SNE Sports Saturday - Bryant University MBB Coach Tim O'Shea (@toshea1), Says Goodbye

WEEI Providence
Saturday, February 17th

Coach O'Shea joins Scott Cordischi and Nick Coit (abc 6 - @NickCoit) to talk college hoops and retirement After thirty four years, Coach has seen many changes, with the NCAA rule changes and the progression from gameday on the gym floor to arena size he feels the time is right to come off the parquet floor. Listen as he describes how he has been blessed with his time as coach of the Bryant University Bulldogs. He's confident that he's leaving the program in better shape and the Bryant University name in better standing. Plans? He's got a few!


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Four years graduates. I'm very proud. You know I can tell you what I'm gonna miss most more than anything are you of the kids. Been around players on a daily basis but by far not a very close that team dealt with so much in the way of injuries and illness. Yeah they've consistently. Demonstrated Britain's fight evicted Saturday what do with a win. Got a million. I've got the best team right there ever been part of that is. An emotional Tim O'Shea earlier this week at a press conference where he announces his retirement at the end of the season and listen folks college basketball is losing one of the great guys I will tell you that one of the great people in this business really. One of the great people that you you'll know emotion a stepping down as Bryant head coach at the end. Of the 20172018. Season welcome back to southern new England sports Saturday and WBI's got critics G. Nick coy with you wind. As promised we gonna talk some college basketball this hour and we're gonna started off by talking about that talking with the aforementioned T emotionally. Head coach at Bryant bulldogs could morning ten mourned him. Director of the period yet YouTube Tim. In emotional announcement of course with the U this week. Well what was the daylight on Monday when you were you're. Funny I get the W Botha kind of if you wanna get up there the other you know it I wouldn't be able to Marshall but is not unhappy or B because. That's really what I wanted to do I mean I've come to this point of they would do this for thirty or yours which the Gerber all bad. We know it sometimes can be an employee told you that it Ivan that the man a brother and don't wait for awhile I've always. My daughter's opera house now and always that we are coach speak to go to college but then but he's been added just to you know get the realization that. You know I I kind of wanted to change and you know kind of grew on me but I was a little left of that a thirty or eight years. When I looked round of the eight were typical of ormat in this conference are probably twenty years over the most of the coaches and a applauding example this year we went out to play Louisville date back you were out there right now. That would prevent it is being at their old Ari put on 32. And 134 years I've been I've been very lucky to do would have long that I've. Like respectable point where you know after 34 years are ready for change it. You know it I you know I guess it just feels like it I'm I'm glad to be moving on but the way that I that we look forward to you know. Both Spain maybe to pick of the game and some way but not as a head coach. In a town glad to hear you say it because I remember talking to you when you came back to Rhode Island when you're at a bio. You know you left a good program good compress the mid American but. This was the right spot for you and your wife and your family YouTube loved Rhode Island of her port and I remember you saying to mis it's got. You know I'm happy to be here Brian and in all I wanna coach here for 1015 years and that will be it and and and in this is my last job on retiring here at Bryant so. Yeah definitely a drug or are you you know you poke through do you worry. And I am I we just concerned him was who was this a little bit earlier that you wanted to retire or is not right on schedule with you with what you were thinking. If you know. It was in the rain not a word I didn't think there will be on. Many graduate can be beaten off ordered out that a year from now but. No you don't be but I'll go to this sort of thing and I'll be honest with you one other thing to probably put me along a little bit quicker than I what are. Was their new trend of is that your bit to transfer their word they're talking about making transfers eligible right away. I feel world I think that's gonna happen there's going to be one on pampered up to where it happened. Immediately or have a big year from now. And I think that's gonna create a free agent the court in college basketball I don't really wanna be offered upbeat note if the game has changed a lot. In the last few years it ought to commuter ten years have been applied to the point where. Know everything are really does favor the power five schools. And that I defeat that it's become more and more professional critics airport went. We play Auburn beat war early you know for a number of reasons but you go in either facilities in your speech there when they played a team also in every particular product so we. And it really isn't any different and who voted quote you can be eighteen by notre the abilities in the you know where they practice. Because they have revealed today predicted in the arena they got political caught it and the ballot of these rules which is to go pop up pace yet. I expected to played beyond a scholarship. And I did you know that change in world right now I don't know exactly. There that really favors the really the big board but a lot of schools in the middle that the lord here it is yet compete with that and I just. I don't know what sort of a changing world would you really wanna be part especially with this idea that. It could transferred be eligible right away and it whether it's want that right now those who have been right. But I think the unintended consequence of that world trade could be you could be looking at rebuilding your team every year in certain situations they're Europe. A school. A smaller school you've developed really good young player they have to go to player Harlow there are you satisfied or that are recruited. I think of them to leave your school played a bigger problem both of those came directly coming down the road. There weren't very appealing to. I'm glad he says that we were we were literally just talking about attempt and deterrent transfer rule in the fact that there you know that now if you transfer obviously have to sit out the year and you know it's a sort of the putt the price you pay you. You are right that the free agency of it is is just sort of it's sort of a scary. Scary prospect where art for the game you know. But it is he tested especially. If you're not in the pool there are program and has you know the pro arena the pro practiced believe. We understand now why is who were terrible problems between the two best best with a dedicated breakfast though. I don't know did you arrive yet he you have been out of the alliance for other people probably wouldn't expect that haven't come they're gonna probably start oh lead you to believe like proper. So this is sort of arms race going on among will the wanna. You know computers for bubble in college basketball. And repeat you know really shows up in the or call me you're the only war. They have done you'll probably openness spectacular ability to Europe though but that some feel it wondered even better over Robert that worked there we played Memphis this year. We wrecked their practice putting people