SNE Sports Saturday - The Crimson Tide and NE Patriots Roll on, PC Friars Ed Cooley Mic'd Up

WEEI Providence
Saturday, January 13th

Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit (@NickCoit) take your calls comparing two winning teams that have the haters chanting in their dreams, "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead". The 2018 NCAAFB Champion Alabama Crimson Tide and the Super Bowl LI (51) Champion NE Patriots are both comeback kings, continuously crushing the competition's dreams. Kudo's to NCAABB for the mic'd up Providence College at Depaul game, as the Friars step up to 3-2 in Big East play. 


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And I'm. Got something you wanna share call 4017371287. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Start us for watch. The consumer. No no no no no thank you ground. Thank you did you know for reading a script if you didn't know I'd like is he can tell and I would not have known that it's not okay zero. Tied us. I was gonna go home and have been blunt shown. Good to know maybe he's just like hey drink the tears itself. That's a great idea oh. Yeah X welcome back southern new England sports Saturday on WUPI McCoy it's got pretty she review. 4017371237. The phone number of like to join us the tax minus 379837. So that got us thinking a lot about this in in what may be really think about it more. Was. Alabama. In the national championship game Monday and and what a great game that was Jeff you know one. So. You know all weeklong leading up to that game and then in a sitting down watching the game that night. I'm saying to myself boy I'd love to see Georgia Alabama I was rooting for the Georgia Bulldogs and you know early in the first half things look good right at a time things look good for the bulldogs group but Alabama because they are just such a solid championship. Caliber program. They found a way in and a gutsy move by Nick Saban to bring in the freshman quarterback to come back and eventually win the game. In overtime. And it and it at my initial thought was you know. Mean he rooting against Alabama. Now I can relate to the rest. Of the country when it comes to the patriots right Leo in a week here and knowing we love the patriots we can't understand the hatred. That's how we all are when it comes to dynasties in sports if they're not your team. You grow to dislike them immensely and you've grown in you want to root against them. US spread the wealth and so I ask the court and my question is are dynasties good for sports and and my answer is unequivocally. Absolutely. Positively yes whether it's the modern day patriots. The cowboys at 13 woods you know the Big Three of Aikman Irvin and end in Emmitt Smith. The 49ers to Steelers does in basketball the Celtics and lakers. 100% absolutely and I'll tell you why I think that's the case. First of all I I think sports it is great when you have a villain or somebody to root against right there to debate is on villains here knowing that their villains everywhere else. If Alabama were not and that national championship game looked I would of watched it anyway OK if it was. Clemson and Georgia I would watch the game. But I would not have gone into the game saint. We hoped Georgia wins or legal Clemson wins and just watch as a football fan and hope we see an exciting game where wins whoever wins right now. But I went into that game. Really pulling for George I wanted to see from the freshman quarterback Odyssey somebody different knockoff. You know that the giants that are the Alabama Crimson Tide and Nick Saban. And that's because of what Alabama has become. And they gave me more of a rooting interest in that game than I otherwise would've had. And that is what the patriots do for the National Football League if your team's not in the Super Bowl. You still have a strong rooting interest in that game because you root like hell for somebody to knock off. The New England Patriots it's you know it's the old wizard of law listing Dong the wicked witch is dead. That's what the whole world is rooting for for somebody until the wicked witch the New England Patriots law and I think it's even worse with the patriots and with professional sports because. In college. Easy nobody's gonna go out and and publisher you know an Auburn fan you know you can go on to court that night and go in. Yeah and. Avalon has birthday about an hour. You know what it is true that the QE and not a lot. But it in in professional sports person with a patriots patriots fans are so much like he Tom Brady yeah. I eased and gold Pallet Jack we trust dumb. Debt when they lose. It's like a firestorm specially with the national media to you guys like Max Kellerman. Brady he's up bodies washed up and they they go all out on the steps that that's what makes it on I think and say the patriots quote you were to go lose to the titans tonight. You're right people would be all they would eat shop and all over in no way and that's that's. That's the fun part if the patriots win if your pats fan because she can say alone and keep on Roland thank you Buick. Hit that fifth at I. I but. Yeah if it's stuff but anyway I'm done losing my train of thought. Yeah if your patriots fan. It's distracting unbelievable I never realized that. If your patriots fan. You love when they went because you can revenue and everybody's face when they lose their body a stroke and in your face. So you write having a villain in sports is a good thing and it also gives other teams and organizations a chance to have a measuring stick a bar. Where they wanna get too. In order to be successful and become the next dynasty and that's that's important. I mean to me Alabama you can seek it's not Tuesday in college I think Alabama has made it that way five national championships in nine years they are the New England Patriots of college football shirt hands down period end of story Nick Saban with his personality. Pretty close to build telecheck I mean they are the New England Patriots of college football. Absolutely positively right and the Tiger Woods is another great example yeah well for for for so many years. I was one of