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Saturday, January 13th

The force is always strong when (@E_Scal) Erik Scalavino, journalist and GOT binge watcher, calls in to chat Pats with Scott Cordischi and abc 6 Nick Coit(@NickCoit). He gives us the latest scoop on tonight's AFC Divisional match at Gillette, Titans vs Patriots. The on field status of James White, Chris Hogan, Malcolm Mitchell and Rex Burkhead are in the conversation, as well. The biggest challenge won't be the weather, as previously thought, but Brady's health and Patriots "D". Titan's fleet of foot QB Marcus Mariota and RB Derrick Henry will provide a challenge for Matt Patricia's defense.


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We're back to southern new wind when sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI. No he's not really an open flame room. As my group. I mean it's this crazy things like that you know things could go see wouldn't expect her. This time you're in anything happening and anyplace can really decide the flu season so there has got to be on the same page when you gotta make whatever therefore you can't try to. Have we can move Levin foods where points. He acts on me that was. War did you watch I don't play like debt in the playbook boy you could draw a line DSL. That's your most of that has pretty good if you lose you're like a little gutless thing going on in their face he had. Saddam you gonna throw a touchdown pass off Logan bribe kids toys so that'll be weight gain off. Great great job with the dinner thrown themes. I you know like Nazi I haven't been thinking about him thrown for awhile but now I hear that and now I don't know Joey heard the last c.s el final season here. He maternal and finally I got my sister into it. And yeah she's gotten into some of the the plot twists what you see that type of that was maybe a little over a year ago my wife and I started to didn't watch it and it's a cycle and I did stop its own homes as our next episode next episode yeah. And it hourlong episodes today in in one year we caught up with the entire let's W McConnell the entire show and watched him live this passage to Bailey's three months right now I'd probably about what it took us to all men. Austin. 4017371287. The phone number. The text minus 3797. And hottest describe her skillet you know in terms of game with drones would he be like our John Snow. I have no idea maybe maybe he can answer that. We would you want is there a directory wanna be married. While I am sick and no animals and the melted in our neighborhoods. Overnight but may be dumped snow vehicles Bert character and hopefully heroes get the girl so I just hope they don't know so are you a game with Jones and Eric. Yet and I example that you beat it took me a week it set up on the beat them. Vote him Ramon that's impressive and then I want. And I want the year that these. Summer why every week as it happened so I was caught up but it took me to read about what a year before they. Seven episode involved. So I have to wait awhile there's an elegant way to again. There was obviously two weeks where nobody got in touch with their skill mean I was gonna say some Osama doesn't have others do not. Or are they got. I had to go to. All right Eric here we go tonight it it all starts up playoff football for the patriots after the two week wait they host the titans in the divisional round let's start with the ESPN atom show after report. It looks like a team's weight will play and he saying that it's unlikely that we will see Rex Burkhead and to a lesser extent Mike callously. What are you hearing in what are your thoughts on that. Doesn't surprise me because you know we we did the Birkhead come back practice last week and again this week by. And even spoke to a earlier this week but. That looked like you though. Not quite ready for game action. You know there's space I'm a little weak spot on the practice field. White. On the other hand looked like a little bit more normal so and and they certainly can't just rely on the outlook night like they did a week ago. Again it yet though it would be nice to have that and him back and will that help the year I'm not sure. You know what my kilt which data is going to be but. You know available you know crop take him out there but. I'm not sure even be there how much. Spectre. And a was there every chance she think that Malcolm Mitchell could have been activated for this game it kind of threw us off that he didn't practice the first few days and all of a sudden there he is on Thursday on the field. Was their chance to think. I think they're ordered and if Kurt Hogan wasn't fully recovered from his shoulder injury that he printed these men have now basically all of the that he but it looked like based on the injury report that. You know Hogan and they cannot be unclear on what he Hedo at bank. What they were doing what Mitchell was holding. Him in reserve just in it and they LR you know I mean he did that our the other day. Though they haven't told me Wednesday immunity I night. Activate natural order that he responders thought that you know upper vertigo disastrously wrong part you. And they needed a body now commit available well I think they're doing you know what they and their heart and and I you know we don't know what it is well why you didn't practice. Mitchell on talking about. Those days at the start of the week it could've been up to speculating now that there has element and element that has run its course in the locker room the last month Bristow. Maybe he was suffering from that and that's what kept him out but it was certainly good impact on the field that Mike Burke thought one. Oh boy it up another setback with the need. You know at that point out that beat nick at a guy that they designated for earth are they were but the fact that you were up their Arctic mean that you know physically he. Are you okay well. You know hopefully they don't need him. Because that would mean bumping it happened one of their other neighbors but it outward beauty of the date is currently but available on our activate. Eric Tom Brady has looked I guess like a mere mortal in it over the last month of the season and I don't know if you think that's because of the offensive line protection hasn't been great receivers have not done a terrific job of getting open. Or maybe has set the wicker sham story detailed maybe he's. Feeling a little pressure when none is there because of his age in and maybe some injuries he's dealing with this season. Our number one your thoughts on that and why Brady has not looked. Fantastic. Like we've come to expect him last month of the season a number two do you think he can back get back to being. The old and dominant Tom Brady now that the playoffs are here. Well. I mean I would say it's probably a culminate in the agent injury. That. Responsible for what we've seen from him lately and commit and I happen sooner or later I think we're starting beat that. I think Europe and the one attacked it played fairly well. The latter statement that he nominated earlier are. And I think it receivers can be credited with saving him from looking like a mere mortal Brady earlier that he he would. You