SNE Sports Saturday - Ed Cooley and Dan Hurley, A Tale of Two Coaches

WEEI Providence
Saturday, March 17th

Scott Cordischi and (abc 6) Nick Coit (@NickCoit) take your calls, texts and tweets on Little Rhody NCAA action. Dan Hurley has taken his Rhody Rams to the big dance twice since his 2012 arrival to URI,  Ed Cooley has been to the dance five times, with less than stellar results. What does the future hold for them and their program?


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You were listening to our southern new England sports Saturday be heard by calling 4017371287. Sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. Her right as a top of the team gets off the Big Three and the ball as the shot. And the clock go off the perfect time for probably wouldn't have thought that's going to pump fake and he really gotten somebody do them on their way. While it would take you really feel for I mean. The big east official added I think he goes the opposite way they renovated dorm big east officials admitted he calls them at all. One way in this war. You know I laugh every time I watch while they were techie. Appreciating the big east game on the maze cities made it to this level because he used to row five of the games and I thought he stunk back then. I used to joke all the time the three worst officials in the ideally were Wally with Turkey while we Turkey and while we were attacking. Now and who we in the flyers have to do you protect these Cochran she. Nick Kuwait so sports. And W. It. You complain about the. All of it up a bit of that. They had that they are the bad. There was one game like they completely. We talked about it with we've gotten the Libyan people that that they love we. That he would do it that they beat it there at that weight. Nearly picked it had that all all all. 100 where did you wouldn't want. Auto what would Hillary you've Luke what are. And well the friars seasonal is overweight is and in a disappointing fashion unfortunately and you know all of it it it. Others. It. You've got to learn applies you alert in the battle on alone anybody off night we've heard enough retirement deal now. They didn't lose because the officiating they didn't pay they don't they got pounded down low by the Yankees you know Texas sane am I did a number on them. On like as a particularly on the boards in. You know I'd just look eight. I guess it car ready to put all the pressure on him but there's so much better when he year really has cranked up at a high level and it's hard to say that he played lousy yesterday eleven points and crisis is not bad but. You know they almost need him to be on that seventeen to twenty point range. To be at their best. Like I said they did not. Make Texas CNN pay for their turnovers fourteen turnovers that they turned all million to ten points. So. You know the friar season is overweight I know friar fans are disappointed about that wanna hear your comments as to why you think this season is over with. And for rowdy fans what do the rams have to do upset duke today I distinctive this is a very difficult match up put nick I thought you you said it well although last segment to. As much as you look at Bagley and Wendell Carter you say oh my god how do you match up those two guys and you look at low road he's a lack of size up front. But did differences. Might suggest he's getting this done with a lot of underclassmen. Whereas Dan Hurley has a veteran. Experienced team in this is a game where you gonna need those seniors seem Jared Terrelle. EC Matthews a fifth year senior even a guy like Jarvis Garrett coming off the bench I took these guys are really gonna have to step up and get it done. Well I'll let you do. They have rushed in on their squad who is. It is not a great debate all love that's out drop the you bet that spotlight burned right on or date. He earned that he I mean he was. He would opt them. Are those media. That the what do you make it a point up. There was one sequence in the game where it really not mean. Earned around Donnelly of four point orbit why there was that an app Brody was down one. About the war in a tree. It Korean belief in the immediately. Albion bound by Oklahoma. There that need. Radio pocket aren't around wrote a Green Bay it was yet what what an editor who what is it that that a war. You know with with the four. And you can not do that again why when he wants it this way and it means there it is on lumping. It is wide eyed wrecked it goes it is to a that would lead of about we're whereas if he went out there he is. We're told me they are wetter Paula is they are beating it the eve of freshman you know that opinion that I would say but. All those days after the game that younger they have that they knew that you are wearing a cold cold Beers. And you really enjoy playing with these guys in meat that throwing out the wave and those that wiped out there a way to law. That it is died in. We knew their college career you know though he's going to be there to be that. In the words of all rafter read the freshman sets Russell has its. Yeah I mean or not he's not afraid of the moment he's very confident in the way that he plays. And he is a big reason why they won that team. Two days ago. There were times when he took some shots that I I was not crazy. About his shot selection but in the end his contribution was huge. Huge. That that you're owed on it that's who got you know maybe be over it but that I wrote that what you want it like that absolutely. Holy Moly it if you eat when he stepped on the court. But back when you're wore it went out but he. He hit it it it it it bought it well on the watch it it'd be seen with the debenture and make the arbor it would be. Get a text here before we get the phone calls from the 401. I feel the reason the friars lost is because of their reluctance to take open shots by some of their better players for cart right to have only eleven is unacceptable. It's in him either and on almost every possession they waited until the last ten seconds. To shoot. And try to get a shot off and then they were forced into difficult shots very disappointed. Yeah I know a lot of friar fans are disappointed that that. You know they they lost again in the opening run as I said I don't know what to make this a you know Ed Cooley has delivered this team time and time again of the NCAA tournament which is terrific. But here's teams are one in five in the NCAA tournament that in itself is a little disappointing