SNE Sports Saturday - Decisions, Decisions - 8-12-17

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Saturday, August 12th

Scott Cordischi and new co-host Nick Coit (abc 6) analyze the relationship between two GOAT's, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. It's also interesting to note the difference in decisions made by ownership with Mr. Kraft versus Bill Belichick.


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A sports Saturday fox sports Radio One improve point seven. ER. Welcome back our number two southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI Scott pretty she and nick coy with you. On a Saturday morning if you like to join us. 4017371287. Is the phone number. You can also reach us on the text line at 3793 so we have so many text to get to. This one from the for a one we're talking about Brady and what do they do at the end of the season with breeding ground below. In bill we trust except for when it comes to trading Tom Brady. Who Alexis I again. When you're talking about the goat all bets are off right we know what telecheck likes to do he likes to get out from these contracts. Before. You know they did tear your yacht after dealing Il likes to get a year ahead of things he we we were just such an on a minute. The Seymour example and lawyer Malloy examples I think our our prime mean those were. Two of your best defensive players at the time inning Malloy was around 2002. And shows so shockingly is what he can lawyer or lawyers for it on the richest CEO we didn't Richard Richard Seymour he'd give him when he. What happened after that with them in their careers in view it was the and it just before the opener in 03 because I believe they open up against the Buffalo Bills and got hammered here. As normal there was always signed by early so that enough and it was all hope and they went on when the suitable that yep that's pretty good and and you know what to. I. I think. One of the only guys you look Denny says okay where he was still decent when they let go home whenever any so that a few couple new couple good years probably Ty Law. But even then you know. He didn't have years like he had New England he's pick up Peyton Manning AFC title game three times a year you know it's like a it was you know so that's what Belichick does he tries to get ahead of these things and it's it's fascinating because we're we're as saying we're we're talking about. The greatest quarterback ample time talk may be that may be the best player in the history of the leak. So we can sit here and sailing that's what politic typically does at this isn't a typical situation. This is calm Brady we're talking about it he knows till he knows it you can tell. Mean he knows who Tom Brady is or what he's done for Bill Belichick what he's done for this franchise. It's. Boy it's tough fascinating. Topic to just don't know which way it's gonna go. I was thinking during the break about you know all the guys. Belichick has let go over the years. And you know how many of them have come back to bite him in the keys to so to speak and gone on to great careers and the answer is not many if if any at all yeah one guy that I thought turned out niceties to during the commercial time now. That I thought turned out to be a pretty good player very serviceable had a you know pretty good career. After leaving New England into go back a little ways this is Belichick's tenure very early it was Greg Spires it was a defensive lineman here for the Tampa many went to Tampa Bay. But other than that I mean Logan Mankins and and he flamed out Korea now is retired H is you just go down the list and Belichick has been proven right almost every single time and we. You know we can really say like the you know in the in bill we trust being in new you know that's the the gulf war in that patriots fans to shoot it. Listen I mean yeah that. How can you not be proven right that that be proven right by Belichick when he makes all these moves and continually used. He's right in you have to go in you have to find specific things bow Belichick. To to criticize him on or say like well I guess we don't trust Belichick in the early we're talking about earlier. Secondary players in the second round slick looking for an obscure stat that's like saying like oh. You know Dustin Pedroia. Hits below 200 playing east of the Mississippi and games on the road in September it's like. You have to find little things like that otherwise the guy runs is is franchise you know. The right way in his organization right away in its. Yeah but still it's it's it's a fascinating top because we're we're here we are at he has. Tom Brady's forty years old into you know we we think about some of the other guys that have played into their forties and quarterbacks in the NFL. And I think Belichick also has to keep in mind and that's probably why he's kept crop lower round. You know whenever if there's a drop off. You know if it cups for Tom Brady. You know with that with these quarterbacks it comes very fast. And he Peyton Manning's drop off it it went he went down really quickly. Brett Favre you know he Brett Favre lasted it's still it went it went south you know it's. These guys will play in their forties they still look great and then all of a sudden mid season or something they just the the plate drops off and can't explain it's just agent father time and you know you have to think that. Just there's a small chance that maybe that happens with Tom at some point too you never know yup no listen when bella check in the. Patriots decided to not trade drop this offseason because we heard a balding offers that are out here yeah him and Cleveland was hot after him right. The only conclusion I can draw from that was. Bill Belichick is hang in on this guy because he wants him to be here parent Tom Brady right he does not want to move on from him he views him as Tom breeze successor now win that is ice I I don't know. But that's how I read that on an interesting text here from the 860. And this is again something you and I talked about during the break. A guy that has gone on to have great success after leaving the patriots. Adam Vinatieri he is now I played more games in more years for the Indianapolis Colts the and he did for the New England Patriots. And he's won two more Super Bowls with the Indianapolis and including Mitt that this three that he one year. A bomb. And he went to one. Just one but really don't know why they did and we you say let's suit he only won what sent us a sense of salt but thirty what 36 the no. We at war right any 11 