SNE Sports Saturday - Bryant University MBB Coach Tim O'Shea (@toshea1) 10-21-17

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Saturday, October 21st

It's our annual Div I Coach Round-up as Scott Cordischi and Nick Coit (abc 6 - @NickCoit) talk college hoops with Coach O'Shea. He takes time to preview the season and today's season opener at Boston College. It's been ten years since Coach O'Shea took the program over and is anxious to represent the Northeast Conference as a top contender.


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Song hey Bob good offensive. It's got the red. Sports Saturday. Fox sports re the ones who point seven. Back to the full line now and Morgan and head coach. From Rice University. It's Bryant men's basketball coach Jim O'Shea good morning Tim this is nickel and Scott courtesy so little in the sport Saturday thanks for joining us Gloria. Yeah our guys. What yeah yeah you could. They're happens it happens sometimes the buttons. Bruntlett get pushed through those but thanks for joining us. So basketball season starting today for you guys we've been talking about these great teams in the east these things that have been. Put together so quickly by the NCAA and by all all the individual programs. But for use this must beat the real tend to be able to a program to you were. All the mater Boston College in two to play for such a great cause the proceeds today for clock game benefiting the American Red Cross disaster relief efforts. Like a lot of Gordon were scrambling when this rule in about Albert will get a game and in the end we kept our group. Or the game for us because we don't that he school. It's an easy trip and that his game of the really give a good down to pour out at this point. By the way anybody out there wants any questions for coach tocchet for coach Hurley for coach Martin coming up Texas 37937. Tim in the in the off season you. You lose the NEC's leading scorer in his raisers while Marcel Pettway bulls transferring. First question would be was is this surprised to see them both transfer and the second question would be where do you turn to now for your offense going forward and ended the season. The other hole transfer thing you know it it's been a little bit of a problem. Our comp for that we cut it when they've they've done well they they try to. Make a move up that can be addressed here's he would now work out my prediction is absolute it it will work out okay port and the other is gonna turn out to be. It kind I have bad decision. You know again I'm I'm very out with a group garden network where right now I think our backcourt has been beat strong. That by. I Canada and and did well who are at a burger freshman year I think he's ready to be. Really step up as a sophomore Adam grant probably would've been at work you do your rock opera. Any normal year but there was acute encrypt that create that problem here are gorgeous stronger underwear and got Riley SP yours now. Bosco are stored it hasn't shown all conference by talent for number you're I think he's pretty put together for yours eager. And really be one of the better players in the league so. A lot of time a guy or what point it's a function of good opportunity. And I think I have some guys are more than ready to have been deployed. Scoring that Israel would be able to do a year ago and perhaps even give us. Higher quality. Scoring in the sense that better shut them and growing at a higher for. It's yeah it's a tribute debate for me to get that at all. In Boston College. I thought it was interesting that you're you're touching on. The NEC in the in the transfers in the conference Tim. And I think you know the only team that's that's felt these these sorts of losses early in losing transfers so. Do you see that navy and it it's all not only affecting you but affecting other teams do you see now is maybe okay. Or all going through these losses so. We can rebuild our programs very very quickly turn things around and it's anybody's conference seems like. What sort happening every level U member of yours at that big vehicle they're accused in the book for that it went out to Colorado. Both an on site you have to they want the best dispersion. I think that's just the function of the college environment now where. You're gonna get a certain group of kids there recognized are very good situation and appreciated and be very loyal and eager other kids. I think you know social media have a lot to do with this that are going to be constantly. You know I think you look at a schoolmate seek its code in note two or three great schools. And at a prep school or eight you don't play for two or three different pay you to keep this moving around become sort of a norm for certain it. And at the end of the day. It doesn't always work out very well for a lot of kids I think acute acute from Providence that it went to Colorado market brokers made a great examples of that dirt on them. Samples like that spoke. You know I think it's going to be an issue at every level if it probably a little bit last year. I don't think that the trend that couldn't necessarily go away but I think as a coach you just constantly are distance situation we always try to improve the program. If you'll regarded to have but I overt and multiple by have to be on the. Tim every year you elected challenger team by playing summer playing up out of conference in this year's no different you know when you look at. You know game against like North Carolina State obviously Georgia. But you enjoy this and and I would imagine the kids probably embraced this challenge as well. Well as a couple reasons we do and obviously there's a revenue. But also I think to use our guys to hand the birds were that high as well looks like in compete against that every nominee could pull off the pickups that which is huge for