SNE Sports Saturday - Brown University MBB Coach Mike Martin (@mmartinbrown) 10-21-17

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Saturday, October 21st

It's our annual Div I Coach Round-up as Scott Cordischi and Nick Coit (abc 6 - @NickCoit) talk college hoops with Coach Martin. As Head Coach for Brown University in the Ivy League, he's looking forward to March in Pennsylvania. He also excited for this season's recruiting class of six, taking over for last years star players. Nick brings up a listeners request for a possible four team non-conference tounament for charity..ala "Bean Pot".


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We were back to southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. And welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI Scott courtesy and nick Kuwait with you. Movie here till 9 o'clock in this is our college hoops preview show we talked PC coach Ed Cooley. We just get up the phone with Bryant head coach Tim O'Shea now we are joined. By the head basketball coach at Brown University Mike Marten is on the line with us good morning Mike thanks for joining us are you doing this morning. The morning or good morning Scott paper out of it. Morning coach. Great to have you Mike first thing I want askew is. It you've you lose Stephen speeds to graduation this past season. So coming in this year. Which may be younger player rising upperclassmen DC may be taking the next step and and and leading the team this year. In in having some success this year in the Ivy League. A great question Erica I think we're still looking pretty Edberg you know articles are beginning answered that. As the easing and used them and start playing games we we actually. Of course quote from it morals so. I think war we're in the process of finding out those answered. The other side of most natural guy would begat thought it would be last year to be honest Soviet coal in neat about injury and he almost last year. As bill really guy Morse and have the year we thought he made good. He'd pick I think you know now actually that we look at right now junior started you know all of the press and all lawyers are outdated. Good size and athletic than me now in playmaker. But he doubt right now he's sidelined got a at issue were bought we know they will be you know. Much longer you know by a few more weeks. And in war have them back with. But he he the most natural answer that question he's out right now so noted it is an opportunity for our young guys go on album and we'll be. They're gonna that are out there and Robert that it go to Europe but it sure well the other group. Yeah Mike in on nick mentions the loss of Steve and graduation and add to Avon Blackmon and JR hobby to that as well and there's. Equity said you know these three guys never has brown basketball how to class worth three guys in the same class have left their mark on the record books like these three young men and so. You have some big holes to fill but. And earlier excited about eat your returning guys and also what might be your finest recruiting class here brown. Yes I mean you know wool. Where we will certainly have our and that banks nick where. It would look beats other. You know I'll. And they wanted barrel on what you know what had happened to count out all our jobs recruit and develop players. BO what it was and you lost like that though. Yeah I think we are. They're terrific newcomers are really do bomb. Then not a go to weight gain have brown yet you know what guys are great at the college level you know albeit. Note you're out of your net back on paper it it is in evidence. Huge impact. Something nasty back who didn't play last year. Started. Started running game is off more and indeed he started he was like nine point five rebound game players director side weighing in their seniors so. Greatly lacking now. Certainly it would look more varied. Black. Mike what's the challenge of of of coaching a younger team with a lot of a lot of newcomers only only two seniors on the roster this shoe what's what's gonna be the biggest challenges. Having some success with and with these guys this year. It's probably it's probably going to be money market all of our life. I. Oh win in. We wanted to be in the right way and some aren't you guys you know it is there. You know eat it a little slower then then went. More experienced so on the aren't you. Ordered the mayor and same amount of effort and intensity in order that. This group as always what. Made several more days and now with a look at the clock tick and then in the calendar note quote November. You know that. Off board and for me is great. Mike last year your team was I guess a little bit on the smaller side you played a smaller lineup tonight to many of your opponents and probably going to be similar this year may I know yet at a guy like Matt to wolf the the freshman from Barrington and Northfield Mount Hermon but. You know you look at him yeah I'd issue look at Travis in the end you know gets a smaller forwards and guys they charge Howard and maybe David airborne coming off the bench but I think I guess your thoughts when will you be playing kind of a smaller lineup again this