with Indianapolis all 10 he didn't win. Or just one that's right that's your answer the call 201 I'm just thinking if anyone AS winning his second in NASCAR team when a cycle where Denver that's exactly right. Or Denver one and Peyton was on the team but sickness so here's what I would say about him moving on from Vinatieri yeah. The guy that he placed him with the was outstanding. In Intel may get a last year and a half for so turn really since September AFC champs again a couple of years ago. He's the he's looked like aim a mere mortal threat whereas. He was every bit as good if not better amenity area although he shares now down he hasn't necessarily been put into the situations. Certainly in the Super Bowl to hit the clutch her game winning kick all you could argue against Denver and that I EC championship game he he came out small by missing the next point share. You know. Telecheck moved arm because he thought he had a more than capable replacement and in fact he did and Stephen Gostkowski yet and I think come. It the biggest house key topic just touching on it you know because they think a lot of people thought maybe they would draft the ticker this off season nor bring in another records to maybe. Pushed its down askew little there whatever and obviously they haven't. I think something to keep in mind with patriots fans with Steve interest ASCII he's been sold. So above average for all these years since they moved on from Vinatieri is downstairs to saint you in the in the bright sky like. It did years where he'd he'd missed one field goal if Fannie he'd miss zero extra points the guy was just ought to Nat. He was so good and now the last two you know two years he sort of come back down to the middle of the pack sort of average and he's missing some of these whatever. So I think there's added the reaction out there that all man you know we got to move on from this gusty now but it's like well. You know cousteau's keys and so above for average for so long to say you know we hold them as such a high standard that. Now he's just daft rich you know. Is that good enough for the patriots in what Bill Belichick is doing you know it's sounds like Belichick still has the confidence in him so. We'll stick with them but I think keep that in mind the guy was so good for solely a great really for so long that you know just being average whatever is okay but. It does concern you that even though and don't forget too in that come back in the Super Bowl he also missed an extra point they're too they had to go for 22 point conversion fourth quarter. Because he missed an extra point that's right so that's right that's concerning it's concerning but I think. You know he's averaging he's doing the job so will sink. Yep all right so I wanna get your opinion on this okay. Tom Brady wait for this one Tom Brady and a couple of weeks ago was asked about. The whole Giselle bunch and sixty minutes interview blow my husband suffered multiple concussions this and the other thing in. Lord you have the response okay this this was Tom Brady's response. To that. She sees that it's a mean she was vocal about that most recently on CBS about the concussions are much to talk to about those hits that you take. I mean she just. She's there every day I mean we go to bed you know in the same bed every night so I think she's. There she goes on source she knows I'm tired she knows you know but I hit shows support me as long as I continue wanna pleasure like. Just like my mom I mean that two of them together sit next he took in Sweden watching me get hit all day and I'm sure is not fun. One to add to that that it too from ESPN there was also when he spoke to ray yeah I think on Friday said. You know while I don't think that's really anybody's business is just an exact quote was I don't wanna get into things that happen in my past certainly medical history and so forth I really don't think that anybody's business Brady said. What happened last year. I'm focused on this year and improving on working on things I need to get better at. So he essentially said my medical history is my business nobody else is now. He's been criticized roundly for this it down and I'm not one of the guys that quite frankly I think she said aiming wrong. But there's a lot of people up to the feel like wait a minute you are Tom Brady. You're this sport's biggest star. The concussion issue is a huge issue with the Euro league in the sport of football. And you need to be one of the faces. Of this for the league in need to show may be more responsibility. More empathy. Whatever you wanna call it on for this particular issue. Did you take great issue in any way shape or form Gwynn how Brady handled this and his comments. I know I know. I didn't. It's tough because you know it's one of those things that. I think maybe Gisele just sort of let it let it slip out it's one of those things it was in football players. You know I don't wanna sound like you know listen. The CT thing in the concussions are. You know it's a hot button topic right now especially with the study coming out but I think it's you know pretty woman running the football. You gonna get injuries you know and so. In whole team's report the injuries that guys have a weekly basis but I'm sure that there's more than it is never reported you know I think there's some that is. Problem between you know probably had no way or you know I'm short Thomas had. I'm sure Tom has had concussions you know I I'd I think a lot of football player you're still obviously the study proves that. Is it anybody's business. You know I I guess. At this point now know he's what is he gonna do it you know the flip side is okay so what he wanted to say you wanted to come out and say well no I think it's seven concussions in my core it's like. Would you do you want to see it what is he was gonna say on that. I think maybe just some of the criticism is rooted in the fact that Tom Brady right now assault on his. Health and his fitness and all this stuff and is out McConnell ice cream and all that kind of separate promotes all that stuff yeah so may be. That's where some of bettors rooted is that while you're you're not afraid to Seles a cookbook dom we can't talk about a a real issue like concussions. So again I don't take issue. Purse saved their and they you know if the U wanna go and it was concussion history at death at point. He I can see where some of the criticism can be. Rooted and eyes I think some people may be overreacting but that's just the sports landscape and generate the hell it is and so on it's not our bid