those people when tiger was in his prime and at his best. I rooted against him I want to deceive the underdogs slay the giant loom I wanted the the little guy to beat Tiger Woods. Now mallet tiger's been gone for a while. Golf has become more boring to me. I wanna see tiger make a comeback I would look to see tiger comeback and win a tournament or two here and make things interesting are the very least. Beyond that first page of the leaderboard on Saturday and Sunday. I think call the so much more exciting I don't care what. I think or anybody else thinks of Tiger Woods personally I'm just talking about from a standpoint of having a dynasty. Eight an absolute force. Ease of polarizing guy eat your root former your root against him and I think dynasties like doing the patriots. Aren't just good I think they're great for sports yeah fantastic support this tiger is a great example. He really is because you can root for guys you can be a fan of a certain golfer. But when tiger is coming up eighteen and he's unbelievable arteries both to close it out or something like daddy's gonna make applied. The whole world's half the world is saying. See tiger make this putt apple world saying guy eight tiger I don't wanna see him make this idea. And it draws your interest to draws you and so it's it's a great points cut well we get to that out there if you think dynasties good for sports I you know I I think most people are no women would agree that they are. Concert gas. Their team is the dynasty were talking about right now the modern day dynasty but. 4017371237. A phone number tax minus 37937. We haven't talked much. College basketball and all but the friars. Other than that that you know that coaching. All thing last night. That was pretty cool what fox it and passed it well I saw that I loved it too but I'll tell you what it did for me when it distracted my attention. Away from watching big team. Attentively you know I. There were times and I wasn't even watching what was happening on the court my eyes are on aid coolly a my eyes are on Dave late show. Because I was listening to them and wanted to see their reactions here facial reactions and how old they were responding during games so. I'd I love to two overall if you ask me that I like it is it a success what I like to see more stuff like that yes the answer is yes yes but it did distract me a little bit from what to name first of all. I miss the game being full screen them right I don't like it shrunk down on my TV sprain. And and because they were there those two coaches my eyeballs worn on the game as much as it obviously normally normally would be. I wouldn't want it for like a big time game like a national championship game gives you wanna watch the game that that's when you don't want you just wanna watch the game. But for a January game in Chicago against. Not great DePaul team. It was fun to watch the coaches it was fun to watch their their reactions simultaneously acting fox sports. Has something here they've they've they're on to something with this but you gotta be careful and sort harness it and I think you're right you know maybe. Maybe a little bit. You know full screen with a game and then come back to the coaches are surely the coaches out from put it in the upper left and right hand corner you TV screen something like you know which you don't strike up the Kodiak boxes make you gain bigger make gain full screen yup and just put little boxes with the coaches and each upper corner review television or lower corner what are you wanna do that there was no better guy than Ed Cooley for I mean he was and some of the things that he says it's. Paul just. I there is a vampire the vampire I was laughing as he really does he was he was and I think talking about one of the DePaul players which. He's just bad with names to be said in the huddle he says that a practice sometimes studio will be talked into him this he'll say. Ticket that that that scores like 45 what's his name what's his what that would Texas that. Yeah Tony Stewart and on the bench last night to what what Texas them so that he just comes up a big games for guys whoever that guy was and he was calling the vampire is that this. Freeware and all my gosh it was that was so so front. It's ultimately. Should not felt about it we don't let it be active active I am. He was awesome he really he was awesome he was entertaining. I thought that half. Time acting was great duke is the only two commercial breaks it took with the start and end up time's right get the cameras into the locker rooms right and going back and forth from the locker rooms. Hearing coaches talked things through talk about what the teams are doing what they can do better. It was a really really entertaining to watch any post game to. Especially in the friars locker and he walks in and they you know they do their their post game and eat speech in. You know I think the guys I'd never seen it before. They got a Peltz the delicate championship title and a WWB well it's not at WW it's it's got like the prior year. Yeah I always hit it right right I mean it was like. There's a lot of like guys garbage is by the replica WW we built them and they just throw at a lock this thing was like custom made with the prior logo and it was always this. They think they call them like me and a gamer something like that now to be aloe god and and it was great and and if you or somebody thinking about playing at Providence or somebody that Ed Cooley is recruiting. It you watch that game last night. How do you not look at that say that I looked play for that guy he he seems like a great coach. I don't do that and say that that's such a great recruiting tool for him and even gave widow at times last night to it was he he's got a he's got a tough job ahead of him trying to build up that program again like you know you look at these two coaches you see what they're like. You see would big east basketball is like on the inside and it was fun to watch really wants. I are friends did you watch it did you like it last night for a 17371237. The phone number that's 4017371287. You can also reach us on a text line. At 37937. Let's