SNE Sports Saturday - ESPN's Mike Riess Calls In - 8-18-18

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Saturday, August 18th
Scott Cordischi and (abc 6) Nick Coit (@NickCoit) are joined by ESPN’s Mike Reiss @(MikeRiess) to discuss Thursday evenings preseason Super Bowl rematch between the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles. Jeremy Hill and Mike Gillislee battle for the roster spot of power running back, economics may come into play to see who makes the team. The Patriots seem to be consistently snake bitten with injuries to first round draft picks, Sony Michel and Isaiah Wynn being this year’s example.  

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You gotta think about consequence. Welcome back. It's a second hour of the show a southern new England sports Saturday and sports Radio One 03 point seven WEE I McCoy and Scott cord issue with you. A lot of great calls in Texas morning so thank you for that we've been talking a lot about the costs ox but let's get into the New England Patriots are really happy to be joined this morning. By the great Mike Greece. Who covers featuring three ESPN you could see his work on As well good morning Mike thank you for joining us. It's got beat it's propaganda defection via online reading the Providence journal and some of the pop socks stories. To Kuwait back with the pot toxin have just great experiences. Going down to the stadium and you know first says young reporter. And then they'll recently with families if so I've been following that story very closely. Yeah it's it's tough news for Rhode island's. It's. You know for with sturtze it's a big opportunity in and well we'll see hopefully it has the same sort of feel but now I know Mike with with the family you know it's it's a great place to take the kids and and it's affordable and it's a great atmosphere and that's why I think a lot of people are sad Rhode Island today. And I always felt like when I went down there it was a reminder have played well. Things changed over the years you know like you still have that sort of charm and thought it was like an older. Sort it reminded me like it well things change you know like. You can still keep some tradition you know yeah and you know the way people with. You know get the autograph it's sort of hang things over the side ball very you know as players came it. And you know it was. It was like old but it was charming and the people there you know but I always remember that people we did team. You know we're special and they remember you came warrants. And they like remember Q the next time you can. The plot point that the that one. In doubt and you wonder if that you know is this analogy because I remember covering the patriots. When they were considering going Hartford back in the late nineties. And obviously that would never went through but this one seems to be a little further down the line and which. Yeah and it's it'll be interesting to see where it goes in terms of City Council in west or whatever but that that was a point to Scott made earlier. In the show Michael is you're you're right they had a press conference in Hartford and seem like things were going there and then all of a sudden. I hear here comes what CM GI fielder whatever the heck was afford to let aliens though. Interest. So Mike patriots now to pre season games down. Judy go I guess so far. Your initial impressions of you can't everybody is seem to be seen down there in terms of the camp workload and everything it's been kind of a different camp. A lighter camp may be for the players what's been your impression of of camp and these these first few weeks of the patriots season. We're glad you mentioned that because you know that seems to be the opinion of many covering the team I thought it was interesting. Listening to Bill Belichick. Last week on his interview. On yeah I have been Boston. It and said you know our workload the same. You know I am I I I. You know whenever he sort of contest. A public narrative I always take note of it just because. It generally doesn't do that you know and I think he would disagree. We've the perception that they that they can't has been later. What I would say is from a conditioning standpoint it has been hot. It has been humid and I know from his perspective you always want to get the team include physical condition and I think it's certainly. Had the opportunity to do that. Where that you weren't in the discussion might be is that the workload might be down specifically for Tom Brady. And that's interest because we didn't have this particular import you went and practiced the regularly read you managed a little bit of a sore back. But at peace aren't there's been against the Eagles take that back going to be just. Could point might very good point you know one of the interesting battles seems to be. For that power running back spot and you've got. Obviously you know Mike you're closely as the guy that that that was the incumbent and they bring in Jeremy holder in the offseason and and you don't want to make too much out of the first two pre season games but I think a lot of people believe. After the first year pre season games maybe Jeremy hill has the edge over Mike Ellis Lee first of all. Is it one or the other in your opinion to make the roster and and is still winning that battle right now Gil mostly in your opinion. I have I would say decisively. You know that he is that I would be surprised. If Gil if we get that spot overkill. Based on what we've seen to this point. And I do think it is most likely. Will be one or the other end and here's why you look at the other running backs on the roster have wrecked spurt that he's gonna be a lock. Based on his contract sank two or three year deal this stuff he's been. Averaging almost three million a year gets going to show the rookie first round pick. Currently sidelined after having been the