in Ed address that elephant in the room yesterday after the game he said I've got to do better. You know we are allowed got to do better we're gonna find a way to. To do better at this time a year in and he's gonna I'm sure do some soul searching himself and trying to figure out okay. Why are we coming up short in the situation what is it that is present preventing us from winning here in the NCAA tournament clearly. He has the talent to be able to win big games against good teams of use we've seen it this year means wins over Xavier and Villanova we know what they're capable of but for some reason. It hasn't translated. To that extent once they reach the NCAA tournament. Wanted to he was was was wildly. With your week we talked about it I'm I'm dead. And we know what were back yesterday. After the BP earned in performance by the means am. There were. Their numbers you look at here in it you're right they beat it out they'll well. All right people out there at one you well yell at 41. The rebounding numbers were buried on the Brett were able to act he waited he need act it would be game. And is it that you know. I get it up at the look at the by the speed Pryor wanted by the public or event like. Our program. That would be a problem. Those those are problems that. It's a lot okra but if it by ear eroding public ornament and used it up the opposite you know I'd root I mean. Ready writer in ink that it we need you wait. You're you're not you're bad I get word where you knew you'd think in that way it worked for. Mean it is right up the border last week. Rock the boat out back guy that it and it went from what led about it or seen years. And see if we're not a round and whether it right now I'm in Pittsburgh. You it which are you know what I walk around the year I eat them and they've been a program that they're not willing. You know I'm sorry for what it's worth two in and I'm not trying to created controversy here although I'm sure this'll stir up PC and rowdy fans. You know Ed Cooley. Has taken the friars to be NCAA tournament five consecutive years correct. Yeah day. One in five Dane Hurley he's only been to the tournament twice your rise building this program. In early as more NCAA tournament wins are nominated to lead us. Yeah sick pep it up the second two days ago. In you can argue probably should have been in the sweet sixteen last year they should have yet to beat Oregon in that game which they did not put. Again. Do we read into that in any way shape or form I don't know him. But. It is what it is ads. Number oh right. By the way can I wanna throw this out there and this is gonna soft fruity and and I apologize for doing import. I read the Hartford current yesterday in the emitted very clear that tee and generally used their top choice he is their top target. And they said that others that were on the short list. Forward for the UConn AD. War. Not necessarily in this order Tom Green who just got hired by Georgia. Also that amount of the former Ohio State in Xavier coach. Believe it or not and not realize this before Georgia actually hired Tom Green they are that I admire the job and he turned down I wanna say it was a six year fifty million dollar deals though. The feeling in stories as if he turned down Georgie he's not gonna accept the UConn job and then the last name which I though was very interesting on the list was. Frank Martin the head coach at the University of South Carolina. I guess Leo yeah I guess he's a little disenchanted down there that. All they care about is football and basketball is not a top priority at that university so he might be looking to go somewhere. Where basketball is king so to speaks oh. That's the short list but they made it very clear in the Hartford current story that their top target is your rise in early. While our world the right part things are beyond that. Your daughter Carolina and you wanna you wanna keep them happy he got you to the final four. Dot unit of vital force one at that the U holy Moly you don't want. Or eat. EU when you look at a rate mark RUE one of those guys like men that strike yet that. Rocket about the way they handled really agree away totally different EE. Dot. You've got pride they better let it. What about you you you've got what we get him that BP. What more attacks were we get to the calls also from the for a one. Absolutely true that last Dexter friars wait to the last ten seconds to exe cute deployed in and out forcing the shot. I love coach Toledo. Thanks to the text aren't let's go to the phones for a 17371287. The phone number. And we kick it off with jail if it's -- of morning Joseph here first up on southern new England sports Saturday and WB yeah. My route condition I'll be a joke. Right on hopes they'll automatically get environment Leo I'd go up but it. You allege that at the end matters. He has been there yet but it it wouldn't eat it late at one and it. So hopefully England and around and that on the area and hope you are right at them. And what are you up and. Blue. The it apparently is at the eighty. The paddle boat and remind the public is absolutely an. On the on court in a while he is of this ever I think you know make it with a bad bad dump it in that I mean. The pot pipe is what what used them yet. But the big blocked it well and there you know. But again that a rod what it. Boy. Dot I mean what the old one what it means it in the ninety. Michael Jordan is that where in the world you know. That followed burst on the without it may. I loved the belt it needs and in the lakers need. Does he do great game. Golden debris did not been crippled it in perspective yet because. They're built though. Though. Most editorialists are too young to remember what day obviously the greatest team champions of all time you wouldn't know how to beat the Celtics in the sixties. Are. A minute wait a dominated that decade was you've you've never seen anything like that in sports. Right we get I'm the credit he yes. On the map when it but a lot but it didn't and I have gone don't know and might have been in my MP aimed at them when it at all. I can't believe I'm about to say this. But I have. My Syracuse Orange is next opponent Michigan State winning at all. Oh yes all right on loan will be out hard against. You know yeah it happened in Guatemala are in. And I got I got me in the also ahead Arizona get into the final fours and what the line. Yeah that they brought to the I'd have a good weekend. All right Joseph thank