Does he sort of just saying Larry will. I become I'm all set I'm not gonna be here win this thing you know goes downhill if Brady retires and we don't have a quarterback. So. For a 17371287. As the phone number if you like to join us. You can reach us on the text line as well at 379837. We'll take a break back with more. A southern a women's sports Saturday on WB yeah well art we are pretty good job not be height.