retreating from the but he should be there for most if not all of the regular season. He's a lock I haven't yet seen quite the you know that you still has that on Thursday night he's locked unit you're passing. That's the response that running back ray there you've got to have at least one more probably to. And one of those spots in happens special teams now you you know we're talking about a sport is that running back to mostly. Has the period little special. Still a little bit more. But even on top of that Scott like I think hill has shown more quickness to hold. And just as Shoney's. He is the better player right now into what these contract calls between the earned two point one million but the patriot if they let him go wouldn't have any dead money. On their salary cap for doing that I think that economics also play a Specter. In the decision making process. Tiger with Mike recent ESPN you can check out his work on As well. Lake the patriots have had such tough luck with their top draft picks. Whether you wanna go back to may be like a Dominique Easley with the injury problems he had. Last year they lose their career pursue this third round choice but they're top draft pick. In the class and he goes down NEC delta air. Now you've got to Isiah Nguyen who looks like he's gonna be out for the season with a torn Achilles how tough of a loss is it. To lose I see a win especially with the versatility and and what's up with that just that tough luck with these draft picks. And then I would add two more Irish children their top pick in 2006 team you know. Struggled obviously his rookie year depending ACL last year and then even. Antonio Garcia. Offensive tackle from last year to pick after Derek rivers. If you ever play so. You know just a string of bad luck you know any let me talk about injuries they're two different we've still look at the first is. Did you pick an injury prone player. You know and you were hoping for better results and you know what you took that risk and it didn't work out. Verses. In the heat you can't predict when an injury can happen and sometimes in this physical violent at times game. You're just gonna happen and what epic Dominique Easley in the first category. He was the player the head injuries coming out of Florida and it took a gamble that didn't work out where it all the other ones. Just bad luck you know and sometimes that happens that specific to win the very disappointing for the team just from a standpoint of devotes his maturity is always. You with the leader for that Ricky last has been a waste sorting handle the business. I will tell you you know the peach it felt like a all the rookies they've brought in. In 24 years of Kraft family ownership they were at impressed with him as any of their rookies in terms that. Almost feeling like we mature beyond his years old so. Don't don't let him he was going to be a backup left tackle me even if starting right tackle the market cannon wasn't healthy. So any kind of an in depth up front that they're predicting at this time there. Mike the wide receiver position I think everybody understands that Brady's top three targets this season will be Kron colgan and when he comes back from his four game suspension Julian element. Behind that I think people wondering how this thing's gonna shake itself out now we've seen some flash is certainly Thursday night from a guy like Cordero Paterson. But then there's Eric Decker I I have a question about yet he was targeted twice had a drop no catches the other night. What are you seeing from him in camp and what do you how do you rank his chances of making this roster. It's really a race against time you know for him he's struggling with drops and like you fit in our red on Thursday night. And part of it is you want to give him a little more rope. Because here's a guy who came in our guests that are the you know beard he'd been here too we. And it hit Hispanic. This is the hard op instead. Continent and make an immediate impact. You know with all the things they ask of you from a mental perspective for thinking so much is just play ball. You wanna get a little bit of time to get to that point. Before you make a final determination on the status on the roster. At the same time this train is moving faster and after that they're preceding game against the Panthers coming up on Friday night. Mean you're shifting very quickly. It's a regular season mote like Houston Texas September 9 you recount done in order before we even you know after that but they're not gonna do much of that game. And so he's got to do it on board and show that he touched the ball a little more consistently. That he has. Is he doesn't knock I would say I wouldn't be surprised either way. I can see it being a significant part of the team players. He's spent his experience. But I can also beat him not even making that type if he's dropped continue and the team can't rely on him based on what it's in the practice. Mike you're turning the attention to the defense. I was shoot in the first half from the sidelines. On Thursday night and I watched as. It was Chilton Gibson made that touchdown catch near the end of the first half. And the guy covering him was Jason recording and there's been a lot of talk about Jason security's been a great story to have the two Brothers together finally in New England. But so far and some of the talk has been watching a play like that is that Jason recording may not be elected to make this roster. What do you what have you seen from Jason record so far and in what's his status in terms of of earning a spot on this team. But I definitely think that that's fair discussion. Because they don't view him as a lock to make the roster just from a general corner back standpoint this is the way it looks based on what we've seen. Stephon Gilmore locked in on one side Eric row the leading candidate to start opposite him on