you say yeah thanks for the phone call appreciated. We have more attacks here to get to let's see we have from the 401. Cool is Cole but most likely cool we will struggle he's just above average. He needs to take chances geo one RI I'm not quite sure about that if if you mean is this. Because I I thought a lot about this and in and I've a friend that is a die hard for our in season ticket holder. And I think there can that the perception by many is. Ed Cooley is a fantastic recruiter right. And he's him you know he's a motivate her of Maine he's a great speaker great public speaker right and that that's I think in large part why is such a good recruiter because he can get into living in front of you know a young man in in his parents and I think really sell himself in Providence College in Providence College basketball. On as I said he he's in his big east tournament resonate pretty darn good to his teams do well in the big east tournament. His regular season resonate is good. And put his NCAA tournament resume while he gets the team there. Is not good right now. Is that game coaching. I don't know is he a better recruited the is a game coach and x.s and o.s are I I don't know why I'm trying to kind of connect the dots or or or figure out why this is the case I don't know if there is a tangible thing that you could point to. On to say well this is why the friars are one in five in the NCAA tournament under Cooley here I will say to an end. This is not meant as a slight to it as a slight on edit all. But I said this many times on the show over the past couple years. This is a much better job. Then it ever was before because Providence is now in a conference that perfectly suits the air. Program in their institution. In the old big east OK look they have some great coaches whether it was Rick Pitino. Whether it was Rick Barnes who look what he's done it tennis scene now OK Rick Barnes to Providence. He took ones and he took Texas and now Tennessee to the NCAA tournament Rick Barnes is a great coach. But friar fans for some reason didn't like him or thought that he under achieved here he was a young coach. Tim Welsh was a good coach. I Dodd did curriculum was a terrific coach. But the bottom line is an all those guys coached here. That was a very. Difficult job Providence. Did not have the resource is and just could not compete in the upper half of the old Big East Conference it was too. Difficult for them it was a tough job in that old big east however. In this new big east. It's one of the best jobs they do have the resources. They have the facilities which they are. Even adding to an improving with the new basketball only practice facility. Com. There you know where you in years past I always used to say. If Providence can get to the NCAA tournament once every four years I think that's about what the expectation should be. The expectations have changed now because of this new Big East Conference that suits Providence College well. I don't think it's unfair to expect the Providence Friars to be regular participants in the NCAA tournament simply because. I do think they are one of the better programs in this new Big East Conference. Edit something will talk about in the opt eaten whatever it says about where it. In early in the central dropped but still ache because. One of the criteria I think is that he's gonna want you if beat it because they Rhode Island and he knows more help. He's gonna wanna take that job that. You have a program that it in a conference where you get a lot of it but a lot of apple art. Because leaving. It will be Atlantic ten and leaving Rhode Island more. Some other conference that only yet what Reid did sort of like an end this year. It sort of like okay well that that's not especially yet rebuild program what what what sort that. Wyatt if you're going through a copper and that. You know UConn can probably get 45 but BAA the any you're going to hit where the culprit. In the eight feet. Yet this large YouTube app built then that that Al. No you're right it is quite that probably in that in a panic opera where in. That'll mean that have REI RIA and have a wonderful one way in the boat for the link our locker one team then. Well that you you're right it is great at what data do and something to think about with. This this one a quiet street in double A tournament. I think yesterday looking at big game and after the game you think about a lot. And the other meant to be a light armor on the senior clout here because this senior caught the first. Ever for the flyers make it port street and adequate tournament right. But I think this year and maybe that last year. You didn't really know what we're back with these team and it run Indian public ornament. I think looking at it a lot is that the buyer. I think. The walk that they had the second round North Carolina it was great year that they had grit out of Ben Ben bowl. Are those who their last year they beat USC date yet that victory at public servant which would which was you'd. I think it was disappointing data that told it and that they're highly ranked that year. Wasn't able to get it done again like in North Carolina. Pop pap obviously in the brawl in the NCAA tournament but that up at your work to. They were in Columbus and you had written earned him without being at it was one of the crop or the program history. Playing together and we get it out to get beaten. Pose a lot at be were much more is appointing. They had. The law is that you had made the last two years. In the public press yet they knew because. It went well would it all year you'd know what we expect debate one rate. How already gonna go the Corbin who knows I get belt at the beginning of this run up by eight rated that way. There were more talent in May be more expect it in. On this prior program news yet weighed in medical writing it doubly. Another text from our friar fan if you look at all five of those tournament losses even the win in the tournament. It was shock clock management they struggle and they take too long to shoot the ball that's coaching. So there are some friar fans hoping that that may be Ed needs to do a better job of coaching this team up. In the post season will take a quick time out 4017371287. The phone number. The text line is 37937. Year listening to southern new England sports Saturday. On WEEI. Awful to a local. You're not gonna change cold you what you wanna do you want more consistency from the guys that have the most yeah.