SNE Sports Saturday- Drop or Scratch Golfer, JBJ Great on D but is it Enough? 6-23-18

WEEI Providence
Saturday, June 23rd
Nick Coit (@NickCoit) abc 6 Sports Director and Ian Steele (@IanSteeleABC6) abc 6 Sports Anchor & Reporter have taken over the studio while Scott Cordischi goes camping. The guys continue the conversation on Phil Mickelson's mulligan @Shinnecock Hills Golf Course. They also take your calls on what the Red Sox should do with Jackie Bradley Jr. and whether Dustin Pedroia has outlived his usefulness. 

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Hello lines. Hello friends and had a cup of coffee cup. That's why I brought to this week's sell it and that's why you come up up up up to date that. Yeah I had that on the back at 702 points Saturday yeah. Welcome back Sutherland a sports Saturday and Ian steel nickel it with you insult her sounds of Nicole. Sorry. Little little out copy Burpee their move yet nice bus if that's great yeah thanks Ellsbury. Fantastic. Self. So we've been talking a lot about the Red Sox you're talking about the Celtics here today inked one Austrian in the text line here only look gopher. Texture says I wonder why you neck or sky white white guys don't fill in during the week. Believe you're referring to 937. For example during the musical chair casting couch and Kuerten Callahan were you guys have approached it may be Poppins stores though we were approached and it's flattering you would think of us in that in that regard. On but we enjoy your Saturday mornings it's our nice get away and the thing with us too is that. Scott has his full time job brown university and director of football operations which does a great job of very committed to do. My day job is in television and ABC six is the sports director so we'd love to have that sort of opportunity absolutely so Whitney and but this is my first opportunity. It's it's fun it's fun for us to come in Saturday's to great change of pace to talk to you out there is talk a little bit about sports is we report on it during the week. Or on the news it's all about reporting the facts and saying those things we have a limited opportune to put some opinions and their butt. This is a nice way to come on talk about what's going on you talk about that the week that was so there's always plenty to talk about two hours. And it's fun for us to talk to you the listeners of Rhode Island too because we know this this place this market. We know what's going on here were set up the show talking about the pop socks stadium Erica little of that's communal dining guide every. Not 937 in Boston not enough you know I think that's an important thing here so we like to talk about it yourself. Birth flattering that's very nice of you. Nick just wondering if you ever listen your own station paean driver you boy to a cutting deal. Support going to bill that I listen to WEEI I switch between stations. I like listening able stations I think they have they both have their pluses and minuses I know I sound like I'm giving the generic Tom Brady copping out the things sound bite raised output. I do unlistenable stations I think people have their pluses and minuses and I'm a mid large consumer I think of Sports Radio are you doing an hour along with Oprah to cut. I think about retirement now more than anything more than it did. Never heard apple. Well. I don't from yeah you're right. Yeah you right now I don't think we've talked about it either to his left side so we had we. Well you've EE heard him talk about the whole warrior spirit thing on the Tom vs time and then toward the end of it is tune changed and we'll see then he comes out and it's the Gramm and NE SPN posted forty fights again I puts inquirer and the cinco which in Spanish is 45 along to gonna play I had depressed he likes and translation but non answer then this agreement yes I I knew that barely speak I knew that from AP Spanish my senior high school at a morgue at those college credits at. Yikes. And more I think from Phil Mickelson we're talking about a Smart move within the rules the issue being missed multiple pros complain about how hard the greens were an unreasonable. Still the only one who did something about and it was a tough week at the US open for the golfers it was and there was a lot of frustration out there. It may really interesting. It's been. I all the complaining all the bad rounds maybe a little bit more relate well to the average golfer like you and me right. It may drop out it was just well in two Ian like. Last year when they're Erin hills to push you like what when he under something people complaining it was too easy right now I can play is to hearts like. And somewhere in there. Is going to be branded golf that satisfies apparently would have brought to light though was this tension that goes on between the association and the actual golfers in the players yet. Which me myself I hadn't really heard about until this came to light. And now it's something that you pay close attention to him so is very interest and that and then on Sunday everyone's round. He's to him is unbelievable so. Brooks kept it to to get it back to back US open titles. Interesting it's interesting we haven't had that while. But a lot of different names winning these majors and you know you'd like to see somebody emerge you thought when speed won the masters in the last couple years ago that. He was gonna merge. Since then he's kind of been spotty. Seem with a guy like a Rory McIlroy who will be. In Rhode Island killing on Monday CBS classic your schedule by the way to. Justin you know. Clarify the work schedule for at least six on the ears dental coverage and Connie Stevens is supposed to be anchoring that and that's your heavenly golf tournament sweet ID and have a great time. OK let's go to one more call before we go to our. Break and bring in Bill Koch Richard north Providence is on the line good morning Richard except when southern new England sports Saturday and WEEI. The border with Eric Chase and how little all around yeah I know really listen they're scratch golfer on the dropped golf. It takes. About about Rhett so yeah. Put it on your GM hats. We've talking referring to JPG AM. We you guys moved him. And the other thing I just wanted to bring up about the compensatory picks. How would that that it came in Italy get a third round compensatory pick as I believe that the highest that a team that allowed to get. To receive. That I'm not sure of rich. But I it's got to do with free agency. It's if you that this deal with that the larger the contract that more. That it and in what round that they were selected. You know in terms of the first pick out of boycott is that the about the contract that they had when they went with. When they were which it would they were tree view whatever. That's something I'd honestly have to look at talk in baseball or football. Always on football yet all then I think that's that is the highest yeah I think it's and I don't know if that's the value or whatever or maybe maybe and I don't know where where somebody was select I'm not entirely sure there bombs salary playing time and post season honors McCaffery he conducted that makes it out of post season honors thing I think is it is a big thing that's a good point if you had no pro walk right right. It turns Jackie Bradley junior no Ian was touching on this. You know I don't think you gonna get much if you if you try to move on now has value was really really low dog he should've moved him when he was at an event like when he game hitting right. I think if I was opposed core. I would certainly not be played him every day. I'd be bringing in a band at the end of the game forever for as they defensive replacement to try to help secure that the game if they're. If we're up. But I certainly would be limiting is that that. It's really disappointing that the Red Sox are backed into corner with a luxury tax thing here that. Ruse they can steal leads the International League right now and hits he's that you hit 300 last year. He hasn't had an opportunity in a couple of years here you need offense in your lineup and here you are not able to bring him up put him in the 40. Right and that's the issue that's why can't put him on the forty man because accounts against the salary cap and whatever and that shouldn't be an issue for the Red Sox is hate. Sino. And an if you and your you'll in the apartment he what are you touched on it. You touched on it in with Jackie Bradley with a second base position with the catching position you're not get anything out of the bottom three your what are you does not. And in depth to Pretoria it just seems like you haven't stood. EA yeah I I really I don't know if he's coming back he never wanted to force a guy into retirement or say he should hang it up because. Lord knows the competitive spirit that this guy has yet he's the guy who could come back from something like this right. You know again another back to you like I had contract. Keep on the books reward you mean. Years you know it's it's this point we're up against system thanks for the call three appreciated as all us. In the outlook talk a little bit more about. This will talk a little bit more about Red Sox gonna take a break we'll come back and cost of the Providence George journal will join us. The docs and socks when southern new England sports Saturday returns on Sports Radio three point seven WEEI.