know and I edit or eat in this world have not been the in the on target all year and what what gave him a lot of huge numbers early on was that it receiver making tremendous adjustment to get the ball. In their hand on wrote that you know. That we being more of them are here and is. The retirement able to make because there have been so law. An and I don't think that become an that the combination of other players not are they. He didn't know what is going to be you or your cap almost the heat is at that point where the body that are the word down on. Nick you'll know about is potentially gotten a verdict that but. It it it it's just human nature and it that a lot because you don't want beat him. If play. Like a normal human being but even that is. They work. He'd still better than most of the quarterback apparently inlet as we've seen the film probably going to be in he'd be here based on all of go. And get back to what he was doing earlier in the buyout. I think so and I think one of the reasons why is it. We were talking about injured a minute ago for the first time in. I remember exactly what we want earlier and beat the patriot all the battery. They're at it create and act about predict and that are bought. And not at all they're all the before. Players practicing the other day of their last practice of the week so they're getting healthy at the right time. You know maybe not a room will be available and acted this week and but. They can get by the titans I think they should be in great position be healthy and have all their weapons around. The one note you. And no lack of options you'd go to you when presumably the Steelers come here now under. I'll enjoy my youth well last that are pressure that it had a column are. Yeah there's a wasted on the young yet. Yeah I look at this game tonight and I've been saying all week that I think this is. Big ground game at I think grunt going to be a man and a mission going in the post season hasn't played in two years in the post season. I had been saying that Rex Burke and I thought would be a key to the the pats offense but I guess I'll change my tune and say. I think James way to get his get his hands on the football tonight especially if he's out there he had seven catches last and the plate when he fifteen. Scored TDs sing with grown. DDC James White becoming a big focal point tonight. While I and again it certainly depends on how about ankle healed up but yeah right like these that. I ate and you know crop is always. A good choice. Be somebody's you know player of the game because he's a dominant I don't look like the beat him being let of a factor night. Kind of like you know the game I'm up against the jet in the finale when you don't even wrote him at all keep in as they can help you at speak and well that over the next couple of games we hope he would out there and that is that because you know we have England he'd gotten hurt. In the playoffs. Has severely affected this off your they have plenty of other opt in I'd let it be how I'll be open. I'd like the you know and get a little more action. And I wiped it another guy like he'd get. It is our is. And you know or for Britain make. And for Brady it I would like the beeper and cook and Brady and act on them oppose the patent because cook you've been getting open. And I'm glad he's either load up on his route which could cause you know Brady wrote be or target or. Are you having got in the ball when brand that had been. You know speeding down the sideline and getting open so I look at it and enact a little bit and and maybe have to be more critical game open them up underneath. And then maybe a wrong war between that he always has big game against the net. Dealer next week. It just give a couple of tight putts that'll and its employment on this island. Let's snapped yeah. Oh my god but what chemical and what in the world your generation that did not regret the EU EU is written on the. Via video iPods the whole way. Through the four Loko thing in college I want to type but thank. Erica. You look at Tennessee tonight and I don't know what you seem to be the biggest challenges is it containing marionette and making him a pocket passer because you'll look at his numbers thirteen cuts to politics and that is. Less than spectacular but he can write some damage with his feet. So is it really containing Henry in the running game. And Mary -- making him a pocket passer is that the Patriots defense. Will be challenged with tonight. I think that you hit it spot on because you know they they certainly had. The ball on upping the wrong for the most. Are that even if they've got a little bit better in the last month or so on but that's certainly I think that we payers and in the passing game they've given up a lot of it played certainly in an apartment on third and long situations but. As you correctly point out Mario and it is not necessarily that at the back eat with the arm as much as he can with a leg so. Yes and I think that you know the the period of game Eric and recently might help a little bit in containing setting the edge keeping. Merrier and in late in the pocket they're well. I think that is going to be he'd be as. You know it's not the most accurate passer at all and if they can do that limit him from. It in the pocket and making plays. And and holding. Erica Henry and running game chew up you know pedestrian. Total and I think that they should be okay. Do you see the weather and nor the freezing at all having any sort of effect on the game play where the field itself. Well I hope not because you know I was a little bit. Discourage earlier in the equipment on that will add on for rain most of the day and you know is it getting really cold. Kick off. But now what I look at it this morning it it appears like that the rain cleared up my finger on the you know about reaping so. Maybe some of the border will operate the currently on the ground and maybe that he'll rule won't be in such bad shape when. Yeah that the deal or rate appeal turf trainer who Adrian drilling and I think they covered it with a TARP last night too from when I heard I would imagine. Yeah probably yeah but it's amazing how much tempers gonna drop anyway I class when I that is what it was like sixty degree on us like it and and it's going to be in the one east tonight yeah that's right. What the art. Well it got to act out of the if actor wore our but it it certainly they're they're use plain and whether you know if it has any effect hopefully it'll be. On the visiting being sure used to playing in warmer warmer on. Eric has always awesome stuff banks that time appreciated and hopefully wolf be able to talk to about. More playoff games after tonight. I hope so and this one one more partners know winter is here. Thank you don't know. What that apple recently voted against all. Eric's gala veto for patriots football weekly wrap it up. For us here on a Saturday morning on WB you guys thank you to lower minute coaching on the other side of the glass thanks Laura. There's going thanks guys thank you my name's Scott British and have a great weekend everybody. Peace is southern new England sports Saturday on sports Radio One 03 point seven WEEI.