at what that now carry their. In the that was played shortcut that what do you report that. The team may undergo yet pretty simple moving into a new one next week and he went on to tell me how. You know it sounded like you know our Rick called Bob we're really out of Iraq. That that that I'm aware of the team has gone and you don't like it back to when I started 34 years ago. You don't get the very idea that a code to make a lot of money out about spoke to our topic it enter anybody's. And you know we played in gyms we didn't play in Arenas I you know it Robert Kenner when I was the Boston College. You could ever play Connecticut they tribunal far. That you are you played your respect Robinson or that you pulled back about Europe played the bigger read electorate for the better. And it really separated that a lot of people because they have that facility. You know done today we know we get back to talking about the whole transfer thing. I agree we view wholeheartedly I think this is only gonna make it even more difficult for the small and mid major conferences and a look at how your program was impacted this past offseason we don't lose who went pet way to transfer and these are the current trends for for rules. Nadal I I fear that this is gonna affect a program like Brian even more so. Well don't Brian. I mean it's gonna aspect of what a cure for example your own way to the record we might even think it'd be duke at the end it turned it. We want our best when they had it he'd give a column. Who is now one of the better players in the India could take even a step further the bit about what David Robinson was that they. Probably the best player in the country it was a volley but he ended up and it would cap. It was always talk there you go somewhere else and they you know we did state it to be happy for years. Which you wonder emote decision would be the same today and the other trooper to deputy easily expect a lot of these papers will do well you predict it yet they've got bit. And you're learning your system and playing you know shorten that up at bat with the idea that you'll. Really be the player or as awkward junior year and it won't have the patience for better or acute because of our depth look vote by openly admitted Europe and you know I'm gonna. Big event it will verbally and that that's why it's gonna affect every war is not the best way and I think for coaches at every level. There's stress level is gonna get back potentially. Greater because of the school. It's tough it's tough look at what are your report your corporate every share share. Looking back in your you ten seasons him oh with with Bryant what what's may be your your proudest accomplishment as head coach of the bulldogs. Well but it still standing and it got about I I tried to make a that it was going to be brutal in the beginning because we are taking your program and there's what do auto operates both these that. Any one of treatment you'd that you inherited wealth and all the rooted you know the play division to enter you know. You're gonna go to a lot of movement political wallop moving. In our spurt here close to political with Burt at the the league double over our border here at. That we really good years there would start rebuilding process that gathered. You know today. I'm proud that I'm proud of everybody graduated route that we really got whipped or are we at a I'm proud of the fact that we did buy a lot of these against big big pools or. Revenue but also exposure that we got to Bryant's name out there all over the country by doing that though. You know in some ways you know I've talked to buy up other record wanna get a big had a libido but the notion of these first of a speech about try to compare. Coaching the war in anything but does America and in your pick from it here to get to an opera round it is established. Get the name out there I think the next coach walks to a very good situation that was at a burger transfers and now. We do have a brilliant lawyer but we need to disputed because of the bad that happens spraying where everybody would have been helping reported illness that didn't happen. And so we struggle. It's the program has not broken it but what are the all these posts by the point being that we have been able to pull off what it would be a bit of a transferred. A good record. A program and bounced back and be one of the better programs merely be next here. Arts and other real question to him beyond spending time with your wonderful family in retirement. And posting pictures of the beautiful sunrise and sunset and Newport which icing on FaceBook all the time what does Tim O'Shea do in retirement deal. Let me get my I got what I. I got to where I got a couple what they've been doing it yeah I've always wondered label perhaps sport to do what an opening. But I can be doing because until I'm not a member around going over there and a ticket bears at that. I vote for ten years or that you don't like our department ballot this year the bear out front by. Vienna but other guys are a direct result of what it that you're never did but I wanted to learn how to build a joint built in fort. One of my former player or Maynard was a great basketball player or. Is now a professional football player in Australia and then that separate sport of their like get a belt. Here is stable over there so I've that apoplectic long by the barrier I picked a trip Australian record play football. Oh and M I love golf and our prayers and had my ball and gnarled by. Up out of but what waterboarding have a couple might sport they're now but they join back or so there. I've spent the playground equipment to do I don't really think I'm going to be more respect our current Babcock. And number repeat the refuted general manager of the pox that government be lead you to build now but nine months a year he called they you know. I thought I'd be bored briefly at a busier now than ever though. Don't think you know maybe media look at who were people who are our approach but they are about what is that they don't like it all would be so why will they. I feel fortunate to live in Newport is not that I played. Where you get bored with it is about to do. I'm sure that as well it's good to hear you that year he's going to be dunes golf and tour and I've ran into unit point Judith with with came back before so. Oh it's always good thing it is. It's very quick payback what you're I remember being outside all. You know. But yeah I don't on our problem that we're looking forward to a break it but could never go down the line in the but I could tell people about certain to have personal web site. Which are are retiring from coaching I've never seen or heard from you know very active though. Militant congratulations on your retirement and thank you for being so great to me and to nick and tell all of us the media in general that cover Bryant in in in college basketball because like this that you're you're truly our class guy and it's been a pleasure. To talk college basketball with you for so many years you know at the. They're editors saying it will brown gave a betrayal by. And I have affected you for we have separate people ovals though. Terrific Tim thank you regulations are luck today a revelation. All right the prime bulldogs will take on saint Francis of Pennsylvania today and that's demotion a will be retiring at the end of the season the bulldogs head coach we'll take a quick timeout. And when we come back Bill Koch will join us we'll talk about the road era ends with the rams beat writer for the Providence journal when southern new England sports Saturday continues on W media.