year. Well we're certainly not as big as. It may well but we are not connect what. What bigger and much more it we've only. It would relax. Or are they aren't we were we were really really small last year but. And we had it would throughout the guys are though the other guys from our guys we've added it would have guys in line and I think will be bigger. In the wall and is small but Lester we are also small backcourt and I think we're a little more size so we don't know where you are in got to commit. And really work and get better and Courtney we know or or your. And we reduced REIT we provide nearly enough or does the current that we spoke are working harder there are you know in progress or. Oh you know out and. The four team Ivy League tournament Mike was something new and and something that. You know obviously we we had our eye on with the with Ivy League play what is due in terms of maybe the goals that your team has. Two to be able to say okay by the end of the year if we can get our way into that fourteen Ivy League turning minutes it's a good goal to set and what did you think of the tournament and the idea that last season. I think I think it's perfect early that it's fantastic. You know there's it was that it was all lies you know are a lot more diverse that they are IDB. It's part whatever one's watching college basketball you know respect we can mark so. Don't we we we certainly call you know I I want I want to get caught up then and now don't we want them more smaller and nearly gold and standard. That we adhere to. But certainly we want they don't hear an artery now you wanna be reported. That third week in a march in Philadelphia though. Realize that it is there. Are great ground but that's what are you wanna be part of. Mike generally speaking it in the sport a college football you've seen guys make the biggest jump off after their freshman year from their freshman to sophomore year. Bomb in I'm just wondering is it similar in your sport in the sport of basketball and I bring that up because you had two guys that contributed heavily to your team last year. In Josh Howard Brandon Anderson who were terrific as freshman. And I'm wondering. You know then coming back you seeing their games are these guys that we can expect to take a leap forward. I don't think so darn near accurate arm went. You know you know there is that year. Urged area all over weight it'll all summer and work out then and understand analysts expected you know when your freshman and it obviously respect newcomers right now governing America for the first time on the on edge burst our work. And demand it ordered the first learned it here first I'd and we know mid term Arnold Syrian border a lot of off. Most got the first time we're on our upcoming match here or here for those guys they have are out here. I don't speak you know their their potential their ability you know going forward so. We think. Josh and Brandon wall it'll beatable much improved their people growing group or such goes shooting a notable what stronger than they were last year. But we certainly expect to have a big role in the game. David airborne assault ordered it I think he's improved and we had that on paper moves. Really do you know exit policy strong. He's he's mature he's a burst in on their in the vigilant at all levels last year so that's sophomore class as well guys were pretty. Micah last question for you and it's it comes from the text line too and I think is perfect as you because recently you brought together. The other division one men's basketball coaches in the state for coaches vs cancer clinic. Which was great eat it one hour with each coach for each program. I thought it was so great and having it relates to this question a little bit too. A texture as any shot at B Beanpot like tournament for Rhode Island coops would love to see these four teams in the tournament it's always been a question Mo money but. You could make fund raiser for all four schools how likely would have the maybe in the future down the line of having that may be at some sort of fourteen nonconference play tournament would all for these teams in the state. Yeah you know that's that's probably. Probably bookmark a great I that. I think we don't we will speak out about all. We're we're fortunate brown and all of our. Leader not respect your. We play the other three divisional program but he. I've only to respect those three guys you know their programs in universities that they lead. So. Got it could be a believable. Out all alive and well. We're at in in your story a couple up on our program this year. You know it's it's a great great speaks out about oh well. I'm just you know a fortunate to be coaching or wanted to or preschool as bait and toward better for years and right now as we Yuri sort of agree here. He's brown men's basketball coach Mike Martin Mike thanks for joining us this morning in and good luck this season. You heard from our. That Mike good luck Mike all right so we will take one more break we'll come back with our fourth and final. Division one men's basketball coach guess Dan Hurley of your eye joins us. After the break it's going on sports Saturday and Sports Radio. WEEI.