the other side. And then in the slot you're probably gonna have Jonathan Jones. Third year player at a proper and we have those three. And then you look at it back up behind them. According just hasn't closed the gap on Eric row which some of us may be your competition. That really happened manifested itself and it goes back a spot. You know you gotta have special teams value you've got to have you know something else going for you at the tip to meet the roster. Jesus according Warren doesn't weigh much on special. And then he got a bunch of young guys that is slash a little bit. Like Jay Jackson. Like riot with you have your second round pick Dawson you know he's going to be on the rosters for what they are a Courtney. You know hit. Chances are sort of contention not just kind of own performance. But some of those other dominoes that all around it up the position. Definitely keep an eye on him and don't be surprised if echoed in either direction they've sort of formulate their. There initials it off. What are your thoughts on the place so far through two pre season contests at 21 Bentley the fifth round draft pick I know how hard it can be for a rookie to crack the lineup and in now he needs it there's a danger if you put him out there given significant minutes in in regular season games of mistakes being made but. He's a pretty impressive through these first two pre season contest hasn't. Incredibly encouraging. For the patriots and that would be you don't one spot they do look at them in say in the offseason did they do enough to address it. You know again at the height power tile and noise and landed Roberts says its top three linebackers. Get back to the Super Bowl like what could be seen running backs out of the back steel. Linebackers trying and it can't prevent. And the teaching it's just a little bit slow. At the linebacker position last year and and here we are thinking maybe they can wrap the guy that deposition. High. You know that it could really fix what went to be a big problem for them on defense that they didn't do it and we talk but if ground. Joseph Warren apparently out of Purdue and the scouting report. Content is that he's sort of this. Digger you know Brandon Spikes hit Johnson. Type might linebackers if it is so. Well they don't need a rug stuff or you know being that guy that can and will. At that position in this way it can witness scouting reports and Bentley coming out of Purdue. Didn't necessarily reflect the reality of the player he runs better. You know and a big hulking middle linebacker. Very encouraging for the Petrie at. Think beekeeper can now it you've got to be on the team. Can keep stacking these together built that building up momentum and you might have a significant role for them on defense early in the. It'll be interesting to watch him in and and how he develops and if he can make this roster Mike your beat yet it's these definitely name to watch. In terms of the in my last question Korea. The the Super Bowl and and looking back in and the lack of a pass rush against the Eagles. And then the contrast to I know was the second pre season game but. The way they were getting after the quarterback the Patriots defense on Thursday night I thought it was a it was impressive to watch specifically Adrian Claiborne. Do you like the the prospects of what the pass rush could be just looking through camp the first few weeks and then watching that pre season game on Thursday. Now that was my biggest takeaways from Thursday night he was if they can rush the passer like bad. Good things there at present because that was the problem last year in many ways and because if you can't pressure the quarterback. It's sort of put some stress on opposing offenses. It makes life so much harder that they go out this site aging Claiborne it was their big speech inside and stop visa. And he's the past structure and you start he thought that was a starting offensive lineman that he gave it to Thursday night if Patrick reed addition Eric ripper is coming back after mr. You know all last season with a torn ACL their third round pick from last year. Set the Youngstown State you know school record for sacks with 41. He can rush the passer. Keon that they keep some out there number 58 he was at Tennessee Chattanooga and it would have been drafted is the past pressure yet there he wants sex. I think over you know his career and check in that book readings from the that you would like into the past press combined perhaps. With a little bit more of an aggressive approach we have Ryan Flores taken over the defense and Matt Patricia. And maybe just maybe you don't wanna truck to any conclusions from the pre season. You have a different look on the sense that BP provides for better results. Couple weeks left here in this. In any pre season will be interesting to watch the Scott jets opened yen on discussing nobody does a better job cover on the patriots to an ESP and my eyes and totally carried out his work. At Mike thanks so much for the time great stuff. Scott nick thanks for having you know it's got RA's feet to catch up over the years that's like two and a half decades for a we always. Turn the I asked who they might sell it or if it absolutely. As though it's what bikes and applying is amazingly all. There are you not battled. You're all Scott be not that old. Monster just let's take a break when we come back and open up the phone lines at 4017371287. You can also keep sending those text 37937. Will get the patriots on the table they sky Sox moved to westar you know when. We come back I have a very funny and interesting story from of the golf course that they really like to play at. There was a bit of a brawl and and somebody lost a limb. It's it's an acoustic story yet can't wait to hear how. I'd just not a Michael Scott's got a laugh at this. So far at Korea where we come back on other oil exports Saturday on.