programs. Our level of Ohio had good success when it ports or line of Maryland that I've been appliance. It would in the Boston College beat you Obama for our program ought but it's. Quote no we do have a number of those games are guys love the challenge of playing those games and but the other day we come from conferences and has been one team the NCAA tournament. So you're not building and nonconference throughout debate with you right you're getting about art that it is isn't in the cards and nobody knows caught Pasqua note that spoke. Give our guys that experience and hope we groped about experience I think if the right strategy. Attend this is your tenth season of Bryant now you're heading into. What's been the most rewarding part of coaching at Bryant in in building this program especially. They it was only a few years ago with that said the bulldogs programs turned division one what's been the most rewarding part for you. What what did it grow or become competitive the division one level. You know the first four years when you transition of brutal beat Asian auto quote these weigh in. You know you have a lot of kids to recruit to play division to that are now we've got it open to want could've this is to survive all that. There emerges a credible division one program. We're at a point now where I think. You know we've we've gained a lot of exposure what about spoke program for Padilla but of course people are playing in national schedule here. I've been if you are backed road that would repeal it now no one wanted to the next step which would be depleted team that represented. The Northeast Conference in the NCAA tournament and I think we're in a position now but because very wide open. But in Al Wada has to transfer situations only the players but we it's almost impossible. That. A top team going into this year we feel we've got yet to be that even that would really for me. I want I look back on what Michael are more like mean to pry it from all our university. One would begin to the transition from a to a level a level that we were competitive and respect that it we've done that outfield last piece would be against the NCAA tournament. And I think we're well positioned to do that to be honest. Tim madam grant had a sensational freshman year for good now. I'm just wondering is this got to live with this young man what are your expectations for him moving forward. Oh he's really deploy or he always picked the right to it. You put our best player your go through. You know or doubt me you defend you are good passer and that's what is the maker. He's got a phenomenal motor another word he plays or every play he never take the play off. I think that it can't be really special four. So I think he's improved since. A year ago went and practiced by I think there's going to be a lot of broke the air again this year and I also thank Ike and a a point guard is ready to make a big jump or was the year ago because the birds of proposition one purpose to transition to as a freshman. And I think that all that experience is going to be to our benefit this year. What about your newcomers stem you you've got to a young man named Ryan layman I think local fans know than last name layman's brother Jake plays in the NBA. And then you're also having seven foot one center and I'm not gonna try to say this young man young man's name or considered for us yeah and our round. Let him either. Well let's start with riot Bryant got in a really good he's he's a lot like Brothers and body type very out whether the route that their experiment. Wing player really cute the ball well. I'm athletic ability. He's gonna have a huge impact as a freshman. And I'm looking forward to see how we go out of the Boston College today athletically he's gonna matchup very well. Against it either when players. It trend renders the east seventh what legitimate seven foot reflect coast or not even try your last of which are. Either reject and close the voting paper got an awful low. Up to which in the academy who played for us to Bryant. During my early years yeah and you don't need to walk on right now but it could can't be good player that beat to count on well probably gonna Richard of the year. But he's got a chance so we'll see what happens over time but it works are. What are your calls them fees that you hear that you can't it's that. It would Richard another freshman Richard Burt and your but it branding Carroll who lead aptly to also thank you view. Tim last year I think he tied for fifth in the conference I'm not mistaken and under bright areas I'm I'm as curious as to where you think you guys on the pecking order do you expect to compete. In the top half of the conference again. Yeah I I do I expect that the dispute week. I think every team probably does this year because everybody has a reason to believe they can be that mean. You look at things come mount Saint Mary's they had three starters from a team radiant interment a year ago. They lost the transfer went to Texas Kansas State Miami those three it's state it would be the paper but that's not the case though. You know I it's going to be a very interesting conference and it can be addressed in the wants the nonconference play up that's when you get them. Working Iraq but I don't they look for team that went on the boat wouldn't start and if you went on the boat. Don't appear pretty strong indicator that are really good team that is artist but it's due out Basque. He is Bryant coach Tim O'Shea Tim we appreciate you joining us this morning good luck this season. Your work your break out. If your boss extent thanks Jim. All right so we're gonna take a break we'll come back with a third of our four division one men's basketball coach is Mike Mark Brown joins us after the break his southern into port Saturday in sports Radio One of three point seven WEEI.