say hello this morning to our good friend Joseph input socket joke good morning your first up on southern owing on sports Saturday and WEEI. And one and I thought couldn't see and what it but it. I'm yeah. The end nick Kuwait that the I don't. I Elliot on. Emit a wise I think it was quote is it was really ignited a cooling home. They're really independent and in the the art and I'm at bat all right now on an album. And what it thought about it is in this week and I. Maggie or is not mobile quarterback Mike Allen that from the into it and she's a lead late in the heat of the Eden. He gave us trouble and not formally ordered electing not to treat him out there. Cannot overlook that and keeping an eye on. All of what you thought about that and about the national team is in my town and unbelievable being held it up. Cute but that people because Georgia and them attitude to me he's here. And don't let it go out and only. You know Joseph hi Joseph I don't want you to hang up because I have a question for you this morning. All right. Did I hear correctly will you be representing. I don't know if it's the state of Rhode Island or. The United States who what when it comes to use Special Olympics in the sport of golf. Yeah guardian this test and tell me more about it so what what what exactly will we be representing is at the state of Rhode Island. An arm and yet yeah Burton is in that. Wow really. And wind as this when does this take place. On July earth that I think in Seattle wanted an and I believe but you are like all of our but it won't be going to Seattle Mariners team. On the Avandia uncle Bobby you with a B I England I would do a lot of. And so it and it and you'll be playing in a golf tournament. Out in Seattle during that time. Yeah but are ordered oh yeah. What you gotta make sure that you call us from out here Els assign other little bit of time differences that might be an issue Joba we want to keep track coach of how you do when in this. Yet and non I would like it all on mine are. He's not in the. And opinions and I'm like my top news special though and I hit out at about the show and radio. All right joked thank you congratulations. Some. All right Joseph pretty good golfer yeah there handicap an awesome shore holding them only good for him and that's that's fantastic. Debra printing your country it in an ice capacity is just just just awesome and I think you'll love Seattle to tells great city. As a great never exiting all presented results one of the few places in this country and yet to go to guy when a couple Summers ago for a wedding just fantastic. A nice city. On the ballpark Safeco is is just great it's right next to where the Seahawks play to their stadium come and the city just seems clean. You know that's a nice thing go down and you know the market nets greed and and by the water and it is just very scenic too you look out in EC. You know the mountains you know be on it it looks like a postcard. You know way beyond in the sky it's it's I. I guess the only thing that would turn me off I cannot I've. Everything you say I can envision that because I've recently seen enough pictures of Seattle and in all the market downtown and and you know the mountains off in the distance in the water. It's just that it is it does rain are Francis cloudy and rainy as much as they say it is out there. That would really yeah I was I like seeing this on you right right right yeah I went in July so that was it was nice concluded for exert itself. But it's pretty. Well it's called going up and in the Space Needle too we wanna open a Space Needle and and yeah I mean he seems everything up there and the thing. If you didn't know if like slowly broke Tate's. And it it's really it's very interesting is so it's got a great deal love written in good for Joseph to. Up to catch up put them for the news to him and talked and talked to some of the some of the steam every great story asks Ozzie great local story so that Joseph. Asked our question about the patriots game you know I can talk about that earlier ethnically both agreed that we like the patriots tonight we think they should win this football game Lou I just don't know that the titans have enough answers for the patriots as I said Marcus Perry go to. Thirteen touchdowns sixteen interceptions for a season yet that's lousy. You know I mean is out yet we're backed McCain can beat the New England Patriots and Tom Brady boy I don't think so. They just have to keep him in the pocket make him BA pocket passer tonight if they do that I think they've got a hell of a chance to walk away with an easy one he's gonna ask them again. Forget our. Joseph Walsh talked about the friars were talking about the might dub stuff went as team they they won the game last night which was huge. And so now they moved to 32 in the big east and they got a big one coming out of Butler on Monday that's a huge game because. Right now for the friars who wanna get in the NCAA tournament they want to get now large bid out of the big east. Teams like Butler our teams they're gonna have to be they they have to because. At the top you've got Villanueva you've beat Xavier that was huge step to back in the conversation. Villanova Xavier Creighton. And then it's it's that that. At old neo middle part of the big east with with Butler with Marquette. They're gonna have to go to mark kitten beat them this time around that's why that loss really hurt. Because. That's a team if you beat down you'd jump ahead of them in the standings jump ahead of them in terms of conversation to the NCAA tournament. So this game against Butler coming up it is huge it took care business on the road last night that was nice to see the toy to a run in the in the second half was was huge. And I think it Cooley has found something here with that small line when he puts Rodney Bolick at the five I think that really gives them a spark. They they need more out of their big men but when they do put those that small lineup on the floor. They can do some things so it's taken you know have their big men come along in May watching your cleats young's the world then I think they'll be okay but Monday's going