is still owes everything Tom. Write notes like. No it do I get that part of it but. I can see we're summit comes from. I'm confident what I do I'm confident that things that I do in the way that trained. Right in saying that it's like okay well you can see yet I that this concussion issue is. It is it's something they gets to me on on a variety of levels first of all I know people. Bennett played at a high level that are suffering you know Ted Johnson okay you pushing it's great guy middle linebacker. He now suffers greatly the after effects are being can custom many times as a result of the sport he played. John Mori who played football at brown and gray is an NFL all pro Super Bowl champion for the Pittsburgh Steelers play but the cardinals as well. Unfortunately he is now suffering the the results of of you know using his head too many times in Massport effect optionally a story that he shared with me. Sean was a big guy shot a 511. Okay which by NFL standards is timing and he said Scott. The only way I could make it in that league he said I would after rundown on the kickoff team. And I've got guys. That are much bigger and stronger than me guys that are probably 6466. You know 250 to 275. Pounds and those are she said I have to find a way to get by those guys and make a tackle. It. Keep my job in the NFL and keep playing the sport that I love so you know he told me he did he would run down full speed. And he'd get right on the depose of one of those guys he would break down he would make himself small and he would come up with a crown of his helmet. And he would stay on the guy on his skin Mo Lewis said that was enough for me to stunned that guy that was much bigger than me the role model the way. And I can go make the tackle Lisa Scott. I made a living doing that my career he said because that was my ticket to stay in the NFL wild and he's now unfortunately paying the price sure but you know what. Here's how I feel about that it in this is the concussion issue as a pertains to football in general we all get. If you play a sport like football you're gonna be much more prone to concussions and head injuries and neck injuries. Then people that you know are accountants or whatever you do when your really like or play baseball sportscaster whatever yeah absolutely. Get it. But when I see these studies. Debt that's study c'mon a couple of weeks ago a hundred. Nine about 110 Raines are former for all players is. On who suffer concussions were found to have two races a CT. On locating now no kidding but we should control group. Where's the control group as compared to how about people and every day life that had concussions have you examined their brains. Have you examined the brains of soccer players of all the non contact sports like baseball or something like god where's the control. Too much emphasis is being placed on football alone here then I get the money involved in I hate to say this. But you know Christie Dominica which he's my friend but I think this world has too many lawyers because. That's what this issue is all about it's about money. And it it it's about making the NFL hey Ian. At the bottom line is if you choose to play football that's what you wanna do. You know the inherent risks you know in that profession. It's almost like you know you you've signed a waiver so to speak when you decided to play that sport just like you could play soccer. Just like if you do anything what if you go on a roller coaster and amusement park you know he's gonna get whipped around. You've got to be prepared you know you get it you've got to make sure inept mosques strong and whole you know. That don't get off the rides are hurt my neck and sued the amusement park but the main fracture of the roller coaster but that's the world we live in today and it bothers me right here correct or yeah if you play football you know that that's an inherent. Risk sir OK are you willing to take that risk. Of putting on that helmet shoulder pads and playing football moaning that you're gonna be much more prone to and likely to get a concussion than the average GO. I mean that's I hate to say it. It's it's almost like the price of doing business if that's what you wanna do sir you know going in that your rescue us. Think about some of the other jobs in everyday life in the risks that you take say your you know all colonel construction worker some sort of mean you'll. Labor something you know I'm sure may be later in life here your shoulders are your knees are you know from the heavy lifting you're doing like you're gonna get arthritis you're gonna get. Things like that there's inherent risk in everything you do this wasn't some sort of big revelation that the CT study came out and said. You know 10910. Brains had traces of it sync won't. Yeah of course if it's football it's with a yield of their passion helmets and heads together and that's that's what it is so. You're right I mean it's it's not it's not a surprise. You know so I think people are making I think he has a right you just yeah you hear you think like blow. It's you know the criticism for Brady. Listen you know it's high and again I think part of it is the whole pitch banned sales and by my 200 dollar cookbook thing. But at the same time there's no big revelation what are you gonna get if it pretty comes out and says yes I had eight concussions two and 2002 foreign 2007 and six you know it's like OK so what what now. But I do feel like he's right when he says his medical history and so forth chair. Isn't anybody else's business right outside of what the team has to disclose on the weekly injury report right I agree with a right to his business why should he have to disclose got the injury report doesn't come out September we're leaving the injury report in September. Mean really I I don't know why you hit it and it I think it's because. So many people are jealous of Tom Brady and like you said I tell you denominated junior said he's promoting the avocado ice cream in this healthy lifestyle Helio winning Guinness in interviews with an NFL network is like yup volume records they delay meals by the cookbook it's like come on on gas stop. But writes that's probably why people are are are upset shortly disclose but I I. I don't have a problem with what he said are or not more importantly what he didn't say where 4017371287. Is the phone number two by to join us. The tech slide is 37937. Backer more of your calls back with more of your tax. And coming up in just a bit marked Jane Olson the Providence journal on southern new England sports Saturday on WEEI.