to be huge. And a text from the 401 former Rhode Island sand your eyes playing great why aren't they ranked in the national polls when their RPI is sixteenth. Answer quite simple they are victim. I'll be very weak Atlantic ten this year I think so if that was a big east team if that was an ACC team power five team Big Ten SEC pac quote you name it. They would be ranked. Within that record. The other thing is they they beat they they really don't have a huge quality went outside of the Seton Hall when the times he'd always ranked twentieth to may be Tim somebody five to 74 down a New York. But they lost to Virginia they lost to Nevada they lost an Alabama so. Eight dent in the problem with the 810 is there's no opportunities for huge marquee wins in that conference now right this having said that this is aids. Very important game for you RI they are home this morning at 11 AM against the bonnies. Who like Rhode Island is one of the top teams in the Atlantic ten this year so. On it if you harbor any hopes of cracking the top 25. You go to when this came home today it end. Don't get too lost in the rankings if you if you're Rhodesia and agree it's operated it creates its totally overrated you're RPI is at where tat. You're looking good your finally get to the NCAA tournament of the ranks thing I think. If they've been stolen what last year because Rudy started the season ranked I believe it was two point when he first. And if it's sort of distracted things a little bit they've they've had a heck of a year. They've really taking care but that's Seton Hall win was huge the Providence win was huge. They they've really they took care of business against some conference favorites. I don't called Charleston wins like out were quality. Wins it in your non conference schedule. But you're right in the Atlantic ten there's no chance right now where. To get a win where you say up that's gonna put him in the top 25. Is nobody in the Atlantic ten is is even close that they're getting votes in the polls to getting votes if they keep winning. And there's teams you know twentieth to 25. They'll they may drop out and roading may jump boom but don't expect him to Dick jumped to like fifteenth or something like this just. I mean I hate to do this so early in the conference season but. I'm sorry. Rhode Island is a slam dunk to be a tournament team this year Alia. I slammed on not what they are the guys knock on wood right barring a disastrous injury or injuries. They are clearly the best team in the Atlantic and the most talented team in the Atlantic ten I honestly neck. I would piece on day. If they lost even four games in the league this year they're probably gonna run through this league and maybe lose a couple of games yeah I mean I have four losses would be a lot. If they lose what I think they're gonna lose and ate him play 12 maybe three games. They're a lock for an at large bid regardless of what they do in the A ten tournament. The only way that changes is if they under performing under achieved if if they go on and lose. 4567. League games that's an issue then this team is now playing at the potential or something would have gone wrong. I this road team is very good very like that they're again they're a victim of playing in a conference that is weak this year it's down they shared the 810. Is not strong. Again don't follow love what what the top 25 rankings it's nice quiet. Your RPI is where it's at and the difference between last year and this year is you went into the conference schedule. This year with a resume already built last year there was a lot of missed opportunities last surely the only light. Big win that could help you get into the tournament was that win against Cincinnati in a hall of fame tournament. And everything else you missed opportunities last year against Houston. And teams you probably should have the to build that RPI up us higher is an issue could have this year. You've you've taking your humanist yeah okay seed and we got Alabama or at Nevada but he played well. And you won against Seton Hall which was huge so they've already built to resonate it's kind of funny of having a conversation with somebody talking about how in the 810. It's sort of like Rhode Island has to be careful and not lose the wrong games. You know you don't wanna lose to somebody at the bottom of the conference. Is that all heard the RPI if you lose to that say you lose to the bunnies. Well yeah you ought to lose but you gotta lose a few league games here that's not a bad one to lose it's if you lose to like I don't know where Fordham is in the in a conference right now is standings but a game with against a team that's got a low RP IR and in on the low hundreds or something like dad. And it's gonna hurt you so. At this point you just want them to play well to keep playing well and email and how. Have to win the Lynn ten begin to determine with a resonate you've already built you wonder when the Atlantic ten that's a nice perk and the nice thing going get in the auto red blood. Yet don't fall of the rankings where he's having a great year it's a great team. I love the way Jared rose playing she's just an alpha all season long so far. And the NEC Matthews is is come back the last few games and and dangerously and they are dangerous to your second weekend you're forgetting my favorite kind team fat that. That's who doesn't love fat it's funny they're kittens they're having trouble getting that's minutes right now I don't know seek out of that but that's a greater problem now I agree totally agree and you're right about Terrelle Terrelle has been off the man. On this team awesome. He really you know what EC on again off again with the injuries he has stepped up. And then. The demand for this team the team knows what it means to do to get back to where was at the point it was last year. They're taking care business they're acting like it a group of upperclassmen. And it is just it's a great brand to watcher and dinner release really made this broke. Program so healthy coral 17371287. Is the phone number our tax finest 37937. Here on southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI.